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SESSION 2011-2015

Every Work big or small is successful largely due to the effort of a
number of wonderful people who have always given their valuable
advice or lent a helping hand. We sincerely appreciate the inspiration;
support and guidance of all those people who have been instrumental
in making this internship a success.
We Kashish Dahiya, Vikas Malik and Yogesh Kumar the student
of LINGAYAS UNIVERSITY (EEE), are extremely grateful to Dyanamic
Engineers Ltd for the confidence bestowed in us and entrusting our six
month internship.
At this juncture we feel deeply honored in expressing our sincere
thanks to MR. Virendra Yadav at the company for making good
information about the process under going in the company and
providing valuable insights leading to the successful completion of our
six month internship.
We express our gratitude to College Director for arranging the summer
training in good schedule. We also extend our gratitude to our mentor
& Guide MR. RAKESH CHOUDHARY, who assisted us in compiling the
We would also like to thank all the faculty members of LINGAYAS
UNIVERSITY for their critical advice and guidance without which this
internship would not have been possible.
Last but not the least we place a deep sense of gratitude to our family
members and our friends who have been constant source of inspiration
during the internship.

In todays world Dyanamic Engineers Ltd. group has a commendable
presence in Indias leading industrial houses. Its an ISO 9001:2008
certified Company, working in the automation industry since 1996,
Authorized by Rockwell automation USA as System Integrators.

Dyanamics Engineers Ltd. is constantly on the lookout for advanced

technology for product development and innovation. Product process
optimization and benchmark itself with world class quality products and
customer service have made the group highly competitive, reliable and

1.1 About Dyanamics Engineers Ltd.


2.1 Mission
2.2 Quality Policy & Quality Objective
2.3 Project Management
2.4 Automation
2.5 Software
2.6 Motor Control Center
2.7 Control panels

Chapter 3: SAFETY
3.1 Safety Goals

3.2 Safety Rules

Chapter 4: Project Name


Dyanamic Engineers is engaged in providing highly efficient and reliable

automation solutions with lowest cost of ownership to customers.
Dyanamic Engineers offer turnkey solutions to the customers with
highest service quality standards which exceed customers
With India moving from the basic level of automation to a mature
market, the growth in automation industry is more than 40% and is
expected to grow at a similar rate for the coming years.
However, this industry today sees the shortfall in trained manpower by
almost 33% - both in the manufacturing industries as well as with
Automation companies.
The challenges before our colleges and universities is to generate
quality man power trained in Automation Some Institutes have

automation as a part of their curriculum but the focus is missing both in

theory and in application.
The jobs available in this sector are in Project Engineering, Application
Engineering .Product Engineering, Concept Marketing, Consulting and
Sales etc. Specialists are paid well for the expertise and values that they
bring in for the business. About 50,000 core professionals are deployed
in automation segment and this demand would double in coming years.
Emphasis on quality, world-class human resources and leading edge
solutions that drive our commitment. Dyanamic Engineers have branch
offices in Ludhiana & Chandigarh. Apart from this Dyanamic Engineers
are expanding beyond Indian horizon to cater to global places i.e.
England, Indonesia, African Region, Gulf Countries and Nepal. Dyanamic
Engineers constantly enhance our service quality standards to match
with the best in the world. With a successful track record of serving the
most demanding needs, Dyanamic Engineers is focused to provide
solutions to exceed the expectation of the customers.


Dyanamic Engineers was established with mission of:

To provide efficient and cost-effective Industrial Automation Solutions
to customers through latest technology.
To provide an informal yet highly professional environment to our
employees and nurture them towards identifying the organisations
goals as their personal targets.
To achieve excellence in every sphere of work.
To make the aspiring engineers acquainted with the conceptual as well
as practical knowledge of the Industrial Automation & Latest
Technologies being used to achieve Industrial Automation.
Safety of the workers is the first priority of Dyanamic Engineers Ltd.

Quality Policy & Quality Objective

Our Quality Policy is to be a leading Dyanamic result oriented profitable

company focused on providing quality solutions, system and support to
exceed the expectations of customers. Dyanamic Engineers strive to
improve continuously through our Quality Management System.
The Management Ensures that Quality policy is:
Appropriate to the purpose of the company.
Includes a commitment to comply with requirements and continually
improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
Provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality
Is communicated and understood within the organisation.
Is reviewed for continuing suitability.
Dyanamic Engineers establish following quality objective:
To ensure 100% on time delivery.
To achieve 0 % complaints during warranty period.
Significant customer satisfaction enhancement.
To ensure addition of at least one high value customer annually.
To reduce days sales outstanding by 10% six monthly.

Project Management
We can provide resources to manage Automation Projects. Some of the
services we offer in project management include:

Design Work
Engineering Services
Installation Supervision
Contract Resource Management
Expenditures Tracking
Single Sourcing


Automation is basically the delegation of human control function to

technical equipment. It is the use of control systems such as computers,
PLCs, Microcontrollers to control machinery and processes to reduce
the need for human sensory and mental requirements as well.
Industrial Automation i.e. to Automate Industry is the basic need of
almost every type of manufacturing and production unit today. Food/
Beverage, Metal, Mining, Power, Textile, Petrochemical, Machine

Manufacturing, Automobile etc are the few examples where we see the
automation today.

By combining the best selection of various software products with the
latest communication and networking technologies, Dyanamic
Engineers provides Industrial Automation Software Solutions that
result in better integrated systems and empowerment of your people.
Dyanamic Engineers lead the market with their extensive programming
knowledge on PLC and SCADA systems. Dyanamic Engineers provides
industrial automation software solutions enabling industries for rapid
adaptation to changes so as to sustain better quality and market

Dyanamic Engineers has developed expertise in almost all major

industrial automation software products and communication
technologies. Dyanamic Engineers have extensive experience on
projects incorporating various latest and traditional software
technologies such as Ethernet, Modbus, Control net, Device net,
Profibus, Fieldbus, etc. Recognizing the critical nature of our customer's
processes Dyanamic Engineers have the capability of providing fully
redundant solutions both in terms of hardware and software
The Dyanamic Engineers team has experience working with many PLCs
and HMIs & SCADA used in industrial applications. A few of the more
common PLC products Dyanamic Engineers work with are:

Flex Logix
Control Logix
Compact Logix

Micro Logix 1000/1200/1500
Pico PLC
SoftLogix (PC Based PLC)

Dyanamic Engineers provide you quality services in all types of

Industrial Automation Software India, Project Management Software
Solutions, Industrial Process Automation, Industrial Automation
Solutions A few of the more common HMI & SCADA products Dyanamic
Engineers work with are:

Rockwell RSView32
Rockwell RSView ME&SE
Wonder ware In Touch
Allen-Bradley DTAM / Micron
Allen Bradley Panel View
Allen Bradley Panel View PLUS
Allen-Bradley Control View

Communication Experience:
The Dyanamic Engineers team has experience working with most
communication protocols and systems used in industrial applications. A
few of the more common communication protocols or systems that
Dyanamic Engineers work with are:

Device Net
Control Net
Allen Bradley DH+, RIO & DH485

Dial up Access to control systems
Radio and Wireless Control

Motor Control Center

Dyanamic Engineers believes in bringing closer the plant electrical with

Control Automation System. The electrical designs are based on Fully
Type Tested Assemblies up to Form IV Type 7. Going one step ahead
the intelligent / SMART functions allow Single plant control & data
gathering at the plant central system.
The switch gear products / components used are high quality multivendor products. The MCC is pre tested and pre configured at the
factory as per relevant international standards

The need to remain competitive imposes even greater constraints in
terms of performance, reliability and modularity. Within this context of
global cost cutting Dyanamic Engineers offers you integrated MCC
solutions for all your applications. By adapting to an integrated MCC,
you ensure smooth power supply, safe-working conditions, appropriate
dimensioning and transparent system status and can help you in
determining consumption-based cost structures.
Dyanamic Engineers believe in the concept of Totally Integrated Power,
which offers integrated and coordinated power distribution, from your
Incomer right down the final socket outlet. It provides constraint free
integration of power with plant automation systems ensuring high
reliability and optimum safety.

Type testing is increasingly a key criterion in the field of low-voltage
technology. This is true across the globe and is inevitably the shape of
things to come. Dyanamic Engineers manufacture the MCC exclusively
from standardized and fully Type tested switchboards and components
customized to suit your requirements

Control Panel

Dyanamic Engineers has qualified electrical and control engineers

having several years of experience in the design and development of
electrical control panels. A typical project design would involve the
development of:
A typical project design would involve the development of:
Fully Detailed Panel Layouts & general assembly
Wiring Schematics
Bill of Materials
Full Safety Schematics
PLC I/O Schematics
Termination & I/O Schedules


The primary purpose of the Safety Committee is to promote safety

awareness and reduce the potential for injury/loss throughout the

Safety Goals:
To provide workers with a safe work environment.
To conduct routine/regular workplace inspections.
To Provide Personal Protective Equipment.
To Develop and implement safe work procedures and rules.
To provide on-going safety training.
To enforce safety rules and appropriate discipline.

Safety Rules:
All safety rules must be obeyed. Failure to do so will result in strict

disciplinary action.
All injuries must be reported as soon as possible.
No horseplay, alcohol, or drugs allowed on premises.

No alcohol usage allowed during lunch break.

All tools/equipment must be maintained in good condition
Only appropriate tools shall be used for specific jobs.
All guards must be kept in place.
No spliced electrical cords/wiring allowed.
Only authorized personnel can operate forklift vehicles.
No smoking.

ELECTRICAL PANNELS: Motor Control Center Pannel (MCCP)
Power Control Center Pannel (PCCP)