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Introduction to Qlikview
Qlikview is the new generation business intelligence software solutions enable to

implement powerful analytics applications with-in the less time and half cost
compared to traditional tools. It uses AQL architecture privileged range of
business costs and developed faster in OLAP Cube. In Qlikview data sources
connect with data cloud and highly intuitive interface (GUI). Associative search
enable users to view data instantly and efficiently. Its capabilities are rapidly
deployable, fast ROI, highly interactive to use and flexible with business changes
provides customer value. Qlikview online training explains briefly the key
fundamentals to enhance visual in-memory business analytics.

Course Curriculum
Unit 1 QlikView Introduction
Topics - What is QlikView, Conventions, General conventions, Keyboard

conventions, Regional settings

Unit 2 QlikView Basics
Topics - Starting QlikView, The Start Page, Opening a document, Saving a document, Basic
QlikView terminology, Closing a document, QlikView Help, Using Documents on a
QlikView Server, Selections, Stepping back or forward in the list of selections, Locking and
unlocking selections, Searching values, Selection bookmarks, Saving your work, Checking
your work
Unit 3 Handling Sheets and Sheet Objects
Topics - Introduction to Sheets, Logical connections between sheets, Adding a
sheet, Moving a sheet, Adding new sheet objects, Saving closing and exiting

Unit 4 Loading Data Into QlikView

Topics - Looking at a delimited text file, Creating a new QlikView document,
Loading a text file into QlikView
Unit 5 List Boxes and Statistics Boxes
Topics - Opening the document, Explore The list box and statistics box
Unit 6 Bar Charts and Pie Charts
Topics - Introduction, Making selections in a chart, Changing chart types using a
fast type change icon, Creating a bar chart using the Quick Chart
Wizard, Creating a bar chart using the full chart wizard, Removing a
chart, Changing a few properties, Cloning and detaching your chart, Turning the
bar chart into a pie chart

Unit 7 Pivot Tables and Straight Tables

Topics - Adding a dimension to a bar chart, Turning a bar chart into a multidimensional
pivot table, Creating a straight table
Unit 8 More Chart Types
Topics - Creating a line chart, Adding an expression to a bar chart, Turning the bar chart
into a combo chart, Turning the combo chart into a scatter chart, Creating a scatter chart
from scratch, Creating a gauge chart, Working with drill-down functionality, Copying to
Clipboard and printing
Unit 9 Multi Boxes, Table Boxes and Input Boxes
Topics - The multi box, The table box, Using an input box
Unit 10 Explore Buttons, Text Objects and Line/Arrow Objects
Topics - The text object, The line/arrow object, The button

Unit 11 Explore Sliders, Current Selection Objects and Bookmarks

Topics - The slider/calendar object (in slider mode), Creating a Current Selections
box, Creating a bookmark object, Saving, closing and exiting
Unit 12 Document Properties, User Preferences and Reload
Topics - Creating a Document, Setting Document Properties, User Preferences, Reloading
data, Checking your work
Unit 13 Associating Data From Many Tables and Concatenating Tables
Topics - Associations, Loading and associating a second table, Renaming fields, Automatic
concatenation, Forced concatenation
Unit 14 Working with Tables and Layout Themes
Topics - Using the Table Viewer, Labelling tables in the script, Improving the
layout, Creating a theme, Applying a theme

Unit 15 Loading Additional Files

Topics - Loading a tab separated file without labels, Loading a file via OLE DB
Unit 16 Linking External Information to a Document
Topics - Looking at an info table, Loading the info table, Viewing the linked
information, Embedding external info, Displaying info in a text object
Unit 17 More about Associations
Topics - Creating a system sheet, Using the system sheet, Creating a system table, Showing
frequency in key fields
Unit 18 Explore Load Inline, Field Groups and Cyclic Display
Topics - Adding a record with load inline, Adding a table with load inline, Field groups, Cyclic
display of expressions.

Unit 19 Loading Cross Tables

Topics - Loading a cross table, Loading a cross table with more than one regular column

Unit 20 And-Mode in a List Box

Topics - Making an and-selection, Making a not selection, Characteristics of the and table
Unit 21 Explore Number Formats
Topics - Handling of numeric data, Interpretation of numeric data, Formatting of data
Unit 22 Working with Security features
Topics - Sections in the Script, Access levels, Security fields, Loading security tables, Using
the Security pages, Opening a document with access restriction

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