Below is a rough translation of an article originally published in Armenian on April 9, 2008 on A1plus news During a concert organized in honor

of Serj Sargsyan’s inauguration, a group of citizens of the Republic of Armenia, mostly of women and children, marched from Republic Square toward Abovyan Street, chanting “Serjig Go Away” and “Levon President”. As some of the women and children arrived in the section leading to Pushkin Street, they were attacked by a group of policemen and subjected to brutal beatings and assault. As has become the custom of late, the polcemen were led by Robert Melkonyan. A young child who had witnessed the scene, recounted, amidst sobs, how an elderly woman was brutally beaten before his eyes: You can’t imagine how they beat up that grandmother. They threw her on the ground and continuously kicked her with their boots and dragged her…” The policemen allowed the beaten women and children to move on to Northern Avenue, where they continued to brutalize them, away from the public eye. One of the victims, Robert Abrahamyan, recounted: I was chanting “Levon President”, when the policemen attacked me and began to hit me in the head, swearing as they did so. There were five policemen beating me in unison. The police also twisted the arms of other protesters and took them away.” Another victim, Samson Ghazaryan, who had been a member of the Karabagh Committee, was also assaulted. He had simply been standing near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Republic Square. He recounted: They said to me, “Go away from here”. A few seconds later, I felt a blow in the back of my head, after which they began to beat me repeatedly.” The police also beat children, among them a little girl. To stop the beatings, the group, who had not voted for Serj Sargsyan, moved toward Northern Avenue and continued to chant “Serjig Murderer”, “Serjig Go Away” and “Levon President”. The chants were interrupted by patriotic songs. About 40 minutes later the policemen announced: “Your activities are illegal”. They approached those who had gathered at Northern Avenue and cautioned them that they were upsetting the residents of the Avenue, just as, at that very moment, the cheers honoring Serj Sargsyan from Liberty Square and Republic Square, were deafening everyone. A few minutes later the number of policemen on Northern Avenue had increased. They now pushed the protestors to Republic Square, where the concert was on-going, surrounded by festive balloons and aerostats. The protesters, now in Republic Square, continued to chant, in a louder voice “Serjig Go Away”. As they chanted, the protesters, supporters of Levon Ter Petrosyan, plunged among the attendees of the concert and walked towards the middle of the Square. In response, the volume of the amplifiers airing the concert was turned up as far as it was possible. But despite that, the chants “Serjig Murderer” could be heard in the Square. A group of plain clothes men attacked the protesters, threw them on the ground and began beating them. Among those being beaten was reporter Lisa Jagharyan, who confirmed that her attackers were policemen and retorted “Shame on you, Shame!”. But her voice was muted by

the loud music. By contrast to Robert Kocharyan’s inauguration, Serj Sargsyan’s inauguration proceeded without bloodshed—only through assaults and brutalities, all with the accompaniment of music. At this moment the location of those arrested is unknown.