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IFSA Butler Daily Planner

Mary Stang
Pupils’ prior learning

Primary 5

Literacy – James and the Giant Peach

The children have been having James and the Giant Peach read aloud to them. They
have done a few activities relating to the text, but have been primarily listening and
discussing the book.

Cross curricular skills focus
 Listen to and discuss literary characters with small group
 Participate in whole group discussion
 Write character profile

Learning intentions Students will be able to:
 Accurately identify the main characters in James and the Giant Peach
 Describe the characters with a minimum of 2-3 details
 Articulate an opinion about the character
Introduction (10 minutes)
Teacher will ask students to give a brief synopsis of James and the Giant Peach and
to brainstorm the main characters they have been introduced to thus far in the
book. They will also come up with one or two words that describe each character.

Activity -->
Students will now have the opportunity to work with their table groups to create a
character profile. Each group of students will choose a different character. Using a

Thinking skills and personal capabilities focus
Working with others – Students will be working on completing
the character profile in a small group.
Managing Information – The students have received the
information they need from the text. However, it is up to them
to manage that information and compile it into a character
By Support – The teacher will touch base more frequently with
the students/groups who are showing difficulty with the
activity. The students will also be working with small groups as
an additional form of support.
By Task – There are a wide variety of sections of the character
profile and therefore a way for all students to be involved. For
a student who may struggle with writing they have an
opportunity to draw the character.

Role of the teacher
Demonstrator: The teacher will be introducing the
activity and setting the expectations.
Facilitator: The teacher will be walking around and
assisting students/groups as needed once they begin their
activity with a partner. They will also facilitate the initial
discussion and divide up the groups/characters.
Key Questions
What is their role in the story?

piece of poster paper and markers they will have to include the following
information about the character:
 Character’s Name
 Physical Description with Illustration
 Character’s Personality
 Memorable Quote / Saying
 Character’s Role
 Your Opinion on the character

Why are they an important character?
What do you see when the Roald Dahl describes the



Each group will have an opportunity to share their character poster and give their
opinion on the character. Other students will have a chance to state whether they
Poster Paper
agree or disagree.
Teacher observation while circulating the room will serve as an informal observation as to who seems to understand and who is struggling. The
activity will allow all students to participate and will indicate student understanding. The sharing activity will show which students had a greater level
of participation as well as the group’s understanding of the character.