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Dr. A.G.Pandith

Muhurta Madhavi, Muhurtha Chintamani, Muhurtha Padavi, Muhurtha Dipika, Muhurtha

DarpaNa, Tantrasara, Nirnayasindhu, Dharmasindu, many other Muhurtha books, saint like
Bruhuspatyacharya, have explained about Muhurtha, in very detail. But in the present day busy
society, it is very difficult to study them in detail and also very difficult to observe it.
We know that Muhurtha Means two Ghatika, or 48 minutes. To fulfill the fruits of desired karma,
or work, the main time of two ghatika during the whole process, is termed as Muhurtha.
That is why our saints told that

Karyam yadekam kriyate pradhanam tadaasyuranyanyupasrjanani |

Grahyo viruddhespyupasarjananam Bali Pradhananuguno muhurthaha ||

Today to have good muhurtha is difficult. People by ignorance or because of hurry, ignore the
rules of muhurtha and face troubles as a result.
Coming to the weak-point (Defects) of muhurtha among the 27 stars
1. Kruttika, 2.Bharani, 3. Ashlesha, 4. Jyestha, 5. Aridra,. 7. Purvaphalguni, 8. Purvashada, 9.
Purvabhadra, 10. Makha, 11. Vishakha these eleven stars
and Sunday, Tuesday, Saturday, these three week days, and the horas of these planets should
be avoided to any ceremonies.
Added to this
1. Ulkapatha ( falling of meteor),

7. Ushna shikha

2. Bhukampa ( Earth quake)

8. Visha gatika

3. Grahana (eclipse)

9. Fixed Karanas

4. Mandi udaya (rising of mandi)

10. Rikta and Chidra thithis

5. Malefic Moon, (Moon of dark half)

( 4, 9, 14 and 6, 8,12 (15), 30 thithis )

6. Gandanthas (starting and ending part of

11. Visthi

sign Pisces-Aries, Cancer-Leo, Scorpio-

12. Lata dosha,

Sagittarius and stars concerned)

13. Ekargala

14. Vaidrytha,

18. Dhooma etc. 5 sub planets time,

15. Affliction to ascendant

19. Kala dosha,

16. Setting time of Jupiter and Venus,

20. Chakrardha vyatipatha

17. Sarpamstaka Dosha,

21. Sthoona traya.

Like this they have stated group of weak time or points to be avoided.
Added to this Ascendant should be free from

1. Hemming between melfics,

2. Moon at 6,8,12th house.
3. Moon should not be with any
other planet.
4. Rising and setting time should
be auspicious.

12. 5th, 10th, 15th, 30th thithis last two

ghati should be avoided.
13. Bad week days should be avoided.
14. Ekargala should be avoided.
15. Cruel planets in ascendant should
be avoided.

5. Venus should not be at 6th house

16. Mahapatha should be avoided.

6. Mars should not be at 7th house.

17. Vyatipatha, Vaidhruthi karanas

7. Muhurtha ascendant should not be


in 8 house from natal ascendant.

8. Visha ghati should be avoided.

should be avoided.
18. 16 ghatis from Sankranthi should
be avoided.

9. Bad navamsha should be avoided.

20. Eclipse day should be avoided.

10. Bad Muhurtha should be avoided.

21. Vaidrut should be avoided.

11. Gandantha should be avoided.

After seeing this avoiding list we get confused that is there can be any day available for
Muhurtha. Even if available is it possible to calculate all of them accurately and avoid them?
So Madhava told that

Vasistha vaagishvaragargya mukhyaihi maharshibhievistrataha |

kruteshu shastreshu budhyaparigrahasya saram lokopakaraya cha kirtaye cha ||

Means I will comprahensively collect and give it for the use of common people.
Similarly many saints after describing the week point or time (defect) told that

Doshairamibhirakhalaihi ahitam muhurtham lokaha na labhathe khalu mandabhagyaha |

teyanthi nashamapavadagunairyadosmatdesham kramadabhidadheshamihapavadan ||

That is in Kaliyuga for unfortunate people good muhurtha is scare. So they have given the
remedy for weak point or time.(dosha) So I will concentrate on the remedy described by the
saints. Because many astrologers without knowing these remedies claim that good muhurtha is
not possible so it can be done on bad muhurtha also. By this suffer bad results of the bad


If Moon is strong Leaving initial 9 ghatis of 4th, 6th thithis and 14 ghati of 8th thithi,

25 ghati of 9th thithi, 10 ghati of 12th thithi, 5 ghati of 14th thithi in other good time ceremonies
can be arranged.

Except wearing of new cloth, and shilanyasa for other ceremonies Sunday is good

provided Sun is in aspect to benefic. In unavoidable circumstances in bad week days also
ceremonies can be conducted on benefic ascendant, navamsha, and Hora rising time. For
ceremonies to be done in night week day is ineffective.

If waxing Moon posited in ascendant, His day, his own divisional positions are good for

all ceremonies. Moon of the dark half and Moon in ascendant should be avoided for marriage.

Even malefic signs become medium benefic by aspect or position of benefic. So except

Aries and Scorpio, other signs are good for ascendant, if benefic posited or aspect them.

Sunday or any day when Amrutha yoga is there, or Sun is posited in 3, 6, 10, 11

(Upachaya) even if Dhooma etc 5 malefic yoga is there, ceremonies can be conducted.

Moons aspect to ascendant avoids earthquake defect, Venus aspect avoids Ulkapatha

(falling of meteor), defects. Jupiters aspect avoids Brahmadanda, dhvaja defects. If Sun is
posited in own division, exaltation sign, with benefic aspect, avoids all these defects.

First two ghati in ardhaprahara, middle two ghatis in Yamakantaka, last two ghati in

Gulika time should be avoided and any ceremony can be conducted in remaining time.

For night ceremonies Dinamrutyu and Dinagada defects are not considered, and if Moon

is strong for day time ceremonies also these defects are not considered.

Strong Moon posited in benefic navamsha in aspect to benefic posited in Taurus, Virgo,

Cancer, or Pisces signs, dagdha (combustion) defect is not effective.


Benefic Hora avoids kala dosha. (Kala and Ganda stars this defect not gets avoided.)


Sun and Mars if in aspect to benefic posited in exaltation sign or in own divisions,

avoid kantaka and sthoona defects.


Combust or Mratyu signs are not defective if in aspect to own lords or Jupiter.


If Moon is in good Kriya and strong in benefic navamsha , birth, vipath, vadha stars

( 1,3,7th ) will not harm.


Birth and 8th signs lords are if friends functionally, it can be considered for ceremonies.


Strong Moon and lord of the ascendant and shirshodaya( rising from head) sign in

ascendant, are if in aspect to malefic except from 7th house, own, exaltation sign posited strong
Jupiter or Venus in ascendant, avoid the defect.

Defect of position of Rahu or Ketu in ascendant is avoided by postion of benefic planet

in ascendant, after 6 months from eclipse day.


Planets posited in bad house will not harm if they are in own, or exaltation houses.


Jupiter or Venus is strong and posited in ascendant and Moon is in benefic divisions

and in benefic kriya, his position in 6th or 8th house is not harmful.
Defects or Doshas which must be considered since they cannot be avoided.


Vyatipatha yogas last half.


Sarpamastaka dosha. ( Sun +Moon longitude falls in Anuradha star.)


Fixed karanas.




30th thithi, avoidable stars


Tuesday and Saturday.


Saturn and Mars in ascendant.


Thithi dala yoga vara tara jagati bhavanthi yathottaram ballista

means In Muhurtha tithi, karana, yoga, weakday, star are strong in ascending order. So Giving
importance in this order, using the stars prescribed for perticular ceremony , using good
muhurtha chart, if ceremony is conducted no one miss the good results.