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Holy Child Educational
Parents’ Bulletin
AY 2009-2010 VOL 4 No. 24 December 19,
HCEC theas fostered
channel of
Third Term Theme: Reinforcing
understanding through blessings
creative learning

you, Bro It has been noted already for years

that HCEC community is generous
and kind-hearted people. Countless
times have passed that this has
Every good and perfect been proven correct- HCEC has
gift comes from God. been and is always a channel of
blessings for others; a bridge that
is instrumental to reach-out for
This year-ender issue of the HCEC others. The dictum: “It’s better to
Grade School Parents’ Bulletin is give than to receive” is true in its
dedicated to the very reason of all essence and is evident in HCEC
these merriments; the reason for the culture and spirit.
season, Bro. . . . Jesus. . . Our savior,
our king! A dedication of worship and Recently, the Misa de Gallo Mass
Sponsorship for St. Anthony of
thanksgiving to our Lord Jesus Christ is
Padua Parish has collected Php36
offered thru this humble publication. 300.00. The Rev. Monsignor Luis
Christmas reminds us that our lives Jonie V. Aguirre, H.P extended his
must be a life of worship and praises. heartfelt thanks to all parents and
This is also a great time to count the families who sponsored the 9-day
blessings received for the whole year, novena-mass of Misa de Aguinaldo.
Remember the “Acknowledgement
Area” in Heaven? Let’s give the Angel The school also have the “Share a
Joy Project” of the PGO which
there things to work, make her busy by
collected more than 10 boxes of
sending our “Thank you messages”. assorted food items, cartons or
Saying thank you is an used clothings. May God
acknowledgement of our dependency continuously bless you with your
to God, a humble acceptance that big and generous hearts.
there is one supreme God who is the
source of everything. What we have This morning, HCEC PGO officers
right now, whether material or spiritual and class presidents played as
Santa Clauses for a while to give-a-
are all caused and given by HIM. We
way candies to children after the
received things from HIM not only Misa de Gallo. This activity aims to
because we deserve to receive but trigger the spirit of generosity and
most important to realize is that, God volunteerism among our pupils.
loves us. He showed it when Jesus was (Thank you for the candies whole-
given to us as our Savior, King, and heartedly given by our pupils and
Lord. These are more than enough parents)
reasons to be thankful and we still
have more than enough things to be Good bye 2009! Thank you
thankful. Let’s count our blessings and for the wonderful time. There are a
be forever grateful to Bro. Like the lot of memories to be cherished,
three wise men, let us all worship the things to be thanked for, people to
King of kings, the baby in the manger. be remembered so well, which
happened in this great year.
Merry Christmas and a wonderful year
to all! Enjoy the holidays! God bless Welcome 2010! Praying for
us and our families! Hra the best for all of us this coming
year! - Chrissel Marie Alforque
III – Faith

Our family believes that the act of Pasa –

Love for BRO is not only during
Christmas, but all throughout the year.
For us, giving, sharing, loving and doing
good thing to every person we
encounter is very important. As parents,
we always remind our kids to say “po at
opo” and the act of “ Pagmamano”, and
being kind to other
Donating used clothes and foods to the - Jason I’Saac B. Sarahan ( Mr. &
calamity victims Mrs. Jayson Isaac )
- Christian Hans Aguado III – Faith
V – Perseverance
I will do the act of Pasa – Love by helping
We share or give food to the less fortunate people, if they are in trouble
children. I respect my parents. I always tell - Andrea Del Rosario
them I love them III – Faith
- Paul Andrew Mirando
V – Perseverance We can help others in times of needs,
doing household chores, saying kind
I will share my love, my food and my things words, praying for others, sharing our
to everyone who is needed food and giving love this Christmas. This
- Keesha Ann E. Elcano is our Act of Pas – Love for Bro.
V – Perseverance - Kimberly Jane V. Rebulado
II - Faith
We let our poor relatives stayed at our
home for more than I week when they were Respecting others especially elder
in trouble. Just last week, we adopted one of people and our parents.
the children so that she would be able to Doing Act of kindness to others everyday
continue her studies under our care. We’re Sharing my other blessings to the needy
also looking after our great grand aunt. We people
pray that God will still extend her life with - Ellin Roselle Tatad
us her on earth. VI - Prudence
- Rina Angela Peñales
III – Charity By behaving and giving love for others.
- Kamalpreet Singh Gill
Praying at all times to BRO. asking more VI - Prudence
blessing to come in – order to share it to the
needy. Sharing is the act of having good I will love my parents
heart. This also show that you had a pure - Carl Angelo A. Penolio
and true intensions of helping by sharing VI - Prudence
what you have in life.
- Katrina Ibias By being of service to others.
III – Charity - Mariah Carumba
VI – Prudence
Being a good and loving child to my family
and to others. I will show my love by doing act of
Being respectful and not telling a lie to kindness to others. I will share my
anyone. blessing to the needy too. All for the
Extending services to others people through spirit of Christmas.
my own little ways. I love you Bro
Being obedient to my parents. - Yya Trinidad
- Charlize Jessem R. David VI – Prudence
III – Charity
Payungan ang classmates pag-umuulan;
Share your blessing to others. Pray and ask share my toys and be a good girl always.
forgiveness. Always have faith in God ( Jesus - Romanne Ann R. Andalis
Christ ). 1- Obedience
makahulugan asin tunay na satong
I will forgive those hurt me. namamatean “ ( “ Let our Christmas be
- Vince Christian Parañal meaningful and heart – felt! “ ). Merry
VI – Humility Christmas! Contributed by: Atty.
Dante Santiago M. Rito, Parent of
Mario Dan T. Rito,II - Piety

APL for Bro continuation….

I will encourage everyone, including myself,

to give love throughout.
- Fernadel Simbulan
VI – Humility Notes
I will try my best not to tease and fight with In a
- Angelo T. San Juan
VI – Humility
December 20 –
I will take my position as chairman on
Bullywatch seriously to achieve peace and
January 4 –
unity in our classroom. Christmas Vacation
- Froilan Gentalian
VI - Humility January 5 –
Resumption of
Be the best gift to others . . . kindest act,
more gentle words, best thoughts for classes
others, best intentions in every decisions
and actions. hra Thank you for making yourself
NO ROOM FOR THE KING well-informed on school
A king usually enjoys all the amenities of life matters
– a grand palace, servants at his back and by reading the Parents’
call and other luxuries. Bulletin.
However, the King of Kings – our Lord Jesus
Christ – had no room for Him when His
parents, Joseph and Mary, tried to look for Ms. Helen R. Andalis
some place to stay.
At Christmas time, let us examine ourselves School Principal
if we have room for our Lord in our hearts
and in our lives.

We express this presence when we serve Ms. Teresita P. Nadal

others gladly and willingly. He told us School Directress
Himself: “ He who wishes to be the first
must learn to be the servant of all “. And did
He not show us the example of service
when He washed the feet of His apostles REPLY SLIP
and kissed them?

And then, He showed us the supreme

I have received and read the
sacrifice: Parents' Bulletin
GREATER LOVE THAN THIS Vol 4, No. 24 dated December
THAN HE LAY DOWN HIS LIFE _________________________
THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE. Student's name/ Level &
More than the Christmas songs and belens,
more than the decorations and the
exchange gifts, the lesson of Christmas is _________________________
Christ being in us we serve others without Parents' Signature over
counting the cost.

To one and all –

“ Lugod an satong Pasko maging