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Digital Energy

GE MapSight and
MapFrame FieldSmart
working together


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Most of the work done by an electric

utility or a telecommunications
company takes place outside the
office. That means maintaining assets
is critical to your businesss success.
There is increasing emphasis on
making field work processes more cost
effective and powerful with easy-touse tools to service and maintain your
network assets.
Together MapSight,* our all-in-one field data measurement device, and
FieldSmart,* our mobile mapping and GIS platform provide day-to-day
geospatial asset management for utilities to support network planning,
design and analysis, maintenance and operations.

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*Trademark of General Electric Company

Collecting and measuring

utility assets every day
Mapsight and FieldSmart provide
a single field data collection solution
that has the ability to quickly and
accurately document, plan, design,
analyze, build and maintain the
electric and telecommunications
network. All data collected with
MapSight are sent back to the
office in near real time.
Previously data had to be collected manually using analog tools such
as hot sticks, measuring wheels, pen/paper. Often field workers would
have to subject themselves to potentially dangerous situations in order
to collect this data. Lately field workers began bringing a collection of
GPS, laser rangefinders, and digital camera devices with them in the field.
However the dangerous situations still exist and when this data gets back
to the office it still needs to be collated before it is useable.
With MapSight all utility asset data is collected quickly, digitally and remotely
on a single platform. When the data is uploaded in FieldSmart it is pre-sorted
and instantly ready for use.

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Key Benefits of MapSight

GE MapSight integrates a GPS, a computer, a 3D compass, a digital
camera and a laser rangefinder into a single rugged mobile device
MapSight View software enables data manipulation, custom form
generation, pole measurements, and report generation
Speed of data collection asset data collection improvements over
50% are common
Accuracy of locations and measurements are significantly improved
over traditional analog data collection methods
Verifiable geo-located photos and related measurements are time
stamped providing an official record of when and where the measurement
was made
Crew safety remote measurement capability keeps your crew away
from potentially dangerous situations
Consistent and accurate digital data collection takes the guess work
out of measuring
Unlimited Access boundaries and other obstacles no longer
get in the way of capturing utility asset data
FieldSmart integration gets data back to the office in near real time for
easy integration with your GIS such as GEs Smallworld GIS, ESRI,
Integraph, Oracle Spatial

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From a remote location MapSight

quickly and accurately collects
the data you need
Inspections and Data Collection
MapSight collects the GPS location of any remote asset along with a photo
of the asset. These geo-located photos can be used to measure heights
and widths. MapSight also allows the field worker to measure the distance
between two points, the height of a span, along with the height of an object
where the base is not visible.
These photos and measurements are easily imported into the FieldSmart
Collect and Inspect modules. TrueSize photos can be measured in
MapSight View, resulting in photos displayed with heights and widths.
By using the GE MapSight system, field workers can eliminate the time
consuming manual measurement techniques. The MapSight system provides
a single comprehensive record of the asset, including photos, dimensions,
and GPS coordinates. All data is transmitted back to the office in near real
time allowing for rapid creation of work orders as issues are identified.
Utilities are using this product for automating Pole Audits, Transformer
Inspections, Streetlight Inspections, Pad Inspections, and System Wide Audits.

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Damage Assessment
The MapSight product provides an easy-to-use tool for measuring
and documenting natural disaster damage in the field.
The MapSight integration with FieldSmart ensures the enterprise is promptly
advised of where incidents of damage have occurred, what has been
damaged, how it has been damaged, the measured extent of the damage
and what may be needed for repair.
MapSight provides photo verifiable evidence that helps document
and plan how to restore services.

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Vegetation Management
MapSight assists in preventing outages when used by arborists to measure
vegetation clearances. MapSight also provides photo verifiable evidence
to identify preventative maintenance throughout the distribution system.
Utilities use MapSight as their field data collection planning tool, documenting
required maintenance needed on trees, cuts and spray areas all while
replacing the paper process.
MapSight provides FieldSmart with measurements and photo-verifiable
evidence that supplement the customer database in the field and back
in the office.

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Design Work
MapSight provides the necessary measurements to feed into a variety
of line design and pole loading software products. MapSight integration
with FieldSmart View powers a mobile design system that combines photo
verifiable measurements, mapping and engineering capabilities in one
easy-to-use application.
With the measurements that MapSight captures planners can create
a facilities drawing at the job site by selecting assemblies (i.e., poles,
conductors, transformers) from a compatible units list and tapping
the screen to place a symbol.
MapSight lets planners perform engineering calculations (i.e., pole loading,
line design, wire clearances, guying rules) to verify that the design complies
with company and federal, state, and local standards. When combined with
FieldSmart it also includes budget items/Public Utilities Commission rules,
task qualifiers, and access to reference materials at the project site along
with compatible units lists, materials lists, and cost calculations allowing
the designer to show its customer an estimate while on site.

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How does MapSight work

with FieldSmart?
Use MapSight to perform field measurements using MapSight Tools,
and also collect TrueSize Pole photos
Easily export MapSight data to your MapFrame FieldSmart field
computer via USB connection for use with FieldSmart View, Inspect,
and Collect modules
Your MapSight data can be further processed, report generation and pole
measuring, using your field computer and MapSight View
Using MapSight View on your field computer to easily create custom forms
deployed to your MapSight
Your MapSight data is seamlessly transmitted back to the office using
MapFrame FieldSmart
Back in the office MapSight View can also be used to generate reports
or measure pole photos

MapSight MapFrame FieldSmart System Diagram





Mobile Client

GE Smallworld,
ESRI, Intergraph,
Oracle, Spatial
Mobile Client


Data Updates

MapSight View

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MapSight View


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