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November 20, 2014
Primary 3
Hanukkah- Festival of Lights Traditions
Pupils’ prior learning
Thinking skills and personal capabilities focus
This is the fourth lesson of the thematic unit in World Around Us called
Working with others: “be fair”, and “develop routines of
Celebrations. The students have been studying the 4 elements of a
turn taking, sharing and cooperating”
celebration and have learned about the history of Hanukkah.
Cross curricular skills focus
Mathematics: The students will be able to use mathematics to solve
By Support- The teacher will walk around the classroom
problems and make decisions.
assisting tables that were previously noted for needing
Communication: Students will be able to communicate information, ideas
additional help
and opinions.
Learning intentions
Suggested Success Criteria (AfL)
 The students will be able to recount the main elements of a
 I can summarize the celebration of Hanukkah
Hanukkah celebration.
using details from a story.
 The students will be able to play to game dreidle with a group of
 I can share and play the game of dreidle fairly
within a small group of students.
 The students will apply mathematical knowledge within the game of
 I can apply my math knowledge of addition and
subtraction to the game driedle.
Role of the teacher
Collect the students at the front of the class. Review the elements of a
Hanukkah celebration. Tell students that we have talked about the history of
Hanukkah on Tuesday and today we will be learning about a tradition of
Hanukkah- Dreidle. Read the page 18 in the book “Celebrations:
Hanukkah!” By Mandy Ross.
Talk specifically about why and how dreidle is played during the holiday.
Explain the rules and why we will play it. Divide students into groups, give
out counters and driedles. Encourage students to play fairly and help others.
Walk around assisting and answering questions.

Presenter- the teacher will be involved as the
expositor, narrator, questioner, explainer and
instigator of discussions.
Organizer- the teacher will be organizing the
learning program once the nature has been
Key Questions
What religion celebrates Hanukkah?
How long is Hanukkah celebrated for?
What is other name for Hanukkah?
How is Hanukkah similar/ different to other

Collect the students at the front of the class again. Ask how the game went
Dreidle instructions, dreidles, counters, Hanukkah
and talk about other “traditions” we have for our holidays such as
book, word bank map
During the introduction, informally asking the key questions to see what was remembered/ known. During the activity, walking around
to each group, which is differentiation by level, and observing their behavior and mathematical skill level- recording if necessary.