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TEST REPORT Mini Receiver

T-Connect S-2400 USB box

Small and efficient
Nowadays, laptops or desktop PCs have become part of our house-
hold inventory. More and more they are turning into multimedia centres
such as photo albums, music storage etc. The idea to be able to use
these appliances to watch digital satellite TV was the next step in evolu-

Technotrend is offering a low oculars pictogram takes you to

cost and handy alternative to the channel search and channel
meet this requirement with their list editor. The channel scan is
T-Connect S-2400 USB box. impressively fast and within a few
TELE-satellite had the opportu- minutes all the available chan-
nity of taking a closer look at this nels will appear on the list where
device. The parcel we received they can be sorted, individually
from DVB-SHOP, the world- deleted, renamed or even moved
wide distributor for Technotrend over to a favourites list.
products, contained the satellite
receiver which is a tiny silver- The tuner appeared to be very
grey box of approximately 10 x 7 sensitive, which is a plus if you
x 2,5 cm, its external 12V power plan to use this receiver “on
supply, a USB cable, a remote
control unit and a CD-ROM for
the move” (camping, caravan-
ning etc) with a relatively small
TECHNIC Distributor DVB-Shop, Germany

DATA Telephone +49-34954-31960

the software. The receiver has dish. The fact that this receiver
Fax +49-34954-49233
three connections at it’s back, is powered by 12 Volts and con-
USB interface, Tuner input and nects over USB to for instance a Internet
power supply. A LED on the front laptop, makes it ideal for this sort Function DVB-S data receiver for PC
shows the state (On/Off) of the of use. The remote control unit
Frequency range 950 – 2150 MHz
receiver. which comes with this receiver
increases even more the com- FEC 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
The installation of the device fort of watching your favourite Modulation MCPC + SCPC
could not be made easier. Once broadcasts while you take care of
DiSEqC 1.0
the antenna cable and the power the barbecue. And if this occupa-
supply are plugged in, you only tion asks for all your attention, Power 12 Volts
need to connect the USB cable you could take advantage of all Consumption 15W max.
to your computer and Windows the available functions of a fully
will start the installation pro- grown PVR. The broadcast will
cedure asking you to insert the then be recorded on the hard
CD-ROM. The whole process only disk, waiting to be recalled at any
takes 2 or 3 minutes and you can time. It is also possible to set up
immediately start the “Digital programmed recordings while
TV” application which appears you are away.
on your desktop. If you happen
to have a Dish pointing at Astra The T-Connect S-2400 USB
19,2°E, you can immediately implements a teletext decoder
test your new acquisition since as well. The speed in the transi-
a certain amount of TV channels tion from one page to the next
(mostly German) are part of the impressed us. The EPG deserves
initial channel list. The graphical a special mention as well. The
interface that comes up on your user will have to choose the
screen is fairly self-explanatory. wanted channels beforehand.
The main part contains the TV- After this, a very complete pro-
picture; on the left you will find gram guide is displayed in a full
the channel list and all the nec- screen format where every avail-
essary buttons for operating the able programming information is
receiver. displayed in several columns, one
for each channel.
It is very likely that you may
want to modify the initial setup
Besides of all the pleasures of
watching TV or listening to sat-
Expert Conclusion
for the satellite and channels. ellite radio stations, you might +
A simple click on the settings as well decide to consult your e- The T-Connect S-2400 USB is a fully featured
button will display a menu page mail or surf on the Internet. The FTA satellite receiver to expand your PC or laptop.
with several tabs. The first tab manufacturer of the T-connect Through all our testing it behaved perfectly with no
“LNB” is for the antenna setup. S-2400 USB has not forgotten bugs or freezes. It could be a perfect lightweight
It offers the choice between no to offer you this possibility. Pro- companion to your camping-car and still offer you
DiSEqC, simple and DiSEqC 1.0 vided you have set up an account all the features of a usually bulky and heavy satellite Yanis Patalidis
where up to 4 LNB could be con- with one of the Internet via satel- receiver. The picture quality is excellent even in full TELE-satellite
figured. There is no possibility to lite providers, you could receive Test Center
screen format. France
use a motorized dish. Once this the necessary data through this
setting is taken care of, you can
click “Apply” and return to the
device once you have sent out
the request perhaps using your
Lack of the DiSEqC 1.2 or USALS protocol.
main GUI. A click on the bin- mobile phone’s GPRS function.

20 TELE-satellite International —