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1) What is the Commonwealth logo?

2) How many nations are members of the Commonwealth? 54 countries

3) Name 5


b) The Barbados


e) UK


d) Ghana

4) How many people live in the Commonwealth? About 30 per cent of

the worlds people live
5) Which values does the Commonwealth promote?
f _r _i _e _n _d _s _h _i _p e _d _u _c _a _t _i _o _n r _e _s _p _e _c _t d _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
6) Is Ireland a Commonwealth country? yes


7) What are the Commonwealth Games called? The frendly games

8) When and where were the first Commonwealth Games held? In 1930 in Hamilton,
9) The Commonwealth Games are a multi-sports event. But which sports? (list them)
There are always athletics and swimming, rugby sevens, netball
and lawn bowls.
But there can be lots of other sports too,
like boxing, cycling, gymnastics, tennis,
triathlon and wrestling.

How often are the Commonwealth Games held? Every four years

11) Which city will organize the next Commonwealth games? Gold Coast,
And when? In 2018

What happened on the Isle of Man in 2011? It was the place where the

Commonwealth youth games

Who was it addressed to? Competitors must be 18 years
or younger.

Which Commonwealth country is the best at cricket? Australia

14) DIVERSITY AND UNITY in the Commonwealth. Read these satements. Right
or wrong?
a) All country members share the same religion. Wrong
b) They all speak English. Right
c) They all support democracy. Right
15) When is Commonwealth Day? 4th April

India is a country for Asia. It has a tropical climate and India has three main
seasons. From October to March is cool ans dry, from April to May is hot and dry
and from June to September is hot.
The landscape of India is very varied. In the north the are the mountain ranges of
Himalayas. The highest peak in the Himalaya is Mount Everest. Shout Himalaya is a
huge flat area where the river Ganges.
Most people in India follow the hindu religion. Hindus believe that hindu gods ans
goddesses representat the different qualitates. Hindus have many festivities and
celebrations for example Diwali, is the most important festival of the year. Hindus
believe that the place where any rivers meet is sacred platforms called ghats are
built o enables to bathe more. Hindus decorate theirs homes and temples whit rows
of lights called divas.
India food is colorful ans uses many spices. Many Indians are vegetarians. Hindus
do not are beef. In India don't have knives ans forks, they utilization the hands
Daal is the Indian word for pluses, like lentils,chickpeas and kidney beans.
Ghee is from of butter used in cooking. Saffron is the world's most expensive spice.