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TEST REPORT Satellite Receiver

Nanoxx 9600 IP
CA Receiver With
That Little Extra
CA receivers are ten a penny, but if you’re after a really good box NANOXX 9600 IP
you still have to search around. We found such a receiver, the 9600 Perfectly working CA receiver
with smart use of
IP of German distributor Nanoxx. The IP in the model name reveals
network interface
some great extras – but let’s take it one step at a time.

The casing of the box comes in of the control could be slightly switching between the 4:3 and
elegant silver with a shiny black larger, though. 16:9 aspect ratios also went
front panel where an easy to smoothly in our tests. Unfor-
read segment display indicates The multilingual user’s tunately, the Nanoxx receiver
the currently selected program manual will answers all ques- has neither S-Video nor compo- – the relevant DiSEqC proto-
number. To the left, Nanoxx has tions and has an easy to use nent video outputs, which is a col is detected automatically
put seven buttons to operate layout. drawback considering the large and all parameters are set by
the box without remote con- number of flat screen TV and the receiver accordingly, so
trol and to the right a flap hides
the card reader which is XCrypt Everyday use beamers in use these days. On
the positive side the OSD can
that users have one thing less
to worry about when installing
compatible. Turn on the box for the first be customised to an extremely their equipment.
time and you’ll be immedi- high extent so that users can
The back panel is nicely ately presented with the main configure the box just the way If you own a multifeed
equipped as well, featuring the menu which prompts the user they prefer. antenna with up to 16 LNBs
standard IF input with looped- to customise some parameters then this receiver is not for you,
through output, two scart and to define which reception Once the initial set-up is com- however, because unfortunately
euroconnectors, RF modula- equipment is used in combina- pleted the installation menu it does not support DiSEqC pro-
tor output, 3 RCA sockets for tion with the receiver. The new comes up to assist in adjust- tocol 1.1.
stereo audio and video, com- Nanoxx box turns out to be a ing the receiver’s setting to
posite video, optical digital true globetrotter, offering the the reception system used. Apart from standard univer-
audio output, RS-232 interface following languages for OSD The Nanoxx 9600 IP supports sal Ku band LNBs some other
as well as an RJ45 network messages: English, German, DiSEqC 1.0 to control up to types such as C band LNBs can
socket as an added extra. But French, Italian. Spanish, Turk- four LNBs as well as DiSEqC also be used and if required the
more about that a little later. ish, Russian, Arabic, Persian, protocols 1.2 and 1.3 (USALS) LOF data can even be entered
Croatian and Greek. to control motors for rotating manually. The manufacturer
The included remote con- dishes. ships this receiver with a pre-
trol sits well in your hand and Thanks to automatic detec- stored satellite list featuring
sports an ergonomic shape. tion the box can handle PAL As an extremely smart fea- 58 European and Asian orbital
The buttons on the lower half and NTSC signals flawlessly and ture – especially for newbies positions. Up to 20 additional

Clearly laid out info bar of the 9600 IP EPG Main menu

30 TELE-satellite & Broadband — 02-03/2008 —

TELE-satellite World
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available channel will be found
quickly after only a few clicks.
positions can be added to this After the completion of the If you have a more pro- Now it’s time at last to turn to
list later on. We have found that first channel scan the receiver nounced sense of order you the IP in the Nanoxx 9600 IP’s
some transponder data are out leaves the main menu and dis- can proceed with permanently model name. Contrary to most
of date, so we hope Nanoxx will plays the first available channel adjusting the full list to your other CA receivers this particu-
look at the matter and provide together with a highly informa- personal liking. This includes lar box comes equipped with a
more current data in future. tive status bar which features renaming, moving or deleting fully functional network inter-
the title of the current and next channels or putting a parental face, which the manufacturer
After the antenna settings are events (if made available by the lock on those offerings that are has built in with two purposes
completed the next step is to fill channel provider) as well as not suitable for children. Only in mind: One is to facilitate
the 6000-plus channel memory icons for teletext, subtitles or those possessing the correct easy and convenient software
(boot loader version 1.33 and encryption. PIN can then watch these chan- updates via the Internet, and
higher) of the IP 9600. To this nels. the other is to transform this CA
end we can select either a full Press the Guide button and receiver into a full-flung PVR.
scan on one or more satellites the EPG appears on screen To make things even easier,
or a manual scan on specific showing all events of the fol- all channels of a specific satel- If you decide to use this inter-
transponders. lowing three to seven days. Our lite can be deleted or PIN-locked face all you have to do is access
extensive tests revealed, how- at once. the Internet main menu on the
Our test also confirmed that ever, that the EPG window on OSD in order to set the required
it’s always a good thing to be screen is divided by the 9600 IP Complementing various parameters. If required, all data
able to restrict a scan to FTA, in a rather awkward way. On the search filters is manual PID (i.e. IP address, subnet mask,
TV only or radio only. Scanning one hand the area displaying all input, a feature all DXers will standard gateway IP) can be
is speedy and took a little less program and event information be most thankful for. Eight entered manually or alternatively
than seven minutes for per- is rather tiny and on the other favourites lists are available DHCP can be activated, prompt-
forming a full search on an 80- hand the area dedicated to show and can be filled with the most ing the receiver to obtain all set-
transponder satellite. the currently selected channel is frequently watched channels at tings from the local router.

Smartly enough the 9600 IP

can be set up in such a way that
it searches for new software
on the manufacturer’s server
every time it is turned on so that
users can be sure the box runs
the most recent version of the
operating system at all times.
Of course we tried that out in
our test and the receiver reli-
While we were at it, we tested quite large. We believe it would the touch of a button. No more ably detected any updates and
the limits of the Nanoxx 9600 IP be wise to reduce this area for time is wasted any longer look- started to download and install
tuner and were amazed about the sake of more program infor- ing for those favourite stations. new software.
the good reception it man- mation, because that’s what an
aged to obtain from relatively EPG actually is there for in the The overall positive impres- The second purpose of the
weak transponders on NILESAT first place. sion of the Nanoxx 9600 IP is network interface is currently
7° West, BADR 26° East and rounded off with standard fea- in its trial phase, but we have
ASTRA 28.2° East. SCPC recep- Similar to most other receiv- tures like selection of audio word from the manufacturer
tion was no problem either and ers the OK button calls up the channel, teletext decoder or that they are working day and
our test transponder on EUTEL- channel list. The new Nanoxx multi-picture viewing mode night to make this feature ready
SAT SEASAT 36° East with a receiver features a clearly laid which helps you keep track of for release. Nonetheless, TELE-
symbol rate of just 1.628 Ms/s out list complete with com- up to four channels simultane- satellite was authorised by
was detected and processed prehensive editing and sorting ously. That’s a convenient way Nanoxx to have a sneak peek.
without a glitch. options. This makes sure any of bridging commercial breaks. At the start of all planning was

Channel search Multi-picture display Network settings

32 TELE-satellite & Broadband — 02-03/2008 —

Nanoxx’s assumption that most Now, if you were able to record on the remote control is pressed our test. The only thing we were
households these days own high- an event directly on the PC, this the recording starts and the not yet able to test was play-
performance PCs and burning a would save all this time spent receiver transmits all data to ing back content that is stored
DVD is as easy today as record- moving huge files from one disk the PC via the network inter- on PC directly on the receiver,
ing a tape used to be a decade to another. face. The PC saves the record- since the manufacturer has not
or two ago. ings for playback at a later time yet finished the implementation
That’s where Nanoxx enters or for processing and burning of this feature in its software.
Most PVRs sold today allow the stage with a small tool that using any standard DVD author-
transferring recordings from the runs on the PC and waits for any ing software. Considering the perfectly
internal hard disk to the PC, even incoming recordings from the functional recording mode, how-
though this process may be very receiver. Even though in beta stage this ever, we are confident that this
time consuming, depending on added feature of the Nanoxx feature will be available and in
the available connection type. As soon as the Record button 9600 IP worked flawlessly in perfect working order shortly.

Expert Opinion TECHNIC

+ Manufacturer NanoXX
The Nanoxx 9600 IP is a fully functional CA
receiver sporting all required features with reli- Model 9600 IP

ability and sophistication. Thanks to its network Function Digital CA satellite receiver
interface a whole new world of possibilities opens with PVR functionality via network
up and the manufacturer uses these in a smart Channel memory 6000
Thomas Haring
way. The 9600 IP is self-explaining to operate and TELE-satellite Satellites 78
even beginners will have no difficulty using it. Test Center
SCPC compatible yes (1.628 Ms/s and above in our test)

1.0 / 1.2 / 1.3
The satellite and – above all – transponder lists are in need of
some fresh air and playing back recordings from the PC is not yet Scart connections 2

possible. DiSEqC 1.1 would also be a welcome addition. Audio/Video outputs 3 x RCA
YUV outputs no
UHF Modulator yes
0/12 Volt output no
Digital audio output yes (optical)
EPG yes
C/Ku-Band compatible yes
Power supply 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Recording software on the PC

34 TELE-satellite & Broadband — 02-03/2008 —