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It is desirable to take-pause, now that the Senate approved the $1.

1 trillion “CRomnibus” spending bill,
which Sen. Sessions claimed was 'a Sad Day for the Country'; the first brief item-of-business is to parse
this biased WaPo article for, in the process of slamming Cruz [for having inconvenienced his colleagues
by functioning as the center of Senate meltdown], it failed to insert the one quote he had uttered to
explain his approach [defending the Constitution against BHO’s sweeping Executive Order+…and,
suddenly, the countering moves of Elizabeth Warren weren’t even mentioned [Progressives Pivot on the
Advisability of Government Shutdowns]. Such is the level of departure from journalistic integrity that
persists for, If Cruz And Lee Don't Trust McConnell or Boehner, Why Should We [Conservatives]? This
frames the challenge, for Ted Cruz Says Republicans Will Stay Home In 2016, If they “don’t stand for
anything,” even if the GOP can continue to improve its ground-game. {Also, Dem-Schumer claimed that
Warren is not like Cruz because she is constructive and that Hillary's running; regarding the MIDTERMS,
Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick said Dems lost because they 'didn't stand for anything.'}
On a personal level, events of the past few days have disrupted the times when naturalsleep has occurred [although its restful-outcome hasn’t been adversely affected+; this is
reminiscent of the [transient] reactive-depression that transpired after each of the BHOelections, a premonition that has been corroborated by subsequent events. Such angst
has been diverted into composing these “Blast” e-mails, as an effort is continually made
to reformulate existing knowledge into a durable action-plan; the net-result has been a
deeper commitment to Cruz than extant previously [vide infra].
In any case, here are the sentiments of one reader:
“Thank you for your diligence in providing these intelligent and
thoughtful emails.
“I am so disgusted!
“....And all of this below takes us right back to your first paragraph; the
GOP is no longer the conservative party (except for a few) which means
this country is in big trouble.
“Furthermore, I do not accept ANY excuses from any congressmen
particularly any Republican congressman for their failure to support our
constitution and allowing this dictator (BO) to systematically destroy our
“We all had high hopes that 2015 would be a step in the right direction,
but the events of the last week make me extremely wary as most of the
same crew who voted against America this week will still be there. And
just watch wimpy Boehner get re-elected!!!!!
Remember the rhetoric about "repealing" Obamacare?? Notice the
changing dialogue... Now they are going to "fix" some elements of it.
“The people have spoken, we don’t want it fixed....We want it repealed!
“Looks like this will be the next disappointment.

“I shudder to think of what America is going to be like for my/our
children and grandchildren! God help America!”
Although I have yet to appreciate why Cruz would have sponsored legislation to
“register” Illegals *now, of course, a moot-effort], he continues to be articulating the
correct positions on myriad issues *domestic/foreign+ while “walking the talk” whenever
deemed necessary; this may explain why Cruz's Grassroots Movement is Spreading as
Staffers Take Key Positions in Texas and why Ted Cruz is Receiving Much Love These
Days [such as when Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen praised him for achieving successful
Senate passage of an anti-Hamas bill that mirrored her House-passed version].
In 1968, Drew Pearson’s “Washington Merry-go-Round” column *on the
last page of the Philly Evening-Bulletin] endorsed HHH over RMN
because, in ’48, HHH had shown himself to be ahead-of-his time when
pushing for civil-rights; this concept was manifest when Sen. Ted Cruz
(R-Texas) was revealed to have been 25 Years Ahead Of His Time On
Fighting Campus Rape. He felt the issue of sexual assault on college
campuses was personal, in part inspired by a dark chapter in his family
history. In any case, during his years at Princeton University, Cruz
spearheaded efforts to fight date rape by having 'helped implement
increased safety and rape education during Freshman week' and
cosponsored a Take Back The Night march.
Thus, although I would accede to a Walker-led effort [due to the desire to react against
having another Senator become POTUS] assuming Walker would commit to him as his
Veep [and, thus, to his ability to adopt an activist Cheney-type role], I still would prefer
him to become the POTUS-’16 nominee; the GOP must win, but must eschew its
The mandatory-passage of the CRomnibus and NDAA [National Defense Authorization Act] necessitates
recognition of some of their contents; it seems that Paying-Down the Debt is Now Mathematically
Impossible. The CRomnibus Gives $35 M to UN Population Fund and Continues Tax Subsidies For
Abortions [thereby dissing the pro-life base of the Republican Party] and EVEN PORK FOR PIGS; a the
NDAA Benefits a Native Corp. [that Contributed to Murkowski's Write-In Campaign]. On the other hand,
finally, the Victims of the Fort Hood shooting rampage of Major Nidal Hasan will become eligible to
receive the award of the Purple Heart for injuries or deaths sustained in the attack, per the NDAA. [The
House bill contains language similar to that introduced earlier this year in the Senate by Texas Senators
John Cornyn and Ted Cruz.]
After the Senate Passed a Shutdown Reprieve, the Funding Fight Dragged On; although
GOP Senators were Upset They Had to Work on the Weekend, the GOP Senators
actually Faced a Choice on Filibuster [Teach Democrats a Lesson or Wuss Out]; an email
by a Cruz aide *“I don't think the American people have much sympathy for senators
complaining about having to work on a Saturday; Reid could have called these
nominations-votes at any time.”+ countered one of many unfounded accusations. As a
result, Harry Reid's Final Act as Majority Leader was Caving to the Fight Against Obama's
Executive Amnesty [c/o Cruz/Lee/Sessions] via a recorded-vote. Also, as a result of the

application of [arcane] Senate rules, the [Gun Control-Supporting] Surgeon General
Nominee is also to Get a Vote Next Week.
As the firestorm of protest rages [Pew Poll: Half of Americans Oppose Obama Exec Amnesty; Gallup:
U.S.-Born Minorities Including Hispanics Less Supportive of Exec Amnesty; and Almost Half of Country
Now Suing Obama over Immigration] it is desirable to invoke Talmudic knowledge to home-in on the
misconduct of Rep. Fitzpatrick. This elaboration-of-the-Torah [composed two millennia ago] has the
“Mishna” *written law+ and the “Gemorra” *oral law+; the latter paradigm is invoked, here, to revisit
what transpired after he voted to fund ObamaDon’tCare. Mike met with a bunch of leaders of myriad
TEA-Party Movement groups [despite my leadership-role, excluding moi] on a Sunday-evening in his
Langhorne Office; as related to me the next day by two attendees, he absolutely pledged recompense
by expressing total fealty to the effort to oppose Amnesty [or anything akin thereto]. This was not cited
in a contemporaneously disseminated “Blast” e-mail because it was dubbed a “private” meeting; now
that he has reneged [confirmed by two participants thereat], however, it is necessary to provide
awareness of this microcosm of the overall betrayal of the TPM by the GOP-elites. {It is also necessary to
correct-the-record (“43% of Food Stamps go to Illegals”) – manifest as reproducing a graphic c/o “The
Republican Revolution” – an urban-legend that is, alas, a mathematical impossibility.}
Regarding Reverse-Racism, it is instructive to note the media-portrayal of when a
Thousand marched against police in DC/NYC/Boston; predictably, Al Sharpton Led the
March in DC as NYC Protesters Chanted 'What Do We Want? Dead Cops!' and AntiPolice Protesters Blocked Traffic in New York. In SF, Protesters claimed 'Life is
Inconvenient for Black Men All the Time,' as Flags were Burnt and Stores were Smashed
[amid 'Peaceful Protest'] as CA Joins Millions March. Meanwhile, CNN HOSTS PLEDGED
line”; also, an infamous MSNBC Guest [Frances Fox Piven] said the 'I Can't Breathe'
Movement Must 'Cause Trouble' to Be Effective [with no one bothering to note that she
authored (and has never repudiated) “half” of the radical 1966 Cloward-Piven Strategy
to destroy America].
Also note that, curiously, Bill Cosby Broke his Silence merely by claiming
Black Media Should Stay 'Neutral,' for he didn’t even deny the sexualabuse allegations; also, predictably, the media ignored the fact that AGHOLDER PRAISED NBA PLAYER FOR 'I CAN'T BREATHE' SHIRT.
A law professor at the University of California Los Angeles has been forced to apologize
for, and withdraw, an exam question that asked constitutional law students to draft a
memo outlining the arguments for prosecuting Michael Brown's stepfather for
incitement after he yelled "Burn this bitch down" upon hearing the grand jury's decision
not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of the Ferguson, MO
teenager. {Also note that the Soros and Dems Sponsored Prison Reduction Law in CA
Increased the Crime Rate.}
GruberGate may yet erupt, as a Legal Expert concluded the Vermont Governor May Not Claim Executive
Privilege to Shield Jonathan Gruber From House Subpoena, for GOWDY said GRUBER WORK-PRODUCT is
TO BE REVIEWED FOR POSSIBLE FRAUD and/or PERJURY. Also, Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert said
Gruber had Called Democrats 'Stupid,' Not Republicans for voting for the healthcare bill. {Finally, in a


move consistent with my view that Hillary won’t run for POTUS-’16 is the fact that Citizens United is
Going to Court over 'Stonewalled' Hillary Records [@ State Dept.].}
Dispatches from PA Society were newsworthy, both regarding PA/Philly. Regarding the
former, although AG-Kane said she'll run for re-election as AG because 'I've done
nothing wrong,' the [retiring] State supreme court chief said Kane wrongly released
secret info. Regarding the latter, an unannounced Mayoral-candidate [Council President
Darrell L. Clarke] continued to keep attention and money from the announced
candidates [Terry Gillen, Ken Trujillo, Lynne Abraham, and Anthony H. Williams];
Clarke's fund-raiser Saturday drew more than 100 people to a midtown restaurant
where tickets went for as much as $11,500. On the other hand, Tom Knox, a Center City
millionaire and former candidate for mayor and governor, endorsed state Sen. Anthony
Hardy Williams for mayor.

Vacationers are Lectured on Climate Change at National Parks
It may be recalled that the most-recent “Blast” e-mail demonstrated that the Dem-promulgated CIAReport was facile [and actually did not undermine the view that enhanced interrogation saved lives],
Polling suggests the Feinstein's CIA report is more harmful to America than "torturing" detainees;
indeed, it must be recalled that its Most Stunning Findings [including allegations of 'Brutal' Interrogation
Tactics] did not yield suggestions either to alter policy or to prosecute anyone. Multiple reports of how
Josh Earnest portrayed its outcome [White House Mum on Whether Methods Saved Lives; White House:
Whether CIA Techniques Saved Lives Is Only the ‘Smaller Question’; Reporter to Earnest: Polls Show
Americans Don't Oppose CIA Techniques; White House Defends CIA Chief, Won't Say Tactics Saved Lives;
Obama Has 'Confidence' In the Justice Department's Decision Not to Charge CIA Interrogators; Josh
Earnest Takes Questions, but Offers Few Answers, on C.I.A. Report] evaded what appears to be why
Obama Retains Confidence in CIA Chief and why he won’t lift the ban on waterboarding. The latter
hyperlink [c/o Bloomberg] contains a complete video of Earnest’s remarks and, starting @ 9:30, the
question of “effectiveness” was addressed thusly *an underreported key-quote+: “The moral authority
of the USA is one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal to advance American interests around the
world and, regardless of whether or not these techniques elicit national intelligence information, their
use undermines our ability to use this very powerful tool.” Thus, BHO would allow a “ticking time-bomb”
to detonate, knowing that stressing [and not droning] one individual would have decreased the chance
that such an eventuality would transpire.
VICE PRESIDENT CHENEY insisted that waterboarding and other such tactics did not
amount to torture. "There's this notion that there's moral equivalence between what

the terrorists did and what we do and that's absolutely not true. We were very careful
to stop short of torture. I'd do it again in a minute." Cheney disputed the notion that any
American taken prisoner overseas by terrorists was now at greater risk of being
subjected to techniques like those used by the CIA. "He's not likely to be waterboarded.
He's likely to have his head cut off."
Critique of the CIA-Report [Cheney: Torture Report 'Full of Crap' and Jose Rodriguez: CIA Thrown 'Under
the Bus'] included a Psychologist who Said the U.S. Senate's CIA Report Made False Charges; it was even
satirized [SNL MOCKS 'TORTURE PSYCHIATRISTS' IN SNL COLD OPEN] using quotes that harken to
Indeed, a must-read history [Dianne Feinstein, Meet the Ghost of Frank Church…and
Richard Welch] provides perspective extending back to the Vietnam Era.
In my lib-days, I met Frank Church @ Penn State [February of 1970]
when he visited on behalf of the Latin American Club; as opposed to the
SRO-reaction to the almost-concurrent Muskie’s visit *I’d been first-inline to get a ticket, and had been armed with the Environment Report in
the NY-Times prior to his VERY disappointing speech], the turnout was
pitiful and only a handful of people hung around to hold a midnight bullsession with the Idaho Senator. In any case, the Turkey-Greece conflict
was raging over Cyprus, and I asked him to critique whether America
should become involved. He said that America is involved in everything;
even doing nothing is doing something, and this has been my
watchword whenever [neo-]isolationists have roared. That Church
subsequently undermined this posture, this was notable increasingly in
retrospect, sadly consonant with his Presidential ambitions.
In any case, this article provides a review of key-events that link the anti-Vietnam
movement with the modern-day pacifists who, in the interim, have gained overt policy
ascendency [after having covertly undermined what had been a successful outcome in
Saigon [via the Cooper-Church Amendment].
A staid *and, I’m told, “handsome”+ NBC reporter *Engel] concluded that the Senate was Trying
to Change the 'Narrative of American History' when the CIA’s activities were known to those
who now claim to abhor them.
An essay probing how Superman and Batman would interrogate probed “capability
versus will” by noting a scene in just about every crossover adventure of Superman and
Batman where a villain or henchman must be interrogated to obtain essential
Superman takes a stab at it first, but even the lowliest pistol-wielding thug laughs in the
Man of Steel's face: "What are you gonna do to me if I don't talk, boy scout?" The villain
knows that despite his immense godlike powers, Superman's not going to do anything
terrible to break his resistance. At this point, Batman steps up, leads the captured crook
off to the side, talks to him for about thirty seconds, and reduces him to a quivering
urine-soaked mess who can't wait to spill the beans.

Batman, you see, will hurt you. A lot. In ways you might never really come back from.
He has a fraction of Superman's capability, but an abundance of malevolent will when it
comes to dealing with hardened criminals.
Here are sound-bytes from the Sunday Interview-shows [compiled by The Hill] related to the CIA:
Sen. Angus King Senate [I]: CIA leaders should come from outside the agency [because
there was misleading of the committee].
Sen. John McCain [R]: No question CIA’s tactics were torture [advising people to read
the report].”
Rep. Peter King [R]: We have to 'stop hating' CIA [for it'll be difficult to reverse damage
done to CIA’s reputation].
Rep. Keith Ellison [D]: We need a criminal investigation into the Senate Democrats' CIA
torture report [to learn who/what/where/when/why/how].

Michael Hayden [Former CIA chief]: Unsure he would have approved waterboarding
[because certain things are always off the table].
Karl Rove [R]: Bush knew about CIA’s harsh tactics [and was not kept in the dark until
2006]; he explained that the CIA used rectal feeding tubes to keep detainees nourished
during hunger strikes.
Dick Cheney [R]: Real torture was 3000 murders of Americans by al Qaeda terrorists on
Sen. Ron Wyden [D]: CIA director left open the possibility of torture being used again
[so he is preparing a torture bill for 2015].
Sen. Saxby Chambliss [R]: Only a few detainees were waterboarded [claiming the furor
over the CIA is overblown].
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse [D]:
Lawmakers should publicize notes on CIA
briefings [coming clean about what they knew].
Rep. Mike Rogers [R]: House Intelligence chief blasted CIA report [adding "We'll see a
consequence of the release of this report].


Jose Rodriguez [Former CIA official]: Pelosi [and other House Democratic leaders] knew
about harsh interrogation tactics [and did not object].
Tying-together much of what has gone wrong with American foreign policy is this elucidation of The USChanukah-Israel connection; it provides a perspective that transcends the miracle of oil sufficient to
keep the ner tamid aflame only for a day, to have lasted eight days, although it doesn’t actually correlate
the duration of the holiday with Succoth [which, I learned @ Gratz College a few years ago, actually had
animated those who had canonized this event].

The dangerous growth of global Islamism was elucidated by the Prince of Bahrain, when he noted that
the Real Islamist Threat is Not Terrorism, But 'Ideology' and 'Evil Theocracy'; this is how Daniel Pipes
conceptualized his remarks: “He urged us to discard the term ‘War on Terror’ and focus instead on the
real threat, which is the rise of these evil theocracies”; to this end, he proposes to replace “War on
Terror” with his formulation: a “War on Theocrats.” This concept, he hopes, will make it possible to
“start to put together the military, social, and political – and maybe even economic – policies in a holistic
manner to counter this, as we did with communism.” In perhaps the outstanding line of the speech, he
states that “it is the ideology itself that must be combated. It must be named, it must be shamed, it
must be contained, and eventually it must be defeated.” This recalls the concept that America
*allegedly+ defeated the IDEOLOGY of “Communism” and, thus, must again recognize the need to
DEFEAT another potent ideology; I would advise the use of an expanded paradigm conveying an
expanded, and correct, level of specificity: “War on Islamic Theocrats.”
As lefties have begun to recognize the acuteness of this problem [NYT: Boko Haram: The
Other Islamic State; Boko Haram Turns to Teen Girl Suicide Bombers in Nigeria; French
Forces in Northern Mali Killed a Jihadi Wanted By US; OVER 5000 NOVEMBER DEATHS IN
THE NAME OF SUNNI JIHAD; ISIS jihadist [being held captive by northern Iraqi Kurds]
Admitted to Killing 70 People] and how it is being promulgated [Caliphate Cubs: the
Islamic State Released Video and Photos of Children Training Camp around Damascus,
Syria in which children are seen practicing combat on each other and being beaten; and
Madrid's Largest Mosque was Used for Jihadi Recruitment Run by Former Gitmo
Prisoner], the tone of laxity has been set by BHO [US Military Transfers Custody of Last 3
Prisoners in Afghanistan and Unable to Pay Salaries, Afghanistan Asks Donors for More
Money] that has been mirrored elsewhere [Returning Swiss ISIS Jihadist Got Community
Service, merely a slap on the wrist].


The Senate Foreign Relations Committee Authorized Islamic-State Fight Without Ground Troops
[meaningless, due to the end of this Congressional Session]; the UK is following-suit [in a comparablylimited fashion]. Breitbart provided a panoply of insights [UK to send hundreds of troops to Iraq and UK
renewed its support to President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi's efforts to complete the transition stage in
Yemen], noting that PM-Cameron is inexplicably claiming his 'long-standing goal' remains to bring
Turkey into the European Union [despite the complete disaster elevating this Islamist would be for
Britain and many other EU Member States]; note that Media chiefs were held in Turkey swoop on
Erdoğan opponents as even Police Officers were Detained.
As a Deadly Attack Stoked Iraq Shia Pilgrimage Fears, an Iraqi Archbishop Called for a
Pre-Christmas Fast for the Return of Mosul Refugees; one can only hope that such
minimal evidence of activism would soon emerge in America. Of course, although a
Jewish Family was Attacked with Acid by Palestinian and Shots were Fired at Israeli
Embassy in Athens [which the Greek Govt. Condemned], no one else globally [including
in America] appeared to notice either; instead, as the UC Union Voted to Boycott Israel,
an avowed-leftie [Rosie O'Donnell] sold Anti-Israeli Art.
Finally, as a respite, note Kurdish Folklore and revel in this rogue’s gallery of all 12 Senate [mostly-Dem]
farewell speakers.