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She:kon Mr.

I write to you to register a complaint and to demand a public apology over the
altered title of the article published in the Winnipeg Free Press published
December 12 2014 by Joan Jack “Aboriginal women fear their own kind the
I know Joan through following her career as a fellow Indigenous advocate and as
a social media contact. I would like to think of her as a friend. I was shocked to
read the title over her article in your paper. I knew Joan would never chose such
a title to describe the complex issues of Indigenous men’s violence upon
Indigenous women on reserve.
The implication of the title you chose to head this article is inflammatory. It
treats a complex issue superficially. It creates the incorrect illusion that all
violence towards Indigenous murdered and missing women is purely an
Indigenous problem. It reflects badly on a valued female member of the
Indigenous leadership. It is irresponsible editorial meddling at its worst. It
clearly calls to the Winnipeg Free Press reader base as the reader comments after
the article show.
The intent of the change appears to be a wish to promote racism.
Joan’s title for this article is “Excuse me, there's a Moose in the room”. This is
balanced and appropriate as is the article itself. Gilbert Paul Jordan is a white
man. Did that fact escape your editorial eye?
The sad shame of your title choice indicates the superficiality of the
understanding of the editorial staff of the Winnipeg Free Press of one of the
world’s great human rights tragedies: the plight of Indigenous women in the
colonial society of Canada. The causes run deep and are cross cultural, multi
generational and inter generational. This is why a National Inquiry into
Murdered and Missing Indigenous women needs to be called; to turn over all the
rocks in both our communities; Canadian and Indigenous.
An apology to Joan Jack is mandatory to correct the harm done to her name and
Ó:nen ki' wáhi
Kim Patrick Weaver

Turtle Clan