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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region 02
Division of Quirino
Diffun District
January to December, 2014

In the midst of global recession and other national issues, Diffun Central
School anticipates with high hopes the opening of School Year 2014-2015. However our
school faces the reality of aging buildings facilities and others that needs rehabilitation
for the benefit of our pupils. Much more, the Department of Education has limited
budget to arrest the problems.
In line with the pressing problem, Brigada Eskwela 2014, a modern - day
version of bayanihan spirit, serves as an avenue for the local government officials,
teachers, parents and other stakeholders to show their gestures of love and support to
the many programs of Diffun Central School highlighting the physical development and
improvements of the school and its facilities, tapping the various resources needed to
accomplish targeted goals and imbibing a sense of belongingness, cooperation and
A glaring manifestation of this support emanates from the higher officials of
Quirino, the Local Government of Diffun, the General Parents Teachers Association
headed by the dynamic leadership stance of the officers, together with the
administration, teachers and pupils. They extended their efforts in the form of financial
contributions and other pledges of support. These were undoubtedly a big push to our
goal to reaching greater heights.
With the overwhelming response from our stakeholders, we can further affirm
that the Bayanihan Spirit is always alive most especially in times of financial crisis.
In finality, Diffun Central School, in its aim to realizing the goals of Brigada
Eskwela 2014, continuously supports it since its ultimate goal is to serve the people
most importantly the learners our main concern in the Department of Education. It is
also our ardent desire and fervent hope that this Brigada Eskwela will spell success for
the attainment of quality Education.

A. Prepare for the opening of School Year 2014 2015
B. Generate funds for the upcoming projects like construction and rehabilitation of
Classrooms, repainting, landscaping etc.
C. Instill among the learners. parents, teachers and others a sense of commitment and
Urgency in times of call for national unity and cooperation.


A. Overwhelming community effort was mounted since the leadership stance of the
administration, General Parent Teachers Association officials were primed up
B. Repaired classrooms, comfort rooms chairs and tables were ready for use, thus
learning become convenient and comfortable.
C. Working time for the Clean and Green Improvement by the teachers were eased up
since many people did participate.
D. The generous amount of financial contributions from the parents served as funds for
the improvements of school facilities like repairing of rooms and landscaping.
E. Strong ties between the school and community were beefed up because all members
of the community like Aurora East, Rizal, Aurora West and others were informed
about the Brigada Eskwela Program. Thus, its everybodys concern.

Prepared by:
Grade VI Adviser