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FALL 2014/WINTER 2015

New Year's Day Skate Party!

Streetsville Village Square Now Open
Meadowvale Village HCD Reception

City Recognized for Climate Change Efforts

New Animal Standards of Care
Mississauga Recognized as Safest City

Streetsville Village Square Open to the Community

mances by the Paul Malysa Band, Justus, Christian James Band, Toronto
All-Star Big Band Vocalists, and the Streetsville Cadet Band. There were
also clowns, magicians, and face-painters on hand to entertain the little

Im very proud to announce that the Streetsville Village Square is now

open to the community. As you may recall, back in 2011, my office submitted an application for revitalization of the Village Square under the 8-80
Cities Make a Place for People project. This project focuses on collaborating with communities to create vibrant and dynamic public spaces that are
shaped by the communitys vision for the space. 8-80 Cities received 34
applications from interested communities across Ontario, and Streetsville
was awarded $25,000 in services to revitalize the Village Square.
To create a shared community vision for the Village Square, public
engagement sessions were held in the fall of 2012, and many amazing
ideas were generated and shared by the community. In fact, over 600
ideas to revitalize the Village Square were collected at the engagement
sessions. Two years later, your ideas have come to life in our vibrant, new
Village Square for everyone to enjoy in the heart of downtown Streetsville.

Events are in full swing at the Village Square, and I hope you and your
family will head out to the square and join in on the fun. In October, the
Village Square came alive for Halloween with a Streetsville Pumpkin Patch
event on October 18th, which featured a pumpkin decorating contest,
crafts, and entertainment. On November 1st, residents showed off their
Halloween pumpkins in the Streetsville Pumpkin Parade. Stay tuned for
many other fun events at the Village Square throughout the year, and I
hope you and your family enjoy all of the great new amenities that the
square has to offer!

Over $3.1 million was invested into the Village Square to create a dynamic
new public space for our community. The Village Square received the following enhancements and amenities as part of the redevelopment:

Energy efficient street and pedestrian level lighting

Electrical connections and potable water
A state-of-the-art sound system for site programming
Main Street was resurfaced and re-graded
The Cenotaph monument was relocated and refurbished
New tables, chairs, benches and a new stage / performance area

To celebrate the reopening of our brand new community space, a soft

opening community celebration was held on September 13th, from 11am5pm, with exciting festivities throughout the day, including stellar perfor-

The newly redeveloped Streetsville Village Square is now open to the public


(Lobby & Arena)
335 Church Street - Streetsville
January 1, 2015 - 12noon-2pm
Celebrate the New Year with Councillor George Carlson, MP Brad Butt, and
MPP Bob Delaney at Vic Johnston CC. Bring your friends and family! Bring
your skates and enjoy the FREE skate party! Refreshments, prizes, and fun for
everyone! Please bring non-perishable food items for the food bank.





Historic Painting Unveiled at

Meadowvale Village Hall
On September 13th, I
had the pleasure of
attending a reception
hosted by the Arts &
Culture Division to celebrate the final wrap-up
of the Meadowvale
Village Heritage
Conservation District
Review. I am very
proud of what we
achieved by working
together to protect and
preserve the heritage of
Meadowvale Village.

The updated HCD Plan will conserve the existing

heritage character and elements of Meadowvale
Village and help
residents manage
future changes to
the community.

Councillor Carlson unveils a replica of Haines' "Indians on the Credit"

Newly Redeveloped
Rotary Park Now Open!

I am very pleased to report that

Rotary Park, in downtown
was recently
with great new
amenities and
is now open to
the public.
Rotary Park is
located beside
the Streetsville
Branch Library,
on Queen
Street South.
As part of this
project, the
west side of
Rotary Park
The newly developed Rotary Park on Queen Street South
was redeveloped to include a new pathway
I hope you and your family enjoy
connection to William Street, new these great new amenities at
bench seating, a game table area Rotary Park!
for seniors, and landscaping

Please ensure you exercise caution if you encounter urban coyotes

In the past few

weeks, there have
been some incidents
involving urban coyotes in Mississauga
and the GTA. To
address questions
and concerns that
you may have about
urban coyotes and
provide you with
information about
urban wildlife, the
Citys Animal
Services section has
sent out educational
material to residents
and held local and
city-wide information
sessions. Animal
Services has also
met with the Ministry
of Natural
Resources and
Coyote Watch for

After completing this painting, he studied at the

Belgium Academe Royale des Beaux Arts in
Antwerp, Belgium, where he received a gold
medal. He returned to Canada in 1914 and continued his etchings, which are hanging in art galleries in Canada and abroad. After leaving the
College of Art in 1951, Haines resumed landscape painting, which was his passion. Fred
Haines died on November 21, 1960.

New Parking Lot in

Downtown Streetsville

(trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses, and perennial flower beds).

On the east side of the park, the
existing playground was replaced
along with an accessible safety
surface and pathway resurfacing.

about Coyotes

At this special
reception, we
also celebrated
the unveiling of a
replica of the historic painting by
Ontario artist,
Fred Haines,
called Indians on
the Credit. The
original painting,
which was dis-

played at Meadowvale Village Hall, was moved

to the Civic Centre, just outside the Council
Chambers. Fred Haines first came to
Meadowvale in 1896 to be an artist and study in
Toronto. During the summer of 1910, he painted
Indians on the Credit in vivid, clear colours on
three 18 feet by 40 inch roller blinds and glued
them to wall of the Meadowvale Public school,
where he was a school trustee.

Johnston Community Centre.

Streetsville currently has 6 municipal parking lots and 142total
spaces. Streetsville also has 67
on-street parking spaces along
Queen Street South.

A new municipal parking lot was

constructed in downtown
Streetsville this past fall
and opened to the pub- The new municipal parking lot on Queen Street South
lic on November 4,
2014. The parking lot is
located behind 275-277
and 279 Queen Street
South, adjacent to the
former Odd Fellows
Hall. This new lot adds
14 new parking spaces
tothe area.
Sustainableand environmentally friendly
materials, such as permeable concrete pavers, were used. The
addition expands the
existing parking
lotlocated on the west
side of Church Street,
opposite the Vic

As always, please ensure that you exercise caution if you encounter urban
wildlife in your community by keeping the following tips in mind:

Do not feed coyotes

Store garbage indoors until collection day
Secure garbage and compost in durable plastic or steel containers with
locking lids
Remove bird feeders and seed spillage that attracts rodents and their
Trim shrubs and remove rodent habitats such as rock piles or wood
piles from your yard
Wildlife proof gardens, pick ripened fruit and clean up windfalls
Install motion sensor lights or sprinklers
Enclose crawl spaces beneath decks and sheds
Keep Cats Indoors
Keep dogs on a short 5 leash
Do not allow your dog to chase wildlife
Check your property for wildlife before letting your pet outside
After dark or at dusk take your pet out on a short leash
Do not house rabbits, fowl or other pets outdoors
Vaccinate your pet against rabies
Never Leave Young Children Unattended

To report any unusual wildlife activity or the feeding of wildlife, please contact Animal Services at 905-896-5858 during the daytime or during the
evenings, weekends, and holidays, please call 905-615-3000.
For more information about urban coyotes and urban wildlife, please visit
the Animal Services website at

Local Park
Renamed to
The new City park,
which is located
adjacent to the
Streetsville Cadet
Centre, was
recently named
Jon Clipperton
Park in honour of
dedicated volunteer and long-time

Streetsville resident, Jon William


Jon Clipperton's family members pose for a photo at Jon Clipperton Park

Jon Clipperton was

born in 1946 and
was an active
member of his
community and a
dedicated volunteer, who gave his
time and energy to
various organizations, including the
Streetsville Lions
Club, Streetsville
United Church,
and the Vic

Community Centre. Jon was also a very prominent member of the Streetsville Business community, becoming President of his familys business, Atkinson Insurance Ltd., which was started
by his grandfather during the Depression.
To celebrate the naming of this park and Jons
legacy, a special ceremony was held at Jon
Clipperton Park on October 31, 2014 with Jons
family, friends, and members of the organizations where Jon volunteered his time. We were
all treated to a great performance of the national
anthem by local group, Justus, and I especially
enjoyed the great speech by Jons granddaughter, Regan, about her beloved Papa Jon. I was
very honoured to emcee this ceremony and to
meet so many people who knew and loved Jon.

Mississauga Named Safest City for 14th Year

Mississauga has been named one of the safest cities in Canada for
the 14th consecutive year, based on research conducted by Safe City
Mississauga. As Councillor, I always make community safety a top
priority. I am committed to
working with Police, Bylaw,
and Crime Prevention staff to
keep our streets, parks, and
schools safe for everyone. I
am proud that we have
achieved this goal and
Mississauga has been recognized as one of the safest cities in Canada for the past 14
years, said Councillor George
Each year, Safe City Mississauga releases its Safest Cities Report,
which provides information about crime and safety within Mississauga.
The report looks at crime rates and statistics; analyses of crime rates
and the severity of crimes in Mississauga; and comparisons to other
Canadian cities. The Safest Cities Report looked at crime data from
2012 and revealed that Mississaugas crime rate decreased 5.6% from
2011 rates and 15% from 2009. Mississauga also ranked as one of
the top three cities with the largest decrease of motor vehicle theft in
the past five years, and homicide and robbery rates remain well below
the national average, which is currently at an all-time low. If you
would like to view the Safest Cities Report, please visit

New Standards of Care to Protect

The City of Mississauga has adopted new standards of care to protect animals in the city. This
by-law will go a
long way
towards protecting animals
and ensuring their
was a
example of
the community and
coming together
find a workable solution to an
important issue, said Councillor George
Carlson, who served on the Animal Standards of
Care Committee.

Mississauga Recognized
for Climate Change
The City of Mississauga has been
recognized by the Federation of
Canadian Municipalities (FCM), for
its climate change efforts under the
Partners for Climate Protection
(PCP) program. The PCP program
is a network of Canadian municipal
governments that have committed to
reducing greenhouse gases (GHG)
and to acting on climate change.
Working towards better energy and
GHG management at the City and in
the community is a priority for us,
said Councillor George Carlson,
Chair of Mississaugas Environmental
Advisory Committee. This achievement couldnt be possible without the
strong collaboration from our corporate and community partners.
Mississauga was recognized for taking significant actions to mitigate climate change, which include the following:

The new standards of care address important

issues that are vital to the protection and general
well-being of animals. Some of the new standards that were adopted include:
Pets cannot be left outdoors during
extreme weather except for brief
walks or exercise unless the animal has access to adequate shelter to protect the animal.
Animal Services officers will be
authorized to enter on private
lands to inspect and ensure the
Animal Care and Control bylaw is
being followed.
Doghouses must be large enough for
the dog to stand up, turn around, lie
down and stretch its limbs to the fullest.
They must be insulated; have clean dry bedding and shade; be in good repair; and comply with the CitysZoning by-law. There are
extra requirements for each additional dog.
Animals must not be tethered for any longer
than a total of four hours out of every 24
hours. Tethers must be at least three metres
or 9.84 feet allowing the dog to move safely

Greening the Citys corporate

fleet reduced greenhouse gas
emissions equal to taking
approximately 39 cars off the
roads per year.
Citywide LED street lighting conversion 49,000 street lights will
be replaced to Light Emitting
Diode (LED) lights by December
Energy efficiency measures
Saved enough energy to power
3,500 homes for a year.

The City also received recognition for

its development of the Living Green
Master Plan (LGMP). Mississauga is
continuing to be a leader in environmental initiatives by moving forward
with a five year Energy Conservation
Plan. The plans target of one per
cent reduction in energy consumption
per year will amount to a total annual
savings of approximately $575,000
per year! To find out more about
Mississaugas environmental initiatives, please visit www.mississauga.

and unrestricted. The animal is to be in view

of the owner with access to
appropriate food, water
shelter and shade.

cannot be left
unattended in
automobiles if
weather conditions are not
suitable and
may cause the
animal distress.
Animals must
have suitable
ventilation and be
restrained to prevent
contact between the animal and the public.
Owners must provide veterinary care to pets
to relieve distress from injury neglect or disease.
For more information about the new standards of
care that have been adopted, please visit www.

Brunch is Served!

who were on hand to help too! As

you can imagine, during the holiday season, the need for assistance is great, and I know that our
local food banks will put all of the
proceeds and food collected at the
Streetsville Santa Brunch to good
use helping our community this
holiday season. Thank you to our
sponsors and everyone who came
out to support the Streetsville Food
Bank Network

To support our hardworking local

food banks, I co-hosted a delicious
Streetsville Santa Brunch with MP
Brad Butt on December 7th, at the
Royal Canadian Legion Branch
139. MP Butt and I were on our
feet most of the morning serving
up a scrumptious brunch to all of
those who attended. Tickets were
$10 at the door and all proceeds
and food collected went to
the Streetsville Food
Bank Network. I am
very proud to report
that we collected
about $4000 at
the event,
including a very
generous donation of $1500
from the
Legion. A big
thank you to all of
our volunteers and the
members of the
Rotary Club,
The Streetsville Legion Branch 139 fight hunger in our community

A very scary MP Brad Butt and Councillor Carlson at the Streetsville Spooktacular

Zombies Invade Ward 11!

Zombies rode into Ward 11 to celebrate Halloween with a spooky bike
ride organized by the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee
(MCAC) and my office on October 25, 2014. A very scary group of
zombies, including myself, met up at the Streetsville Memorial
Cemetery and rode our bikes throughout downtown Streetsville, scaring everyone in town! All of the riders were very pleased with the Citys
cycling infrastructure and then headed over to the Streetsville
Spooktacular to meet up with the rest of the ghouls, witches, and goblins who were about town that day.

The Culham Trail

The Culham Trail is a multi-use trail
which runs along along the Credit
River. The Culham Trail currently has
three sections. The north section
runs from Old Derry Road to Derry
Road West, through Meadowvale
Conservation Area, and includes an
85m boardwalk and 65m bridge.
Total length:
Investment: $1,905,000
Levi Creek Trail

Councillor Carlson explores the north section of the David J. Culham Trail

Meadowvale Village & Levi Creek Trails

Did you know that there are over 11km of fabulous trails in the Meadowvale Village and Levi
Creek communities of Ward 11? These trails
were constructed between 2000-2013 and represent an investment of over $5.1 million in our
Ward 11 trail system. Heres a snapshot of the
great trails you will find in Levi Creek and
Meadowvale Village:

The Levi Creek Trail runs from Old

Creditview Road/Old Derry Road to
Derry Road West, through Park 434

Total length:


Samuelson Circle Trail

The Samuelson Circle Trail is comprised of three
1. Financial Drive across Westbridge Way to
Derry Road West, within the Levis Valley,
with a trail length of 1,160m
2. Samuelson Park Trail, with a trail length of

Important Numbers
Aircraft Noise Complaints 416-247-7682
Animal Services
City (after hours)
Courtneypark Library
Catholic School Board
Enersource (Hydro)
GO Transit
Health Line Peel
Ministry of Health
Ambulance 905-844-4242
Mississauga Fire
MiWay Transit
Park Lights (City)
Parking Control

Public School Bd.

Peel Regional Police
Poison Control Centre
Recreation & Parks
Region of Peel
River Grove CC
Safe City Mississauga
Snow Removal
Streetlights (Enersource)
Streetsville B.I.A.
Streetsville Library
Vic Johnston CC
Waste Management



3. Glamorgan Way to Derry Road West,
through the Meadowvale Conservation Area,
with a trail length of 738 m
Total length:


Derry Road West Trail

The Derry Road West Trail runs west of
Hurontario Street, and is comprised of four segments:
1. Ninth Line to Terragar Boulevard, with a trail
length of 993m
2. Lake Aquitaine Trail (west of Copenhagen
Drive) to Argentia Road, with a trail length of
3. Financial Drive to Second Line West: Length
2,750 m
4. Second Line West to McLaughlin Road, with
a trail length of 1,700m
Total length:


Mississauga has over 400km of bicycle routes

and trails across the the city. For more information about this great network of routes and trails,
please visit

Contact Your Ward 11 Councillor,

George Carlson
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