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Reunification Agreement (Overall Messaging ‘Reunion of the conservative family under Premier Prentice ‘+The Wildrose movement and party was formed to pressure the government of the time to return to its conservative principles including balanced budgets, cutting waste respect for property rights, decentralized decision making, govemment transparency & accountability, educational choice for parents, and other key + Wildrose effectively fought for those principles through 3 consecutive Premiers and 6 years + Then came Premier Jim Prentice ‘+ He has shown himself to be a man of integrity and an exceptionally ‘competent leader ata time of great economic uncertainty + He has adopted the vast majority of Wildrose policies and principles and has been implementing them as quickly as possible +The Premier wants each of our MLAs to take up meaningful roles in his government to continue this work ‘+ We wantto help him do so and there is no poin fighting against an administration commited to implementing vitualy all of our core initiatives and policies ‘+ Inthis time of declining oi prices and economic uncertainty is imperative we ‘come together as conservatives to make the decisions that must be made to navigate us through this time and make our province stronger than ever. + Weinvite all members of the Wildrose and conservatives across Alberta to come togeter and werk towards the Premier's und our tre ison for Abert “To that end, both the Premier and Danielle willbe sending letters tothe Wildrose Executive and Membership inviting the Wildrse to formally recognize this reunion by resolution to be voted on by the Wildrose membership Joint Policy Statement +) Full MLA-ckiven review of all Stelmaeh/Redford property rights bills including recommendations for improvement + Development ofa public prioritized infrastructure list for major capital projects and maintenance + Commitment to running the most ethical and transparent government in Canada + Free vote for private member bills, private member motions and government bills dealing with issues of personal conscious + Commitment toa full n-catieus briefing, debate and vote on all proposed _government legislation and major spending initatives prior to its public + Health Care * Accommitment to returning the majority of healthcare decision making 10 the local level + -Acommitment to increasing patent choice in Health Care within the ‘auspices of the Canada Health Act + Development ofa plan to make our health care system fiscally sustainable aiven the changing demographics of our population + Education + Avcommitment to addressing Alberta's school shortage and maintenance backlog + Ensure each school hoard is using a grading system that is easy for parents to understand and objectively grades a student's skills and knowledge of the provincial curriculum + commitment to reemphasizing the fundamentals of reading, weting and arithmetic in the provincial curiculum + -Aeontinued ongoing commitment to protecting the rights of parents in ‘making informed choices pertaining to ther child's education + Budget and Finances ‘+ evelopment of a new multi-year fiscal plan that will balance the budget ‘including all capital costs), put an end to debt financing and pay back the provincial debt ‘+ Develop a Heritage Fund growth plan that significantly reduces our reliance on non-renewable resource revenues + Limit operational cost increases tothe rate of ination plus population + Accommitment to not implementing a sales tax and keeping Alberta's income and business taxes the lowest n Canada + Environment & Energy * Developing an aggressive strategy to promote more consumer use and adoption of cleaner burning fuels and alternative energy sources such as domestically produced natural gas, solar, wind, geothermal power ‘+ Strengthening the effective monitoring of our province’ ai, water and land quality and a commitment to keeping our province's environment pristine in every respect ‘+ Maximize the value of our natural resources by expanding access and Pipeline capacity to multiple international and domestic markets + Ensure that our tax and royalty regimes continue tobe attractive to investment when compared with other competing jurisdictions, and work to decrease unnecessary red tpe for our energy producers + Municipal Financing ‘+ Develop stable and predictable municipal funding model + Streamline and consolidate the various municipal ranting programs to achieve less provincial and municipal red tape "Nominations (applies to MLAs agrecing tothe intial reunion) ‘+ Premier will publicly and ina leter o the CA endorse MLAs as his prefered candidate for their local riding (in the name of reconciliation, ete) ‘+ Also urge PC boards to welcome Wildrose CA members onto board immediately + Any Wildrose member will be given a PC membership free of charge ‘+ A motion from the PC Executive to all PC members endorsing the contents of the Premier's endorsement letter ‘+ MLAs will be able to call their nominations at any time they wish in 2015 (3 week process) Assurance that if an individual does decide to challenge an MLA despite the Premier's ‘endorsement, there willbe a call made reminding them ofthe Premier's endorsement Key Dates and Roll-Out All MLAs willbe briefed prior to caucus meeting Wildrose Caucus and decision - Tuesday, December 16 [Announcement and union ofthe Caucuses - Wednesday, December 17 Later sent Wildrose Exec and Membership inviting a resolution to formalize the union ‘+ Roll out multiple endorsements for reunion from several senior statesmen from both parties ‘Spring Vote on the Reunion Resolution