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Counter and Frequency Module with Sensor Supply (4-CH)

Functions at a Glance
4 electrically isolated digital input channels
Concurrent counter, frequency, duty cycle,
state, and time interval measurements
Resolves 4 MHz signal frequencies / 120 ns
pulse widths
Input voltage range of 50 V
Adjustable sensor supply voltages per channel
from 5 V to 15 V
Operating temperature from -40 C to 120 C
(-40 F to 248 F)
Rugged water and dustproof housing (IP67)
Very small form factor and smart stacking concept
Scalable daisy chained measurement setups
Open protocol (XCP-on-Ethernet)

Measurements at the Source

Input Characteristics

The robust ES441 Counter and Frequency Module

with Sensor Supply has been designed to be installed in close proximity to the signals being
measured. Due to the integrated DC-power supply output for each channel, active and passive
sensors can be connected directly to the module.

Two different thresholds are used for switching

from the active to the inactive level and vice
versa (hysteresis). The difference between the
threshold levels determines the range of noise
suppression. The adjustment of the hysteresis
value relative to the noise level of the incoming
signals provides an efficient and convenient
means to enhance the quality of the measurement signals.

Multiple Measurements from the same Data

The ES441module is able to derive multiple
types of measurement signals simultaneously
from the same physical input all signals are
provided with identical time stamps. The multipurpose use of one input channel significantly
reduces the effective cost per channel when
more than one signal type is required.
To support typical automotive specific applications, the measurement of the average rotational speed is supported for many different
types of components, such as camshafts,
crankshafts, fans, and turbines. Rotational
speed can be used to calculate the vehicle
speed or flow rates. With the ES441, rotational speeds of up to 60x10 3 rpm provided by
a typical sensor wheel with an angular resolution of 0.1 can be measured.

Additionally, a software configurable glitch filter can be deployed to eliminate spikes caused
by bouncing effects of switches.
High Rates of Synchronous Data
The 100 Mbit/s Ethernet link can transfer mea
surement data from many ES400 modules with a
sampling rate of up to 10 kHz. All modules in a
measuring system whether an ES400 chain, multiple ES400 chains or a configuration also containing ES600 measurement modules are synchronized with an accuracy of 1 s. In combination
with an ETAS ECU and Bus Interface, such as an
ES590 module, sensor and ECU data can be acquired very easily and accurately synchronized.

Technical Data is rated for 25 C unless otherwise noted. All accuracy specifications valid for the first year after delivery.

Technical Data1

Contact addresses






Dimension (HxWxD)


51 x 40 x 139 mm / 2.0 x 1.6 x 5.5 in

37 x 40 x 124 mm / 1.5 x 1.6 x 4.9 in (tapered rear)
350 g / 0.77 lb

Temperature range

Protection class

Tested for

-40 C to +120 C (-40 F to +248 F) (operation)

-40 C to +125 C (-40 F to +257 F) (storage)
IP67 (with cables connected)
Up to 5000 m / 16,400 ft
Mechanical shock, vibration, fall, temperature shock, temp-
erature alteration, storage in humidity, salt fog attack, impact
from flying rocks, according to DIN EN 60068 res. ISO 16750

Power supply

Host interface

Operating voltage
Power consumption (at 12 V)

Connection and protocol
IP address

5 V to 50 V DC (-40 C .. 85 C), 6 V to 50 V DC (+85 C .. 120 C)

1.8 W typ. (operation), < 25 mW (standby)


4, each with separate sensor supply
Input voltage range
50 V
Switching thresholds
Hysteresis, active and inactive level individually configurable
Switching threshold resolution 0.1 V
Glitch filter
De-bouncing, configurable by software
Min. pulse width/max. signal freq. 120 ns / 4 MHz (at 50 % duty cycle)
20 ns
Time resolution
Counter size
32 Bit
counter, frequency, duty cycle, active/inactive time, period time,

Sampling rate
0.5 Samples/s to 10 kSamples/s, configurable

Overvoltage protection
100 V continuous
Electrical isolation of inputs
Channel to channel and channel to supply
Input impedance
> 2 MOhm II < 250 pF

Sensor supply

Output voltage

Output current
Ripple of sensor supply output
voltage (measurement limited
to 80 MHz)
Accuracy of sensor supply out-
put voltage without load


Supported by INCA V5.4.1 and up via add-on (part of ES441 delivery), INTECRIO V3.x, ES400 configura-
tion and integration tool for XCP applications, C-based library available for integration into software
applications that dont provide any XCP-on-Ethernet driver functionality, LabVIEW driver.

70469 Stuttgart, Germany
Phone +49 711 89661-0
+49 711 89661-106

100 Mbit/s Base-T Ethernet, Full-Duplex required, XCP-on-UDP/IP

Dynamic via INCA or config. tool (default

+5 V to +15 V DC or Off, individually adjustable per channel,

common ground with power supply, resolution < 1 mV
30 mA, overcurrent protected (200 mA)
< 20 mV peak to peak

10 mV over the whole output voltage range

Ordering Information

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Order Number

Counter and Frequency Module with Sensor Supply (4-CH)

Optional Accessories
Cap to protect unused Souriau sockets
Analog Input Splitter Cable with BNC Plugs, 0m3 / 1 ft
Analog Input Splitter Cable with Open Wires, 2 m / 6.5 ft
Analog Input Splitter Cable with Lemo 0B Plugs, 0m3 / 1 ft
Analog Input Splitter Cable with Lemo 1B Plugs, 0m3 / 1 ft





For ES400 system cables and accessories, please refer to the ETAS Product and Service Catalog.

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