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Kareline Santiago

Final Project

VO/SOT Script

OC Anchor with an over-the-shoulder
graphic in the desk
Over the shoulder graphic of the New
Jerseys assembly on the side

MCU of a reporter outside of the Kean

University campus
MS of the interviewee on the sidewalk with
the University Center building as a

B-rolls of students walking by the

University Center and next to the tower

A medium shot of the interviewee on the

sidewalk with the CAS building as a

On November 13 of 2014, New Jerseys
assembly approved a bill in which they
would allow physicians to give life-ending
drugs to terminally ill patients. The bill
establishes a protocol for patients who want
to end their life. This procedure has to be
certified by a second doctor and confirmed
patient has not received undue the pressure
from others.
[Talent] Sara Emilgi, an academic specialist
of the English as a Second Language at Kean
University, feels this way about the
resolution of this bill.

SOT (Sara Emilgi): I dont think that

prescribing life ending drugs
determinedly ill patients is correct.
People should die naturally and if
doctors dont want to give them the
medicine that is making them better,
then they could stop giving them the
medicine. They shouldnt give
medicine to purposely end someones

VO [Talent] However, not everyone at Kean

feels the same way about the new bill. Maria
Soldi, a senior student at Kean, thinks that
the recent bill is a good thing.

SOT (Maria Soldi): Well, I feel like if

your days are numbers, there is
absolutely no way that you can
recuperate for whatever illness you

are going through and you seeing

various doctors and all have the same
answers and you have only a certain
amount to live, I think it should be up
to the person to take a little control of
that. If it is okay, he or she wait up
the up the pros and cons to it. If that
person were okay with it about
picking a day that they would like to
pass away. Waiting around, waiting
for the death to came to them, I think
it should be up to the patient and
more than one doctor.


The reporter standing outside on the

sidewalk of the main campus at Kean

OC anchor at studio with an over- the

shoulder graphic in the desk

Clearly, this is a controversy issue

that we will continue to hear about.
Now that the bill has passed in the
assembly, it will move on to the state
senate. Governor Christie has
indicated his opposition to the bill.

For Kean Today, Im Kareline Santiago.


1) (X) I have not handed in this assignment for any other class.
2) (X) If I reused any information from other papers I have written for other classes,
I clearly explain that in the paper.
3) (X) if I used any passages word for word, I put quotations around those words, or
used indentation and citation within the text.
4) (X) I have not padded the bibliography. I have used all sources cited in the
bibliography in the text of the paper.
5) (X) I have cited in the bibliography only the pages I personally read.
6) (X) I have used direct quotations only in cases where it could not be stated in
another way. I cited the source within the paper and in the bibliography.
7) (X) I did not so over-use direct quotations that the paper lacks interpretation or
8) (X) I checked yes on steps 1-7 and therefore have been fully transparent about
the research and ideas used in my paper.
Name: Kareline Santiago Date: 12/17/14