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A healing story about Guyabano

Many Filipinos are familiar with guyabano, a native edible fruit that is abundant
in our country. Guyabano fruit has a unique pleasant taste a mixture of
strawberry, pineapple and banana flavor.
What many of us do not know is that all parts of the guyabano like the bark, leaves,
roots, fruits and seed are natural cures for many kinds of ailments. Guyabano is a
natural cancer treatment. It has awesome healing power in twelve (12) types of
cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreatic cancer. Unbelievably,
studies show that the compound extracted from guyabano is 10,000 times more
potent in slowing the growth of cancer cells than adriamycin, a commonly used
drug in chemotherapy. And yet the guyabano compound kills only cancer cells and
does not harm healthy cells. Research further shows that extracts from guyabano as
a cancer cure do not cause severe nausea, weight loss or hair loss and the patient

feels stronger during the treatment episode compared to cancer patients

undergoing chemotherapy.
Aside from being a natural cancer treatment, guyabano is a sedative, a tranquilizer
and a nerve tonic. It is also effective in maintaining our intestinal health like
eliminating stomach and bowel discomforts. By lowering blood pressure,
guyabano has a calming effect on our moods.
The scientific name of guyabano (a Tagalog word sometimes spelled as guayabano
or guanabano) is annona muricata. In English, the fruit is known as soursop and the
tree is known as the Graviola tree. In Brazil, the fruit is known as pawpaw. The
graviola tree grows in warm tropical areas like in South America and in the
While the first modern-day research on guyabano or graviola tree was conducted in
1976 by the National Cancer Research in USA, there were already investigative
researches conducted as early as 1940s in other countries like South Korea and
USA. Unbelievably, the guyabano tree has been a legendary healing tree from the
Amazon rainforest more than three thousand years ago.
Guyabano is completely natural and this is the reason why under the US federal
law (and probably in other countries too) it is not patentable. An awesome blessing
to the public!
Let me share with you a true-to-life story about the miracle healing power of
Sometime in 2009, a lady by the name of Edna and married to Mike Anton was
scheduled by the doctors of Stanford University, California, USA for an operation
to remove her stomach and spleen due to cancer. Since there was a lull of two

weeks, Edna and Mike decided to go to Hawaii to visit their two (2) daughters and
to return to Stanford University in time for the operation. Coincidentally, Edna had
a cousin in the Philippines who in the past told her about the healing power of
guyabano capsule for cancer patients. The cousin learned from the Internet about
guyabano as a natural healing cure for cancer as well as for other ailments.
Initially, Edna did not heed the advice of her cousin to try guyabano capsule for
her cancer. Later on, Edna changed her mind while in Hawaii. She bought the
guyabano capsules in US, took the full dosage (2 capsules 3 times a day) daily for
10 days. Then back to Stanford University, Mike and Anton went. Ednas
operation proceeded as scheduled. After the operation, she was told by the doctors
of Stanford University who operated on her that they did not remove her stomach
but just a part of her spleen. What a miracle for Edna! Edna attributed the miracle
to the graviola capsules which she religiously took for 10 days before her
operation. Elated that her stomach was not removed she continued taking the
graviola capsules, full dosage (2 capsules three (3) times a day) for weeks and for
months. Edna has been taking the graviola capsules without fail for more than four
(4) years now and there has been no sign of recurrence of her cancer.
As early as 1977, Ednas appendix was removed seven (7) days after the rupture
of her appendicitis. She did not experience the usual symptoms of appendicitis.
Ednas suffering however, did not end with the removal of her raptured appendix.
There were times when Ednas stomach bloated and she had to go a local hospital
in Metro Manila for another operation before proceeding to the US for further
medical treatment. Finally, her last diagnosis and operation was done at Stanford

After all the years of Ednas suffering (on and off) since 1977 unbelievably, it is
the graviola capsule from guyabano which healed her. Edna belongs to the famous
Reynoso clan gifted by our Lord God with culinary talents. How do I know? I was
one of Ednas culinary students many years ago. I taught my maid how to make
sans rival using Ednas delicious recipe and I was selling to my friends and
relatives. This was one of my profitable entrepreneurial ventures when I was on
maternity leave from my work. How can I forget Edna?
Guyabano is not just an ordinary fibrous fruit with a delectable flavor (a sweetacidic taste). It is a healthy food. It is a safe and effective natural cancer killer
which has the ability to kill cancer cells and preserves the healthy cells at the same
time. This is the claim to fame of the graviola tree, a wonderful gift of our Lord
God to us.
Have a joyful day!