East Lancashire Institute: Higher Education at Blackburn College School of Integrated Arts

Foundation Degree Photographic Media
Assignment Brief Year Unit Number Unit Title Assignment Title Date of Briefing Date of Presentation Duration Tutor Learning Outcomes
Two FDPM 15 Final Major Project & sxhibition

'Visual Obsession'
19th March 200820th

June 2008 ( Project response), June 2008 (E~hibition response) 11 weeks

Richard Peregrine

• • •

Confidently select and utilise equipment, materials and processes appropriate to their career direction. Demonstrate creative decision making with the use of confident technical abilities. Apply a range of transferable skills including decisions making, time management, research, independent working and problem solving. Integrate theory, practice and creativity in order to produce work suitable for exhibition.

The outcomes on this brief are a summary of the outcomes outlined in the programme validation document and summarised for reasons of practicality and space. Students should refer to their programme handbooks for a more detailed breakdown of the learning outcomes for this unit.


The work produced for this assignment represents two years of study. ' Imagery and other material will form the basis for the final exhibition, demonstrating substantial personal direction and refinement of knowledge, craft and professionalism. You are encouraged to diagnose and negotiate a chosen area of study, both in terms of subject selection, generic foundation and process execution. The increased learning hours of the unit encourage in depth contextual and technical research during the early points of the assignment. Research should cover the identification and exploration of influences. Secondly, process and production factors can be explored and refined, adding support to the ethos of the unit as a conclusive phase of work. The function of the exhibition for Foundation Degree students is primarily to provide a showcase for two years of specialist study and to provide a chance to market your achievements to friends, family, peers and most importantly industrial contacts. Secondly, the ethos, concepts and craft surrounding the exhibition process are an essential experience for graduate photographers and image makers, with many transferable skills being carried over into their working : careers. Finally, the exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for. the community to become involved with the programme and its work. The local community will assist the students with the provision of much of the subject matter needed for the programme so it is logical that the community should be given the opportunity to share in the ~~ ..


Information, skills and techniques acquired from the Work Based Learning experience should also be visible in the final work.


Devise, and plan an' in depth' photographic assignment that illustrates the following:

. 1 Your Specialist direction 2 A complete range of your Technical skills 3 Skill Level 4 Creative flair 5 Organisational and research competence Present a typed rationale for your assignment that outlines the nature and planned content of your work by Wednesday 9th April 2008. This will form the starting point for your negotiated assignment. The theme for this brief is 'Visual Obsession'. You may then commence with your work, which will involve the production of a major piece of Photography that will form the basis for your graduate exhibition. The exact specification of your work will be agreed with your tutor . by Wednesday 9th April 2008.

Assessment Criteria

Confident utilisation and appropriateness of materials, techniques and processes. Creativity and confidence in decision making. Evidence of selection of specialist direction. Evidence of transferable skills including time management, research, independence, teamwork and problem solving. Quality of Exhibition.

Do not infringe copyright or appropriate the work of others without clear reference. You are reminded that plagiarism is a serious matter and could jeopardise your future on the programme.

Guidance and Booklist

See the 'Critical Studies Reading List' and 'Production Reading List' in your student resource folders. Additionally, it is advised that you visit as many exhibitions as possible in order to gain experience of exhibition techniques.

Items for Assessment

Typed Rationale outlining initial intentions. A Project Journal including all evidence of planning and practice. Image Portfolio. An exhibition of the portfolio to professional gallery standard.

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