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Welcome to the Apple procurement website.

Over the years, Apple has developed an entire ecosystem of suppliers

who support our business operations. Our goal, in a nutshell, is to obtain stellar products and services within tight
timeframes, at a cost that represents the best possible value to our customers and shareholders. If that sounds like a
daunting task, its the same one we assign ourselves.
We are proud of the strong relationships we have built with our suppliers, many of whom have been working with us
for years. And we are always looking to expand our supplier base to accommodate our rapidly growing customer
base. To that end, we periodically review our relationships and add new suppliers as needed.
Suppliers at Apple
Apple requires each of its suppliers to meet the highest standards for all goods and services. Our requirements
include a commitment to rigorous quality assurance. In addition, suppliers must be committed, as we are, to ensuring
the highest standards of social responsibility.
The ideal suppliers are those who understand our culture and expectations. We value suppliers who take the time to
learn about and understand our business and who look for ways to add value. These suppliers know the importance
of making and meeting commitments and delivering the highest quality goods and services.
Our business environment is competitive and fast-paced. Our suppliers must understand this dynamic and be agile
and flexible in responding to changing business conditions. Above all, Apple values innovation. We appreciate
suppliers who truly understand and share in our challenges, and who help us find the best possible solutions.
Supplier Diversity Program
We take our social and environmental responsibilities seriously. A good example is our strong and longstanding
commitment to a diverse supplier base.
Apples Supplier Diversity Program was formally established in 1993; since that time the company has continued
growing and supporting the long list of suppliers who participate. Apple actively participates in the program through
the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), the Womens Business Enterprise National
Council (WBENC), and VeteranOwned Business Expositions, as well as Supplier Diversity Business Opportunity
Trade Fairs around the country.
The businesses we categorize as diverse suppliers are Minority-Owned, Women-Owned, Veteran-Owned, and
Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses, as well as businesses located in Historically Underutilized
Business regions (HUBZone) and Small Disadvantaged Businesses (SDB).

So how does a business join Apples Supplier Diversity Program? Thats simple: You start by completing the online
Supplier Registration Form. Following a swift verification and screening process to ensure a good fit between
supplier strengths and capabilities and Apples current and future requirements, Apple reviews the supplier
information. The business then becomes a potential supplier who may be used in the procurement process as
business needs dictate. In the interest of encouraging the success of our diverse supplier base, we work with the
Supplier Diversity Program participants to help them develop their businesses. This often involves working with a
number of organizations that offer training and feedback.
Suppliers who wish to participate in Apples Supplier Diversity Program should complete the online Supplier
Registration Form so their information can be entered into Apples Supplier Information Database (SID). We have
included special areas within the form that prompt the database to alert our supplier diversity team and relevant
procurement professionals about the availability of qualified participants in Apples Supplier Diversity Program.
This helps increase the visibility of these suppliers and can improve their potential for engagement.
Sourcing Process
Apples sourcing process is designed to ensure equal and fair treatment of suppliers so that they can fully participate
in a competitive procurement process.
We ask suppliers wishing to participate in the process to register with our Supplier Information Database (SID), a
secure online database that Apple maintains with regularly updated information on current and potential suppliers.
SID enables Apple procurement professionals to access key information about potential and current suppliers,
including capabilities, Supplier Diversity certifications, product/service descriptions, Universal Standard Products
and Services Classification (UNSPSC) codes, contact information, and so on.
The First Step
The first step any supplier should take in seeking opportunities to do business with Apple is to register with our
Supplier Information Database. If your company registers with SID and theres a need for the type of products or
services you provide, an Apple procurement professional can then contact you to explore potential opportunities.
If theres no immediate opportunity for engagement (as sometimes happens), the information will remain in Apples
confidential Supplier Information Database for six months or for as long as you continue visiting Apples
procurement website to keep your companys information up to date.
Please note that all purchases are made in the competitive marketplace. Submitting your company to SID does not
automatically place your company on a bidders list, nor does it constitute approval of your firm as an Apple
supplier or obligate Apple to solicit requests for quotations.