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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Safety Bulletin 1008 - 11/14 - A Ukrainian
Ports Update, issued by the UK P&I club
states that despite political turmoil the
situation is calm. Ukrainian ports such as
Odessa, Ilychevsk, Yuzhny, Kherson,
Dneprobugsky, Nikolayev, Berdyansk, Izmail
and Octoyabrsk are trouble-free and working
in the usual manner. Ukrainian port
administrations and private terminals located
at the port areas have increased the security
measures at the ports. In order to get an
access to the port terminals appropriate
passes for surveyors should be arranged by
means of sending a notice to the port and
immigration authorities two days in advance.
There sre no transport restrictions in Ukraine
except in parts of the Donetsk and Lugansk
The closest port to the so-called "neutral
interim zone", which divides Ukrainian army
and anti-government forces, is the port of
Mariupol in the Azov Sea (Donetsk region).
The port is safe and working in its usual
There are no restrictions or limitations for
the crew of any nationality and shore passes
are issued in the normal way. Due to potential
threats of violence and attacks by uncontrolled
armed groups on the East of Ukraine, crew
are advised not to leave vessels whilst
berthed at Mariupol.
There is a high risk of confiscation of cars,
property and cargo as well as threats to the
life and health of drivers and other personnel
in separatist-controlled regions. Due to these
reasons forwarders refuse to arrange cargo
and container deliveries in the territories under
the control of armed separatists. Thus, serious
problems with cargo logistics can take place in
the East part of Ukraine.
Source: UK P&I Club

3 gas fields in South China Sea

start production
Three gas fields in the South China Sea have
started operations, China National Offshore Oil
Corporation (CNOOC), the owner of the
resources, announced on Monday.
The fields off the coasts of Guangdong
Province and Hainan Province have a total of 13
wells, with two of them currently producing 21
million cubic feet of natural gas every day,
Xinhua reported.
Production at the three fields is expected to
reach a peak daily capacity of 150 million cubic
feet in 2015.

Baltex launches block

trade facility
In a bid to uphold post-trade transparency in the
forward freight agreement (FFA) market, a new
facility operated by the Baltic Exchange has
been launched.
The Baltic Exchange's electronic trading
platform, Baltex, on Monday rolled out its
Block Trade Facility so that LCH.Clearnet's
clearing services could still be used by brokers.
The clearing house recently re-classified its
dry bulk freight derivatives as future contracts.
FFA trades can only be considered as futures
when they are reported to a properly regulated
trading venue such as Baltex, which operates
under the authority of the United Kingdom's
Financial Conduct Authority
With the new facility, members of Baltex,
which is currently being used by the world's
leading FFA brokers such as Clarksons
Securities and ICAP Shipping, will be able to

monitor daily trades better as the list of all trades

will be provided by the Baltic website.
It will also help traders enhance their
European Market Infrastructure Regulation
reporting requirements.
"We are delighted to be working with the most
of the main brokers on this initiative and that
Baltex is playing a vital role in helping the FFA
market adapt to regulatory changes," said Baltex
chief operating officer Paul Stuart-Smith.
"In order to make the transition to futures as
straightforward as possible, brokers can
continue to submit their trades for clearing in the
usual way but these are now simultaneously
reported to Baltex in real time via straight
through processing," he noted.
Staurt-Smith likewise added that the new
facility will help the Baltic Exchange boost its
status in the global freight derivatives market.

UK's green maritime project

gets EU boost

Hijacked tanker found off Thai

waters, perpetrators arrested

A green maritime initiative being pursued by the

United Kingdom is set to receive a shot in the
arm from the European Union.
According to a report, the EU's TEN-T
Program will provide USD6.29 million to the
UK to help fund the country's first liquefied
natural gas (LNG) bunker and the development
of an LNG propulsion system of two ships.
The LNG bunker is being built at Teesport
near Middlesbrough, where an innovative LNG
fuel system for two ethylene carriers is also
being developed.
The initiative is aimed at addressing maritime
pollution and introducing LNG technology in
the UK. Industry experts say the scheme will
benefit the country as it will result in a dedicated
LNG supply and demand chain, as well as
encourage the use of LNG as an alternative and
cleaner source of marine fuel.
It also seeks to promote the use of LNG for
short sea shipping in the UK and the North Sea.
The European Commission's Innovation and
Networks Executive Agency will supervise the
implementation of the project, which is slated
for completion in December next year.

The Royal Thai Navy (RTN) recently found

hijacked tanker Srikandi 515 off the waters of
Narathiwat province.
The RTN announced that the tanker was found
at approximately nine nautical miles off the Thai
locality at around 10:30am local time.
Authorities, composed of the RTN and Thai
Marine Police also caught the hijackers of
Srikandi 515, which was escorted back to
Songkhla for further inspection. The cargo
onboard the tanker remained intact.
According to the RTN, hijackers repainted
Srikandi 515 and renamed to "Chong Li 2" to
trick authorities.
Thai Navy officials reported the discovery to
ReCAAP ISC, who hailed the recovery efforts.
On October 9, the Indonesia-registered tanker,
which contains 3,100 tonnes of palm oil, was on
its way to Gresik, East Java when suspected
pirates boarded the vessel in the waters of
Sampit in Central Kalimantan.
The pirates took control of the vessel and
blindfolded and tied the crew and headed to
northwest before it was found.

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Market snapshot: December 1
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New York (Mon Cls)
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USD in Fgn

US icebreaker departs for

Antarctic mission
Heavy icebreaker Polar Star embarked on a
four-month mission to Antarctica on Sunday as
part of the yearly support mission for the
National Science Foundation.
The only United States Coast Guard Cutter
departed Coast Guard Base Seattle and heads to
McMurdo Sound to provide supplies at the
The mission, which is part of the Operation
Deep Freeze, will have to break through more
than 12 miles of ice in McMurdo Sound. The
vessel has 140 crew and is equipped to operate
in low temperature situations.
The deployment will mark the second time
that a Coast Guard icebreaker performed such
activity since 2007.

Japan training ship to visit PH

Tenyu Maru, a training ship carrying 48
Japanese students from the National Fisheries
University in Yamaguchi, Japan alongwith its 12
crew members, will arrive in the Port of Iloilo in
the Philippines on Friday, PNA reported.
The Japanese visitors are set to visit the
Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center
in Tigbauan, tour the south countryside and also
Iloilo City.
Included in the Iloilo City itinerary is a visit to
Camia Balay nga Bato in Arevalo District.
"I believe this is a huge accomplishment for
the province and city of Iloilo as this will
facilitate more business deals with the Japanese
market. If we can provide them the best of our
services, trips to Iloilo like this one can pave the
way for the province to be a training destination
for the Japanese in the future," said Atty. Helen
J. Catalbas, Regional Director of the Department
of Tourism Region VI.

South Stream project delayed

Russian President Vladimir Putin said his
country cannot begin the implementation of the
South Stream project given the current

"Bearing in mind the fact that we have not yet

received Bulgaria's permission, we think Russia
in such conditions cannot continue this project. I
mean we are to begin the construction of the
pipeline system in the Black Sea. We cannot
begin the construction of the seabed section
until we have Bulgaria's permit," Putin told a
news conference in Ankara.
Russia, according to the president, cannot
begin the construction of the seabed section to
stop at the Bulgarian coast. "It is absurd. I think
it is obvious," he noted, adding that Russia is
forced to revise its participation in the project.
He thanked the Turkish partners for their
support on this gas pipeline project, Itar-Tass
said as reported by PNA.


3 Indonesians, 3 Filipinos among

rescued from sunken ship
Search and rescue efforts had rescued eight
sailors including three Indonesians after a South
Korean ship sank amid high waves in the
freezing waters of the western Bering Sea near
Russia, Indonesia's Foreign Ministry said on
The ministry, however, was not yet able to
provide information on the condition of the
rescued Indonesians, The Jakarta Post reported.
"Today, the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow
has dispatched a team to Petropavlosk port near
Anadyr to monitor the rescue efforts and assist
any Indonesian rescuees," the ministry said in a
Meanwhile, the Philippines' Department of
Foreign Affairs said that three of 13 Filipino
sailors aboard the fishing vessel have been
"There is no report yet on the condition of the
three rescued Filipino crewmen while ten others
remain unaccounted for," Foreign Affairs
spokesman Charles Jose said in a text message.
The vessel sank in the Bering Sea off Russia's
far eastern Chukotka region, PNA reported.


China dispatches escort fleet to

Somali waters
The 19th Chinese naval squad left Qingdao, a
coastal city in east China's Shandong Province,
on Tuesday to conduct escort missions in the
Gulf of Aden and Somali waters, PNA and
Xinhua reported. The fleet, sent by the Chinese
People's Liberation Army Navy, comprises of
missile frigates Linyi and Weifang, as well as
supply ship Weishanhu, with two helicopters
and more than 700 troops.
It will replace the 18th escort fleet currently
conducting similar missions in the area. It is the
first time that the two frigates will undertake the
job. China sent its first convoy fleet to the Gulf
of Aden and Somali waters in December 2008.
The previous 18 fleets have escorted more than
5,800 Chinese and foreign vessels and
successfully rescued or aided more than 60

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The Department of Marine Services and
Merchant Shipping (ADOMS) is the
Maritime Administration of Antigua and
Barbuda and operates a flag registry for the
global shipping industry.
Antigua & Barbuda operates a
fully-fledged international registry with over
1,200 registered ships with a combined
tonnage of about ten million gross tons.
The registry is ranked among the top 20
in the world's merchant fleet in numerical
terms and is internationally well recognised
by ship owners, international ship financing
banks, Port States, Flag States and the
International Maritime Organisation.
According to its web site, it applies the
most modern standards of safety with
competitive fiscal and other incentives to
meet the needs of ship and yacht owners
seeking an effective registry option.
Antigua and Barbuda has an
infrastructure of national legislation,
covering all aspects of safety, security and
the requirements for cleaner oceans.
It was established in its current form in
1986, with the designated Port of Registry,
St. John's.
The headquarters is located in St. John's
in Antigua and the ship registry is
maintained from this office which also
deals with IMO representation, technical
policy, overall policy, strategy and the
supervision of yachts and Caribbean
trading ships and the issue of Convention
certificates, STCW documents for
seafarers on these vessels and other
statutory certificates.
It has an office in Oldenburg in Germany,
which provides direct services to
customers located in Germany and is able
to complete registries, arrange to record
mortgages, and provide certificates,
exemptions and other critical documents
quickly and efficiently. The Oldenburg
office also manages the STCW certification
process for Antigua and Barbuda ships and
maintains the records of these and issues
endorsements and seafarer's books.
In general the Oldenburg office deals with
virtually all the day to day operational
issues affecting the Antigua and Barbuda