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Ot RR era Pubic Safety Sécurité publique ‘Canada Canada Deputy Minster Saus-miiste tawa, Canada KiA0Pe SES CEO DATE: File No.: NS 6950-02 / 393359 RDIMS: Dragon 5410 MEMORANDUM FOR THE MINISTER ‘THE IMPACT OF INTERNATIONAL LAWFUL INTERCEPTION LEGISLATION ON TELECOMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT IN CANADA (For information) ISSUE To provide information on the impact that other countries’ interception legislation has on the interception capability of Canadian telecommunications service providers (TSPs). BACKGROUND Most developed countries have legislation compelling TSPs to build and maintain intercept capable networks. For example, the United States (U.S.) introduced the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) in 1994, In fact, all of ‘Canada’s closest allies have similar legislation in place. In light of this, leading telecommunications equipment vendors began to develop basic | interception capability functions as part of the products they offer to TSPs. Today, each of the top five equipment manufacturers, Cisco (US), Alcatel-Lucent (France), | Huawei (China), Juniper (US), and ZTE (China), offer TSPs the option to purchase i telecommunications equipment with some interception capability builtin for a small additional cost, Canadian TSPs have suggested that the proliferation of interception capability legislation | and standards, and the resulting growth in the marketplace of “built in” interception | capability, eliminates the need for Canada to have a specific interception capability law. | Indeed, Canadian TSPs argue that the telecommunications market will soon shift to a point where interception capability will simply become a standard component of available equipment, and that technical changes in the way communications actually travel on telecommunications networks will make it even easier to intercept communications. Canada . 000014 Document Released Under the Mecess to Imation At Document dvagu eta ‘dela Ll ur acaba german 8.18(1) - Int 5.16(2) SECRET//CEO s.21(1Ma) S211) CONSIDERATIONS Document Refonged Unde In Boones to se at '8.15(1) - Intl 8.162) 8.21(1}a) 8.21(1)(b)

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