543: Mivior: The Miviorans make contact with Zefnar.

Mid 500's: Dwarves: Barbarians force the Dwarves to migrate to Alzak, in the Barrier Mountains. 565: Elfland: Displaced by Ogres, the Sion Hac conquer Elfland. Late 500's: The Eaters of Wisdom: Singing Dream, Hierophant of the Temple of Kings, establishes the Order of the Walkers (the Eaters of Wisdom). Immer: Authari and Euin lead the new Vidarna tribe to Lake Carth. 585: Mivior: Zefnarite slave-raiding forces Archon Barnas to build a fleet. 600's: Dwarves: The last of the Dwarves leave the Mountains of Ice and start the village of Rosengg in the Barrier Mountains. Early 600's: Mivior: Mivior conquers the area north of Colist; Mivior builds its own merchant fleet. Early to Mid 600's: Elfland: The Elves struggle for independence from the Sion Hac. Trolls: The Trolls are driven to the north of Bad Axe Forest. 609: Rombune: Parrosan seamen discover the Golkus and Thores. Mid 600's: Rombune: Slave-raiding and disease decimates the natives of the Golkus and Thores. The South Plains: The cities of the South Plains prosper. 661: Mivior: An earthquake destroys Boliske. 662: Mivior: The capital of Mivior is moved to Colist. Year 1: The great Cataclysm has destroyed the Lloroi Empire. Up to mid-200's: Mivior: The ancestors of the Miviorans maintain civilization in the country of Skarabrae in Reiken. Pon: Ancient Pon is a site of deep barbarism. The South Plains: The Immortal Lord takes power in Kuzdol; elsewhere the cities are governed by democratic councils that are gradually replaced by monarchies. Mivior: The ancestors of the Miviorans flee the Luwamnas of Reiken and arrive at the Isle of Boliske. Up to mid-300's: Elfland: The Elves re-establish a central government under High Prince Seolan and his successors. Immer: The Conodras people develop a tribal lifestyle enduring many centuries. Up to 400: Dwarves: The Dwarves develop an advanced type of tribal life in the Mountains of Ice. Muetar: Village life survives in Kalruna-Sasir (ancient Muetar) and its people prosper for a time; eventually the communities quarrel and cannot unite against the barbarian menace. The Shards of Lor: The Tower of Zards survives the Cataclysm and stands shunned for many centuries. Zorn: The Goblins drift into the Nithmere Mountains from the Northland. Mid-200's to Mid-400's: Mivior: The Miviorans prosper on Boliske. The South Plains: Trade begins between the cities of the South Plains; a strong merchant class develops. Late 300's: Trolls: The Trolls arrive at the Face and choose Apashag as king. 400's: Elfland: Elfland enjoys an advanced civilization. Hothior: The Trolls dominate ancient Hothior (Soraskier). 452: Mivior: Mivior founds the town of Boran; the Trolls offer resistance, beginning centuries of sporadic strife in the region. Early 500's: Muetar: Barbarians seize Kalruna-Sasir. Early to Mid 500's: The Ogres force many human tribes out of western Minaria. Hothior: Humans enter Soraskier and struggle for possession of its territories. Immer: The ancestors of the Vidarna tribe inhabit the area south of the Well of Lered. The South Plains: The merchant class takes power on the South Plains. Zefnar and Parros form merchant fleets. 524: The South Plains: The Immortal Lord is driven from Kuzdol. 527: Mivior: The Miviorans found the town of Colist. Late 600's: Rombune: Pirates set up bases on the Golkus and Thores.

The Chronology of Minaria
This chapter of Minarian Legends presents Divine Right fans with a chronological outline summarizing the major events of Minarian history. Please take note that some errors present in the first edition of this chronology (the result of scribal mistakes, insufficient text material, or erroneous interpretations of such material) have been corrected. What follows is Minarian history as the best Minarian scholars presently know it. All dates are A.C. (After the Cataclysm).

689: Elfland: The Sion Hac capital of Pheridad falls; Elfland is liberated. 690: Elfland: The Elves begin building a new capital, Ider Bolis. 696: Hothior: Zefnar establishes Rocazha, a trading post in Soraskier. 700's: The western peoples are concerned primarily with local matters. Elfland: Elfland rebuilds its civilization, but persecutes the mixed-blooded (Human/Elf) Ercii minority. Early 700's: Mivior: Rivalry develops between Mivior and Zefnar for the right to establish trade with the Soraskierans. Muetar: The conquerors of Kalruna Sasir settle down; later in the century new barbarians, the Mueta, invade from the east. Pon: Adeesi traders enter Zehr-hu-Pon (early Pon). 766: The South Plains: Adeese wars with Kuzdol over mining rights; Roton Shojut organizes Minaria's first band of modern style mercenaries. 775-778: Mivior: Mivior and Zefnar fight the Soraskier War. Late 700's: Pon: The Bisini tribe wins dominance in Zehr-hu-Pon. 799: Hothior: The Milkyaten tribe revolts and drives the Zefnarites from Soraskier. Yakami is made ruler of a Milkyaten kingdom. The South Plains: Zefnar is driven out of western Soraskier. Early 800's: Hothior: Zefnar builds a new trading center at Castle Lapspell. Muetar: Many small kingdoms have developed in Kalruna-Sasir; the Mueta grow in power in the east. Pon: Adeesi traders discover a tin mine at Marzarbol. Rombune: The pirates of the islands become a serious menace for the next century. 811: The Eaters of Wisdom: Joyous Hand robs the library of the Temple of Kings of numerous magical scrolls; is driven to his death by demons. 815: The Eaters of Wisdom: The Fane of the Walkers is established at the Well of Lered. 823: Hothior: Orenburt the Wise becomes king of the Milkyatens.


838: Muetar: The Muetar leader Oyaro seizes Basimar and founds the Oyarostar dynasty of Muetar. 844: Pon: The Bisinis revolt and massacre the Adeesi mining colony. 846: Pon: The Black Knight leads the Adeesi army in an invasion of the Bisini territory. Mivior: Mivior launches the first of its new-model deep-water vessel, the lamash. 848: Pon: The Bisini surrender; a century and a half of colonizing begins. Mid 800's: The Eaters of Wisdom: The Leredgard heresy spreads among the Order of the Walkers. Hothior: Orenburt unites the kingdom of Hothior under his scepter. Mid to Late 800's: Muetar: Muetar begins a gradual expansion to the west. 858: Hothior: The Hothiorans capture Zefnarite town of Castle Lapspell. 883: Mivior: Mivior conquers the north coast and founds Addat. 884: Trolls: The Face is sacked by Mivior; the Trolls begin a long period of guerrilla resistance. Late 800's: Elfland: Some persecuted Ercii leave Elfland and become the Wandering People. Rombune: Trade in the Sea of Drowning Men is depressed by the pirate menace. The South Plains: Barbarian activity disturbs the southern borderlands. 885: Elfland: The Elves attack Addat and are defeated by Mivior.

Mivior and then move inland. Hothior: The "abominations of the land and the horrors of the air" devastate Hothior. The South Plains: The king of the Wisnyos is murdered while fleeing from reported "abominations"; the cities of the plains throw off Wisnyo rule and set up republics, which fail to recapture the vitality of earlier times. Mid to Late 900's: Hothior: Hothior lays prostrate. Mivior: Beleaguered Mivior ceases to be a viable power. Rombune: The lack of merchant shipping forces many pirates into other trades. Trolls: The Trolls win back their ancient boundaries. The South Plains: Plagued by internal problems and loss of trade, the cities of the South Plains find it increasingly hard to pay their mercenaries. 950: The Eaters of Wisdom: The "abominations" destroy the Fane of the Walkers. 951: The Eaters of Wisdom: Leredarg heretics take control of the Order of the Walkers, the Eaters of Wisdom break with the Temple of Kings. Immer: The "abominations" drive the Vidarna tribe northward. 953: Muetar: The "abominations of the land and the horrors of the air" reach Kalruna-Sasir. 958: Mivior: The Trolls successfully invade weakened Mivior; Boran is sacked. Late 900's: Muetar: Muetar makes gains against neighbors weakened by the invasion of "abominations." 1001: The Eaters of Wisdom: The Invisible School of Thaumaturgy admits students. 1002: Immer: Teredon of the Vidarna tribe enters the Invisible School.

887: Elfland: Elfland and Mivior make peace; Elir begins a religious revival. 888: Rombune: The Wisnyo tribe, under Simir Raviev, captures Parros. 889: The South Plains: Simir Raviev captures Jipols. 892: The South Plains: Simir Raviev captures Zefnar. 893-894: The South Plains: Simir Raviev assails Kuzdol, but is held at bay. 900: The South Plains: The barbarian king Simir Raviev seizes Jipols. 901: The South Plains: Simir Raviev seizes Parros. 902: The South Plains: Simir Raviev re-seizes Zefnar. 903: The South Plains: Simir Raviev makes his first foray against Kuzdol. 1012: The South Plains: Esheq the Ginnui leads a mercenary revolt and takes power in Adeese, ushering in the Age of Tyrants. 1014: Pon: The Adeesi general Kedron takes Marzarbol and is made its duke; Adeesi control of Zehr-hu-Pon ends. 1015: Mivior: The Ogres destroy Addat. Early to Mid 900's: Rombune: The capture of Parros and Zefnar curtails maritime trade; only Mivior can provide the pirates with rich loot. 905: Hothior: Wisnyo Chief Simir Raviev conquers southern Hothior. 907: The South Plains: The aged conqueror, Simir Raviev, dies, leaving an empire. 933: Rombune: The Miviorans destroy the pirate bases on the Golkus. 937: Trolls: The Trolls make an alliance with the Sea Serpents against the Miviorans. 946: Hothior: The last Wisnyos are expelled from Hothior. 948: Mivior: Mivior signs a ten-year truce with the Trolls. 948: Trolls: Yemojagg agrees to a ten-year truce with Mivior. 949: Mivior: The "abominations of the land and the horrors of the air" first strike Mid 1000's: Hothior: The Hothiorans begin an insurrection against the Muetaran occupiers. Immer: Anshar-worship replaces that of the old faith. Muetar: Muetar's effort to colonize Hothior is met by stiff native resistance. 1040: Dwarves: Eorpwul is chosen king of the united Dwarves. 1044: The Eaters of Wisdom: Men start to disappear in the Forest of the Lurking, inspiring the legend of the Mist Monsters. 1051: Rombune: Rombune is united under King Marko Steelknife. 1060: Immer: Kharkem is chosen as the first king of the Vidarna people. Late 1000's: The Eaters of Wisdom: The Eaters of Wisdom work to improve their military resources. Immer: Kharkem and his successors put military pres sure on the Muetaran border; the Vidarna dukes begin to make private con1020: Rombune: Marko Steelknife labors for a united Rombune and builds the fortress of Port Leeward, later called "the Golkus". Early 1000's: Elfland: Huardar takes the throne of Elfland and reorganizes the Elven army. Hothior: Hothior is invaded by Muetar. Immer: The Muetarans drive the Vidarna north of Lake Carth; Teredon returns to the Vidarna tribe to introduce the worship of the god Anshar; the western Conodras territories are subjugated by the Elves. Dwarves: The Dwarves are troubled by increasing Goblin and barbarian raids; the movement toward Dwarven unity gains momentum. Muetar: Muetar reaches its present-day boundaries; the Vidarna tribe is driven north of Lake Carth; the Muetarans occupy eastern Hothior. Early to Mid 1000's: The South Plains: All the cities of the South Plains succumb to tyrants.


quests in Conodras territory. 1098: Hothior: Walkort becomes king of Hothior and expels the Muetarans. Mivior: Mivior's fleets defeat those of Zefnar, Parros, and Rombune at the Battle of Marooner's Island. Muetar: Muetar is defeated and expelled from Hothior. Early 1100's: Dwarves: The Dwarves mount extensive expeditions to explore for mineral deposits. Muetar: The Vidarna kingdom troubles Muetar's northern border; Muetar's defeats abroad cause dissent at home. 1101: The Eaters of Wisdom: The Eaters of Wisdom war with the Muetarans and test their magic Bridge. 1102: Rombune: King Harus Tarpaulin outlaws piracy in Rombune.

1210: Immer: Mesilim moves the capital of Immer to Agada (now Castle Altarr). 1228: Immer: Mesilim dies; the Vidarna dukes reassert their power. 1230: Immer: Etirun of Elfland provokes the government of Immer. 1231: Immer: The Ducal War begins. Mid 1200's: Elfland: Social turmoil wracks Elfland. Hothior: The Hothiorans press upon the Face. Mivior: Mivior makes a permanent border settlement with the Trolls. Muetar: The government of the Oyarostar dynasty is paralyzed by domestic disorders and foreign raiders. Rombune: The filibusters set up Slave Island. 1234: Immer: Etirun of Elfland is captured and forced to make peace.

1111-1112: The South Plains: The War of the Three Tyrants is waged between Jipols, Kuzdol and Adeese. 1119: The South Plains: Refugees from Gyhara conquer the city of Jipols. Early to Mid 1100's: Rombune: The filibusters of the Westward Islands become a menace to all nations except Rombune, which they politically embarrass. 1133-1135: Dwarves: The Dwarves and Elves war for possession of Aws Noir; the Dwarves open the mines at Aws Noir. Elfland: War between the Elves and the Dwarves for possession of Aws Noir; Dwarves enlist barbarian aid; war ends by treaty and the mining of gold at Aws Noir begins. 1139: Rombune: The Black Knight and the fleet of Parros defeat the filibusters. 1142: Rombune: Rombune invades the Westward Islands to set up a protec torate. 1142-1153: Rombune: The Westward Islands struggle for independence. 1147: Elfland: High Princess Ideh dies mysteriously; a period of political instability is initiated. 1153: Rombune: King Nectano is forced to abdicate; Janup Goodcargo is elected king and ends the war in the Westward Islands by treaty. Mid to Late 1100's: Hothior: Hothior starts a small merchant marine; royal horsehide tanneries are established in Port Lork. Immer: The Vidarna dukes impinge upon the Elven sphere of influence in Conodras territory. Muetar: Baronial unrest and a series of weak kings sap the strength of the Muetaran kingdom. Trolls: The Miviorans renew pressure on the Trollish borderlands. Late 1100's: Mivior: Mivior regains its long dormant power and recovers some of the land lost to the Trolls. Rombune: King Janup and his son restore Rombune's prosperity; the filibusters are slow to recover from war with Rombune. The South Plains: Strife keeps the cities of the plains weak. 1188: Muetar: Muetaran hunters discover the Witches' Kitchen. Early 1200's: Dwarves: The Dwarves cease exploring for foreign ore deposits; Dwarven politics are disturbed by factional recriminations. Muetar: Muetar troubled by raiders from Immer, Zorn, Hothior, the South Plains and Zehr-hu-Pon. Rombune: Rombune attempts to enter the Reiken trade; several naval clashes with Mivioran warships ensue. The Shards of Lor: The Goblins make the first report of the appearance of the Black Hand in the Shards of Lor; later the Dwarves confirm the story. Zorn: Mensmal becomes chief of the Gakstetter Goblins; he establishes dominance and order in southern Zorn. 1202: Mivior: Arnult publishes his book Westward Voyages, betraying privileged information regarding Mivior's trade with Reiken. 1205: Immer: The Eaters of Wisdom encourage Mesilim of Immer to extend his royal power to the north. 1209: Immer: Mesilim and the Eaters of Wisdom capture the fortress of Agada.

1235: Immer: The last rebel dukes surrender to the king of Immer. 1235: Shucassam: The barbarian Shucassamis enter southern Minaria. 1240: Muetar: The wizard-usurper Corfu murders the Oyarostar royal family and mounts the throne. 1242: Muetar: Egalon of Pennol raises the country against the upstart. 1243: Dwarves: Erdwa poisons Leofog of Alzak; civil war explodes in Dwarfland. Hothior: The wizard-usurper Mornard destroys his rival Farelann and takes power openly. Zorn: Gronek the Goblin offends the Black Hand and is punished by madness. 1247: Dwarves: Erdwa becomes queen of the Dwarves. 1248: Shucassam: The Shucassamis capture Jipols; a long period of raiding begins. 1250: The South Plains: Greystaff helps Adeese defeat Proerno of Heap. A tidal wave strikes the Sea of Drowning Men. Trolls: The Trolls draw up permanent borders with Mivior. Zorn: The Goblins become the leading slavers in the north; the worship of Nergil, the Ram God, spreads through southern Zorn. Dwarves: An earthquake shakes the Barrier Mountains. Immer: Catastrophic flooding in Immer. The South Plains: The Adeesi tyrant Yoritom destroys the army of Grugongi by means of a Greystaff sacrifice. 1251: Pon: Marzarbol and Heap become a united dukedom under Lango. The South Plains: A tidal wave damages all of the maritime powers; the sacrifice of Yoritom at Greystaff is popularly blamed. Mid to Late 1200's: Rombune: Rombune uses this period of Mivioran weakness to begin direct trade with Reiken while protecting its southern trade from inroads; the weakness of Zefnar and Parros after the tidal wave allows Rombune to reduce them to protectorates. 1252: Shucassam: The Shucassamis capture Adeese, founding the Shucassamite state. 1253: Hothior: The wizard-usurper Mornard falls; Melwert takes the throne. 1254: Shucassam: Kuzdol falls to King Beniyan of Shucassam. 1255: Muetar: Corfu falls; Egalon is anointed emperor of Muetar. 1256: Muetar: Egalon destroys a host of Longmir Goblins at Tanglefoot. 1257: Dwarves: Erdwa's faction wins the civil war in Dwarfland; a period of social ferment and disillusionment follows. 1267: Rombune: Daring Goodcargo becomes queen of Rombune. 1269: Shucassam: King Beniyan of Shucassam attacks Parros and Zefnar. Rombune: Rombune allies with the cities against Beniyan.


1271: Rombune: Queen Daring weds Galiz Tabir, the tyrant of Parros. 1272: Rombune: Rombune and Shucassam sign a treaty; Parros becomes a protectorate of Rombune. Shucassam: Shucassam annexes Zefnar. 1277: Rombune: Queen Daring raises Fort Harus at Rombune's new southern border with the Gironese kingdom of Afgaar. Late 1200's: Muetar: Egalon and his son Besor restore their kingdom's strength and prosperity. Pon: The Ygelis tribe dominates the demoralized barbarians of the Border Forest. Zorn: Economic problems upset Zorn's social order; impov erished Goblins increase their raiding abroad; Nergil-worship spreads throughout Zorn. 1283: Pon: The Ygelis attack Dwarfland and are destroyed at Ram Mountain; their fall initiates a new power struggle in the Border Forest. 1284: Dwarves: The Dwarves destroy an army of raiders from the Border Forest. 1286: Muetar: Besor scourges the Border Forest barbarians. Pon: Besor of Muetar invades and devastates the Border Forest. 1287: Pon: Diivois of Pon extends his protection to the Border Forest. 1288: Immer: The Eaters of Wisdom defeat a Goblin army at Warlock's Hill. 1289: The Barbarian North: The northern barbarians accept Sangaru Black Hammer as Great Chief. 1289: Pon: Diivois of Pon orders the castle of Crow's Nest built. 1290: Zorn: The northern barbarians attack Zorn: the Great Barbarian War. 1291: Pon: Ducal unrest follows the succession of Sinda to the throne. 1294: Pon: Archduchess Sinda weds Duke Altias, founding the Ioljan dynasty of Pon. 1295: Elfland: Boewenn the Bard seizes the throne of Elfland. Zorn: The Black Hand helps the Goblins defeat the barbarians under Sagaradu Black Hammer at the Battle of Stone Toad Forest. 1298: Zorn: Zorn expels the barbarian invaders. 1299: The Eaters of Wisdom: The Eaters of Wisdom discover the Air Dragon calling spell. Mivior: The last Luwamnas lord of Reiken falls. Zorn: Ockwig is made sirdar of a united Zorn. 1300: Dwarves: The Elves attacks Aws Noir. Elfland: Boewenn captures Aws Noir. 1307: Elfland: Boewenn's War begins; Boewenn invades Mivior and Hothior; Boewenn captures the Invisible School and invades Immer; the Goblins defeat the Elves at the Battle of Twilight Moor. Trolls: The Trolls invade Bad Axe Forest. 1308: Hothior: The Hothiorans defeat the Trolls at Copper Pond. Elfland: The allied kingdoms invade Elfland and sack Ider Bolis; Boewenn slain; the allies place a puppet, Gwawl, on the throne of Elfland. 1312: Elfland: The last foreign occupiers leave Elfland; the collaborator Gwawl is slain in a riot; Maenor takes the throne and initiates government reform. Early to Mid 1300's: Elfland: Maenor's policies make Elfland a more open and prosperous society. The Eaters of Wisdom: The Eaters of Wisdom reform and recover from the losses of Boewenn's War. Hothior: Melwert suppresses the independence of the Hothioran nobility and enhances royal power. Mivior: Mivior remains the greatest sea power, but keeps watch on ambitious Rombune. Pon: Pon competes actively for control of the southern trade routes. Shucassam: Shucassam becomes Minaria's richest state; a bitter rivalry for the southern trade develops with Pon. Trolls: The Trolls settle their differences with

their neighbors and attempt to modernize Troll land. 1319: The Barbarian North: Vimar, chief of the Markarakati, is assassinated by Mahalay. 1320: Zorn: Nystul of Zorn attacks Rosengg, but is defeated by a DwarvenMuetaran alliance. 1322: Zorn: The adventurer Ortwir initiates the Brothers' War in Zorn. 1324: Immer: Reglissar intervenes in the Brother's War in Zorn. Zorn: Reglissar of Immer intervenes in the Brothers' War. 1325: Immer: An agent of the Goblin rebel Ortwir assassinates Reglissar. Zorn: Ortwir is defeated and forced to flee Zorn. 1341: The Barbarian North: Juluute Wolfheart returns to the Markarakati territory to vanquish the monster that oppresses it; Mahalay dies and is succeeded by Durvas. 1347-1350: Pon: Shucassam invades Pon, but after an exhausting struggle the parties grudgingly draw up a peace that settles no issues. 1354: Muetar: The Great Quake makes massive geographical changes and temporarily weakens the Muetaran Empire. 1354: Shucassam: The redirection of the River Wanderer into the Sea of Zett floods the Zett. 1356: Dwarves: Adelof's Chronicle, betraying Dwarven explorations in the East is sold to King Herrot of Muetar. 1357: Pon: Grand Duke Luppi floats the first of his Zett war fleets. 1358: Pon: Southern merchants establish the free port of Barter Town. Shucassam: King Zanwee moves against Barter Town, but withdraws when Pon attacks Adeese by sea. 1360: Shucassam: Shucassam floats first warships on the Zett. 1368: Shucassam: A barbarian invasion led by Al-Debar Deserthawk routs a royal army; a revolt in Jipols expels Shucassamite power from the southwest and brings Rombune in support of Jipols' independence and of Barter Town's. 1369: Dwarves: The king of Ghem is the first to receive ambassadors from an Eastern tyrant called Hatu Khagan, demanding tribute; other such parties pay calls on most of the Minarian monarchs, threatening war and enslavement if demands are not met. Early 1370's: Muetar The Maragonian peasantry rise in revolt, led by the mercenary Trouble. It is put down violently. 1371: Mivior: A virulent plague sweeps the port towns of Minaria, killing many thousands from Parros to Addat. 1374: Present day.


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