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Alcohol Beverage Control Board

Adirondack Park
Agriculture & Markets
Board of Elections
Children & Family Services
Criminal Justice Services
Council on the Arts
Commission of Corrections
Department of Corrections & Community Supervision
Department of Corrections & Community Supervision Parole Board
Environmental Conservation
Economic Development
Department of Financial Services
Department of Health
NYS Higher Education Services Corporation
Homeland Security
Department of Housing
Department of Human Rights
NYS Insurance Fund
Office of Information Technology Services
Justice Center
Department of Labor
Office of Mental Health Main Office
Gaming Commission
Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services
Office of General Services
Office of the Medicaid Inspector General
Office for People with Developmental Disabilities
Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance
Public Service
Office of State
Tax & Finance
Division of Tax Appeals
Transportation Main Office
Office of the Aging
Workers Compensation
Department of Motor Vehicles
Office of Victim Services
Park & Ride Main Office


Senior Attorney
Associate Attorney
Hearing Officers
Supervising Investigative Auditor
Senior Auditor
Associate Auditor
Senior Budgeting Analyst
Assistant Counsel
Supervising Hearing Officers
Medicaid Hearing Examiner I
Associate Auditor
Principle Internal Auditor
Hearing Officer Parole
Supervising Hearing Officer Parole
Senior Insurance Policy Examiner
Insurance Policy Examiner
Information System Auditor I
Information System Auditor 2
Insurance Premium Auditor 2
Data Processing Fiscal System Auditor 1 & 2
Employee & Training Fiscal Auditor 2 & 3
Unemployment Insurance Referee
Addictions Program Specialist 4
Grants Management Budget Specialist 1
Associate Medical Facility Auditor
Principle Medical Facility Advisor
Public Utilities Auditor 3
Public Utilities Auditor 2
Tax Law Judge
Tax Auditor 1
Tax Auditor 2
Compensation Claims Referee
Senior Internal Auditor
Associate Internal Auditor
Assistant Attorney 1