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In this world there are many kind of pollution.

Environmental pollution occurs when we

make the environment dirty and harm or kill the plants and animal. Now, I will give some examples
of pollution in my hometown, Cilacap. There are some problems that should be resolved by my local
1. Air Pollution
Burning Fossil Fuels
Air pollution is very alarming. Especially in urban areas, including Cilacap. One of the
source air pollution in my city is from vehicle exhaust fumes. More air pollution caused by
dust and smoke. Now there is a large number of vehicles and public transportation are used
every day from morning to night. Fumes from car exhaust contain dangerous gases such as
carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and particulates. Therefore, air pollution
can endanger human health. Air pollution causes irritation in the throat, nose, lungs and
eyes. It causes breathing problems.
Emissions from industries activities
Cilacap has three industries location, there are Kawasan Industri Cilacap (KIC),
Karang Kandri steam power plant, Sidareja bus station and market. They have air quality
over the standard quality. The air quality is poor because its mixed with dust. KIC is close to
the construction project of RFCC Pertamina, Karang Kandri steam plant also making a new
building, while the Sidareja bus station and market due to potholes and passing vehicles.
Source of air pollution in Cilacap come from PT. Pertamina RU IV, PT. Holcim Tbk, and other
companies chimney. In rainy season, sometimes Pertaminas chimney working badly that
appears smells like fart. It has been categorized as air pollution too.
In order to maintain air quality remain with environmental standards, People should
plant many trees again and Cilacap has implemented Go Green Program in the side road
especially in a crowded road. Vehicle owners should also be diligent in checking the engine
when the emissions arent normal, then repair it immediately. This vehicle exhaust emission
testing activity can reduce the level of air pollution in Cilacap.
2. Water Pollution
Sewage and waste water
Every day people in Cilacap cook, do laundry, flush the toilet, wash cars, shower, and
do many thing use water. People also use water in schools, hospitals and public places. This
sewage and waste water is treated, cleaned and dumped into the sea or river. Even though
before dumped into the sea, they are treated, its never the same as fresh water. People also
dumping solid wastes and littering in rivers, beach and ocean. Littering items include
cardboard, Styrofoam, aluminum, plastic and glass. Beside make environment become
messy and dirty, this is very dangerous because they contaminate the environment and
water its also bring many deadly diseases to the society. Another problem it kills life that
depends on water, such as fish, crab, birds, and many other animal killed by pollutants
because their habitat are destroyed. To solve these problems people should do this action.
There are: never throw rubbish away anyhow, use water wisely, dont throw chemicals, oils,
paints and medicine down the sink drain or toilet, buy more environmentally safe cleaning
liquids for use at home and public place, and try to plant lots of tree and flower around the

home. The government also should have strict laws that help minimize water pollution in
Oil spill and Coal sewage
The sea location is in the middle between Nusakambangan Island and mainland of
Cilacap, making Cilacap has the best natural harbor on the south coast of the Java island.
Cilacap is the port industrial area, with the presence of PT. Pertamina, PT. Holcim and Karang
Kandri power plant. The sea is the main transport of goods and tankers for industrial plant.
The sea becomes full with operation of large ships, which sometimes ship carrying minerals
and oil spilled at sea. Oil spill in the sea water and contaminated by toxic substances, heavy
metals and harmful bacteria. Consequently, its difficult for fisherman to get fresh fish. The
water also cant be consumed because bacteria and pollutants remain in the body that can
cause diseases. So, the factory should responsible quickly if there are accidents in the sea
that can make water pollution and the government should give education about water
pollution control and waste water disposal.