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Running Desk

Conceptual Sharing

Running Desk: A Truly Global Event!

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Running Desk: Parties Involved


Desk Team


Encourage dialogue and facilitate an exchange of views

on selected topic, e.g. Whats great about working as
ONE team in BASF? Any examples? What more can
be done?

Sends invite and raise anticipation through various

communication channels
Facilitate and monitor progress of event
Analyze event effectiveness through feedbacks

Enthusiastic in sharing with group members about their

daily task and to learn from others

What do participants share?

Introduce yourself, your position and background of
your team and division.
Describe what do you do everyday at work and projects
that you were involved in.
Explain how your work is different from others in your
team or division (e.g. Invoice processing in Finance).
Share how does your work contribute to BASF.
How they intend to stay connected after extending their
personal network.