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APRIL 30,17,

E Edition at
Volume 141 No. 17, Paulding, Ohio

Special sales
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Rural King


Early deadlines
for the holidays

One Dollar

USPS 423630

Armed robbers target GenFed again

ANTWERP A credit union in Antwerp was the target of a second armed
robbery in less than two months.
At 12:50 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 11,
the Paulding County Sheriffs Office
received a call regarding an armed robbery occurring at GenFed Financial, located on Road 424 just east of Antwerp.
The caller reported that at least four
subjects in light clothing went running
inside the building.
According to Sheriff Jason Landers,
responding officers discovered four
suspects entered the bank brandishing
handguns and demanded cash from the
three tellers.
The suspects were wearing hooded
jackets with different styles of face coverings. The suspects did get away with
an undisclosed amount of cash.
None of the bank tellers was injured
during the robbery.
Two of the suspects were wearing
gray hooded jackets, and two were
wearing black jackets. The suspects
fled the scene in a gray or silver SUV
westbound from the bank.

Security camera photos of three of the four robbers in last weeks GenFed holdup in Antwerp.
This bank was robbed on Oct. 22,
and the same method was utilized today, said Sheriff Landers. It makes
me sick that these tellers had to experience one bank robbery in their life and
now another. I am disappointed I have
not been able to apprehend the suspects
from the first robbery, because I am
convinced these were the same criminals today.

Two suspects held up the same GenFed on Oct. 22. The pair, described as
two black males, fled the scene in a
gray-colored Chevy Impala. That case
remains unsolved.
The FBI and Antwerp Police Department assisted the sheriffs office at the
scene on Thursday.
If anyone has information regarding
this incident or any other crime, please

contact the sheriffs office at 419-3993791. View the website and leave an email
for the sheriff, or leave an anonymous
tip via the website by scrolling to the
bottom of any page and clicking on
send us an anonymous tip. You can
also leave information via Facebook by
searching Facebook/Paulding County
Sheriffs Office.

The upcoming Christmas

and New Years holidays
will create some deadline
changes for the Progress.
The advertising deadline
for the Dec. 29 Weekly Reminder will be noon Tuesday, Dec. 23.
Our office will be closed
Wednesday and Thursday,
Dec. 24-25.
The ad deadline for the
Jan. 5 Reminder will be
noon Tuesday, Dec. 30.
The deadlines for the
Progress will remain at 3
p.m. Fridays. If possible,
please submit news items
and photos in a timely manner.
Our staff appreciates your
cooperation. If you have any
questions, contact our office
at 419-399-4015.

tops $5

the monitoring, I feel that we can make this

thing go.
I was an original park board member,
said Tim Franklin, retired now from the
Soil and Water Conservation.
Franklin said that such entities as the
Black Swamp Conservancy and Forrest
Farm had first spoken of connecting with
the park board for property and then decided to keep the property to themselves.
We decided to add the entire county in
the organization because it would be easier
to add other properties if we did that, said
Franklin. Then there were no other properties to be acquired.
The economy took quite a dive. People were against any kind of taxes so we
decided not to put anything on the ballot.
My feeling these days is that there is still

Feature Writer
PAULDING The Paulding County Commissioners
have approved the 2015 annual appropriations to provide
the current expenses and other expenditures for Paulding
County for the fiscal year ending Dec. 31, 2015.
The total general fund appropriations for 2015 are
$5,225,300.23, compared to
$4,945,076.22 for 2014.
Other budget projections
(with 2014 projections in parenthesis) include Commissioners, $193,639 (189,905);
County Auditor, $185,439
(181,439); County Treasurer, $120,439 (116,439);
County Prosecutor, $238,318
(226,106); Court of Common
Pleas, $162,724 (160,807);
Juvenile Court, $121,588
(104,412) and Probate Court,
$64,696 (54,737).
Also, Clerk of Courts,
$117,336 (115,732); Coroner,
$37,378 (37,378); County
Court, $298,312 (292,877);
Election Board, $163,167
Commissioners Building and Grounds,
$362,277 (343,074); Sheriff, $1,670,795 (1,636,928);
County Recorder, $134,009
(131,982); Health and Welfare, $30,000 ($10,000); Insurance, $155.000 (126,000);
Soldiers Relief, $211,169.92
$20,806.30 (2014 $0); Insur-

See PARK BOARD, page 2A

See BUDGET, page 2A

Christmas is only 8 days

away! Please remember to

shop locally whenever possible the best way to support
the hometown economy is to
shop where you live.
Count down to Christmas
with special ideas and tips
posted daily on our website

Thanks to you ...

Wed like to thank Leo

Koenn of Cecil for subscribing to the Progress!

The Progress

is Paulding Countys
newspaper of record.

The fourth grade at Grover Hill Elementary participated in a non-profit organization who provides new pajamas and new
pajama drive sponsored by Scholastic Book Club. As a group, books to children in need. All pajamas donated during this
the class donated over 30 pajamas. The Pajama Program is a drive will stay in the Paulding County community.

Judge holds off on ruling

about park board dissolution
Feature Writer
PAULDING Paulding County Probate
Judge John DeMuth told Paulding County
Commissioner Tony Zartman and Prosecuting Attorney Joseph Burkard on Monday morning that he would give a ruling
about a possible county park board dissolution within the next several days.
Several county residents attended the
meeting and asked the judge for another
year to develop the boards purpose of acquiring land for a park district.
Zartman and Burkard were asking to shut
down the park board due to inactivity over a
several-year time frame. Zartman said that
the commissioners office recognizes the
value of the purpose of the board, but there
has been no activity on the board for several
According to Zartman, a $130 bond is

required for each of the three board members to protect financial misconduct. He
noted that commissioners feel that paying
that amount ($130) each year without any
activity is a waste of taxpayer money.
We now have more available funding
out there for clean-up, commented Commissioner-elect Mark Holtsbery, who currently works with Paulding County Soil
and Water Conservation District.
Holtsberry offered his services to work
with the situation. He noted that he has had
good success in receiving grant awards in
recent years. He noted that he felt that there
is good sound grant money out there waiting to be tapped for situations such as the
park board and park development in Paulding County.
As a commissioner-elect, I would love
to see this court continue this bond, said
Holtsberry. With myself in there as part of



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Dupont Performance Alliance

800-399-2071 North on US Hwy. 127, 1255 N. Williams St., Paulding

2A - Paulding County Progress Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Antwerp Village hires full-time police officer

Progress Staff Writer
ANTWERP In its final meeting of the year the Antwerp Village
Council met on Monday evening
with the reading of several ordinances
including bids for one company to
collect residential garbage and refuse.
The council also accepted the recommendation from Mayor Tom VanVlerah to hire a full-time police officer.
Council heard the third reading of
an ordinance authorizing the village
administrator to let bids for the collection and removal of residence garbage and trash. Following the reading,
council voted 5-1 in favor of the ordinance. The one nay vote came from
Kenneth Reinhart, who feels that residents should have a choice when it
comes to their garbage collection.
Im against it, I think each individ-

ual in our community should have the

right to hire who they want to collect.
They should have a choice, Reinhart
Bids for collection will be considered at the beginning of 2015.
Police Chief George Clemens suggested that after serving on the Antwerp Police Department as a reserve,
Jesse May be promoted to full-time
status as an Antwerp police officer.
Mayor VanVlerah made the recommendation to council that May be
given the full position beginning Jan.
1. The motion passed unanimously.
We have heard nothing but good
reports concerning May. He does his
job in a professional manner and he
gets along with everyone, said the
May will begin with the customary
six-month probationary time.

Council agreed to extend the current contract the village has with Carryall Township concerning its fire
agreement for six months. During this
time, the village and township will be
in negotiations as they develop and
agree on a new contract.
In the reading of the additional ordinances:
The third reading of the new
water rates was made and will go in
effect in 2015. The new rates include
a 5 percent increase each year for the
next three years. This was a necessary increase. With us doing this, it
will only get us to the even mark after
three years, said Councilman Larry
The emergency reading was
made and the ordinance unanimously
passed authorizing the fiscal officer to
amend appropriations.

The emergency reading was

given and the ordinance was unanimously passed to make appropriations for current expenses and other
expenditures during 2015.
The emergency reading and the
passing of an ordinance establishing
compensation for council members,
Yearly compensation is between
$3,000 and $3,400 per member.
The emergency reading of a
resolution approving the solid waste
management plan update for the
joint solid waste management district
of Defiance, Fulton, Paulding and
Williams counties was read and approved.
An ordinance establishing the
time, date and place of regular meetings of the council was passed. Meetings will continue to be at 5:30 p.m.
on the third Monday of each month

except when it is a holiday. When a

holiday falls on the third Monday,
the meeting will be held on the fourth
Monday. This will take place in the
month of January and February 2015.
Police Chief George Clemens reported that 106 calls for service were
recorded for the month of November.
There were 43 offenses referred to
Mayors Court.
The EMS made 24 runs during the
Mayors Court took in $3,073
during November.
Mayor VanVlerah reminded council as well as village residents that
he will be in his office from 6-7:30
p.m. Monday, Dec. 23, for his regular
monthly mayors open house. He encourages anyone who has a question,
concern or would like to meet the
mayor to stop by.

Pauldings Phase 2 sewer

separation project to start

PAULDING - Paulding Village Council discussed plans
for the second phase of a major
infrastructure project during
Mondays regular meeting.
On Dec. 4, Mayor Greg
White, Councilmen Jim Guelde and Roger Sierer and solicitor Mike Jones met with
engineers Joe Hotz and Mike
Karafa from Jones & Henry
Engineers, the company contracted to design Phase 2 of the
Combined Sewer Separation
Project. The following are the
Phase 2 dates:
Wednesday, Dec. 17 and
24 - Advertise for bids.
Tuesday, Jan. 20 - Bid
opening date at noon at the
village utility office.
March - Award Phase 2
April 1 - Construction
start date.
Dec. 15, 2015 - All infrastructure in the ground.
June 1, 2016 - Phase 2
completion date.
Council heard the first
reading of Resolution 129714, authorizing a cooperative

agreement for construction of

sewer facilities between the
Village of Paulding and the
Ohio Water Development Authority(OWDA). This would
allow OWDA to provide a
loan to finance the Phase 2 of
the Sewer Separation Project.
Council suspended the rules
and unanimously approved the
The agreement to expand
the Paulding County Senior
Center parking lot has been
reviewed by Jones and the
county prosecutor. It was
presented to council and then
unanimously approved.
Council approved the transfer of $35,000 from the Income Fund to the Police Fund.
In other business, the council heard the first readings of
several items of legislation:
Resolution 1298-14 authorizing the purchase of supplies for the year 2015. This
resolution will also allow the
village clerk-treasurer to draw
warrants on the treasury for the
payment of supplies purchased
by the village administrator.
Resolution 1299-14 appointing Finance Director Annette D. Hasch as director of

taxation for the village.

Resolution 1300-14 approving the solid waste management plan update for the
joint solid waste management
district of Defiance, Fulton,
Paulding and Williams counties. The rules were suspended
and council unanimously approved.
Ordinance 1490-14 vacating
an alley located between Lots
35 and 36 of Homeside Allotment. The alley is currently
not being used and after the
vacating it will be considered
part of Lot 36.
A special meeting will be
held 5:30 p.m. Monday, Dec.
29 for annual appropriations.

More Christmas events scheduled

From Staff Reports

Were in the final week before Christmas. Theres still
many events scheduled around
Paulding County to get you in
the holiday spirit. Make plans
now to attend:
Thursday, Dec. 18

Divine Mercy Catholic
School in Payne will hold its

has Lost



Randy Shaffer/Paulding County Progress

Law enforcement officers from Paulding County Sheriffs Office, Antwerp Police Department and the FBI were at GenFed in Antwerp on Thursday afternoon, following an armed
robbery, the second there this fall.

Christmas program at 1:30 p.m.

and 7 p.m.

Divine Mercy Catholic
School cookie walk 4-6:30 p.m.
Antwerp High School band
and choir concert at 7 p.m.
Oakwood Elementary fifth
grade band concert at 7 p.m. at
Oakwood School.
Friday, Dec. 19
Payne Branch Library celebrates The Polar Express from
6-8 p.m. Reservations are required for your round-trip ticket to a magical night of crafts,
snacks, games, prizes and a visit
with Santa Claus. Call 419-2633333 to reserve a spot!
Holiday light show at Van
Wert County Fairgrounds, 6-9
p.m. Enter on Fox Road, Gate 5.
Saturday, Dec. 20
Santa will visit at the Payne
Fire Station from noon-3 p.m.
Holiday light show at Van
Wert County Fairgrounds, 6-9
p.m. Enter on Fox Road, Gate
5. Santa stops in on Saturday
Sunday, Dec. 21
Holiday light show at Van
Wert County Fairgrounds, 6-9
p.m. Enter on Fox Road.
Monday, Dec. 22
Paulding County Senior Center Christmas luncheon and gift

Paulding County Progress


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ance Loss/Control, $335,115

(325,625); Commissioners
(Misc.), $137,022 (124,724);
Court of Appeals, $6,500
(6,500); General Fund Transfers, $358,420 (321,820) and
General Fund Settlement
Fees, $38,650 (38,650).
This represents a modest
increase in all departments,
Fred Pieper. We tried to set
this with all of the revenue
costs in the ways that we do
business these days.
Our estimated revenue is
up $200,000 over last year, but
the actual revenue in the end
can have dramatic effects on
the bottom line, added Pieper.


Paulding County General

Fund Budgets 2005-15
Year Total
2015 $5,225,300
2014 $4,945,076
2013 $4,674,526
2012 $4,295,880
2011 $3,945,815
2010 $3,768,240
2009 $4,065,250
2008 $4,284,479
2007 $4,325,955
2006 $4,199,157
2005 $4,110,073


Continued from Page 1A

potential to acquire property,

said Franklin.
Others speaking in favor of
the project were Brad Dysinger,
Damien Morales of Oakwood
Development Corporation and
Kevin Haver, representing the
Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District in Allen County.
Dysinger, who markets a
hunting reserve, said that over
500 individuals from such destinations as Indianapolis, Michigan, Fort Wayne, Chicago and
Cleveland have utilized his
property this year.
There are many people in
the county that dont even know
that we have a park board, said
Dysinger. I would like to see

you give it a go at least for one

more year to see what can happen.
Zartman responded that the
board has had many years and
nothing has happened. He said
he couldnt see how one more
year would prove anything.
If something happens, we
will support it, said Zartman.
Its just that nothing has happened.
In the end, DeMuth stated,
I am going to take this matter
under advisement. I will issue
a written document in the next
seven days. I will give anyone
until Dec. 22 to have the opportunity to write a written document stating their position on
the matter.

Bring home a beautiful touch of

Christmas Spirit with our
breathtaking poinsettias!
Wreaths Grave Blankets
Cemetary Bouquets
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8:30-5:30 pm Sat. 9-5 pm

1019 N. Williams

1119 JeffersonAve.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014 Paulding County Progress - 3A

Obituaries Updated weekdays at


PAYNE Anthony L.
Tony Adamski, born Aug.
12, 1923, passed away Tuesday, Dec. 9.
He is survived by his wife,
Gladys; son, James (Pam) of
Sugar Hill, Ill.; two grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.
He was preceded in death
by his parents, Joseph and
Portia; and sister, Maxine
Services are private. Dooley Funeral Homes of Payne &
Antwerp assisted the family.


Dean Stout, age 86, of Antwerp, died Wednesday, Dec.
10, at Parkview Regional
Medical Center.


Marie Crone went to her
Heavenly Home on Thursday, Dec. 11, surrounded by
her loving family.
She was
born Nov.
26, 1925 in
the daughter of Lee
M. and
B e l v a
Ross Sr.
On Nov. 12, 1942, she married George Crone, who preceded her in death on Sept. 6,
1997. She was a member of
the former Church of Christ,
Grover Hill, where she was a
ladys aide of the church and a
youth Sunday school teacher.
She attended the First Chris-

married Eula Miller, who

preceded him in death. To
this union three children were
born: John E., Sue and Ellen.
In 1971, he married Ethelena
L. (Sharp) Tunis, who preceded him in death on Dec.
7, 1999. He was a U.S. Army
veteran, serving during the
Korean War; a mechanic for
the former Phlipot Ford Dealership of Paulding; and a mechanical repairman for B.F.
Goodrich, Woodburn. He was
a member of VFW Post #587
and Fraternal Order of Eagles
#2405, Paulding.
Robert is survived by his
children, John E. (Sandy)
Dix, Paulding, Sue (Dave)
Kimmel, Rockford, and Ellen
(John) Wycuff, Celina; stepchildren, Cheryl (Dick) Emerling, Paulding, Judi Cook,
Fort Wayne, Terry (Myra)
Tunis, Paulding, Tammy
Dugan, Paulding, Scott
(Reese) Tunis, Summerfield,
Fla., and Lorna (Jeff) Beining, Ottawa; sister, Sharon
Daniels, Silver Springs, Fla.;
and many grandchildren and
He also was preceded in
death by two stepsons, Roger
and Michael Tunis.
Funeral services will be
conducted 11 a.m. Thursday,

Dec. 18 at Den Herder Funeral Home, with the Rev.

Dave Meriwether officiating.

PAULDING Robert D. Burial will be at a later date
Dix, age 85, died Sunday, in Wiltsie Cemetery, Payne,
Dec. 14 at Van Wert Inpatient with military graveside services.
Hospice Center, Van Wert.
Visitation will be 4-8 p.m.
He was
Wednesday, Dec. 17 at the
born Dec.
funeral home, and one hour
20, 1928 in
prior to services on Thursday.
In lieu of flowers the famCounty,
ily requests donations made to
the son
Van Wert Inpatient Hospice.
of Lloyd
Online condolences may
be sent to www.denherderfh.
Dix. He

tian Church of Christ, Paulding.

She is survived by three
daughters, Cheryl (Maury)
Wistner, Grover Hill, Vicki
(Gary) McClure, Paulding,
and Tammy (Lee Byerly)
Barkley, Ossian, Ind.; grandchildren, Robb (Laurene)
Wistner, Chad (Darci) Wistner, Jennifer (Brian) Aden,
Julie (Shawn) Cook and Nathaniel (Kelsey) Barkley; and
great-grandchildren, Nick,
Koby, Keagan and Lance
Wistner, Cady Cook, Clark
Aden, Caia Cook, Maddox
Barkley and Carter Cook.
Ruth was also preceded
in death by her parents; a
brother, Lee M. Ross Jr.; and
three sisters, K. Marcile Jenkins, Doris Jean Long and an
infant sister.
Funeral services were Monday, Dec. 15 at Den Herder
Funeral Home, Paulding.
Burial was in Middle Creek
Cemetery, Grover Hill.
In lieu of flowers the family requests donations made to
CHP Hospice, Van Wert or a
charity of the donors choice.
Online condolences may
be sent to www.denherderfh.

Area Christmas
service times
Special Christmas services
will be at held the following
Sunday, Dec. 21
The Pioneer Christian Ministries will celebrate an American Christmas at 10:30 a.m.
with the Story of the Pinecone. There will be shining
twinkling stars as little drummer boys march and little angels flutter their wings as they
stop and kneel beside the manger of baby Jesus.
Listen and enjoy the legend
of silent night and how the
words of the carol were composed on a blustery winters
night in 1818 in Austria.
Pioneer Christian Ministries is located on Ohio 637,
six miles north of Grover Hill
and west on T-108. Join in this
Christmas celebration.
Christmas Eve, Wednesday,
Dec. 24
Divine Mercy Catholic
Church in Payne at 4 p.m.
Grace Community Church
in Paulding at 4 p.m.
House of Love Ministries in
Paulding at 5 p.m.
Divine Mercy Catholic
Church in Antwerp at 6 p.m.
Emmanuel Baptist Church in
Paulding at 6 p.m.
Paulding Church of the Nazarene at 6 p.m.
Paulding United Methodist
Church at 7 p.m.
St. James Lutheran Church
in Payne at 7 p.m.
To soften the sorrow,
To comfort the living,
Flowers say it
Call us at 419-399-3887
Toll Free


Trinity Friends Church in

Van Wert at 7 p.m.
Grover Hill Zion United
Methodist Church, 204 S. Harrison St., at 7:30 p.m.
First Christian Church in Paulding at 8 p.m.
St. Paul Lutheran Church,
Paulding, at 9 p.m.
Paulding United Methodist
Church at 10 p.m.
Divine Mercy Catholic
Church in Paulding at 10:30
First Presbyterian Church in
Paulding at 11 p.m.
North Creek United Methodist Church candlelight services
at 11 p.m. The church is located
on Road B-13. For questions,
call Pastor Rick at 419-5943411.
Christmas Day, Thursday,
Dec. 25
Divine Mercy Catholic
Church in Paulding will hold
Mass at 9 a.m.

Mother-daughter bonding and

festive treats for the season

First of all, a happy 17th

birthday to daughter Verena
today, Dec. 10. How could
those 17 years have gone by
so fast? I am glad to have Verena here at home during the
day. Its good to have someone to help me with cooking,
cleaning, laundry, sewing,
and all that goes with keeping
a house going with a family
of ten. Every one of the girls
has helped me before getting
a full-time job. This is a precious time to me: spending
time with my daughters and
making a lot of memories
together that we will always
It is also a great learning
experience for them to learn
how to do sewing, canning,
baking and cooking. I helped
my mother after I was out of
school, and I remember how
precious it was to work and
talk together. Not only was
she my mother but also my
best friend. I want the same
friendship with my children.
My daily prayer is to be a
good example to my children
and to always guide them to
live the life God wants.
Since Verenas special
friend, Marvin, lives a couple hours away, we decided
to surprise Verena on Sunday
while he was here visiting in
Michigan. Others who came
in honor of Verenas birthday
were Timothy and Mose; Jacob, Emma and family; their
daughters friends, Menno
and Manuel; and also my sisters Verena and Susan.
On the menu was barbecued chicken, hot wings and
T-bone steaks, mashed potatoes, chicken gravy, dressing,
corn, potato salad, lettuce salad, sliced cheese, homemade
bread, butter, strawberry jam,
peanut butter pies and a variety of Christmas candy. Verena had another surprise when
Marvin presented a Dairy
Queen ice cream cake to her
with candles for her to blow
I forgot to mention that
Saturday, Dec. 20
Barbara, a friend of our
Mini Bible School
MELROSE Melrose daughters, was also here for
UMC will be having a mini Verenas birthday. She and
Bible School on Dec 20 from
1-3 p.m. They will be celebrating the birth of Jesus with
a birthday party. There will be
all kinds of activities. Ages
preschool to sixth grade; little ones should have an adult
with them to supervise. Call
419-399-5818 to help organizers plan ahead. Pastor is
Eileen Kochensparger. The
church is located two miles
west of Oakwood on Ohio
Church Corner listings
are free. If your church is
having any special services
or programs, please email
us your information at progress@progress
org or call the Paulding
County Progress at 419-3994015.


This week, Lovina Eicher shares her mothers recipe for

homemade popcorn balls.

Verena were born not too far

apart, and Barbaras mother
and I both had the same midwife. Right after Verena was
born at 6:32 a.m., someone
came to our house to get the
midwife, because Barbara
was being born. Happy birthday wishes to Barbara!
Christmas is only a couple
weeks away. Joe and I did
some shopping on Saturday.
Verena is wrapping some of
the gifts this afternoon. I dont
mind that job, but it seems I
always have something else
that needs to be done. I have a
meeting at the school this afternoon.
I would like to thank Carol
from Washington for the four
1,000-piece puzzles she sent.
We will have lots of fun putting them together this winter.
And also a thank you to all the
rest of you readers for your
encouraging letters!
This week Im going to share
my recipe for popcorn balls.
Mother made these every
Christmas. She would put red

food coloring in the syrup to

give them a reddish color. I
usually do half of them with
red food coloring and half
with green. It gives them a
Christmas look during the
Gods blessings to all!
2-1/2 quarts of popcorn
1 cup sugar
3/4 cup water
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup light corn syrup
1/2 teaspoon vinegar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
Food coloring (optional)
Cook sugar, water, salt, and
syrup to a very hard-ball stage
(256 degrees). Add vinegar
and vanilla (and food coloring
if desired) to light crack stage
(270 degrees). Pour slowly
over popcorn. Mix well to
coat every kernel. Press into
balls and cool.
Lovina Eicher is an Old Order Amish writer, cook, wife
and mother of eight. Formerly writing as The Amish
Cook, Eicher inherited that
column from her mother, Elizabeth Coblentz, who wrote
from 1991 to 2002. Readers
can contact Eicher at PO
Box 1689, South Holland,
IL 60473 (please include a
self-addressed stamped envelope for a reply) or at

CENTURY FARM Four generations of the Grove family have lived on the century farm now
owned by Mel and Jennifer (Grove) White for the past 24 years. Jennifers grandfather, Herschell
Grove, purchased the farmland in Auglaize Township of Paulding County in 1913. Herschell and
his son, Ansel, were engaged in dairy and crop farming for several decades. Ansel lived on the
farm 73 years before the White family purchased the farm, where they continue with crop farming.

Would you like to work with


our community, we understand

valuable it is for you and your
that quality service and cost are
family to have a truly meaningful
both important.

House of Love

Come Join Us for our

Christmas Eve Service at 5 pm.
Bring the children!! We would
like to wish everyone a very
Merry and Joyous Christmas.
May the Peace of Jesus Christ
be with you always.
This includes the members at
the Chillicothe charm school.
We havent forgotten you.

Pastor Dwayne & Brenda

Richardson and the
House of Love Family 17c2

We pride ourselves on combining

Jeremy Jay Lee

Dec. 17, 1973 - Sept. 27, 2010

5th Birthday in Heaven

Thanks for the Memories


Ebels Butcher Shop


17146 SR 114, Grover Hill

We Have:

Smoked Hams, Prime-Rib,

Smoked Turkeys, Meat & Cheese Trays
Chocolates & Peanut Brittle



time comes
to honor
at a cost
you can

a personal
will findinits
only one
419-258-5684 way,
of the things we do best.


For a Life Worth

& Cremation Ceremonies


4A - Paulding County Progress Wednesday, December 17, 2014



Property transfers
Auglaize Township
Larry D. Mast to Rhonda S. Osborn; Sec.
22, 58.652 acres. Warranty deed.
John J. and Judith A. Fornof to Michael W.
and Rebecca Lamb; Lot 2, Long River Second Subdivision, 0.39 acre. Warranty deed.
Jennifer R. Perl by Sheriff to Fannie Mae;
Sec. 35, 1.302 acres. Sheriffs deed.
Blue Creek Township
Brian R. Waters and Kirk A. Stoller, trustees to Roger D. and Eunice H. Gerber; Sec.
11, 158.24 acres. Warranty deed.
Roger D. and Eunice H. Gerber to David
R. and Patricia A. Gerber; Sec. 11, 41 acres.
Warranty deed.
Roger D. and Eunice H. Gerber to Todd
W. and Janet A. Sinn; Sec. 11, 65.358 acres.
Warranty deed.
Brown Township
John Porter to Amanda M. Porter; Sec. 31,
0.69 acres. Quit claim.
Amanda M. Porter to Adam M. and Angel
L. Hibbard; Sec. 31, 1.834 acres. Quit claim.
Michael R. and Kay E. DeVeaux to Cooper
Hatchery Inc.; Sec. 16, 35.583 acres. Warranty deed.
Richard E. and Sue Breneman to Edwin
and Stephanie F. Collazo and Jacqueline K.
Price; Lots 42-44, 0.623 acre. Warranty deed.
Douglas W. and Shirley A. Miller to Douglas W. and Shirley A. Miller Life Estate; Sec.
22, 1.507 acres. Quit claim.
Michele S. Porter, dec. to John N. Porter
Life Estate; Sec. 31, 198.28 acres. Affidavit.
Michele S. Porter, dec. to John N. Porter;
Sec. 31, 62.797 acres. Affidavit.
Carryall Township
Thomas Alan and Mary K. Kemerer to
Thomas A. and Mary K. Kemerer; Sec. 5, 20
acres. Quit claim.

Jane L. and G. RichardLimber to Jane L.

and G. Richard Limber; Lot 8, Jarrett Woods
Subdivision, 1.95 acres and Sec. 28, Part C,
Parcel 1, Don Lichty Parcels, 2.02 acres. Quit
Crane Township
Karen K. Carlisle, dec. to Steven C. Emenhiser, et al.; Sec. 18, 133.08 acres and Sec.
19, 7.55 acres. Certificate of transfer.
Emerald Township
Terry E. and Judith Miller, et al. to Victor E.
and Amy D. Schlegel; Sec. 14, 56.17 acres.
Warranty deed. Terry E. and Judith Miller,
et al. to Robert E. Miller; Sec. 14, 2 acres.
Warranty deed.
Jackson Township
Pamela R. Moore, et al. to Loren J. and
Louella I. Thomas Life Estate; Lots 7 and 8,
0.823 acre. Quit claim.
Haviland Village
Glenn A. Baker, dec. to Joyce A. Baker; Lots
93 and 94, Original Plat, 0.33 acre. Affidavit.
Paulding Village
Walter T. and Linda A. Carlisle to Jerome L.
and Karen S. Bortel; Lot 28, Noneman Subdivision, 0.17 acre. Warranty deed.
Troy M. and Sarah R. Shultz to Jacob W. Taylor; Lot 3, Latty Addition, 0.2 acre. Warranty
Pamela R. Moore, et al. to Loren J. and
Louella I. Thomas Life Estate; Sec. 12, Outlots, 6.517 acres. Quit claim.
Randall D. and Rose M. Wilson to Justin D.
and Amie Marie Wilson; Lot 21, Outlots,
0.23 acre. Warranty deed.
Fifth Third Mortgage Company to Secretary
of HUD; Lot 105, Noneman Emerald Acres,
Allotment #3, 0.22 acre. Warranty deed.
Calvary Bible Church to Grace Community Church of Fremont, Ohio, Inc.; Outlots
11011-11012 plus a not annexed right-ofway; 5.615 acres. Warranty deed.

Common Pleas
Civil Docket

The term et al. refers to and others; et vir., and husband; et ux., and

Phillip Blossom, Toledo and

Craig K. Kaminski, Toledo vs.
Life Insurance Company of
North America, Philadelphia.
Money only.
In the matter of: Richard
Russell Keeterle, Defiance and
Vicki Sue Keeterle, Defiance.
Dissolution of marriage.
Kyle Sunday, Paulding vs.
Crystal Sunday, Huntertown,
Ind. Divorce.
Wright-Patt Credit Union
Inc., Ewing, N.J. vs. Steven
A. Carlisle and his unknown
spouse if any, Cecil and Community Wide Federal Credit
Union, South Bend, Ind. and
Paulding County Treasurer,
Paulding. Foreclosures.
Deutsche Bank National,
West Palm Beach, Fla. vs. Deborah R. Baxter and her unknown
spouse if any, Van Wert and Joe
R. Baxter, dec., and Paulding
County Treasurer, Paulding.
Melanie Nichols, Paulding vs.
Darrell E. Nichols Jr., Paulding.
In the matter of: Jesus Salas
Jr., Paulding. Application for
relief from disability.
Civil Docket Concluded
Marriage Licenses
Isaac William Hitchcock, 27,
Paulding, no profession listed
and Laura Mae Tumblin, 24,
Paulding, no profession listed.
Parents are Kent Hitchcock and
Kimberly Parkerson; and Arthur
Tumblin and Betty Hermiller.
Andrew Douglas Hughes,
33, Antwerp, SSI and LaRisa
Rene Pickard, 28, Lagrange,

Ind., unemployed. Parents are

Greg Hughes and Gina DeLong; and John Hansel and
LaDona Cassiday.
Zachary Michael Dietz,
22, Fairfield, compounder
and Sarah Lynn Koenig, 21,
Paulding, unemployed. Parents are Felix Dietz and Barbra
Schirmer; and Michael Koenig
and Terry Iler.
Administration Docket
Criminal Docket
Teresa R. Eaton, 44, of Defiance, had a charge of theft (F4)
dismissed without prejudice
upon a motion of State with
$140 costs. Records say she
made full restitution to her victim and the parties reached an
Terry L. Temple, 22, of
Venedocia, was sentenced to
four years community control
sanctions for possession of
drugs (F4). He was ordered to
pay $799.49 court costs, including $500 fine which will
be equally split between the
sheriffs office and prosecutors office. Other conditions of
the sanctions include 20 days
jail with work release, comply
with drug and alcohol prohibitions, submit to random tests,
undergo substance abuse evaluation and treatment, and obtain
and maintain employment. All
contraband seized in the case
was ordered destroyable by law
Brenda J. Dennison, 27, of
Hicksville, had her case alleging aggravated vehicular assault (F2), endangering children
(F3) and OVI (M1), assigned
for further hearing on Jan. 22.
Adam C. Stripe, 37, address
unavailable, was scheduled for

a change of plea concerning

his breaking and entering (F5)
charge. It was be conducted
Dec. 11.
Leland S. Lust, 51, address
unavailable, is scheduled for a
Jan. 5 hearing on several motions. He was given permission to wear civilian clothes
for court appearances. He is
charged with rape (F1) and five
counts gross sexual imposition
Wade R. Bissell, 23, of
Paulding, had his pretrial hearing rescheduled for Jan. 7. He is
accused of trafficking counterfeit controlled substance (F5).
Elizabeth H. Harmon, 45, of
Latty, had a charge of identity
fraud (F5) dismissed without
prejudice upon a motion of
State. She must pay $142 court
costs. Parties agreed to settle
the matter in Paulding County
James R. Shugars, 28, of
Antwerp, had a request for
furlough denied concerning
his breaking and entering (F5)
case. He had asked to visit an
ailing relative.
Paul J. Tingler, 32, of Paulding, will have a hearing on his
motion to modify bond on Jan.
5. He is charged with complicity to illegal manufacture of
drugs (F2) and illegal assembly
of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs (F3).
Jeremy Baer, 31, of Van
Wert, was released on his own
recognizance after waiving extradition in connection with his
indictment alleging two counts
nonsupport of dependents (F5).
He was scheduled for a Jan. 12
pretrial conference and a Feb.
24 jury trial. Conditions of his
release were no arrests.

Randal Ruge (left), CEO of Paulding County Hospital, was the speaker at the Paulding Kiwanis Club
meeting. He told of the new digital mammography equipment available for the radiology department.
The new machine will be able to scan and slice it into small pieces so technicians will able to see
the inside and determine if further study is needed before a biopsy is required. At the present, the
hospital does not have the money to purchase the machine; they are asking for donations to help with
the purchase. Brenda Wieland introduced Ruge. Phil Recker was program chairman.

Police Report
Monday, Dec. 8
Noon. An attempted break
in of pay washer and dryer unit
on Tom Tim was investigated.
2:17 p.m. Police responded
to a residential alarm on North
Cherry Street.
10:06 p.m. Suspicious male
was seen entering vehicles on
South Cherry Street. Officers
were unable to locate the subject.
Tuesday, Dec. 9
1:55 p.m. Alleged theft
of purse and money was reported from North Coupland
Street. Investigation showed
accused was not at the scene
during the time in question.

6:24 p.m. Backing mishap

was looked into on Emerald
8:30 p.m. Scam by mail
was reported from Airport
Wednesday, Dec. 10
9:44 a.m. Ohio Department of Commerce, Division
of Liquor Control sent police
notice that Fiesta Habaneros
filed for a D3 permit.
1:30 p.m. Dog complaint
was handled on East Caroline
1:57 p.m. A North Walnut
Street resident told police
someone had filed a false
2012 tax claim in their name.
1:59 p.m. An officer was
called to assist Job and Family Services at a residence

which turned out to be vacant.

2:56 p.m. Complaint of a
building in extreme disrepair
on West Jackson Street was
3:40 p.m. A North Main
Street resident requested no
contact with another subject.
3:48 p.m. Neighbor problems were investigated on
West Perry Street.
7:10 p.m. No contact with
requested by a West Perry
Street resident.
11:20 p.m. Officers arrested Ignacio Rios on a warrant.
Thursday, Dec. 11
6:06 p.m. Police responded
to an open burning complaint
on West Harrison. A subject
was told to douse their fire.

Sheriffs Report
Six car/deer accidents
Monday, Dec. 8
11:16 a.m. Deputies handled a car/pole accident on
Road 23 in Carryall Township.
1:35 p.m. Dog complaint
was reported from Dennis
Street in Paulding.
2:20 p.m. Shots were heard
along Road 209 in Brown
Tuesday, Dec. 9
9:41 a.m. Car/deer crash on
Road 228 in Emerald Township was documented.
12:48 p.m. Dog complaint
was lodged from Road 149 in
Auglaize Township.
12:54 p.m. Melrose resident made a dog complaint.
1:46 p.m. Threats were reported by a Payne resident.
3:21 p.m. Suspicious vehicle was seen in a driveway on
Road 133 in Emerald Township.
4:23 p.m. Go-cart was observed operating in a cemetery along Road 43 in Carryall
Wednesday, Dec. 10
2:03 a.m. Prowler report
came in from Road 115 in

Emerald Township.
5:38 a.m. Car/deer accident was handled on Road
263 near 205 in Washington
2:28 p.m. Deputies documented a backing mishap in
a driveway along Ohio 111 in
Emerald Township.
4:34 p.m. Unruly juvenile
complaint was looked into on
Road 163 in Auglaize Township.
5:56 p.m. Car/deer accident
was handled on Ohio 613 east
of Ohio 500 in Benton Township.
6:43 p.m. Deputies documented a car/deer accident
on Road 192 west of Cecil
Bridge in Crane Township.
11:05 p.m. Car/deer collision on Road 111 was investigated.
11:29 p.m. Ignacio Rios
was arrested on a warrant.
Thursday, Dec. 11
5:07 a.m. A car was seen
in a ditch along Road 162 in
Carryall Township.
6:03 a.m. Suspicious vehicle was seen on Road 115 in
Emerald Township.
6:51 a.m. Car/deer accident

Commissioners Journal December

1, 2014
This 1st day of December, 2014,
the Board of County Commissioners
met in regular session with the fol-

Remember your Pet this Christmas!



1 year $18, 3 year $54 or Permanent $180

Dog Tags may be purchased at the County Auditors Office
1st Floor of the Courthouse, 115 N. Williams St., Paulding, OH 45879



419-399-8205, Mon.-Fri. 8-4:30 (Cash or Check Only)

By mail (please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope) or
visit Deadline for new tags is Friday, January 31, 2015.

105 N. Main

License #

occurred on US 127 east of

Vagabond in Emerald Township.
8:54 a.m. Residential alarm
sounded on Ohio 500 in Benton Township.
10:07 a.m. Stalking complaint came in from Road 155
in Washington Township.
10:11 a.m. Drive-off theft
of gas was reported from Melrose.
11:44 a.m. Dog complaint
was lodged from Road 10 in
Auglaize Township.
2:18 p.m. Neglect of horses
was reported from Road 166
in Brown Township.
4 p.m. Car/deer accident
was investigated on Road 171
north of Road 156 in Auglaize
4:39 p.m. Phone scam was
the complaint from Ohio 66 in
Brown Township.
9:23 p.m. Possible scam
was looked into on Road 87
in Paulding Township.
Friday, Dec. 12
4:13 a.m. A caller requested a welfare check on
a relative in Cecil who said
someone had pulled a knife
on him.

Commissioners Journal

License #


The term et al. refers to and others; et vir., and

husband; et ux., and wife.

lowing members present: Tony Zartman, Roy Klopfenstein, Fred Pieper,

and Cindy Peters, Clerk.
Brenda Crawford, Stan Harmon,
Linda Weidenhamer, Board of Elections Crawford reported that the
heat source for the voting units comes
from the old law library furnace. The
temperature that the units have to be
stored at is between 50-80 degrees.
The commissioners agreed to keep
the temperature at 52 degrees. Crawford will monitor the temperature.
The board of elections will have to
transfer funds from elsewhere in their
budget into the employees salaries
line item due to the extended voting
hours for the election in May and November of this year.


Weatherreport weekly summary as recorded at Paulding Villages water treatment plant

Observations recorded for the 24 hours ending at 7:30 a.m. on the morning of:


Snow/Ice on
DAT E H I G H L O W R a i n - M e l t e d s n o w S n o w - I c e t h e gr o u n d

Dec. 9
Dec. 10
Dec. 11
Dec. 12
Dec. 13
Dec. 14
Dec. 15






Wednesday, December 17, 2014 Paulding County Progress - 5A

County Court
Civil Docket:
Sarah J. Mowery DDS Inc.,
Antwerp vs. Lacey Showalter,
Paulding. Small claims, satisfied.
Orthopaedic Institute of
Ohio, Lima vs. James D. Burdg
Sr., Paulding. Other action, satisfied.
Van Wert County Hospital,
Van Wert vs. Jennifer J. Eddings, Paulding and Alan Eddings, Paulding. Other action,
Sarah J. Mowery DDS Inc.,
Antwerp vs. Eric Noble, Anna.
Small claims, satisfied.
Russell McIntosh, Van Wert
and Arlene McIntosh, Van Wert
vs. Greg Emerick, Scott and
Madeline Emerick, Scott. Evictions, judgment for the plaintiffs
in the sum of $15,954.75.
Credit Adjustments, Inc.,
Defiance vs. Bruce L. Sowder,
Paulding, Other action, judgment for the plaintiff in the sum
of $3,372.70.
Van Wert County Hospital,
Van Wert vs. Harold R. Spangler, Grover Hill. Other action,
judgment for the plaintiff in the
sum of $770.97.
Vicki Puehler, Defiance vs.
Suzanne Coburn, Defiance.
Evictions, judgment for the
plaintiff in the sum of $2,273.
Van Wert County Hospital,
Van Wert vs. Andrew L. West,
Latty and Bonnie West, Latty.
Other action, judgment for the
plaintiff in the sum of $774.17.
Credit Adjustments, Inc. Defiance, vs. Desiree L. Schlegel,
Paulding. Other action, judgment for the plaintiff in the sum
of $3,647.37.
Snow & Sauerteig LLP, Fort
Wayne vs. Joel A. Lotz, Payne.
Small claims, judgment for the
plaintiff in the sum of $600.
Snow & Sauerteig LLP, Fort
Wayne vs. Jill Louise Treat,
Paulding. Small claims, judgment for the plaintiff in the sum
of $518.61.
Credit Adjustments, Inc., Defiance vs. Jason E. Dominique,
Paulding. Small claims, judgment for the plaintiff in the sum
of $592.44.
The Antwerp Exchange
Bank, Antwerp vs. Jennifer
McAlexander, Antwerp. Small
claims, judgment for the plaintiff in the sum of $176.
Credit Adjustments, Inc.,
Defiance vs. Brittany L. Laney,
Antwerp. Small claims, judgment for the plaintiff in the sum
of $1,519.35.
Credit Adjustments, Inc., Defiance vs. Justin A. Howell, Antwerp. Small claims, judgment

for the plaintiff in the sum of

Credit Adjustments, Inc., Defiance vs. Tony R. Schindler,
Paulding and Jeanetta Schindler, Paulding. Small claims,
judgment for the plaintiff in the
sum of $2,634.67.
St. Ritas Medical Center,
Lima vs. Angela Sharp, Paulding and Michael Sharp, Paulding. Other action, dismissed.
The Antwerp Exchange Bank
Co., Antwerp vs. Jason C. Ross,
Payne and Kristy R. Ross,
Payne. Small claims, judgment
for the plaintiff in the sum of
Credit Adjustments Inc., Defiance vs. Tamara Bradtmueller,
Antwerp. Small Claims, judgment for the plaintiff in the sum
of $1,036.34.
William S. Bricker DDS, Antwerp vs. Robert Smallwood Jr.,
Cecil. Money only, satisfied.
Criminal Docket:
Sarah James, Paulding, endangering child; $225 costs;
case dismissed per State with
prejudice, costs waived.
Todd S. Mclaughlin, Continental, passing bad check;
defendant is deceased and all
unpaid fines and costs shall be
waived and all previous orders
associated with this matter are
Willie Jones, Antwerp, possession; $128 costs; case dismissed at defendants cost.
Michael R. Thomason,
Paulding, assault; $145 costs,
8 days jail with 172 suspended;
probation ordered, no unlawful
contact with victim, 20 hours
community service, submit to
an evaluation at Westwood and
complete counseling.
Lucas Leverton, Antwerp,
theft; $174 costs, 180 days jail
suspended; no contact with undisclosed location, probation
ordered, shall seek employment, stay med compliant, shall
be fingerprinted, complete the
Third Millennium online theft
course, 40 hours community
Jared N. Moyer, Haviland,
underage; $95 costs; case dismissed per State, costs to defendant.
Jason A. Zamora, Payne,
theft; $169 costs, 14 days jail
with 166 days suspended; pay
for stay at jail, complete the
Third Millennium theft course,
ten hours community service,
addition to probation rules, pay
Patrick R. Crutchfield, Paulding, without orange vest; $183
fine, $77 costs.

Edward P. Ringler, Paulding,

shooting from road; $183 fine,
$77 costs.
Jacob A. Schabbing, Fort Jennings, aid wildlife officer; $183
fine, $77 costs.
Traffic Docket:
Michael R. Thomason,
Paulding, OVI; $375 fine, $145
costs, 3 days jail, six month license suspension; pay $50 per
month commencing Jan. 30,
POC date of Sept. 25, probation
ordered, evaluation at Westwood Behavioral, complete 20
hours community service, complete Third Millennium, 177 jail
days reserved.
Michael R. Thomason,
Paulding, OVI(breath low); dismissed at States request.
Michael R. Thomason,
Paulding, driving without license; dismissed at the States
Michael R. Thomason,
Paulding, license plate light;
dismissed at the States request.
Haley E. Kanter, Miami,
Fla., 92/65 speed; $43 fine, $80
Michael K. Dulaney, Defiance, seat belt; $30 fine, $47
Brian D. Ellerbrock, Leipsic,
75/65 speed; $33 fine, $80 costs.
Kevin C. Vallie, Attica,
Mich., 77/65 speed; $33 fine,
$80 costs.
Craig L. Harris, Auburn,
Ind., 75/55 speed; $43 fine, $80
Colleen A. Milbury, West Lafayette, Ind., 78/65 speed; $33
fine, $80 costs.
Bradly A. Ream, Huntertown, Ind., 77/65 speed; $33
fine, $80 costs.
Matthew M. Leiter, Toledo, 68/55 speed; $33 fine, $80
Kathryn E. Hawa, Newburgh,
Ind., 81/65 speed; $43 fine, $80
Thinley Namgyal, Trenton,
seat belt; $30 fine, $50 costs.
Darian Nicole Fowler-Crawford, Payne, failure to control;
$68 fine, $77 costs.
Anthony S. Halbgewoks,
Continental, 76/55 speed; $43
fine, $77 costs.
Jacy Barnwell, Cecil, 48/35
speed; $33 fine, $77 costs.
Zhou Rongjun, Zhejiang,
90/65 speed; $43 fine, $77 costs.
David J. Lee, Fort Wayne,
75/65 speed; $33 fine, $80 costs.
Roy E. Wendt, Cecil, seat
belt; $30 fine, $47 costs.
Zachary R. Archer, New Haven, Ind., 81/65 speed; $43 fine,
$80 costs.
Christian Hm Miller, Napo-

leon, 80/65 speed; $43 fine, $80

Adam H. Troth, Payne, failure to control; $68 fine, $80
Zachary Dallas Harshman,
Paulding, failure to yield to
emergency vehicle, $68 fine,
$77 costs.
Will A. Jones, Paulding,
70/55 speed; $43 fine, $77 cost.
Kelly Fessel Lucas, Paulding, 80/65 speed; $43 fine, $77
Jeffrey Allan Beattie, Ponte
Vedra, Fla., 75/65 speed; $33
fine, $80 costs.
Edwin H. Kimmel Jr., Grover Hill, seat belt; $30 fine, $47
Andrew E. Gonzalez, Yorktown, Ind., 87/65 speed; paid in
Donald R. Landes, Eldorado,
71/55 speed; paid in full.
Kody A. McCague, Melrose,
FRA suspension; dismissed at
the States request.
Kody A. McCague, Melrose,
80/55 speed; $150 fine, $87
costs; POC by Jan. 30.
Jeffrey M. McFall, Columbus, seat belt; $30 fine, $55
Nhu M. Phan, Worcester,
Mass., 80/65 speed; $43 fine,
$85 costs.
Andrew L. Outcalt, Avon
Lake, 80/65 speed; $43 fine,
$85 costs.
Derek J. White, Zionsville,
Ind., 77/65 speed; $33 fine, $77
John R. Strinka, Carmel,
Ind., 78/65 speed; $33 fine, $85
Michael D. Grunden, Hicksville, 76/65 speed; $33 fine, $80
James A. Jelinek, Zionsville,
Ind., 83/65 speed; $43 fine, $80
Melissa Ann Hulverson,
Novi, Mich., 75/65 speed; $33
fine, $80 costs.
Gil E. Mayrand, Wyandotte,
Mich., 84/65 speed; $43 fine,
$80 costs.
James P. Nevins, Kitchener,
Ont., failure to control; $68 fine,
$80 costs.
Elliot Ross Goetz, Perrysburg, 79/65 speed; $33 fine, $80
Justin M. Sadowsky, Arlington, Va., 78/65 speed; $33 fine,
$80 costs.
David M. Rush, Winnetka,
Ill., 86/65 speed; $43 fine, $80
Robert E. Warren Jr., New
Orleans, 93/65 speed; $43 fine,
$80 costs.
Jason A. Fowler, Lewisville,

Names drawn for jury duty

The following is a list of

prospective jurors who were
summoned by the Paulding
County Court of Common
Pleas for the term of Jan. 1
through April 30, 2015:
Grand Jurors Chad
C Benschneider, Maria A
Booth, Rebecca S Carr, Bentley J Conner, Joshua M Denning, Marvin L Estle, Lori A
Farris, John T Fox, Katelyn
M Hughes, Jerry F Kline,
Kyle E Ladd, Allan W
Martin, Rebecca J Mayer,
Dorothy L Miller, Jeffery V
Miller, Kimberly M Nichols,
Bonnie M Pier, Emma Porter,
Linda C Reinhart,
Denise S Renollet, Audrea
Lynne Young Roehrig, Christopher C Shepherd, Kimberly
B Troth, Stephan B Walker,
Thomas A Zuber
Common Pleas Court
Lana K Adams, Sally A Anderson, Connie R Archbold,
Ruth A Bair, Joyce A Baker,
Dennis R Baker, Mark S Ball,
Stephen L Barker, Barbara E
Barry L Baughman, Erin
C Baumle, Ronald A Beamer, Nellie M Beerbower,
Chadrick L Bladen, Jeffery L
Blair, Flora K Bland, Jim E
Boes, Mickey H Boroff, Jack
L Boroff,
Shirley J Bowersox, Kristin R Bradford, James A
Bradford, Aaron M Brewer,
Michael M Brigner, Patrick
D Burkley, Austin D Carder,
Walter E Carnahan, Gertrude
M Carnahan, Lynne Carr,
Rachel M Clapsaddle, Peter R Clemens, Jeraldine C
Clester, Dwayne A Clevinger,
Mark A Cole, Lomas E Collins, Jameson J Cook, Nancy
Cook, Joyce A Copsey, Casey
J Cornelius,
Bonnie M Coughlin, David
R Cox, Elizabeth Craft, Chad
E Critten, Betty A Crosby,
Tracy L Dalton, Mellie C
Daniels, Charles L Davis,
Lily J De Lauer, Larry J Dealey,
Janis E DenHerder, Jay Andrew Denny, Rose M Doctor,
Brenda K Doster, Deborah

A Dougal, Debra J Dunham,

David L Elick, Richard S English, Bruce A Farquhar, Tyler D Fenter,
Charles E Finnegan, Lisa
K Fisher, Christina M Flynn, Janet K Foust, Timothy J
Freiburger, Michael W Garberson, Bryant D Gerber, Stuart M Glassey, Larry A Glick,
Linda L Glover,
Barbara A Gomez, Lanetta
K Goshia, Averill L Gottke,
Troy L Grant Jr., Rickey W
Greear, Craig B Griffith,
Ricky L Grimes, Carlotta
Hahn, Melissa D Hale, Holly
R Harris,
Shaun C Hatlevig, Doris
L Hawley, Toby J Heath Sr.,
Everett W Heck, John J Heck,
Shirley A Heisler, Thomas J
Henschen, Sarah V Hershberger, Rebecca A Hickman,
Carol J Hillyer,

Charles W Howard, Tracy L
Hower, Kyle J Hughes, Susan
K Hunt, George E Hunt, Robin K James, Bruce D James
Jr., Andrew K Jewel, Sharon
S Johanns,
Kelsey Kauser, Terence J
Kipfer, Shawn Kipp, Traci N
Koenig, Dennis C Koppenhofer, Janet S Kosch, Megan
N Krugh, Robert D Kuhn,
Perlina C Lambert, Brittany L
Susan M Laney, Timothy A
Lawson, Harold L Layman,
Karen S Leatherman, Dennis
R Lee, Paula K Lichty, Marvin N Litzenberg, Laurie A
Lucas, Tana E Maassel, Albert A Manella III,
Phyllis March, Seth Mattocks, Nicole McClure, John
C McGrath, Amy R McMaster, Ashley M McMichael,
Larry T McMichael, Christine C Mead, Donna I Miller
Steven R Miller,
Janet A Miller, Anita K
Minck, Charles J Mosier,
John W Myers, Alyssa M
Nardone, Joseph J Nichols,
Melaine Nichols, Steven M
Offerle, Gene F Olwin, Zachary P Parrish,
Stephen E Parrish, Roger L Pawlikowski, Christine

M Pease, Angela M Peffley,

Elaine S Pendergrast, Sylvia
K Phillips, Carroll W Pier,
Lori J Price Hull, Aryn Jo
Proctor, James M Reinhart,
Michelle E Reinhart, Andrew Reyes, Lynda Ringler,
Beverly J Rose, William J
Ross, Carol A Ross, Ramon L
Sanderson, April D Schaefer,
Jeffrey L Schaefer, Cheryl L
Sherry A Schilt, Rita M
Schmidt, Edythe E Schmidt,
Linda L Schrenk, B Charles
Schroeder, Tim D Schroeder, Judy I Shaffer, Jason A
Sheets, Alvin L Shellenbarger, Leo C Sholl,
Thomas L Sigg, Gina Y
Smith, Chad E Snavely, Jane
A Sprow, Bryce M Steiner,
Dalton Sterrett, Melinda S
Stoller, Joseph L Thomas,
Ronald R Treece, Darlane J
Melinda R Unger, Ricky W
Vancleve, Jeffrey S Vankirk,
Lonnie A Vanscoder, Ona R
Volk, Edward L Wagner, Todd
D Walker, Laura J Weaver,
Scott R Weisenburger, Pamela K White, Danielle L Wiesehan,
Carrie J Williams, Suzann
K Williams, David L Williamson, Janet M Williamson,
Deborah L Wyckoff, Silvia
Yanez, Canina Young, Robert
A Zartman, Ryan P Zolman
County Court Joann M
Adams, Francis D Aldred,
Brandi N Aldrich, Sue A
Antoine, Russel J Arend,
Charles F Aufrance, Benjamin Averesch, Dennie L Baker, John R Banet III, Donald
E Bauer,
Jill L Bauer, Patrick B
Baumle, Nancy L Bennett,
Garrett R Bennett, Marcella K Blackmore, Bruce A
Bodenbender, Seth A Bowersox, Scott A Brandenburg,
Richard E Breneman, Vicki L
Clara M Burgoon, Robert L
Burkley, Joseph W Burkley,
Chad Burtch, Steven L Bussing, Nicole D Bustamante,
William L Calvert, Amy E
Carlisle, Diana M Carnahan,

Michael E Carnahan,
Robert G Carothers, David L Carr, Brian L Carter,
Cynthia L Christo, Rhonda
L Church, Harold L Clark,
Robert A Coker, Brooke A
Combs, Dale E Conley, Marsha J Cooper,
Mary L Cooper, Jerry R
Crawford, Nicholas R Dangler, Kevin L Dangler, Sandra
K Davis, Lori L Deming
Sue E Detray, Craig M Dobbelaere, Bobbi J Doster, Kimberly K Doster,
Dylan C Dunakin, Ann C
Dysinger, Carol A Edwards,
Abbey Edwards, Jill A Erford,
Nicole Marie J Estle, Terri R
Feasby, Cathy A Fenter, Savanna M Fettig, Joellen E
Michael S Fiedler, Mark K
Fife, Erin M Finfrock, Tonya
L Fisher, Bruce A Fleming,
Pamela J Florence, Brent M
Floss, James D Forrer, Philip
E Frederick, Patricia J Friend,
Joan M Garbaciak,
Lisa K Glass, Kenneth M
Gordon, Vanessa P Gordon,
Heather L Gottke, Stephen R
Goyings, Ira W Green, Gregory D Greutman, Andrew E
Gribble, Jean E Guelde, Tracy LW Gunderman, Deidra L
Timmy L Hahn, Malissa
A Hale, Karen S Hamrick,
Samuel E Hatcher, Zachary
Herbst, Jennifer R Herr, Victoria M Hershberger, Adam
M Hibbard, Lynette R Hitt,
Larry J Holley, Patrick D
Charles B Holtsberry, William J Jackson, Cheryl K Johanns, Susan J Johnson, Ruth
A Johnson, Thomas F Keeran
II, Penny M Kidd, Zachary
Kimmel, Lulu B Klingler, Valarie J Kobee,
Troy Koppenhofer, Jeremy
J Kosch, Paul L Kruse, Karen K Kupfersmith, Steven D
Landers, Veronica S Landfair,
Kent E Laney, Award E Ledford Jr., Lisa J Lewis, Jacob L
William O Lyons, Randy
See JURY DUTY page 6A

Ind., 76/65 speed; $33 fine, $80

Jarred R. Chappell, Fort
Wayne, 75/65 speed; $33 fine,
$80 costs.
Rhonda S. Kidd, Melrose,
80/55 speed; $43 fine, $77
costs; POC by Jan. 30.
Henry J. Walqui Pantigoso, West Lafayette, Ind., 80/65
speed; $43 fine, $80 costs.
Paul S. Mittermeier, Loveland, 75/55 speed; $43 fine, $77
Philip J. Liefeld, Arnold,
Mo., 85/65 speed; $43 fine, $80
Shashank Rallapalli, Ann
Arbor, Mich., 81/65 speed; $43
fine, $80 costs.
Sarah R. Shultz, Paulding,
75/55 speed; $43 fine, $77 costs.
Eric L. Brown, Defiance,
80/65 speed; $43 fine, $77 costs.
David Kendale Crenshaw,
Toledo, 91/65 speed; $43 fine,
$77 costs.
Patricia A. Huebner, Grover
Hill, seat belt; $30 fine, $50
Gary L. Richardson, Lima,

73/55 speed; $43 fine, $80

Leroy Kamau Carter, Ann
Arbor, Mich., 82/65 speed; $43
fine, $77 costs.
Joshua P. Detwiler, Syracuse, Ind., seat belt; $30 fine,
$50 costs.
Jessica E. Kohart, Paulding,
failure to control; $68 fine, $80
Kelvin K. Davis, Payne,
51/35 speed; $43 fine, $77
Rachel E. Neal, Fort Wayne,
70/55 speed; $43 fine, $80
Marshall M. Yocom, Fishers,
Ind., 79/65 speed; $33 fine, $80
Travis B. Young, Grover
Hill, tinted windows; $68 fine,
$80 costs.
Blaine M. Cressmand, Elmira, Ont., 77/65 speed; $33 fine,
$80 costs.
David Brian Halmagy, New
Hudson, Mich., 77/65 speed;
$33 fine, $80 costs.
Ryan M. Kunesh, Antwerp,
83/65 speed; $43 fine, $80 costs.

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6A - Paulding County Progress Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Davis begins duties as WT treasurer
Progress Staff Writer
HAVILAND At its regular
monthly meeting, the Wayne
Trace Local School Board took
time to welcome its new treasurer.
Superintendent Steve Arnold
recognized Lori Davis as the
districts new treasurer and welcomed her to the Wayne Trace
family. Davis is taking the place
of Gary Ginter who resigned last
As treasurer, Davis asked the
board to amend the appropriations and revenues for fiscal
year 2015. Davis also asked the
boards permission to utilize a
part-time person in the office for
a brief time in order to catch up
of clerical duties.
One other item the new appointed treasurer would like
to see changed is the timing of
when the board approves financial reports. According to Davis, it is difficult to get the end
balance and reports generated a
week in advance of the meeting.
In business taken by the board:
An organizational meeting is scheduled for 7:15 p.m.

Jan. 12 in the high school lecture room in order to appoint

Mr. Dick Swary as president
pro tem. Once all the officers
have been elected and sworn
in, the regular meeting will
proceed at 7:30 p.m., with the
newly elected president presiding.
An extended leave of absence was granted for Stephanie Cox from approximately
Jan. 19-April 20, and for Melissa LaBounty from approximately Feb. 9-May 4.
One-year supplemental
contract for 2014-15 to Louise Vranesevic, drama club
tech assistant.
Commended the newest
members of the Wayne Trace
National Honor Society and
Vantage Career Center National Technical Honor Society. New NHS members include: Sydney Critten, Christopher Davis, Corey Davis,
Stacy Flint, Sydney Hoffman,
Taryn Homier, Erin Mohr,
Jayson Nowak, Nathanael
Roop, Victoria Ryan, Cole
Shepherd, Brianna Sinn, Estie
Sinn, Shayna Temple, Hollie

Wannemacher and Scott Wenninger. New NTHS members

include Grant Gillett, Jenny
Holbrooks, Jill Ross and Samantha VanVlerah.
Approved Pat Baumle to
serve on the Vantage Career
Center Board of Education.
Announced the junior
high spelling bee winner was
Catie Strable while Hannah
Wilhelm was runner-up.
As a part of the junior
high first quarter incentive,
nearly 100 students attended the movie The Hunger
Games: Mockingjay Part 1.
A reminder that end of
the semester exams will be
held on Dec. 18-19.
The softball and baseball
press boxes are near completion. Electricity is yet to be installed and the boxes will not
be equipped with water.
During the reports from the
building principals, Paynes
Jody Dunham shared that
third grade reading results
have been received with 80
percent of students scoring
400 or higher and 85 percent
have met the requirements.

Grand Jury
Continued from Page 5A

S Mansfield, Kayla T Mansfield, Ina M Mansfield, James

L Manz, Catherine M Manz,
Gary Mason Jr., Nathan E
McAlexander, Everett E McClure, Logan M McDaniel,
Karen K McVay, Cary L
Mead, James A Meeks, Misti
Kay Miller, Pamela L Miller,
Jason P Miller, Sara B Molitor, Leighton B Mullins Jr.,

Brian Myers, Keith H Nern,

Lee E Nuest, Christina N
Overholt, Kameron S Owens,
Elden Owsley, Matthew D
Parks, Gregory D Pennington, Lucille M Price, Karen
M Price, Glen W Putnam, Tamara S Ramon,
Joe S Rangel, Brooke E
Recker, Linda E Reineck,
Andrew J Rheinheimer, Al-

(The Paulding Progress maintains
a file of birthdays and anniversaries.
To make any changes, please call
our office at 419-399-4015 during
business hours, email to progress@, or drop us a
note to P.O. Box 180, Paulding.)

Dec. 20 Melissa Coburn,

Robert Dix, Gage Evans,
Cindy Grace, Bud Larimore,
Zackery Shafer, Matt Stoller.
Dec. 21 Roger Aldrich,
Sylvia Bailey, Suzann Bauer,
Jonathon Ceballos, Joaquin
Estrada Jr., Nash Saylor, Levi
Dec. 22 Jayden Crates,

Dec. 20 Don and Ireta
Dec. 22 Al and Lois
Beamer, Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Gonzales Sr., Dave
and Stephanie McCullough,
Richard and Frances Walters.
Dec. 24 John and Ida
Dec. 26 Donald and Rebekah Smith.

Norma Fleck, Jensa Goings,

Larry Goings Jr., Frances Johanns, Kenneth Leatherman,
Tira Lester, Albinus Miller,
Isaac Wright.
Dec. 23 Wyatt Beckman,
Chris Dangler, Jade Graf,
Dereck Grindstaff, Matthew
A. Martinez, Carol Ray,
Brandon Rhonehouse, Celeste Scheurich, Dave Scott,
Murray Skevington, Randy
Weller, Alex Wiebe, Jean
Dec. 24 Reagan E. Braun,
Josh Crabtree, Ryne Dangler, Mandy Eberle, Gary G.
Foust, Janell Bradford, Mary
Moore, Fran Mowery, Paul
Searing, Susan Sitton, James
G. Weaver.
Dec. 25 Judy Bowman,
Judy A. Doctor, Brad Kauser,
Logan Lee, Ethan Manz, Lois
Rau, Eric Reeb, John Woodring.
Dec. 26 Richard Bud
Cotterman, Anica L. Galnares,
Eileen Jeffery, Adam Miller, Michael D. Miller, Erika
Pease, Mary Porter, Tonda
Hawk, Chris Schaefer.

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Married to Millie
The Humble Life of Herb Monroe

Available at
Also available at:
Paulding Co. Library
(main branch),
Susies Bakery,
Paulding-Putnam Coop.

or send check for $32.12 to:

Mile from Town Press
P.O. Box 86, Paulding, OH 45879



Genetically-Modified Corn Seeds Could Cost Industry

Up To $2.9 BILLION

Loss in Aftermath of Trade Disruption with China Over Detection

of Unapproved Syngenta Agrisure Viptera MIR 162 Corn






This is attorney advertising. The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be
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malee C Riggenbach, Darwin

B Riley, Melvin L Roberts Jr.,
Michelle M Rooks, Peggy L
Roughton, Barry L Rupp,
Denny J Sanders, Leota M
Scott, Nancy S Shock, Rebecca A Short, Jon J Short, Marc
D Shuherk, Ronald G Sierer,
Gene A Singer, Martha M
Smalley, Damien A Smith,
Kenneth P Stabler, Christopher P Stork, Bill R Strahley, Larry L Strickler, Kori L
Strubing, Ashley M Suffel,
Joseph Sukup, Matthew A
Sunday, Stewart A Taylor,
Stephen Lee Taylor Sr.,
Angela M Teagle, Naomi D
Theobald, Britteny R Thompson, Edward R Thrasher, Megan M Traxler, Zachary Tumbleson, Thomas D Vanvlerah,
Juanita V Velaquez, Kim O
Walker, Benjamin Wallen,
Debra K Ward, John David Webb, Nancy C Weisenburger, Kristy White, Ryan
C Whitman, Erika Willitzer,
Rex E Wimmer, Cheryl K
Wistner, Mary M Wobler,
Francis A Wobler,
Terry J Woodard, Joseph D
Wright, Daniel W Wroblewski, Norma A Zartman, Melissa J Zielke, Michael Zuber,
Larry L Zuber

If you dont advertise,

you are not likely to
get customers. Learn
how your community
newspaper can help you
call the Progress today
at 419-399-4015.

CHRISTMAS PROGRAM ON THURSDAY Divine Mercy Catholic School in Payne has been
hard at work preparing for its Christmas program on Thursday, Dec. 18. This year, the program
will have two showing times, at 1:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. Also, a cookie walk will be held from 4-6:30
p.m. Rehearsing for the performance are Allison Dyson (Mary) and Jacob Graham (Joseph).

Deadline nears for Christmas

lights contest in Antwerp
ANTWERP Time is running out. The deadline is almost here. Get those entries in for Antwerps Christmas Village of Lights Contest this
Antwerp Chamber of Commerce thinks their
town shines its brightest during the holiday season
and the Antwerp they would like to help residents
show their community pride through friendly
competition. The Christmas Village of Lights holiday decorating contest gives them the opportunity to make Antwerp a little (or a lot) brighter.
Entries must be submitted by 5 p.m. on Dec.
18. They will be posted to the Antwerp Chamber
Facebook page and voting will close on Dec. 23.
The contest is open to everyone in the Antwerp
School District andwill be judged based on curbside appeal only. Judges will not enter the interior
of any property.
Chamber is letting technology help with the
work this year by having the community enter or
nominate a neighbor through Facebook or email.
For those who are technologically challenged,

CLASSMATES REUNITE Auglaize Brown Local Schools Class of 1969 recently held their
45th year class reunion. Attending were, front from left Gloria (Finnegan) Aden (standing),
Ron Singer, Pat (Saxton) Siebeneck, Gloria (Schick) Grimes; back row Bonnie Sherry, Jackie
(Meeks) Hyman, Ralph Hahn, Dennis McVay, Glenn Anspach, Bud Schilt, Judy (Mullen) Weiging
and Mike Pessefall. Auglaize Brown Local School consolidated with the Paulding Exempted Village School District in 1971.

100th Birthday Open House

Virginia Gudakunst

is celebrating her 100th birthday

with an Open House at
Hearth & Home
1118 Westwood Drive Van Wert
Friday, December 26th, 2-4 pm

Please attend and wish her a Happy Birthday!

No gifts please

they may still submit an entry or nomination to

the Antwerp Chamber by calling 419-258-1722.
Categories for 2014 have been updated and will
Facebook Favorite - each home entered or
nominated will be photographed and posted to
the Antwerp Chamber Facebook page. The house
with the most likes will win.
Kids Choice - Houses will be judged by some
local little ones.
Chamber Honorable Mention - Houses will
be judged by several chamber members.
A $50 prize will be awarded to the top home in
each category.
So drag that ladder out of the shed, bring those
boxes down from the attic and get busy on your
holiday cheer! say chamber representatives. We
hope to see your house on the nice list.
Send entries to the Antwerp Chamber Facebook page, the Antwerp Chamber email:, or call the chamber at

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014 Paulding County Progress - 7A

Christmas at the gas station

Part 1 of 2
Every year weall wish one
another a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year, but a
lot of times things are not always merry and bright. A lot
of people have suffered lossesand can senseloneliness at
this special time of year.
From a personal standpoint, this has been one of
the worst years that I have
ever experienced. I lost not
only my husband, but three
of my best friends as well. So
I know the upcoming holiday
season will not only bring
joy at the birth of Jesus, but
sadness for thosewho are no
longer with us. I am sure it is
not always easy to keep that
holiday spirit in our lives. We
all canreflect, look back and
recall previous years and perhaps happier times.
I recentlyread a story that
wasnot only meaningful to
me, but that I wanted to share
withreaders. The name of
the article is Christmas at
the Gas Station, a dramatic
reading by Roger Fredinburg.
I hope this story helps to
brighten up your holidays. I
know it has mine.
The story goes:
The old man sat in his gas
station on a cold Christmas
Eve. He hadnt been anywhere in years since his wife
had passed away. It was just
another day to him. He really didnt hate Christmas, but
hejust couldnt find a reason
to celebrate.
The old manwas sitting
there looking at the snow that
had been falling for the last
hour and wondering what it
was all about when the door
opened and a homeless man
stepped through.
Instead of throwing the
man out, Old George, as he
was known by his customers,
told the man to come and sit
by the heater and warm up.
Thank you, but I dont mean
to intrude, said the stranger.
I see youre busy, Ill just
Not without something hot
in your belly. George said.
He turned and opened a
wide mouth Thermos and
handed it to the stranger. It
aint much, but its hot and
tasty. Stew, made it myself.
When youre done, theres
coffee and its fresh.
Just at that moment Old
George heard the ding of
the driveway bell. Excuse
me, be right back, George
said. There in the driveway
was an old 53 Chevy. Steam

A Penny for
Your Thoughts

Nancy Whitaker
was rolling out of the front.
The driver was panicked.
Mister can you help me?
said the driver, with a deep
Spanish accent. My wife is
with child and my car is broken.
George opened the hood.
It was bad. The block looked
cracked from the cold, the car
was dead. You aint going in
this thing, George said as he
turned away.
But Mister, please help.
The door of the office closed
behind George as he went
inside. He went to the office
wall and got the keys to his old
truck, and went back outside.
He walked around the building, opened the garage, started
the truck and drove it around
to where the couple was waiting.
Here, take my truck, he
said. She aint the best thing
you ever looked at, but she
runs real good.
George helped put the woman in the truck and watched as
it sped off into the night. He
turned and walked back inside
the office. Glad I gave em
the truck, their tires were shot
too. That ol truck has brand
new tires. George thought he
was talking to the stranger, but
the man had gone. The Thermos was on the desk, empty,
with a used coffee cup beside
it. Well, at least he got something in his belly, George
George went back outside
to see if the old Chevy would
start. It cranked slowly, but it
started. He pulled it into the
garage where the truck had
been. He thought he would
tinker with it for something to
do. Christmas Eve meant no
customers. He discovered the
block hadnt cracked, it was
just the bottom hose on the radiator. Well, shoot, I can fix
this, he said to himself. So he
put a new one on.
Those tires aint gonna get

em through the winter either.

He took the snow treads off of
his wifes old Lincoln. They
were like new and he wasnt
going to drive the car anyway.
As he was working, he
heard shots being fired. He
ran outside and beside a police
car an officer lay on the cold
ground. Bleeding from the left
shoulder, the officer moaned,
Please help me.
George helped the officer
inside as he remembered the
training he had received in the
Army as a medic. He knew
the wound needed attention.
Pressure to stop the bleeding, he thought. The uniform
company had been there that
morning and had left clean
shop towels. He used those
and duct tape to bind the
wound. Hey, they say duct
tape can fix anythin, he said,
trying to make the policeman
feel at ease.

Something for pain,
George thought. All he had
was the pills he used for his
back. These ought to work.
He put some water in a cup
and gave the policeman the
pills. You hang in there, Im
going to get you an ambulance.
The phone was dead. Maybe I can get one of your buddies on that there talk box out
in your car. He went out only
to find that a bullet had gone
into the dashboard destroying
the two way radio.
He went back in to find
the policeman sitting up.
Thanks, said the officer.
You could have left me there.
The guy that shot me is still in
the area.
George sat down beside
him, I would never leave
an injured man in the Army
and I aint gonna leave you.
George pulled back the bandage to check for bleeding.
Looks worse than what it is.
Bullet passed right through
ya. Good thing it missed the
important stuff though. I think
with time your gonna be right
as rain.
George got up and poured
a cup of coffee. How do you
take it? he asked. None for
me, said the officer. Oh,
yer gonna drink this. Best in
the city. Too bad I aint got
no doughnuts. The officer
laughed and winced at the
same time.
What else is going to happen to Old George that Christmas Eve? Will he be prepared
and ready for the unexpected?
Find out next week in Penny
for Your Thoughts.

SPELLING BEE WINNER Antwerp Local School held its Spelling Bee on Friday, Dec. 12 for
students in grades5-8. After over 30 rounds, sixth grader Grace Tuttle (center) won the bee when
she spelled the word granulation correctly. Eighth grader Iris Sorrell (left) was the runner-up.
Fifth grader Gaige McMichael was the last fifth grader in the Spelling Bee, so he will represent
Antwerp Elementary in the county Spelling Bee. Tuttle and McMichael will compete in the Paulding County Spelling Bee at 7 p.m. Feb. 2 at Antwerp Local School.

Trees: Plant for the future

By Mark Holtsberry
Education specialist
Paulding SWCD
I know, as you read this topic, you thought,
what is he thinking? With packed, cold,
heavy icy snow lying on the ground, where
there seems to be no green in the coming future, what has the tree done for you lately?
Those short and tall, woody stemmed
plants with leaves for needles are true wonders of nature. From the air we breathe, to a
2x4 in your homes wall, the tree has proven
to be humankinds best friend.
How many of us in our childhood or even
adulthood, have built a treehouse for ourselves or grandchildren? How about putting
up a tree swing, making sure that the branch
was big enough to hold people? What about
watching the nest of birds finally leaving
the nest? The positive memories we all have
about trees should outweigh the negative

Patrol offers driving tips

VAN WERT The Van Wert
Post of the Ohio State Highway
Patrol is warning drivers about
the dangers of driving in winter
weather and is offering some
tips on what drivers should do
in the event of a vehicle break
down or a crash.

From December 2013
through March 2014, 33,085
crashes occurred on snow, ice
or slush covered roadways
killing 38 people and injuring
9,013. Speed-related factors
were reported as a cause in
49 percent of these crashes.
To view a breakdown of winter crashes visit http://www.

PEVS board hires special ed director

PAULDING - The Paulding Exempted
Village School Board hired a new special
education director and okayed a TIF Exemption during its regular meeting Dec. 9.
The board accepted the resignation of
Kristen Cheslock as director of special education and early childhood learning, effective on Dec. 31. She has served the district
for one and one-half years.
At the end of the meeting, following a
half-hour executive session, the board unanimously approved a two-year administrative
employee contract for Lonetta Porinchok as
director of special education and early childhood education.
The contract is effective Jan. 12, 2015July 31, 2016.
The board also unanimously approved a
Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) Exemption with Emerald Township.
This exemption allows the township to
declare improvements to certain real property located within its boundaries to be exempt from real property taxation up to 100
percent of the assessed value for up to 30
While the TIF exemption is in effect, the
county treasurer will pay the school district
15 percent of the amount of payments in lieu

of taxes paid. These shall be paid in semi-annual real property tax payments.
The school district waives compliance
with the notice requirements of Sections
5709.73 and 5709.83 of the Ohio Revised
Code and the superintendent of the district
is authorized to enter into an agreement with
the township providing for the payments.
They also unanimously voted to:
Increase the substitute rate of pay to
$8.10 per hour for aides and cooks/cashiers
due to the minimum wage increase that will
be effective Jan 1.
Authorized the superintendent to execute all necessary documents related to the
purchase of 30.297 acres of land in Section
7, Jackson Township and Section 12, Paulding Township from Phlipot Bros. LLC.
In addition, it was noted Gorrell Brothers
was to auction off the school farm Saturday,
Dec. 13.
Superintendent William Hanak stated the
Academic Hall of Fame applications are due
Feb 1.
The Athletic Hall of Fame will induct two
new members on Jan. 24 at the basketball
game against Ayersville.
Several personnel matters were acted
A change of a current extracurricular
contract of Sandy Dobbeleare, tech director,
from 50 percent to full, while rescinding the

Experienced drivers and new Class A

CDL holders should apply ($6,000 tuition
reimbursement for qualified candidates)

Apply: | More info: 800-44-Pride

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uP tO $9,000 Sign-On BOnuS MAY APPLY

eArn uP tO $78,000/YeAr

Paid orientation, training and vacation

Medical, dental and vision insurance

50 percent extracurricular contract of Don

Clark as tech director.
One-year limited extra-curricular contracts for the remainder of this school year
went to Don Clark, audio/visual programmer; Shawn Brewer, boys junior high head
track; Megan Crawford, girls junior high
head track; Mark Ball, girls junior high
track assistant; Kyle Coleman, boys high
school track assistant; Derrick Baksa, and
Hayden Krick, head track coach, with extra
One-year limited extra-curricular contracts for the coming school year were approved for Kyle Coleman, head football
coach; Hayden Krick, head cross country
coach; Steve Heilshorn, boys golf coach;
Haily Phillips, varsity volleyball coach; Rob
Goshia, boys varsity soccer coach; and Sam
Rue, head girls soccer coach.
An organizational meeting of the board
was set for 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 13 in
the administration office board room with
Mark Manz serving as president pro tem.
The regular board meeting will be right after
the meeting.
The proposed 2015-16 school calendar
was approved.
The board unanimously agreed to continue their membership in the Ohio School
Boards Association (OSBA) for the 2015
calendar year.
In the event of inclement
weather, the Patrol is urging
motorists to allow extra time to
get to their destination, maintain a safe distance between
their vehicle and the traffic
ahead, pay close attention to
bridges and overpasses as
they are often the first to freeze
over and to drive slowly, as
everything including accelerating, turning and braking, take
longer on snow-covered roadways.
In case of a vehicle breakdown, motorists should turn
on their hazard warning lights,
safely position the vehicle as
far off the road as possible,
call #677 for assistance and
remain in the vehicle until help
arrives, explained Lt. L.D.
Brode commander of the Van
Wert Post. Troopers further
suggest that if you get stuck in
snow; make sure that your tail

pipe is free of all snow and debris, to decrease your chance of

carbon monoxide poisoning.
All motorists are encouraged
to prepare their vehicle for winter driving by ensuring that the
battery, cooling system, tires,
wipers and defroster are all in
working order. Drivers are also
encouraged to carry the following winter car kit items in their
vehicle in case of a breakdown:
Cell phone and charger
Road flares or reflectors
Help or Call Police signs
First aid kit
Blanket/sleeping bag
Small shovel
Bottled water and energy
Candles and matches
Tow strap/chain
Up-to-the-minute road conditions are always available by
logging onto the Ohio Department of Transportations website,

Make the most of your insurance deductibles.


Schneider iS hiring
truck driverS!

Regional, Tanker, Dedicated

and Intermodal Work

Foresters around the globe are trying to

manage the worlds forests so they are healthier, more plentiful and at the same time provide the many products we all need to survive.
Please take a moment to realize just how
many things in your everyday life can be attributed to trees:
producing oxygen
providing cooling shade
reducing soil erosion
looking beautiful
creating privacy
providing lumber for construction
buffering noise pollution
creating homes for various wildlife
providing home heating during winter
The Paulding SWCD annual tree sale is going on now through March 31. Stop in at the
office at 503 Fairgrounds Drive and discover
our updated offerings and new additions for
2015. Call 419-399-4771 for more information. Plan to plant for the future.

Heres a way to be smart when it comes to your

medical insurance. If youve been putting off minor
medical procedures, waiting to get your mammogram
or just not scheduling that colonoscopy, the end of the
year is a perfect time to take care of those overdue
medical needs.
Paulding County Hospital can help you meet these
needs. Deductibles under most medical insurance
plans will reset to the full amount beginning in January.
So if you have met your deductible for this year and are
able to complete other medical procedures or tests
before the end of the year, your out of pocket expenses
may be minimal or even zero. So be smart and contact
your doctor today or call Paulding County Hospital
and schedule before the end of the year.

1035 West Wayne Street Paulding, Ohio 45879 419.399.4080

8A - Paulding County Progress Wednesday, December 17, 2014

ODOT gives red light to

two Payne traffic signals

Progress Staff Writer
PAYNE After the main
controller that operates the
stop lights in the village of
Payne were deemed unrepairable, Payne Village Council
began searching for ways to
repair or replace the lights.
Mayor Terry Smith contacted the Ohio Department
of Transportation (ODOT) requesting they do what would
be necessary to insure that the
old lights could be replaced
with new ones as has been the
case for many years at the two
Payne intersections.
At the council meeting held
on Dec. 8, three representatives from ODOT District 1
were in attendance to share
their findings concerning the
possibility of new stop lights
based on their studies and
Based on the information
gathered by ODOT it was
determined that a traffic signal is not warranted for both
village intersections that
currently have stop lights.
The two intersections in
question are located at Main
Street (Ohio 49/500/613) and
Townline Street (Ohio 613)
and to the north at the intersection of Main Street (Ohio
49/500/613) and Merrin
Street (Ohio 500/613).
New recommendations call
for the south light (at Main
and Townline streets) be removed and be converted to
a minor road stop controlled
intersection by placing stop
signs on the east and west
approaches to the intersection. Stop bars should be
placed four feet in advance
of the sidewalks. According
to ODOT information the intersection sight distance was
evaluated and shown to be

The original second light

located near the village downtown also warrants, according
to ODOT, a new type of signal.
ODOT analyses indicate
that intersection sight distance was evaluated and due
to the proximity of buildings
and on-street parking, available sight distance would
make it difficult for motorists
to negotiate the intersection
from minor street stop conditions.
The Lima District 1 Office
recommends that a traffic signal be constructed and operated with side street actuation.
A side street actuated signal
would display green going
north/south until traffic from
the east or west calls the signal upon arrival of a vehicle.
According to ODOT, this
will eliminate unnecessary
stops for Main Street (Ohio
49) traffic and increase the
operational efficiency of the
intersection. It will also help
to decrease ruts in the pavement due to trucks braking at
the intersection.
Stop bars would be placed
four feet in advance of the existing crosswalks.
ODOT District 1 is responsible for installing the appropriate stop signs at the south
intersection while the traffic
signal located at the north intersection will be the responsibility of the village.
ODOT also informed council that field observations indicate the existing stop bar
locations on the east and west
Ohio 613 approaches to Main
Street do not appear to allow
for full, unobstructed truck
movements. ODOT Engineer
Matt Rosebrock said the village should consider improving the radii at both subject
intersections to allow full,

unobstructed truck turning

movements as a future project.
After hearing ODOTs report concerning their proposal and recommendations, the
council, by consensus, voiced
their displeasure and several
The main concern was that
of children crossing the street
near the south intersection
en route to Payne Elementary. With the truck traffic on
Ohio 49 not needing to stop
this is going to be a situation
where kids safety is at risk,
said Councilman Ron Etzler.
Semis trying to turn and
school buses trying to maneuver their way at the south
intersection will be tricky according to council.
Following nearly 90 minutes of discussion that at
times became quite heated,
Police Chief Rodney Miller
asked ODOT representative
Dan Kaseman if their recommendations were final and if
their would be any possible
way to have consideration
be made to the villages concerns. Kaseman responded by
saying that ODOT is set with
their findings and no changes would come as a result of
council concerns. With that
being said, Miller advised the
council to understand ODOTs
recommendations and to
move forward.

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Scott Wagner

The Perfect Match in HVAC.

us today
5538 Road 13, Ottawa 13055 Dohoney
Road, Defiance
Paulding, OH 45879

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State ID #25024

turn to the experts

State ID #25024

the environmentally sound refrigerant

turn to the experts

the environmentally sound refrigerant

State ID #25024

turn to the experts

COMPLETE APPRENTICE TRAINING PROGRAM Paulding Putnam Electric Co-op employees

Andrew Hermiller (left) and Josh Smith and recently completed their apprentice program. The COLT
program is designed to teach line worker apprentices the skills to safely operate a distribution system. This includes learning to safely climb poles, the handling of conductors carrying 12,000 volts
of energy, and general trouble-shooting. Both Smith and Hermiller completed a six-week course
before hiring. After PPEC hired them, they were required to attend four weeks of class in Marion
each of the last three years. Each week of class required many hours of preparation that they did on
their own time. Combined with those that have gone before them, PPEC has made this investment
to develop an effective and safe work force to benefit member-owners for the foreseeable future.

EQIP signup deadline announced

Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) provides
financial and technical assistance
to farmers to implement a wide
variety of practices designed to improve resource management. Ohio
NRCS recently announced a Jan.
16 deadline. Farmers are welcome
to submit applications to EQIP on
an ongoing basis.
Among the many EQIP program options are nutrient management Conservation Activity Plans
(CAP 104), to evaluate current
practices and improve nutrient
application timing, placement,
product selection and application
methods. NRCS 590 nutrient

Antwerp, Ohio
305 S. Main Street
Antwerp, OH 45813
Payne, Ohio
N Main Street
102 N.
Payne, OH 45880
Harlan, Indiana - LPO
18214 SR Thirty-Seven
Harlan, IN 46743


your free estimate!

Business News

the environmentally sound refrigerant

State ID #25024

management is available to implement nutrient management

plans, comprehensive nutrient
management plans are an option
for livestock operations. The Conservation Stewardship Program
supports ongoing implementation
of resource management practices
such as buffer strips, cover crops,
grassed waterways, filter strips,
drainage water management and
windbreaks just to name a few.
All are components for improved
water quality.
We look forward to working
with landowners in developing a plan to improve systems
on the farm and promote good
water quality says Mary Ann
Hawk, District Conservationist for Seneca County NRCS.
Whether crop, pasture or
woodlot there are many available practices to address resource concerns.
These programs can help
keep fertilizer on farm fields and
out of rivers, lakes and streams.
According to Dr. Thomas
Green, president of the IPM Institute, an independent nonprofit
working to improve Lake Erie
water quality, When nutrients
are lost from cropland, farmers

lose money and water quality

can suffer. Were working to help
growers gain access to NRCS
programs to improve resource
use efficiency and water quality
in the Western Lake Erie Basin.
I used EQIP to get started using cover crops a few years ago.
Knowing that I had a little backing made the transition easier. I
have continued to expand my
acres and have seen improvements in just a few years says
Joe Kimmet of Tiffin.
Applications are available
online or at a local NRCS office.
When visiting NRCS, have in
mind your vision and concerns
for your land. A specialist will discuss what is available to meet your
needs and walk you through the
application process, said Mark
Adelsperger, resource mangement
planner at IPM Institute.
Additional information about
the EQIP programs can be found
for Ohio online at www.nrcs.usda.
For more information about
IPM Institute programs visit www. Call or email
Adelsperger at 419-294-8960,

Paulding County Church Directory

Antwerp Community Church, 704 S. Erie St., SR 49, Antwerp; Pastor
Ricky L. Grimes 419-258-2069. Bible Study Fellowship 9:30 am; Contemporary Worship 10:30 am, Wednesday Discipleship Study, 7:00 pm
Antwerp United Methodist Church, East River Street, Rev. Pastor Mike
Schneider, church telephone number is 258-4901, Comtemporaty service
Sunday 8:30a.m., Sunday school 9:30a.m., Traditional Service 10:30a.m.
Divine Mercy Catholic Parish, 303 S. Monroe, Antwerp. Office: 417 N.
Main, Paulding, 399-2576, Pastor Very Rev. G. Allan Fillman, Masses: Sunday at 8:30am.
First Baptist Church, 5482 CR 424, Pastor Todd Murray, 258-2056,
Sunday school at 9 a.m., Sunday worship 10 a.m.; evening service 6 p.m.,
Wednesday Bible Study 6:30 p.m.
First Presbyterian Church, 126 W. River St., Pastor Mike Pennington,
258-2864, Sunday school at 11:15 a.m., Sunday worship at 10:00 a.m.
Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, 2937 US 24, 258-2290. Public
talk 10 a.m. Sunday, Congregation Bible Study, Theocratic Ministry School
& Service Meeting, Theocratic school 7:30 p.m. Thursday.
Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church, Rev. Derek Evans. Sunday school at 9
a.m., Sunday worship at 10 a.m.
Riverside Christian Church, 15413 St. Rt. 49, (corner Ohio 49 and Road
192), Antwerp. 258-3895, Pastor Regan Clem.
Apostolic Christian Church, 13562 Road 147, Defiance (Junction), 3993121, William Schlatter, Elder, Sunday services at 10:15 a.m. and 12:30
p.m., Sunday school at 1 p.m., Wednesday services at 7:30 p.m.
Bethel Christian Church, Ohio 66, Defiance (Arthur), Pastor Christopher
Baker, Sunday worship at 10:30 a.m.
Church of Christ, corner of County Roads 166 and 191, Evangelist Lonnie Lambert, 399-5022, Sunday worship at 10:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Bible
study at 9:30 a.m. Sunday.
Junction Bible Christian Church, County Road 111, Defiance (Junction),
393-2671 or, Interim Pastor Duane Richardson,
Sunday school at 9:30 a.m., Sunday worship follows at 10:30 a.m & Bible
Study on Wed. at 7pm.
Pleasantview Missionary Baptist Church, County Road 180, Defiance
(Junction), Rev. Alan Ray Newsome, Sunday worship at 11 a.m., evening
service at 6 p.m.; Wednesday evening services at 7 p.m.
Rock Church, SR 637, Five Span-Arthur area, Pastor Bobby Branham
393-2924, Sunday school at 10 a.m., Sunday worship at 10:45 a.m., Sunday
evening worship at 7 p.m., Wednesday evening worship at 7 p.m., Youth
Service Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Grover Hill Church of the Nazarene, Maple and East Jackson streets,
Pastor Jonathan L. Hoagland, 587-3376, Sunday school at 9:30 a.m., Morning worship at 10:30 a.m., Sunday evening gospel hour at 6 p.m., Wednesday evening service at 7 p.m.
Grover Hill Zion United Methodist Church, corner of First and Harrison,
587-3941; Pastor Mike Waldron, 419-238-1493 or 419-233-2241 (cell). Sunday school at 9:30 a.m., Sunday worship at 10:20 a.m., nursery available
during all services.
Mandale Church of Christ in Christian Union, Ohio 66, Pastor Justin Sterrett, 419-786-9878, Sunday school at 9:30 a.m., Sunday worship at 10:30
a.m. and 6 p.m., Wednesday prayer meeting at 7 p.m.
Middle Creek United Methodist Church, County Road 24, Grover Hill,
Pastor William Sherry, Sunday worship at 9 a.m., Sunday school at 10:15
a.m., Sunday evening Bible study at 6 p.m.
Mt. Zion United Methodist Church, Grover Hill, County Road 151, Sunday school at 9:30 a.m., Pastor David Prior, Sunday worship at 10:30 a.m.,
Wednesday evening prayer meeting at 7:30 p.m.
Roselms Christian Church, Ohio 114, Pastor Gary Church, 594-2445,
Sunday school at 9:30 a.m., Sunday worship at 10:30 a.m.
Apostolic Christian Church, 12867 Road 82, Haviland, 399-5220, worship service at 10:30 a.m.
Country Chapel United Methodist Church, Haviland, 419-622-5746, Sunday school at 9:30 a.m., Sunday worship at 10:15 a.m.
Latty Zion Baptist Church, Latty, Pastor Levi Collins Jr., 399-2748, Sunday school at 10 a.m., worship service at 11:15 a.m.
Harvest Field Pentecostal Church of God, 13625 Road 12, Scott, Pastor
Terry Martin, 419-622-2026, Sunday school at 9:30 a.m., Sunday morning
worship at 10:30 a.m., Sunday Evening worship at 6 pm, Wednesday evening worship at 7:00 pm, Wednesday Youth Group at 7 pm.
Friends United Methodist Church, Latty, Pastor Ron Johnson. Sunday
worship at 9 a.m., Wednesday Bible Study at 7 p.m.

Auglaize Chapel Church of God, rural Oakwood, 3 miles south and half
mile west on County Road 60, Pastor Stan Harmon, 594-2248, Sunday
worship at 9:00 a.m. Sunday school at 10:30 a.m., Wednesday services for
children, youth and adults at 7:00 p.m.
Melrose United Methodist Church, Melrose, 594-2076, Pastor Eileen Kochensparger 399-5818; Sunday school 9:30 a.m., Sunday worship at 10:30
a.m., Wednesday Bible study and prayer at 7 p.m.
Twin Oaks United Methodist Church, corner of Harmon and Second
streets, Oakwood, Pastor Eric Dailey. 419-594-2992. Sunday worship at
9:30 a.m., Sunday school at 10:45 a.m., Bible Study Wednesdays at 10 a.m.
Bible Baptist Church, corner of Cleveland and Perry streets, Grover Hill, Prairie Chapel Bible Church, one mile east and a half-mile north of OakPastor Pat Holt, 587-4021, Sunday school at 10 a.m., Sunday worship at 11 wood on the corner of Roads 104 and 209, Pastor Earl Chapman, 594-2057,
a.m., Sunday evening worship at 6 p.m.; Wednesday prayer meeting at 7 Sunday school at 9:30 a.m., Sunday worship at 10:30 a.m., evening worship
at 6 p.m., Wednesday Bible study at 7 p.m.


Bethel United Methodist, Forders Bridge, Cecil, Pastor Kevin Doseck
(419) 899-4153, worship service at 10:30 a.m., Sunday school at 9:30 a.m.
Bethlehem Temple Pentecostal, 818 West Jackson Street, Paulding,
399-3770, Rev. Burpo, Sunday school at 10 a.m., Sunday worship at 12 p.m.
Cecil Community Church, 203 S. Main St., Cecil. Pastor Ted Ramey.
Sun. school 10:00 am, Worship service 11 am, Sun. eve. 6 pm, Wed.
eve. 6 pm.
Cecil First Presbyterian Church, Main Street, Cecil, Sunday worship
at 8 a.m., Sunday school at 9 a.m.
Christian Fellowship Church, Paulding High School Auditeria, 10 a.m.
Sunday. Pastor Greg Cramer.
Divine Mercy Catholic Parish, 417 N. Main, Paulding, 399-2576, Rev.
Joseph Poggemeyer, Masses: Saturday at 6 p.m.; Sunday at 10:30 a.m.
Emmanuel Baptist Church, 1275 Emerald Road, Paulding, 419-3995061, Sunday School at 9:30 a.m., worship services at 10:45 a.m. and 6
p.m. Sunday and 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. Pastor Drew Gardner.
First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), 1233 Emerald Road,
Paulding, 419-399-4576, Sunday school 9 a.m., Worship service 10
a.m. Pastor Jeff Seger.
First Presbyterian Church, 114 West Caroline Street, Paulding, 3992438, Rev. David Meriwether, 9:00am Sunday school (youth and adult),
9:15 a.m. praise singing, 9:30 a.m. Sunday worship. Communion 1st
Sunday each month. No 1st Wednesday supper.
Grace Community Church, Ohio 111 West across from Paulding County
Hospital.Sunday school at 8:45 a.m., service at 10:00 a.m. Pastor Cameron
House of Love Ministries, 220 N. Williams St., Paulding. Pastor Predest (Dwayne) Richardson or Sister Brenda Richardson, 419-399-9205
or 419-796-8718, Sunday worship at 3 p.m. Wednesday night bible study
at 5:30. Jail Ministry, Food Ministry, Outreach Ministry. Overcomer Outreach - a Christian 12-steap meeting, Sundays at 5 p.m.
New Beginnings Church (Church of God), Cecil, Pastor Roy Burk,
399-5041, Sunday worship at 11 a.m.
Paulding Church of Christ, East Perry Street, Paulding, Minister
Christopher Reno, 419-399-4761. Bible school at 9:30 a.m., Sunday
worship at 10:30 a.m.
Paulding Church of the Nazarene, 210 Dooley Dr., Paulding, 3993932, Pastor Jeremy Thompson, Sunday school at 9:15 a.m., Sunday
worship at 10:30 a.m., Sunday evening at 6 p.m.: Kids Summer Jam
(ages 4-4th grade), Preteen class (5th-6th grade), Teen group (7th-12th
grade), and adult service. Wednesday at 7 p.m.: Teen group (7th-12th
grade), adult bible study and prayer. Nursery available for all services.
Paulding Family Worship Center, 501 West Perry Street, Paulding,
399-3525, Rev. Monte Moore, Sunday worship at 10:30 a.m.
Paulding United Methodist Church, 321 North Williams Street, Paulding, church telephone number is 399-3591, Rev. Roger Emerson, Worship
service at 9:45 a.m.; Sunday School, 11:15 a.m.; Wed. worship at 6 pm.
Church office is located at 308 N. Main St.

Pentecostal Church of God, 601 W. Caroline St., Paulding, Elder

George Robinson, Sunday school at 10 a.m., worship service at noon,
prayer services Monday at 6 p.m. and Thursday at noon, Bible study at
6 p.m. Tuesday.
Pioneer Christian Ministries, County Road 108 and Ohio 637, Paulding,
Rev. Chuck Oliver, Sunday school at 9:30 a.m., Sunday worship at 10:30
a.m., and Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. including a youth service on at least
three Wednesday evenings.
Rose Hill Church of God, corner of SR 637 and Charloe Trail, Paulding,
399-3113, Pastor Ron Hofacker, Sunday school at 9:30 a.m., Sunday worship at 10:30 a.m., Wednesday service from 7-8 p.m. with childrens hour.
St. John Lutheran ChurchELCA, 7611 Road 87, Briceton, Pastor Karen
Stetins, church telephone number is 419-399-4962 or 419-399-2320. Sunday worship at 8:30 a.m., Sunday school at 9:30 a.m.
St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church, 601 Flat Rock Drive (P.O. Box
156), Paulding, Pastor Karen Stetins, church telephone number is 399-2320,
Sunday Worship at 10:30 a.m., Sunday school at 9:15 a.m.
Divine Mercy Catholic Parish, 203 W. Townline, Payne, 399-2576, Pastor
Very Rev. G. Allan Fillman, Masses: Saturday at 4 p.m.
Edgerton Wesleyan Church, 1717 Bertha St., Woodburn, (Edgerton)
Ind. 46797, Pastor Dave Dignal, church telephone number is 260-632-4008,
Sunday school at 9 a.m., childrens church at 10 a.m., worship at 10 a.m.,
home groups at 6 p.m., Wednesday evening services at 6:30 p.m..
Living Water Ministries, Contemporary worship service Sunday nights at
10 a.m. & 6:30 p.m., The Well church for kids, Sunday mornings from 1011:30 a.m. The church is currently in the process of relocating. For location
information, contact Pastor Rich Phelan, 419-263-2728.
Payne Church of Christ, 220 West Merrin Street, Payne, Pastor Mikeal
George. Sunday worship at 9:30 am. 419-263-2092; 419-574-2150 (cell).
Payne Church of the Nazarene, 509 E. Orchard St. (Ohio 500) Payne,
Pastor Mike Harper, 263-2422, Sunday school at 9:30 a.m., Sunday worship
at 10:30 a.m. Sunday night service at 6:30 p.m., Wednesday prayer meeting
at 7:30 p.m.
St. Jacob United Church of Christ, southwest corner of Oak and Hyman
streets, Payne, Rev. Jim Langham, 263-2763. Sunday School 9 a.m, Church
service-10 a.m.
St. James Lutheran Church NALC, West Townline Street (P.O. Box 42),
Payne, 263-2129, Pastor Fred Meuter, 260-492-2581. Sunday School at 9
a.m., Sunday worship at 10 a.m.
St. Paul United Methodist Church, (P.O. Box 154) 312 South Main
Street, Payne, Rev. David Rohrer, church telephone number is 263-2418,
parsonage telephone number is 263-2017, Sunday school at 9 a.m., Sunday
worship at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.
Editors Note: If your church doesnt have service times listed, please contact the Paulding County Progress office to notify of Sunday service times.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014 Paulding County Progress - 9A

Hunger an issue even at holiday time

Paul Schools KNAP Sack and Columbus
DHI Correspondent
Groves Bless a Bulldog).
During the winter months, it is especial- Van Wert County runs four food pantries,
ly difficult for our most vulnerable citizens two CSFP sites, one meal site, and one shel children, the elderly and the disabled to ter.
have access to proper nutrition.
Harner said that during the 2013 calendar
According to Tommie Harner, assistant/ year, WOFB distributed 5,264,317 meals
fund development director at the West Ohio throughout the 11-county service area.
Food Bank (WOFB) in Lima, These indi- During October 2014 (the most recent staviduals may already be living in a poverty tistics available), throughout the service area
situation, but as we all know, heating and there were 17,538 individuals who received
electric costs substantially increase during 30,963 meals through one of the feeding
the colder time of the year. This puts a severe sites.
strain on them (the individuals), forcing them Households with minor children were
to choose between these costs and purchasing served as follows: elderly (age 60+)- 1,048;
adults (age 18-59)- 10,908, and children
The West Ohio Food Bank serves 11 coun- (ages 0-17)- 12,570. In households withties in Northwest and West Central Ohio, in- out minor children, 4,310 elderly and 8.021
cluding Hardin, Paulding, Putnam and Van adults were served.
Wert counties. According to the findings in The holiday season traditionally brings to
Hunger in America 2014, a study conducted the forefront efforts to help those less fortuby Feeding America and WOFB, within the nate. There are many ways individuals can
WOFBs service area, an estimated 87 per- help fight the hunger problem in our area.
cent of households are food insecure and 13 Harner commented, At West Ohio Food
percent are food secure.
Bank, for every dollar that we receive, we
Food insecurity can have several different are able to provide eight meals to individueffects on individuals. When a child does als in need. Our hope is that our current and
not have proper nutripast supporters will con
tion, it can lead to lack
tinue to give to WOFB,
These are terms that are often
of attention and conand if able, increase their
used when it comes to hunger:
stantly feeling ill. This
contributions. In order for
may eventually lead to
WOFB to continue its cur Food insecurity - The United
the child dropping out
rent level of food distribuStates Department of Agricultures
of school and not being
tion, we need an additional
(USDA) measure of lack of access,
able to pursue a career
at time, to enough food for an active,
that could put them into

Individuals may
healthy life for all household mema situation where he/she
also conduct food drives
bers; limited or uncertain availability
would be food secure.
for their local pantries and
of nutritionally adequate foods.
The elderly and the dissoup kitchens. There are
Very low food security - Food inseabled may suffer health
many items that are not
curity in the household reached levproblems that could
always available from
els of severity great enough that one
eventually lead to death
WOFB that our partner
or more households have reported
if proper nutrition is not
agencies need. We try to
multiple indications of reduced food
attained. Many elderly
provide the necessities;
intake and disrupted eating patterns
and disabled are also
however, we are not a
due to insufficient resources for
faced with the difficult
grocery store and are only
decision of whether to
able to distribute what we
Hunger - The uneasy or painful
pay for necessary medreceive as a donation,
sensation caused by a lack of food,
icine or medical treatHarner said. When items
the recurrent and involuntary lack of
ment or food.
arent available for our
access to food.
There are misconcepagencies, they have to go
tions as to the difference
to retail outlets and pay a
between a food bank
much higher cost.
and a food pantry. WOFB is a food bank. It Harner suggested persons or organizations
has the capacity to store truckloads of food that are interested in holding a food drive or
items that they provide to partner agencies donating to a particular program should consuch as food pantries, backpack programs, tact the program directly, and ask them of
etc. A food pantry has basic home-sized re- their needs. A full listing of WOFBs partner
frigerators and freezers that can store a lim- agencies can be found on its website: www.
ited amount of food at a time, and they serve
individuals who are in need.
And of course, another need that WOFB
In Hardin County, there are six food pan- has, along with its partner agencies, is voltries, six Commodity Supplement Food Pro- unteers, Harner concluded. Many of our
grams (CSFP) senior food box sites, one partner agencies are operated with only volshelter, two meal sites, and two backpack unteers and many of them are of an older
program sites (Kenton City School Backpack generation. Volunteers are crucial to the supProgram, Alger Backpack Program).
port of the operation of not only WOFB, but
Paulding County operates five food pan- of our partner agencies.
tries, one CSFP site, one meal site, and one Food drives, volunteer efforts, and special
backpack program site (Blessings in a Bag).
holiday meals are in abundance this time of
There are six food pantries in Putnam year. Despite these efforts, two million OhioCounty, two CSFP sites, and two backpack ans, more than one in six, continue to strugprograms (Ottawa-Glandorf and St. Peter and gle with hunger on a daily basis.

Chamber Bucks available for Christmas shopping

Feature Writer
PAULDING Earlier in
the holiday season, Paulding
Chamber of Commerce executive director Peggy Emerson
made a sound commitment to
shopping local for Christmas
by announcing that she would
do 100 percent of her Christmas shopping in Paulding
County this season.
That is still true, said Emerson this past weekend. I
have purchased 100 percent
of my Christmas gifts in this
These final days of Christmas shopping, Emerson is
emphasizing an easy means of
keeping Christmas shopping in
the local county by means of
Chamber Bucks. The bucks
are currently on sale at the
chamber office and can be used
for purchase at any chamber
members business.

Anyone can purchase
Chamber Bucks through the
office. You dont have to be a
chamber member to be able to
purchase them, said Emerson.
Its a great way to encourage
folks to shop locally at any
chamber member business.
They make great Christmas gifts, great bonuses for
employees, said Emerson.
We have a lot of folks using
them at Paulding-Putnam and
at Coopers stores. Its a great
way to help people with special
needs at this time.
Earlier in the season, Em-

erson had announced that she

was going to spend 100 percent
of her Christmas money inside
of Paulding County this year.
I decided that if I was going
to urge others to shop locally,
then I better be ready to put
my money where my mouth is
and go all out, said Emerson.
I discussed it with my husband and we have committed
to doing 100 percent of our
Christmas shopping in Paulding County.
Paulding County has some
really great small businesses
where you can get some amazing gifts with just a tiny bit of
creativity and planning, added Emerson.

Emerson said that county

residents should understand
that every purchase they make
outside of Paulding County is
real money that doesnt come
back here. She noted that the
county receives tax revenue
from each taxable dollar spent.
If each family in Paulding
spends approximately $780 on
their Christmas celebrations
in the county multiplied by
the 7,800 households we have
in the county, we are talking
about $91,260 that is returning
to our own agencies and services right here at home.
Ive really been amazed at
some of the cool things that
are out there, said Emerson.

Sat., December 20

Simply Me Caf

(formerly the Cabbage Patch Restaurant)

19275 SR 111 Defiance

Breakfast with Santa is fREE for the Children.
Refreshments will also be available for the parents
A Craft and Vendor show is also being held
in conjunction with this from 9-1 pm.
Stop buy and see the great gift ideas for Christmas.

Pictures with Santa will be available

also for a free will donation.
Pictures can be picked up on Sunday, December 21 at the restaurant.
Note: The restaurant will not be open for business that day

Waters Insurance LLC


Bruce Ivan

600 South Main St. 1007 N. Williams St.

Payne, OH 45880 Paulding, OH 45879


All I want for Christmas

In case you havent noticed,

Christmas is just a week away.
That means youve got about
six days left to figure out what
youre getting whom. Thanks
to the miracle of the Internet,
you can shop 24/7 in your
jammies and have it delivered
right to your door, if your
local businesses dont have
what you want. With Amazon
Prime or an order over $35,
you can get free two-day shipping on most items. Plenty of
If youre still stuck as to
what to buy the peeps on your
list, Im here to help. If youre
buying for a gardener and
youre not a gardener yourself, it can be tough to figure
out what to get. I know youre
thinking, What more could
they want - a shovel, a hoe,
pruners and a pair of gloves?
Maybe a wheelbarrow.
Gardeners are so hard to
buy for, right? WRONG!
There is no end to the list
of things we could use, the
things we would like, or the
things we need. We arent like
golfers, who really only have
to have clubs and some balls.
Now those people are tough
to buy for.
I attend at least one trade
show every year and youd
be shocked at the number of
new products that get introduced to gardeners each year,
let alone all the stuff thats already out there. People never
cease to amaze me with their
For example, there are
molds you can get to grow
your veggies in out-of-theordinary shapes. How unique
would it be to have starshaped cucumber slices in
your salads? It might even
entice your kids to eat them
if theyre in fun shapes like
hearts and stars. (Search for
vegetable molds to find
You could buy a kit to grow
your own mushrooms. I did
this one year and to be honest,
theres nothing to it. Not only
is there the coolness factor of
just growing them, you get to
eat them too. Win-win!
One year, my kids gave
me a rain chain. You hang
it from the gutter at the corner of your roof and instead
of the rain washing through
the downspout, it falls down
the rain chain. You can collect the water in whatever
you like at ground level, but
sometimes you can get coordinating bowls designed to
go with the chains. You can,
of course, lead the chain into
a rain barrel too, and use the
collected water for watering
your plants. Houseplants love
rainwater much more than
chlorinated tap water.
Hopefully you arent
grossed out by the earthy,
warty toads you find in your
garden. Its a good thing to
have them (for insect control),
and the more the better. There
are some clever toad houses

I dont know any gardener who doesnt enjoy receiving a gardening book and Im going to take advantage of the fact that I
write this column to suggest mine. Indoor Plant Dcor has lots of
photographs and ideas about how to use plants to enhance your
homes design style. I have copies that I can personally sign to
whomever you wish. Just email me about it at the address below.

In the

Kylee Baumle
and if youve ever wondered
if toads actually use them,
they do. I have found a toad
in ours on more than one occasion.
If you do want to buy
something basic, know this:
all hand pruners are not created equal and every gardener
knows that a good pair is
essential. There are bypass
pruners, anvil pruners, and
ratchet pruners, and about
eleventy-eleven companies
that make them. This is one
tool which you dont want to
do on the cheap. My personal
favorites are Felco F6 for
small hands, Florian ratchet
pruner, and the Ames True
Temper bypass pruner with
Control Ring.
I have all kinds of gardening gloves and every spring
I get new ones in the mail to
try. Some I dont like very

well, and others I like quite

a bit. Fit is tantamount to
me, even over durability, and
unfortunately my favorites
(Ethel gloves) are no longer
made. That forced me to look
for something comparable
and while they arent really
like Ethels, Atlas makes a
great-fitting glove that also
holds up pretty well, thanks
to their nitrile coating on the
fingers and palm. Bonus: they
arent expensive.
Finally, just for fun, buy a
Chia gift this year. Even after
all these years (since 1982!)
they are still awesomely hip
and come in an incredible
variety of styles, like Chia
SpongeBob and Chia Uncle
Si (seriously). If you cant
think of anyone on your list
that would like one, buy it for
yourself. You know youve
always wanted to. Im making
mine a Chia Hello Kitty.
Youre welcome and Merry
Read more at Kylees blog,
Our Little Acre, at www. and on
Facebook at www.facebook.
com/OurLittleAcre. Contact
her at

Pet Grooming

Large & Small

We do them all
Cats & Dogs Grooming


Public Notice

This is to make Public Notice

that there is to be no
trespassing, dumping,
hunting or cutting of trees
on the property known as
Pleasant Valley, situated in
Benton Township, section
16, Paulding County, OH.
Violators will be
prosecuted to the fullest
extent of the law.

R & K Brady Corporation17c1

deadline notices
The upcoming holidays will change our
advertising deadlines.
Please note the following changes:


Monday, Dec. 29th

Weekly Reminder

Noon on Tuesday,
Dec. 23rd

Monday, Jan. 5th, 2015

Weekly Reminder

Noon on Tuesday,
Dec. 30th


10A - Paulding County Progress

Wednesday, December 17, 2014



The Annual Senior Citizens Breakfast was held at Paulding

Exempted Village Schools on Wednesday, Dec. 10 in the audiFormer Ohio State University running back, Maurice Clarett visited with the 21st Century after school program at Wayne Trace Jr./Sr. High
teria. Serving Ruth and Harold Williams are seniors Kayla
School. Clarett, a star running back who helped elevate the Buckeyes to a national championship in 2002, urged students to use the resourcDeitrick and Kastin Kelly.
es around them to build a successful life, career and future. Clarett blamed his downfall on hanging out with the wrong people. Clarett shared
his signature phrase: Show me your friends, and Ill show you your future. Staff and students had a great time and everyone left with an
autographed Maurice Clarett photograph.

First graders at Antwerp Elementary went to the Lincoln Ridge

Antwerp kindergarten students participated in a special mornPumpkin
Farm for a field trip. On the field trip, they were able to pick
ing filled with Thanksgiving centers. Here, Mrs. McMichaels
from the pumpkin patch, slide down the straw mountain
students Reid Nutter and Randall Hoehn practice writing Native
zip line, walk through the haunted house, go through the corn
American pictograms using a feather and paint.
maze, and bounce on the giant pumpkin bounce. Pictured here are
CJ Eaton, Kane Hines, Emory Ehrhart, and Raelynne Zuber.

Kindergarten students at Grover Hill Elementary enjoyed learning about

the signs of fall! Pictured: Amber Stoller, Adilynn Shaffer, Lucas Sproles and
Kevin Martz.

Mrs. Angie Bonifas, the occupational therapist

at Paulding Exempted Village Schools presented
an in-service for parents of preschoolers about
things they can do to help their children get ready
for handwriting. Ms Angie talked with the parents
and then had LOTS of fun activity stations for the
parents and children to do together. Pictured with
Ms Angie is preschooler, Maddi
Ankney from Mrs. Taylors

Oakwood Elementary Preschool student Triston Schilt is shown

at a special ceremony where he was presented with an award as
an honorary EMT of the Oakwood EMS. Triston got on the school
bus one day and told his driver, Mike Mericle, that My mom is
on the floor with spit coming out of her mouth. The Sheriffs
Office encoded the Oakwood EMS and they were able to quickly
get to Tristons mom. Shown in the photo are Brian Gerschutz, an
Oakwood EMT and firefighter, Tristons mom Darci Ripke, Triston,
bus driver Mike Mericle, Oakwood EMT Pam Erford. In the back is
Oakwood EMT Chad Riley.

Some of the WT students participated in Kids for Hunger. 20,000 bags were done and they will
First and second grade students at Payne Elementary performed in a Veterans Day program on be going to close communities and Haiti. Each bag of rice, soyprotein and dehydrated vegetables
November 11. Students honored all branches of the military in songs and recitations.
feeds a family of six.

The Following Businesses are proud to

present the Paulding County School Zone

of Paulding


Paulding Maramart
Payne Maramart
127 Maramart
Proud Sponsor of

Paulding Countys School Zone

FREE car
washes w/ any
New or Used

1255 N. Williams St.


1883 2014

131 Continuous Years

8516, Rd. 137, Paulding

(419) 399-3160

Wednesday, December 17, 2014 Paulding County Progress - 11A



Mr. Mark Holtsberry from the Paulding County Water & Soil
Department visited Antwerp Elementary kindergarten students.
The students of Divine Mercy Catholic School presented Fr. Poggemeyer a chain of prayers of praise and thanks. They are very grateful He showed animal furs that are native to Ohio. Pictured beside
for his decision to become a priest and share Jesus with them. The Friday Mass was also dedicated to him. This was all to celebrate the Mr. Holtsberry are Grace Miller, Josie Hahn, and Lexy Hicks.
upcoming Priesthood Sunday.

The Oakwood Elementary Student Council held a drive for the local food pantries in the Oakwood
and Melrose area. Nineteen huge boxes of items were collected and delivered to three different locations. Student council members delivering a load of canned food are Megan Dearth, Jalynn Parrett,
Connor Hunter, and Kaitlyn Shaffer along with bus driver Kris Blair.

Kent Eddy visited the 4th grade Social studies classes at Grover Hill School. He brought in
his collection and knowledge of Native American artifacts. The students were able to identify
the specific types of tools and arrowheads made by prehistoric and historic tribes. They also
ground wheat using a mortar and pestle and shelled corn using a deer jaw bone.

Dianne Cooper from Cooper

Farms brought baby turkeys to
Oakwood Elementary. She told
them information about turkeys
and gave students the opportunity to hold a baby turkey.
Emily Keezer is shown holding
a baby turkey.

Students in Mr. Malcoms 4th grade Social Studies classes

at Paulding Elementary presented projects to their classmates.
Students were asked to present information about different
Native American tribes including where they were located within the state of Ohio. In this picture we see Fernando Garcia,
Gabby Stallbaum and Luke McCullough with one of the presentations.

Paulding High School Students of the Month for October were as follows from left - Freshman
Gabriella Stahl, Sophomore Dayton Pracht, Junior Katlyn Wesley, and Senior Ashlyn Strahley.

Wayne Trace Grover Hill School Students of the Month were recently, front from left Physical
Education Mackenzie Silance, 2A Anna Merez, KA Braxton Marriman, 1A Lance Maenle, 1B
The November Students of the Month at WT JH-HS are: 7th Grade - Tyce Homier, 8th Grade - Aubree Miller, 3A Mary Lands, 3B Kyla Hurd, KB Roman Delong and Cayley Caldwell; Back
Emily Williams, 9th Grade - Erica Mohr, 10th Grade - Cory Thompson, 11th Grade - Erin Mohr, and 2B Tianna Sinn, 4B Ava Dougal, 4A Kara Stoller, RS2 Kara McDonald, 6B Tiffany Sinn,
12th Grade: Haley Saylor.
6A Katie Stoller, 5A Abbie Stoller, 5B Cameron Sinn, RS1 Landen Bennett.

During Homecoming week for the Wayne Trace High School,

the students of Grover Hill showed their Raider Pride by having
Spirit Week. On Twin Day it brought more than one matching
Here is the Paulding Head Start morning class visiting ODOT in Paulding. They helped us to celebrate our NOCAC Head Start outfit. Pictured here are: Natalie Stoller, Kathleen Stoller, Ava
Button day while giving us a tour of their grounds to show us how they keep our roads safe.
Stoller and Addison Stoller.

12A - Paulding County Progress Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Deadline nears to apply for

Iraq veterans bonus

COLUMBUS Ohio veterans who served in Iraq now have less

than a month to meet the Dec. 31 deadline to apply for the Ohio
Veterans Bonus.
The deadline applies to Ohio-resident veterans and Ohio residents
currently in the active duty military who served in the country of Iraq
from March 19, 2003 through Dec. 31, 2011.
The Ohio Veterans Bonus will continue to be awarded to Ohio-resident veterans and active duty service members from Ohio who
served in Afghanistan, or anywhere else in the world, since Oct. 7,
2001. Eligibility for the Bonus will end when the President declares
an end to the war in Afghanistan.
Veterans needing more information or to request an application
can call toll-free to 1-877-OHIO VET (1-877-644-6838) option 2,
visit , or visit any county veterans
service office (see for an interactive map of the
county offices).

WBESC to meet

VAN WERT Western Buckeye Educational Service Center will hold its regular monthly governing board meeting at 6
SENIOR BREAKFAST On Dec. p.m. today, Dec. 17, at the Van Wert ESC,813 N. Franklin St.
11, Antwerp Local School hosted its
first-ever Senior Citizen Breakfast.
Guests enjoyed a meal prepared by cafeteria staff and served by student leaders, cookies made by the gourmet foods Do you like meeting new people and sharing new experiences?
class, decorations compliments of var- Do you enjoy a challenging, thought-provoking pastime? Do your
ious art students, a video prepared by
the broadcast class, many performanc- written communications skills need polishing? Could you use some
es by the music department, readings extra cash?
by different students, Spanish carols The Paulding County Progress is seeking some motivated, enthusung by Spanish students, handmade siastic, dependable individuals who enjoy writing to cover the folChristmas ornament gifts, and more. lowing meetings:
Winter athletes escorted guests into the Oakwood Village Council (second Mondays of each month)
auditeria, and afterward, National Hon- Wayne Trace school board (second Mondays of each month)
or Society students delivered breakfast Paulding County Hospital board (first Thursdays of each
meals to senior citizens who could not month)
attend the event at the school. Here, Fair board (second Wednesdays of each month)
Mrs. Newell directs one of the many If you are interested in joining our award-winning team, send a
student musical performances at the copy of your resume or qualifications and a writing sample by email
event (above) while National Honor to or by mail to Paulding CounSociety members Mikayla Burns, Kiana ty Progress, PO Box 180E, Paulding OH 45879. No phone calls,
Recker, Olivia Tempel (president) and please.
Emily Derck prepare to serve cookies.

Progress seeks correspondents

Commissioners Journal
Commissioners Journal December 3,
This 3rd day of December, 2014, the
Board of County Commissioners met in
regular session with the following members present: Tony Zartman, Roy Klopfenstein, Fred Pieper, and Cindy Peters,
A motion was made by Mr. Roy
Klopfenstein to go into executive session
at 8:10 a.m. with the Paulding County
Prosecutor to discuss legal matters. The
motion was seconded by Mr.Fred Pieper.
All members voting yea.
At 8:30 a.m. all members present
agreed to adjourn the executive session
and go into regular session.
Klopfenstein moved to adopt the following resolution:
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board
of County Commissioners does hereby
direct the County Auditor to amend the
2014 Annual Appropriation by appropriating the following in the General Fund
/Contract Services (Fund 001-016), towit; 001-016-00007/General Fund/Contract Services AMOUNT: $100,000.
Klopfenstein moved to adopt the following resolution:
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board
of County Commissioners does hereby
modify the 2014 Annual Appropriation
and hereby directs the Paulding County
Auditor to transfer funds, to-wit; FROM:
001-016-00005/General Fund/Buildings
and Grounds/Repairs TO: 001-01600006/General Fund/Buildings and
Grounds/Utilities AMOUNT: $10,000.
Klopfenstein moved to adopt the following resolution:
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board
of County Commissioners does hereby
modify the 2014 Annual Appropriation
and hereby directs the Paulding County
Auditor to transfer funds, to-wit; FROM:
002-001-00002/Dog & Kennel/Salaries
TO: 002-001-00003/Dog & Kennel/
Supplies AMOUNT: $1,000.
Pieper moved to adopt the following
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board
of County Commissioners does hereby
modify the 2014 Annual Appropriation
and hereby directs the Paulding County
Auditor to transfer funds, to-wit; FROM:
001-014-00009/General Fund/County
Court/Other Expenses TO: 001-01400018/General Fund/County Court/Indigent Defense AMOUNT: $3,000.

(FUND 078)
Pieper moved to adopt the following
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board
of County Commissioners does hereby
authorize and direct the County Auditor
to make a Supplemental Appropriation in
the Infrastructure Projects (Fund 078) for
the following: FROM: Pay-In # 104773
TO: 078-001-00001/Infrastructure Projects AMOUNT: $701,420.32.
Klopfenstein moved to adopt the following resolution:
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board
of County Commissioners does hereby
modify the 2014 Annual Appropriation
and hereby directs the Paulding County
Auditor to transfer funds, to-wit; FROM:
003-001-00008/Health Dept/Workers
Comp TO: 003-001-00002/Health Dept/
Supplies AMOUNT: $1834.31.
Klopfenstein moved to adopt the following resolution
WHEREAS, on the 3rd day of December, 2014, requests for proposals
for camera security at the 303 Harrison
Street, Paulding, OH location were received by the Paulding County Commissioners; to-wit:
Indiana Small Business IT LLC, Cecil
OH, $4,890
now, therefore
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board
of County Commissioners does hereby
award the proposal to Indiana Small
Business IT LLC, 17490 US Route 127,
Cecil, OH, in the amount of $4,890.
Klopfenstein moved to adopt the following resolution
WHEREAS, on the 3rd day of December, 2014, requests for proposals
for the access control system at the 303
Harrison Street, Paulding, OH location
were received by the Paulding County
Commissioners; to-wit:
Schweller Electric LLC, Paulding
OH, $4,250
now, therefore
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board
of County Commissioners does hereby
award the proposal to Schweller Electric
LLC, 11501 Road 144, Paulding, OH, in
the amount of $4,250.
Pieper moved to adopt the following
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of
County Commissioners hereby approve
the 2015 Annual Appropriations as recorded in Journal 54, Pages 334 through


(regular, in-stock only)

1018 Ralston Ave. Suite 107 Defiance, OH

1113 S. Shannon St., Van Wert, OH
1100 E. High St., Bryan, OH

M-F 9-5
Sat 10-1

1100 Mercer Ave. Decatur, IN M-F 9:00-5:00

Closed Saturday



342, to provide for current expenses and

other expenditures of said County during
the fiscal year ending December 31,
2015. The same are hereby set aside and
appropriated for the several purposes for
which expenditures are to be made for
and during said fiscal year.
Salaries-Officials $115,594
Salaries-Employees $27,649
Supplies $7,000
Equipment $7,000
Legal Counsel $ Travel $7,500
Advertising/Printing $2,500
Other Expenses $6,000
PERS $13,385
Workers Comp $2,479
Medicare $1,997
Insurance $ Social Security $2,535
Total 2015 Budget $193,639;
Salaries-Official $53,431
Salaries-Employees $76,000
Supplies $5,000
Equipment $2,000
Travel $1,000
Advertising/Printing $1,000
Other Expenses $1,000
Salaries-Assessing/PP $ Supplies/PP $ Other Expenses/PP $ PERS/PP $ Workers Comp/PP $ PERS-Auditor $18,200
Workers Comp-Auditor $2,200
Weights/Measures Travel $3,000
Medicare $1,900
Mobile Home Fees $700
Rollback/Homestead $2,000
Total 2015 Budget $185,439;
Salaries-Official $39,157
Salaries-Employees $52,988
Supplies $1,535
Equipment $ Contracts/Services $4,500
Travel $1,400
Advertising/Printing $300
Other Expenses $ PERS $12,901
Workers Comp $1,521
Court Expenses $ Insurance $ Medicare $1,337
Bank Fees $4,800
Interest Fund 169 $ Total 2015 Budget $120,439;
Salaries-Official $54,218
Salaries-Employees $117,090.84
Supplies $ Equipment $ Allowances $27,515.34
Other Expenses $10,200
PERS $23,983.24
Workers Comp $2,826.60
Medicare $2,483.98
Insurance $ Total 2015 Budget $238,318;
State Audit $48,200
Special Reports $14,300
Total 2015 Budget $62,500;
Salaries-Official $3,653
Salaries-Employees $53,470
Supplies $4,000
Equipment $8,000
Contracts/Repairs $1,700
Attorney Fees $50,000
Jurors Fees $4,000
Witness Fees $1,000
Transcripts $1,500
Travel $2,000
Expenses-Foreign Judge $1,000
Other Expenses $11,661
Salaries-Jury $300
PERS $9,000
Workers Comp $1,200
Contracts/Services/Jury $ Medicare $240
Mediation $10,000
Total 2015 Budget $162,724;
Salaries-Employees $36,621
Supplies $3,250
Equipment $2,354.82
Jurors Fees $ Witness Fees $ Child Support $44,600
Travel $1,500
Expenses/Foreign Judge $ Other Expenses $2,000
PERS $5,126.94
Workers Comp $604.24
Medicare $531
Insurance $ Appointed Counsel $25,000
Total 2015 Budget $121,588
Salaries-Official $3,655
Salaries-Employees $39,312
Supplies $3,000
Equipment $9,000

Jurors Fees $ Witness Fees $ Travel $200

Expenses/Foreign Judge $ Other Expenses $2,806.66
PERS $5,503.68
Workers Comp $648.64
Insurance $ Medicare $570.02
Total 2015 Budget $64,696;
Salaries-Official $39,157
Salaries-Employees $41,538
Supplies $8,000
Equipment $7,500
Travel $3,043
Other Expenses $4,900
PERS $11,298
Workers Comp $1,332
Medicare $568
Insurance $ Total 2015 Budget $117,336;
Salaries-Official $22,090
Supplies $10
Contracts/Services $10,000.60
Witness Fees $ Travel $1,000
Other Expenses $ PERS $3,092.60
Workers Comp $364.49
Lab and Morgue $ Insurance $ Medicare $320.31
Salary, Employees $500
Total 2015 Budget $37,378;
Salaries-Official $42,120
Salaries-Employees $154,759.80
Supplies $5,000
Equipment $2,000
Contracts/Repairs $5,000
Jurors Fees $945
Witness Fees $ Other Fees $ Other Expenses $9,507.12
PERS $27,563.17
Workers Comp $3,583.21
Medicare $2,833.70
Insurance $ Salary-Bond Officer $ PERS-Bond Officer $ Workers Comp Bond Officer $ Medicare-Bond Officer $ Indigent Defense $45,000
Total 2015 Budget $298,312;
Salaries-Officials $14,748
Salaries-Employees $76,661
Supplies $3,000
Equipment $1,500
Contracts/Services $33,000
Advertising/Printing $1,500
Other Expenses $5,000
PERS $12,700
Workers Comp $1,600
Salaries/Precinct Workers $10,600
Health Insurance $1,358
Medicare $1,500
Total 2015 Budget $163,167;
Capital Projects $ Salaries-Employees $ Supplies $31,000
Maintenance Repairs $47,963
Utilities, Phone $162,557
Contract Services $120,757
Land-Capitol Improvement $ PERS $ Workers Comp $ Equipment-Capitol Impvmt $ Soil Survey $ Unemployment Comp $ Medicare $ Computer Upgrade $ AEP Balance New Jail $ Total 2015 Budget $362,277;
Salaries-Official $53,888
Salaries, Employees-Sheriff $655,000
Salaries-Employees, Jail $219,000
Salaries-Employees, Communications
Supplies/Sheriff $80,000
Supplies/Jail/Out housing $320,000
Supplies/Communications $ Equipment/Sheriff $81,947.62
Equipment/Jail $ Equipment/Communication $ Contracts/Services $7,000
Training School $ Allowances (FOJ) $23,950
Travel $ PERS $172,635.44
Workers Comp $17,168.17
Unemployment Comp $ Medicare $14,306.80
Other Expenses $ Canine Officer Expenses $ Project Lifesaver $ Arson Offender Fees $ Sexual Offender Fees $ Total 2015 Budget $1,670,795;
Salaries-Official $38,153
Salaries-Employees $53,160
Supplies $3,500
Equipment $ -

Contracts/Repairs $ Contracts/Services $20,916

Travel $1,500
Other Expenses $1,000
PERS $12,800
Workers Comp $1,650
Medicare $1,330
Insurance $ Total 2015 Budget $134,009;
TB/Contracts/Services $ Registration of Vital Statistics $ Handicapped Children $30,000
Total 2015 Budget $30,000;
Health Insurance $155,000
Unemployment Compensation $ Total 2015 Budget $155,000;
Salaries-Officials $22,991.40
Salaries-Employees $65,000
Supplies $3,000
Relief Allowances $35,000
Other Expenses $20,000
PERS $12,318.80
Workers Comp $1,583.85
Transportation $35,000
Burial Expense $5,000
Equipment $2,000
Medicare $1,275.88
Memorial Day Expenses $3,000
Grave Markers $5,000
Total 2015 Budget $211,169.93;
Salaries-Official $ Supplies $ Equipment $ Contracts/Repairs $ Travel $ PERS $2,370.25
Workers Comp $ Other Expenses $ Medicare $263.25
Tax Map Employees $18,172.80
Transfers Out $ Total 2015 Budget $20,806.30;
Salaries-Officials $ Workers Comp $ Total 2015 Budget $ -;
CORSA $165,000
Retirement Funds $42,037
Official Bonds $4,700
Salaries/Loss Control $70,630
PERS $10,198
Workers Comp $1,445
Medicare $1,105
Other Expenses $40,000
OSHA Expenses $ Rent $ Total 2015 Budget $335,115;
Postage $50,000
Other $35,000
Contract Services $22,000
Planning Commission $ Sewer Study Expenses $ ADA Compliance Expenses $ Engineers Interest $ Unemployment $2,500
CSEA FY2005 Closeout $ Pldg WF #2 Timber Road $1,088
Blue Creek Wind Farm $934
Note (unvoted jail note) $25,500
Transfers $ Contingencies $ Total 2015 Budget $137,022;
Other Expenses $6,500
Total 2015 Budget $6,500;
Economic Development $50,000
Econ Development Suppl $ 20 Childrens Services $100,000
7 Mandated Share $57,000
79 EMA $40,000
10 SWCD Operations $45,000
10 SWCD Nature Center $ 13 Ditch Maintenance $ 77 Fire Marshal $ Fair Board $10,000
OSU Extension $45,000
Extension Building $ 02 Dog Warden $ Park Board $ Historical Society $ Maumee Valley Conservancy $ Health Department $10,000
Maumee Valley Planning $1,420
Total 2015 Budget $358,420;
Real Estate Fees $38,650
Mobile Home Fees $ Rollback/Homestead $ Total 2015 Budget $38,650;
Klopfenstein moved to adopt the following resolution:
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board
of County Commissioners does hereby
modify the 2014 Annual Appropriation
and hereby directs the Paulding County

Auditor to transfer funds, to-wit; FROM:

001-017-00015/General Fund/Sheriff/
PERS TO: 001-017-00005/General
Fund/Sheriff/Supplies AMOUNT:
Klopfenstein moved to adopt the following resolution:
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board
of County Commissioners does hereby
modify the 2014 Annual Appropriation
and hereby directs the Paulding County
Auditor to transfer funds, to-wit; FROM:
001-017-00018/General Fund/Sheriff/
Medicare TO: 001-017-00005/General Fund/Sheriff/Supplies AMOUNT:
Klopfenstein moved to adopt the following resolution:
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board
of County Commissioners does hereby
modify the 2014 Annual Appropriation
and hereby directs the Paulding County
Auditor to transfer funds, to-wit; FROM:
196-001-00006/Wellness Grant/ Incentives TO: 196-001-00001/Wellness
Grant/Salaries AMOUNT: $1,000.
Klopfenstein moved to adopt the following resolution:
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board
of County Commissioners does hereby
modify the 2014 Annual Appropriation
and hereby directs the Paulding County
Auditor to transfer funds, to-wit; FROM:
001-015-00005/General Fund/BOE/
Contracts/Services TO: 001-015-00002/
General Fund/BOE/Salaries-Employees
AMOUNT: $3,655.
Klopfenstein moved to adopt the following resolution:
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board
of County Commissioners does hereby
modify the 2014 Annual Appropriation
and hereby directs the Paulding County
Auditor to transfer funds, to-wit; FROM:
001-015-00013/General Fund/BOE/
Redistricting Expenses TO: 001-01500005/General Fund/BOE/Contracts/
Services AMOUNT: $1,768.26.
Klopfenstein moved to adopt the following resolution:
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board
of County Commissioners hereby approve the Amendment to the Participation Agreement regarding the electricity
purchase program of the CCAO Service
Corporation while authorizing the chairman of the board to sign.
Todd Harpest, Metalink and Mike
Koenig, Metasecure, presented a packet
to the commissioners to discuss the security at the 303 West Harrison Street
building. Sheriff Landers was also in
County Engineer Travis McGarvey
met with the commissioners to discuss
township roads and conditions of culverts in the county.
Elected officials Sheriff Landers,
Ann Pease, Claudia Fickel, Judge Rister,
Carol Temple, Joe Burkard and Travis
McGarvey met with the commissioners
to discuss cyber security liability within
the county offices. IT exposure has become our biggest threat commented
Zartman, who has been working with the
County Risk Sharing Authority Board.
An agreement was reached that an ad
would be placed for bids.
County Auditor Claudia Fickel discussed personnel and year end office
management issues with the commissioners.
Annexation paperwork for Village of
Payne was presented to the commissioners.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014 Paulding County Progress - 13A

Christmas by the numbers

U.S. Census Bureau
This festive season, or simply the holidays, is a time
for gathering and celebrating
with family and friends, gift
giving, reflection and thanks.
To commemorate this time of
year, the U.S. Census Bureau
presents the following holiday-related facts and figures
from its collection of statistics.
$24.4 billion Estimated
retail sales by the nations
department stores (including leased departments) in
December 2013. This represents an estimated 40.9 percent jump from the previous
month when retail sales were
estimated at 17.3 billion. No
other month-to-month increase in department store
sales last year was as large.
Note: Leased departments
are separately owned businesses operated as departments or concessions of other
service establishments or of
retail businesses, such as a
separately owned shoeshine
parlor in a barber shop, or a
beauty shop in a department
store. Also, retail sales and
inventoryestimates have not
been adjusted to account for
seasonal or pricing variations.
13.9% The estimated
percentage of total 2013sales
for department stores (including leased departments) in
December. For jewelry stores,
the estimated percentage was
19.1percent. Source: U.S.
Census Bureau, Monthly Retail Trade Survey
22.8% The estimated
growth in inventories by our
nations department stores
(excluding leased departments) from Aug. 31 to Nov.
30, 2013.
$44.5 billion Estimated
value of retail sales by electronic shopping and mail-order houses in December 2013
the highest total for any
month last year.
30,185 The number of
electronic shopping and
mail-order houses in business
in 2012. These businesses,
which employed 365,508
workers in the pay period in-

cluding March 12, are a popular source of holiday gifts.

$1.0 billion The value
of U.S. imports of Christmas
tree ornaments from China
between January and September 2014. China was the leading country of origin for such
items. Similarly, China was
the leading foreign source
of artificial Christmas trees
shipped to the United States
($137.5 million worth) during
the same period.
... MADE
563 The number of locations that primarily produced
dolls, toys, and games in
2012; they employed 7,481
workers in the pay period including March 12. California
led the nation with 95 establishments.
Place names associated
with the holiday season consist of a dozen places named
Holly including Mount Holly,
N.C. (population 13,904) and
Holly Springs, Miss. (7,558).
There is Snowflake, Ariz.
(5,576), Santa Claus, Ind.
(2,501), North Pole, Alaska
(2,214), Noel, Mo. (1,809)
and if you know about reindeer Dasher, Ga. (944) and
the village of Rudolph, Wis.
(436). There is also Santa
Claus, Ga. (167).
52.3% Estimated proportion of the nations potatoes
produced in Idaho and Washington during the fall of2013.
Potatoes are a popular dish
served during the holidays.
$1.6 billion The estimated value of product shipments
of candles in 2012 by U.S.
manufacturers. Many of these
candles are lit during Diwali
(Oct. 23), Hanukkah (Dec.
16-24) and Kwanzaa (Dec.
26-Jan. 1) celebrations.
Nearly 450 million to 470
million Packages of mail
the U.S. Postal Service expects to deliver between Nov.
17 and Christmas Day. This
is a 12 percent increase from
last year.

All the gifts in the
Twelve Days of Christmas
would equal 364 gifts.
In A.D. 350, Pope Julius I, bishop of Rome, proclaimed Dec. 25 the official
celebration date for the birthday of Christ.
According to the Guinness world records, the tallest
Christmas tree ever cut was
a 221-foot Douglas fir that
was displayed in 1950 at the
Northgate Shopping Center in
Each year there are approximately 20,000 renta-Santas across the United CHRISTMAS VACATION Payne Elementary students in grades 3-6 presented their ChristStates.
mas program titled I Need A Little Christmas Vacation on Dec. 12. Miss Vranesevic led and
It is estimated that the directed the studentsin two performances for family and friends.
single White Christmas by
Irving Berlin is the best selling single of all time, with
over 100 million sales worldwide.
There are approximately
15,000 Christmas tree farms,
located in all 50 states.
Each year, around 30
million real (live) Christmas
trees are sold in the U.S.
About 93 percent of people who buy Christmas trees
recycle them after the holidays.
The U.S. produces 1.76
billion candy canes each year.
Christmas purchases account for 1/6 of all retail sales
in the U.S.
How to Americans observe Christmas? 95% say
they celebrate the holiday.
93% exchange gifts. 74% go
to parties. 65% attend religious services. 88% put up

LOOK FOR THE PENGUIN! Better watch out, better not cry, Santas gearing up and taking
to the sky with a sleigh full of toys for the good girls and boys. Sliding down the chimney chute
with all the Christmas presents and loot. Are you naughty or are you nice, does Santa need to
check his list twice? Christmas time is right around the corner so now is the time to get those
wish lists to Santa. This is his busiest time of the year and the sooner kids get their letters to him,
the better. The Antwerp Chamber of Commerce is helping Santa this year by collecting letters
and forwarding them to the North Pole. So get those letters written and drop them off at Santas
mailbox located next to the Antwerp Insurance Agency, across from the post office. Dont forget
to include your return address so Santa can get back to you.

How can you stay informed

of hazardous weather?
The Paulding County
Emergency Management
Agency can issue alerts
through NIXLE. EMA can
send notices to your phone
and/or email of severe
weather and other events
such as emergency road
closings, missing persons,
and similar situations. Just
go to and
register your device(s). Or,
simply text the word YES
to 888777 and respond to
the reply message asking
for your ZIP code.


The reason publication of legal

notices is required in newspapers is YOU, the citizen. In a
democracy, the government is
required to inform you of the
public business, because you
and your neighbors are the basis of government.
These notices provide essential information about all local
government entities, including
schools, cities, villages and
A democracy is a system of
checks and balances. Your
right to be informed is a check
on government. Public notices
shed light on the actions of all
governmental bodies, but its
up to you, the citizen, to read
them and obtain more information on the actions that have
an impact on you.


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Get emergency
alerts with Nixle




14A - Paulding County Progress Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014 Paulding County Progress - 1B


Quick start propels Raiders past Panthers, 69-54
HAVILAND In the annual early-season battle of a pair
of county rivals, a quick start
proved to be the difference as
host Wayne Trace jumped in
front quickly and made it stand
up en route to a 69-54 win over
Paulding Saturday evening.
The red-white-and-blue took
advantage of five early Paulding turnovers en route to a 17-5
lead at the 3:38 mark of the first
quarter and never looked back
the rest of the night.
It was the perfect start for
Raider head coach Jim Linder
but a nightmare beginning for
Paulding mentor Shawn Brewer.
We cant put ourselves behind like we did, noted the
Panther head coach. It was
a total team effort in digging
the hole and we just didnt do
a good job of executing or taking care of the basketball. You
cant dig holes like that against
good basketball teams.
We couldnt have asked
for a better start than we got
tonight and that is something
we havent done this year consistently, Linder commented.
It was good to see us come
out and play like that. I thought
Courtesy of Matt Arellano the guys really came in focused
Paulding Panther Treston Gonzales has a break-a-way dunk and did a good job defensively
in Saturday nights game against county rival Wayne Trace.
of forcing them into some sit-

uations they were uncomfortable with.

Paulding did seem to grab
the momentum late in the quarter, getting a steal and slamdunk by Treston Gonzales as
the maroon-and -white got
within 22-13 after eight minutes of action.
However, Wayne Trace got
seven second quarter points
from junior guard Luke Miller
in expanding the lead back to
33-19 with three minutes left in
the period.
Luke stepped up and hit
some big shots for us tonight,
Linder added. He really has
played well the past couple of
games and that is big for us.
After the visitors trimmed
the deficit to 33-24 at intermission, Paulding cut into the
deficit even further to start the
third with two Treston Gonzalez buckets.
From there, though, Paulding had a pair of missed shots
and two turnovers while
Wayne Trace scored on three
straight possessions to push the
lead back to 39-28 on a Miller
We worked our way back
into the game, cutting it to
five there in the third quarter,
continued the Paulding head
coach. But we had a couple of
rushed shots and they go to the
other end and score and all of
the sudden it was back to nine.

of the Week
Edon........................ 36
Antwerp................... 26
Hicksville................. 48
Paulding.................. 21

Kalida...................... 45
Antwerp................... 17
Ada.......................... 56
Paulding.................. 27
Fayette..................... 65
Antwerp................... 30

Boys basketball

Wayne Trace............. 55
Bryan....................... 42
Fort Jennings........... 58
Antwerp................... 49
Defiance.................. 57
Paulding.................. 28
Antwerp................... 41
Fayette..................... 39
Wayne Trace............. 69
Paulding.................. 54


Wayne Trace 1st.....301
Paulding 7th..........178
Antwerp 13th........... 95


THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18 Girls Basketball: Paulding at Spencerville

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19 Boys Basketball: Spencerville at
SATURDAY, DECEMBER 20 Boys Basketball: Continental at
Antwerp; Lincolnview at Wayne
Girls Basketball: Parkway at
Wrestling: Antwerp at Arcadia
Invitational; Paulding at Edgerton
MONDAY, DECEMBER 22 Boys Basketball: Miller City at
Girls Basketball: Route 49 Classic
at Antwerp
TUESDAY, DECEMBER 23 Girls Basketball: Route 49 Classic
at Antwerp; Paulding at Montpelier;
Wayne Trace at Lincolnview

six boards while Ethan Linder

and Sinn picked up five each.
Our schedule is challenging here early in the season
but we have to learn from
things and get better, Brewer concluded. We are getting
some good tests by playing
quality teams and we just
need to grow from that.
Alex Arellano had 23
points to top the visiting Panthers, who fell to 2-2 on the
season. Gonzales chipped in
14 for Paulding. Arellano and
Preston Ingol picked up eight
and five rebounds, respectively, with Ingol also dishing out
five assists and recording five
Wayne Traces junior varsity evened its record at 2-2 on
the season with a 42-37 win
over the Panthers.
Seth Saylor bucketed ten
points to top the Raiders
and Eli Sinn chipped in nine
markers. Jayden Sherry and
Blaine Jerome both contributed six markers. Brady Stabler had six steals while Eli
Sinn recorded four assists and
three steals.
Griffin Harder, Ethan
Rhonehouse and Cameron
Doster all had nine points
for Paulding, which dropped
to 2-2. Rhonehouse also had
seven boards with Lucas
Hanenkratt dishing out a pair
of assists.
The Panthers open Northwest Conference action on Friday as they host Spencerville.
Wayne Trace returns to action
Saturday when the Raiders
welcome in Lincolnview.

Raiders earn
County contingent wrestles

Girls basketball

Wayne Trace............. 59
Bryan....................... 42

Wayne Trace expanded the

margin to 48-34 at the end
of three quarters, getting a
late trey and basket by Ethan
Linder to close out the stanza.
Paulding made a couple of
runs at us but our kids handled
it pretty well, Linder added.
We still have a lot of things to
get better at but I thought we
made some progress in some
With the Raider lead at 5038, the red-white-and-blue
connected on six straight free
throws (four by Ethan Linder,
two by David Sinn) before a
Cole Shepherd 3-point play
made it 59-38.
The Panthers were able to
take advantage of some late
Raider turnovers to close within 62-48 on a Preston Ingol
basket but would get no closer.
Wayne Trace, which moved
to 4-0 on the season, iced the
victory by hitting 12 of 13
fourth quarter free throws in
setting the final score at 69-54.
Its a good rivalry battle and
you know both teams are going
to play hard, commented the
Raider mentor. Paulding has a
good basketball team and they
presented us some concerns but
I thought our guys did a good
job of defending. Our length
caused them some issues and
that is something we have to
use to our advantage.
Ethan Linder led the Raider efforts with 20 points with
Miller adding 16 markers.
Corbin Linder and David
Sinn chipped in 12 and 11,
respectively. Corbin Linder
also topped the Raiders with

at Lancer Invite
VAN WERT Wayne Trace
claimed three individual championships en route to winning
the Lincolnview wrestling invitational Saturday afternoon.
The Raiders took first with
301 points on the day to easily
outdistance second place Spencervilles 222 and third place
Adas 206. Fairview (194) was
fourth and Delphos St. Johns
(187-1/2) took fifth. Locally,
Paulding placed seventh with
178 points and Antwerp was
13th with 95 points.
George Clemens, Ruger
Goeltzenleuchter and Tyler
Showalter all claimed individual titles for Wayne Trace.
Clemens won the 120 pound
weight class after defeating
Adas Chase Sumner 4-1 in
the championship and Goeltzenleuchter defeated Sidney
Lehmans Aldo Berrera via a
technical fall with a 22-6 win.
Showalter then picked up
the third Raider individual title
with a 16-14 victory over Fairviews Bobby Kelley.
Other Raider placers in the
tournament included Hunter
Showalter (fourth, 138), Zaine
Cotterman (fifth, 145), Brandon Laney (fourth, 160), Josh
Reel (sixth, 182), Colten HowCourtesy of Matt Arellano er (eighth, 195), Braxton Asher
Wayne Trace guard Luke Miller #10 flies towards the hoop as Pauldings 6-foot-five center, (fifth, 220) and Quinton Stabler
Alex Arellano awaits with his outstretched arm in place for a defensive play. The Wayne Trace (fourth, 285).
The Panthers also claimed
Raiders defeated the Panthers 69-54 to remain undefeated, 4-0.

three individual titles in the

Pauldings Kage Seals took
an individual championship,
pinning Wayne Traces Marcus
Rassman in 2:58 to win the title at 113. The Panthers Aaron
Mock claimed the title at 160
with a 5-1 decision over Adas
Dylan Hannah. Dakota Valdez was the other maroon and
white champion, pinning Delphos St. Johns Austin Schulte
in 5:46 at 220.
Other Panther placers were
Ryan Woodring (second, 106),
Clay Dockery (sixth, 120), Kaleb Simonim (eighth, 145) and
Adam Deatrick (third, 170)
For the Archers, who only
dress four wrestlers, each had
at least a top five finish.
Antwerps Logan Shaner
was fifth at 132. Shaner won
three of his matches with two
being pins.
Justice Clark finished the
day at 4-1 good for third place
at 152.
Jarett Bute also posted a
third place finish at 220 for
the Archers, who also finished
with a 4-1 mark for the day.
Senior Jordan Laker finished second at 285 pounds.
His record on the day was
two wins, two losses with two
pins. Not only was it a solid
showing for the Archer wrestlers, but this was the highest
finish at the Lancer Invitational for each wrestler as

Lady Archers no match for Kalida, Fayette

KALIDA - Antwerps girls
basketball team traveled to
Kalida and played a good first
quarter, trailing the Wildcats
by just a single point 8-7. But
after the initial eight minutes of
play it was all Wildcats as they
growled their way past the Lady
Archers, 45-17.
Antwerp struggled offensively throughout the contest and
after the competitive first quarter the Archers were shut out in
the second period. The Wildcats
took advantage, scoring nine
points, to enjoy a 17-7 halftime
Kalida had height and quickness that Antwerp could not

stop. The Wildcats had seven

players score with two in double figures. Kylie Osterage led
the winners with 11 and team
mate Cathy Basinger came off
the bench to add 10.
We just have a hard time
sustaining any kind of momentum or positive play. We had a
good first quarter and then we
couldnt score at all in the second quarter. Its frustrating but
we will continue to work in
practice and try to get this thing
turned around, said head coach
Kevin Taylor.
Antwerp managed six points
in the third period but Kalida exploded with 19 to put the game
out of reach for the Archers.
The Archers had but four

players score with Rachel Williamson and Audrie Longardner each with six. Kiana Recker had three points and Sierra
Cline rounded out the scoring
for the blue-and-white with
After their opening win over
Paulding the Lady Archers
have dropped two in a row to
fall to 1-2.

Antwerp 7 0 6 4 - 17
Kalida 8 9 19 9 - 45
Antwerp (17): Cline 1 0-0 2, Williamson 3 0-0 6, Recker 1 1-4 3,
Longardner 3 0-2 6, Smith 0 0-3 0.
Totals: 8 1-9 17. Total fouls: 22.
Kalida (45): Kahle 2 0-1 5, Gardner 1 5-6 7, Osterage 3 3-4 11,
Recker 1 1-3 3, Basinger 3 4-4 10,
Siebeneck 1 2-2 4, Kaufman 1 2-2
5. Totals: 12 16-22 45. Three point

goals: Kahle, Osterage 2, Kaufman. and the Eagles easily flew past
the blue-and-white, 65-30.
Total fouls: 13.

JUNIOR VARSITY Kalida defeated the junior varsity

Lady Archers 32-17. Maggie
Wilson totaled seven points to
lead the Archers. Becca Johanns
collected four, all from the free
throw line. A trio of players had
two points each including Sierra
Cline, Ashley Bowers and Maria Romero.
Talented Fayette team
destroy Archers 65-30
FAYETTE The Eagles
scored the first 23 points before
Antwerps Audrie Longardner
scored with 34 seconds remaining in the first quarter. Down
23-2 to start the second period,
the Archers never recovered

Fayette is tall and quick

and I think they intimidated us.
They play very well together
as a team, said Antwerp head
coach Kevin Taylor.
While the Archers were
struggling putting points on
the board, the Eagles were lead
by the near perfect shooting
of Taylor Griffiths. The Fayette shooter collected five field
goals from behind the arc, six
2-point goals and a free throw
to finish with 28 points.
They were a big team.
Most of their players were
over 5-foot-10 and obviously
See AHS GIRLS page 2B

2B - Paulding County Progress Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jim Bowers/Paulding County Progress

With head coach TJ Hammer looking on from the bench, senior Trenton Copsey scores two of his game-high 20 in Friday
night action against Fort Jennings. The Archers lost 58-49 in a
hard fought non-conference battle.

Panther girls looking for

magical scoring formula
tough week at the hoops
for the Panther girls basketball team which lost 48-21
at Hicksville on Dec. 9 and
then came home to drop a 5627 loss to Ada last Thursday
Paulding head coach Lindsey Schultz said that her squad
needs to continue working on
a sense of court presence.
Theres no chemistry. We
arent connecting yet, Schultz noted of her team. We
throw passes where people
were. Were going to have to
keep working hard in practice
to get a good sense of court
At Hicksville, the Panthers failed to register double figures in any of the four
quarters. Though Paulding
moved into an 8-7 advantage
at the end of the first stanza
the Aces outscored Paulding,
13-4, in the second quarter to
take a 20-12 lead to the lockers at the halfway mark.
The Aces continued to
shine in the third quarter,
leading 34-16 going into the
final period. Hicksville continued to dominate 14-5 in the
final stanza to pull away for
the non-conference win.
Hicksville freshman Addison Bergman led all scorers
for the game with 14 points
while Samantha Meggisons
six points led Paulding.
Thursday night, the local
squad dropped a conference
game to Ada, 56-27. In that
contest, the Bulldogs jumped
out to a 15-4 advantage at the
end of the first quarter and
increased it to 28-11 at the

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end of the first half. Although

Paulding scored 14 points in
the third stanza, Ada topped it
by three and then coasted to
the 29 point win.
Faith Vogel led the Paulding scoring with six points
and seven rebounds. The loss
dropped Pauldings record to
0-4 overall and 0-1 in conference play.
Turnovers proved to be a
nemesis for the Panthers, who
committed 17 miscues against
the Bulldogs. One bright spot
in the game was the Paulding rebounding. The Panthers
out-rebounded their challengers, 24-21.
Coach Schultz said that in
order to manufacture points,
the offense is going to have
to learn how to work together.
Once that happens, she noted,
the offense will start to gel.
Practice is where it happens, said Schultz. Were
going to work hard to get
some of these things to come

Williamsons free throws lifts Archers to 41-39 win

FAYETTE For those who
made the long trip to Fayette
Saturday to watch four basketball games (two girls and two
boys games) there is nothing
like saving the best for last. In
the boys varsity match up the
Archers clamped down defensively in the second half and
held the Eagles to 16 points
and then used free throws to
seal the come-from-behind win
Trailing throughout the contest, the Archers took their first
lead with 2:30 remaining on
a 3-pointer by Matt Jones, his
third of the night. A minute
later at 1:29 senior Trenton
Copsey was perfect on a couple
of free throws to put the blueand-white up by three at 39-36.
The Eagles quickly answered with a triple from Alex
Bost to knot the score at 39 a
piece with 1:10 remaining.
Antwerp took control offensively and worked the ball
down to 31.0 seconds when
head coach TJ Hammer called
a time out. Following the
T.O. the Archers held the ball
near the mid court line until another timeout was called with
7.7 tics remaining.
Out of the time out the ball
was placed in the hands of junior play maker Sam Williamson who made the play that
sealed the win. Williamson
powered his way through the
Fayette defense and while attempting a runner in the paint
was fouled by Koby Biddix
with 2.9 seconds remaining.
Williamson, who shows little
expression, calmly went to the
line and connected on his two
throws to give the Archers a
hard-fought win.
With just seconds remaining
in the third period, Williamson
was on radar for a 70-foot shot
that hit nothing but iron and
rattled through the net as the
buzzer sounded. The 3-pointer
pulled the Archers to within
three at 33-30 heading into the
final quarter.
That shot was certainly a
momentum shifter. When my
team came off the court after
Sams shot, you could see it in
their eyes, said head coach TJ
Hammer. The shot is almost
something Archer fans expect
from Williamson. Last year
he connected on a long buzzer-beater-heave to win games
against Woodlan (Ind) and Edgerton.

The Archers connected on

just ten field goals on the night
with eight of them coming
from behind the arc.
They (Fayette) are a good
team. They pack it in defensively and you have to beat
them from the outside. Their
half court man-to-man is really
good, said Hammer.
The Eagles held a 13-8 advantage after one quarter of
play and still managed to hold
on at intermission with a 2317 margin. In the first half the
Antwerp scoring came from
3-pointers with Williamson
and Jones each with two and
one from Dylan Peters. Copsey
was good on two free throws.
Williamson finished with 17
points and Copsey added 10.
The Archers were 13-15 at
the foul line on the night with
Copsey having a great night at
the line hitting eight of nine.
We got big minutes from
several guys. I can go down the
line, Mills, Jones, Peters, Longardner, they all contributed at
the right time. Trey Mills didnt
score but he did a great job
defensively when we went to
our box-and-one. In the fourth
quarter when Trey was fronting Burkholder, he did didnt
score, said Hammer.
Burkholder finished the night
with 14 while going scoreless
in the final eight minutes when
Mills was playing havoc defensively.
I am so proud of this team.
We could have folded but we
just chipped away and challenged the guys at half time to
keep it under 40 and we will
win. They ended up with 39
and we got the win. They all
worked extremely hard for this
one, said Hammer.

sity found themselves on the

short end of another 10 point
loss. On the road at Fayette
the Eagles got past the Archers 35-25
Leading the way for the
Archers offensively was Josh
Poulson with nine points.
Archers drop nine point
decision to Musketeers
ANTWERP - In non-league
play the Antwerp Archers were
host to Fort Jennings last Friday
in hoop action. After playing
even through three quarters,
the Musketeers exploded for 24
points in the final eight minutes
of play to ease past the blueand-white 58-49.
The three starting seniors for
the Musketeers came to play
on Friday night and head coach
Keith Utendorf liked what he
saw. The trio combined for 50
of the teams 58 points. The win
evens Fort Jennings record at
1-1 while the Archers fell to 1-2
on the young season.
The three Musketeers had
the inside-outside punch that
allowed them to ease past the
Archers down the stretch. Nick
Von Sossan tallied 20 points
while controlling the offensive
side of things for the orange and
black. The six-foot-two play
maker collected four goals from
behind the arc and one 2-point
field goal to go along with six
free throws on eight attempts.
A disappointed Antwerp
coach, TJ Hammer, said, They
were more physical than we
were and they out played us. We
didnt guard tonight as a team
and we kept getting driven on
and they made their shots.
The game progressed with
neither team getting much of a
lead. In the first quarter Fort Jennings jumped out to an early 7-2
Antwerp 8 9 13 11 - 41
margin but the Archers came
Fayette 13 10 10 6 - 39
back to knot the score at 9-9 on
Antwerp (41): Peters 1 0-0 3, Jones 3 0-0
9, Mills 0 0-0 0, Williamson 5 3-4 17, a Trenton Copsey three-pointer.
Copsey 1 8-9 10, Longardner 0 2-2 2. To- Copsey, the Archers lone senior,
tals: 10 13-15 41. Three point goals: Pe- stands 6-foot-4 and finished
ters, Jones 3, Williamson 4. Total fouls: 9. with 20 points to lead the AntFayette (39): Bost 2 0-0 6, Lantz 1 1-1
3, Biddix 1 0-0 3, Smith 1 0-0 2, Seller werp offensive attack.
2 1-3 5, W. Burkholder 5 0-0 14, Bates The defense got even more
3 0-1 6. Totals: 15 2-4 39. Three point stingy in the second period with
goals: Burkholder 4, Biddix, Bost 2. Total both teams turning it up a notch.
fouls: 13.
The Paulding County squad net JUNIOR VARSITY: On
ted the first five points to move
Saturday night the junior var- ahead 16-11 but the Musketeers

answered with the final eight

points including a couple of
treys from Von Sossan.
Two seniors, Austin Kehres
scored 17 and Conner Wallenhorst chipped in 13 and coach
Utendorf felt good about their
positive contributions. He had
nothing but praise for his three
The third period saw the Archers hold a brief lead at 26-24
with 3:50 remaining in the third
Matt Jones found the range
from behind the three point arc.
However, Kehres and Von Sossan answered with a 10-4 run of
their own to put the Musketeers
in front 34-30 heading into the
final eight minutes.
Antwerp managed to pull
to within two on back-to-back
treys from Williamson but the
blue-and-white would get no
closer. Williamson finished with
18 including four from long
Antwerps two kids (Copsey
and Williamson) are great players but I thought we attacked
their 1-3-1 zone defense and
were pretty effective, said
If we are going to win we
have got to do a better job defensively. Tonight we couldnt
get any stops and we gave up
too many easy buckets, said
Coach Hammer.

Ft. Jennings 11 8 15 24 - 58
9 7 14 19 - 49
Fort Jennings (58): Berelsman 1 3-4 5,
Wallenhorst 6 1-1 13, Von Sossan 5 6-8
20, Grone 1 1-2 3, Kehres 7 2-3 17. Totals: 20 13-15 58. Three point goals: Von
Sossan 4. Total fouls: 11.
Antwerp (49): Peters 1 0-1 2, Jones 2
0-0 5, Mills 1 0-0 3, Williamson 7 0-0
18, Copsey 9 1-1 20, Longardner 0 1-2
1. Totals: 20 2-3 49. Three point goals:
Mills, Jones, Copsey, Williamson 4. Totals
fouls: 16.

JUNIOR VARSITY: The Antwerp junior varsity squad

dropped a 10 point decision
to Fort Jennings 43-33. The
blue-and-white trailed by just
two at the break 14-12 but the
Musketeers outscored Antwerp 29-21 to secure the win.
Hunter Noel scored 12
to lead the Archer offense.
Dylan Peters and Eric Buchan
each added eight and Trey
Mills scored two with Branden adding one to complete
the Archers scoring.

Sports Scoreboard
(Editors note: Team coaches are
reminded to please submit result
forms to the Progress office. We
rely on these forms to report game
results to your fans. You may drop
off forms or fax them to 419-3994030, or email info to progress@
Junior High Basketball Antwerp
split games with Woodlan last week
as the Archer eighth graders were
victorious, 35-24, while the Warriors
won the seventh grade tilt, 45-29.
Keaton Altimus led the blue-andwhite eighth graders by posting 10
markers on the night. Boston Dun-

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derman topped Antwerps seventh

grade squad with 13 markers. Both
teams are now 1-1 on the season.
Junior High Wrestling The Antwerp
Junior High wrestling team recently
competed in the Golden Bear Invitational at Bryan High School on Dec.
13. The remaining two wrestlers on
this years junior high squad made
a statement with their performances. Eighth grader Aidan McAlexander won the 80 pound weight class
with a 2-0 record and two pins. Also
winning first place Saturday in his
season debut was eighth grader
Tyler Bauer. Bauer was 4-0 on the
day with three pins. These two wrestlers were also able to win the Team
Sportsmanship Award as voted on
by the coaches at the tournament.
Junior High Boys Basketball
Crestview recorded two victories over
Paulding last week as the Knights
won the seventh grade matchup, 3324, before taking the eighth grade
tilt, 46-21. Luke Brewer had eight
points for the Panther eighth graders
with Fletcher Cook adding seven and
Jaret Miller chipping in six.

Jim Bowers/Paulding County Progress
Antwerp guard Trey Mills looks for an opening around a Fort Jennings defender. The Archers
came up short 58-49 on Friday night against the Musketeers. To avoid a another weekend loss,
the Archers bounced back with a win over Fayette on Saturday, 41-39.

Continued from Page 1B

we didnt have an answer for

their height or their shooting.
Fayette is a very good team
and they are going to win a lot
of basketball games, said Antwerp coach Taylor.
See SCOREBOARD page 4B For the Lady Archers, Avery


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Braaten was their leading scorer with eight points including a

triple and five-for-six from the
foul line.

Antwerp 2 7 7 14 - 30
Fayette 23 16 13 13 - 65
Antwerp (30): Miller Sweet 0 0-2
0, Williamson 1 0-0 3, Braaten 1 5-6
8, Recker 2 2-2 6, Longardner 1 0-0 2,
Johanns 1 0-0 3, Wilson 1 2-2 4, Smith
2 0-0 4. Totals: 9 9-12 30. Three point
goals: Williamson, Braaten, Johanns. Total
fouls: 13.
Fayette (65): Keffer 0 1-2 1, Seiler 6

4-4 17, Griffiths 11 1-1 28, Ruger 1 0-0 2,

Machacek 3 0-0 7, Wheeler 3 0-0 6, Hibbard 0 2-2 2, Brubaker 1 0-1 2. Totals: 25
8-10 65. Three point goals: Seiler, Griffiths
5, Machacek. Total fouls: 12.


defeated the junior varsity in
overtime 29-26. Scoring for
the blue-and-white was Sierra Cline with eight, Becca
Johanns six, Hope Smith four
and Maggie Wilson, Amanda Roberts, Lindsey Bok and
Courtney Smith each with two.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014 Paulding County Progress - 3B

Raiders stay unbeaten Defiance defense derails Paulding

with win at Bryan
BRYAN Senior forward
David Sinn scored 17 points
and grabbed 10 rebounds
while junior guard Luke Miller added 13 markers as the
Wayne Trace boys basketball
team moved to 3-0 on the season with a 55-42 win at Bryan
Thursday evening.
It was a struggle for the
Raiders, who have yet to find
the offensive touch and consistency expected by the veteran club.
We havent found the
chemistry yet and we havent
gotten into any kind of an offensive flow, commented
Raider head coach Jim Linder.
Its something we have to get
better at.
The Raiders led 10-6 after
a stanza that featured more
whistles than points. Both
teams entered the second
quarter in the bonus and the
two teams combined for 11
turnovers in the opening eight
After a bucket by Bryans
Dylan Lehmann opened the
second quarter scoring, Wayne
Trace got a three-point play by
Sinn and baskets from Miller
and Corbin Linder to push the
margin to 17-8.
Bryan got within 19-13
on a two-pointer from Chris
Wittler but the Golden Bears
would get no closer. The redwhite-and-blue answered with
six straight points, getting an
Alec Vest basket and two Sinn
buckets to grab a 25-13 lead.
However, the hosts closed
the half on a Deylen Miley
trey to close the deficit to 2516.
We had some defensive
breakdowns that hurt us,
Linder continued. But we
have to make better decisions
and play smarter on the offensive end too.
Wayne Trace controlled the
third quarter. The Raiders outscored the Bears 19-12 in the
stanza, gradually widening the
advantage before settling on a
44-28 lead entering the final
I thought we had a couple
of little spurts that proved to
be big, noted the Raider mentor. Our biggest thing right
now is developing some con-

The Golden Bears trimmed
the deficit to as little as 50-42
in the fourth quarter. Wayne
Trace picked up a late slamdunk by Sinn and the Raiders
hung on to post the 55-42 victory.
Luke had a nice game for
us, Linder added. He plays
hard and I thought he did a lot
of good things tonight. David
rebounded well for us too.
Corbin Linder chipped in
ten for the red-white-andblue. Ethan Linder picked up
five steals and Cole Shepherd
bucketed eight markers.
Wayne Trace finished the
night 22 of 61 from the field
(36 percent) compared to Bry-

ans 15 of 43 (35 percent). The

Raiders won the battle of the
boards 41-31 and committed
fewer turnovers 15-25.
Lehmann had 13 points to
pace the Golden Bears while
Kyle Rupp chipped in 11. Miley also recorded a dozen rebounds.
Wayne Traces junior varsity fell to 1-2 after falling
52-45 to the Golden Bears.
Brady Stabler bucketed 19
points while dishing out four
assists and recording seven
steals. Jayden Sherry added
nine markers and Seth Saylor
picked up eight caroms.
The Raiders resume action on
Saturday as they host Lincolnview in a non-league battle.

Early in the second half,
Defiance held Paulding scoreless until the 4:34 mark of the
third quarter. In the meantime, the visitors capped off
an 18-point run, including the
last six points of the first half
and first 12 points of the second half.
The Defiance defense was
so effective that it only allowed one Paulding player,
Corbin Edwards, to score in
double figures (10 points).
We played really solid
defense in the first half, only
giving up 22 points, but offensively, they dictated to us
where we caught the ball,
commented Paulding head
coach Shawn Brewer.
Brewer said that holding
the Bulldogs to 22 points in
the first half gave the Panthers
a chance to compete. However, the Paulding drought and
Defiances hot shooting in the
opening part of the third quarter took that away.
We played hard, noted Their pressure was too
Hughes. We still have areas much for us and we didnt
to improve but I think we con- handle it very well, contintinue to take steps forward.
ued Brewer. When teams
Brianna Sinn and Gracie
Gudakunst chipped in six
markers each for Wayne Trace.
Sinn also had three steals and
Gudakunst dished out three
assists and picked up six rebounds.
Bryan did chip away at
the deficit in the fourth quarter, getting as close as 56-42
on two Brooke Vollmer free
throws with 2:08 remaining.
However, neither team would
score until a Brooke Sinn
three-point play wrapped up
the 59-42 Raider victory.
Its good to get a win but
we have to get better, concluded the Raider head coach.
Vollmer led the Golden
Bears with 17 points and
grabbed 14 rebounds for Bryan. Freshman guard Allye Minor chipped in nine markers
with four boards and three assists.
Wayne Traces junior varsity also picked up its first victory of the season with a 47-22
win over the visiting Golden
Erica Mohr had 11 points
and six rebounds for the redwhite-and-blue while Lily
Sinn and Courtney Mead
chipped in eight markers each.
Chelsea Sinn and Brooke Sinn
also aided the Raider cause
with seven points apiece.
Wayne Trace returns to action by visiting Lincolnview
in a non-league battle on
Tuesday, Dec. 23 before traveling to Fort Jennings for a 1
p.m. contest on Dec.27.
PAULDING Following
the capture of two victories
its first weekend of action,
Paulding ran into a real giant on its schedule on Friday
evening in the form of a big
and rugged Defiance team.
The Bulldogs fought off the
Panthers, 10-7, the first quarter, but then took charge with
their tenacious defense in
the second quarter to allow
Paulding only one point in the
second eight minutes.
By the end of 32 minutes,
Defiance walked off the floor
with a 57-28 win over the
Things didnt change in the
third quarter as Defiance added to its 22-8 halftime lead
by outscoring the home team,
18-9, and breaking away to a
40-17 lead going into the final

Raiders roll to first victory of season

off to a very slow start but the
Wayne Trace girls basketball
team opened the game up in
the second quarter in rolling to
a 59-42 win over visiting Bryan last Tuesday evening.
It was a game that started
slowly, but the red-white- andblue picked up the pace in the
second quarter in conjunction
with the appearance of junior
leading scorer Erin Mohr.
Mohr, who did not play in
the opening stanza due to an
injury, came to the floor and
bucketed nine points in the
second quarter as Wayne Trace
outscored the Golden Bears
She wasnt even going to
play, noted Raider head coach
Bethany Hughes. She made a
difference for us though in the
second quarter and we had
other girls step up tonight.
The Raiders led 34-17 at the
intermission and were never
threatened from there.
Mohr would finish with 11
points on the night and the
Raiders also got solid performances from several others on
the night.
Sophomore forward Danae
Myers scored 14 points and
grabbed seven rebounds for
Wayne Trace, which moves to
1-2 on the season.
I thought Danae did a
good job in the middle for

us, Hughes added. Brianna (Sinn) hit a couple of big

shots for us and Shayna (Temple) played well for the most
part. Gracie (Gudakunst) and
Brooke (Sinn) also made plays
for us. It was a good team effort tonight.
Temple led the Raider scorers with 16 markers while
also adding five assists, six rebounds and 10 steals.
Shayna made big decisions
tonight for the most part, continued the Raider mentor. She
distributed the ball and was aggressive defensively.
After posting an 8-4 advantage after one quarter, the
Golden Bears hung around
until the midway point of the
second stanza.
With the Wayne Trace advantage at 15-10, the redwhite-and-blue finished the
first half on a 19-7 run that
put the hosts in control. Tempel led the Raiders with nine
points in the spurt while Brianna Sinn added six and Mohr
contributed four.
The girls were more aggressive in the second quarter than the first and we got a
spark offensively from Erin,
added the Raider head coach.
I thought defensively we did
a pretty good job in the first
half especially.
Wayne Trace then sealed
any doubt in the contest by
opening the third quarter on
a 14-2 run that expanded the
lead to 48-19.


SCOREBOARD DONORS Thanks to generous donations from several area individuals and
businesses,Antwerp High School was able to expandthe scoreboard in the high school gym
to include player numbers, fouls and points. Sponsors who were presented plaques at a recent
basketball game included, from left Dennis Recker and Pete Vail from Integrity Ford, John Kobee from Antwerp Exchange Bank, Matt Hormann from Hormann Heating and Cooling, and Tim
Derck from Antwerp Insurance Agency.

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pressure us that hard, we need

to be more confident in ourselves and attack them.
In addition to Edwards,
Alex Arellano and Jarrett Sitton each scored five points for
the local squad.
Katwan Singleton led Defiance with 16 points while
twin Kameron Singleton
talled 12 points. Defiance
out-rebounded Paulding, 2522 while the Bulldog offense
forced 19 Paulding turnovers.
The Panthers turn to Northwest Conference action this
Friday when they host Spencerville. Brewer said that his
squad needs to view last Fridays encounter as a learning
experience against a well-seasoned program and continue
to work hard on solving problems during practice.
We just need to learn
from the experience and keep
getting better and it starts in
practice, noted Brewer. Our
guys can see how much further they have to come. Its
back to fundamentals in practice.
In junior varsity action, Defiance defeated Paulding, 37-34.

Jim Bowers/Paulding County Progress

Pauldings Corbin Edwards #2 drives for a first half score off

of a rare Defiance turnover last Friday night.

4B - Paulding County Progress Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jim Bowers/Paulding County Progress

Tina Eley/DHS Media
David Sinn #40 from Wayne Trace and Pauldings Alex Arellano #32 and Preston Johanns #42 Alex Arellano #32 pulls up for a first half jumper against Defiances defense last Friday night
all have their hands on the ball trying to secure a rebound off a missed shot.
in non-league play.

Continued from Page 2B

Junior High Boys Basketball The

Panther junior high squads also
dropped contests to Van Wert last
week. In the seventh grade contest,
the Cougars outlasted Paulding 4841 in overtime. Van Werts eighth
graders then recorded a 48-38 victory in the second game of the day.
Cook had 13 to pace the Panther
eighth graders with Miller adding
nine and Jacob Eblin chipping in
eight. Brewer also recorded five
points for the maroon-and-white.
Junior High Girls Basketball
Wayne Trace swept past Edgerton
in action last week as the Raider
picked up victories in both the seventh and eighth grade contests. The
Lady Raider eighth graders posted
a 50-11 victory behind 18 points
from Kaylee Shepherd and 15 by
Natalie Torman. Sadie Sinn (six),
Anne Eklund (six), Olivia Egnor
(three) and Sadie Sinn (two) scored
the other red-white-and-blue points.
In the seventh grade battle, Wayne
Trace recorded a 27-14 win behind
14 points by Claire Sinn. Libby Wenzlick and Miriam Smith each posted
six with Taylor Long picking up the
other Raider point.
Junior High Girls Basketball
Wayne Trace swept a pair of games
with Continental in junior high girls
basketball action last week. The
Lady Raider seventh graders recorded a 32-12 win over the Pirates.
Claire Sinn paced the red-whiteand-blue with a dozen markers
while Miriam Sinn added 11. Libby
Wenzlick (four), Taylor Long (two),
Maddie Laukhuf (two) and Morgan
Butler (two) picked up the other

Raider points. Kennedy Hiltner and

Alexis Hoeffel had five markers each
for Continental.
Wayne Traces eighth grade posted a 49-4 win over the Pirates. Olivia Egnor had a dozen points for the
Raiders with Kaylee Shepherd and
Sadie Sinn picking up seven each.
Anne Eklund (five), Carissa Laukhuf
(five), Sara Edwards (four) and Natalie Torman (four) also scored for
the Lady Raiders.
Junior High Girls Basketball
Wayne Trace and Holgate split in
junior high girls basketball action as
the Lady Raiders won the seventh
grade tilt and the Tigers took the
eighth grade game. In the opener,
Wayne Trace posted a 32-15 victory
over the Henry County squad. Taylor
Long scored 13 points to pace the
Lady Raiders with Claire Sinn adding a dozen markers and 11 steals.
Miriam Sinn also had seven points
for the red-white-and-blue. Raenna
Willett led Holgate with five markers.
Holgates eighth grade posted a 42-36
victory over Wayne Trace. Anne Eklund
topped the Raiders with 10 markers
and Kaylee Shepherd chipped in eight.
Natalie Torman (six), Sadie Sinn (six),
Ellie Stoller (two), Olivia Egnor (two)
and Megan Speice (two).
Junior High Girls Basketball The
Raider eighth grade girls moved to
4-1 on the season with a 43-8 win
over Antwerp. Natalie Torman bucketed 14 for Wayne Trace and Sadie Sinn
chipped in eight. Sara Edwards (six),
Carissa Laukhuf (four), Olivia Egnor
(four), Kaylee Shepherd (three) and
Megan Speice (two) also scored for
the Lady Raiders.
Junior High Boys Basketball The

seventh and eighth grade teams swept

past Fort Jennings in action last week
as the Raider seventh graders recorded a 33-22 win while the eighth
graders were victorious 56-23. Nate
Gerber had 14 points to pace Wayne
Traces seventh grade with Reid Miller, Gage Waltmire and Cale Crosby
adding four each. Nate Showalter
(three), Alex Reinhart (two) and Jacob Hull (two) also scored for the
Trae Sinn bucketed 10 to top
the Raider eighth grade squad. Caleb Yenser chipped in nine followed
by Caden Bland (eight), Mox Price
(eight), Josiah Linder (seven), Evan
Mohr (five), Braden Zuber (four),
Hayden Gillett (three) and Preston
Moore (two).
Junior High Boys Basketball In
other action last week, Crestview
picked up a pair of victories over the
Raiders. The Knight seventh graders
defeated Wayne Trace 38-34 behind
17 points from Jace Vining and a
dozen by Wyatt Richardson. Gerber
led all scorers in the contest with
20 with Miller chipping in six and
Showalter four for Wayne Trace. Waltmire and Crosby also had two points
Crestviews eighth graders topped
the Raiders 51-26 as Javin Etzler
scored 14 points to pace the Knight
attack. Brant Richardson added 11
for the Van Wert County squad. The
Raider scoring came from Trae Sinn
(10), Zuber (five), Mohr (five), Bland
(three), Price (two) and Gillett (one)
picked up the Raider points in the
Freshman Basketball Kalida
picked up a 28-23 win over Wayne

game time changed

If its time to Antwerp
ANTWERP The game time for the Antwerp-Parkway
basketball game on Saturday, Dec. 20, has been changed
get rid of it... girls
to a start time of 1 p.m. instead of 2 p.m. as originally scheduled.
The Antwerp-Continental boys game for Dec. 20 remains
with a 6 p.m. start time.

sell it
quick with



reaching up to
10,500 homes
every week



Raiders host JH wrestling tourney

HAVILAND Wayne Trace hosted a junior high tournament on Saturday, Dec. 6 to kick off their wrestling season.
The Wayne Trace Raiders took eighth out of 16 teams.
Individually, Cameron Bevis took first place, pinning his
opponent in the first period of the finals. Also placing for the
raiders was Noah Reel, second; Caleb Baughman, fourth; and
Nick Barnett, fourth.
Other Raiders picking up wins were Austin Smith, Dylan
Laney and Zack Moser.

Softball hitting camp at Payne

PAYNE Thundersports will be conducting softball hitting

sessions in Payne starting Jan. 10. The hitting sessions cover
proper hitting technique and drills. Cost is $100 for six sessions.
Deadline to register is Jan. 2. For more information and
a registration form, visitwww.thundercamps.comor email For questions, call John Hendricks
at 765-348-6413 or Mark Crosby 419-770-2267.

Trace in freshman boys basketball.

Jake Kuhn had a dozen markers for
the Raiders and Josh Kuhn chipped
in six. Joel Johnson and Noah Toppe
each picked up two points while
Adam Stoller had the other Wayne

Trace point. Josh Klausing led Kalida

with 11 and Noah Hermiller chipped
in five.
Junior High Boys Basketball The
Raiders also dropped a 38-21 decision to Van Wert in non-league ac-

tion. Jake Kuhn topped Wayne Trace

with 12 points while Caleb Schaefer
added seven and Josh Kuhn added a
bucket. Jonathon Lee had six for the
Cougars while Brice Klausing and
Eric Workman added five apiece.

Commissioners Journal
Commissioners Journal November
24, 2014
This 24th day of November, 2014,
the Board of County Commissioners
met in regular session with the following
members present: Tony Zartman, Roy
Klopfenstein, Fred Pieper, and Nola
Ginter, Clerk.
Marsha Yeutter, Paulding County
Senior Center, presented payroll and a
dietician contract for signatures.
Pieper moved to adopt the following
WHEREAS, on September 30,
2013, the Paulding County Board
of Commissioners entered into a
Participation Agreement Regarding
Electricity Purchase Program of the
CCAO Service Corporation (CCAOSC);

contracted with a subsidiary of
Palmer Energy Company, Inc.. to
obtain information, provide a plan of
governance draft and provide other
assistance to Paulding County in this
process; and
WHEREAS, this Memorandum of
Understanding authorized CCAOSC
and Palmer Energy to include Paulding
County as part of its Request for Proposal
(RFP) process with various potential
suppliers, estimate the savings by average
household and as a county, and present
the results of these efforts to the Paulding
County Board of Commissioners; and
WHEREAS, through this MOU,
Paulding County shall authorize the
electric distribution utility to provide
general information regarding the
number of eligible households and
non-mercantile businesses, monthly
consumption and demand, load profile
distribution among these potential
participants, rate information capacity
information and such other information
as they consider necessary to obtain
competitive pricing from various
potential third party suppliers to Paulding
Countys aggregation; and
WHEREAS, the Paulding County
Board of Commissioners deems this
request to be in the best interest of
Paulding County and wishes to approve
the same; now, therefore
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board
of County Commissioners of Paulding
County, Ohio, hereby entered into a
MOU with CCAOSC for securing
energy pricing for electrical aggregation,
a copy of which is attached hereto and
made a part hereof.
Pieper moved to adopt the following
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board
of County Commissioners does hereby
direct the County Auditor to amend
the 2014 Annual Appropriation by
appropriating the following, to-wit;
001-013-00003/General Fund/Coroner/
Contracts/Services AMOUNT: $4,000.
Pieper moved to adopt the following
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board
of County Commissioners does hereby

direct the County Auditor to amend

the 2014 Annual Appropriation by
appropriating the following in the Soil
Conservation Fund (Fund 010), to-wit;
010-001-00008/Soil Conservation/PERS
AMOUNT: $3,900.
Klopfenstein moved to adopt the
following resolution:
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board
of County Commissioners does hereby
modify the 2014 Annual Appropriation
and hereby directs the Paulding
County Auditor to transfer funds, towit; FROM: 001-001-00008/General
Fund/Commissioners/Other Expenses
TO: 001-001-00009/General Fund/
Pieper moved to adopt the following
WHEREAS, on this 24th day of
November, 2014, sealed bids were
received and opened by the Paulding
County Commissioners Clerk for the
County parking lot snow removal for the
2014-2015 winter season; to-wit:
Solid Ground LLC, Paulding
Blacktop Surfaces: Less than 2 $90; 2 4 $157; 4 - 6 $180; 6+ $225; Salting
per application $88; Concrete Walks:
Less than 2 $52; 2 - 4 $78; 4 - 6
$104; 6+ $143; Salting per application
Classic Land Design LLC, Haviland
Snowplowing for 2014-2015 season:
2 - 4 in 24 hours $100 per instance;
4+ $150 per instance; Salting lot $85
per instance; Snow removal of sidewalks
$75 per instance
now, therefore
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board
of County Commissioners does hereby
award the County Parking Lot Snow
Removal bid to Classic Land Design
LLC, Haviland, Ohio, for snow removal
for the County Parking Lot Snow,
during the 2014-2015 winter season as
delineated above.
Klopfenstein moved to adopt the
following resolution:
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board
of County Commissioners does hereby
direct the County Auditor to amend
the 2014 Annual Appropriation by
appropriating the following, to-wit;
001-013-00003/General Fund/Coroner/
Contracts/Services AMOUNT: $4,000.
Commissioners Journal November 26,
This 26th day of November, 2014,
the Board of County Commissioners
met in regular session with the following
members present: Tony Zartman, Roy
Klopfenstein, Fred Pieper, and Nola
Ginter, Clerk.
Jerry Zielke, PC Economic
Development, reported attending a
meeting last week with representatives
from Job & Family Services, the
Governors Office, and Ohio Bureau of
Workers Comp to discuss employment
opportunities in northwest Ohio. Zielke
plans to arrange for a Paulding County
career opportunity job fair. He would
like to schedule the job fair sometime

in February or March at the OSU

Extension building.
Zielke reported an updated Ohio
Means Jobs website for assistance on
job searching.
County Auditor Claudia Fickel
distributed the Sales Tax Revenue,
General Fund Expenses, and General
Fund Receipts Reports for the
commissioners review.
November sales tax revenue was
down from October. October General
Fund expenses were up from September,
while receipts were down.
Fickel reminded the commissioners
that Monday, Dec. 1, is the first day to
purchase 2015 dog tags. Single year
tags are $18, three-year tags are $54, and
tags for the dogs lifetime are $180. She
noted the tags will be on sale through
the month of January 2015. Dog owners
may purchase tags through the mail,
on line, or at the auditors office on the
main floor of the courthouse. Office
hours are Monday through Friday, 8
a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Fickel also reminded commissioners
that the 2015 budget expense worksheets
are due Monday, Dec. 1.
Corey Walker, JFS, mentioned
several maintenance issues at the
Jacob Eaton Childrens Home. He
also presented a cleaning contract
for the Dooley Drive location for the
commissioners review.
Ed Bohn, EMA director, reported
having attended a regional meeting
last week. He noted there are several
changes in Emergency Operation Plan,
the Haz-Mat Plan, and the Mitigation
Henry, Defiance, and Wood counties
EMA directors will assist in updating
Paulding Countys EOP, while Lucas
Countys EMA director will help
with the Haz-Mat plan and the EHA
(Extremely Hazardous Substance)
plan. Paulding County has 11 facilities
that have EHS. The plan has not been
updated since 2005.
Bohn will also work on an EFP
(Emergency Facility Plan) as well as
updating Paulding Countys Mitigation
Plan, which expired in 2011. Once all
these plans are in place, Bohn will be
able to apply for grant dollars.
Klopfenstein suggested that Bohn
present a report to the EMA Advisory
Committee and Bohn agreed. A meeting
will be scheduled after the holidays.
Bohn reported working closely with
the sheriff to help equip an emergency
trailer to take on site. Bohn also noted
he will be attending a Red Cross
restructuring meeting on Dec. 8.
Pieper moved to adopt the following
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board
of County Commissioners does hereby
modify the 2014 Annual Appropriation
and hereby directs the Paulding County
Auditor to transfer funds, to-wit;
FROM: 001-030-00008/General Fund/
Insurance/Loss Control/Other Expenses
TO: 001-030-00002/General Fund/
Funds AMOUNT: $2,033.09.
A motion was made by Pieper to
go into executive session at 12:03 p.m.
with the Paulding County Prosecutor
to discuss legal matters. The motion
was seconded by Klopfenstein. All
members voting yea.
At 12:34 p.m. all members present
agreed to adjourn the executive session
and go into regular session.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014 Paulding County Progress - 5B

JUST PHONE 419-399-4015
Multiple Listing
To see nice color pictures & interior shots of properties offered
by Gorrell Bros. go to:


Inviting 3 BR, 2 bath
home on 1 acre town
lot. Updated thru-out,
full basement, 2 car
garage, deck to pool,
501 W. Gasser Rd.,
Pldg. Priced to sell
$137,000. Call Don
Gorrell 419-399-7699

#1675 - Antwerp - 3
BR, 2 bath, beautiful
Thomasville cabinets in
kitchen, patio, can lights.
Ventless gas log in f/p,
shed and wood playset in lg. shaded yard!
$92,500. Call Sandra
or Tamyra 419-5061015

#1670 Lg. 4 BR 3 bath

home w/lg. town lot,
2,500+ sq. ft., det. pole
bldg... family room, dining, C/A, many updates
thru-out must see...
742 E. Perry St., Pldg.
$149,000... Call Don
Gorrell 419-399-7699

$10,000. Open 2
bdrm., 2 bath condo
w/1500+ sq. ft. den
& 2-car att.garage...
Immediate possession. SELLER WILL
OFFERS. Call Don
Gorrell 419-399-7699

#1659 - BEAUTIFUL 10
2 bath brick home w/
family room, formal dining & breakfast room,
$149,000.Call Sandra or
Tamyra 419-506-1015


NOW $117,500! Lots of
extras, C/A, bsmt., det.
2-car garage. Corner lot
Paulding. Call Sandra or
Tamyra 419-506-1015

#1641 Modern 4 BR Country home. Newer

oak kitchen, formal dining, 17x16 family rm.,
clean bsmt. 2 mile N. of Paulding. NEW PRICE
$89,000. Call Sandra or Tamyra 419-5061015.


Don K. Foltz II - Broker

Paulding, OH 106 N. Williams St. 45879
Maurie Wannemacher: 419-769-9090 Tim Boss: 419-769-0823 - Realtors

#2890 17519 R. 218 Cecil, 2 Story

Country Home (New roof 2012) on
1.83 ac. Includes 4 BR, 1 1/2 baths,
pond and 2 metal blds. $99,000

#2868 New Listing, 7555 Rd. 1031

Antwerp. 4 bdrm, 2 bath home. Eat-in
kitchen, newer replacement windows,
sunroom, pond. $77,000.




#2870 Countryside Estates Completely remodeled 4 BR, 1 1/2 bath

home. Estates. New Floor coverings, Roof, Light Fixtures, Kitchen
Cabinets, sinks & Faucets. Appliances included.

#2851 607 N. Laura St., Payne,

Nice 3 bdrm home, 1100 sq. ft.
with 2 car attached.

View other listings @ Office : 419-399-2347


1201 N. Williams St., Paulding, OH 45879


JANUARY 1st 2pm
9017 ST. RT. 66, OAKWOOD, OH 45873

Hornish Bros. Inc. is currently accepting
applications for CITY WORK/SHUTTLE
DRIVER for work in the Defiance area.
This is an hourly position w/ benefits.
Pay starts at $13.00 And goes up with
experience. If being home daily is important to you & you have a class A CDL
w/ at least 2 years tractor-trailer experience, please fill out an application at
2060 E. Second St. Defiance, OH (west
side of office building). E.O.E.

Sandra J. Mickelson &

Tamyra L. Humes
Cell: 419-506-1015

Over 40 Years Combined Real Estate Experience

(419) 399-3921 FAX (419) 399-3494
Week of December 14, 2014
With the new year upon us, the Board of Health has reviewed and adopted fees for various
services provided by the health department. The fee changes are based on Cost Methodology
which is a series of calculations that take into account the time and money our department
spends in each program. The fees are listed below.
We held a public hearing to discuss the proposed fees. This meeting was held on October
22, 2014 at 9:00 am at the Paulding County Health Department. If you have any questions
concerning this matter please contact our office at 419-399-3921.
2015 FOOD


Current Board Fee State Fee

Level 1 (<25000sf)
Level 2 (<25000sf)
Level 3 (<25000sf)
Level 4 (<25000sf)
Level 1 (=<25000sf)
Level 2 (=<25000sf)
Level 3 (=<25000sf)
Level 4 (=<25000sf)
Micro Market
Plan Review





Late Fee




Total with
Late Fee





2015 WATER

Current Board Fee State Fee






Late Fee

Total with
Late Fee
















$25 per truck $6.25 per truck $31.25 per truck

$50 plus
lab costs




Late Fee



Total with
Late Fee



Current Board Fee State Fee




50 or less sites
More than 50 sites
Temporary Camp

Current Board Fee State Fee


+ $1 per extra site


Current Board Fee


Late Fee






Late Fee

Total with
Late Fee

+ $0.25 per extra site + $1.25 per extra site




$40 plus shipping

Day Care Inspectation

Rabies-Non Suspect $40 plus shipping
Permanent Cosmetics
Body Piercing
Tattoo / Body Piercing
Plan Review
Temporary Tattoo
Board of Health
Variance Request
Copy of Rules
$.05 per page
Real Estate Evaluation

Total with
Late Fee

+ $1 per extra site









Late Fee



Total with
Late Fee

$.05 per page

7-24 Sites
25-59 Sites
60-149 Sites
150-299 Sites
300-499 Sites
500 or More Sites

Current Board Fee State Fee


Sat., Dec. 20th @ 1:00 P.M.

Location: 12438 Maple Ave, Paulding, OH


$35 per each additional dock over 50 / $1 for ODH

$35 per each additional dock over 50 / $1 for ODH



1st and 2nd Shifts FT and PT

3rd Shift - PT
Drug Free Workplace
Group Health/Dental Insurance
Wee Care Day Care Discount
Competitive Compensation Package
For immediate consideration, please
complete an application at

10357 Van Wert Decatur Road

Van Wert, Ohio 45891

3 BR Home - Extensive Repairs Needed

Investors and Speculators Are Welcome ---- Call the office for in-

spection ..Terms: $1,000 earnest money with closing on or before Jan.

20, 2015All statements made day of auction from the auction block
takes precedence over prior printed matter .. Seller: Keith E. Baird,
Jr. (David A. Hyman, Attorney) and Carolyn J. Baird, Janet Williamson, POA (Norman E. Cook, Attorney) . Don Gorrell Sale Mgr;
Larry D. Gorrell, Broker - Aaron Timm, Sandra Mickelson, Nolan
Shisler Auctioneers

Land Auction

Sat., Dec. 20th

10:00 A.M.

146 Acres

$5 plus
lab cost
$10 plus lab for
special trip


Swimming Pool
2nd Pool- Same Location
Special Use Pool

Total with
Late Fee

Real Estate


Current Board Fee State Fee

Site Evaluation
Soil Evaluation
Design Review
HSTS Permit
Private HSTS
Design Review
Private SFOSTS
Design Review
Septic Alterations
Sewage Eval
Sewage Installer Reg.
Sewage Hauler Reg.
Sewage Service
Provider Reg.
Septage Hauler
Truck Permit
$25 per truck
$50 plus
lab costs
Operational Permit
Trip Charge for
missed appt
Variance Request
Abandonment of System $50.00
Review of Subdivision
or Lot Split

Late Fee


Single Family-Well
Single Family- Pond
Single Family- Spring
Cistern, Hauled Water
Single Family-Conversion $150.00
Test Well
Single Alteration
Non-Single Family
Commercial Conversion $160.00
Water Hauler
Bacteria Water TestTest 376
Bacteria Water TestTest 140
Water Sample$5 plus
2nd test
lab cost
Water Sample other $10 plus lab for
special trip
Bacteria Test @
Defiance WTP
Trip Charge for missed appt$35.00
Variance Request


Serving you from Sign Up to Sign Down!

Crane Twp. - Paulding Co.

Farm Land With River Bottom
Woods & Recreational
Offered In Three Parcels

. Call for Brochures, Surveys, Soil Maps, FSA and other auction information or visit our web site . $5,000 earnest money for each parcel with
closing on before Jan. 20, 2015 .. Farm Location: 1 mi. north of
Antwerp, OH on Rt. 49 to Rd. C-192 (River Road); Then east on C-192 for
3 mi.- watch for auction signs Auction Location: Gorrell Bros.1201 N. Williams St., Paulding, OH .. Seller: Family of Helen Keating,
Norman E. Cook, Attorney For The Sellers Gorrell Bros. Auctioneers; Sandra Mickelson, Sale Mgr; Larry D. Gorrell, Broker; Don
Gorrell - Aaron Timm - Nolan Shisler - Auctioneers

Contact Director of Nursing,

Joelle Pond at 419-238-4646 ext. 297
or Email:

Federal-Mogul is a leader in design and

manufacture of industrial truck, rail and
automotive sealing solutions.
Applications for

Maintenance Technician
Production Technician
will be accepted in person or by mail beginning
December 15 at the plant, 150 Fisher Ave.
Van Wert, OH 45891. Pay for the Maintenance
Technician starts at $18.87/hr and the Production
Technician starts at $12.67/hr and will support
production on any of the 3 shifts. Comprehensive
benefit package offered including medical, dental,
vision, short term disability, 401k, vacation and
holidays. This work may include overtime and
weekends. Those interested must also apply online
High School Diploma or GED; or 10 years
manufacturing experience required.
Applicants will be required to pass a criminal
background check and drug test.
Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/
No telephone calls please


was passed by the
Latty Village Council
on Dec. 8, 2014. A
copy of the full body
of this ordinance is
available by calling
Kay Miller at (419)
Ordinance 1488-14
was passed by Paulding Village Council
on December 1, 2014,
and goes into effect
from and after the earliest period allowed
by law. The summary
of this legislation is as
1244-01 FIXING THE
Copies of the full text

of this legislation may

be obtained at the Finance Directors Office, 116 South Main
Street, between the
hours of 8:00 a.m. and
5:00 p.m. Monday
through Friday.
Annette D. Hasch.
Finance Director 17c2
Sealed Bids for Phase
2 Combined Sewer
Separation will be received by Village of
Paulding, Ohio, at 116
South Main Street,
until 12:00 p.m., local
time, on January 20,
2015, at which time
they will be publicly
opened and read.
In general, the work
consists of the installation of approximately
3,200 LF of 12-inch
and 18-inch diameter
sanitary sewer, the
installation of approximately 15,000 LF of
storm sewer and 8,800
LF of 10-inch, and 15inch cured-in-place
Copies of the Bidding
Documents may be

examined at the above

office, or at the office
of Jones & Henry Engineers, Ltd., 3103 Executive Parkway, Suite
300, Toledo, Ohio
43606, without charge.
Copies of the Bidding Documents and
Contract Documents
may be obtained from
Newfax Corporation,
Inc., 333 West Woodruff Avenue, Toledo,
Ohio 43604, Phone
(419) 241-5157, Fax
(419) 241-2018, Monday through Friday,
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Contact Newfax Corporation for cost of
documents. A non-refundable fee will be
required for each set
of Bidding Documents
and Contract Documents provided by
Newfax Corporation,
Inc. Checks shall be
made payable to Newfax Corporation, Inc.
Technical questions
regarding the project
shall be e-mailed to
the Project Manager,
Michael L. Karafa, at
Jones & Henry Engineers, Ltd., mkarafa@
Neither Owner nor
Engineer has any responsibility for the
accuracy, completeness or sufficiency of

any bid documents obtained from any source

other than the source
indicated in these documents. Obtaining these
documents from any
other source(s) may result in obtaining incomplete and inaccurate
information. Obtaining
these documents from
any source other than
directly from the source
listed herein may also
result in failure to receive any addenda,
corrections, or other
revisions to these documents that may be
Bids must be submitted on the forms
bound herein, must
contain the names
of every person or
company interested
therein, and shall be
accompanied by either
a Bid Guaranty and
Contract Bond in the
amount of 100 percent
of the amount bid with
satisfactory corporate
surety, or by a certified check on a solvent
bank in the amount of
not less than 10 percent
of the amount of the
Bid, subject to conditions provided in the
Instructions to Bidders. The successful
bidder will be required
to furnish satisfactory

Performance Bond
and Maintenance and
Guarantee Bond in the
amount of 100 percent
of the Bid.
The Contractor shall
be required to pay not
less than the prevailing
wage rates established
by the Ohio Bureau of
Employment Services,
Wage and Hour Division.
Any Bid may be withdrawn prior to the
scheduled closing time
for receipt of Bids, but
no bidder shall withdraw his Bid within 90
days after the actual
opening thereof.
The successful bidder
will be required to complete the Declaration
Regarding Material
Assistance/Non-Assistance to a Terrorist Organization (DMA) in
accordance with ORC
Section 2909.32 and
The Owner reserves the
right to reject any or all
Bids, waive irregularities in any Bid, and to
accept any Bid which is
deemed most favorable
to the Owner.
Harry Wiebe
Village Administrator
Dated: December 17,
December 24, 2014 17c2

6B - Paulding County Progress Wednesday, December 17, 2014



$44,900, $2,000 down, $489 mo.;
3 BEDROOM water front home.
Beautiful country setting high above the
river. $94,900, $5,000 down, $689 mo.;
NEW 3 BEDROOM, 2 bath home
with 2 car garage. $109,900, $7,500
down, $699 mo. 419-670-5575. 17ctf
BLUE CREEK SCHOOL ANNUALS. year 1958 thru 1964. Year
1954 thru 1956. Price $15 each. 419399-4557
511 SECOND ST., Defiance,
OH. 419-438-0156. Special orders, gifts, lessons and repairs.
2006 CHEVROLET UPLANDER VAN. Handicap accessible for
wheelchairs & scooters. New tires,
brakes, shocks. Excellent condition
86,000 mi. Price: $12,200 Antwerp, Oh.
419-506-1014; 419-506-2000.
Used furniture for your home, cottage or
office. We carry it all. NEW TO YOU
FURNITURE, 408 Clinton St., Defiance. 419-782-6828
MATTRESS SET. New in plastic,
can deliver 260-493-0805.



DEC. 20TH AND 21ST Ohio Expo
Center I-71, Exit 111 (17th Ave) 740-569-4112
- 402 Clinton St., Defianc,e OH 43512.
419-782-6003. Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10am5pm. 16c3


108 W. Main Street, Van Wert (419) 2383362, 30+ Dealers. Closed Tuesdays.
Buy & Sell.


PAYNE FOR RENT. 2 full baths &
basement. 1st month rent plus deposit. 419-263-4700 or 419-263-8304 16c3
month & deposit. 419-263-4700 or
house, separate bathrooms. Call Tim
RENT in Paulding and Defiance. Please
call Al at 419-399-2419 for more details. 43ctf
IN PAULDING - Whispering Pines
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the board of trustees of Blue Creek
Township will be held Mon., Dec. 29 at
7pm at the township building.
TRUSTEES will be holding their
2015 annual appropriation and organization meeting on Dec. 30th, 2014,
immediately following the regularly
scheduled meeting at 4:00 pm at the
Brown Twp. Office.

M.L. Zehr Construction

The quality of our work speaks for itself
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Metal Frame Buildings 30+ Yea

Pole Barns
Commercial & Residential

25720 Notestine Rd., Woodburn, IN 46797

(260) 433-5628 Mon. - Fri. 6:30 am - 5:00 pm


This is the Paulding Head Start afternoon class showing

off their new books they received during the RIF distribution.
(Reading is fundamental) They receive new books three times
the year through a grant funded program.
Payne Elementary Kindergarten students celebrated National Teddy Bear Day by reading Teddy bear books and bringing their Teddy
Bears to school.

Mrs. Reyes seventh grade reading class read the novel A Long Walk to Water. Based on a true
story, the book is about Salva, a lost boy refugee in war-torn Sudan. He has to cover Africa on
foot without his family, clean water, or food. This novel narrates his tragic journey and tells how
Salva somehow survives and makes it to America.

Celebrate Our Selection Of Homes!

The Wayne Trace Payne Elementary Student Council sponsored a used eyeglasses drive during
the month of October. Student Council members presented 165 pairs of used eyeglasses to Grover
Hill Lions Club member, Max Kochensparger.


keep you on the right track.

The Paulding County


Cruise On In

Antwerp kindergarten students participated in a School

bus safety presentation presented by the Ohio State Highway
Patrol. Here, student Emily
Ann Wilhelm, Paulding Elementary Librarian, is shown reading a story about Thanksgiving to a Laker learns how to cross the
street safely.
group of Kindergarten students.

Mrs. Alvarezs 3rd grade class at Grover Hill Elementary

School are writing letters to Mr. Alvarezs 3rd class at Fairview.
The students wrote rough drafts and then typed the letters.
They also worked on addressing envelopes . Pictured are
Taylor Sherry, Kyla Hurd, Whitney Hale and Mrs. Allyssa Alvarez


Everybodys talking about whats in the classifieds.