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> VOCABULARY 1. write the numbers and the colour of each number. 8 — eight — blue Ooo one three four 0096 : eight 006 = ten @ eo twelve thirteen 2 write the nationalities of the countries below. Morocco + France + Spain Germany + England 1. Morocco — Moroccan 3 Find the names of nine sports in the puzzle below. w[s|[N|@[UTGTB/y)R|L]F/ se R/K[K[x|z/s/K[alo|y|wic|a BiA|s|k/e/T[B[a|L|LlaAla[R P[t|tTlF/s[ajpe{ct[clulwix|u x/e[x[a|z/F/v[H[e|clv|B[n T[B[z|T|x/o[z[Rx[R|R]TlY[N E/o[p{H/Flo]wl[T/B|s/K[N] 1 N[a[m[t[1[t]/x]c/c]R{[G[P[Nn N[R[N/E/P[B/Q{s]a]s|D| Fic] D[B/T{al|a|G|w[p|[F/Qly¥a Ifv[ifu[c[efalifK|i [nie N[x[c[t[tly[pD[N[clF[rfa] GlAls[a]|P|mM/Q/c{w[B|Glo 4 Look at the pictures and complete the chart. do homework + meet friends - ggyip watch TV + go ta bed + do karate have a shower - have breakfast - have dinner TIME ACTIVITY 8.00 | eight o'clock get: up 5 Match the words to the picture, jeans + sweater + T-shirt - jacket - tracksuit seerf + skirt - trousers + cap + dress trainers + coat + shirt + swimsuit a. scarf UNITS 1-3 3 write questions. 1. got/ Kevin / has / a cap Has Kevin got a cap? tracksuits / have / got / Kevin and Anna a book / got / Anna / has . they / trainers / have / got / white My name ! i$ Emily and 12... from England. fet cevint /arball has 15.... (not) German. 4.... you a football fan? I love football and I love Manchester United. My Peatacithe piace iriiekercise’2. ecaifi friends 5 .... football fans too, but they & Answer the questions in Exercise 3. (not) fans of Manchester United. 1! Wes fe hex. 11 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb to be. have got &) rv 5 Possessive adjectives 2 Look at the picture and complete the sentences with the correct affirmative or negative form of have got. 5 complete the sentences. Use possessive Kevin 1%. a sweater. adjectives. Anna ....a cap. Anna .... a red T-shirt. z a selnpeske no I'm from France. .... nationality is French. ‘The boys have got a dog. .... dog is black. My name's Carol. What's .... name? Kevin and Anna.... blue trousers. Kevin and Anna... black trainers. 6 complete the sentences. Use the Present simple affirmative. 1 .9E.UP (get up) at half past seven. (have) breakfast at quarter to eight. (go) to school at eight o'clock. (study) in the afternoon. . (watch) TV in the evening. Write the sentences in Exercise 6 in the negative. 1. I don't get up at half past seven. Anna UNITS 1-3 8 Write questions. Use the Present Simple. 1. you / go / to school / by bus / every day Do you go to school by bus every day? 2. your school / start / at nine o’clock 3. your friends / walk / to school / every day 4. play / you / basketball / on Saturdays 5. your friend / karate / do 6. finish / your English lesson / at half past two 9 Answer the questions in Exercise 8. Make the answers true for you. Adverbs of frequency Ss 10 Look at the questionnaire about things John does and doesn’t do. Then add the adverbs of frequency to the sentences. Use each word once. always + sometimes never + usually + peer? . John plays football. John often plays football ._ He goes to the cinema. |. He rides his bike. . He goes to a dance class. . He has breakfast. Demonstrative pronouns Correct the mistakes. 11 complete the sentences with this, that, these or those. 1. has got a test today. © I have got @ test today. - is anew CD. 2. I've got a dog. This is | dog. & . is my brother’s football. These is a good book. }... aren’t new trainers. eae 7 Louise doesn’t goes to my school. © . Is... Helen? blae The students is in Year 8. € a Do you often plays football? «Are .those, your books?