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independent scada system

zenon Supervisor
Automation at your level. Have a winning
advantage with outstanding usability,
best ergonomics and excellent performance.

zenon Supervisor

everything under control from sensor to erp

the future is ergonomics

What do you need for optimal automation? An overview across complex equipment?
zenon Supervisor

Independent SCADA
also secure, controlled access to different hardware? Outstanding security and

standard documentation of all operating actions? Or is your requirement the complex

reporting of data from different sources? Whichever way you design your automation,
zenon Logic
Integrated PLC System

zenon is on your side as a proven software for automation: ergonomic, easy to manage,
platform independent and is the one solution with a size for all.

zenon Operator
Embedded HMI System

zenon Supervisor

Dynamic Production

zenon Supervisor

Independent SCADA System

zenon Supervisor is an independent SCADA

hot reload

system, with which you can operate more

The Hot Reload even enables all changes to be made

profitably in the long term. Make work easier,

during a running operation. And your production

inspire your customers and motivate your

keeps on running.

employees. Automate quickly and safely with

Platform-independent Dynamic Production

Full visualization and control of complex

zenon Supervisor and have the perfect tool to


Reporting tool, which processes and presents

equipment with a connection to other systems

bring ergonomics to your projects, from the

You will be informed of whatever is happening in

data Integrated
from thePLC
Systemto the ERP in real time.

like SAP

engineering to the runtime or in maintenance.

as detailed a way as you wish. Starting with history

With the proven principle, set parameters

of changes in engineering, up to effective reports in

instead of programming you can shorten your

the runtime, right to calculating complex KPIs such

engineering time by up to 80%. Extensive

as OEE.

zenon Logic

zenon Operator
Embedded HMI System

zenon Supervisor

zenon Operator
Integrated PLC

Specialized simple and ergonomic machine

zenon integrated PLC system with IEC 61131-3

network functions, simple access via the web

and equipment
zenon Analyzer

zenon Operator

browser and connection of any desired hardware


- zenon already offers all this out of the box.

Full data security, maximum availability without

Dynamic Production Reporting

Dynamic Production
HMI System

downtimes and no loss of data is guaranteed. zenon

you decide to implement zenon and
zenon Analyzer

network technology with seamless redundancy and

whichever variants you combine, your projects and


circular redundancy makes it possible. zenon is im-

data are preserved, even after switching from one

You can develop projects in your own exact style,

pressive not just technically, but also economically.

product to the other, and are easily scalable. For ex-

use available templates and intelligent wizards. You

ample, you can upgrade a license at any time from

are able to reuse once created objects in other pro-


zenon Operator to zenon Supervisor. After entering

jects and keep an overview with the multi-project

zenon is continually being adapted to modern safe-

the license information, the new function range is

administration, also when working in a team.

ty standards. This provides stable and safe equip-

Dynamic Production Reporting

ment running.

immediately accessible - adaptations to your pro-

jects are not necessary. You can read more about


zenon Supervisor in this brochure. You can find out

Well documented and offering version administra-

more about other members of the zenon Product

tion, you can quickly find your way around any

Family by contacting your zenon advisor or online at

project and also easily access projects and equip-

ment remotely.

updated without disturbance to the equipment during running operations. The equipment need not be
stopped nor need the maintenance technician be on

well planned and simply intuitive

simple and location-independent

zenon can diversely support you for engineering,

start-up procedures and maintenance of equipment.
You have control in every situation and can also intervene remotely. The equipment also runs robustly
and without stops during maintenance tasks.

start-up procedures:

Designing projects and easy implementation

is quick to learn. This means your employees have

Start-up and continuous maintenance of equip-

becomes a pleasure with zenon. Adapted to vari-

short training times. Reach your goals more quickly

ment can be a real challenge - or as easy as with ze-

Before start-up is begun you can

ous industries such as Automotive, Pharmaceutical,

and increase productivity.

non. You can already simulate running operations in

simulate and test with real values

Energy & Infrastructure or Food & Beverage, zenon

Completed projects can be easily reused, either

the project planning phase and so be perfectly pre-

Multi-project administration for

supports your engineering with intelligent wizards

completely or partially. To create a line of similar

pared for the start-up. You can take care of the ongo-

step-by-step implementation

and easy to parameterize properties. You save time

projects, just import a suitable completed project

ing equipment maintenance on site or at any desired

Diagnosis possibilities integrated

and can create applications of the highest quality in

and quickly adapt it without much effort. New

PC, just as you wish. Because the well secured zenon

in zenon from the network right to

stability and performance.

hardware can be connected with a few clicks, vari-

web technology enables you to access equipment or a

the PLC

ables are imported directly from the PLC or config-

project with any current web-browser.

Setting parameters reduces errors

With zenon you can plan projects exactly to suit

your needs and preferences, networked and de-

in the project

ured comfortably in the Editor.

perfect start-up

tailed. Because you take ready to use and easily con-

That way start up efforts and acceptance times

figurable elements, use once created objects again

are reduced, you can shine with quicker mainte-

zenon already offers you a realistic simulation mode

and again and have access to all currently required

nance and work more profitably all round.

during the engineering phase. So you can test your

Maintenance work possible on site

Customers confirm that they have up to 80% less

project on simulated equipment including real PLC

and remotely

project planning times and considerably higher pro-

reactions and perfectly prepare the start-up. You can

Simulation of changes to test before


discover possible error sources in time and protect

updating into the equipment

yourself from unpleasant surprises. Thus, you en-

Hot Reload enables changes to be

sure quick start-up procedures which take place as

made without an equipment stop


Project versioning and history of

objects in any situation.

Thanks to the ergonomic project orientation the
productive handling with zenon Editor and Runtime


changes give an overview of installed

simple maintenance

project statuses and changes which

zenon gives you a choice of whether your technicians

have been made.

maintain equipment on-site or remotely, whether

One project for all platforms:

you use a multi-monitor system or a small notebook.

Changes need only be made once

zenon projects run automatically without special ad-

Maintenance mode: take single

aptation on all supported platforms. You continually

project parts out of operation

use the same project from Windows CE to Windows

during maintenance

Server 2008 R2 and web-client, independent of resolution and number of monitors.

A special strength of zenon lies in its Hot Reload

function. If a project has been changed, it can be

Wind Turbine
Wind Direction

Turbine 3 Info

Direction: 232
Speed: 7.10 m/s

Turbine Data:



Wind Farm



Hydro PP




Type: CDWT1600

Power: 0 kW





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zenon Editor
easy (and) efficient engineering

Templates: Ready to use templates makes for

easy engineering. Here, not only can you use
the provided templates, but you can also simply
create your own templates.

Configuring a zenon network is ex-

Project versioning: You can also version

tremely easy. You only need a func-

all of your projects. So you can clearly organize

tioning network infrastructure with

different variants of a project and can follow

TCP/IP and name resolution. In zenon

exactly who changed what and when.

you activate the property network

The zenon Editor is your control center for easy

Project comparison: An own wizard enables

project and define the server without

and clear engineering. All modules need the same

you to compare projects. Therefore you can

programming. Finished. For a redun-

databasis and can be easily activated at any time

quickly recognize important differences, detect

dant network you need to addition-

via licensing. So you can put the Editor together,

mistakes or identify subsequent changes.

ally define a standby-server. And

tailored exactly to your tasks and needs and to sup-

Reusability: zenon is built up in an object-

again, finished.

port you perfectly:

oriented way. All pre-configured objects can be

Instead of error-prone scripting or program-

reused across projects. Pre-defined functions,

ming, you can develop your projects using easy

symbols or variables need not be re-created.

and secure parameter settings of properties. zenon

Wizards: Many intelligent and individually

brings even complex functionalities out of the

configurable wizards and program assistants

box. However, the well documented interface for

ease engineering, automatically take over com-

VBA, C# and .NET enables you to link individual

plex tasks or perform project planning steps.

programs with zenon at any time or to completely

automate the project planning.

network at the
click of a mouse:

The ergonomic zenon Editor supports you with

The zenon Editor offers you full creative free-

many complex functionalities such as pre-defined

dom for your projects. You can create easily oper-

templates, intelligent wizards and consistent ob-

able visualizations and can carry out very complex

ject-orientation. So that engineering is quicker and

automation tasks in a targeted and safe way. Com-

safer and still stays flexible for swift changes and

bine your production processes with the manage-

new demands. You can always keep an overview,

ment level and gain an overview using complex

gain freedom for your creativity as well as work

reporting. Here you can profit, for example, from:

efficiently and co-ordinated in a team...

zenon Runtime has been setting worldwide standards for years

when it comes to flexibility, performance and functionality. So you
are independent during the set-up and help users to unfold the full
performance of machinery and plants.



strong performance, secure automation

always well informed

flexible and hardware

Which hardware you use is your choice. zenon al-

to be changed and adjust the necessary parameters

ready offers over 300 communication protocols, not

directly in the screen. For complex batch produc-

only for many proprietary drivers but also covering

tion we recommend the ISA-88 compatible batch

all important standards (e.g. OPC UA - certified OPC

control. The combination of zenon`s outstanding

UA server, BACnet, IEC-61850 KEMA certified, IEC-

connectivity, the very secure user administration

60870, VDMA Laetus, Modbus, ODVA).

and the sophisticated reporting offers you a power-


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strong performance,
ergonomic, international

mented batch production.


Create PDF





ful tool for flexible, dependable and perfectly docu-





zenon always keeps you up-to-date. As



precise and comprehensive as you like - and,


cultures. Using the fully Unicode capable online

multi-project capability offers


language switch as well as the online shift of units

zenon easily performs several projects simulta-

and palettes, you can adapt your projects at the

neously during a runtime environment. You can

Reports can be easily created according to vari-

press of a button to various international require-

therefore gain an overview and implement a very

ous requirements, optimally supported by config-

ments or special situations. Therefore all users can

secure redundant operation with little effort. You

ured and ready to go templates. Reports which are

operate projects safely and intuitively in their fa-

offer users an overview of several projects or cer-

needed again and again can be easily and automati-

Do you need reports which can also calculate

miliar language.

tain equipment parts from a control station.

cally created and also automatically sent to chosen

complex KPIs such as OEE, or that compare time-

recipients or complete teams.

frames or include external data sources? You can

Your projects are multilingual and at home in many

securely manage complex recipes

secure alarming

Complex recipes can be easily and securely modi-

if necessary, across systems too.

3/30/2012 11:16:02 AM

3/30/2012 11:17:05 AM

3/30/2012 11:18:07 AM





















Alarm List


Event List


Alarm Safety System Line 1
Emergency Stop Line 2
Alarm Safety System Linie 2
Alarm Screwdriver SC01
Alarm Screwdriver SC02
Maintenance Screwdriver SC01
Maintenance Screwdriver SC02
Line 1 General Alarm Conveyor
Line 2 General Alarm Conveyor
Emergency Stop Linie 1
Emergency Stop Robot RS01
Bus Warning



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Fully graphical reporting directly in the Runt-

rely on zenon Analyzer. It creates reports from

By reacting to messages and alarms quickly you

ime gives you and your equipment operators an

various sources in real time and automatically pro-

fied even during the Runtime. An own screen ena-

can avoid expensive downtime and ensure that the

overview at any time. From batch reports to graphi-

vides you with any desired recipients. Utilize data

bles the user, to call up only the part that needs

effectiveness of equipment remains high. zenon

cal alarm statistics and prompt production analyses,

directly from zenon Supervisor and zenon Operator

Message Control automatically notifies and informs

through to performance indicators and much more.

or access data from different programs and control

user personnel and decision makers independent

At the press of a button you can export and archive

systems as well.

of their current location - by SMS, e-mail or voice

your reports at any time.

message. Through mobile access via a web server

zenon Reporting offers you a complete overview

or Smartphone gateway the information which is

and delivers all required reports per mouse click.

needed for the reaction are obtainable, independent

Here too, you can find all the typical zenon fea-

of location.

tures: simple operation and perfect ergonomics.

zenon Logic


integrated plc system

partners from various industries

PLC system. Here you can, for example, use real

the tool for perfect project


PLC code for simulations. Or you can access any

zenon uses zenon Logic to save you time and energy

companies worldwide and in various industries.

hardware, such as a sensor. As an efficient IEC

during start-up and for project changes - with per-

zenon is firmly positioned in automation, particu-

61131-3 programming environment, zenon

fect project simulation. To test a project, just go to

larly in the Automotive, Food & Beverage, Energy

Logic offers you the most widely used languages

the test mode. zenon Logic simulates the PLC and

and Pharmaceutical industries.

(IL, ST, LD, FBD and SFC).

offers realistic values during testing. You can imme-

With zenon Logic, zenon offers an integrated

zenon has been used for over 25 years by many

diately see how the project is running in the plant

global presence - local support

and can correct any mistakes before going live.

COPA-DATA is directly represented in 19 countries

around the world with subsidiaries and distributors

completely integrated

providing local sales and support services there.

zenon Logic can be deployed on various hardware

platforms, from the PC to the automation hardware,

complete automation solutions

and utilizes the same database as zenon Supervisor

Together with the competent partners of the

and zenon Operator. You can, therefore, always ac-

COPA-DATA Partner Community, COPA DATA

cess the same data and only need to create objects

offers tailor-made solutions for your complete

and variables once, then update them only once.


You gain an overview, speed and security.



zenon shines with excellent performance

and comfortable maintenance, even in a project
with over 6,000 process screens.

Your advantage efficient engineering and

enthusiastic users.
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