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HCL enables

through PARTNERSHIP and
for a Leading U.S based
Marketing Services Company


The customer is a leading U.S.-based Marketing Services company. Its 1,500
dedicated marketing consultants work with about 435,000 local businesses to
create customized marketing programs to help reach their customers. The
companys products include online and mobile-based search solutions, print
yellow pages directories and voice-based search platforms.
The future strategic vision of the company is: Capitalizing on the digital
opportunity and capturing a greater share of the growing digital market.

The continuing decline in the use of print directories, increased
competitionparticularly from existing and emerging online companies and
decreased ad sales due to ongoing weak economic conditions made
digitization not a mandate, but an essentiality for the companys survival.
The company was looking for a strategic IT partner who could optimize their
spend on operations, as well as revitalize and add to their digital product portfolio.

The overall objective of the company was to drive Digitization - both internally
and externally to create a significant cost advantage, backed by IT optimization.
They aimed to do this by:
Expanding services and establishing a full complement of digital products.
Rapidly expanding digital offerings to increase penetration rates among
consumers and expanding share of wallet from advertisers.
Internal change and reorganization via a massive skills refresh. Seven hundred
professionals were hired with marketing, sales and digital development as key
skill areas.
The engagement leveraged best practices from HCLs prior successful projects
and was further cemented on the basis of HCLs understanding of the
fundamental transformation sweeping the advertising industry as a whole. HCL in
collaboration with the customer effectively gauged business requirements by
interacting at all levels and with key functions across the customer organization
performed a detailed as-is-analysis and built a suitable business case for
implementing digital initiatives and developing and supporting applications.
HCLs supported several business functions including advertiser self-service,
marketing, sales, production and CRM.
Application development, support and upgrade: HCL supports 50+
Enterprise Applications like Business Data Warehouse, reporting, custom web
applications, marketing and sales functions, back office production, Oracle
HR/ Finance modules, Documentum, print and digital delivery platforms,
self-service portals and databases.
Platform development, sustenance and support: Several new revenue
generation platforms on mobile, web and social channel, advertiser value
creation platforms, advertising network, digital search engine and cloud-based
applications for sales force automation platform. Additionally, HCL helped
customer define a digital, multi-channel strategy for web, ad networks, social
media and mobile.
Helpdesk services and support: Helpdesk management with 24/7/365 L1/L2
staffing, providing remote support across all customer locations and on-site
support at eight key customer offices.

Implementing quality assurance for the enterprise suite of applications:

Such as graphics and marketing systems, print and digital applications, mobile
applications, digital delivery platforms and back-end search engines. HCL
executed agile-based testing cycles and performed automation, functional,
regression and performance testing.
Co-creating value, enhancing productivity for customer organization: By
implementing value portals and metrics program to gauge quality of
deliverables and team productivity.
Digital innovation: Leveraging its Digital Media Lab, HCL and customer jointly
analyzed industry trends, developed and/or showcased relevant solution
accelerators around search engine optimization, online directories, social
enterprise and mobile applications. Some key solutions proposed to the
customer organization from HCL include Mobile Augmented Reality, mobile
coupons, N=1 Personalization, Socialytics, contextual browser, self-service
advertising platform, optimizing social media strategies for Facebook/
customer website, TV/ social media widgets and Blinke (eCommerce
Fostering multi-channel capabilities: For enabling digital transformation on
the mobile, social and TV platforms, adjacent to the print business to enable
improved monetization and broader audience reach.
Other initiatives where HCL is collaborating with the customer
organization are:
- Back Office optimization through digital ERP, leveraging existing
investments and meeting their objective to create a strong, scalable
backend with a deep data/ analytics capability
- Integration of/ migration to SFDC for their 1,500+ marketing and sales team.

The engagement leveraged the following HCL capabilities, practices, CoEs,
frameworks and competencies for success:
HCLs Media and Entertainment practice: Deep-domain competencies,
frameworks and people maturity
- Over 13 years of experience, with 6,000+ people and deep-domain
competencies, helping customers leverage latest industry insights and
- Strong co-creation model with key customers and vertical partners
- Innovation in outsourcing through customizable business models, delivery
approaches, service standards, processes and methodologies for effective
cost optimization
- Product development expertise across mobility, consumer electronics,
telecom, broadcasting and digital marketing
- Technology centers of excellence, which include Enterprise Applications,
DW/ BI, CRM/, internet/ web technologies and mobility

- Key partnerships with Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, EMC, Tibco and a host of
micro-vertical focused partnerships
Digital Media & Publishing Lab A key investment and technology
With an investment of $5 mn and innovation at its heart, the HCL Media Lab
aims to provide technology leadership to the media and entertainment
industry. The Digital Media & Publishing Lab has 20+ relevant solution
frameworks in the areas of Content Life Cycle Management, Content on
Demand, Digital Rights Management, Digital Asset Management, Cross Media
Advertisement Management, Artist Management, Social Media, Video Content
Analytics, Interoperable Testing and iTV applications. Many of these solutions
were used at customer organization to accelerate the development process
and speed-to-market.
Tool and technology leadership for business advantage:
- Value Creation Portal, an HCL tool for promoting ideation and identifying
potential areas of innovation
- Innovation Dashboard, an analytics and dashboard framework that allows
leaders to assess the health of the project and potential areas of
- ProcessWatch, HCLs framework to visualize the business process down to
application and infrastructure, outline constraints, bottlenecks and
redundancies for improvement
- BusinessWare, a systematic business case development framework to
determine the cost-benefit analysis of new digital/ IT initiatives and draw
several what-if analysis
- Process Compliance: A comprehensive process compliance framework
(PCI) for ensuring quality assurance across all service lines
HCLs state-of-the-art transition framework (ASSeT):
- Overall tracking and monitoring of the transition through ASSeT transition
monitoring tools
- Structured ASSeT processes and templates for accelerating documentation,
reviews and understanding the customer applications and processes
- Qualified transition managers to manage schedules, deliverables, risk, cost
and resources
- Seamless transition without any business disruption

Cost optimization: HCLs offshore-driven delivery mechanism, reduction of
overall team size and productivity improvements helped realize cost savings of
over 20% by optimizing and consolidating print IT operations in North Carolina
and India towards a goal of recording $140 mn in cost savings in 2011.
Digital growth of 30%: Attributed to innovation in mobile, online and digital
media with a new and innovative proposition around reputation management.
Ensuring minimum disruption to business through a seamless and quick
transition plan and systematic implementation of processes. This centered on
cost improvement, 10% SLA improvement, cycle-time reduction, process
improvement, component reuse, tool development and overall delivery
efficiencies of 20%.
Boosting business agility and leading to a faster turnaround time by using
the agile development methodology and providing operational reliability and
flexibility through quick ramp-up of onsite and offshore teams, in a desired
timeframe, with the right-skilled resources.
Contributing to delivery excellence by establishing and implementing a
well-defined governance methodology and performance metrics.
Reduced internal headcount by 30% (back-office).


HCL demonstrated a superior understanding of challenges and issues and
leveraged its experience, process and frameworks to gain the confidence of
key customer representatives.
Constant communication established between customer organization and
HCL at all times and stages in this relationship.
HCL and the customer developed the solution jointly with each of the
respective track leads and then presented it to the CTO for sign-off. HCL
enabled a seamless and zero business disruption oriented transition plan.
A set of 27 core delivery and performance metrics have been defined for the
engagement, which helped measure and ensure quality, process compliance
and schedule management.
HCL set up a multi-governance model for the customer organization; a
structured communications and reporting approach with project level
governance, operational review and regular steering committee meetings.

We needed a dramatic transformation led by a strong digitization drive, we
needed to quickly revitalize our print based products and transform them into
improved, easy to consume digital suite of products. We also needed to drive
several other objectives such as cost reduction, improved flexibility, agility, and
process excellence. With HCL as our partner of choice we were confident we
would be able to outperform on all fronts said Atish Banerjea, SVP and CTO,
Customer Organization.
By selecting HCL Technologies, we gained solid engineering expertise that
complemented our Santa Monica, California and Denver digital product
development teams. This powerful combination of people and processes has
reduced development cycle times and accelerated the delivery of new digital
solutions to our customers. Beyond the operational benefits, this partnership
reduced our costs and is part of the companys larger effort to record $140 mn in
cost savings in 2011, said Atish Banerjea, Senior Vice President and Chief
Technology Officer, Customer Organization.
We brought in HCL in July 2011, and have already seen significant results. We
have reduced internal headcount by 30% and reduced IT operating costs by over
20%. Additionally, HCL is playing a critical role in several of our new product
development initiatives. This has allowed us to improve the quality of our digital
products and reduce costs, said Atish Banerjea, SVP and CTO, Customer

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