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OL MB US, OHIO - When the

banner of the Oh io del egatio'n Lo the
Na t ional Republican e:u nve ntion is
unfurl ed lIt Kansas iLy next Jun c it
will beDI' the likeness of Frank B.
WilIi ij, United States S~nll tor. And
that bunner will remain ufloat over
the Ohio delc"....ation possibly un til
Huec S CrlmllS to the favorite so n. of
the Bu ckeye state, the home of many
presidents, or until it is found impOl!si ble to wi n th e presidential nOI11 ination. Of t he lutter c,ondition no
thought is give,,". Ohio republicans
expect to win, and are going to Kan!IllS City with thut belief thoroughly
inoculated in to their political SYI!tern With but one disse nti ng vote
(lind that rrum Cincinnati) the Republican state central committee
strongly indo rsed the , candidacy of
Senator Willis for president. There
will be no contcst in Ohio, and th e
Kllnsas City delegation will be for
the Senator just a8 long as he ;s a
cllndid8tc. Carmi A. 'rhompson, manager of the WiI1is clI~paign, came on
from Washington and brought encouraging reports to the committee.
Now that Ohio Republicans have gOITe
on record Col . Thompso n will spend
much of his time in other states, and
olfers of support alrelldy tendered
indicates that WiII!1I will have a num ber of votes before the roll call of
the Ohio delegation is reached. Harmony within the ranks of the Buckeye Republicans, lind the action of
have an important bearing upon the
the state central committee, will
have an importnnt bearing upon the
action of other stntes, and further indorsement of Ohio's fllvorite so n mllY
be expected.

this Young Crasher = ==---.=--=-=--= By

1,a t Sul urclny nigh th e local .High

"c hoo l de feated Sp r ing Va lley Hi tu
th e lu nc of 18 to~ . The loca l fi ve
di spluyil1~ th ~ old fi ~hl, lend thl'oughout the ~IUI1 ~. Sherwood for th e 10cII 18, leu tl thC' sco ring with five buskets nllli two fou l ~ h ots . All the
1>0"8 IJlu ued II ve ry brillia nt gall1 e. Th e
defe ns ive ~nl11C pillyed by Be rryhill
and H enkl e, wh o wore assis t r d by
th ~ rest of the teum , held Sp ri ng VulIcy down to t hrce blls kct~ and two
f ul s hots.
pring Vull ey's scoring was Icud hy
W. B ~a n with two baskets. Th e ('ntil'c team' pl uyc.1 n very c I'editnble
gu me, but wcrc ou tc lasse d by th e 10cal quintet"
Th c local seco nd learn I 8t to Spring
Valley by the sco re o f G to 10 , while
t he T e n Tige rs won from the Franklin Faculty a nd the Runts won rrom
The lin eup:
W 11 S
Ellis, "f .
rurn~ . If
Frye, If (su b)
Sherwood, c
Henkle, rg
Berryhill, "Ig



T~R, I(ID -

.r . /

. ~.

L __ I

LANTERN SLIDES ~~:::2:~ :~:b;~~~E!rb~~J~~e:~

weMekr. anlasdtmteanisand hl's co-workerll


~oC a~:J



erty where they .stop, many shade

Charles J!ldgllr Baines, son of Maud
trees along the highway can be SIIved
and Enoch Haines, WIl6 born In W a y - .
according to George F. Schlesinger,
'II~.I .I~I
nesvllle, Olhlo, May 22, 1879, and Ih@
state highway director. H callEld
f:assed aW;l7 February 6,1928, at the
attention to the fact that many flne

. / orne of is mother, Mrs. David Fettrees are being cut down just becaUBe
' . ter,
in Waynesville, at the age of 48
and 14. . days '
- .
the owner of the property along the
--J . E. Brown, of Xenia, was in W ay- years , 8 mc)nths
. d of The l'"ebruary
. h t.-o f -way .get tire
h 'Igh ,,!ay rig
meeting of th e ~roth- ncsV1 e,
on ay.
. , h ..Irs.. E. . V. Barnhart I'S I'll at her
cleaning up lifter tourists. In. p. club was held Friday afte l'noo n at
sulfered a s,t roke of paralY61S August orne 10 Cincinnati.
14 1922 , ""rom whl' ch he never re D r. an d MI'!!..
rs n o
were ,
C W . H en de
t IA. 11 a II case- property adjOining th'" Graci e bUI' I<II' ng, ,vI'th a very large
- rlght-o C-way,
... extends to the cen- attendllnce.
. Fridoy.
r. nnd Mrs. H. E . Hllthll"'ay
in Dayton,

covere d
d RI h C
Be was married to Anna Hender- Dayton visitors, Monday
ter of . e ro~.
g t -o -wo:' .is an
At 2 o'clock th e m eeting WB" called
Mrs, Jaml's McClure was a Clncin- 80n in 1917. To them was born one
euement d.e dlcated to thc pubhc for to ord er nnd we wel'e lend in d 'voMllny Spccillis at Cary's Jewelry
transportat Ion purposes, and the a d- tio nnls by I\Irs. Vll nd" r "ort.
nuti v i. itor, Monday.
son, who d ied in infllncy, the moth- Sh
~ ,
er's death fo llow'I'ng a short tl'nle la
Ie Home of GiCts " Leba
j on
i i ng property owner clln c~ntrol
During the busin ess sessioll the " u,
- non, Ohio.
,it just as long as he does not mter-\" "ous conlmlttee. gave relJo r' s of thn
Mrs. J erry Rogers spent Sunday tel'.

~. h h
fere.. with traffic. Many farm ers are , work 'h yare doing a ll el all seemed Wi t
er aunt, ISS ora tl es,
e was marrle 0
R I h
h d t
Edith Garrlett, who Is now left be- .
~s. " a p
Mill er visited fri ends
' "vlllg
ne 8 II e rees cu to be very active, After sl'v('ral l~ i8Mr. alld Mrs. C. M. Robit' zer lire h' d
h b
f In Clncmnati, last Thursduy.
down becaus.e the~ have .b ecome a cu.olo ns \ve \" favored \\,'Ith a deIn
to mOlllrn over t e rea lng , 0
r th O
k' C I b
th ti
f If t'
H '
source of nUIsance In thllt It was the lighlful relldi ng by Joan Carr, acconl- Slum. Ing
IS wee I~ 0 urn us.
e es 0 la ec Ion.
e IS a so surMr and M
t i d
vived by an aged 6tepfather and his 'r
rs. , . ea I and
c~sto~ 0 motor sts to stop un aT panied by Beatrice Robi Lzer on the
Get your Parker Duofold pen and bereaved mother who is now laying .. ':5' . M. Henderson were In Dayton
nei at Cllry'S .Tewelry Shop, Leba- away the last of 'her children.
t em or r~t and refres hment. ~h.e piano , lind a piano.. solo by!iLi.cla:n.
property IS used for ,a dumpmg Ellis. The s peaker of th e nft el'n ~o ll
c,round for .empty boxes, poper and l'tfr. Rolhrock, of Lebllnon, rea,1 ~ non,
Death ' is near
Dr. and Mrs. L. B. Hall and son
SImilar debns, and the owner rather very illtl'resting paper on "H owWe
Mrs. C. W . Henderson end Mrs.
On every side,
John, were in Columbus se vera l day~
than have their property used for Hinder Our Children." She es pr.!- Carl Noble 'spent last WednesdllY in
Our fri\'lnds are crossing
last week.
lIuch purposes have the t~ees remov- ially urged increased respect for Lebllnon.
The deep, dark tide.
ed. Care of motor!sts w~11 SIIve ~a- teachers and Ihnt parents cooperate
Now ere long "
We repllir watches, modernize or
ny fine shllde trees In OhiO, Schleslll- with 'all Fchool wo rk .
pecial price $1.60 for an alarm
Our time will come,
replatc your jeiwelry an d silverware.
ger said.
The club was much pleased t o huv.' clock, at sry 's Jewelry Shop, LebAnd we shall be luid
Also buy old go ld, sil ver and platiProf. Moo maw with t hem , "and grell :.Iy anon ,Ohio.
In the silent tomb.
Cary's Jewelry Shop, LebaLast week was - II great one for en joyed his spl endid re marks.
non, Ohio.
farmers of Ohio who attended the anThe meetin g IIdj ou rn e d und durMrs, A. M. Archdeacon, of SpringThelll prepllre
nual Farmers Institute Ilt Ohio State ing thc socin l hour refr shmerits of boro, is the gue.s t of her 'so n and wife,
Fo,r that dark hour,
Miss Lucile Flowe rs, o r Muso n,
university. They Clime 'from every sandwiches and cotTee we re serve d Mr, lind I\-Irs. Howard Archdeacon.
That thou mayst be kept
wns the wee k.end guest of Miss Dornook and corner of the state and more by Mesdam es Ru ssell nlisburv, V rn
B~' the Savior's power.
is Hawke.
thlln 4.000 were in IIttendance. The Armitage, Ronald Hawke an ~j Myel' I Diamonds ! Never go out of style,
And above
best experts in many lines of farnl Hyman.
nev er 10 e t heir quallty, never leSllen
In blissrul rest,
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Rob itzer and
work were pre.s ent to deliver addreEsin value. Se lect yoUl'B at Cary's JewRepo,se in sweet peac ~
Mrs. J . D. 1I1ariatt were Dayton visDonna 11. Edwa rds, Pres.
es and give instruction, and every faMary L. "Earnhart, Sec' y,
elry Shop, Lebanon, Ohio.
On His loving breast.
it~rs, Thursday.
cility !If the grellt univerllity was
thrown open to the visitors. A .00- . - . I\-lissse Louise Smith, Lucile FlowServices were held at t he home of
Be up to date. Trade in your old
the parentl:l, Wednesday afternoon, watch on a new Gruen, Hamilton
rhce~~~efena;::,r:ero~ft':O~e:~i~:~o-\:~ tional road to Brandt, t hence to DIlY- ers. Els ie and Doris Hawke were at
1 :30, in charge of Dr. Aaron . S. Elgi n, lliinois, at Cary's J ewelr;
th at greater" i nter- ton and RIcllnlond. Hearl'ng date on Wilmingto n vis ito.l's, Saturday.
. d' t mg
ten d e d, mica
Shop, Lebnnon, Ohio.
est Is being taken in farm work by the applicntion has not yet been flet.
Waite"!' Chandler writes that IIftllr
the wlvd' and sisters of Ohio farmers,
II wonde rful trip, he and Ml'I!. OhandMrs. Frank Long, of Columbus, \VIISIt W811 one of t he most successful
Cost of administration relief wOI'k ler huvo arrived sllfely lit Honolulu.
the we ek-end guest of her sister, Mrs.
sesslon8 yet held.
.for m iner s' children, being CBn'ied on
H. H. Williamson.
by the Ohio Na tional Guard in tho
Have your old weclding ring mo'd.
Ohio ' may soon sec the establish- Hocking Valley IIvemges 5.8 per day ernized and your diamond mounted
Mrs. CO I'l Noble, of Dayton, spen t
ment ot a bue line which will connect per child. Figuring the weekly cost in the latest style at Cllry'll Jewelry Joseph lind Bethany Chenoweth, \VIIS
born near 'WaYlJes vl1le, January 25, last week with her parents, Dr. and
New York and St. Louis. Applica- of maintaining the ten officers and hop, Lebanon, Ohio.
1858, and d-varted this life, January Mrs. C. W. Henderso n.
tion has bllen made to the state utili- twenty enlisted men who hllve chorge
dOd 2 d
ties commi88ion fQr permission to ot the rj!lief work to be $ 1372, adjLlMiss ClAra Berryhl\1, who "h'u been
, 1928,. age 7 years an
Rev. J . J. Schaeffer \VIIS unable to
ern passenger Cllrs" possible, with tant.-generlll Hendm'son said t his teaching in Oregon, ill visiting her Of a f~mlly of ~ix, three brothe~8 and officiate a t St. Mary's church Sunday,
posed to operate two bus.,es each way would contrast sharply with the esti- paren ts, 1111'. lind Mrs. Clilrence Ber- one 816ter havmg prec~ded him to ,on accoun t of illness.
the Great Beyond; one sister remains.
daily, and they will be the most mod- mated cost of $5000 pCI' day had it ryhill.
, Ho was married to Misll Ada Laerfn pall8enger cal'!) possible, with been necessary to send a regim ent
Mr, nnd Mrs. Charles Stansberry,
many conveniences that are not of the guard Into the mine fields Lo
Mr. a nd Mrs. RIlY Hawke Ilnd Mr. verna Clark, of Lytle, January 4, of Dayt on, we re guests of Frank
available on local buss lines. The mllintain order. Cllsh donations for and Mrs. Carl . .Hawk~, of Dayton, 1888 The greater part of lite was Stansberry and family, todllY.
busses would enter the stllte of the relief total IIpproximate ly $14,000 spent Sunday WIth their parents, Mr. spent in and ncar Lytle, where he
h I' d

Br~dgeport, ero$lIing Ohio via the Na- and relief 'is being admin istered lind Mrs. J '. C .Hawke,
was a respllC t e d CI Izen, as e Ive
Th~ \\ OOlan 8 Auxll1ary Will meet
an honest, upright life. He never on FTld~y aftCl'noon, February 10, a t
through more than forty stations.
Yo u are always welcome at CarY'S affiliated himself with any ~hurch , 2:30, ,nth IIfIs. J . E. McClure and
Jewelry Shop. Bring your friends but being rllised in the Baptist faith , Mrs. Bert Hartsock, at the home of
and see this beautiful "Home of always held to that doctrine. He had Mrs. McClure.
been in feeble health for a numher Gifts."
of years, but his death came very unFrom const to const lellding jewelIrish President (;rI:PLS Big Ui.ll TJwmpson
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Archdeacon expectedly. We leave all to Him who ers rec ommend "Yourex Silverseal"
and their guest, Mrs. A. M. Areh- knoweth all things best,
sirverware. Start your hope chest,
deacon, visited relatives in Wilmlng- ,Those. left to mourn his going are, girls. Beautiful patterns to select
ton, Sunda!r afternoon.
his widow, an adopted daughter, Mrs. from at Cary's Jewelry Shop, Leb, Carl Pickering, of Ce'ltarville, one anon, Ohio.
" The body of the infant daughter of' sister, Mrs. 'rhomu Lacy, of :WaynesMr. and Mrs. Robert Walton, net! vil1e, two g:randchildren and a host
Miss Doris Hawke entertained with
Ruth Hartsock, wall interred in Mi- of relatives and friends.
bridge SaturdllY evening, Misses Louami cj!metery Monday afternoon.
ise Smi th, Bejnll Shoemnker, Alice
Gons, SOI'II Missildine, Amy Hopkins,
How about your eyes? When you
Bertha Val entine, Lucile Flowers and
discover a hint of , dimness, a tired
We wish to extend ollr heartfelt Elsie Hawke.
feeling, IIchlng eyeballs 'or repeated \. thanks to our neighbors and friends
headaches be warned-it's Nature's for "their :kindness and sympathy
Miss Doris entertained with bridge
cry for Belp I Let Dr, Rudolph, the shown us, in our recent bereavement. SnturdllY evening, Misses Louise
eyesight specialist, give your eyes a Also, for the floral tributes, the Rev. Smith, EdO!\ Shoemaker, Alice Gons,
careful eXllmination, Tuesday or Sat McKibben and McClure and Son, for Sara MiSllildine, Amy Hopkins, Lena
urday, at Cary's Jewelry-Shop, Leb- their efficient manner in conducting Valenti1')c, LucilJ.e Flowers and Elsie
anon, Ohio.
the services:
Mrs. A<I,a ,Chenoweth and Daughter.
Anna L, Cary and daughter, Fra!) _
Your most piicelesa posseSllio~ is
celi Louise, of Lebanon, Ohio, will
your eyes. ' Have l;)r. Rudolplt, the
return Friday , from Otdeago, " where
ou~g. IPrie~d"
eYesight specialist, at Cary'a Jewelry
they hllve been attending the 7th AnSl!op, Lebllnon, Ohio, elve' your eyes
nual Cbica'go Qifb Show, held at the
a ~ee Examination evorY Tuesday
StevenR hotel. . This gift ahow I. rec- . " The I'll, F. 'M. will holll their meet- and S"turday.
ognized the country over BI the bla- Inll at 'the ~ite Brick Me~tlng hou!IC
I!,t moreh"imdise -event' of the ,year, Sunday. February 12th, at 1 :30 p. m.
Isaac! Johnlon, of UrblUUl, Ohio,
- and ' is of' compelling interest to !iD At 2 o'clock ~C!i<'iI'. JobnllOn, of 'Jr- will, be at the Friendll church next
merchanta dealing in gifts and .nled ,baa.. Will ahow a lert. of moving Firstday and In the aftel1loon hie
m,rebandille. They were alllO
he made dar.intr a 're- labject will be "Experlenc. in 1nof the Interetate MerehAntli ConcU, cell' war uond the world. Every- dla,' iUutrated by motion lcturea of
held at ~o~ Shtrmall.
' boQ w
~ - - fa the BiD~ eo1lllRf.

great convenience to the world.

Almost 011 business executivell in
America" are in: favor of it and it
WOUld. undbubtedly do a 01
good In correspondence and m makIng our record s.

Of course th e pas t wou ld h ave to

b e tak en In
' L0 conSI'd era t'lon, b u t a
calendar would on ly be needed for
th e pas t an d no t t or th e f u t ure aneI
those w h 0 I00k f orwllr d are more
' ap
t 0 t or tli
th se h
1 kavb ~ ndewhPb~'tn 11lin TOh w 10
f"c or
akl ua Yld- b fe c~'-I
ene1or or one wee wou
e or w
f II
wee ,as 0 ows:







Friduy n ight. Fcb ru a ry 10, Spring~
borf) lIig h will play their' r etur'l
1(11111 .. of huskl'llJ all to W. H . S. Thi s
will li ke ly be (lU I' lust game played
A qu estion!li re WDS ~I!nt. to 1,000
Ilt hOll1e th is SC:1,on.
Let's see a lar- represen tati ve firms th p otil l1r day ill
ke r crowd out to the last game than regard to a new calendar f th irteen
WitS out to ~ c our fil'st gnme.
If so, 28-day months.
Gellr~e a~tm fl n, head of the Eostthat mo ns YflU mu~t co me.
man Kodak Co mpany, sellt (lut a
~ tatemen
aft" I' th e l11 e('li n~ (If the
L"~t Wedn esday the Mothers Unit <,d . tal\'~ Cham her of olll merce
luu loud nn all-duy meeting a t th e \\'hich enclorse,l the mov'ment, in
lI ij.(h ~c h ou l build ing fur the purpo s~ wh ich he ~1Il'S th aL the 1\('\1' calendar
of IlIllki ng gll rme nt6 fr om the cl othes wi ll con sist of w!ll'ks in whi ch eve ry
donliled to the community chest. They day of th e llI onth fall ~ upon the sa me
were sCl've d lunch at t he noon hou r wcek da y.
by ~II. " Duvis and in the afte rn(\ on
T his plun will probahly rec~ ive th e
completed th ei r work.
~ upp ()rt o f th e Leagu e of Nations and
a comm ittee will be appointed in each
OpeI'etta practice sta rted l\foa d" y nati on to ratify t he pr oposal.
e"e nin g. Wi th both day time I>ncl
This is a valiant str uggle of com~vc nin g prncticc it will 800 11 be rCl\dy 1110n 3e llge a gai n!lt trndit-io n and ita
I U prese nt to t he public.
(,utcome will be looked upon with inle resL.
. This plan for the new calendar not
Saturday night suw Waynesv ille only wou ld make every date fall on
hasketba ll teams win three g. lnIl'3. th e /lll me day of the week in each
The tieco nd team played Spring Val- month, but, a s thi s would only result
I ,' y' ~ ~e oond tea m was the first to play in 364 lays, New Yea r' s Day would
,a nd t he first and only gume l o ~t in be a holiday and called J a nua ry :l.
: he eve ning's work. The first tl'nm AIso the extr a day f or Leap Year
hu d a score of I to 8 and lhe Run ts wou ld be designated by a cipher and 0.
" . " ul"' ey~ burg won their l:a m ~ , 7 new month w ould be ins erted be" 1. The Independents of WIl~'nP'l\- twee n Jun e and JUly, Th is month
illt' pl nYCfI Franklin Inde p('ndents, wou ld be cu lled Sol because it would
n" w n I he bat tle, 26 tfl 1:1 . It co ntain the soltice in both the nort h" ' 1 I'
'I' .r' " rio ll " e vpni nC! f'll' Way I' r n a nd so uthern hemispheres.
<"" Il if every na ti on nccepts the
new clliendar it can only be p ut in
, t,,, ,- "I he, ' n' ~s of st li ri V 1t1in'lP offect after] 928, when New Yflar s
1 11t'\\' ~ '"~ I, co. r thi ~ !Jay fal ls on Sunday. After thllt date
, , i ('l"'Ll ~h I , l1l ean if the n w plan is slIccessful, we
,dl \, H, ::i , Slll ,lonl R.
should hllve nCJ. more calendars, as It
____ _ _ _ _ _ _
could be ellsily told what dllY of the

, A
IC-K I~ itt PA~15

Hough, Ig
Lumpkin, rg
W. Beun, c
Lunk, If
Smith, rf
R. Bean, rf (sub)
The loculs meet Springboro at the
'Gym Friday nigh t and two very good

last_g_a_n_le_o~ ~e_s_en_s_o_n_at

&ATE IF BfFooJl.

llmus arc
Come on
If touriets, picnic parties and oth- gfolks.
get a crowd.

~?w~:oo~~~~!n!~;:~tt: r:::i~~i~~~

Albert, 1: Reid


Autos Collide

----_ ..- - -


Moth Eradicator

----_ ..

Order Eastern Star

erudicati on of m oths, given by th e

"Chloro-Crystal Sales Company," of
Miami ChapLer No. 107, O. E .S.,
'1'h e 101 ot h ers e lb
' d t en uO
". I- will meet in regular session !\londay
u receive
th e d emonstra t'Ion (Jve ning, February 13, 1928, at 7 :3 0.
arsf or sponsopng
and will receive twenty-five cents on Visit ing members welcome.
und will receive twenty-five cents on
el'el' can that is sold.




On Wednesday evening, F ebruary

15th, at Harveysb urg, all fllrm fo lke
' 11 h
our com
. muni
t hty WIL Lave
R a . rant
. t
f Oh' F
aSSOCla ee l 'or 0 , 10 a~mer, an
see ove)" 100 fnrm views whIch he col
lected thl'ough out Ohio a nd from Old
Mexico. Men and women o f Wal'1'en
County, liS well a s boys and gir13 tire
expected to lind r enewed encournge.
ment and hop e In the views from mas
tel' farm~I's of Ohio for 1!J ,/7 . with
h' h
"Ir. Rummell will exp~ll i n brie1
Iy the tyCI! of farming, and thO! "ysterns of crops and limeslone prouuction which mud e these farlllll"~ su
In contrast to the outstanding Ohio
farnlen , tile Mexico sltde'.......tuttt-.......,rlth e lack of prosperity, sys'en: "nd
efficiency in the southe.r n republic,
Any onc who f eels dissu~i.t\ecJ with
A Chevrolet coach driven by Joe
Ohio's oPPol'tunities should he s ure
Honnell, of WaynesviUe, and a Ford
to see th e Mexican slides.
Mr. Rumm ell is als o co.nperlltin~ coupe driven by Lloyd Shllft'er, colwith Co unty Age nt Class in shC'winlt lided at the intersection of highways
the slides Il t Lebanon, Memorial hall, 3 lind 73, corner of Mllin street and
Harveysburg pike, Tuesday morning,
TlIesday eveni ng, February l<lth. No says the Wilmington News-Journnl.
admission will be charge(I, as Mr.
Mrs. Bormell was cut on the lip
Rumm ell and Mrs. Earl J ohnson, of
Glendale, Ohio, will be in Warre:l by flying glass arrd was taken to Hille
cou nty nil next week, spea king at hospital, where the injury wus dressed. The Chevrolet wns only tllightly
Formel's' InstitutCfi.
On Monday lind T~ esday, Febr'mry damagecl, but the front wheel of the
13 a nd ].1 they will 'be at MaineviU'.l; Ford was broken and other damages
Wed nesday and Thursday at Har- ddne to the front of it.
vl:ysb urg, und on FI'idny and Sa'tucdoy the institu te speakers will be at
Morrow. Both speakers will participate in nn evenin g program on the/
first day or each institute.
"The Deacon's Sccond Wife," the
'rhe progrllm for the Harve B
In given at the Gym lnst Frida
insti t u te will uppe''>'a-r=u'--n~d'''er='';t7b:'<e.llB~"a''r''_~n:-il::gthi:'t'E.y;-'t"h::e~fLad iOB Aid and Brotherve ysb urg news ite ms.
hood of t he 1\1. E. church, afforded
the large audience prese nt an evening
of pleasul'c lind laughte.r from start
t o filli~h . Th e par ts were well delivered and t he en tertainment was a
slecess in eve ry way, the net proA bout fift y women, members and ceeds am ounting to IIbout eighty dolfriends of th e Mothers club, met ut la rs.
---the Grange Hull Tuesday aftel'lloon,
to attend a demon stration for th e


Senator lame, Heflin of Alabama

who was sharply reb uked by his chief
for hi. rept81~d alt3cks upon die Ro-'
man Catholic Church, itB "Political
1>fachine," Gov AL Smith and Taaa"
many HaiL"

Rose , From Ranks


I .

M eredith -Nicholson '


Suvil;lgll Bulldlrul' and Loan lIntl'n n:; ' ~

l hc Y\lm <) f $\>1 6 ,22 in to'l'c c hi~ u r.: (I f
III uJ'tgag t!.

l\fum\(' L . Lamb vs. Tom Lnmb , di




Chiropractic and


Cllnl un Ra tli ff vs. He nry E. Deckobllck.. tt 111., $1 ,000 .

'J' h" Inv s torl\ ' 1l1'vice o. VB. Geo.
P. hakiu 5, cogno vit.
T he I pv(' to r s crvice CO. VB. Frank
Gay cog novit.
II . l-: ug('nc Minton V8. J oe Mun cie
$ 100 uUlllngl!s.
Roo e vell B. F rnnklill V 8 . Roxie L.
F ra ll kli n, dhorcc .
MllbelMul for ri v~ . HlIl'I'y Mulford,
uivol'oe and ulim ony.
Chus. Huckett vs. Paul Weir and
He nry Bl'inkman, $1000, -

II CI)lIl plain l "r n n z ~ 1 P umm ill .

co urt Il n ll'r~ " t hllt til ni le all owed
against W n\lllce W. Un wy r lJO l' (!.
sc inll"'!.
our! di ~ t rih \ltc{1 th e proc eus , f
th e sul ll llC clrt.lli n prop!'rt y of J ohn
liTitz by t h e l<hc lilf.
Licensed by Ohio State Medical B08ltd
, COUIt d i ~rri b ll t E'l1 th l' pnlpe rLy sold
by J . ~ , 1" o~l H , C I ~C l C d t Luke t he
IlrC lllis {) ~ in I h~' JI"Lili o n of Delil n A.
. ."..
..."'._ _ _""'.............._ _''''''_ _........____......._, ~".."_"""_ _ _........_ _ vv_ _..-."'
. ,,..
............" " " -............"."."
...... Kil1('n V
". )\l a l:Y A. T nni~ ct ul.
Co urt muci c the d a flln(\un ts Ell n

nl{cr ct III. , a dmin istra tors of
HAT' T FI ~ I I.
Il n r h" r . H .. stl' ppcd inlO l he (ln ly ill nil II bnndo ned hous c would be a t he c,H...'ltc of Ph ili p E. Boher.
Ivifi8 Building on E, Mwlberry Street
I n ~1 in ~ iA' hl nnd lirove l .. th .. v i llll !!~ lu rk .
Co urt grun ted II di vorce to Eth el
At Ih. Seas hore
, ll' uJ! g-i st'~ ( 0 1' the key to t he Cong ci (l n
T hL' ~ l o rnt Hhowed no sig n o f abat- Mi rl lam un grou nds o f gross neglect.
hnr les W u~o n c r fil ed h is first,
lil t( ti n.! a ~ n ightfa ll dec ilen ed tht!
Th e names and rcsidences o( 18 fin n l a nd tlis tri bu tivc nccount o f t1w
Archi e di dn't kn o\\' th at Ihe nol,' h O Il ~I' .
caused I sa bel u grent " II I uf trllubl,' ,
" .Iusl g il in an d tak e YOll r lillie Iti 1o: t. ,,, 1ll he s t'l IIbnut nl a king him5c lf of th e lIe Cendnnt" be ing un known. E,lell nor Muxw lllI e:lw te.
he must writ~ II n t. thnt ,, " uld it, " ",dd t hl' llIan. " l. i ~h t~ Rnd w a "lI llTfor lnble.
F "ling tw i n ge~ of COUIt nrd!!r 'd Ihlll noUcQ of p'cntlency
The entry of t he Suslln E . Haines
not r equire a n answ(' r ; this slw f(, lt t" I' have n' t hee n LUI'ned off a nd if yUIl hlllll' .. r. he I'x pl ure d th e kitche n pan be mud" by p ublicll t iu n in t he euse uf eslute wa s ol'll crcd c"rlified.
imper ative ly dellllln(\c (\ by .th,' l'il. tllh. Ihp hOll ee yo III' folks , t " I' try. The C() n~du n s had left u well Frcd Kibbey V:l. J ohn Will. at H I.
Co ul'l u pprov~d th e rq)llrt of Frank
cumstances. Shr Lhotl!(h t\ l'e hililll ll r i~h l in . 1C yo u do n't fin d it co n- "t nc kml Inl'll<'r li nd, fin di ng ,bncon,
Nellie Dll vi" wa~ g runtcd u di" orce D. Wilsun, oC th e cslute of Anni e M.
Bennett a n ice f oll ow lind Shl' \\':I ~ ,tni,nl to ~t o p he n' agai n, j us t leaVl' " j:!'j;S lind LJrclld, he dcc ilied t hn t t he on grounds of gross neglecl.
sorry {or him , bu t no rnn r ,' lind n il Ill<' 4(' , IInde r the dno r mnt. "
eookillg ur slI ppcr wou ld be 1I j olly
o url fi nds t he dcfc ndanl, Curl
Prouf of pUblica l ion of th e up
p. m.
I s sorry t han she w<)ttl d Il n,c b('en
' I ~ lI I'SS ~'o ll'l1 find t he place nil incident of the adve nture. In arr ang nodgra s5 inde blcd to the pla intif1' pointm ent of Sumn er Brauen a s 1Ie1f or anyone else wh o fuile d to find "hil'-ha r p," ~[li d t he driv(' r , a s the y illg th e ta bl!! he foun d a te lcgrum Willi am S. Auu lll", to tho s um of min istralor o f t he Belle Brade n es
the world a pleasa nt pluce h. li\'e in. ~(' t cdr. "Folks CII Illf' up ea rly buL under II )l lllt e li t wh al he assum ed t o $3 G9.70.
Alfred H . Robe rso n WIIS onl <!l'c d to
Pruof of puLJlication of the up.
Someth ing a li t tl e cryp tic, yet sOllie. d i.Jn sl ay long. Lef t in a h u rry. I.., 1\1 l's. (l lld a n's plac e. His curios
thing that wo ul d discourag furth<'1' Fam il ,' t r ub les , 1 reckon ! I don't it y ll\'(' rClIllle hi s scrup les a nd he r ead all ow t he defendun t, Gll nt'r Ro b e r~ o n poi ntment of Sumn er Braden as lid
to Se C l he l'hihl l'cn o n SaturdllY of minisl ralor o f the e5tu tc..~ of Annll
confidences without wound ing hilll- kn ow nuthi n', mi nd ye. bu t lh cre'~ the messlIgc ;
N ew Yor k, Jun e 10, 1017.
euch week.
Bmde n and Elln Braden.
this would solve the proble m. Fi na l. tal k -he hlld trou bl(' wi th her hU 3Jy she hit Upon t hese lines and cop. band ,"
111'1 Leyden wos gru nted a divor ce
A tru e inve ntory and a pprai semen t
. d t h em .m her best ha nd:
1' \'" con fi d en ee~ 0 f t he chllu Ifeur Mrs. Alice B.
on '"nodon,
on grounds of brros neglect.
a f t hI' newl y di scovered ass et~ WlI S
on ly mild ly in terested Archi e. It Bllil y Harbor, Mai ne.
ourt fou nd th e d e f.cnda nls, Wil. ol'(le red to be marle of the cstnte o f min istl'lltrix of lhe estll t e of Lewis Wlld~ Gle nn. la bor, $G AO; Pen Mol'.
He either fea rs his f ate to o much, 'I'll . II nseR ~o n abl y wa rm a nd the a ir
You r letter hns yo ur characteri s- liam G. Luti, Loren J. Hardwick et all Willia m P . Vande rvo rt.
Skinner .
ttl n. cx pc n ~cs . $2,R5 ; Woo drow-\V'eil
Or his deserts are small,
'\' n ~ li feless a nd hu m id.
" ._ ~ ,-, ~ . :a.l a - indebted to th e plaintiff, the Union
Th e will of John H, Hank inson
pon petition o f t he plllinliff, D. Stan age Cn., alld it o r' ~ suppli es, $1.0:
That dares not pu t it to th e to uch
was a dmi tted to proba te. Anna D. W . HUlllphr (!y~ , exec u tor of the estute sllllle. cl erk of co urt s suppli es, $3 ;
To pin or lose it nll.
Hank inson was named executrix.
of Hu ston H. Robe rt so n, co urt flndR Th e Bo ()k Shop. Slim e, $fi.SO: DrB.
After reading the Iinc:s al oud se\,llIen met, the gflze of each grip ping /,hd will of Rudolph Durig was ad it ne cesSII r y to ~ .. 11 ce rtain r ea l (' state Hobert und ~; d Blni r, prof essional ser
eral times she decided t ha t th ey
and holding that~ of the other . Then m ttc to proba te. Herbert Ho ppello pu y lh" debts and costs oC 1Ilhnin vices fo r J ohn Brown. $300; Oregowould eerve her purposo a dmirnbl y
swiftly thc intr ud er j erked a pistol was named e xecutor.
Appruisers istratio n o f til e ti cccuen l.
nin Bridgo Co. , "c ruirs, $43.20: J. D.
and dispatched it to l\{r. Ben nett im.
from his po cket an d fir ed point bla nk we re upp.oin ted.
Hany Kirby fil e d fir sl a nd flnal A"h llllS & 0., grad er repa irs, $7: W.
into the mirr or, The repor t crashed
Fred c~lek and William Wiltlinger acc uo nt of t he astu te of Ma ry J. J . Barl ow, sto ne, S I 00 : . C. Beam,
The note reached Archie ju ~l ns
horribly in the r oom f ollowed b the fli ed theIr first a nd fin RI acc oun t of Kirby.
sto ne . $00.61 ; Ga r~e Billett, bridge
he waaleaving his sister's hOllse, He
t inkle of f r agmt' nts ~f glnss A~c hi e Ihe estat e of Frederick C. Wi ttlinger.
Court ord e r rl the inheritu nc tax repui r, $ 1. 75 ; J . T. Gregg, same, $3;
had hoped for a long lette r in th
BI'm d t lh e d '
b t ' h'
h t
Co urt granted the applicat ion o f o f the est nt e of H111ph G. Thompson Slallll",,1 Oil Co ,. gns a nd oil, $116.
e a
oon 'ay, U IS S 0 F d . k T F . b
veln of the girl's chaffi ng hum or, li nd
seemed onl y to hasten th
rc eric
. riC erg to se cer tam be certtfi ed.
O,~. ; L e w l~
& Dl'Uk , coal , $371.62;
tbe me of the mi8sh c was a dist inct
iligh t
A ru" , I' p d
d tO
h mfa n .s prop erly of the esta te of Iuu FrieThe wi\) o f Nan cy B, Wh itncr e \Vas G. Lcti cr mll n, prosecuti ng attorney'lJ
I pc
< ,".. /lry Ch'II
ti ve fell
with'" a. 1 fr
ig hlean
ned yeell tURI
hat berg .
o(Iml't t ed t 0 pro I)o te. .
~ II Pp rIC~ .7 ~c:
I lng, tax reo
He opened it guardedly. 1lI1d his
ran ee ril th
h th I '
~ roo f of pub heatlO n o f the IIp
Fred Humph rey s wa s nppomte d rund, 2 G.30.
face feU as he pondered th e vers e.
t hegh II AY I r ougt
de IOllS!!II' li n )lOlll t ment o f Iydo Cox. ns adminis. ndmi nistroto r of the estule o f Nuncy
- - -- - - - - u
rc Ill'
u rne on a
Ie ,
C h
It was a neat, well-bred slilp nt him
lig hts an d gn in Hng t he la nd ing ti red ttu tor 0 t e e ~ tate o f Cussle A. Cox : B. ;.vb llac re.
as a man without ini tia t ive 0 1' our.
Ji mnk
Gross nne!
John W
a t th c r e t r en t 'Inlte fi gu re as 1't I urc h Cd of Holent Hnwk
f e h a nd Frankf CLeMay
. .. Cham.
toward t he fl 'ont doo r . At t he crn ck n ~ ' exoc,u o r~ 0 t e eSla~e a
ha rl es berhn were IIPPO lnt O f~ adnnnJstrlltors \
A t the dinn er table she hn,d
expreased much th e salT\e thought I
, of J . tO. Cartwright
o1 th e gu n tlIe [ ug 't
l 'lye S l oppe(I s h 0 1' t . Hnwke
f th
f A
' Ias exec o f the . est llte o f OnnJe
, l humb erlain
clap ed I i ' hn I t I ' I Id '
d II ,Il l' o . e ()5 a te 0
nnu " , Dean; ApPl'ltIsc l' s ' ,(Cl'tl a pPO Inted.
t h at WBII cODdenaed in the verse, bu t
tbe quotation, unrelioved by her
I ~
0 I
S IOU CI a n
of E verett Ea rly a s executor of the
smile, earried II sting, Perhaps t his
groaned: th en ~ I'rung t hro u g~ th (~ ~slll le or Geo rge A. Sc ott : Loui s Ka l.
WBII the way Isabel Perry th ought
r~o nt door <!r1(1, Ben nett henrd II nme be liS c"ecut or of t he estate o f r.!ay
Lawrence H. Warrc n, t ruck driver,
of him, as a loser in the game of life ;
~~~t~!~I~.he qUIck putle r o f feet on E. Ku.lbe ; J a cob A. Anderso n. as elf( ol llmbu s !llld Gene va r.1. Berry,
but be experienced a plCMllnt t ingle
Th I k b
f h
ccutOI of t he estate of Cora E, An cle rk, Oregonia .
ill the blood when he reflected t ha t
e oc
ar c no OVI{ cnce 0 , nv derson
this may have been the wrong rea d.
ing been forced. T he frame. of tho
Boys was appointe d g Ull\,in&' and very different from the -ense
photognl ph of th~ , you ng girl t hut di on of Margaret O. J ordan et a\
had so chllrmed h im In y on th e fl oor
'11' F I '
she meant to convey. His spirits
face down
lB '
tt . k d ' t
. e WI o~ ora Bell e Frnze r was
Ida M, lind Thomas R. trmgfe1anared as b e d ecid e d tha t th e 1ast
PIC ha
e d Iboen
up ad mItte d t o" probat e
Iuw to Ph lll p "" ' hi lucre, 1 t own Iot In
and found thut
line was intended to be read IInbl'okremoved It WIl S a curi ous busin es~
~o op ph cliti on. tOl' apprai se men t alom T p.
enly and tlJat it constituted a cha l In tbe h.11 Arch' ',e tu-ed on all the I i,hlS and lalninl the landin, fired but he dlsmisse;) the subject from hi ~ hh
been. made, oourt determln.ed
Denny an d Lizzie Morrill t. o J. S. Notbia, hul R.U.hl_ S.rUID
lenge flung at him with a toss of her
. d t
b i t e gross value of the esta te of Me- Riddell, 1 town lot in F ranklin.
head, a flash of he.r brown eyes.
.t the ' retreatin, fi,ure .. it I urc:bed toward Ihe front door.
0 consl er
6 g raver
11M n CKK !issa McEo wen
. F . Ba k er to
Virul U....
of how to avoid t he uisngr eeable con.
. :
Ro ber t F . and Ina
.Archie was lulled to sleep by the
h f
11 seque nces of his ellcounter He mmt
ro: o ap phcatl on for bpprlll scme nt l Mllrvin . and Esther Mall Binkl y,
Phon. S1
encouraging thought that what s he
"Thin~ it will rain?" he asked the tiC touc 0 cr ue y.
e may a s we leilv th h
B ' ha vang bee n made, court d elermined 1 6 7 town ac res in lea rcreek Tp
bad done was, to give him a commie. driver.
part now and be done wilh it. But Ie H eb oubscfa n d cablll! kro md Ihll- the g r oss \'a lue of Lhe esta te of Rulp h . MIII'Y and J A Rebold to T U U.
,, 0
-<on to
If b
"Yep," he replied with a glance
t he childre n you cannot have.
Re y
ur or e or e ay r!!ll a n
e G Th ompson
. .
re eem
mse ' y strange
h I li
I h
wen t upswil's an d hurrl'ed ly begn n .
Woo drey, 1 1 wn lot ill Moso n.
and movina' adventures.
the sea. "Ther e's going to be a
mom er 1 at r e nqu s none 0 my d
Co urt co nfirmed the first and fi nal
Frank L. Harris to G. Harold HarIy kl' ck-up befo re mornin'."
rights on this point.
I demand that
account of t he A n na M. G rnn d tn
' ~ !'is. 2 town lots in Lebanon.
d I l'Cssang . '
. .
They r eached the hOllse and Archie you surrender Ed
' Ith at once an
At one 0 clocl~ he was drinkin g cof tate.
Hu t t le Bink.l ey to DeUu Geil!;er,
discharged the driver. In a mnmnnt.lwill communicate with you later fee and mun ch:m g toas t and jllm to
ourt contlrmed the first and final 61 20
. W h' gt
'n a bl' g
about the cus tody of Harold until fortify
h imself for his J'o urnev
II es
II cr C6
on p. Sher
to InElizabeth
accoun t 0 r t'll e Raymon d L 'ltte
he .was standing l
such time a s he is old enoagh to come
He hau
a nd pe rha ps k Ill ed. 0 tate '
t ha t ex hnle! an utmosphere of
d hshot
own a III DU ~

man, an
!s mind s urge d n?w wllh Court confirmed the first anc! fin al J. S. Ridd ell to Denny lind Llnle
f ort and good taste.
Full y satisfi ed with his
Putney Congdon.
He neeun t have account of the Sophia C Ertel es M . 1 t i t ' F
fi re d th
h t- I
'h ' f
own 0 In rim n.
tion s, Archie picked up a book,
The cautious hint of the taxi driv- .
e s 0 d - t Ie I'k IeI wa sId run-t tute.
G eorge ...
,0>, F \I s t on t 0 W I' II lam.
cam e absorbed and read until he
er that domestic difficultlos, were reo nlng awa y a n ~ery l e y wou no
Court granted the first and finnl Watson, 147 aere8 In Deerfield Tp.
roused by a clap of thunder
spolUlible for the breaking up of the have molested

5. sf. ".... fa tile Filth, of

f II
d d
I e an
ranz 0 enDle orr s, ..
terms. Also Surveying ana Absee med to shake the world.
Congdon )lOusehold found here a pain corry o r . e e ow- wou n e or the Ella A. Gaynor ~st,.te; the Mary town lots in Franklin.
GJau. for Betta- Vialoll.
ing t o t he wimlow he found
ful corroboration.
dead; but m a mo men t he was shud A Ertel estate
h HIt R
I stracting. Write and 1 will call anel
dering a s h et'! t d' th t t h b II t
' W'II'
orme a oze a anne, see you.
Sam D. Henkle. WaJ1l_
s t arm h a d a Irca d y b ro k en, anr
After speculating on the affaIr for
e -: ee e a . e u e
I lam . aZler filed his inventory .94 town acres in Waynesville.
Write for Flu Bookle!;
it woul d be impossible for him
a few moments he went ahead with that had ~phntereu the mirror had and appraisement of the estate of
d EI ' B Sh h . rd ville, Ohio.
cat ch t he fiv e.eleven.
the preparation of his supper.
He really bee n meant for him, and it had Caroline Rogers.
t R ~re;~ and I na ~e B
~Pt e LOANS on Chattel.,Stockl, Seoun.
B e t urn ed on th'e lights and
fixed the amount of the ap - lOt
~ e,., . an '1l . a er,.. own ties and Second MortgaaeL Not.a
"Your Mo.l Prl...... Po.....ioll ...
wjS h e d I sub e I eou Id see h'1m an d k now struck
flwitht ' great1 precision
h' h dJ' ust
h dwhere ' Court
0 s m ... ayncsvi e.
that f or once the routine of h is life
e ra ec Ion ()
a pre praisers fees In the estate of William
G A B ' kl
b d i It
down to think. The roof and
bought. John Harblne J ... , Xeni..
n-tro't 5t t X . Oh rang under tho downpour and he de had been interrupted only to find sented a fair t.arget to the startled P'. Vandervort.
eorge . In. QY, yam n I r!,- Ohio.
ree, enla,
10 cided tha t aCter all to spend the night himself resourceful and the easy mmarksman

gran e
e request of W. W8.I!hinglon Tp
ter of his fa te.
. , He turned OUit the lights and plac. H. W.hitacre to sell certain. cel'tifl
Joseph Deba; to WashIngton Mort
He made n point of washing the mg the key under the door mat stole cates. I~ the matter of the asstgnment gage 00., 2 town lots in Lebanon.
dishes and putting them careflully through the. ga,rden.
The man :he of Nlnl~n ~ . Corum.
Washington Mortgage Co., to Kil. Farmers of Wa.rren . and .cUolnln,
away. These ' matters attended to, had s~ot ~lgM even now be \YIOII
A~pbcat\on .wa.8 made for. the ad patrick French Motorcar Co. 2 town counties may obtain mon.)' Ion,
he roamed over the house which now dead 10 hiS ,path, and he lifted his miSSIOn of Vlrgll Homer mto the lots in Lebanon
time loanl, at & per eent late,....
had a new interest for him since the feet high to avoid stumbling over the Dayton State hospital. Charles MillS' to Howard W. and Cost of securina til. sam. i.." neCongdon family ske leton had come corpse. But m ore appalling was t he
Firman R. Evans filed his first and Florence E Mills 4 town lots in sonable ,through Th. taft.
out of its closet and danced around th~ug~t that the fugitive might be final account of the estate 01 Alioe SpringbQrQ.
Bank. For furtller Intonnatlo.a . .
the dinner table. In a drawer of the lYing In amhusb, alld he carried his J. Evans.
desk was an automutlc pIstol and a pist~1 before him at arm's length
Edna H. Wilson filed Inventory and COMMISSIONERS' ALLOWANCES ' on or Rddreaa M. C. DRAKE, Tn-.
urer, phone SI8-X, Lebanon, Ohio.
box of cartridges. This Archie thrust against s uch an emergency.
appraisf!mtmt ot the estate of Abbie
into hls pocket .tbinklng re not a. bad
He gained thl! road, glancjld toward Haseltine.
John Francis, hydrophobia treat
idea to be prepared tor invasion.
the house, and eet off in tho gen
Upon applleation of Lida M. Saw ment, $60'; Catherine Fran.!!ls, same,
Then he switched oft the lights in eral direction of t!te New Hampshire hi, Gourt fixed the prioe of (lertain $60; Alice Franois, same, $50; Mril.
the lower rooms Ilnd established ,him. border.
bondl! of the estate of Susan Haines. Duncan, same, $711; same $lQ; Stakal WANTED- Middie age min to take
self in the guest chamber. He waH
(To pie eontinued)
Lura Skinner was appointed 114- ta Mfg. Co., filing oal)lnet. $1110.16;
cha rge of farm. MWlt have ,ood
half asleep when he was roused by
references ano be a good farmer. J.
footsteps on the vemndah below.
K. Spencer, phone I III , LeballOll<





8:00 to 11 :00
1:30 to 4:00
7:00 to 8:00




D r. W E. Frost





5% Farm



Farmers. Attention!

W.H.l\ladden & CO.

Waynelville, Ohio



An Operi Queltion




5hDt a Bur,lat

It was close upon midnight and

tho presence of a prowle, on the pre
ml1lC8 caused his heart to p110p wild
Iy. He seized tbe pistol, crept to the
window and peered cautiously out,
wh en a sound jn the room below reo
newe d ,his nl arm. He gained the
dool' ill l wo jumps, He cQuld hear
t h upening a nd closing of drawers
IIIllI !ice l he fl us h of an electric lamp
!I ~ th" intr ude r moved swiftly about,
Th e n thl'ough t he vast silence of the
bi g h nu{lc th e un known gave voice to
h i~ :mg-el'" anc! ll! ~ !lppointment:
A t\C rl e~ u f q uic k fla sbes on the
\\,1111 ga ve ","rlling of the I.,t,uder's
in"a sion o f th e! uppe r rOllms.
.\ I'c hi d l'ew bock a nd' waited. His
thou J.:'h ls lind emo t ions in this hour
uf ,1:<111-:('1' inte rest ed him. It was
Imm" nl'<' ly ,::-rnli f ying to him to Teal
ize t huL whil e his heart was beating
((uickl y, hi ~ pulse was regular.
The t hi e f ha d become more eau
tl Otl~ jln" \VII S tiptoe ing up the uneurpetcd trl'n rl s of t he stair, still lending
occasionall y. II ba r of light ahe&!'. He
wos n ow com ing boldly down the' hall
I\~ th ough S8 Llsfied that the house
wus em pty. A fl a~h of his lamp fe11
upon the door f ra me JUlSt about Ar
<;hle's left hnnd. , A flash dIpped the
dark for nn IMtnn t . Then a hand
groped along the wall s,e eking th,e
switch. Archie could near ita 80ft
Tasplng over the wall. A. the
mapp ed the room fllle'd wtth
The bewildering glare 1
' (la'jjMlIr-o~-of~-.....,::.-.;..J.......,.,.---~~.~-h'l-..:.....J-f-~
the darkn ess beld th!l man
WRy and he raised his IIrm
ed his hand over bis eyei
them from the light. The huI....I,.I",.1
shoulders drooped as be
figure which was retll.eet;ed
......_~___'"'!"_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _...,'a Archie's
lont mirror. The e,. of




FOR SALE-New and old COni. rood

,a nd sound. Fran kBl'addo~, R. D.
2, Waynesville, Ohio,

j<' On. SALE- Anyone w&ntiq com'

01' loose hay, eee D. R. SalllbuQ'.

necu of a new spray pump, no matter how large or small, spra)' ho!!e.
no zz les, complete pumps leatbeN,
rubber packings, etc., eall on !I'D
St., Xenia, Ohio.
I~OR SALE- Little Red clover Hed.
Fran.k Braddock" phone 36F11. Wa7nesville.

FOR' R~NT-Hou!le on Highd ~t,

next <'to Christian churOh. ,Inquiri!
at Gaze.he ollleo.
, '
" , eft
FOR . SALE'- Buc)6yo' rlnc.b'bator
aGOegg ca"paclty; Bbcli:e)'e r UroQd! '
er stove, will hover 600 ' cblo~ Mn.
W., E. Cornell, R. D. l, Wa~.vllle.
. ' .- fl


SALE- Arm chair and ~~olcer.

all range, lall)pI, etc. Fen,. C1iurch
Parsonage. "

FOR SALE-Trees" .$.hl'ubJ. Via~'

, and Evergreen, THAT WILL
GROW,. delivered to )'ou at who. '
sale prices. p;qulpped, to,' tUmlah
pI~n8 and do" all the ' work; If d..
sired. . C~lI 66r~1~ ' C.
DUk.. '
Waynesville, Ohio.
' I.


~ABY CHn, '

, write. ~"A. Pearl Street; ,

loll, Biller of



' 01'


I '


Linubertrh "e~ poliUclllns a !!,ood

example 6:v illwAYS ket'Ping his feeL
. ,~tllJ~'" EVERY WI!JDNE~DAY . \ n Lhe gT'Qlmd excull Wh.ittl's h' fly ing. '''I.,.iI ~ .t the Po.'ur(Jr. IJt WUYI"l t tl.
'U,I., $.~O"" lo u fduU ,lfo , r-.r

I ll", I~nd h .. \Y. 10;. O~I['sbee were

A FI'(!llch Jloet. lried o ut. hi. V' I!OC,
on ~omc cugmj liew s. but un fo r tll~ [JII)' tulI \'ililLol'h, 'l'hul:a,l~i~".
Illll e l~' . h \! stood ou ts ide th o euge lU
,11M "U ''
II nc GOI'don is in s chool
(llli' n
1" ' IId thcm.
of ~c nl'l et ievel'.
-0'fl;c s['h ool chlldr!!n tlr' wo rking on
fon ,of fl\ shi on ure 10 \I' '111' sho H P li ~ t 'r~ i O l' 1o'11I'lI1er5 l ll$lituto.
with shl\rp I)oi nls und he~IM I\.i inch
Th~\ W . 4 . 'f.
. Illet with Mrs:
and u quad'r hig h, lho.o w ho fi x th
st.yles hav e ele 'l' II t,h 'relly 11I'Hvi ng hurl 'H K t: ul'don, Thu rsduy afterlhut m Oil of (ushi on IH O 110_t I ways nOO Il .
nl n of sellije.
Ml'tI. Il erl.J~rt FiLe nnd daughter,
-0cd \\ us hin g lon C. H., Sll~n t the weekA n inmate of u !<lllte h03pilol for (HId with Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Wilson .
the insnne h l~8 j ust died, Ic"vinl{
The ivic League and Community
' 8,000 he ga t hered tog >lher by bul'boring nnd selling cll nU y anti tebllCCO cl uJ., will give a play, "Eyes of Love"
to his fellow lunat ics , II till sOllie of u~ the 'J' IVn Hull, fridny, Februa;y
our multi -mi llionuil'cs IIIlly thank 17th.
thei r lu cky sturs this f e llow wusn't
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Graham,
1I 110we(1 to run lit IlIrge.
Mrs. H. S. Tu cker and Mrs. H. J.
Ca rr we re shopping in Dayto n, Wed.



SU~.crtplilJn Price, $1.50 pe r Ye.r



.------ I'i


If\ tht! scroll of the illustrious men

who have Iiveu allu died fol' ~mericll
';0 nlllYle shines more brightly than
that or Abraham Lincoln, the rugged,
typi cally AmeriClln figure whose
deeds und wouds nrc a light nnd an
Indpiration for 011 the time to come.
For A braham Linceln WlUl no t born
to pomp anu Ilower;Abru ham Linco ln
hall no heritage of woallh or royal
blood; Abraham Lincoln had no
smooth rOlld to tread. WhaL he uc
cOlllplished caml! of the swea t of his
brow, the labor ef his hands, the
struining of his every fnculty. And
at the Inst his life WIIS lost in t he
great causes for whi ch he bad fought
with an ardor se l~m cqualled in
A poor boy wns our Lincoln, with
out even the advantage of an easily
nccessible education; he trod miles
to get a book, which he studied in the
cabin firelight of his humbl e home,
Tall and ungllinly, a veritable tree of
strength and courage, he strode frem
the log cabin to the White House.
Few men have inspired such r everence as he. Writel'$ have split hairs
about the qualities of the great ef
our land; the ene unassailable figure,
perhaps, is Abraham Lincoln, No
I't h '
b t th
one ~8 ~ I airs ua 0~1
~' tC ara.~
ter 01 t e revere rUl SP,I ter; ~
sh.inles tdhrftugh th~e hageSt bWllth . unt~:i
mIn 8 h e
arne; 18 ear eu IS 8 I
echoing in the, nation today.



CnJltuin u nu Mrs. Charles Garner

01111111.)1.)5, were week-end
gU C: t.R of M r ~ . Mury Finch a nd RobThe Shunk g a re moving from Day , CIt Glunl'r.
ton to t heir pillce here,
Dr. and, MI'6, H . 1-:. Hutton and Mr.
a nd Ml'$ A, . Collett were, s ix o'clock
Cha rl es Howe nnll \Vifu wcre in dinner g uests ThurHduy of Mr. and
Hnrveysburg ThursdllY IIflernoo n ,
Ml's. Fra nk Shiullkcl.
J . W. Snell, of Harveysburg, made
The essays in the co ntest spo nsera businol<S ~l'ip to Cinc inn uti, Thurs.
ed by t he Illinois Wlltch company,
on "Abmhaln Lincoln," will be read
K. E. ThoOlPSOlI , George Vail, Ed at t he locnl Hi gh school FridAY afJeffery und wife were in Lebanon te rnoon. Everyone interested is welco me to uttend.
and so n, o f

Sherley Hatfle ld alld fllmily are

Mr. and MrN. A. S, Collett attendmoving fl'om Xeniu on to a farm near ed the basketball ga me at GermanBlanchester.
town, FridllY, between Miami MiliThe Terry family nre now plell~Rnt tary In stitute a nd Dayton, anu stayIy lecated in their new hOlll.! at ed over for the nnnual pnrty given
in the eve ning by Pref. Botts for the
Church View.
Cad ets.
On account of the weather only
The Woman's Civic leagu e gave, a
about twenty attended churc h h ere
purtyb',Tu l*ldllY >- evemng
on S unday morning,
'h I
' 1'

e rami 'eB
elll g gu es"".
Herb Fitzwater, of near Waynes, committe e in charge had arranged
ville, was here on Saturday "ndl" number of intriguing contests for
bo ught one of Geo rge Vall's horses. th ell' cn te rtuinment and the fun was
' l h' I '
lI1iSB Helen Walker who ill oUeml qUI e I arlO us.
temp rng unc
_ _ __e- - ing school at Midland ity, came over was served at the close ef the proand spenl Saturday and ::;unday wltl; gram,
- - - - - - - ;- . her home folks here.
Following iR the program for the
The infant child of Mr, and Mrs. Farmers Institute, February 15 and
,Elm er Lamb, who died at the honle 16; Wl'dnesday morn ing, 9:30:
I0 _ _ _ _ _ _ of Mr. and Mrs. HIlIlly . Moore, of this - Invocation, IItrs. Ruth Murray;
- - - -- -place, was tuk en , to Bellbreok on schoel program; Piano solo, Mrs. LitTuesday afternoon for burial.
lion Carr; "New World's to Conquer'
The political prognosticalors--whom
L. L. Rummell; committee announce we have always with us, It see ms, in
James McDonald nnd daughter, mcnts; dinner.
gre.ter numbers thsn the poor- have Frances , George Vllil and daughter,
Aflernoon at 1 :30-Duet, Mrs.
already placed, accordiYllI' to their Ruth, Ed Jeffery, R. J. Murray anu Evelyn Sh umaker nnd Mrs .H. S.
party leaning, either A.I Smith or wife, 111. ~. Terry a~d K. E. Thomp. Tucker; "The Farm .Home, Mrs. Earl
Herbert Hoover In the White House. son were III WayneSVille Saturday aC- J ohnson ; reading, Mrs. Nora Hawke;
They need to be reminded,. in either ternoon.
song, IIfrs. Harry Tucker; "Our Evercase, that ~any , tliings can happen
About fifty attended our communi vhanging Agriculture," L. L. I Rumb.efore the tIme 18, r.lpe .f or the par- ty literary at the ~choo l house WeQ- me ll ; reading, Mrs. Laura. V. Reed;
tlee to choo~e candidates, and that lIesday evening. Among thos<l fro':1
Even ing sossion, at 8 :OO- Muetlll more th\ll~ can h~ppen bofore a distance wel'c Lee Earnhart ,of L.!b sic, Harveys burg orchestra; reading,
the voters choose a ,PreSident to suc- anon and Miss Iva Millard of Olivt.! 'Evslyn Penney; " Wholesome Recreaceod Calvin Coolidge.
Iiran~h . Of course the pro~am wns lion for Old and Young,' Mrs. Earl
Aa a matter of fact, the bIg show fine especially the Flatfork Hu,vk Johnson; pia no duet, Mrs ... Lillian
of 1928 has only juet begun. So fST eye' <the paper) gotten up al1d r ead Ca rr und ' lIf i:;s Helen Graham; readmuch of the. action h~s been .comedy, by MrS. Jessie L. Kenll on lind a soh ing, Mi ss Kuthleen Graham; music,
but the serious bUSiness Will come played a nd fl ung by Miss Mary Kath- Hurry Tucker and Herbert Carr'
Ister. With lIuch matters M r eligion leen Thompson.
.. ' ign Posts 011 the Rand to Prosper:
and prohibition threatening, lit least.
---- - - - - - il y," L, L , Rummell; Agricultural
to be either epen or veiled issues, the
Slides, Charles F. Class ; mus ic, Misscampail[Tl bids fair to be' exciting.
~ Helen, Kathleen and Nellie GraIt will require some expert sidehnm.
lIt4jpping to make it dull.
Thursday 9 :30 a. m.- Ladies proAnd for this reaso n, if r no othgra m- Pres ident. Mrs. Marie Gray;
er, the political prophets nrc likely
James King has been sick with the ?ccre~ry. Mrs. Adah Talmage; presto see their forecasts go awry. The sore throat.
Ident s address, Mrs. Marie Gray'
ending of the tIIhow of 1928 is 'not
Miss CIRI'a Wnd e is spe nding a few 'Kitchen and CAloks," Mrs. Earl Joh~
as easy to predict as many think.
weeks with her sister.
son; "Ta lks a nd Stunts," Miss Nellie
\\ atts; "Cheapest Pound of Pork," L.
Thieves tried to steal chickens nt L. Rummell; discussion, Charles Dos- - - -- - - . the hom e of Mi sse ~ Anna and Ruth ter .
i Nult Sl,Iturdny night, but we re unA (tarnoon 1:2 0 p. m.-Piano solo
s uccessfu l 1\5 the dog frightened them lIfrs. Lillian Cnrr; reports of commi~
0 _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ a wuy.
tees; "The Rural Community," Mrs.
everal children' fronl t his com- Earl Johnson; Rong, Ladies quartet
The country's annual candy bill is lIIunity attended the ska ti ng party rending, Mrs. A.. S. CoUett; "Mo~
lust Thursrluy night lit Bllughmlln's Efticiellt Dairy Cows," L. L. Rumcertainly a jawbreaker,
poni!. It was given by the Seventh me lI ; discu's sion, W. L. Ellis; niusic,
-0-Loyalty is all very ftne, but usual- and Eighth grude of t he Springboro Ladles quartet.
ly the fellow who will lie for you will High school.
lie to you.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mahnn had quite
-0-1\ sca re Sunday morning, when their ,
A modern man recently said that house filled with smoke and they
the modern man is s uperior to the thought the house wus on fire. Sevancient Greeks.
eral of the ~eighboIti hurried to h~lp
Mr. and Mrs. Keller Hoke's family
-0-them, bu t It proved to be are so me better at this writing.
Italy is t o have a national heater, more than s moke from a defective
T~osc that have sugar camps are
but Mussolini will see to it thAt ,there chimney.
getting ready for the openning Bea.
is only one leading man.,
son .
What the Sen~te needs now is Borne
Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. 'Wiison and
one with a good, strong voice to
"I , just cleaned up thirty thousand Miss Mal'y Kathleen, were shopping
in Xenia, Saturday.
shout, "touder .anl1 funnier."
boneH on my land."
Miss A lice Gons spent the week.
Tbey're teaching convicts trades
"No I graveyard."
end at th e home of her parents, Mr.
now, b\,\t they probably won't make
_-Rnd lIIrs, J. Q. Gons.
traveling ealeamen out of , an~ of
Clement I. Satterthwaite and SiBthem.

ter, Mrs. Mabelle Staup, of Dayton

A. cllmmission--;::;;-baen busy com- Irate CU8tom~rk";ou can't fool spent Sunday with their parents. '
parhi~ the amount of dust in the air me~ Do you thm I ve b~ught groRussell Satterthwaite, of Dayton
I n a number
cities and Ii carles
. of 'different
lng'" here for fifteen years for noth spent Friday , nnd Satuiaay at the'
may help aome if the report urges"
hmoe of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Satterpeople to keep their mouths shut 80
.Gro~~r- I shouldn t be at all sur- thwaile.
they don't get duet in thei.r lun&'8. '
M~. and Mrs. Ziml'i Haines,
Burhngton, and Mr. and Walter
Wilson spent Sunday with Raymond
Wilson and family. ,






T~ , Martin


See~ U. Early for You'r Sal"D ~tea.

We Cuarant"'e
Satl.faf'~ion or Charre Nothinr. "

Cnterville, O.
"no"~ N'o , 2,

,New Burlington,O.

Phone No. 32"



Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gons entertain .

ed Mr. and Mrs. Elias Oglesby, l\fr.
li nd Mrs. J. Q. Gons and MiBB Betty
Oglesby to dinner last week.
Happy Hour club will nieet with
Mrs. Frank Braddock and ~r8. Earl
H k tt
oc e ,a~ ostesses at the home of
the former, Tuesday, February 14.
Mrs. Robert Furn~s, of Wayneevipe, ,Mrs. Joseph S!tambauah and
Mrs. ~arl Mooh of Harvey b
' .
s urg,
8p~n t Th ursday with Mrs. Raymond
James Vandervort, L. E. Hockett
Carl Jones and' Kel1er Hoke are hay:
ing s uccess in soliCiting for the children II relief work in tbis end of the
town ship. '
Mrs. ' Henry Satterthwaite helped
with ~teen ot,her women of Wayn~
town~hlp, sew at the High School
building, (or .the Grude schhol, Wed!I';,sday,. se,!eral dresl\e.8 . being- made.\
,- -. - _ - .e_
. _-,- .'

. f


WEL.~J ",


BeB~' lt~-"W,astn't i~n~l'oYinc

the w,y that baby cried all during tbe


liard of HI/nof-felt was ' dreadfUl.

When I rdll m.rri~d I 'sluill IlItve ....
graved on the Invitatlolllj 'No babies
expected. ~ '!

........ ,.. .............

--'---4. ,... ...- - ., .

~~;~~;.;~~i~~~;~ ~)i- ~-:; -;.-8-; - ;,. I





A MPf:o/'9 I'IPTEIi:.- PINHe-1l

SPEClfES /'I ~t ~. on I'IS MUat



AS nll;-




I-lE'WAS 1'\


Public S~I~-- "

As I have. !lold my farm, I will sell

III public au ctiOl) a t my place, 2
miles sout h o( Waynesville, on the
RIver Roa d, neal' Tlllegraph Mills, on


ommencing at 12;30 o'clock, the
( Howing: 9 milk cows ; 33 head of
hoat s ; grain nnd f ed; Ford car;
fa l'm ing' implemen ts, Le.
Sears & Simpson, Auets .
'l'he underslgnod, in settlement of
t he estate of Charles T. Hawke, deceas ed, will offer for salc at public
auctIon at his late resIden ce on Third
street, In W&ynesville, Warren Co.,
Ohio, on

It nlways llllIli e~ me laugh,

So wonderful II treat,
To see an alhl(!te run a mile
And only move two f eel.


Cn mmencing at 1 o'clock shlup, .the
f ollowi ng chllttels : On e horse, bugg y ;harness, plows, harrows, gasoline
tan k, saddle and a lot of house holu
g oods. See big bills for terms, etc.
A ca noe is like a Rmnll boy- both
Frank LU, LeMay,
behave betH!I' w.hell puddled from t he
Executors ef the estate of
Charles T. Hnwke.
Scar s &. Simpson, A uels ,

~; E,

.ll _



_ _ __


Offtce-Am." Bldl


9 to li


Tuesday, 9 a.m. 4 p.m

Saturday 9 a.m _ 8 p.rn

Carys Jewelry Shop


m, S- lo:5 p. m.

7 to 9 p , m.

Telephone., .



Wayn.svllle; Ohio

H6me of -(G;i~f~ta~.'~':~..-M~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Walter :.McClure
J. E. McClure




Fully Equipped for Good
Large Display Room.
Ambulance Service


Harveysburg Fertilizer Co. L.M.HENDERSON
pb obe 8

Ua chelor - "Yes, t he world's a -:::~~:::::---:~~:-:::::~~:::::::=:
NalioD.I B k
gl /J omy old prison."
- - -- - Amo rous Spinster - "That's beWlII. Drawn " .. ...... E.'.I S.ttled
cause you' re in 60litary confinement.'

-----_ .. - - -


Ned- "He plays a fair golf game

doesn't he ?"
Ted-"Yes, if you walch him."

A real fighting Irishman has come
to America. William Tbomas COIsrave, Presidcnt of the Irisn Free
Stale. Diffident, ke'!ll ligbt blue eyes.
loft voice, iron will and a lion's
courllflc. That is a piclure of Ihe
Irish Prcsideot, for whom fear does
not exist, not even the only fear admitted b'l his relatives, Ihe Cdtlc
chiefs 0 Gatl~ who admitted that
thcy feared one thing, that the IIky
might fall on them.
If you aaked:-;~ NbTmNG
be more powerful than SOMltTHING?" you would let no serious
But how do you explain this fact,
announced by German science and
proved by convin>Cing experiment?
A hollow ffIlIgnet i.s IItOt'C PO'IIm'/'wI
IJIan a solid 1fIlI1T"""
The absence of magnet1zed mctal
Inside the magnct its tmgnetic strength, A magnet containing
four hollow lamellae has as much
lifting power as Olle containing nine
IOlid lamellae.

Dr .John W. Miller

W.ynesville. Ohio

W. '.... III. N.lloD.1 8 1& 81.

Send the Gazette to lIome friend.




Keep your vital organs active end 1011

can forg~taboutyourhealth. Aid nature

and sbe will repay you witb renewed life.

Since 1695, the sturdy Hollanden have
warded oil' kidney, Ii v~. bladder, bowel
t roubles with their National HOOlchold
Rem~ original and &CDulno:

C. /\I ~lJl


Two Shows


6,30 . .d . 8,30 p. m.


- I

Everything is possible in chemistry

and physics. now thai atomic con.truction and the hor rihle ,power and
'Peed of the tiny elect rons bave been
added to human kn owledge. Bllt tbat
hollow magnet new! is a thing to
pu~zle sciencc.

A. D. Lasker, who ran the Shk>ping Bc:Jrd, once 3 young, frightfully

energetic boy. si tting in the outlide
office of Lord & 11,omu, in Chicago,
now e~n m or~ frightfully energetic.
iu in the in!ide office and owns th~
.He and his wi fc .h~ve just Rivc'1 a
million dollars to ChICAgo Un/\erllty
to study the "cause., nature and preftIltion of degener:Jtive disea5Cs."

Within three hundred years, the

average life has increased from
d.~{ty to sixty ),cms, but a man of
fifty has ver.y lltll,e better obance of
Ufe than a man of that age onc buD


~, J&dO.

Our Mre Go-Getter Says-

Laait;r wiseiy gives money to ID4

out wby it is tll.l.t !ll:auu> b ~ings :Uter

fifty break .ool\r; SCi I\ui ~kl)' ..

I f tile IIClenlhu Will I.:t lum, Lat
ker shouhl I!.~ I\IIltC of bis tnoney investiga ti ng suneatiolll Utat medical
' tIclence wo,:d call ";\11 nonsense." All
nonsense is 'A'ba.t dbe doctOR called
the thccrie. of Pa5,t~ur, who tauaht '
them more than they eva knew

Michael J. Hluch, eilrbteell yean

old. touched a live wlrc carrying
S 000 "ulu and, accorcing 10 doctor..
Wat "<i,ead for hal! an hour:' Quick
action b)' firemen brougbt U1e boy
buk to life.
, At !Jnt his mind wandered. Then
be recognized friends, Jcnew hi. own
name. who be was anJ what he bad
beel doing in the previous eighteen
yean.. "
The Question aris-el, does the same
thillS happen , to all of )11, after we
have been de;!d a long time, perhaps,
.. one earMal cier8l;man 9~stl, as
long a. & billion )"ean, waiting for
the world to end and Gabriel to
sununon 011
w~ have a varieg<~ted climate, doB'
pulling sled. over Alaska's icc, ladies
and tb~ir i riends Iyinlf half-naked on
tbe sands oi Florida, California and
the Gulf Stales.
And the thermometer docs not tell
everything about WQthu. We ahiver
and growl ;It 14 above uro, wlrile
Donald McMililln, Arctic explorer,
sent word, tlirougb radio, that he i.
Quite comfortlble at Bowdoin, Labradot, with,the teml~rature 3S below
" ..
' It depends 'ai, hU!Dldlty, elevatloa.
ozone and other thmgs probably of
' which we kDow nothing.

. A 'd11P11tda from ' Nicarqua ~

Sandlno, the rebel-bandit who killed
'Iome 0 four ftIA rinel, hal ~en killed
by a bomb from oDe 'of our ~rp\anet.
The Nicaragua nbcll now know
that , tbey have Tn more Chance
lNrIIin't United Stntd O),il1ll machinea
than a rabbit has again.. eagles.
That I, aati.fac~ory so far .. our
Nicaragwdight goc..
But' our Brcsiderlt, C~ngTet. and
<Army and. NlvY dcpartments ~oa!d

n:mernher tbat stv,era! oountnes 10

Europe aM' at 1c:1Ut. 'one ~n A.ia ~
,ceed us. ~ greatly in ~r -p~wer tfuit
tbey ,could do to us. 'l f ther cb~
we ~ye hI.t done 0 San~~IR'
"WE NEEl) ' FIGHTING '" ~ nbt meRI,. a IAIIIple force
oT-the Nlcara,ia aiae. .


That a Classified Ad. in this paper is really worth a

To You

Lot of

If you will use'the columns both in commercial and

Classified Advertising.

CALL 112



1 . lb. ,Twin Loaf

Each .. .. . . , . . . ... .... . . . . . .. ... ,
t .lb .. ' Slnal o ; ...
. ..... .. ,... ... . Gc
Vie .. n ... 10 f ....... ..... ,,, ... .. .. ..... ... 7<


A oodal ... 24 !6 -II, .ad............ 89"

SAn dw ic h. loaf ... " .......... ........ .. .. 10 ~

RYe loar ... , ............ ... ............... 10c

Cold Mod

---_. ------------



- MT8 .- B,e. ,,-ie ~ltQh~n . 'aKcn -21), wife

of Honoy K~l()bm. (he(1 at th l' T,u!/orclliosia hospita l n~ pringficld, 1< r ld.oy
nf\~rno,!n" Febr uary 3, ofter .lmgeT'lng Ilh)('_~ .
Rhe W8 M t lw dlluj.(hler oJ ~Jr. and
Mr~, " -. n. Alh.m was 111 - D yton,
MrK. FI'ollk Sl.un!lb l.'rr.. ~hc IK ~ur~hj lI1IIlY
dV(1c\ hy her hllst.llrl d lind htUe ~Iu\lgh
I . !ll r . \ 1'1\ n ll ugh hilS b\'cn on t hl! t r lind u " n by 1\ forme r m:u-r'lIg<l.
Tb tuneral se r\'ices Wei'll httl" in
~ick 1i. l.
'pri ng ficld ?>ll'1l1 d,\y, and ' burial WIIS
MIs. Eme rso n :MlIso n hns not been in I l'n~lifT cemetery'.
\. I]u itt. so wclllh!"post i w d8y ~.

1 ,~c kllRC '


Round Whites,
U. S. No.1, 151b . .. :.


Mrs,. J.:nrl

'onn er spent last Wedr\ csuuy nn d Thursd uy in I?uyton.

tr~ . W. B. Ma ther, of
Kllllsns, IIrfived Satur
f day l'\' cniIl Jr 1'ur an iridcA nin te visit
with hl,me folk!>.
Mr. :md
Burl i ll~tiln,

S ack. ... $J.1 3

~~~~e . ... . . , .... .. 1ge

for.... .................. ........... :......... .. ...... 25.

onp Chi" . 2

Takes Oil BUlinel'


Charle!! D.y, who has been emllloyed Itt tJlC Waynesville Mills (ur
a 'long time. resigned his pOllition ot
tho~ J,\ant to tllke the ogency fllr ~h() . . . . .
oil and gtlsolin
business of the I!I
Stllndllrd Oil company, nt Corwin;
lllking the plnce ,of Jo Hormall, who
re5h~ l\ed thjR positio n rec~ntly.
_ _ _ _ ':".- , - -

M'a sonic Lodge Notice

Regl~lm' communication nf WnyI1csvi lle Lodge No. 16 9 F. & . A. M.,

Tucs(\uy evening, F brunry 14 , 1928.
Oh . th gl r li~s in e ~i ce lhey n ~vpr Vi ~itin g an d sojo urning brcthl'cn I1re
\\'alk IWIll
But 'thc)' k ep t heir l ithe fig ur es iv
HA , BIlADB HY. W, 1\[.
F. B .II ENDER. ON. Socy.
W1H'n occ asion dCllllllllls it- -Iet 5
put it tha t "lI Y-They ind ulge In 11 vigorous swim .


----- ..---

}' rullk ~tu n be rry lInrl fnmil y unci

Miss Kllte Daughte rs 'lHendcd th e
funcrnl f Mrs, Sessil! Kitch en nl ~.~~~_!l'!..!l'!..!l'!..~.~~~~~!'!!!!'!!!!!!'!'!'!!!~

Springfield, 1II0nd1lY

Ne ll- "SlIY. d oe~ Humid know how

to drive?"
Me ll- "Does he? Suy. he h it 1\
deputy ' sheriff thi ~ nfternoon t hut everybody else hns been trying to hi t
ror months without succeeding."

Late C1a.ssilied Adl

Ru y hl oro-Crystnls for Erndicnlio n vf moth s f' thc Mothers club.

Inquire 01 M,. ~. ne, HD rt sock . chair
mnn o( F in l\n c~ com mittee.


-------------------SA LE- N(!w Imperinl


Mrs. hlll'\l's Suttcrlhwnite fell 0" l"OR

the icc l>I5t w('ok injuring her hip an-i
st ove: burns e ither !10ft o r hard
II nkl. No bones were br oken, but coal; broods 1000 chicks. , Phone
her injuries wer.:! very painful.
8G. E. B. Bnily:

~I~?:'~~~ lb..........23c

t!~~IU~~~~. . . 29c gl?wi~r~~ ,b..............15c

!.arca .ise, bulk. lb .......





Mr. and 11'", fark Rogers movcd FO~ SA LE- T,,:o 33x4 Oldfield cord
. t
1\11.s Hclen Hawke's
tire . . F. 11. F lsber. R. D. 1. Way~
' II
yes t eruu y 11\ a
home on ThirU ' nnd North streett!. nesvi o.
Miss Howke will occupy two rooms of FOR SA LF.- 75 Wh itc L!'g horn hens,
llte house.
$1.00 each. Phone 86, E. B. Bll ily,
Mr. lind Mrs. Culvin Longocre, in
F OR SA LE--Billck leo the!' dllvencompa'ny witb Mr. an d Mrs. Robert
port, in good condition, very reaBurnett ond son . of Dnyton, are
Bonable. Inquil'e at Gazelle olllce.
spcmli n. this week wi th fri ends anrl
r elnt i\'(,9 In CnssopoJi!\, Mich., anti
Elkhart, Ind.
On T uesdllY evening Mrs, Laura
Zell was hostess ot an oyster supper
which was enjoyed by the following
guest.s. 1\ir. ond Mrs. Elvin Fires,
Mr. ond Mrs. F. M. Cole lind
ren , Mill. Morris Silver, Mrs. Anna
Sheehan, Mrs. Kate Colemlln lind S.
L .Cllrtwrlght,
Mrs. Suslln Wilkerson was
bruised and shaken when she
thrown from an automobile
weck. Mrs. Wilkenon and her
in-law, L. R. Gordon, were Tetuming
from nforrow when, as they turned
the comer at Main street and
lin road, the door of the machine
open with the above result.
nlltel:; no bonea were broken.

Beginning February 1, 1928, TelepAOIl:e' 'Bills will be made up monthly. Anyone desiring to make payments beyond current month may do
so if they wish.

Obio Central Telepbone Corporation

F. . . . . .


work of all mada.

pt ain

R oaablo prlc..

ua a call.

DID you ...r aay to Lif.. Inaurallcea.ent, IT COSTS TOO MUCH?

If You did, tlaOD p~it mo to .aY, "Why? SIX CENTS A DAY
,,"II la.are the IIfe ,of a man 35 years of .ae for $1000.
apoad mar. thali ' that UPOD a do".. U'lIle.. luxurio.. Will yo'u
aot aacriSeo OM or moro of them to' ..... ure youl' . family from
waat ia the a"oat of your .udder:l d_th?"

The Mutual life Insurance Co. of New York


Kinde of )Daurance.

Has again opened up his former place

of business on Main St., Waynesville,
Ohio and will have full charge of same.
He will carry a good line of

.T ires, Tubes, Batteries.

Radios, .Gas, C)iI ,and,
Accessories. ,A lso
.!1'-Hudson & Essex
Wit1 '_"b

. Cars

'purchaao,, ~f '0 .,,10 boJlar or


Bible School at 10 a. m. Church
service and Communion 11 :00 a. m.
All are welcome.
Sunday, February 12, service at 10
a. m.
Father Bien, Pastor.


Sexagesima Sunday, February 12.
Church School ' at 9 :30; Morning
Prayer and sermon at 10 :30.
Rev. Jobn J. ScbaeA'er. Rector.

It is hard dtr t~' work'

and costs 1 J,ney.
Buy Genuine f< aven,
Red Ash , coal and:
you g et the lowest
ash coal. mined. What
little you find will be
reduced to a finely
powder.eeI red ash,:
easy to remove 'and
very small in quantity.

ing 3 :00 p. m.; prayer meetlng, 7 :80
Wedhesday evening.
The Young
Men's quartet will be with us Sunday


mar", Y"U will recoi'ni one

Write )'our 'namo .ad .ddroaa upon

boa, bep atub . with

~~~:=:::'~;;;:;;:-:-:;'7-\c-;...m.J~f.'"I....F".t:4iel1~~ith""u.. m....).....-i ..~ti.'lt., t

Yo. wiD fiDel it



\Phone \IS for a truck. i

load of real coal.
Hard Coal for your
Brooder Stove can be
tlad In any quantity.

'Wayne Chick Starter

Waynesville Farmers,
10 HOLD MEETING Exchange Company


G. A. Phillips is confined to tus

home by illness:
Muion .Col:nn is in ver,.. poor
health at the home of his daughter,
Mrs. Rarry Nickerson.
The Ellstern 'Stnl' '
day with Mrs.
Xenia, W.ednesday of ' last week.
Miss ' Byrd, a
dressed an a]')]:Ir,ectiltiv'8 alt~!;:~:~~~
the Friends

A cOl~ed

dt!red aeverill pleailng' nwlilb4Ira.

S-tansLerry theMl'S.week-end
W: ,B; Kelch, of Chicago,
here ~s guest

Don't forget next

\Vl'llnc !oi cluy , }f'cbru


fjt h, is Ute doy

vverh ll ul yuur
DeLavOll Sepuruto,'
ft Cl! of chorge. You
ClllI' t nO' ol'd to Ill l~s
thi ;; if you hnvtJ a
DeLli VII !.


When you won t

t ht! most rfOl' your
money in Broode rs
and Incu bators, the
Buckeyes or Newtow n surely SlitiSnes.
Lester Githens I'e
lllized this when he
told us to deliver a
Newtown Brooder.

Here is un other
Lincoln "tory that
we th ought it would
not hurt I1ny one lo
In 1846 wh,m Abe
Wl\ S
l'lll\ning for .
Congres~ , his opponell. WII S on evo ngelist nllmed Petei'
Cllrtwright. Lincoln
ottended one of his

You ought to see

our wnrehouB8 fuJI
of Farm imp lements
H's 80 full we can
hOl'dly 5 hut the
But we aim to sell
it nil out pefore WI'
buy any more. We
will have some real
l;nrgllins in most
onythjng you need
t his Mpring.
haven't the
splice to list everything, but we (lan
guarontee to save
you money.
For SlIle- A good
Horne Com for t



,Motot CO.

Phone lOS

W aynelville,



Gorlaugh, 0: S, U., and P. O. Wilson,

of Cincinnati, wl11 be scHeduled.
The latest ond most profitable
dplcs of swine breedl"c,
housing, sani\;lltion, parasltesj. disease
control and care and management
have ~ecided to do
'Yill be' discuS6ed, Ton litter Clubs,
and the' McLean countY system will '
be given special emphasis, and ' Coun.
~y ~gent Class hopes to .have tw~ thia"aumr,ner :and if you
reel edueational film, ' .recently pre:. ."",
.' 1;.' . ' , '. '
~~red il,l Was~lrigton;
.w ,.tt, a l' n ...t-cla.. 'Job ' of
FortY' yeors. of ups and downs'.!,n the -ri" de.cription call on
hog market Will be discUlllled, .&8 wen ... ,iT'.
,' ~
all-plan$ for fU,tare Iml'!rpv4\men . ,A ~...:.. """ .
'--'=hog-calling contest will add div.etelon Fra~land the GTange committee will eerve
a roast pork dinner in the same build.. .
.,neaville Ohio '
in., for which Mr:1Iel'ScheU Bunnell
is chinr the pork. Evel'Jbody IIlvto: D
ted. .
eaaona e


. -.

Wayn1elville, Ohio


era of tbia "ieinity.

HallChvare clerk"What kind of II gitt

w u~ it you wnnte u.
So met.hing uRe ful ur
orn nmental ?"
"Ne i ~h
It's a wedding
prese nt." ,


Maybe a mon does

one nigh't but reMrs. L. G. Brock is quite ill ut this
not go home nights
main d seoted when
becuuse he Is afraid
Cartwright inv ited
Mrs. Jessie Longncre IInri MN'. Ag
lIinners to come forof his wife.
ward. Spying him,
maybe he ia afraid
ncs Swaok spent Monuay in Dayton,
of hia 60n'e ariththe evongelist culled
Mr. nnol Mrs. Colvin Longacre a r e
"Mr. Lincoln, if you
in Indionll, visiting Mr. lind Mrs. Gerare not going to reSmith- "How moald Kelly.
pent and go' to heav
, Fred M. Cola
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Duke spe nt
en, where are you
there on your raHardware. Farm 1m
Sunday with the llltter's parents near
di o'! "
plem ....
Springbo ro.
J ones -"Thl'ee, my
"I am going to can
.lao si
grllllll," replied Linwife. my daughter
Mrs. Gcorge Davis , of Ci ncinnati,
Wapoa.,u... 01110
coln. And he did.
and my son."
s pen t Sunday with 1\11'5. Emma Foulks
ond family.
The Doyton ond Cincinno ti
nre now running through Lytle every !!r.===========================:~
hour on the detour.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Albright; of
Springboro, were Friday guests of
Mrs. Kesler Grahom.
Quite n number from here saw "The
Dellcon's Second Wife" at Waynesville, FridllY evening.
Mrs. Susan SlIylor and Mrfj. Mattie
Creighto n were Wednesday dinner
guest.s of Mrs. Martha Graham.
Prof. and Mrs. J. R. Fenstermaker,
of Doyton, were Saturday afternoon
guests of Dr. and Mrs. L. G. Brock.
Evereet Clark, of Dllyton, and MI'!!.
Mory Carmony were Sunday
gueste of Mr. lind Mrs. Charles Clark.
Mr. and Mr!!. Henry Graham wero
Sunday guest.s of the lotter's ~rother,
Rudd Saylor and "family, in Lebanon.
Mr. and II re. Leonard Gray and
George Gray, Jr.. have retul'1\ed home
after everal months' sojourn in the
Mr. and Mrs, Kesler Graham and
daugnter were Sunday evening guestt!
of Mr. and Mrs. Chllrles Guitner, in
Miss Edith Cram lind brother; Russell, of near LebDrlon, were Sunday
of Miss Eva Wharton and M,orris Wharton.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Potton, of Cin
cinnati, spent the wcek-end with Mr.
and Mrs. Edd Longllcre and Mr. and
Mrs. Melvin Swank.
Mr. lind Mrs. Walter Kenrick mo- ~
tored t o Piqua Wednesday and spent
the dllY with the latter's nicce, Mill.
Joseph Grassi, and fnmily.
MIlS. George Gray was clIlled to
Kentucky last week on account of
the serious illn ess of he.r granddaughter, Miss Verna Fisk.
The church bere sent two large
bllgs of clothing to the Kingdom
Come settlement in Kentucky, where
Miss Fanny Earnhart, of Springboro,
if! doing home missionory work.
The Ladies Aid met with Mrs. Eva
Graham Wednesday afternoon, and
arrangements were made to serve
lunch at Mr. Rill's sale, Wednesday.
There were twerfty:one present.
Mrs. Adda Burnet met with a painful accident on Monday, when Bhe
caught her hand in an electric wringer an dtore the first Anger on her left
hand badly, ond several stitches had
to be taken.
Rev. R. A. Stillings will preach from
the following texts during the month
of February:
"The Beginning,'1
"The FiJ:st Language." "The Source
of Life" and "Necessity of Conversi on." Every one cordially Invited to
the Sunday aftemoon meetings.
Lytle Sti'n day School will have
Banner Efficiency Contest~ h",lI'In,nh",1
next Sunday, February 12,
ing April 12. The school will
vlded Into sides. The Reeder
Misses Evo and Ethel, are ,"A~IT"'ln.,
of one side and the Saylor twins,
ry and Riley, captains on the oUier.
This conteB~ Is based on a percel1,tage.
on the following merits: On ' time,
lesson study, church attendance and
new soholars.

On ThursdllY, February 9th, beginPhone 25

ning at 9:30 in the ' mornlng, an allday county-wide Swine Grower. Institute will be held in Grange hall,
Lebanon. Besides a number of lead- ~-====-===::';'=====:I
ing hog breeders and feeders of '
Samuel Shllnka, Jr., is wor\dng In
Worren and adjoining counties. Paul
, '


Publi.h..d iD th. iut.resla of tb. p.opl.

of WaYDelYiII. and
the farm. and rerm-


Fubruary 8, 1028

When you buy a G<?odyear, you get:

known tire quality at a rock-bottom
price. For long wear, strength, good
looks, and dll 'round high quality at
a low price, ;
not only can't 'beat
, can't equal it.

Sunday School at 9:80.
Evertbody cordially invited. .

Tbe revi val at Union church will
continue over Sunday, February 12th.
erviecs each evening at 7 :30 and
Sunday morni ng at 10 :00 o'clock.
Special 01' this week: Missionary
m ~etlng Thu rsday evening at 7:30.
You will n'o t want to miss this service. AI~o the male quartet from
Cin cinnati, Ohio, \vil! be with us agnin
Sl1turduy Imd undny. By all monns
don't fai l to heor t hese young men.
Rev. and 1\1 rs. C. R. Harvey,
Rev. G. G. Phillippe.
C. R. HARVEY, Pastor,

, -

Vol. 1

You Know What

You Get

P",A,' I.N TIN G

, tiaah ,Re,la'.r: Tic;k.t' .ach ticket. beAri". "orreapoudi"a 'aumber aad date
. of pu~.... .



0:16, Sunday School ; 10 :30, "The
Gr 'IIt Emllncipator;" 6:16, Epworth
League; 7 :00 "Democracy' on TrioJ. ;'
Sundoy School, 2 :00 p. m.; preachAaron 'S. Watkins, L.R.D., Paator.


, .}


.----------------------- -

mother, ..... Josephme Blair.

!~ cele.brated ber B8rd, bli't.hd_1
~ Saturda,. Sb~ .C4:Oll~~I,. '
p.&lell her ilaugbter to .C)lcap
~ utIIDdecl vUJt,