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This is an English version of a great Astrqlogical work by
Satyacharyaconsidered to embody the principles of Dhruva Nadi
and SatyasamhitaNadi. It is told in this work that the principleswere
communicatedby Dhruva to Jaimini, who in turn passedit on to
Garga who transmitted them to Vyasa, wherefrom Satya Rishi got
therr. The name of Satyacharyaoccures in Brihatjaraka. e,xpres.sly
quoted by Varahamihira with great reverenceseveraltimes. Vide :


ftn | (vrr__r3)

r. Sffi

r lvlr_-ur;

2 ilWtF qr$lfAgg.dlEqiil (vil__e)

4. i^t'p{erri t}Tqrc: q'el: I

5. A|frI Gren
dqI{RI: I

Another opinion is that Satyacharyawas a Buddhist monk

well-versedin Astrology. Many of his slokas havc bccn quoteclhy
Bhattotpala in his commenrarv in Brihat Jataka at relglnt places.
Some of them havebeen given at the end ol'this book as an Appendix
for the benefit of the readers.
Norv coming t<l thc merits of this book. thcre are manv spccial
features of this w'rk that rcnder it unique. The trearmcnt 'f thc
subject <lfAstrology is noval in this book and is not to bc found in
ordinarv textson the sub.iect.Some of the disti'guishingf'caturcsof
this rvork are the treatment of stellar lhcory, panihasidcrhanta
critcrion, Bhavaphala . (effects of the house), grahakarakatva
(significanceof the planets) and Dashaphala(resuhs .l different
dashas).The book givesrules to dcterminc the effccrs()l thL:pranets
placed in difl'erentstars which are not gcnerally liruncrin .rdinar1,
rvorks It deals with Bhavaphalaand Dishaptrila in .n cxhausrirc'
manner. lt gives the results rvhich would t)ccur q'lrc' a particular
Bha'adhipati is placeclirr the rrvelve{iffercnt houscslirr.alr rhc l.l-l

(12x12) combinations possible. Almost half of the work is devoted to

a detailed study and interpretaticlnof the resultsof the dashasand
one can boldly say that such a treatment is difficult to be found
The book will prove to be a guide of immense value and great
practical utility to all. students of Astrology, both for the beginners
anrl the advanced, in the instruction of the art of prediction by
synthesisingthe diverse factors like stellar position, Navamsha,
Bhava, Rasi etc. and judging the samecorrectlv.
It is earnestly hoped that the book will be received by all the
readers interested in the scienceof astrology with enthusiasm and
should serve in widening tlre knowledge of the readcrs, rvc fcel that
our ambition has been completelyfulfilled.
We take this opportunityto expressour sincerethanksto all those
who assisted in the publication of this rvork.
It is possiblethat some errors and omissionsmav renrain in thc
book and if these are brought to our noticc, we shall try to rectilv
them in the nen edition.
26thJarruan, 1979.



This book contains rarc nratcrial regarding

thc principles of astr<llogyand rulcs hithcrto
unknown to any studcnt of astrology.A sincere
study of this work will doubtlesslyprovc t<l bc of
great value to evcry carncsl scckcr. S<lmc of
the special fleatures which distinguish thc rvork
Stellar Theora
Thc book givesrulcs to dcterminethc cffcctsof
thc planctsplaccdin differcnt stars.This is
.r rarc l'caturc rvhichis not availal'rlcin
the ordinnrv toxt booksrln aslrolog.v-.
It givcs an cx'haustive
account abtlut Bhlvaphala. Th'^
resultsrvhich rvouldoccur rvhcna particularBhavadhipati is placcd in the 12 houscshavcbccn givcn for
all the I a $2x12) combinations possiblc. Thc
dctailshavc been givcn on a thorough scicntific
the grahakarakalvaanclthc
basisby synthesising
panchasiddhanta principles.
Many ncrv rules arc given in this
book frlr thc studl' of navamsha
chart and thc gocharaof planets.

lrrterpretalion of Dashas
A l m o s t h a l f o f t h i s r v o r k i s d c v o t c d t o a s t u d y o ft h e
rcsults of dashas. It dcals rvith thc dasha svstcm
in a dctailedmanncr givingthc effectsof the lord of
each housc whilc placcd in the twclvc houses

Time of Birth -Janmanakshatra-Strength
Significance of the houses

of a Bhava-

The greatsageSatyacharya
taughtthe principlesof Astrology to
his discipleMauiththaandtheseprinciplesarecontainedin this work.
l. Addressinghis pupil, Satyaclrary4
said,"Oh rny deardisciple!I
am going !o revealtheprinciplesof Astrology to you. Theseprinciples
arenot known to anybo<ly
atd area greatsecret.By meansof these,you
canpredicttlrc futureeventsaccurately".
2. The science'ofAsrologyis a greatsecret.It shouldbe guarded
with care.It shouldneverberevealedto peoplewhohaveno faith in God.
3. This sacredscienceof Astrologyshouldneverbe taughtto bad
people.Nor shouldit berevealedto toomanypeopleandvery frequently.
It shouldbe taughtorilv to a few chosendisciDleswln reallv deserveand
bqvelhe necessar],oualificatious.Listen to me with care.Now I shall
expoundthe priciplesof Astrologyaccordingto "DhruvaMatram" i.e.
accordingto theschoolo[Dlrruva".
4. During thecourseof everyday(24 hours)thetwelveascendants
continuouslyrise and set one after another.The twelveascendantsare
Mesha Vrishaetc. lhe ascendant
at sunriseis naturallythe signin which
the Sunis posited.During tlrc courseof eachlagnamillions of creatures
5. Thereare thrcedifferentmotnent.(which can be takenas the
time of birth andfor which thehoroscope
canbe cast.


r^rt^ rArAtAr

Theseare-(l) Adh:uraragnar.e.thc rnorncnt.r'rrnccJrrrrn (2)

at whichthc hcadol tlrcchild rr flnt
sighted.(3) Bhupatana
lagna-the momcntat whichlhc chikl lcavc.rrhc
body of themoilrerandtouchestheearth.As it is difficultto dcrcnnrrrc
the first two momentsaccurar.ely,
the third one shouldbe takcn lbr
preparingtlrc horoscope.
.6. The fortunesof a nativeareto be studiedwith referenceto :
( I ) theascendant
lord (edr) ; (2) tlrelordof theascendant
in thenavamsa
diagram(cq-qqirln) (3) the lont of rhebirth sratr,(wq<rfu) ; and (4) the
lords of therasisrrccupiedby theabovethree.
7j Birth-star 1q+<aa): Considerthe srengths of the Moon and the
If the ascendzurt
is strongerthan the Moon, the lord of tlre star in
which the ascendantfalls, is to be takenas the birth star.If, on the other
hand, the Moon is strongerthan the ascendant,tbe lcd of tbe star in
which it is positedis to be takenasthebirhtstar.
/Vote: Thus,it shouldbe notedrhatthetenn, "birth-star',is a
teclmicaltermandhasspecialmeaningin this book.
8. Determinationof Birth-star : Two vlews: Fintly, Birth star
has to be Oet"n"in"O UfrGEiffidisiderariitn
of rhe srrengrhsof rhe
Moon andtheAscen<lant.
or the Moon is positedat ille
. W-btebeyer
iS stronLlerof


considerationfor purooseof determination

of the birth-star.This is the
view generallyacceptedand followed.
However,thereis anotherview in this matter.Insteadof considering thesrengtt s of theA$er
, we coffiffiffi
the Moon, the starin which it is positedat birth shouldbe takenasbirthstar. But, if the Moon is strongerthan the Ascendantlord, the star in
which it is situatedat birrh shouldbe reckonedas thebirth-star.But this
view is generallynot followed.




9. The lordsof thetwenty-seven

scarsaregivenbelow :

L gharani

b lrlagtra

( { PoorvaphalguniloPoorvashadha


1 xriu*a



t Ronini

t'\ Hasn
r ( Chitra





6 Ardra

t5 Swati










\'l Moola

b Pushya

/ Astesha

t1 Anuradha


10. Calculatethe shadbalaof all rhe planers.(according to the

rulesgivenby Sripati).rneffiItroroscope.
If all thefourc"r"rorinants,(d.e.ttrgascenlE4t_lor0,
rhs.-navamsgggalord, !he_!od of rhe
birth star and the lords of the rasis occupiedby the previous three) the
nativewill be very powerful. If thesebe of mediumstrength,the native
will be moderatelyfortunate.If any two of the abovedeterminantsare
endowedwith full strength,the positionand statusof the native in life
will beof middlenature.If only oneof thedeterminants
hasfull strength,
he will havejust ordinarytype of luck. If noneof the determinantsis
strong,thenativewill be miserableandpoor throughouthis life.


rqirt (NavamsaChart)












ll. Illustration : Considerthe horoscopeof a penon btrn in

Sagittariuslagnain the starof Uttarashadha
and in theLeo navaursa
For this horoscopethe fhst determinanti.e. the ascendantlqd is
Jupitei. fhe seconddeteminanti.e. the lord of the Janmarasi (i.e. the
sign occupiedby the Moon at birth) is the Srn. The third detenninanti.e.
the lord of the scarUttarashadhaisthe Sun.The lord of thesignsoccupiod
by themalso happenst,obe theSm.
The above horoscopeis givdn by Sage Satyacharyain orOer to
illustrate the principles of determiningthe birth-star and the othef
This horoscope,Satyacharya
says,is thehoroscope
of a malechild
born underthe star of Uttarashadhafust quarter . (cqq) in the month
of Simha-The ascendantis Dlunu. In the navamsachart,theascendantis
So,thefirstdeterminanti.e.thelordof theascendantisJupiter.
seconddetenninanti.e. thelord of theNavamsalagnais theSun.
The third determinantis the lord of the birth-star.Satyacharya
judges like this. As the Moon is Vargoththamait is strongerthan the
Ascendant.Hencethe birth-staris Uttarashadha
in which theMoon was
positedat birth. Lord of Uttarashadha
beingSun,it is thethird detenninanr
To find the fourth determinant,accordingto tlte definition, we have
to considerthe lords of the ra.sisoccupiedby the abovethree.Here, the
Iirst threedeterminants
areJupitcr,Sunand Sun.The lord of the rasi in
which they are situatedis againSun.Hencethe deterrrinantsare Jupiter
and thesun.

In"this horoscope,Jupiteris positedin the 9th house(Bhagya

Bhava)in conjunctionwith theSunwho ownsthe 9thhouse.
Moreover, Jupiter has shubhakartariyoga as it is betweenVenus
and Mercury. Venus being labhadhipati(ll'!) andMercurybeing
Jupiteris very strong.


Now considertheSun.Sunis in theBhagyaBhava(9th house),in

andis in conjunctionwith Jupiter
its own sign (Leo).It is Vargoththama
which is highly auspicious.It is also hemmedbetween two benefic
planets-Venus andMercury, (theLabhadhipatiandRajyadhipati).Thus
tlp Sunis alsovery strong.
As Jupiter and the sun happen to be the determinantsfor this
horoscopeand as they havebeenfound to be srong, the native will be
blessedwith long life, fortunesandprosperity.
is of the opinionthat thenativeof this horoscopeis a
very fortunate persoll, sure to becomean emperorendowedwith much
of the strengthsof
wealth andpower.[strict]yspeaking,thecomparison
the Lagna and the Moon is to be made on the basis of the calculaled
(sixfold strengtlt).Sometimes,as a
valuesof their respectiveshadbalas.
rougb method,the comparisonof the strengthsof the Lagna and the
Moon is to be madeon thebasisof thecalculatedvaluesof their respective
shadbalas.(sixfold strength).Sometimes,as a'rough method, the
comparisonis madeon thebasisof swakshetr4exaltation,(Vargoththama
positionsof theascendant
lord andthe Moon ).
The significanceof the Houses:
12. The Significanceof the twelve Bhavas : The first house
nifies the bod

this connectionfrom standardworkslike Phaladeepika

ilGt EkruflkfEqRfr Frt fi{ Tdqrjq ErdTI

$flrqqt5Rffiunfrafigurc6agqqffi 1

v,flrfrifctctr(R IRT:ll
(J.P.xI 13)
Here, Satyacharyacautionsthat the twelve bhavas
sideredwith referenceto both [,agnaand
example,if we areto studythefinancid prospects
of the natives the secondhousefrom Lagna and Chandralagna should


both be consideredand then only we shouldproclaim the net results

througha carefuljudgementof both of them. For example,even if a
personappearsto be shortlived.whenexaminedwith referenceto Lagna,
but thereareyogasfor longevitywith referenceto Chandralagna,these
yogaswill certainlycontributeto his life and the resultwill be thaf the
personwill havemediumlengthof life.
13. Strengthof a Bhava:
lord as well as the lord of therasi in which it is olacedareboth stronq.
strong,all the good resultsof the Bhava will fructify. If only one is
strong,the resultswill be ordinary.If both are weak,bad effectsalone
will result.
14. Satyacharyaillustratestheseprincipleswith the help of the
following horoscope:



The nadve of this horoscopeis born in Mesha lagna and Mesha

navamsa.Satyacharyahasgiven the positionsof the two planets.Satum
in Tula and Mars in Makara. He says that this personwill be a great
mperorendowedwith much wealthand fame.
The reasonis, the ascendantlord is in the 10thhouseandis exalted.
@xcellentRuchakaYoga). Its.depositor(i.e. lord of the rasi in which


Mars is placed)is Saturnandit is alsoexaltedin theseventhhouse.Also,

lord aspectstheLagnawhichis its own house.Also
the lagna is Vargoththama.(Navamsalagnaalso being Mesha). !!e
aspectof Mars over the ascendantmakesthe personshort in staturg.
(Mars is descirbedas short in stAture).Satyacharyasayshere that other
combinationsshould also be taken into account.For example,if the
Navamsalagnais hemmedbetweenbenefics,it will be more auspicious
If thesebeneficsare auspicious
an<f6efortuneswill be muchincreased.
by their lordship(i.e. theyown trine housesor happento be Yogakarakas),
it will further contributeto the increaseof fortunes.But if the benefics
who areon eithersideof thenavamsalagna,aremaleficsby lordship(i.e.
if they own bad houseg6, 8, l2), auspiciousnaturewill be'reducedand
therewill be badresultsin addition.
Nore: Theextensionof Navamsalagnais 3o20'.By sayingthatthe
Navamsalagna should be hemmedbetweenbeneficsit is implied that
beneficsshouldbe quitecloseto
and no malefic shouldintervene.It is doubtful, whetherthis is to be fead
15. The Secondllouse

ki f{qr tqqqrR $k
qtr6r qtq6q{ ll

fq( +i g{i Rqrerq6<t1ffi q 1

fg: ll
Affiqtqrffqrfr mqrudRHql
(wrowo xI,49)
The secondhorr

Note : If the secondhouseis exremelv weakor.afflicted,naturaly
The reasonwhy Satyacharyaassigns
timiditv to this houseis perhapsbecauseit is the twelfth housefrom the
third housewh1qhdrtqles coup&e.


Jualuparijata says:

aS Efrr qr*qffiqgsffi

(wo qToxu-r)

Nole : Third houseis seventh(Marakasthana)from the 9th house.

{ence it Aenotestne0e
Phaladeepila says:


l tl

'. The
r rrE ruur
ru uuqs
house uErtu)tis
comfort equcauon.
landed property,
house, mother. friends- relatives- crffle
Ity* Ig!$*ngger,_l@E!,*re!atives.

Jaral@Parijata says:

Tffil Aq|qTfrgqTR

cn: tl

lf6t{ qrgFi
qrfti{ Fii fr* qriqmq I
18. The fifth houserulesover children,
, respecllor parents

FrmRgiltrdrgF$lq il

19. The sixth housesignifies9iseases,
troublesfrom enemies,
womes, injuries, litigatio
mentalworriesand legalinvolvement.s.

wnwft qrrftnrfl fl i{rFgWetc**n

(vo fro r,r:)

journeys,changeof residence


(P.D.l, t3)
Note : The seventhhouseis one of the marakasthanas,
the other
,thehouseof longevityi.e. theeighthhouse.


from sins committed in previousbirths, suddenand untimely death

u|lgr RIH{ |

(wofro r.ra)


22. The ninth houserulesoverfather,fortunes

{rrRffi: gf'dftflq(r|'*i{rF(||


gtlFtrqrq ll

livelihoo4 profession,
23. The tenth houserepresents
commerce,trade, honour, ran!, fqng.3uthority cqmmmd, dress, p :
of one's_castg

rrqFrq$dmfi lTltfuf,rqFqn mqr(ll

(J.P.XV, 1)
24. Ttr,eeleventh house denotes
ornaments,fulfilment of desires,acquisitionof wealthandprofits through

nRi wt wrtffii


25. The twelfth house: This houserulesover loss,expenditure,



Strength of Bhavas and planets-Pancha Siddhanta
criterions-Planetary firendship-Auspicious and
inauspiciousstars etc.
1. General rulesfor the studyof Bhavas:
(i) Each Bhavahas innumerablesignificationsi.e. they denote
manypointsof life. Thesehaveto be studiedverycarefullyby considering
therelevant,Bhavasandtheruling planets(Karakas)..
-lV UeingptaceOin Ur"
(iii) If the lord of a Bhayais placedbet*ee.
Note : This is cal_!99
- (NrwCtf;Jo gtud&) for rhe
lad of Oe gnaua
(iv) If the lord of a Bhavais placedin t.he6th,8th and 12thhouses,
the Bhav
(v) If the lord of a Bhavais

in thethreestarscalled Vi

will decline.

(vi) If the lord of the Bhavais hemrnedbetween malefic planets,

the significationsof the Bhavawill suffer.
Nore : This is called'Papakartriyoga of thelord of the Bhava.
(vii) If tlre lord of theBhavais combrst ttrqqSfo. h-;;ffiiqd
or is in debilitation(ftq) theBhavais destroy-gd. '(viii) If thelord of a Bhavais positedin Kendraor Trikonahouses,
lignifications of theBhavawill flourish.


(ix) tf mebrd of a ghavais posi

its house,it tendsto improvethe signi{icationsof theBh
(x) The olanet which is movinq towards its exaltationooint
(o-a6a,A;, which has large numberof subhavargasand vargothtbamas
(remaining in the same rasi, Navamsa,Drelkana, Saptamarnsaand
trimsamsas)and which is associatedwith Benefics tend to promote the
(xi) The planetthat haslargenumberof Ashtakavargabindus(6, 7
of its Bhava.
gj 8), will promotethe significationS
(xii) The not placedasdescribedabovewill cause
the destructionof the Bhava.(i.e. if it is benpeenmalefics,conjoinedor
aspectedby maleficsetc.).
(xiii) A Bhava flourishes if it is conjoined with or aspectedby
benefics.Similarly,it will thriveif it is henunedbetweenbeneficplanets.
But if it is otherwisei. e. if it is conjoinedwith or aspectedby malefrcsbr
is hemmedbetweenmalefic planets,it will suffer destruction.
Satyaclraryasaysthat a wise astrologershouldjudge the effects of
a Bhava by the principles given above and by the Panchasiddhanta
Principlestwhich he proceedsto explainnext.
2. PanchaSiddhanta
Theseare five basicprinciples in the study of a horoscope.They
are : (i) .GrahaSeela (the behaviour of nature of the different planets)
(ii) IGrakatva (Significators) tiii; Nat@e
pFnets) qv) Swavarga(Psg-!Iol! !I_!!!e rbngls in the rasi, navamsa
hora,drekkanaandother vargacharts).Thaseprinciplesarereferredto as
1. Ttfrd{ The Nature and Indicationsof the Dilferent Planets:
1. The Sun
l. f;onn: The Sunhasa square-built
body andis shortin stature.
His colour is dark-red.He hasvery little hair on his head.He hasstrong
bonesand lnney-colouredeyes.He is eight yojanashigh. His gaze is
I The Panchasiddhantasi.e. Brahma, Pulisa, Romaka etc., are not meant
here as they are concerned ilith astronomy and not with astrology.


2. Temperamcnti T\e Sun is resoluteand wrathful. He is a hot'

planet.He is of the bilious lvir6tfl Emperament.
3. Guna: His gunaisSatwa.
4. Direaion: The Sunrulestheeasterndirection.
as thnty yearsold.
5. ASe: He is represented
Q. Rays: Hehasfiverays.
7. Significatiors : The Sun representsa king : intelligent per.son,
gold, copper,lea4 brass,jewels worn on the ear, no6e,headand,
fruit-bearing trees, animalsliving on grass,thatchedhouse,girls aged
eight years, short trees beanng fruius, brinjal bbans,pungent articles,
8. Grain: Wheal
9. Strengrh: The Sun is str,ongin the forenoon and during the
daytime (Rrrfr).
10. Stones:Vaidooryamani andManikya.

qgR5trft |
rdrqflfr qgtqt, $qTqr6'iln$

fttrffi wffi-qrFRrttr{ro'crqfrqrrr+ tl
2. The Moon
1. The Moon is roundin shape.His colouris white. He hasa huge
body. He is one yojanahigh. His eyesare very beautiful.He is friendly
with others.He likes travel.The Moon is a feminineplanet ard is cold in
2. Temperanunt: TheMoon is very mild andmeek.He is very soft
in his speech.He is a mixture of the two humoursphlegm (or) and wind
3. Caste: Vaisya.
4. Directioni North-west5. Age:70years.
6. Rays : The Moon hastwenty-onerays.
7. Significations: The Moon representswhite colour, calmness,


watery nature,poets,-strong.houses,
feminine qualities,womanliness,
whi0etrees,treeshaving milk in them, rope, chain (Pipal etc.), silver,
white silk, cloth,water,lillies, cqrcb, aquaticcreatures,
salt, cucumberand plantain Eees,bronze,brass,treesgrowing in watery
pliards,Ornamentsworn on headandby youngslers,rioe urd wheal
8. Grain: Rice.
9. Strength: The Moon is strongduring the nigbt firAa6y and in
the suklapaksha
10. Stone: Pearl.

(qrctrd E{rFet+tgttwqrctrfrdFnt

qk ftqie1frors msrfdrflrq gqmt sR( tl

3. The Mars:
l. Mars is reddishin colour. He hasa youtbful form. His body is
lean and slenderat the waist. His headis square.His gazeis fierce and is
directd upwards.His height is sevenyojanas.
2. Temperamcnl: By nature Mars-is very cnrel. He is fickleminded andferocious.He is rashin his actionsbut is extremelygenerous.
His body is warm.
3. Gutw : Mars feprsentsrajasaguna.
4. Direction: Mars rules the soutlern direction.
5. Rays: Mars hasfive rays.
6. Age: His ageis four years.
7. Grain: Dal andred grains.
Other Signiflcations :
8r He rqresents thick red colour,fire, bricks, power,throny trees,
wild ar,rimals,mosquitoes,bugs, sheep,bones,brothe,rs,lands,houses,
anger,waf, instruments,lhieves,marow of ttrebone,bitter taste,energy,
prowess,sin, wounds,battles,enemies,daring acls, cnrelty and tcture,
roaming in forests,bronze,golden waist-string,pomp md show and a
houseon fire.
9. Strength: He is strongduringthenight (rtffi)

andduringthe .



dark lunar half (gqqt).

qQ5,mgffifrqrtenttwr, qf6 srEb I

Rrqt rffig{frqtgr$sg@s6qq:


4. Mercury
l. Mercury is greenin colour like thebladeof a Durva grass.He is
rajasicby nanre. He is ratherlean.He is tralkative.He is fErd of fun and
humour.He has long reddisheyes.He wearsgreendress.He is eight
yojanai higb. He is of the vaisya caste. He becomesa malefic if he
becomesassociatedwith malefics.
2. Temperament:He is highly intelligentHe is very learned.He
is a mixture of the threehumourswind (crd),phlegm(oq) and bile (Ht).
3. Guna: Heisr4iasic.
4. Direction: North.
5. Rays: He hassix rays.

6. Grain: Grcengram.

7. He rulesover greencolour,blue stones,glassbangles,Neelotpala

flowers, Olue lillies), betel leaves,ftuits having seeds,centipedesand
creatureshaving many legs,uncle,Mathematics,speech,trade, wisdom,
wit and humour, pearls, village administration,birds, smoke, colorned
dress,decoratedhouses,fruits with seedsinside,bitter fnrits, black paddy,
bdipeds,pupils and vaisyacaste.


tll|: rdTqF{'ri[ftI|$Mrq
trErt II
5; Jupiter
l. Jupiterpossesses
a big body.He is yellowin colour.He is noble
by nature.He is fat He hasbig beny.He is a Brahminby caste.His eyes
are slightly brown (honey-coloured).He is aboutthirty yearsof age.



2. Tenperanwnt: He is exceedingly intelligent. He is very noble

and generous.His speechis clearandpure.
4. Direction.' -North-east.
5. Rays: Jupiterhassevenrays.
6. Grain: BengalgramFup is assignedro Jupiter.
7. He rules over Vedas,devotion,legal affairs, elliptical sbape,
bankerslcharity,religiousnass,honours,children, reputation,gold, fine
flowers, sugarcane,co@nut ffees,betel-nut fees, tres bearing sweet
fruits (like mnago etc.), beautiful housesin which much wood work is

ltqic{tt: qffi!ft inrrflr

ffit tw* rr
6. Venus
a beautifulform. His limbs are well proportianed
and charming.His hair is dark and curly. He has fine lovely eyes. His
speechis soft and pleasing.He is pleasure-loving.Venusis a feminine
planet.He is sixleenyearsof age.He is consideredto be a wabry planet.
L Temperament.:He is very passionateby natureand is given to
enjoyments.He is a mixture of the two humoun wind (cK) and phlegm
2. Catte: Venusis a Brahminby caste.
3. Direubn:


4,. Rays: Venushaseightrays.

5. Significations : He rules.over white colour, vehicles, fine
clothes, beauty, wife, love affairs, fine arts, marriage, vitality, fame,
sexual enjoyment, good qualities of character,jasmine, houses with
much artistic beauty,pearls,silver, bees,treesgrowin! in walery places.
6. Grain: oowgram(Fiqr-Dblichos lablab).



:1. Strength: He is strongduringthenight(nffi)

forhight lgwvr).

andin thebright


ffiec+v: ${rqdfq{fldl
wr$fq{r* ftqfE'orqffi: t
qfdTfio$rqr $iRr: eftftqq:


9. Saturn
l. Form: Saturnis dark in colour.He haddeepseteyesanda
leanandtall body coveredwith veins.He is dull andhaslargenails,tbeth
and coarsehair. He looks downward.He is ouel andpitiless. His height
is eight yojanas.
2. Temperamznt: Saturn is a tamasicplanet. He is cruel and
pitiless.He is idle andslow.
3. Caste: Soodracaste.
4. Direction: Satumgovernsthe west.
5. Rays: Saturnhasfive rays.
6. Significations: Saturn indicatesevil nature, cunningness,
impediments,wickedness,servants,mean acts,thieves,old dilapidated
houses,bitter fruits, forests,fruits with thick skin,wild flowers,fees full
of thoms,bamboos,palmyratrees,margosatreesand wild animals.
7. Grain: Til

ttrqirqrqr{: innff Kqfus 6srrffflrI

10. Rahu and Ketu
Satyacharyahas statedthat Rahu resemblesSaturn and Ketu
resemblesMars in their significations.We give below somemore inforrrations collectedfrom other standardworks.



11. Rahu


srwrqrfi6qAir rg, Eq qffii-<fr!ftrtr+ tt

2. Form: Rahuis blackitt colourandis rall in stahrre.I{e suffers
He is a heretic.He speaksfalsehoodandill of others.
from skin-diseases.
3. Direction: South-west.
4. Significations: Paternalgrand-father,serpents,scars,cheating,
skin diseases,accidents,violence,worship of Durga fever, snakesand
otherreptileshavingpoisonin themouth,jugglery,dangerfrom poison,
5. Stone:.Agate('ttr6).
6. Grain: Blackgram.
12. Ketu


l. Form: Ketu hasreddisheyesand a fiercelook. His speechis
venomous.He hasa big bodyandholdsweaponsin hishands.His colour
is smoky.He alwaysinhalessmoke.His limbs arecoveredwith wounds.
He is very cruel by nature.
2. Significations: Knowledge(tnq),salvation'worsbipof Ganesh'
religion, maternalgrand-father,sinful habits,ulcers,imprisonment"skin
diseases,dacoity, murder, insectshavingpoisonin tbe tail like scorpion,
proficiency in foreiln languages,low andmeanacts,occupationstoo low
and imprisonunhappiness
lo. ooe'scaste,accidentsby fire, haughtiness,
3. Storu: Vaidoorya(turkois).
4. Grain: Horsegram(q-$re).
The significations of the planetshave to be studied paying due
considerationto their strength(shadbala)and other factors like their



posidon,conjuction, aspectserc.

il rroRefu{
(FundamentalPrinciples)Significanceof the Planets :
Here, the principle called Karakasiddhanta
is told.
(l) TheSun:



Sun is called Aunakaraka.It rules over soul, self, father, power

influence,health,energy,wealth,courage,high fever,eyetoubles,diarrhoea,indigestion,diseasesof the head,epilepsy,heart diseases,bilecomplaints.



(2) The Moon

(P.D.XV, 16)
Moon is the karakafor mind, intellect, favour from kings, mdher,
affIuen@,fame, imagination,romance,clothes,left eye, milk, umbrella
The diseasessignified by the Moon are leucodenna,col( catarh,
jaundice,phlegmaticafflictions,diarrhoeacarbuncle,dangerftom horned
and aquatic animals, indigestion,mental afflictions, impurity of blood,
anaemia,diseasescausedby womenetc.

uerexe PARTJATAII,76)





(3) Mars

(xv, 15)
. Mars rulesover courage,diseases,
relations,army, heroic deeds,power contentions,strifes,cuts, wounds,
fire erc.
Tbe diseasesindicatedby Mars are hydroeb, diseasescaned by
weapons,fire accidents,dangerfrom dogs and wild animals, troubles
caused by Sivaganasand Bhairava small-pox, ulcrs, bums, acut
lamenesscausedby fire andiriuries, cuts througb

(4) Mercury

: l l t 5l l
Mercury is the karakafor learning,relatives,discrimination,Inatereducationanalyticalability' power
nal uncle,friends,speech,intelligence,
ofjudgement,mathematics,wi$d(Et,commeroe,wit, humour,art, writing
skin diseases
Thediseasesindicatedby Mercuryarementaldiseases,
leucoderm4 indigestion,piles, leprosynervousdisorders,impediments
of speech,diseasesof the stomachintestinesand ttrosearising fronn the
cursesof thedevoteesof Vishnuandwisemen.





(5) Juplter


(xv, t5)

Jupiter is the karaka for children, intellect, knowledge, wealth,

physicalgrowrh,philosophicnature,gmd condrc! morals,respect'peace
prosperity,health,stoutness,performanceof sacrificesandotherreligious
rites, devotion to guru and gods,royal favour,blessingof Brahnins' and
guru, happinessthrough the blessingof Brahmins,and serpents,Vedas,
legal affairs, religious instirutionserc.

Appendicitis, enlargementof somach, fever dub to intestinal
tnoubles,phlegmati;: disorders,ear fiouble, giddiness,Eoubles arising
ftom the curssof Brahmins,serpentsand gods,herniaerc.
(6) Venus:


Venus is the karaka for wife, vehicles,ornaments,love af i'

fine arts, pearls,garlandsmadeof flowers, vene,real

The diseasesindicatedby Venus are venerealdiseases,diabetes,
(7) Saturn:



gri Rivrcw:

(B.J. n. l)

periodof life'
Satumis the karurkafor misery,solrow' longevity'
mentattrouble,worry, falsehood,disputes'difficulties' de;;;il;,
jail, captivity' reproach'blame'
j&,ion, secret,theft, sins,misfortunes,

qtli utR rftq: (6(Frit: I


xn g|rtrto-onfcotd{i q qreqfofdq


indicatedby Saturnareparalysis,blow from piecegof

due to retentionof wastetc'
(8) Rahu:

wfdlERfrrrg Nf{r qrdrq

| (p.n'xv)

attributctlto Rahuaretold asfollows :
IIe dlseases

by hanging,starvation'troubles
indigestion'leprosy'want of


appetite,vomitting, tuberculosis,diseasesthroughmking poison, hiccough,snake-bite,insanity,fearetc.

(9) Ketu
Ketu is jnanakaraka.It indicatesmaternalgrandfather,wirchcraft,
heresay,absenceof religiousfaith, cheating,sinful acts,funprisonrnent"
.deuronsand spirits erc.

enrdruqrml{ *-g:
ffiqtqf{frratTqrrtifg {tttq

Kenr indicatesitches,measles,small-pox,troublesfrom enemies,

causedby pastsins,troublesthrougltratsand
low people,devils,diseases
cats,fire accidents,leProsYetc.
Note : As Ratruand Ketu behavelike Samrn and Mars, their
havealso to be included.Theseindicationswill
vary accordingto theaspectconjunctionetc.,with otherplanes'
thatduecaremustbe paid to thesrength'
position,etc.,oi thedit'ferentplanetsin interpretingtheresultsaccording
to theirkarakatwaor indications.


Rule l-The. twenty sevenstarsare arrangedinto nine groups'

each groupcontainingthrepstarsasfollows :

1. Krittika
2. Rohini

Nt@raphalguni Utuuashadtrra Sun



3. Mrigasira
4. Ardra




5. Punarvasu


6. Pushya


7. Aslesba
8. Aswini
9. Bharani




Poorvaphalguni Poorvashadha Venus

Againcountingfrom one'snatalstar,thedifferentstarshavethe
followingnamesaccordingto theirnumericalorder.
Ok 1.


and prosperity)
t r^!tl,^Az.Vipat Tara
ok 4. KshemaTara

OIt, 6.


ok- 8.



(tbird from natal star)










(seventh n
(eighth n

ParamaMaitra Tara





From any given star, the abovenomenclaturecan be applied.In

other words, the first is reckonedas Janma the secondas Sampat,the
third as Vipat and so on. Tbe tenthis againJanma,theeleventhSampat
etc. So also,the 19thstar becomesJanma,the eloventhSampatetc. So
also, the 19thsar becomesJanma 20tl Sampatand othersto haveto be
from theAscendant
(six fold)
be stlongerin their
Rule }-Even the orderof.theDasas,saysS


read with referenceto the JanmaNakshatraasdeterminedpreviousl

Etplanation:lggg N*shqtra doesnot ne@ssarilymeanthe birrt, /l
star as is ordinarily understood.It hasto be determinedfrom a consideration of the relative srengthsof $e Moon and theLagna It is the star in
which tbe strongerof the two i.e., Lagnaor theMoon falls.
Rule 4-Theplanet thatis positedin Janma(1) Sampat(2) Kshema
(4) Sadhaka(6) and tle Maitra (8) statrswill producemoderatelygood
resultsprovidedthesaidplanetis strong.It will notbeableto producethe
goodresults,if it is weak.
fne planet sioated in the Parana rnitra star, (9) will
yield excellentresults.
3g!A6-A planetpositedin tbe Vipat (3) Prathyari (5) and Vadha
(7) starsproducesevil results.
Rule 7-A planetaspectingis own rasigivesgoodresults.
Rule 8-Aplanet positedbetweenfriendly planets yields good
and exaltation poins gives good results. (such a olanet is called
UcncnuUniUsni'- UcnOaronf )
gives the resultsof tbe otheralso.
Rul" 11qlbated in an auspiciousrasi within six housesftom the Ascendant,
yields auspiciousresults.
Rulu 12-A planet friendly to the b
Chandralagnayieldsgoodresultsduringits dasa,if it is within six rasi.s
from Lagna,if it is in theauspiciousstars,andif it ownstbe2nd,4th, 5tl,
7th, 10thand llth housesfrom theascendant
Rule lLIn
interpretingthe results,due considerationis to be
given to gochara (transit) of the planets also. The Dasa resllts and
gochararesultsshouldbe combine!-andthenoe nilffitr
Horary (rrq), an
Rule l4-Planetary friendship :

$Effi,ur rfir{qtru gartetswr+rai t



sqt Itqi rr{ Rtd T{R q l}qr:ll


l2th, 2nd,4th, 8th and9th housescountedfrom tbe Moolatriko44ragiE!tbepmnel lne re$ aren$ enemres.








Moon,Mars,Jupiter Saturn,Venus













Venus,Mercury sanrn













Explanation: For example,the starsof Jupiteri.e., Punarvasu,

arefavourablefor theMoon. Whereas,it
will be miserablein the starsof Rahu,Ketu or Saturn,as they happento
be her enemies.
favourablefor a
The msis andstarsof a ftiendly

Rule 15...


ffirfr q <tnwgmqerdgfr* Mfl: | (atrufrfrn:)

Planetsaremutuallyfriendlyfor the time beingwhentheyoccupy

lbe 2nG 3r4 4th, lOth, l lth, andl2th positionsfrom oneanother.[From
and ersrfrm tfi five fold friendship (Esqr+*) has to be
the ffi*



a planetshould be detemined
Rasi, (2) Ho;y (3) Dreklg+a (a)
by considering its position in
Dasamsa" Dwadasdrisaand (7) Thrim^samsa
D9nui' il Ruf.tfor Oeterminfrf VargajaBaU fe.1(strength with
referenceto vargas.Rasi,Horaetc.)
l. If a planethastwo, threg four or five vargasand
(i) is exalted,it is saidto havefull strength;
(ii) is in trikona, it hasthreefourthsof its full strength;
(iii) is placedin its own sign, its srength is half ;
(iv) is placedin a friendly sign, its srength is one-fourth ;

I The

(v) is placedin an inmical sign, its strengthis lessthan one-fourth

(vi) is in its debilitation, (neecha)or is tstting (@g)
totally weak

it is

Rule III Planetary States : Thereare nine kinds of statesin

which a planet may be situatedand they are :
1. {K OrighO 2. Frr(happy) 3. rgRd (comfortable) 4. tr<
(peaceful 5. tr (miserable) 6. qRg:fuc (extremelyunhappy) 7. ftoo
(defective) 8. se (cruel) 9. frtc (angry).
[n Jatakaparijatahowever,ten kinds of statesare told differently

frs qgRm(ffi: ry-q;erfiilsftBd: I

tr+ sfrqlffi fifrs+tqnqmqr(
l. Deepta plnet and tts results : (frsq6w{)
A planetis said to be Deeptaif it is in its exaltationsign. If it is
strongaccordingto Shadbalacalculations,it bestowskingship,riches,
conveyan@,vehicles,all kinds of happiness,
favour from king
respect from relatives, education,
a planetplacedin
etc.,during the courseof
persona minister,
its moolatrikona and
person wins the
amry-chief or an ofhcer
friendship of high authoritiesand becomes


2. Swasthaplanet and its results: (egmrmC)

If suchplanet,
Whena planetis in its own sign,it is calledSwastha.
strength,during the
3. Pramudita Planet and its results : (ruFd[6sd{)
A planetsituatedin thesignof its Adhimiba is termedasPramudi[a.
Sucha planet,during the courseof its dasaand bhukti, confersupon the
native happiness,all kinds of comforts,clothes,perfumery,onmtrlents,
vehicles,pilgrimage, bath in boly rivers, oourage,opportunityto attend
religious discourseserc.,providedthe saidplanet is strong.
4. ShantaPlanet and its results({IFf,rgwil{)
A planeiplacedin its mitrarasi(friendlysign)is termedasShanta
If sucha planetis endowedwith strength,it will conferupon the
native riches, wealth, cornforts, health, personality and royal favour
during thecourseof its dasaandbhukti.

5. Deenaplanet and its results6llrcmel)

A planet situatedin its neutralrasi is termedas Deena.Such a
planetwiU causediseases,
lossof profession,enmity with relatives,and
resort to low and baseoccupationsfor livelihood.
6. Atid ukh i ta (efd-g:
A planet is called Atidukhita (extremelymiserable)when it is
situatedin the rasi of its enemy.If it is equippedwith strength,it
producesduringtheprogressof is dasaandbhuktiworriesanddifficulties
of variouskinds.
7. Vikala Planet and its effects(Rof,TcttrO
A planetis said to be Vikala (deformed,defective)when it is in
conjunctionwith a malefic planet.Endowed with strength,a vikala
planet, produces,worries, defects,difficulties, deformities,ill-health,
dangerandillnessto wife andchildren,defects
and repairsto vehicles,lossof clothes,andmanykinds of miseriesduring
the progressof its dasaand bhukti.


E. Khala Planet and lts effects (wrltum{)

A planet is said to be khala when it is in debilitation. If it has
strengthit causesillness, difficulties, thefts, dangersfrom enemiesand
low classpeople,ill-bealth, manykinds of sufferingsduring the progress
of its dasaand bhukti.
9. Kopa (fidfrq-c1 Sc-angrY)
A planet in combustionwith the Sun is said to be in the state of
kopa. Sucha planet, endowedwith strength,producesdifferent kinds of
difficulties, unhappiness,eye tourbles,financial losses,danger to wife,
children and relatives.
rasis owned by the nine planetsare as follows : (i). The
Sun...Simha(ii) TheMoon...Kataka(iii) Mars...Mesha
(iv) Mercury...MithunaandKanya (v) Jupiter...Dhanu
(vi) Venus...Vrisha
andTula (vii) Saturn...Makara


EFU$il{unr<rtrirufrF{fugfic I
frs tt {qr ft dRIrfrwsttr I
gsgrs{t $qftlsq qffi

6{r<il{: I

qfirsfTTK4Wt sfrs*t{; 11

The descriptionsof thetwelverasisaretoldhere.Mesharesembles

as a pair one
a ram. Vrisha resemblesa bull. Mithuna is represented
a crab
and the other a
having lyre
moving in water.Simharasi is like a
rasi appearslike a virgin
in a boaLTula is
asa personholdinga bow andhavingthe
a scorpion.Dhanusis described
a personholding
bodyof a horsebelowlhe
a pot of water and Meena
The Lords of the Rasis

q leitrow:

: tt
(BJ. 1.6)


Mars Venus

Meena Mesh Vrisha









Tula Kanya


Dhanu Vrischil
Jupiter Man



The lords of the rasis from Mesha onwards are Mars, Venus,
Mercury, Moon, Sun,Mercury, Venus,Mars, Jupiter,Saorn, Satumand
Jupiter respectively.
The rasisof the navamsas,Meshaetc. are also the sarp.

gqFnqrrmWil: *qfrq)


gAFRrq$ i[Tfiil:gfrd.{rE ll


Now thekarakasof theBhavasbeginningwith Lagnaareasfollows:

VII Bhava-Venus
LangnaBhava-the Sun
VIII Bhava-Saturn
IX Bhava-the SunandJupiter
Bhava-Jupiter, the Sun,
Bhava-the Moon andMercury X
Mercury-and Saturn
XI Bhava-Jupiter
V Bhava-Iupiter
XII BhaveSanrn
VI Bhava-Satum andMars


dvt: gFeqrqtrsrFr
ri|fdr16r:5{: I

WRg futsd qS q Rq{qrffiffi:ll (Br.xxro)


The Beneficspositedm anyhouse,generallypromoteOe advancement of that housewhile maleficsin any housework only its decay.In
the caseof the 6th, 8th and 12thhouses,they give effects in the reverse
uurnnerj[i.e., if a beneficis placedin 12 it lessensexpenditurewhile
malefics produce too much of the same.Similady, benefics in the 6th
housereduceillness anddiseaseswhile maleficsincreasethe same.l
Upachayaand Apachayahouses:

Ealtoraww{ffq{srR wqsrqFqr{|
sqq+rcqrRq. *qrcgqTr(rqwqrqrfr
The lst, 3nd"6th, l0th, and'llth housesfrom Lagna(or Chandra
Lagnawhicheveris stmnger)arecalledUpachaya(prosperityproducing)
housesand the res! II,IV, V, VU, VIII, IX, XII are termedApachaya
(qrt$E) Strength of a Bhava.
A bhavawill produceits full effect :
1. When the lord of the Bhava is placedbetweenbenefic planets

$rodt tr:.

2. When the lord of the Bhava receivesthe aspecs of benefic

3. When the lord of the Bhava is fortified by being placed in
swakshetra(own sign),exaltationor moolatrikonasigns.
4. Whenthelord of theBhavais placedin upachayahousesi.e., l,
3, 6, l0,or 1lth housesfrom lagna.
5. Whenthe lord of therasioccupiedby thesaidlord of the house,
(i.e.,depositorof the lord) in debilitationor in inimicalsign.
6. When the lord of theBhavais in the8thor l2th housefrom the
hgua or the lord of theLagnaWhen the indicationsarefound mixed,the astrologershoulduse
his powerof judgementand thendecide.The resultswill be of a mixed
I{e who hasmasteredthefive Siddhantas(thefive basiccriterions),
saysSatyacharya,canboldly ventureto makepredictionsand thesewill
nevergo wrong.

Adhyaya III

Efrectsofptanets pl*ced in the escendent:
I qrnrTFrsFr{ tl
Fintly someRajayogasare told.
l. If the ascendant falls in a Chara* rasi, with
Navamsa ascendantbeing owned by a benefic and if the lords
ofthe chara rasisare placedin angularor trine housesor beneficial
signs in the Rasi as well as Navamsa diagrams the personwill
becomea king or will becomea very rich and famousp"rror,.
2' If the lord of the ascendantis in a Kendra or a Kona
house, and in the sign of a benefic in the Rasi chakra and the
Navamsachakra and in a beneficstar, the nativewill rise to a great
position in life and will be a friend of kings.
Subha yog-A

is said to have subha

in the rasi, navamsaor siar of a

bctweenbeneficsor is aspectedby benefics"

when it is
or hemmed

(3) Ifthelordoftheascendantis placed in a kendra house,

endowed with strength and having a shubhayoga, the personwill
be very powerful, having the qualitiesindicated by the lord of the
lagna,and will becomea famousleaderof his men.

t rhe signs fro'r

Aries onwards arc ter'recl chara (rnovabre), sthira
(fixcd) and Ubhaya (conrmon), successively.


4. If the lord of the ascendantis placedin the secondhouse,
endowedwith strengthand having a shubhayoga,the native will
becomeveryrich and enjoyall kindsof happiness.
5. If the lord of the lagnais strongand is placedin the third house
with a shubhayoga* the person will becomefamous and powerful
with the help of his brother. He will be proficient in music or
6. If the lord of the lagnais strong,andis placedin the fourth house
with shubhayoga,the nativewill acquiremuchlandedpropertyand
conveyances.He will inherit the property of his mother and enjoy all
kindsof happiness
7. If the lord of the ascendantoccupiesthe fifth housein a benellc
rasi, navamsa,or a beneficstar, or is placedbetweentwo benefic
planets,or is aspcctedby benelics,the persoriwill be a favouriteof
kingsandnobles.Or he maybe adoptedbygreatpeople;andwill win
the blessings
of the deitiesindicatedby the beneficplanets.
8. If the lord of the lagnais strongand is placedin thc sixthhouse,.
the native may rise to high positions in the army (as
etc.),or asAgreatdoctor.
Note: The readeris advisedto go into thc togicin eachcase.Thc
karakafor sixth houseis Mars rvho rules army,medicalprofession
etc. Hencethe aboveinterpretation.
9. If the lord of the lagnais strongand is placedin the seventh
housewith a shubhayoga,the nativewill rcsidein foreigncountriesor
in the houseof his fathcr-in-law.He will be immoraland haveillicit
rclationswith many womcn. He will be givento pleasuresand will
adornhimselfwith sandalpaste
10. If the lorcl of thc lagna is srrongand is plqceclin the eighrh
houscwith a shubhayoga,the nativewill havclori.glife but will be
poor. He will help othersand will be courreousin liis behaviour.His
specchwill bc sweet. Hc will bc hardrvorkingand will dischargehis
* Shubhayogais usedin the senseof a
technicalrerm as deliircd shouldnot bc takcn to meancornbination
with a

dutieswith great care.
11.If the lord of the lagnais strongandis placedin the ninth house,
with a shubhayoga, the native will do charitabledeedsand will be
devoted to his preceptor. His fatller will be a person of great
reputation. The native will acquire property and wealth from his
12.If the lord of the lagnais placedin the tenth housewith shubha
yoga,the personwill acquirenameand fame. His occupationwill be
the one which is denotedby the lord of the tenth house.He will have
Raja yoga,(he will get kingdom)if the planetsare strong.
13.If the lord of tle lagnais placedin the eleventhhouseand is
strong and has a shubhayoga' the native will be very fortunate and
will becomevery famous. He will havggain in allenterprises.He will
benefit through his elder brother. He will acquire the articles
indicatedby the lord of the eleventhhouse'
Note: Satyacharyaseemsto imply that the native will have the
advantageof the indicationsof the lord of the house in which the
ascendantlord is situated. Good housesare greatlystrengthenedby
the presenceof the lord of the lagnatherein.The indicationsof the
evil housesget mitigated.
14.If the lord of lagnais srrongand is placedin the twelfth house
with a shubhayoga,the nativewill be religiousand will do charitable
deeds.He wilt havea happyandcomfortablelife. He will be calm and
quiet. He will do meritoriousdeedswith a viewto achievehappiness
in the other*o1161q{dl6).He will spendhis paternalwealtlrin good
ways. His wealthryill graduallydecline.
15.Detining Ashubhayoga: A planetis saidto haventlr"A!:g-yogo
ln the rasr or navamsaor a


in the

5th or

fromtheJun*ulubhqguo[th" natiF.
Note: Supposethe birth star of a person is Rohini and Saturn is
placed in Magha in Leo, then Saturn has Ashubha yoga as Magha
happensto be 7th starfrom Rohini.
16. tf the lord of the lagnais weak and is placedin the diffcrent

houses,with ashubhayoga,the effectswill be very bad contrary to
If shubhayogaand ashubhayogaare both present,the result,too,
will be mixed.
17.If the lord of the lagnais strongbut its depositori.e.,the lord of
the sign in which it is placed,is weak, he cannotproducethe good
efectsto the full e)centi.e.,theywill be only ordinary.
18. If the ascendantlord and its depositor are, both, weak the
resultswill be very bad.
19.It is the duty of the astrologerto considerthe prosand consof
each case in the light of the rules before comng to the final'
20. If the ascendantlord is strongand is placedin the Lagnaor
in the birth chart or navamsachartor is hemmedin
betweenbeneficsor is aspectedby benelic planets,results will be
verygood. If it is placedin betweenbeneficsandmalelics,resultswill
by malefics,
be mixed. If it is in betweenmalcficsonly or is aspected
resultswill be of a verybadnature.

Effectsof the SecondHouse

1. The native will earn much wealth if the lord of the second
house--(i) is placed in a benefic sign, navamsa or star (ii) or is
hemmed in between benefics (iii) or is aspectedby benefics (iv) or is
p l a c e di n a n a n g u l a rh o u s e( 1 , 4 , 7 , 1 0 ) o r a l r i a n g u l a rh o u s e( 1 , 5 , 9 )
from the ascendant,ascendant-lordor the lord ofthe secondhouse or
(v) is placed in its own house. The gain of wealth will be through the
matters signified by the lords of the angle, trine and exaltation signs
and also through the signification of the planetsthat aspectthe lord of
the secondhouse.
2. If the lord of the second house is afflicted, the native will incur
expenditurethrough the significationsof the secondhouse. This may
happen if the lord of the second house (i) is hcmmed in betwecn
malcfics (ii) is aspectedby malcfics (iii) or if the lord of the sign.
occupiedby thc lord of the secondhouseis rvcak,thcn thc native may

not even get good food. He may eat the food offered in funeral
ceremonies.He will sufferfrom ill-healthand will be unhappy.He
will havemanyfamily troublesand may suffer firomtooth-achealso.
3. If the lord of the secondhouseoccupieslagnaand hasshubha
yoga, the person will get wealth through his own efforts. If the
lord is placedin the 9th house,acquisitionof wealthwill be
lord have
throughhis father and elders.If the 2nd lord andascendant
maleficyogas,his wealthwill be spentawayquickly.
4. Ifthe lord ofthe secondhouse,occupiesthethird houseandhas
a benefic yoga, the personwill acquire wealth through brothers.
music,drama,etc. If it hasan ashubhayogain the th'irdhouse,money
will be wastedthroughthe meansmentionedabove.
5. If the lord cif the 2nd houseis placedin the fourth housewith
shubha yoga, the native acquires wealth through mother, lands,
agriculture,education,friends, conveyanceand vehicles.If it has a
malefic yoga, money will be wastedthrough the planetscausingthe
6. If the lord of the 2ndhouseis placedin thehfth houseandhasa
shubhayoga there will be acquisitionof wealth through children,
greatmen, templesand ,ttttfi,s.If thereis a maleficyoga, the means
indicatedabovewill causeexpenditureof money.
7. If the lord of the 2ndhouseis placedin thesixthhouseand hasa
shubhayoga,the native will get wealth through medical profession,
cnemies,litigation, theft, gamesand races. He may acquire riches
alsothroughthe itemssignifiedbythe lord of the sixthhouse.
If the lord of the secondhousehas a maleficyoga,the effectswill
be bad and he will losemoneythroughthese.indications.
8. Ifthe lord of the secondhouseis placedin the seventhhouse
.and has shubha yoga, the native will acquire wealth from foreign
countries.This acquisitionwill be throughwomenif the depositorof
this planet in the.Natal and Amsa charts or the lord of the star
occupiedby the 2nd lord is a female planet. If this 2nd lord has
of moneywill be causedthroughwomen.

If the lord of the secondhouse is placed in the seventhhouse with a
shubha yoga and is hemmed in between Saturn and Mars which
happen to own benefic housesand if Venus is in any rasi other than its
own, his wife will be unchasteand he will earn wealth through her by
immoral means.
9. The Panclrasiddhanta criterions should be applied carefully and
the effects of the planets should be predicted paying due
considerationto the strength of the planets involved.
If the lord of the second house is placed in the eighth house and
has a benefic yoga, there will be acquisition as well as expenditure of
wealth. If the 2nd lord is cornbined or aspccted by yoga-karuka
planet, he will earn wealth through the means indicated by the'
yogakarakas. If there is a malefic yoga, thc nativc will have nct
benefits. If there is a mixture of the good and bad indications. the
results also will be of a mixed nature.
10. If the lord of the secondhouse is placed in the ninth house and
it has a shubha yoga, the person will get wealth from his father and
other elders. He may also get wcalth through thc meansindicatcdbv
the 9th lord and the planetsassociatedrvith the 2nd lord.
11. If the lord of the secondhouseis placeclin the tenth houseand
has a shubha yoga, the-person will acquire wealth through service,
commerce, trade, sacrifices, performance of rcligious ritcs, and
ceremoniesand agriculture.
12. If the lord of the secondhouse is placcd in the clcvcnth housc
and has a shubha yoga, the native will acquirg rvealth tlrr<lughtrade,
money-lending,usury and through his elder brothers. lf this 2nd lord
has a malefic yoga, there will be much expenditure and waste ol'
money through the above means.
13. If the lord of the secondhousc is placcd irr thc trvcll'thhousc
rvith a beneficyoga,there may bc some acquisitionolu,calth through
rcligious mcans. lf the said planet has a maleficvoga.moncv rvill bc
spent away through the above mcans.
Note : lt is necessaryto consider the rules given in olhcr stan(lard
texts also, before coming to the linal conclusion. For instancc.

placementof the 2nd lord in Angles,Trines andUpachoyasthanas
6, 10, 11) is auspicious.But its placementin the 8th and the 12th
houseswill be harmful. Due considerationshould be given to the
strengthof the 2nd lord accordingto the Panchasiddhanta
14. If the fourth and eleventhhousesare strong and auspicious
throughconnectionwith beneficsand a planethavingdownward-gaze
(3|ti[s{fu) hasDllana yoga,the personwill get treasure<FrO>.nut if
the houses4 and 11 are weakand are connectedwith malefics,the
nativewill squanderawayhis wealth.

Effectsof the Third House

1. If the lord of the third house has shubhayoga and if its

depositorand the Karakaare strong,the personwillhaveprosperous
endurance,skill and valour. His brothers
will be long-livedandfamous.
2. If the lord of the third houseis a friend of the ascendant-lord
or its
and is piacedin a trine hou;e(lst, 5th or 9th) to the ascendant
together the
lord, the personand his brotherwill
3. If the lord of the 3rd houseis placedin a femaleresi, navamsa
audstar, the nativewill havemanysisters.But if it is placedin a male
rasi,navamsaor star,the nativewill havemanybrothers.
4. If the lord of the third houseoccupiesboth male and female
rasi,navamsaandstar,the nativewill haveboth brothersandsiliters.
5. If the lord of the3rd houseoccupiesUpachayahouses(i.e.)3rd,
6th, L0th and 1Lth from the ascendantand is strong,the nativewill
havemanybrothers.But if he is in a maleficrasior star,he will have
onlyfew brothers.
6. If the lord of the 3rd houseis placedin an Ubhayarasi (Dual
sign),the nativewill havetwin brothersor twin sisters.
7. The numberof sistersandbrothersof the nativewill be equalto
the navamsaspassedby the cuspof the third houseat the time of

No Brothers
8. If the lord of the 3rd houseis placedin the rasi or navamsa
ownedby a malefic or is hemmedin betweenmaleficsor is aspected
by malefics and if the depositor is inimical towards it, and if the
karaka for third house is also very weak, the native will not have
brothers. Even if there is any younger brother, he will be inimical
towardsthe native.
9. If such a third houselord is combinedwith a female rasi or
amsaor planet, his sisterwill be of low characterand may evenbe
immoral. The nativemaysufferfrom defectivehearingalso.
10. If a malefic planet is placedin 6th, 8th or L2th countedfrom
the third houseand the depositor*of the maleficplanet is connected
with the third house,the depositormay causedeathto the brotherof
the nativein its dasa.
1.1.If the lord of the third househappensto be the lord of drtstlnna
(6th,8thand L2th),he maycausedestructionto thethird house.
When Saturnpassesin trine (1st,5th and9th) to the rasi occupied
by the depositorof the 3rd houselord, or karako destructionof the
third housemay take place.The samecanhappenalsowhen Saturn
passesin trine to the rasi occupiedby the lord of the star on amsain
whichthe 3rd houselord or karakais situated,
12. When Jupifer passesin trine (lst, 5th or 9th) to the rasi
occupiedby the lord of the rasi, amsaor star occupiedby the third
houselord, the native'sbrotherswill prosper.
13. If Mars becomesthe lord of the third house,and is in his own
rasi,youngerbrothersandsistersmaybe destroyed.
14. If the Sun is placedin the third house,elder brother of the
nativemay die. If Saturnis positedin the third house,his secondor
third brother may die. If other planetsare placedin the third house,
they will __produceeffects in accordancewith their lordship
* Depositor= lord of the rasiin whichtheplanetis situated.

Rahu, in the third house,will make his brothersprosperous.
15. If the lord of the third houseis placedin the sixh housewith
(a high
shubhayoga, his brother may be a commander-in-chief
positionin army,navyor air force) or maybecome a greatphysician.
16. If the lord of the third houseis placedin lagna,the nativemay
becomean adept in musicand acting. In playingthe role of female
characters,he will acquirefame. If the lord of the third houseis
placedin lagna,and hasan ashubhayoga,the nativewill be abusedby
all andbecomenotorious.
17. If the lord of the third houseis placedin the secondhousewith
a shubhayoga,the personwill not haveanyyoungerbrothers.If any
youngerbrother,happensto survive,he will be verywealthy.If there
is an ashubhayoga, his brotherwill be mischievousand he will cause
quarrelin the family.
18. If the lord of the third houseis placedin the third housewith a
shubha yoga, his brothers will prosper. The native will be
and derivebenefitsthroughthe significations
of the third
L9. If the lord of the third houseis placedin the fourthhouseand
in whichit is placed,
hasa shubhayoga,andif thelord of the navamsa,
is weak,there may not be manyyoungerbrothers.But under these
conditions,if the lord of the ninth houseis strong,he mayget some
20. If the lord of the third houseoccupiesthe fourth houseand if
the lord of the fourth houseandMars are both weak,the personwill
losehislandsandwill livqasa tenantin others'houses.
21. If the lord of the fourth houseis weakand evil and if the lord
of the third houseis in the 4th house,the indicationsof the fourth
housewill suffer. If the lord of the third houseownsbenefichousesor
it hasconnectionwith a benefic,the effectswill be mixed.
22. lf the lord of the 3id houseis placedin the fifth housewith a
shubhayoga,the personwill havemany brothers. Each brother will
earn his living by his associationwith a temple, deity or a wealthy
person. The personmay himselfbe a wealthypersonor may be
adoptedby a rich man.

23. If the lord of the third houseis placedin the lifth housewith
ashubhayoga,his brotherswill not be lucky.
24. lf the lord of the 3rd houseis placedin thefifth housewith both
shubhaand ashubhayogas,his brotherwill havemixedfortunes(i.e.,
fortunesand misfortunesboth).
25. If the lord of the third houseis placedin the sixth housewith
shubhayoga,the nativemayriseto high positionsascommanderetc.,
in army, navyor air force. Or else,he may be a successfulphysician
26. lt under thesecircumstances,,
the lord of the sixth house is
connectedwith the third house,his brotherwill be an ableathleteand
good in gymnasticsand physicalexercises.
27. lf thelord of the third houseis placedin the sixthhousewith an
ashubhayoga,his brother will be sicklyor meet with trouble from
enemiesor mayhimselfbecomea thief.
28. If the lord of the third houseis placedin the seventhhouse,
with a shubhayoga,his brotherwill be helpfulto him. If at the same
his brother
time, the loid of the seventhhouseis placedin ascendant,
maybe in foreigncountries.The personwill live in his own country
and his brother will help him by sendingmoneyto him from the
29. If the lord of the third houseis placedin the seventhhousein a
female rasi, navamsaor a femalestar and if Saturn and Mars.are
placed on its either side (papakanai yoga in the natal chart) the
personwill haveillicit relationswith the wife of his brother who will
residein a foreigncountry.
30. If the lord of the third houseis placedin theseventhhousein a
chara rasi (movablesign) his brother will be living in some distant
11. If it is a sthira rasi (fixedsign) his brotherwill,live in his own
country. But if it is in ubhayarasi (commonsign),he will not be far
32. lf the lord of the third houseis placedin the eighth
house,with a shubha yoga, ultimately hisbrotherswill meetwith
destruction. If, howevcr,thcreis an ashubhayoga,the personwill be

yery extravagantand thereby becomepoor. Also, he will suffer from
somedire disease.
33. If the lord of the third houseis placedin the ninrhhouse,with
shubhayoga,his brother will be afflctionatetowardshis father and
will get paternalproperty.
34. If at the sametime,the lord of the ninth houseis placedin the
the nativewill getwealthfrom his brotherandfather.
35. tf the lord of the 3rd houseis placedin the ninth housewirh an
ashubhayoga, the native may be inimical towardshis father or
squanderaway his paternalpropertythrough his brother. Or, his
brothermaydestroyhisdeedsandinstitutonsof charity.
36. If the lord of third houseis placedin the tenthhousewith a
shubhayoga,his brotherswill thrive'in businessand will haveranks
and high status in the society. They will help the narive in his
business.If thereis an ashubhayoga,the effectswill be reversc.
37. If the lord of the third houseis placedin the eleventhhousc,
with a shubhayoga,it is highlyauspicious.The narivewill havemany
brothcrs who will help him to acquirewealth. If thcre is ashubha
yoga,it indicatesdangerto hisbrothers.
38. If the,lordof the trrirdhouseis placedin the twellthhousewith
a shubhayoga,the personmay not have any youngerbrothers. If
thereis an ashubhayoga,resultswill be reverse.

Effectsof the Fourth House

1. If the lord of the fourth house is placedin the ascendantand
hasa beneficyoga,the nativewill be rich andwouldhavebecnb<lrnin
a royal family. He will be highlylearnedin manysubjectsand rvill
allthroughhis lifc. lf thc ascendanr
in a waterysign<alr{Ifr=tl,
the personwill live on the banksof rivers
andwill possess
landswateredby channels.He will livc in big palatial
housesand will be broughtup by his motherrvithcareand afflection.
He will be respectedby hisfriends.
If there is an ashubhayoga insteacl,resultswill bs bad. They
may be : (1) His educationmay be stoppedin the middle.(2) His

mother may die soon after his birth. (3) He will passhis dayswith
great difficulty by sellinghis father's property. (a) His cattle and
landsmay bring him trouble. If therebe a ntisrayogo,resultswill be
2. If the lord of the fourth houseis placedin the secondhouse,
with a shubhayoga,the personmay get propertyfrom his uncle. He
will be rich and will get moneythroughhis lands.He will possess
vehiclesand will supporthis family members.He will eat good food
and will be happythroughouthis life.
. 3. If the lord of the fourth houseis placedin the third housewith a
shubhayoga,the personwill havesmallamountof moneyand land.
He may be havinga step-brotherwith whomhe will not be on good
terms.He might sellhishouse.
4. If the lord of the fourth houseis placedin the fourth house,,and
is aspectedby Tiryogrtttklraplanets(Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and
Venus), the person may acquire neighbouringlands and thereby
comeacrosstreasurehiddenunder earth. He will becomevery rich.
If the lord of the fourth houseis aspectedby urdln'anrul</ta
(the Sun and Mars), the oersonmay earn moneythroughcropsand
.5. If the lord of the fourth houseis placedin the fifth housewith a
shubhayoga,the native'smotherwouldbe veryrich andprominentin
the family. Shewill be religiousandwill possess
the native'ssonswill holdhighpostsandwillbeverylucky.
6. (D if the lord of the fourth houseis placedin the sinthhouse,with
a shubhayoga,his maternalunclewill be prominentperson.Further,
if the lord of the sixh houseis placedin theascendant
or is associated
with the ascendant-lord,
his unclemay livein the native'shouseor the
personmaybe troubledby enemiesanddiseases.
(ii) If the lord of the fourth houseis placedin the sixthhousewith a
shubhayoga,his mother may contactsome diseaseor may become
immoral. lf the karaka,the Moon, is alsodevoidof strength,he may
loseher soon.Ifthe lord ofthe fourthhouseis in a
commonsign,he mayhavea step-mother.
(iii) If the lord of the fourth houscis in thc sixth housc,with
ashubhayoga,and the karakaMars is alsodevoidof strengthand is

aspected by the lords of the uikastlnnas (i.e. 6th, 8th and L2th
houses), the person will be very unfortunate. His businesswill not
thrive and his landed property may decline. If Mars is weak and does
not get the aspect of the lord of the tenth house, he may mortgage his
lands for repaying debts. If Venus is weak, he may lose his
conveyancesand cows or he may sustain injuries by falling from his
7. If the lord of the fourth house is placed in the seventh house,
with shubha yoga, the native will be very lucky. He will lead a happy
life. He or his father-in-law will possessmuch landed property. If at
the same time, the lord of the seventhhouse be placed in a chara rasi
(movable sign), he will get much income from \is estates, lands,
education and other things denoted by the 4th house. If there is an
ashubha yoga, he may lose his mother early or there may be harm to
his conveyancesduring journeys
8. If the lord of the fourth house is in the eighth house, with a
shubha yoga, he will losc a major portion of his land ancl only small
portion rvill be left for his upkeep. He will lead a poor life. If there is
an ashubhayoga, results may be reverse.
9. If the lord of the fourth houseis in the ninth house,with shubha
yoga, he will get a large amounl.of paternal property. He will earn
money through education and will possessgood conveyances.
10. If the lord of the fourth house is in the tenth house, it is
extremely good. He may be a king possessingmuch wealth, provided
the karaka also is endowed with strength.
11. If the lord of the fourth houseis placed in the eleventhhouse,
the native will have much gainsthrough busitress,
studies,rnother, etc. He may inhcrit the wealth of his mother. He
will possessgood dress and vehicles. He may be having many
12. If the fourth house-lord is placed in the twelfth house with
ashubhayoga, he will be poor, dcvoid of housesand landed property.
He may lose his mother early and suffer hardshipsthereby.
13. The significationsof a houseare destroyedduring the dasa of
the planetplaccdin the 6th, Uthor 12thhousesfrom thc saidhouse.

14. The significationsof a house are destroyedwhen Saturn
transitsin the rasi, navamsaor star in whichthe lord of the houseis
Notc : Wherever ashubhayogais present,the resultswill be quite
contraryto what hasbeenstatedfor shubhayoga.But if both shubha
yoga and ashubhayoga are present,resultswill be mixed. All the
above principles are based on logical reasoningby blending the
of the housesandthe planets.

Resultsof the Fifth House

1. If the lord of the fifth house is placedin the ascendingwith a
shubhayoga,the personwill be an officer havingpowerto punish. He
will be a friend of kingsand will be liked by all. He will havelimited
progenyand rvill be kind to others. He will not haveenemies.
He will adore low
If there is ashubhayoga, he will be issueless.
deities.He maybe cruelandbadby nature.
2. If. the lord of the fifth houseis placedin the secondhousewith a
shubhayoga,he may havea large family. He will be intelligent,and
will be knowing astrolog5t.He will be good in the art of prediction.
He will enjoy good food. His wife will be affectionate.He will make
honey through G6d's graceand throughhis connectionswith people.
If there is ashubhayoga,he will be poor. He will struggleto provide
for his family. There maybe quarrelsin his family. He may earnhis
3. If the lord of the fifth houseis ptacedin the third house,'witha
shubhayoga,he will havemany childrenearlyin life. He will be a
friendof rich people.His brotherwill be well placedandinfluential.
4. If the lord of the fifth houseis placedin the fourth house,with a
shubhayoga,he will havelimitednumberof childrenandtheywill live
If there
by agriculture.If thereis ashubhayoga,he maybe issueless.
is misrayoga,his childrenmaynot live longor his daughtersonlymay
live long.
5. If the lord of the fifth houseis placedin the fifth house,it is
goodfor children.As the fifth houseindicatespoon'a-pwtya,

will be prosperous.
6. If the lord of the 5th houseis placedin the sixh housewith a
shubhayoga,his son may be inimical towardshim. His uncle will be
wealthyand renowned.If the lord of the 5th houseis in a femalestar,
he may marry a girl belongingto his uncle'sfamily. If there is an
ashubhayoga,he rpaybe issueless
or maybe punishedby the king.
If thereis amisrayoga (mxed yoga),he may be issueless
or may
If thereis combinationfor adoption,he
mayadopthis uncle'sson.
7. If the lord of the 5th houseis placedin the seventhhouse,with a
shubhayoga,his sonmaygo andlive in foreignlands.The nativewill
be renownedandbe veryfortunate.He will be rich andverylucky. If
there is an ashubhayoga,thoughmanychildrenwill be born to him,
they maydie early. Even the sonin the foreign countrywill passaway
8. If the lord of the 5th houseis in the 8th house,his sonswill be
veryunfortunate.The nativewill not be religiousandhischildrenwill
be verypoor.
If thereis an ashubhayoga,he may lose evenhis adoptedson. If
there is antisrayoga,he may havean adoptedson(afriDIIt).
9. If the lord of the 5th housebe in the 9th house,it is good. If
there be a benefic yoga, his father will be a reputedperson and
charitable.The nativewill get wealthby divinegrace.If therebe an
ashubhayoga,he will be unfortunate.He may incur the displeasure
of deities.

gfn T{,i qt $ri q{@

ala grftla( dfudr 61ftqra{td| |

qfrd u{g'ansfr ut6 qqrrdrqfrdr
?ilsiledrflsfr qfrsry-rrfrsenT
tsq|Ttr{+rErdlqTSfrirs wi q"+ar
10. If the lord of the fifth housebe placedin thetenthhouservitha
shubha yoga, the person will perform meritorious deeds like
renovationof temples,choultriesand othcr charitableinstitutions.

Or he may conduct sacrifices,poojas, etc., (elaborateworship of

gfu] <rri urt gragceqffi

qrnft agrfitFt aqg-qrRqrqt( n
If there is an ashubhayoga,he will do bad deedsand he may collect
money for temples and religious purposesand utilize the same for
personalneeds. His professionwill be a low one.He may work as a
cookin a templeor in the houseof a rich man.
11. If the lord of the fifth houseis placedin the eleventhhousewifh
a shubhayoga,the personwill have gainsthrough his children' He
will havesuccessin his undertakingsand get wealththrough the help
of the rich people.

gl$ ilr{rilTQ $r4FRrqFdA


ga Er{r Ffiqrfr fr,r4Rfr qTtTrfrlk

If there be nisra yoga i.e. (connectionwith both benefic and

maleficplanets),there will be both good andbad results. But if there
be connectionwith maleficplanets,resultswill proveto be bad only.

ft5dt dr6qrr{g$arcrqqEqgr

anrQ dq{Esrdqfiqtd tt

SfsRrrKd g:ffir ftgd| qa(t



qft*tu qprfrm il

kF{ w srq fre{rarisqqrqqtlkt
12. If the lord of the fifth houseis placedin the twelfth housewith
a shubhayoga, he will enjoy pleasuresof bed. He may become
detachedfrom worldly affairs and will be engagedin the meditation
of Bralun. One of his sonsmay die due to whichhe will bccomea
monk renouncingeverything.Ultimatelyhe will attainsalvation.The
yogaand thingsrvill
evil resultsare possiblewhenthereis an ashubha

be of mixed nature in the presence of ntisra yogas. (combinations of
good and bad occurring simultaneously.)

gli {dgafr IFidwrq f}R I

ortt q EftSA ilgfnkqrfrt}( il
13. If the lord of the fifth house is strong and placed in
upaclruyastlnnas (3, 6, 10 or l1th house) and if the karaka for
children (Jupiter) is endowedwith strength, the person will get many

glm tIll{EA tgiq}lrwka I

gil: EB'rrtffrr qrrftrrf: rarfuq:n
Erkf: q$ffr dE {rEitsqrsqErsgl I
gFqrflrFlilf,tq QluaEffia: t

qfrErfr qBfi er ffiuRrqdl Trtu

dt qffiaTrilqraw$suggfi qrfuiet

qtuilfr drq:

Esfr:q"i& dfrft rr

T{A gR ttfr+fl Tffi{ rtisft q r

Tfl 5{r{fl

14.If the lord of the fifth houseis placedwith a Sliubhayoga,the

sonsof the nativewill be very wealthyand fortunate.They will be
very powerful. The nativewill be rich and he will be a friend of the
king or his minister. ,He will be intelligent and be good at
or he maybe the headof a
Mathematics.He will havemanydisciples,
ntutt.He will havemuch powerandfanre.
15. Combinationfor daughters: If the lord of the fifth houseis
placedin a female rasi, femalenavamsaor femalestar, he will have
16. Combinationfor sops: If the iord ot the fifth houseis placed
in a male rasi, male navamsaor male star, he will havemanysons'
(providedhe is endowedwith strengthandis freefrom afflictions).
17. Combinationfor twins: If the lord of the fifth houseis placed
in a rasi,amsaor starof a hemaphrodite

may be born as eunuchs.If the lord of the fifth houseis in a common
sign,the nativemay get twins.
Note .' For obvious reasons, the above combinations are
incomplete.Varahamihiragivesthe followingrule in this connecton:


E qqllrgrtg a fiFH: t

1-8.If the lord of the fifth house is placed in a bad house (6th, 8th or
12th) and in a bad star and has a shubha yoga, the native will have
very few children.
\ 19. If the lord of the fifth house and theputra-karaka (Jupiter) are'
placed within 1800 from the ascendanti.e. in the first six houses,the
native may get children early in life.
20. Number of Children : When Jupiter placed in the rasi, amsa
and nakshatra in which the lord of the 5th houseis placed,aspectsthe
5th house,conception will take place.
2L. Time of conception : When jupiter placedin the rasi, amsa and
nakshatra in which the lord of the 5th house is placed, aspectsthe 5th
house,conceptionwill take place.

riqirwqmr;d qteEfig{a gfi r

rm qETn{ qtqsrtfiTqrRiaI
22. If there is powerful aspectfrom maleficsto the fifth house,
theremay be abortion.While ashubhayogais totallybad,misrayoga

aritl ffi

di a at{qrla I

EfrSrft gtrqrsfrEedgl
wnRt( rr
23. If the lord of lagnais placedin the fifth houseor if the lord ol
the fifth houseis placedin the lagna or if the fifth houseis a rasi
owned by Saturn or Mercury, or if the fifth house.isaspectedby
Saturnor Gulika,the nativemayhavean adoptedson.

24. If the lord of the ninth houseis aspectedby a femaleplanet,the
nativemay adopt his daughter'sson. If the sameis aspectedby a
male planet,he may adopthis paternaluncle'sson,or his grandson.
If the lord of the 9th houseis aspected
by the lord of the6th house,he
mayadoptthe sonof hisdayadeens
Note : The adopted son's characteristics,caste etc., can be
determinedwith referenceto the planetaspectingthe fifth house.

.Effects0f the Sixth House


qrarQq EfrRt{rqftf,r:I

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rymnrg{ffrq {qcr<q1e
L. If the lord of the sixth houseis placed in the lagna,the native will
be brave or a commander-in-chief. His maternal uncle will live in his
house. The native will have much power. He will be employed in the
government and will have much authority. He may be in-charge of
jails. Effects will, however,differ according to the nature of the yoga
present. If there is benefic yoga,good results will follow. But if there
is a malefic yoga, he may be troubled by diseaseor he may become a
2. If the lord of the sixth houseis placed in the secondhousewith a
shubha yoga, there may be frequent quarrels in the family. He may
lose his money through thieves.There may be eyetroubles. His tecth
may not be in order. He may stammer or he may keep repeatingwhat
he said. If therebe ashubhayoga, he may lose his wifc early. If then
Venus, the kalatra karaka, is also weak, hc may remain unmarricd
holding bachelorhood as a virtue. He will not get timely meals and
may live by begging.
3. If the lord of the sbah house is placed in thc third house with a
shubhayoga, his brother may becomc inimical. His maternal uncle
will be friendly with his brother. Thc nativc will be quarrelson.reand
uncompromising. He or his brother may be afflictcd rvith discases. I l'
there is an ashubha yoga, the native may not havc any youngcr
4. If the lord of the sixh houseis placed in thc fourth housc with a
shubhayoga, the house of the native may be vcrv old and dilapidatcd.

Therernaybe obstaclesto continuouseducation.His mothermaybe
afflicted with diseases.His unclesmay live by agriculture. If there is
an ashubhayoga,the personwill be strickenwith poverty. He may be
a servantor a cook. His mothermaybe immoral.Theremaybe legal
or otherwise trouble from his house and lands. His life will be
miserableand may evengo to jail. If there is misrayoga,he may hold
some low post, and may be looking after villageadministration.He
may quarrel with his mother and may not stay permanentlyin any
5. If the lord of the sixthhouseis placedin the fifth housewith a
shubhayoga, the native may be adoptedby his maternaluncle. He
yoga,his sonmay
mayhavesomewealthandfame.If thereis ashubha
be afflicted with diseaseor may evendie (dependingupon the extent
and powerof the rnaleficyoga).If thereis misrayoga,the effectsare
likely to be of a mixednature.
6. If the lord of the sixth houseis placedin the sixth house,with a
shubhayoga,and if the karakaplanetis strong,hismaternalunclewill
(cousins)will be powerful.If
be wealthyand fortunate.His dayadees
the significator(karaka) of the 6th housebe conjoinedwith the lord
the nativemaybecomea commander-in-chiefand
of the ascendant,
will be fortunate. If there is ashubhayoga, the nativd will suffer
throughhis enemies.If thereis misrayoga,resultswill be of a mixed
7. If the lord of the sinh houseis placedin the 7th house,with a
shubhayoga,his maternaluncle will be powerful. The nativewill
r D?rry his maternal uncle's daughter. His uncle may exerciseto
I oontrolhim. Or his maternalunclemay stayin foreigncountries.(6th
house indicatesuncles; 7th houseforeign travels). If there is an
If thereis
ashubhayoga,his wife maydie earlyor will be abandoned.
misra yoga,results will be mixed. If the lord of the sixh houseis
placedin the seventhhousein a neutralrasi or star or navamsa,his
wife maybe barren. His wife maybe sickor maydie duringthe dasa
lord alsois in a neutral
of the lord of the sixthhouse.If the ascendant
rasi,the personwill alsobe sterile.Referenceshouldbe madeto the
in the horoscope.
8. If the lord of the sinthhouseis placedin the eighthhousewith a
shubhayoga,the nativewill havemediumlite. If therebe an ashubha
yoga,he will havemanytroublesoneperiods(dangers)and he will be

affectedwith diseasesthroughouthis life. If there is misra yoga,his
life maybe short or he will get into debts.
9. If the lord of the sbchhouseis placedin the ninthhousewith a
shubhayoga,his father will be employedin the judiciary as a judge,
magistrateetc.,but will be inimicaltowardshim.
His maternal uncle will be rich and fortunate. The native mav
acquirewealth through his dayadees.But, if there be malefic yoga"
resultswill be bad.

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10. If the lord of the sixth houseis placed in the tenth house with a
shubha yoga, the person will do bad deeds or cruel deeds. He rvill
pretendto be religiousand orthodox, but, in nature,he will be sinful.
He may eat food offered in Sroddhas and rvill not fear to commit
crimes. If there is ashubha yoga, the native will have a low and bad
profession. Hc may live as a cook. Or he may lose his job and will
lead a miserablelife.
11. If the lord of the sbch house is in thc eleventhhouse with a
shubha yoga, his elder brother rvill be an officer having authority to
imposefines and imprisonment. If there is ashubhayoga,the person
will be strickenwith poverty.
12. If the lord of the sirch house is in the L2th house, he will spend
his money in bad ways. He will do bad deeds. If there is ashubha
yoga. he may fall into hell after his death.

Effectsof the SeventhHouse

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Rnq r

1. If the lord of the seventhhouseis placedin the ascendant,
nativewill be alwaystravellingfrom placeto placecarryinglettersetc.
He may marry a womanwho wasbrought up in his own house.He
will be alwaysin the midstof ladiesand hankeraftersexualpleasures.
If thereis maleficyoga,resultswill be opposite.
2. If the lord of the seventhhouseis placedin the secondhouse
with beneficyoga, the nativewill get wealththroughwomen. If there
is ashubhayoga,he will losehis wife early,or hiswife will be immoral
and earn money thus. He may wander for food. He may eat food
offered in Sraddhasand funeral ceremonies.He may die during the
period of the lord of the seventhhouse.If thereis misrayoga,he may
havetwo wives.
Note : Seventhhouse and secondhouse have been declaredby
Poraslrurato be the deathinflictinghouses.Whgnthe seventhhouse
lord is placed in the secondhouse with ashubhayoga, he surely
becomesverypowerfulto causedeath.
3. If the seventhhouselord is placedin the third house,with a
shubhayoga,his brotherwill be fortunateandbecomesrich by going
to foreign lands. lf there is a maleficyoga,his brother will suffer
misfortunesand the nativemaygnjoyhisbrother,swife.

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*g gqwd furgtaEr a?qn

4. When the lord of ttle seventhhouseis placedin the fourth

housewith a shubhayoga,his wife will be very happy. Shewill get
manychildren.The nativemaygo to foreignlands.He will havegood
educationand good conveyances.
If there is misrayoga,effectswill
be mixedand in the presenceof ashubhayoga,resultswill be evil.
5. If the seventhhouselord is placedin the fifth housewith a
shubhayoga,the personwill be marriedwhileyoung.His wife will be
the daughterof a rich person.Shewill be a veryablelady. If thereis
ashubhayoga,he will be issueless.
Or he mayget a child throughthe
adulteryof his wife. His masterwill be troubledby enemiesin a

foreign land. If there is misra yogas, the native will have only
daughtersand no sons.
6. If the lord of the seventhhouse is placed in the sixth house with
a shubha yoga, his wife will come from the family of his maternal
uncle. Or the native may have two wives. Or he will be troubled by
diseases. If there is ashubha yoga, he will suffer from piles. If the
kalotra koroka,,i.e., Venus is also weak, he may abandon his wife or
his wife may be carried away by his enemies.
7. If the lord of the seventhhouse is placed in the seventh house,
with a shubha yoga, it is good. The person will be very powerful. He
will be very handsome. He will enjoy many women. His wife will
come from a good family. He may also get wealth through his wife.
i.e., from her family etc. (Moreover, i[ the planet be one of the five
major planets, i.e. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, it'will
catse M aI n pu rusln yoga).
8. If the lord of the sevcnthhouse is placcd in the eighth house
with a shubha yoga, the native'sdeath may take place in a foreign
country. His wife may also mect with early death. If therc be misra
yoga, resultswill be mixed. Thc native will enjoy hor for sometimc
and then she rnay die. Or, he may live as a bachelor. C)relse,his wife
may contractsome disease.
9. If the lord of the seventhhouse is placcd in thc eighth house
with a shubhavoga, he will dic in a ltrreign country. Hc may lose his
rvife early. If thcre is malcfic yoga in addition, he may rcmain
unmarried or his rvilc mav contract somc discasc and may bc
separatedfrom him.
10. If thc lord of the seventhhouse is placed in the ninth house
with a benefic yoga, he may become rich in a forcign coutrtry or his
father may stay in another country. The nativc may do mcritori<lus
(dhannic) deeds in a foreign land. His father-in-larvmay bc very
wealthy and prominent. If there is ashubhayoga, however,his wealth
will be spcnt away and he may losehis fathcr carly in his youth.
11. If the lord ol the so'enth houscis placedin the tcnth house,his
wife will attend to his nccds rvith carc. He may be cmployed in a
foreign country. Or hc mav rvandcr from place to placc. He may get
of his rvifc.
his tivingthrough thc assistance

12. If thc lord of the seventhhouseis placedin the eleventhhouse,
he may havemany wivesor he may enjoy manywomen. If thorc is
misrayoga,the resultswill be mixed. If therebe a maleficyoga,he
may alwaysbe walkingor live by carryingbundlcson his back. He
may losemanyof his wives.Finally',one of hiswiveswill survivehim
after his death. If the eleventhhouselord is in the secondhouse,he
maygainwealthfrom foreigncountries.and
from women.
13. If the lord of the seventhhouseis placedin tho twelfth house
with a shubhayoga,he will enjoymanywomenfor sometime.He may
meetwith his deathin a loreigncountry.If therebe an ashubhayoga,
he will lose his wife early or he may live as a bacheloror may be
thinkingaboutotherwomenlyingin hisbed.
14. Time of wife's death : If the 7th houselord, Venus (kalatra
karaka),and their depositorsare strong,his w.ifewill die during the
third revolution of Saturn. If these four planctsare of ordinary
strength,she will passawayduring the secondround of Saturn. If
of Saturn.
theyareweak,shewill die duringthe firstrevolution
Note : Each period of rcvolutionof Saturnis nearlythirty years.
This is to be reckonedwith rsspcctto the positionof Saturnin the
chartof hiswife.
15. Combinationfor widowhood: If Mars or Rahuis placedin the
2nd or 7th or Sth house,the womanmaybecomea widow. If theyare
in the 4th house,her mothermaybecomewidow.
Time of Marriage

{iS Rr.gti orqt q cqtffi t

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Uq]:qqqqqRtR r{qfoerftr

16. If the lord of the 7th houseis strongand Venus is placedin

Upachayarasi (3, 6, 10, or 11) with full strcngthduring the first
revolutionof Jupiter,marriagewill take placecarly. If thc 7th house
lord and Venusare of modcratestrength,,marriagemay take place
duringthe sccondrcvolutionof Jupiter,(i.c.bctweenthe L2thyear
and 24th ycar of his age). If both are devoidof strcngth,he may

marryduringthe third roundof Jupiter.lf theyare extremely
he mayhaveno marriageat all. Or evenif he is married,hiswife may
die veryearlyevenbeforehe enjoysher.
17. Evil to 7th Bhava: If malelicsare placedin 6rh, 8th or l2th
housefrom a givenhouse,andifthe lord of6th,8rhor l2th is ptaced
in that bhava,then the matterssignificdby the houseare destroyed
during the period of the planet occupyingthe said bhava. This
principlecanbe appliedto the 7thbhavaalso.
18. ElTectsof dilferent planetsIn the 7th house: If there is a
debilitatedplanet in the 7th house,his wife wilt bc sicklyor he may
marrya womanwho hasno regularperiods.If Marsbc therc,he may
marry a widow. If Rahu be there,he may haverelationswith a very low-bornwoman. If Mars andSaturnbe thereandVenushappensto
be bctweenthem he may enjoy a bad woman. Dctails regarding
colour,casteetc.,of the womancan be predictcdfrom the naturcof
the lord of the navamsain whichthe 7th houselord is placedand also
thc planets associated
with that.
19. If thp lord of the 7th houseor Venusis placedin evenrasi or
even navamsaor in a femalestar with shubhayoga,the nativc will
haveRajayogaandhe will deriveenjoymcntsfrom scvcralwives.

Effectsof theEighthHouse
l. If thcreis a maleficplanetin the eighthhousc.thc narivewill dic
of somcnrajordiscaseor he maydie unnaturally.If thcrcbc shubha
yoga,howill havca peaccfulcndwithoutpain.
2. If ths lord of the6th ancl8th houscbc in comfrination,
the discase
will bc thecauseof hisdeath.
3. If there be a shubhayoga in the cighrh house,the nativewitl
havelong life. Ashubhayogawill causeshort life, while misra yoga
will givemediumlengthof life.
4. If the Lagna,ascendantlord and the Moon havefull strength,
and if the lord of the birth star,lagna,navamsaandSaturnare all very
slrong, the pcrsonwill havelong life. If all are weak,hc will bc short

lived. Moderate strengthof theseplanetswill give medium length of

Calculation of l.ength of Life

5. The malefic planet placedin the 12thhousewill take awaythe
whole of the period alloned to it.
6. The malelic planet placedin the 1lth housedestroyshalf of the
period allotted to it.
7. The malefic planet placedin the 10thhousedestroys1/3 of the
pcriod dlotted to it.
8. The malefic planet placedin thc 9th housedestroys1/4 of thc
period allotted to it.
9. The malefic planet placedin the 8th housedestroys1/5 of tire
period allotted to it.
10. The malefic planet placedin the 7th housedestrop 1/6 of the
periodallottedto it.
11. Benifics placed in the abovehousestake awayonly half of the
periods told for the malelicsi.e., beneficsplacedin the houses12th
onwardsup to the,Tthhouserespectively
l/to andL/12 of the periodsallottedto them.
Now naturally arises the question : What are the periods
contributedby the different planetsto the life spanof a person? Here
we have the following dictum : If the planetsbe in their exaltation
positions,they contribute19,25,15,12,L5,21.and 20 yearsfrom the
Sun onwards. If they be in their debilitations,they contributeonly
half of thc above amount i.e. 9-vz,I2-w,1tn, 6,
and 10
years. The lagna contributesperiod equal to the navamsaspassed
over by it.
A maleficplanet placedin the 12thhousewill destroyits full period
of life.
In thb lLth house,it reducesl/2 of the periodandso on. If it be in
the seventhhouse,it reduces1/6th of the life.
12. If there be r...rnvplanetsin a house,the reductionindicated
aboveis to be performedc,nlyfor the strongestplanetpositedthere.

. 13. If a malefic planer Le placedin the Lagna house,half of the
feriod allotted to Lagnashouldbe reduced.

() A p-lanetsituatedin the rasi of irs pnemy takesaway1/3 of its

period of life.
(ii) A planct in debilitationtakesawayt/2of its period.
(iii) I n_fget in setting (astamanaor hetiacalsetting) also takes
aulayL/2 of its period.
_- (ru) fh9 above reduction for setring should not be applied to
Venusand Mercury.
- (v) Reductionfor placementin iniriical rasi nientionediql above
shouldnot be appliedto Mars.
The above five reductions are termed Dhruwapahani by
- (vi) Reduction should be performed only for one reason,when
there are severalcausesfor doingdifferent reiuctions.
(viD Similarly, incrcasing of period also should be performed only
ror one reasonwhen there are manyreasons.
14. Incrtase of perlod contrlbuted by different planets :
(i) When a planet is placednvaryoththam4,own decanateor own
rasi, its period should be multiplied by tvro.
- (ii) -I{ in retrogressionor cxaltation,the period should
be multiplied by three.
15. This is the bcst way among others in calculating the length of
- 16...A malclic placed in 6th or 8th house aspectedby its enemy not in setiing or combustion,brings deaih during irs dasaor
bhukti (sub-period).
17. A-planel w-hichis the enemyof the ascendantlord may cause
suddendeath during its bhukti in the major period of the ascendant
lord. So lengrh of life is to be calcihtCd after studying such


Balarishta (Deathduring Childhood)

A cnild is susceptibleto death:
1. Within four yearsasa result of the sinsof its mother.
2. Within eight yearsasa resultof the sinsof its father.
3. Within twelveyearsasa result of its own sins.
Hence the life span of a child is to be mathematicallycalculated
only if he/she lives after twelveyears.

Causeand modeof Death

This is to be asgertained.fromthe lord of the star or rasi in which

the 8th houselord is placed.
Means of death may alsobe determinedfrom the nature of the
rasis and navamsasin which the lord of the l(hara drekkana i.e.
twenty seiond decanateis placed,as also the lords of the said rasis
and navamsas.
The place where death will take place is to be decidedfrom the
rasi ruled by the saidplanets.
Worlds (Lollas) to which the departed soul would go, are to be
ascertainedby the worldsruled overby the saidplanets.
The personwill remain unconscious
at the time of death for the
amount of time that wasto haveelapsedin the ascendantat the time
of his birth. (ir;Ttfrnron>
If the lord of the 8th house be in upochayasthana,lifewill be
If the lord of the 8th housebe in a bad place,life will be of medium
If the lord of the 8th housebe in the will be short
andthe nativewill spendhiswealthin badways.
If Saturn and Mars be strong,the personwill undergotroubles
from debts.cuts and wounds.

If the lord of the 8th housebe placedin the 6th, 8th or 12th house,
the indicationsof thesehousesflourish.If therebe a beneficin one of
6th or 8th house,thesehouseswill prosper to a moderateextent. If
the lord of the 8th house be placed in the t2th house, the
significationsof 12thhousethrive to a great extent.
If the lord of the 8th housebe placedin housesother than 6th, 8th
or 12th houses,the housesare destroyed.If in addition, there be a
maleficplanet placedin that house,the houseis completelyruined. If
there be a shubhayoga, the said housethrives moderately,and the
period of the lord of the 8th housewill proveto be good.

Chhidragrahas(Evil planets)
The chhidragrahas or cruel planetsfor a horoscopeare (1) the
lord of the 8th house;(2) the planetassociatedwith the lord of the 8th
house;(3) the lord of the star in which the 8th houselord is placed;
(4) the lord of the navamsain which the lord of the 8th house is
placed; and (5) the khara drekkanadhipatii.e., lord of the ?2nd

Effectsof the Ninth House
1, The ninth house indicates fortunes, father, preceptor etc.
Hence,if the 9th househas shubhayoga, his father will be born in a
rich family and will be long lived. The personwill be devotedto his
preceptorsand will do meritoriousdeedsof charity. Ashubha yoga
2. If the lord of the 9th housebe placedin the ascendant,
personwill earn property throughhis own efforts.
3. If the lord of the 9th housebe placed in the ascendant,the
persongill earn property throughhis own efforts.
4. If the lord of the 9th housebe placedin the secondhousewith a.
shubhayoga,the nativewill acquirewealthfrom his father. He will be

rich. Ashubhayogaproducesoppositeresults.
5. If the 9th houselord is placedin the 3rd housewith a shubha
yoga,his father will be moderatelyrich.
6. lf the 9th houselord is placedin the 4th housewith a shubha
yoga,the native will earn moneythrough his lands. Mother will also
be rich. Landsacquiredfrom his father will yieldmuchwealth.
7. If the 9th houselord is placedin thc 5th house,the father of the
nativewill be an eminent person.Or his son maybe a lord. If, at the
sametime, the lord of the fifth housebe in the ascendant,the native
will alsobe lord.
8. If the 9th houselord is placed in the 6th housewith a shubha
yoga,his father will be sick. If there be ashubhayoga,enemieswill
take awaythe wealth of his father.
9. If the lord of the 9th housebe placedin the seventhhouse,his
father will go to foreign countries. The native may do meritorious
deeds in foreign country. His perceptor may also live in foreign
country.If there be ashubhayoga,his fatherwill be poor and will pass
awayin someforeign country.
10. If the lord of the 9th housebe placedin the eighth house,his
father will die while he is young.He may not be ableto get anywealth
from his father. The institutionsset up for charityby his familywill
perish.If therebe shubhayoga,he will be moderaterly
11. If the lord of the 9th housebe placedin the 9th housewith a
shubhayoga,the indicationsof the 9th housewill prospervery much.
12. If the lord of the 9th housebe placedin the 10thhousewith a
shubhayoga,he will do charitabledeeds,sacrificesetc. He will have
much wealth. He will be famous and hold high office as that of a
1,3.If the lord of the 9th housebe in the l1th housewith a shubha
yoga,the nativewill havemuchwealth.
14. If the lord of the 9th housebe placedin the l2th housewith a
shubhayoga it is bad. The native will lose his wealth and become


Elfectsof theTenthHouse
Natural Beneflcs
1. Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Moon (waxing),are beneficsin the
decreasingorder of strength. Mercury and Moon of the dark halves
acquiremaleficpropertyif associated
with malefics.
2. The Sun, wanning Moon, Saturn, Mars and Mercury are
maleficsin the decreasingorder.
3. Functional Maletics : Lords of 6, 8 and 12 housesare malefics
byvirtue of their lordship (Adhipaq,a)of bad houses.
4. Lords of lst, 5th and9th housesare beneficsof the first rate.
5. Lords of quadrants(kendras),I, 4,7,and 10arebeneficsof the
6. Lords of 2,3 and 11.houses,if associatedwith beneficsbecome
beneficsof the third rate. If they are associatedwith malefics,they
becomethird ratemalefics.
7. Among the trine houses,9th house is the most auspicious.
Then comes5th houseand lastlythe ascendant.
8. The angularhouses10,7,4 and t housesare beneficialin the
decreasingorder, i.e. 10th is the most auspiciousand 1st is the least
The professionsallotted to the different planets are as follows :
1. The Sun : Medical profession,dealingin grassandstraw, pearl
and gold,and functionsasambassador
and serviceundera king.
2. The Moon : Agriculture, professionsconnectedwith water,
3. Mars : Professionsconnectedwith buildings,war, fire, bold
deeds, murder, injuries, disputes,quarrels,governmentadminis-

tration,liquidslike mercuryetc.
4. Mercury : Sculpture,philosophicalresearch,studies,astrology,
compositionand recitationof poetry,tradeof clothesand catchingof
5. Jupiter : Chanting of hymns, teachingof Vedas,Puranas,
and other scriptures, officiating as priest, and religious teachings.
6. Venus : Trade of gold and preciousgems,conveyancqsand
vehiclesand professionsconnectedwith cows,curd,ghee,womenand
7. Saturn : Wood-cutting,dealing in hides and skins, cutting of
stones, service as the head of a village, as a postman, or as a
magistrate;juggleryandwitchcraft,carryingof loadsand fuelsetc.
8. Rahu and Ketu rule over professionsascribedto Saturn and
Mars respectively.
9. The karakatva is to be given due consideration in the
determinationof profession.
10. Due considerationis to be paid to the strengthof the lord of
the rasi and navamsain which the lord of the 10thhouseis placed,as
also to the strength of the lord of the star in which the 1,0thlord is
11. The professionwill bring goodfortuneto the nativeif the lord
of the 10th house has shubhayoga.i.e. if it is placedin the sign,
navamsaor star of a benefic or is placedin betweenbeneficsor is
seenby beneficsor if the ruler of the signin whichthe lord of the 10th
houseis placedis in exaltationor in moolatrikona.If theseplanets
are not auspiciouslike this,the professionwill not be a fortunateone.
12. The professionwill be of the nature indicatedby the karaka
planetfor professioni.e.,the planetplacedin the 10thhouse.
The Sun : If the Sunbe the karaka.and
is stronglyplacedin the 10th
house,the native will be in governmentservice.If Jupiter aspects
suchSun,he will be employedin a temple. If the Sunbe aspectedby
Saturn, he will do some lowly job (neechawitti). If the

Sunbe aspectedor conjoinedwith Rahu,he will be servinga Mlechha
(a foreignerother than Hindu). If the Sun be combinedwith Venus,
he will servea queen. If it be with Mars, he will be someofficer in the
village. If it be with the Moon, he will be working in the salt
department. If it be with Mercury,he maybe servingin thejudiciary.
The pay obtained through the serviceis to be judged from the
shubhayogasof the houseof profession.His paywil be high or low
sccaldingto the strengthofthe shubhayogas.
Gradesof Service:
1. Tlrc Sun--Clericalwork.
. 2. The Moon-Officer-in-chargeof treasury.
3. Man-Judiciary, work asmagistrateetc.
of corporations,panchayats
4, Merarry--Prcsident
5. Jupiter-Aduser, minister or secretaryto high officers and
6. Venus-Ministerialservice.
7. Safunr-Authorityimposingpunishments'
8. Ralut--Officerimposingcapital punishment,iriprisonment
etc.(like Saturn).
that of Mars) jobs connectedwith death etc.
If the lords of the 7th and 10thhousesare in conjuction,the native
will be having a touring profession i.e. in the railways, postal
If the lords of the 9th and 10thhousesbe conjoinedtogether,the
native will follow some religiousprofessionand will be engagedin
austeritiesand charitabledeeds(dharmicdeeds).
If the lords of the 10th and 1lth housesbe in conjunction,the
nativewill be a businessman
If the lords of the 6th and 10thhousesbe conjoined,there will be
set backs in the profession. His profession will decline or may
evenbe ruined.
If the Sun,Moon or Rahu be placedin the 10thhouse,in-a watery
sigr, and if ihe lords of the t2tli and L0th housesbe also in watery
silns, the nativewill havea dip in the Gangesandother holy rivers'


Effectsof the EleventhHouse
l. If the lord of the llth housebe placcdin the ascendantwith a
shubhayoga, the native will earn wealth through the yogakaraka
planetin the horoicope. If therebe an ashubhayoga,the resultswill
be bad.
2. If the lord of the llth housebe placedin the 2nd house,the
nativewill earnwealthby lendingmoneyon interest.
3. If the lord of the 1lth housebe placedin the 3rd house,the
nativewill havegainsof wealththroughhisbrothers,and music.
4. If the lord of the 1lth housebe placedin the fourth housewith a
shubha yoga, the native will earn wealth through his mothgr,
5. If the lord of the 1lth housebe placedin the lifth housewith a
shubhayoga,the nativewill havegainsthroughhis son, some rich
6. If the lord of the l1th housebe positedin the sixthhousewith a
shubha yoga, the native will have gains of wealth through wars,
litigationand throughhis partners.Maleficyogaswill causeadvcrsc
7. If the lord of the llth housebe placedin the seventh housewith
a shubhayoga,the personwill earn moncythroughwomenor from
8. If the lord of the eleventhhouse is positcd in thc 8th house,
wealthof the personwill decline.If therebe a shpbhayoga,though
theremaybe gainsin the beginning,latcr on hc willsuffcr losses.
9. If the lord of the eleventhhousebe positedin the ninth housc
with a shubhayoga,thc pcrsonwill earnwealththroughhis prcceptor,
10. If the lord of the cleventhhousebe placedin the tcnth house
with a shubhayoga,hc will havcmuchgainsin histradc. Hc mayalso

11. lf the lord of rhe llth housebe in the llrh houseitself with a
shubhayoga,the significationsof the llth housewill flourishwell and
the personwill be veryrich.
12. If the lord of the eleventhhousebe placedin the twelfthhouse
with a shubhayoga,his elder brothermay die earlyand hisgainswiil
13. If the lord of the 1lth houscbe ptacedin a Vipat star (i.e.3rd,
5th and 7th stars from the natal star), the personrnEvbecomevery
poor andlive throughbegging.
14. If the eleventh house has a shubha yoga, the person will
becomevery rich. His elder brotherwill be very powerful. The native
may have gains of wealth through his elder brother. Also, if a
benefic be placed in the eleventhhouse,the native will have gains
throughthe significationsof the saidplanet.

Effectsof the TWelfthHouse
1.. If the lord of any housebe placedin the twellth house,the
of that housewill decline.
2. The different planets,when placedin the 12th house,produce
resultsasfollows :
The Sun : Much expenditurethrough the king andgovernment(by
way of taxes,lines etc.)
The Moon : Deprivedof goodfood, incur wastefulexpenditure,will
be of angrynature,unhappy,will not be liked by others.
Mars : Expenditurethrough enemies,crimesetc.
Mercury : Expenditureon education.
Jupiter : The personwill bc savingmoneyalways.
Venus: The personwill be savingmoneyalways.
of variouskinds.
Saturnor Rahu : Expenditurcs
Ketu : Ketu also helpsthe pcrson to earn money,whenplacedin

the 12thhouse.The nativewill becomewealthy.
3. If the rasi of the twelfth house be movable and contains a
movable planet, the person will be ever travelling. If there be a
shubhayogain the twelfth house,he will live happilyin a foreign land.
But if maleficsbe there,he will live by beggingin a foreigncountry.
4. If the lord of the 12thhousebe positedin a Vipat srar(i.e.,3rd,
5th and 7th from the birth star)andhasconnectionwith.cruelplanets
by being associatedwith or aspectedby or hemmed in between
malefics and if there is evil connectionfor the twelfth house with
Saturn,Gulika or Mandi, the personwill spendhis wealth due to
troublesanddifficulties.He will commitcrimesandsinfulacts.
5. Salvation: If the lord ofthe 12thhouseandtheascendant
be in
their paramauchchapoint and if the twelfth housecontainsbenefics,
he will attainsalvationalter death.If therebe only ashubhayoga,he
will fall into hell after death.
6. If therebe misrayogaunderthe abovecombination,i.e.,both
maleficsandbeneficsare placedin the'12thhousebut the lordsof the
first and the twelfth are in their highestexaltationpoints,the nativc
will enter heaven. But if there is only malcficyoga,hc will fall into
hell afterdeath.
advisesthat other treatisesshruld alsobe studiedand
thingsshouldbe predictedverycarcfully.


Adhyaya IV


Effects of Dasasand Bhuktis : GeneralRules: Factors producing

Benelicand Malefic Results: Elfects of lnrds of the Houseswhen
placedin the l2th House.

Effectsof Dasasand Bhuktis.(Udu Dasas)

1. If the Lagna is strongerthan the Moon, theldasasshouldbe

reckonedfrom the lord of the star in whichLagnafalls. If the Moon
be strongerthan the Lagna,the lord of the starin whichthe Moon is
positedwill be the lord of thefirst dasa.

Note : Readersshouldnote the deviationfrom the actualpractice

in vogue.

2. The starsfrom Chandranakshatra(or the Lagnanakshatra)are



























Notc : Paryaya= series..

3. The dasasof Sampat,Kshema,Sadhakaand Maitra stars(i.e.

2, Ll, 2O;4, 13,22;6, 15, 24i 8, 17,26\ are auspiciousand bring good

resultsto the person.Thesearethebest(Uttama).
4. The dasasof Vipat, Pratyariand Vadhastars(3, \2,21;5,14,
and bring bad results.Thescare the
?j;7,16,25) areinauspicious
5. The dasasof the lords of Janmaand Paramamaltra starsi'e',
(1, 10, 1.9;and 9, 18 and 27th stars) are moderatelyauspicious
(uaanyama; and belong to the middle categoryin their capacityto
6. The stars2, 4,6 and 8 countedfrom the Janmanakshatraare
most auspicious.The planetsplacedin trine signs(trikona rasis),
produceihe best results during their periods and sub-periods'
i'lanets in angular signs (kendra rasis) produce moderately good
resultsin their periods.Planetsin 6, 8 and 12thsignsfrom thesestars
producebadresultsduringtheir periods.*
?. The stars3, 5 and7 countedfrom the Janmanakshatraproduce
bad results.The planetsin triangularsigns(1,5,9) from the ahove
starsalso produceworst resultsin their perilds. Planctsin kendra
signs(1, 4,7, I0) producemoderatelygood resultsbut planetsin
cadentsigns(6, 8, 12)from thesestarsbringgoodresults.
Supposethe birth star is'
Bharani, third to this is
Rohini and it falls in
Vrisha. Filih from this is
Kanya. Planct placed in
Kanya may bccomc bad
according to thc above

8. Thusthe natureof the pcriodsof the differcntplanctshasto bc

determinedrvithreferenceto the followingpoints:

The naturalqualityof the planets,(rvhcrther
or malefics).

* Periods: dasasandbhuktics.



Their rulership(i.e.,whethertheyare lordsof trines,angular



The nature of the stars in which the planetsare situated.

(whethertheyarein kshemastar,vipatstaretc.).

(iv) Whethertheyareplacedin triangular,(1, 5, 9); angular,(1,4,

7,L0);trika (cadent6,8, L2)or
1) signsfrom the
stars (only for interpreting the
9. If a planethappensto be a beneficby possessing
three or four
of the auspiciousfactorsmentionedabove,it will do good duringits

10. If it is a maleficin respectof threeor four factorslistedabove.

it will causebad resultsduringits dasaandbhukti.
11. Three factorshaveto be consideredfor dasaresultsand four
factorsfor bhukti results.

12.A planetin the lst,2nd,4th,6th,8th

the Janmanakshatraproducegoodresults.Theseauspicious
are further enhanced(1) v'henit is a beneficby rulership( ru'Trfu]R|t
(2) when it is placedin a rrinal sign and (3) whenit is onjoinedwith a
L3. Beneficplaneg placedin theseauspicious
goodresultsprovidedtheir transitsare alsoauspicious.
14. Beneficsplacedin the inauspicious
stars(the 3rd,5th and 7th
from theJanmanaxshatra)produceordinaryresults.
15. Planetsplacedin the inauspicious
stars(the 3rd,5th and 7th
stars from the Janma nakshatra)produce evil results.These evil
resultsbecomemaximum: (i) whenthe planeris badby rulership(by
owning6th, 8th and 12thhousesetc.), (ii) when it is placedin bad
housesand (iii) whenit is conjoinedwith evil planets.
16. Malefic planets placed in the inauspiciousstars, produce
maximum evil results.
L7. Malefic planets, when placed in the auspicious
starsi.e., (1st,
2nd,4th,6th, 8th and 9th from the Janma nakshatra)do not produce
their bad effects much.

But, if they are placedin the inauspicious
stars,they produceevil

Effectsof Transit of Jupiter on the Periods

1. When Jupiter traversestrikona signsfrom its radicalsignsthe
personwill be blessedwith childrenand wealth. He will perform
2. When Jupiter passesthrough trine signsfrom the radical
positionof Venus,the personwill leada happylife.
3. When Jupiter passesthrough the trine signsfrom the radical
position of Saturn the personwill get promotions,moneyand favour

; ff"ffi:",

isin trinefromrheradical

personwill win in his litigationsand may performmarriagesetc.,in

hishouseandwill benefitfrom low castepeople
5. WhenJupitertransitstriangularsignsfrom the radicalposition
in educationetc.
of Mercury,he will havesuccess
6. The auspiciouseffects of Jupiter will be maximum, if he is
strongand passesthroughauspiciousstarscountedfrom the Janma
7. IfJupiter be weak and passesthroughinauspicious
goodresultsmayirot actuallyhappenthoughtheremaybe a meretalk
8. Transit of Rahu :--If Rahu is placedin a bad star at birth, the
nativewill perform funeralceremonieswhenSaturnpassesthrough
trine (1, 5, 9) signscountedfrom the birth positionof Rahu; Or he
may experiencetroublesfrom.kings,enemies,thieves,diseasesand
poisonat thattime.
9. If Saturn and Rahu be placedin bad starsi, bad resultswill
surelyoccurduringtheconjoinedperiodsof maleficplanets.
*bad star = 3, 5, 7; 12, 14, l6i 21, 23, 25 etc.,from the Janma


Resultsof Dasasand Bhukties

L. In reading^the
effectsof differentdasas,theinherentqualitiesof
the planets,(ffid gttrlrlnil qualitiesdeterminedby rheir lordship
T{rWqt, significations(nEirR@} and the five
fundamentalprinciples<{afuarar:), etc., shouldbe usedwhich have
alreadybeendealtwith in theearlierchapters.
2. A planet which is a benefic accordingto the following eight
factorswill surelydo goodto thenativeduringits period:-(a)

ffi+ grel inherentbeneficquality (wherherthe planet is a



Placementin a beneficsign<enqr ;
Extremeexaltation(IRalat) ;


rarff: >;


Beneficnatureby rulership( grlfuiR1l ;


Rulership of benefic stars counted from the Janmanakshatra( t3rRewDreq>





Motion towardsthe uchchapoinr(sarifrdl).

3. A planet which is a malefic accordingto the eight malefic

factorsmentionedbelow,produccsevil results.Thesemaleficfactors

ieffro iltJftqI maleficnaturei.e.Saturn,Mars.Sun,Rahuand

Ketu and weakMoon) ;


Placementin inimicalanddebilitationsigns;




Atichara(planetsmovingwith speedmuchgreaterthantheir


Malefic natureby rulership(rulershipof 6th, 8th and 12th



Rulershipof evil slarscountedfrom the Janmanakshatra;


Maleficsin trinesandkendras(angularhouses);


Planetsin paramancecha(extremedcbilitation);

4. The planet which is malelic accordingto the eight factors

mentionedabove;makesthe lord of the star, rasi and nivamsasin
whichit is at birth, evil.
5. The planet which is benefic accordingto the eight factors
mentionedabovemakesthe lord of the star.rasi and navamsain
which it is at birth, beneficial.
6. These benefics(mentionedin 5) as also thE lords of the stars,
rasisand amsasyield goodresultsduring their dasas.
7. The malelics(mentionedin 4) as also the lords of the stars,
rasisand amsasin which they are positedat birth yicld cvil resuhs
duringtheir dasas.
( U u^g.k";)
8. Among the variouskinds of dasasystcms,Udu dasasystcmis
the bestand henceit shouldbe adoptedfor proclaimingthe rcsults.

The Dasaof the lnrd of the Ascendant
1. If the ascendant lord has the eightfold hcncfic nature,
mcntioned above during the course of its dasa, it will yicld gxrd
results such as fortune, royal favour, hcalth, famc, inllucncc and
happiness. These results will gradually incrcase. Hc will bc rcspcctcd
by his relatives.
2. If the ascendantlord bc wcak, by lrcing positcd in ininrical sign,
or debilitation sign or is sctting(3riTl?l),
during its dasa.thc pcrson
will lose all importance. Hc will bs a vcry ordinary pcrson. Hc may
even bcc<lmca poor servant.Hc will bc lroublcd by rvorrics. Hc mav
become rvickcd. If it bc in thc trvelfth housc in thfunavamsachakra,
hc will bc cvcr moving from placc to placc. During thc sub pcrirxl of
this planct, thc native rvill bc very unhappy and poor.
3. lI thc lord of thc asccndantis placed in thc scconclhousc in
conjunction with thc lord of thc sccond housc,during its d:rsa..thc
nativc u'ill bccomc vcry rich. Hc u'ill cat dcliciouslixrd in gold and
silvcr platcs.(as the sccondhouscdcnotcs<u$mm l. Thc vcssqlrvill

b,emadeof metal ruled by the planetin conjunctionwith the lord of
the first house.For example,Jupiterwould indicategold vesselsand
would thrive. His family
All the significationsof the second-house
will prosper. His words will be respected.He will haveall round
success.I{e will have chanceto see dramas,cinemasand other
is placedin
But, if in the navasmachakra,the lord of the ascendant
the 6th, 8th or 12th amsasfrom the amsain which the lord of the
secondhouseis placed,the effectspreviouslytold will be very much
affected.He will havevery little gain of wealth. He will experience
and unhappiness.
both happiness
4. If the lord of the ascendantis placed in the third housealong
with the lord of the 3rd house,duringits dasa,a brotherwill be born.
He will do courageousacts.He may get wealththroughhis brother.
He wilt studyreligiousworksandhear musicalperformances.But, if
the lord of the ascendantbe in the 6th; 8th or L2thhousesfrom the
amsaoccupiedby the lord of the3rd house,thegoodeffectswill occur
only to a small extent. He may evenquarrelwith his brother during
the period.
be placedin the 4th housewith the
5. If the lord of the ascendant
lord of the 4th house, during its period, the native will acquire
landedproperty,cattle,and good dress. He may get a
new house.He will be respectedby his relativesand will derive
benefits through the companyof relatives,learned people and
is placedin the 6th,8th
friends.As before,if the lord of the ascendant
or 12thamsafrom the amsaoccupiedby the lord of the 4th housein
the navamsachart, the good effectswill happenonly to a small
extent,the nativemay havebad effetsalso as falling from vehiclcs,
quarrelswith mother,lossesthrough landsetc.
lord be placedin the fifth houscwith the lord of
6. If the ascendant
the fifth house,dtrring its dasa, the nativervill be happy,get royal
by hisfriendsand relatives.A child may
favourand will be respected
be born to him. The nativewill worshipgods. He may hold high
posts(as ministeretc.). He will win affectionof his fatherand grace
of God. He mayenter government

But, if the ascendantlord be placedin the 6th, 8th or l2th amsas
from the amsaoccupiedby the lord of the fifth house,in the navamsa
diagram,the good effectswill not h,appenfully; but bad effectsmay
evenoccur. He will incur the displeasure
of his superiors,will have
quarrelswith his fatherand children,andearna bad namein service.
His religiousworshipwill be interruptedor maybecomeusetess.
7. If the lord of the ascendant
be placedin the sinthhousewith its
lord, dasawill proveto be bad. The nativewill suffertroublesthrough
government,litigation with his partners,quarrelswith others and
from cutsand wounds.His limbs may be affectedand he may suffer
povertyin this period.
The effectswill, however,be reverseif the lord of the 6th housebe
debilitatedand the ascendant
lord be exaltedin the navamsadiagram.
Then he will not suflerfrom diseases
andwill rvorkin the army;navy
or air forceasa chief. He rvill havesuccess
in wars.
8. If.the ascendantlord be placedin the seventhhousewith the
lord of the 7th house,the nativemay have somejourneyduringthis
period.He will celebrate
his house. He will derive pleasurefrom the use of sandalpaste,
scents,flowersand garlands.If the seventhhousefails in a movable
sign,he will havejourneyto disrantplaces.But if it is in a fixedsign,
he will be in his own place. If it be a dual rasi,he will go to foreign
countries.If the agcendant
lord be weak,he will be merelywandering
But, if ascendantlord be placedin the6th,8thand l.2thamsasfrom
the amsaoccupiedby the lord of the 7th house,the good effcctsmay
not occur. Then the nativemaynot go on anyjourney. Therewill not
be any auspiciousevents like marriage etc., in his house. His
9. If the lord of the ascendant
be placedin the gth housewirh its
lord, the effects will be very bad. The nativewill suffcr extreme
poverty.He may haveattacksof diseases.Hc will do meanandsinful
acts.He may incur dcbtsalso.
10. If the lord of the ascendant
be placedin the9th houscwith the

lord of the 9th house,the personwill get wealth from his property.
He will worshipdeitiesandservehisfather. He will becomeveryrich
and famous,forhis largescalecharitabledeeds.
be placedin the 6th, 8th or L2th
But, if the lord of the ascendant
amsafrorn the amsaoccupiedby the lord of the 9th house,the effects
will be reverse.He may not get anypropertyfrom hisfather. He may
not be devotedto his father and may not do virtuousdeeds.He will
mix with sceptics.If the lord of the lagnabe exaltedand is conjoined
with the lord of the 9th house,the personwill earn muchwealthand
be placedin the tenthhousealong
11. If the lord of the ascendant
with its lorcl, the native will attain name and fame, will perform
will havegood statusand rank in life and will be religious
and orthodox. He will hold an influentialpostandget promotionsin
his service.
If the lord of the lagnabe in the 6th, Sth or 12thamsasfrom the
amsaoccupiedby the lord of the 10thhousein the navamsa
will not
perform his duties. He will losehis influence
be obeyed.He maycommitsinfulacts.
be placed in the eleventhhouse
12. If the lord of the ascendant
along with its lord, the personwill make profits in his brrrsiness
will get moneythroughhis elderbrotherand will havegainsin many
be in the 6th, 8th or 12thamsas
But, if the lord of the ascendant
from the amsaoccupiedby the lord of the eleventhhouse,therewill
be very little gainsand very little happiness.He mayquarrelwith his
lord andthe lord of the ll"th housebe
elder brother. If the ascendant
to his gains.
enemies,therewill be constantobstacles
be placedin the 12thhousewith its
13. If the lord of rhe ascendant
lord, the personwill be poor and will losethe wealthof his parents'
He will live in foreign iountries and lead an unhappylife there,
wanderinghere and there.Somegoodeffectswill alsobe thereif the
lord of the lagnabe in his ownsign.

14. In predictingthe resultof the planets,positionof the planetsin
the rasis,navamsaand trimsamsachartsshouldbe duly considered
and also the effectsof the planetsconjoinedwith or aspectingthe
planets. Due considerationshould be paid to the strengthof the
planetsaccordingto the panchasiddhanta
15. Mutual exchange
of planets,yogas(Rajayogasetc.), caused
by the planets,planetarvsignificance(karakatrva)and other factors
shouldbe very carefullyweighedandiudgedand the final conclusion
Principles regarding Sub-periods (Bhukties)
The lengthof the bhuktiis calcuhtedasfollows:-Multiply the periodof the dasanatha
in yearsbv 3 and thcn hv rhc
lengthof the periodof the bhukti lord. The rcsultgivesthc number o[
daysin the bhuktiwhichmaythenbe convertedinto yearsandmonths
Supposewe have to calculatethe length of the sub-periodof
Mercuryin Saturn'smajorperiod
Lengthof Saturn'smajorperiod
Multipliedby 3, thisbecomes
Lengthof Mcrcury'speriod
Productof (2) and(3)

19days (t)

9(r9days= 2 yd\rs 8 months9 days.

This is the length of tlrE pcriod of Mercury'shhukri in Sarurn
Mathcnratiqrllythe mcthodcanbe dcrivcdasfcrllos's:

Let the numberof yearsin the planetA's period = x years

in the planet B's period = y ycars


= -I1-{y"u*

= --i;6- 360days

Principlesfor the Interpretationof

Bhukti results
The results of the bhukti are influenced by the following
factors :--(1) The lord of the major period (rhe dasa narha), (2) rhe
planets aspectingthe dasa natha, (3) the plancrs conjoined with the
dasa natha, (a) the lord of the sign (rasi) in which the dasa lord is
placed, (5) the lord of the navamsain which the dasa lord is posired,
(6) the lord of the trimsamsa in which the dasanarha is posited.
(7) the lord of the ninth house and (8) the planers in rrine ro the
ElTectsof Rahu and Ketu :

Rahu andKetu givethe resuhsof the lord of the rasiin rvhichrhoy

are placed.

EIsfr Ts{1a${i'dl I
iloFF-dfi erdl qRffi afr ri rr
So also they give the resultsof the planetswith rvhichthcv are
The lord of the bhukti generallygives resuftsaccordingro the
housein whichhe is placed,the househe ownsand the rasiin which
he is placedin his transit.
This will be highly pronouncedwhen it is srrongby occupying
exaltation,ownsign,friendlysignor a trine.
If he is a malefic,bad resultswill be he be of the
mixedtype,he will producemixedresults.


Resultsof Own Bhukti

qrq:,grft sd Errrdr?il
q ftEft |

T{t5{eprtur qfri a:r r<rffi x

In the swabhuktiof a planer,the lord of the dasadoes

not giveits
own results. It gives resultsaccordingto the resultsof
the pr-evious
.modifiedby its own nature. The resultsof the previoururrur,ri
do continuehowever.

EaFrIfdr ( arfivft: r

fu {grro**ryil

But, if the lord of the dasayierdsits resultsduringits

will not give its resulrs
rhe sub_periods
of iire otf,", piu*rr.
But this will happenonryif the rord oi the dasais very
If the lord of the dasabe a beneficbut the rordofthe
bhukti be a
in his bhuiti, the bhukti rordwill xx producehisevil
He will be passive.

Kartari yoga
If the lord of the dasabe in the middle of beneficplanets,
he will
tendto producegoodresults.
If the lord of the dasabe in the middreof mareficpraners,
he wilr
givebadresulrsin rhe dasadueto the i"nu"n."
- If the dasanathabe a mar-aka*grahs,but is at the sametime a
-- - the lagnamaycausedeathof the native.
If the lord of th.e.eighth house, be a maraka,
under the
deathwill,noitakt ptu." iniiut period.
The sccondhouseand the 7th houseare
-calledmarakahouses.The pranetsptaceJihereinasario ir,"iii"ra.

givesan exampleby wayof illustration:






sayshere that the nativeof this horoscope,during the

period of Mars, in the sub-periodof Jupiter,will be.employedas a
writer. This is becauseMars here is placedin conjunctionwith
Jupiterin its own sign.As it is combinedwith Jupiterrwriter's postis
sinceMars ownsthe sixthhouse,the postwill be
Jupiter being nearestto Mars,
in a court of law (or nyayalaya).
influencesMars. As Jupiter is the lord of the 7th house, the
appointmentwill be in a distantplace,far away. As Jupiter is in
Misha, the placewill be fertile,wateredby manyrivers andplentyof

The Dasaof the tord of the SecondHouse
1. If the lord of the secondhousebe placedin its own house,
duringthe course'ofits own dasa,the nativewill earn muchwealth'
be weak,the personwill not be able
But, il the lord of the ascendant
to enjoy his wealth but will saveit without spending. If the lord of
the aicendantbe strong,the personwill enjoyhis wealthand he will
be much respected.As the second house indicatesfamily and
educationalso,theseatsowill thrive. But, if the lord of the second
housebe in the 6th, 8th or 12thamsasfrom the signin which he is
placedin the rasi chart,there may be lossof wealthor he may merely
Luu" a nameas a rich man andnot be reallyrich.As the secondhouse
happensto be the 8th from the7th house,thereis thedangerof death
of his wife or diseasesto hiswife and her relatives'
2. If the lord of the secondhousebe in the third hottse,combined

with the lord of the third house,his wealth will continueto grow and
increase. His brother will also gain some wealth and will start
managingthe family. If the lord of the secondhousebe strong the
nativemay earn wealth throughmusicetc.,but if it be weak,actual
gainswill be verylittle.
3. If the lord of the secondhousebe in the fourthhouse,conjoined
with the lord of rhe 4th house,he will havegood income through
lands, education and conveyances.He may even come acrosswith
treasuresomewhere.He may get the propertyof his grandfather.If
the lord of the secondhousebe placedin the 6th,8th and 12thamsas
from the amsa in which the 4th lord is placed,the good results
mentionedabove may not actually happen. If the lord of the 4th
houseis devoidof strength,he will haveverylittle gains.
4. If the lord of the secondhousebe in the 5th housewith the lord
of the 5th house,he will havegainsof moneyduringthis dasathrough
the significationsof the Sth housei.e., son, father, religious
institutions,duty, king and his officers. If the lord of the second
housebe in the navamsachart in the 6th, 8th or 12thamsas,from
the amsaoccupiedby the lord of the 5th house,the effectsmay not
actuallyhappen. Further,if thesetwo planetsbe weak,actualgains
will be very meagre. If the lord of the ascendantor the navamsa
lagnabe conjoinedwith the lord of the secondhouse,gainswill be
5. If the lord of the secondhousebe in the6th housewith the lord
of the 6th house,incomewill be throughthe significations
of the sixh
house. Among the significationsare uncle,loan etc. There may be
expendituresdue to illnessetc. He may acquireincome through
uncles. As 6th is,9th from the 10th, there is possibilityof getting
income from profession. [These are views held by some. But
accordingto the rule qE ErdrTM a 5tnl vcr<fte4 fr6:, this is not
favourable for the accumulationof wealth or increaseof bank
6. If the lord of the secondhousebe in the7th housealongwith its
lord, the personmay havegainsthroughhis father-in-law. He may
reside in a foreign country and there he will get much wealtlr If
Ayurdayaagrees,in this periodthereis the dangerofdeath asthe 2nd
and7th housesare marakasthanas.lf the lord of the2nd housebe in

the 6th, 8th or 12thamsasfrom the amsaoccupiedby the lord of the
7th housein the navamsachart, the effectswill be feebleor may not
happenat all.
in the eighthhousewith
7. If the lord of the 2nd housebeJplaced
its lord, he will be involved in heavy debts. This is not a good
combination and many evil resultsmay happen. The native will not
be happy.His wealthwill be spentaway. His wife maypassawayor
may do bad deeds.If the lord of the Znd housebe placedin the 6th,
8th or 12th amsa from the amsaoccupiedby the lord of the 8th
house,the resultsmay not happenor may be opposite.If the lord of
the eighth housebe devoidof strength,he wilt leada miserablelfe in a
far-off place and may even eat food offered in funeral ceremonies.
(2nd houseis bhukti sthana).
8. If the lord of the 2nd housebe ih the L0thhousealongwith the
lord of the 9th hopse,the personwill earn muchwealth. His father
will be very fortunate. But, if the lord of the 9th housebe weak,gains
will be very little.
9. If the lord of the 2nd housebe in the 10thhousealongwith its
lord, he will acquirewealththroughhis occupation,
favour,trade,gifts etc. The effectswill be pronouncedif there be a
Raja yoga in addition. But, if the lord of the 2nd housebe weak,
actualgainsmaybe verylittle.
10. If the lord of the 2nd housebe placediq the 11thhousewith its
lord, he will have much gainsof wealth. He may acquirewealth
throughhis eldcr brother. He will haveprofitsindicatedby the nature
of thJ lordshipof the planetsconjoinedwith the lord of the second
houseor by the natureof the lord of the amsain whichthe lord of the
2ndhouseis placedat birth.
11. If the lord of the secondhouscbe placedin the 12th house
conjoined with its lord, the person will have large expenditures of
*onry, in the wayssigrified by the planetsconjoinedwith the lord of
the 2nd and 12th houses. If thp two lords are weak,expenditurewill
be small.
In the above cases,if the two lords are mutually in 6th, 8th or
12th amsas in the navamsadiagram,the resultsmentionedmay
not actuallybefall' or maybe very feebleor even the reverseeffects

may happen.
12. During the dasaof the lord of the 2nd house.there witl be

of the planetsin conjunctionwith the lord of the 2nd house

or which aspectthe lord of the 2nd house;


the lord of the rasi in whichthe lord of the secondhouseis



the lords of the navamsaand trimsamsain whichthe lord of

the 2nd houseis placed;


the house owned by the planet which is conjoinedor is

aspectingthe lord of the secondhouse.i.e.the significations
of these planets are also to be taken into consideration
suitablycombiningthem with the dclineationiof the lotd of
the 2nd house.

Satyacharyasays that he has been purposelybrief _anda wisc

astrologerought to tell the effectsin detailsby combiningall factors
of dasasandbhuktiesthroughhisown intelligence

The Dasaof the Inrd of the Third House
1. If the lord of the third house is placed in the ascendantalong
with the ascendant lord, the person will be very fortunate. He will
conquer his enemies. He may earn money through music.He will be
courageousand will have ear-rings set with gems. If the lord of the
ascendantbe in a female sign in combinationrvith female planctsand
is alsoweak,the nativewill perform the role of a dancinggirl and carn
money. If the ascendant-lordbe conjoined rvith malefic plancts, his
professionwill be very bad and dcspisable. If thc rwo lords bc in (rth.
8th and 12th amsasin thc navamsadiagrarn,thc nal.ivcrvill strugglc
very hard but his rewards will be very little.
2. If the lord of the third house be in thc 2nd housc,his brothcr
may die or his mother may become ill during this period. lf thc lord
of the 3rd house be in its own, he might havc to supportand nrainrain
his brother's farnily also. His brother may cam rvcalthdqccntlv (3rd
house indicatcsbrother. 2nd housc indicatcsucalth). lf the krrcl ol'

the 3rd housebe weak,oppositeresultswill happen.
3. If the lord of the third house be placed in its own house,
brothers will thrive well. The native will haveincreasedwealth. He
will do courageousacts. He maybe havingshorttravelsalso'

lres qeqrriil sre{gqrfud:l

q-{ffia Fcdqdt1u\dr e'ifisftftgu1q 1
$;gr{Frcdlsd 1vfdnl: tR Er4aqil n
4. If the lord of the third housebe in the fourth housewith the lord
of the 4th house,his brotherwill be happyandbecomefamousin this
He will have
period. The nativemay buy vehiclesand conveyances.
affairsof his
may suffer
village. If the lord of the 4th housebe
lord of
from diseasesand there may be damage
the third house be weak,his
constructa new house. During
planet,he may have a fall from his vehicles.If the lord of the third
houseand the fourth housebe in the 6th,8th or 12thamsasfrom each
other in navamsachart,theremaybe no vahanayogaand he maynot
be happy.
5. It the lord of the 3rd housebe placedin the 5th housewith its
lord, he may becomea great man or his brothermay be helpedby
some nobte men. The nativemay get wealththroughthe graceof
somedeity. If the lord of the 3rd housebe veryweak,the nativemay
live as a cook or as a musician.If it be verystrong'he will get much
wealth from the king or govbrnment.If the lords of 3rd and 5th
housesbe mutuallyin 6,8 and L2 amsasin the navamsadiagram,he
be very unhappy.If the lord of the 3rd housebe in kendraor
trikonain the navamsachart,he will be fortunateandhappy.

6. If the lord of the third housebe in the 6th housealongwith its

lord, during this periodhis brgthermaybecomeinimicaltowardsthe
native.Or his brother may iall ill or suffer from stomachtrouble
(Ttrtt). If there be a shubhayogafor the 3rd, he maybe employed
in the military or havean authoritativeporverpost. He will derive
help from his uncle. If there be connectonrvith the lord of the 6th

and 8th lords, under thesecircumstances,
the dasawill be auspicious
and the nativewill be fortunate (VipareetaRaja yoga). If the lord of
the 3rd house is conjoined only with the lord of the 6th house,the
Dative may suffer from ear-diseases.If the lord of the third houseis
placed in the 6th,8th or 12thamsafrom the amsain which the lord
of the 6th house is placed,the effectswill be different and then his
brother will not be inimical towardshim.
7. If the lord of the third house be in the seventh house in
conjunctionwith the lord of the seventhhouse,his brother will go to a
distant country. If a beneficplanetbe associatedwith the lord of the
teventh house,his brother will live happilyin that country. If the lord
of the seventhhouse is weak and be in a chara (movable) rasi, his
brother will undergo sufferingsin that country and may even die
there. The nativewill derivehelp and benefitsfrom his father-in-law.
[3rd houseis 9th from the 7th andhencefather-in-law].Relativesof
his wife will thrive. He may have a secondmarriage. Placementof
the lord of the third housein the triangular,angularor labha(l1th)
amsasin the navamsadiagramis auspicious.'
If the3rd houselord and
the 7th house lord be both devoid of strength,his brother wilt be
wanderingfrom placeto placeand will lead a miserablelife. He may
becomeextremelypoor and live by begging.If the seventhhousebe a
warerysign,the nativemaygo on a pilgrimageto holy places.

Efrtrl iqET Tr)t)n sqFat r

affi: +uftrr: q $iFlrr w{p{q:tl
8. When the lord of the third houseis placedin the eighthhouse
alongwiththe lord of the eighthhouse,hisbrotherwill sufferfrom ear
diseases.He may have troublesthrough enemiesalso. The same
troublescan happento the nativealso. If therebe association
the lordsof the sixth,eighthor twelfthhouses,the personmay amass
good amountof wealth. If the lord of the third houseownsthe 8th
house also, the troubles above mentioned(ear diseases,troubles
throughenemies)can happento the nativeor his brother. There is
the possibilityof enmitywith hisbrotherandalsorhedangerof death.
9. If the lord of the third houseis placedin the 9th housewith the
lord of the 9th house,his brotherwill prosperwell and will become
rich duringthis period. The nativemaydo charity.His patrimonywill

increase. But if the lord of the 9th house be afflicted or weak, there
may be disagreementswith his father. If a malefic be with the lord of
the third house,his wealth will decreaseand his father will sul'ferfrom
diseases.If a benefic be with the lord of the 3rd house.his wealth rvill
surely increase.
If the lord of the third house is in the 6th. Sth or L2th amsa from
that of the lord of the 9th house,opposite resultswill happen.
10. If the lord of the third house be placed in the tenth house
conjoined with its lord, daily rituals may be disrupted or there may be
obstaclesin the performance of his sacrificcs, (10th house signifies
sacrifices). If the lord of the 3rd house has combination with benefic
planets, his brother may be in government service. But if it is
combined with a malefic, his brother will be a bacl person engagedin
11. If the lord of the third house be placed in the e:lcvcnthhtrrse
along with the lord of the eleventh house, his brothers rvill prttsper
very much during this period. His eldcr trrother will lrc \'cry lortunatc
from his childhood. Business will thrive yiclding high profits and
gains. His brothers will do well during this pcriod. The naturc of
goodsin which trade will be done will dependupon the naturc ol'the
signsand the planets involved. lIthe lord of the third housc lre devoid
of strength, gains will bc meagrc. If the lord of thc tlrird housc is in
the 6th, 8th and 12th amsas, his younger brother will bc poor. But his
elder brother will be well-off. If thc lord of the thircl housc be in a
feminine rasi, and be combined with femalc planets, thcse rcsttlts
haveto be predicted for his sisters.
12. If the lord of the third house be placcd in the trvclfth house
rvith the lord of the twellth house and be wcak, it is very evil for his
younger brothers-and sisters some of whom may even die in this
period. The native will suffer from ear-diseases.He may lose or sell
away his ear-rings. He rvill bc ever rvaveriug, unable ttl take tlrrn
decisions. If the rasi in rvhich the trvelfth lrouse falls be a nrovatrlc
sign, his brother will stay in some foreign country. If the rasi is fixcd,
he rvill stay in the same placc. ln each casc, the planets that ilrc
associatedhave to be takcn into account as thcir elfects will modit-v
the resultsof the lord of third house.


The Dasaof the tord of the Fourth House
1. If the lord, of the 4th house be placed in the ascendant,
conjoinedwith the lord of the ascendant,
(or .navamsa
lagna)and if
the two be friendly to eachother, the nativewill havevehiclesand
in plenty. The fourth housedenoteseducation.If the
Sun is placed strongly by being in his exaltationor own sign, the
personwill possess
knowledgeabout self (i.e.Atmajnana).The Sun
bcing karka for father, his father will maintaingood health and live
happily. If the Moon is placedsimilarly, he will get good food. If
Mars be stronglyplaced,he will purchasemanylands,housesand will
be successful
in debatesand literarycontests.If Mercury be so, he
will be highlyeducatedand his maternaluncleswill be prosperous.If
Jupiterbe the lord of the 4th houseand placedin lagnastrongly,the
personwill be a noble personand his miridwill be pure. If Venusbe
likewise,he will be blessedwith comforts,conveyances,
good dress,
personwill be bad,
and deliciousfood. If Saturnbe so situated,,the
cunninganduntruthfulandwill tell lies.
If the lords of the lst and 4th housesbe placedin the 6th, 8th and
12thamsasin the navamsachartthe beneficialresultswill be only on
a small scale. It is necessaryto considerthe strengthof the planets


rE}qeAx{futt t

Errg{F{ frffiiq n
ilg.rtq qenq E$rarTrra

qrdq{ rftffi I


2. When the lord of the 4th houseis placedin the secondhouse

with the lord of the secondhousestronglyby beingin its exaltation
sign,own sign or friendly sign or so in the navamsachart, he will get

* S.T.--Sanskrit
translationin the form of verses.

variouskindsof happiness.The 2ndhousedenotesfamily. Hence'his
entire family will be happyduringthis period. He will derivemuch
throughhiswife andleada comfortablelife. His wordswill
be respected.But, if therebe connectionwith maleficplanetsor if
the lord of the fourth housebe weak,beneficialresultswill be less.
3. If the lord of the 4th house be placed in the 3rd house in
conjunctionwith the third lord' it is not very good. 3rd housebeing
12th to 4th house,he might lose his lands,buildingsetc.' during this
period. If the lord of the fourthhousebe exalted,in its ownsignor be
in arohana,or be with beneficialplanetsor be in the sameamsa,the
results regarding comforts through conveyances,education,lands
etc.,will be moderate
4. If the lord of the 4th housebe in its orx'nhousd,andbe strongly
placedthere, it is extremelyauspicious.(If it be 3ny one of the-5
planets, Mahapurusha yoga will be caused)' All the
of the 4th housewill thriveto a greatextent.Thisis true
evenwhenthe lord of the 4th housebe placedin kendrasor trikonas
with strength. The native will get higher education,gains and
buildingsand mother' ]Ie will
happinessihrough his conveyances,
dig wells. If the lord of the 4th
build n"*
or theremaybe lossthrough
be lord of an evil house
loids of the amsa and
5. If the lord of rhe 4th housebe in the.Sthhousein conjunction
with the lord of tlie 5th house,or if theseplanetshaveinterchanged
rheir houses(i.e. 5th lord in the 4th and 4th lord in the 5th house),it
is very auspicious. His children will prosper antl be happy'-The
p"rro' wiil Le a friend of noblesand lords. Therewill be abundance
and cattle in his house.He may hold somepost of authority
and power in the governmentand will achievegood reputation'-He
will earnwealth thiough educationand landsin the nativeplaceof his
6. When the lord of the 4th houseis placedin the 6th housewith
the lord of the sixth nouseand if the significatoris also strong, his
motherwill be huppy;incomefrom landswill increase;he will have
ggodeducationafiiomforts of goodconveyances;

will be well-off and his cattle will thrive. But, if the planets be
afflictedor weak,during this period,therewill be evil resultsthrough
the abovesources. He may sustaininjuries by falling from vehicles.,,
His mother may suffer from ill-health. His cattlemay be sold away.
His educationmay be stopped. He may be involvedin some cases
regarding his lands. These things have to. be judged carcfully by
consideringthe respectivesignificatorsandthe afflictions.
7. If the lord of the 4th houseis placedin the 7th housewith the
tord of the 7th house,during that period,the nativewill live happilyin
some foreign land. Buq if .the karaka etc., are not strong, he may
havedifficulties and may evendie there. If the lords of the 4th and
7th housesbe placedin 6th, 8th, or 12th amsasin the navamsachart,
therewill be no death.

g{r1 cni*il

g qAiq qqFEeI


iFE ili


8. If the lorc of the 4th housebe in the 8th housealongwith the

lord of the 8th house,he will experiencemanydifficultiesand losses
through his lands, cattle etc. His mother may not keep good health,
on the
his educationmay be stoppedor theremaybe manyobstacles
way. There may evenbe difficultiesdue to litigationsof his house. If
the lords of the 4th and 8th housesbe mutuallyplacedin 6th, 8th or
l"2th amsas the eVil effects will be much less. ln each case, the
strengthand placementof the planetsin the navamsachart shouldbe
-carefullylooked into.
9. If the lord of the 4th housebe placedin the 9th housealongwith
the lord of the 9th house, good resultshavetobepredictedas
hq,will be fortunate
follows: If Mars be alsostrongin the horoscope,
will have a good
through his lands etc.
education. If
from his mother. If the lords of the 4th houseand the L0th housebe
strong in their trikona or. kendra amsasin the navamsachart, the
good resultswill be more. If they be mutuallyin the 6th, 8th or 12th
amsasin the navamsachart,the resultswill be muchless.
10. If the lord of the 4th housebe placedin the LOthhousealong
with tne lord of the 10th house,immense good results will follow.

The personwill hold a hrgh post. If there be further associationor
aspectsof beneficplaners,he wrlr hold a very high post.He may even
be a king or a minister dependingupon the strengthof the benefic
planets. He will be respectedand held in high esteem. The good
will be prominentin the dasaand bhukti of the lord of the 4th
."house"10th house being the houseof sacrificialrites, if Jupiter be
strong,he will perform manysacrifices.He will get promotionsand
gainsin his employrnentor his business.He will havelarge gains of
wealththroughtrade if the lord of the fourth housebe the ruler of the
eleventhhouse also. [This happensif karaka or maraka becomes
lagra. In the caseof Cancerascendant,Venus is the lord of the 4th
and the Ll"thhouses.In the caseof Capricorn ascendant,Mars rules
the 4th and the cleventhhouses.]If the planetsbe weaknthe good
resultswill happenonly on a smallscale. If they be placedin the 6th,
8th or 12thamsas,theremaynot be anygood resultsat all.
11. When the lord of the 4th house is olacedin the 1lth house
alongw'\ its lord, the nativewill havelargegainsof wealthwithout
any effort. He will be happy and comfortable. If under these
tircumstances,there is an associationof beneficsin addition. the
profits will be very enormous. The gains be through the things
signifiedby the planetsinvolved.Strengthof the planetsis alsoto be
takeninto consideratiun.If theyareweak,profits will be very tittle. If
the lordsof the 4th and l1th housesbe mutuallyin the6th,8th or L2th
amsasin the navamsachakra,or they are aspectedby malefics,the
good resultsmentionedabovemay not happen.As the Llth house
signifieselderbiother, he will be happyand comforrableandif there
is further combinations,the nativemay havegainsof wealth through
his elderbrother.
1,2.When the lord of the 4th house is placedin the 12th house,
alongwith the lord of the 12thhouse,generallybadresultswill occur,
more particularlyif the karakasare also weak. Then his education
may be interrupted.His mothermay not keepgood health. There
1will be damageto his landsandcrops.The personmaynor be happy
for many reasons.There may be worries and difficulties.These
thingshaveto be decidedby considering
the strength,positionetc.,<lf
the karakaplanets.if the lords of the fourrh and twelfth housesbe
mutuallyplacedin sixth,eighth,or twelfth amsasfrom eachother in
the navamsa
chart,the evil resultsabove-mentioned
will be vervlittle.

Also if there be connectionwith benefics,troubleswill be reducedto
a large extent but combination with maleficswill aggravatethe
difficultiesand troubles
13. In general,if the lord of the 4th housebe in a kbndraor a kona,
or in his own sign and be strong, its sgnificationsi.e. happiness,
lands,agriculture,etc', will thrive well. The
and construct new houses. He will plant
will flourish. In eachcase,the strengthof
trees and
properly and then only the results
bhavarules evil housesalso,there
will be a mixture of both good and bad results. The position of the
planet in the navamsaand trimsamsachartsis also to be considered.
The signihcationsof the planetswhich rule the beneficnavamsasand
trimsairsasin which the iord of the fourth house is situated shbuld
be considered and thesemay also occur during the period of the
lord ofthe 4th house.


The Dasaof the Inrd of the Fifth House

1. In general,if the lord of the 5th houseis strongby being in his

own sign, own navamsaor his exaltationsign,during its period, the
with beneficplanets,the
nativewill get children. If it is associated
native may be a very rich person or he will have a large number of
children. If the lord of the 5th houseis in the eighth rasi or amsa
from the lagna navamsaor from the lagna navamsapatiin the
chakra,the childrenbecomehis enemiesduringtheperioC.
Otherwise, he will have happinessthrough his children during the
2. If the lord of the 5th houseis placedin the ascendantalongwith
the lord of the ascendant,he will becomea great leader in life. He
will be rich and possessmany conveyances'He will have a small
numberof children.He maybe adoptedduringhis youth. If therebe
connectionwith beneficplanets,he will be a friend of nobel men and
thereby benefitted. He will have divine grace and successin his
undertakings. He will amasswealth and his worship will yield good
results. If the lord of the 5th houseand that of the ascendantbe
mutuallyin the 6th, 8th or L2thamsas,goodresultswill be veryfeeble.

He may not be adoptedand he may not becomea greatman. Or, his
frind will be only an ordinarynobleman.
But, if there be present a combination for becomingan ascetic
(sanyasayoga),he will be headof a mutt, havingmanydiscipleswho
will obeyhim and pleasehim with their presents.Ifthe lord of the 5th
house be devoid,of strength, his many discipleswill be low and
ordinary and they may offer only ordinary type of presents,that too,
veryfewin number.
3. If the lord of the 5th housebe placedin the secondhouse,along
with the lord of the secondhouse,his family will live happily and
comfortably. This is becausethe secondhousedenotedfamily, food,
wealthetc. He will enjoygoodfood and his speechwill be respected.
His sayingwill come true by divinegrace. But, if the lord of the fifth
house be weak or be placed in the 6th, 8th or L2th amsasin the
navamsachart,the good resultswill be very little.
4. If the lord of the 5th housebe placedin the third housealong
with the lord of the third house,during this period,his brother will
becomea prominent man with muchfame. The nativewill get a child
providedthis period occursin his early middle age. He will be
courageous and free from mental worries. He might wear
ear-ornaments.He will havegoodhealthand his bodywill be strong.
But, if the lord of the 5th housebe weak,or if the lord of the 5th house
be in the6th,sth or l.2thamsasfrom the lord of the third housein the
navamsachart,thg abovementionedgood resultsmay not occur or
they maybe very feebleand the personwill not enjoygoodhealth and
his bodywillbecomeweak.
5. If the lord of the 5th housebe placedin the 4th housealongwith
the lord of the 4th house,it is veryauspicious,
(5th houseis a trine
house while 4th is an angular house). As 4th house indicates
and conveyances,
thesewill thrive. Kingswill sendpresents
to him. But if the lord of the 5th houseis afflictedor weak, he may
lose somechildren,(this is because4th houseis 12thto 5th house).
He maybe a teacherto a rich manwho will go to his housefor tution,
(4th indicateseducation,5th indicatesnoble men and 4th indicates
house).Or he may receivelandsor vehiclesthrougha nobleperson.
But, if the lord of the 5th housebe weak,goodresultswill occuronly
to small extent. If the lords of 4th house and the 5th house be

mutually in the 6th,8th and L2th amsasin tle navamsachart' even
thesegood results may not occur. Associationof the lord of the 5th
housewith many bqnefics'may even mal& him a great king' Much
dependson the strengthof the lord of the 5th house. Any Raja yoga
prisent will enhancethe good results. Transitsand thF dasa perlod
are alsoto be considercd.
6. If the lord of the 5th house be placedin his own house,it is
higbly auspiciousprovidedit is sufficientlystrong. During,its period,
he miy gel childrtin and if there be associationwith benefics,he will
itr-"otttact with noble men and will havehappinessthrough his
7. If the lord of the 5th housebe placedin the 6th {rousealongwith
the lord of the 6th house,durng this period, his maternal uncle will
live happily. The nativewill alsobe happy. But, if the lords of the 5th
and 6th be mutually in the 6th, 8th or 12th amsasin the navamsa
chakra, good results will not be realised and sometimeseven evil
resultsmay prevail dependingon the affliction'
8. If the lord of the 5th housebe placedin the 7th house,along
with the lord of the 7th house,and other beneficplanets,the native
travel, his
will get
-*"ymoneythrough his son. As seventhhouseindicates
will be
go io far olf countries.
fortunate during its period.
may be celebritions of
Brahminsand do otherauspicious
pleasanttime and will
Le devoidof strengthandbe in the sameamsain the navamsachakra,
to hischildren.
theremaybe sickness
9. If the lord of the 5th houie be placedin the eighthhouse,along
with its lord, it is.evil to children. His childrenmay be short lived.
or enmitywith his elders,father,deity etc.
There will be displeasure
His worship(upasana)may not yield the desiredresultsor it may go
vain. If the lord of the 5th housebe connectedwith maleficplanets,
theseresultswill not occur. If the lordsof the 5th and8th housesbe
placedin the 6th, 8th or 12th amsasin the navamsachart, the evil
resultswill be greatlyreduced.
10. If the lord of the 5th housebe placedin the 9th housealong
with the lord of the 9th house,the period will prove very auspicious.

The personwill rise to a positionof considerablgpowerand prestige.
Even his father will be very fortunateby winning the favour of kings
and nobles. Or it may be that the native acquireswealrhthrough a
.rich andeminentperson,or throughhisson. The goodresultswill not
be there if the lord of the 9th houseis powerless.
lf the lords of 9th
and 5th are mutuallyin the 6th, 8th or 12th amsasin the navamsa
chakra, good results will be reducedto a great extent. As the 5th
houseindicatesGod's grace,he will havefortune by the graceof God.
If the lord of the 5th housebe the Sun,or is placedin Sun'ssign,he
will be workingas a clerk in sometemple. If it be the Moon, (or in
Moon's rasi),he will be employedasa treasurer.If it be Mars (or in
Mars' sign) he will get money through the blessingsof his village
deity. If it be Mercury, he maybe employedin a court of law. If it be
Jupiter,he will be workingin a charitableinstitution.If it be Venus,
he maybe in a zenanaandearnincomethroughdancinggirlsetcr If it
be Saturn,he maybe an authorityimposingpunishments
powers).In this way the detailshaveto be judgedand this is only a
mereindicationof.themethodto be adoptedin offeringprediction.
11. If the lord of the 5th housebe in the 10thhousewith its lord, it
is indicativeof very auspiciousresults.This beinga Raja yoga,the
nativewill becomea king duringthisperiod.(i.e.,a veryhighlyplaced
officer with all amenities.).10th housebeing Raja sthana.this is
surelyindicated.Sameresultsmaybe predictcdevenwhenthe lord
of the 10thhouseis placedin the ascendant
or in the lagnanavamsa.
If, under the circumstances,
the lord of the 5th houseis strongiby
being in its exaltationor Vargottamapositions,he rvill be a ruler of
many countries.But, if the lord of the ascendantis weak. he may
becomea saintand maybecomethe headof a nuilt. If the lord of the
ascendantis stronglyplacedin thc eleventhhouse,rhe uativewill
becomea rich businessman.If the lord of the sccond housebc in
position,his profitswill be immcnse.If thc lord of the
secondhousebe in a waterysign,or a chararasi,thesourceof incorrrc
will be sea-trade.
The articlesof tradewill clcpcnduponthoscrulcd
by the planetsinvolved.Similarly,the naturcof thc postshcld may
alsobe determinedby a carefulconsideration
of the planetsi.c. thc
lord of the 10th house.the lord of 5th houseand thc planctsin
or aspectingthem. The meansof livelihotxl,govcrnnl.-nt
etc.,maybe detcrminedfr<rmthc nafurcol'
these planets.Satyacharyarecommcnclsthc judgerncnlol' the

strengths of the planets on the basis of the Pancha Siddhanta

QEtrlg qrtr*t qr{r}nrrffiCr

urgftErs sP{E:ll
ffiil g{t r* vttra| frrrft qtq I
$ draur'il{ eIEnaRI
g0g t*rdt arp{:n{l {fifrfi qa( il
g fuarouaftqqE:

grEffiwrfr rgntctcann
12. If the tord of the 5th houscbe in ihe 1lth house,the nativewill
have gains of wealth through his sons or his brothersor a noble
person. If the lord of the 5th housebe Jupiter,the noble who will be
of great help to him, may be a Brahmin.'If it be Venus,he may get
help through a lady. If it be the Sun,help will comefrom a king or
government.If it be Mercury,it will be from a Baniya.If it be Saturn,
it maybe from a low-castepersonlike sudraetc. If theseplanetsown
malefic houses'also,they may give troublestoo. Associationwith'
beneficsalways promotes auspiciousresults and amelioratesevil
with malefics.
results.Reversewill be the caseby association
13. If the lord of the5th housebe in the 12thhouse,the indications
of the 5th house may suffer. The 5th house indicateschildren,
intellect, mind etc. Thus, during this period, his mind may be
disturbed.He may be havingmental disorders,senilityidiocy,etc.
He may becomeafflictedwith diseaseslike jaundice. His childrcn
will becomesick or haveother troubles.Or his father may become
ill. This period will be verybad and gloomyfor the native'
Nobles will be displeasedwith him. If there be associationwith
studies.He will
boncficplanets,the personmaypursuephilosophical
and will spend his money
of the ascendantbe

The Dasaof the Inrd of the Sixth House
1. If the lord of the 6th housebe placedin the ascendant,with the
ascendantlord, during the period of the lord of the sixth house,the
person may suffer from diseases,
soresand disorders.He may have
troublesthroughthe government.If Rahu be in conjunctionwith the
lord of the sixth house, there may be lossesand troubles through
thieves.If the Sun and the Moon be weak,he will sufferfrom poverty.
If the lord of the ascendantbe in conjunctionwith the lord of the 6th,
8th and the 12thhouses,he will be afflictedwith someseriousdisease
like leprosy. If the ascendantlord be placedvery.nearthe ascendant
,or th lagnanavamsa,the period will bring diseases,
by enemies,and poverty. Thesediffrcultieswill go on increasingand
therewill be no relief from the troubles.If the lord of the6th houseis
placedin the 6th, 8th and 12thamsasand if the lord of the lagnais in
its ownamsa,the bad effectswill be greatlyreduced.
2. If the lord of the sixth housebe placedin the secondhouse,
along with the lord of the secondhouse,significationsof the second
housewill.becomebad. Quarrelsin the house,lossesthrough the
actionsof encmies,eye-trouble,tooth ache,untimelyfood, wound
etc.,are some of the bad resultswhich can arise. Conjunctionand
aspectof beneficplanetswill certainlyreducethe evil results.If the
is alsocombinedwith the 6th lord,duringitqsub
lord of the ascendant
periodin the major periodof the lord of the 6th house,evendeathof
the nativemay take placeand there will be evil resultsdurinq the
boyhoodofthe native.
3. If the lord of the sixthhousebe placedin the third housealong
with its lord, his brother may becomeinimical towardshim. The
personmay suffer from severeear-troublesand therewill be losses
causedby enemies.If the karakafor the third hpusebe weak, his
brother will becomesick. If a marakaplanetbe {onjoinedwith the
lord of the 6th house,the nativemay even die durnig this period.
Associationwith beneficswill reducethe evil results.
4. If the lord of the 6th houseis placedin the 4th houseand if
Rahu be conjoincdwith the Moon, his mother will be of bad
characterand in her old ageshewill becomeverysick. I[ Mars be
veryweak,enemieswill takeawayhis lands. If Mercurybe weak,his

educationwill be interruptcd. ll'Venus bc wcak. thc pcrson will havc
troubtcs through his vehiclcsetndconvcyanccs.Wlrcn the lord of thc
5th house is strong, if the nativc trc a lady, shc may bccome widow. lf
the lord of thc 6th housc and the ascendantlord bc cncmics or i[
situatedin the 6th, 8th positions,his mother nlay bccomc abandoncd.
Combination with bencfics willl surcly rcclucr: thc cvil rcsults.
Cornbinationrvith maleficsmav causelossesto his cattlc. crtlns and
5. If the lord of the 6th housc bc ptacedin thc -5thhousc with its
lord, some nobles will becomc his cncmics. Or his sons or his fathcr
may be inimically disposedtowards him. His childrcn may bccomc'
sick. Worship and austcritics pcrformcd by thc nativc will bc
intcrrupted due to impediments.Thcrc will bc unncccssaryquarrils
with others. Conjunction with nralcfic plancts u'ill causc loss of
Conjttnctionrvith hcncllcsu'ill surcly ward
childrcn or chilcllcssncss.
olf much of tlrc cvil results.
6. If the lord of thc sixth housc bc placcd in thc sixth house
combinedwith bcnefics,rcsultsu'ill bc good. At thc bcgirrrringttf thc
pcriod results will be thosc intlicatcd by thc plancts in corrjunction
with the lord of the sixth housc. Thc nativewill cnjoy conrlorts and
h a p p i n e s sd u r i n g ' t h i s p e r i o d . H c w i l l o v c r c o n t ch i s c n c n r i c s a r r d
there will be successin his undcrtakings. Incttmc li'ttm his landcd
property will increase. Hc rvill rvcar good drcss and acqui.rc
conveyances.lf, horvcvcr,thc lord of llrc sixth htlusebc wcak, g<xrtl
rcsults will be vcry littlc. lf thc lord ol thc (rth housc bc irl
conjunction with thc lord of thc ttth or l2th ltttuscs,lhroughout thc
pcriod, thc pcrson will crnjoyhappincss(Viparccta Ra.iayoga). lf it
bc positedin thc kcndra rlr trikona nuvamsas.cncnricsmay givc hinr
rvith thc
troublc. During thc sub pcriodsol'thc planctsin conrl'rination
lord ofthe 6th housc,thcrc nravbc unfavourablcrcsults.
7. If thc lord ol'the 6th houscbc placcdin thc 7th'holrsccombincd
with thc lord of thc 7th housc,significationsot'thc Tth housc mav hc
bad. Thus, his rvifc rvill not nraintaingood hcalth or ntay bc sick. Or
rvith his rvilc'.
lhcrc ntay bc cluarrcls,scparati()n.misundcrstarrdings
O r h c m a y h i n r s e l If a l l s i c k . ( ( r t h k r r d i s a s p c c t i n gt h c a s c c n d l n t ) .
. u r t h c r ,i f t h c
T h c r c r v i l l b c i n r p ed i n r c n l sl o a t t s p i c i o t tcsc r c n t t t n i c sF

lord of the asccndlnt is also combincdwith malcfic planets,the native
will bc troublod by sickncss,actil'itics of cncmics, debts, loss of
women etc. If thc lord of the 6th'iouse bc in the 6th, 8th or 12th
amsasfr6m the l<lrd clf thc 7th hgusc, there will n11tbc much troublcs
with wife ctc. If the lords'of the 6th and 2nd
like misunderstancling
housesbc in conjuncton,thc period may even bring about the death
of the native. If the karaka of thc 7th house be placedin kendra or
trikona amsasalo4gwithRahu, his wife will bc a victim of slanderand
scorn. If thc karaka be rvcakand is placedin the ubhayarasi, he may
with his first wife. If
lnarry second rimc clue to rnisunderstandings
Venus be in thc rasi o[ Mars or Saturn anrj is associatedor aspected
by malefics, hc may cnjoy many worlcn due to his misunderstandings
with his first wifc.
{J. lf the lord of thc 6th house be placcd in the cighth housc
combincd rvith bcncfic plancts, therc will tre good rcsults' Thc
sub-period()f thcse bcncfic planctswitl provc auspicious.If the lord
of thc sixth lrousc is cornbincdrvith tho lord of thc asccndantin thc
chakra, thc nativc rvill be troubled hy diseasesancl
rasi or navar.nsa
enemies fr0nr which thcrc will be n0 relief. If the lord of the
bhava occupics nralcfic anrsas,there will he scrious diseascsand
troubles fronr cncmics. lf thc lord is placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th
amsasbut thc lord <lf thc lagna occupiesauspiciousnavamsas,therc
will be rcticf from rhesctroubles.The planet combinedwith the lord
of the 6th house in the uth house becomes a maraka and has
power to inflict serious diseasesand
with nralcfic planer:;and thc karaka of the 9th house is also afflicted,
fathcr o[ thc native rvill bc troubled by diseases and enemies'
propcrty obtlincd from lris l'atherwill bc wastcdarvay.If the lord of
tho sixth housc bc combincd rvith the significatorof the 9th
be conjoincd antl if thc (rrh lorcl is also associiltcdby coniunction
aspect; in rhc l)th housc. his father nray dic
rvill dic
lord of thc ?th housc is also comtrincdin tlris yoga,his fathcr
6th house
in sonrc foreign place. lf thc ltlrds of thc 9th houseand thc

be combined, there will be enmity between the father and thc son.

qBi;rEqrilg qrqresqkaI
+.rchqrBa@ fug:ffeiwra: I
qqrgrqtasfr EfrIcrA? lncl:I
fr{, ffi qmutqqrsft rfrra:n
frdqmoq*aq$ilg ftg{ft: t

qv61E5{frfTqnqrsqrr+i I
qelqgaErsqi; q6 fug{ft: r
qqW{ Ai Ri rwi frg, I
fur qe futttt: qarqqrr{n?rtrfrfdtt
stTftir@zi frqqtrfu EfE'qll

If the lord of the 6th housebe placedin the 12thhouse,his encmics

will be wiped out. During the beginningof thc lord ol'thc 6th housc,
the native may commit somc bad dceds. The lord of thc 6th housc
can produce illness and evil results during the sub-period of thc
planetswith which it is combincd in the 12th house.lf combincd with
benefics, the period of thc lord of the 6th house rvill producc
auspiciousresults. I[ the lord of the 6th housebc in the 6tlr, [Jthor
12th navamsas,results may not be good. But, if it bc in the trikona
navamsas,results will bc good.

The Dasa of the Lord of the SeventhHouse
1. If the lord of the 7th housc is placcd in thc 1st house with thc
asccndantlord, the nativemay go to s()meforeignplaceand livc thcrc
happily.He will havc frequcnt travclsto distantlandsand his rvifc rvill
managc thc househ<lldrv<lrk.If there bc combination rvitlr bcncfic
planets, the person rvill be a sailor or a leadcr of a crew. If thc
combinationis onlv rvith malcfic planets,he will bc a heggar. If thcrc
is combination with bencfics and malefics,rcsultsrvill bc mixcd. lf
the lord of thc ascendantbe devoid of strcngth,the pcriod of the lord
of the scvcnth housc mav bc a maraka. If thc l<lrd of lhc housc

be very wcak or be placcd in the 6th, 8th or 12th amsas,the
foreign travel may be in vain and the good results mentioned
abovemay not happen.
2. If the lord of the seventhhouse be placed in the 2nd house, in
combination with the lord of the 2nd house, the native will have gains
of wealth throui;h his wife. He may get money from some far off
place. Death may occur to the native or to his wife as the 7th and 2nd
housesare maraka sthanas.Or he may live separatedfrom his wife in
a far off place. Or the nati'zemay have a secondmarriage during this
period in a distant land. If the lord of the 7th houseis in the 8th amsa
etc., in the navamsa, his wife may not die. Othcr combinations,
strength etc., o[ the planets have to be taken into account before
venturing to give the prcdiction.
3. If the lord of the 7th houscbe in the 3rd house,conjoined with
the lord of thc 3rd house,father-in-law of the nativewill be fortunate.
A second n'rarriageis possible for the native. As the 7th house is a
maraka sthana,during the sub-periodof the lord of the third house,
death or soms cvil rcsult may befall oir his br<lther.Or the native may
go to somc far off-placc during this period. Combination with benefic
plancts will reduce evil rcsults lrut the same with evil planets will
make the evil resultsonly worse.
4. If the lord of the 7th houseis placed in the 4th house along with
its lord, the person will lcad a happv life with the relativesof his wife.
He will have many travcls in connection with his lands. During the
beginning of the period of the lord of the,thcre may bc
cclebrations of marriage etc. But his mother may die or fall sick at .
this period. He may acquire te,hicles and wealth through his educaton
in some foreign place. The good results depend upon the strength of
the lord of the 7th house and the benelic influence it derives due to
the combinations with benefic planets.
5. If the lord of the 7th house is placed in the 5th house along with
the lord of the fifth house, it is very bad for his wifc and children
whom he may even lose. But if there be combinationwith benefic
planets, evil results will be reduced and his childrcn etc., rvill be
happy. The nativc may rcceivesome lettcrs and money from some
rich pcople rcsiding in some distant lands. Or thc native may let
soms moncy from his father or through his sons. Placementof the

lord of the seventhhouse in the 6th, Sth or 12th navamsasor even his
weaknesswill reduce the good results considerably.
6. If the lord of the 7th housebe placed in the 6th house along with
its lord. and at the same time if there be combination with malefic
planets also, many evil results may be produced. His wife may be
separated from him. Or she may fall sick during the period or she
may die depending upon the extent of evil influences. C)r she may be
subjectedto disgrace.His maternal uncle may die or meet with many
troubles. Enemies may cause quarrels and troubles to the native.
Thcre may be theft in the house of the native. Combination with
benefic planetswill alleviate the troubles to a great extcnt.
?. If the lord of the 7th house is placed in the seventhhouse itself
conjoined with benefic plancts, it is very auspicious. He will be
married early. His wife will come from a rich family and she will be
devoted to her husband. She will be beautiful and the marriage will
be performed on a large scale rvith music and other celebrations.
During lhe course of this period, the native will perform many
auspicious ceremonies. He will be much successfuland fortunate
during this period. But if the lord of the 7th houseis combined with
malefic planets,he may become a maraka and causedeath or othcr
troubles. If the lord of the 7th house is weak. the results will not bc
8. If the lord of the 7th housebe placedin the Sth houseconjoined
with a malefic planct and at the same time the karaka is also very
weak, the period will provevcry evil. The nativeor his wife may die or
will have serioustroubles or some sovcreillncss. The native may go
to foreign country and there he may get into miseriesand tr<lublcs.
g. If the lord of the 7th house is placed in the 9th house in
conjunction with benefic planeLs, the pcriod rvill provc very
auspicious.It indicatesthat the nativervill becomefortunate through
his rvife.Thus he may get the pr<lpertyof his wife and rrruchwealth.
He will be very rich and remain happy throughouthis lifc. Hc may bc
pious and virtuous. He may carry on his professionin somc forei-qn
place. The effect of the planetswith which thc lord of thc 7th houscis
conjoinedshould bc carefullystudied. If thc lord of the 7th housc is
good rcsultswill be very meagre. f f it be in the 6th, 8th or
12thamsas,good resultsmay not materialiseat all.

10. If the lord'of the 7th houseis placedin the 10th house,in
conjunctionwith the lord of the 10th housethe personwill be very
famous.insomeforeigncountry. He will do virtuousdeedsthere. He
will be charitableandwill do manyreligiousdeeds.His wife will be a
noblelady. The nativewill be respected
the lord of the 10th housebe weak,resultswill be verypoor. If the
lord of the lagnais combinedwith beneficplanetsandthe lord of the
sixthhouse,the personwill be a commanderof an army.He will be
good at horse-ridingand will travelwidely. He will acquirefameby
conqueringhis enemies.He will meet with his deathin somebattle
if therebe a combinationproducingdeath.

q{taerlg artrQ gTrwFEAI

raffitigtA ft?i spttttq qk n
qriil rfrA g wflrlti qffi t
ffir+aei qta r
11. When the lord of the seventhho;" is placedin the eleventh
houseand is conjoinedwith beneficplanets,is well fortified by being
in its eialtation point etc., he wilt have much gains in foreign
countries. If it be weak, the gains will be very less. If there be
conjuncdonwith malefic planets, the results will be otherwisei.e.,
onlybad rcsultswill be produccdsuchaslossesetc.
12. If the lord of the 7th houseis placedin the L2thhouseand be
conjoinedwith its lord and if the karaka planet Venus is also very
wed it indicates danger to his wife and marital happinessof the
na(ive. There is possibilityof the nativegoing to foreignplacesand if
therc be thc combinationwith beneficplanets, the evil resultswill be
reducid; but if therc bc only the influence of malefic planets by
combinationand aspect,the evil resultswill be more intense.

TheDasaof theInrd of theEighthHouse
L. If the lord of the 8th house be placed in the Lagna and in
conjunction with the lord of the ascendant,the native will be very
poor and be ever involved in dcbts. He will suffer miseries in his life.
Influence of malefic planets, if present in addition, there will be

worries and anger of kings and superiorsduring the
If the lord of the Sth h'ousebe weak, or is, in the 6th'
amsas,the evil results wiil be some what reduced'
and be in
2. If the lord of the Sth house is placed in the 2nd house
conjunction with the lord
t-ubl", in the family,
*ord,, etc. His
also (or
with him. If there be mrityu yoga, there is danger o[ death
a maraka
somc scvere illness). The reason is, 2nd house is itself
troubles, tooth ache, misfortunes,lack of proper food are.also
of the evil results which are indicated' If the lord of the 8th
in the 6th, 8th or 12th amsas'the bad resultswill be reduced
with the
3. If the lord of 8th houseis placed in the 3rd house atortg
lord of 3rd house, there
Quarrels with his brothers,
lord of the 8th
ui" .orn" of the evil resultswhich are possible' If the
houses' thc
house be conjoined
and even
evil results *itt b"
Raja yoga. Malefic
troubles more intense.
4. If the lord of he 8th house is placed in the 4th housc' along
its lord, happinessrvill be disturbed' The
houseie. happiness,cattle,landed property,
et., *itt ,ufi".. H'e may lose thcse or a portion of these
may not
the malctic cornbination'
upon the strength
kiep good heal-thanclmay fall ill sometimcs.
But, if
will definitely ,"iu.. the
U" a malefic i,rfluence'the
the anger of his superiors. Therc
and laided property. He may have to live in foreign countrics
strangers. There is possibilityof
5. If the lord of the Sth houseis placedin the 5th housealong
the lord of the 5th housc, therc will be misrrndcrstandings
father. Or his son may do some crimc' Ths
His son
displeasureof some no-bleand rhereby havc somc troublcs'

may fall ill and he maydo somemagicalriteswhichmaynot bearthe
desiredfruits. If the lord of the 5th houseis alsoweak,he may lose
one of his children. or the childrenmaydie assoonastheyareborn.
If maleficplanetsbe in combinationwith the lord of the'gth house;
the nativemay die or havesomeverydangerous
period.If the lord of
the 8th house be placedin 6th, 8th or L2thamsas,the good results
will be very little. But, if he is placed in kendraor triangularamsas,
resultswill be intenselybad. If the lord of the ascendanthas a
combinationproducing illness,the nativemay sufferfrom diseases
affectingmind, and intellecti.e.,coma,unconsciousness,
senilitylossof memoryetc.
6. If the lord of the 8th houseis placedin the 6th house in
conjunctionwith the lord of the 6th house,it is good. For whenever
the lord of the 8th houseis placedin the 6th,8th or 12thhouses,
resultsare realised.If the 8th lord is combinedwith the lord of the
L2th house,good resultsare experienced.And if it be placedin
L,4,7,I0,5,or 9th house,it producesevil resultsmostly. There is,
however,possibiliryof diseases
duringthe periodof thegth lord ashe
is placedin the 6th house.But it is evil to his marernalunclewho will
havemanytroubles.Also, thereis dangerfrom thievesand worries
for the native.If the lord of the 6th houseis strong,he wiil havelong
life. And he will crushhis enemies.
7. If the lord of the 8th house is placediri the seventhhousein
combinationwith the lord of the 7rh house,ir is evil to hi! wife. His
wife may fall sick. If the lord of the Sth houseis a malefic,the native
may be affectedwith somediseaseand particularlyso if there be
somecombinationfor deathat the sametime (mirtyuyoga). But, if
the lords of the ascendantand the 7th houseare both strong,,this
period of the lord of the 8th housemostlyproducesgoodresuhs.
8. If the lord of the 8th houseis placed in the 8th house itself
combinedwith beneficplanets,the resultswill be beneficial.During
this period, the nativewill get wealth,vehicles,conveyances
and gifts
from kings.He will be happy. If the lord of the 8th houseis weak,
effectswill not be good or maybe feeble.But, if the lord of the 8th
housebe combinedwith maleficplanets,he will haveserioustroubles,
diseasesand other misfortunes.As the 8th houseis evil to the 9th
house,his father may die. He will fail in his enrerprises
and will be
very unhappy.

9. If the lord of the 8th houseis placedin rhe9th housealongwirh
its lord and if the Sun (the karakafor father) is also weak, in that
period,his father may die. He will havemisundersrandings
with his
father. He may lose the wealth obtained from his father. Thc
conjunctionwith beneficswill reducethe evil results.If the lord of the
9th houseis weak,this period may produccmisfortunes,hardships,
worries,proverty and the angerof his superior_s.
One has to note
carefullythe natureof the planetsassociated
wilh the lord of the 8th
housebeforegivingthe predictions.
10. If the lord of the 8th houseis placedin the l0rh house,along
with the lord of the 10th house, his professionwill suffcr set back
duringthe period. He mayfollowa low profession
or maybe engaged
in doingsinful deeds.He will be punishedby thegovernmentfor not
obeyingits orders. If the lord of the l0th houseis wcak.he will suffe'r
from poverty.He may losehis mother,(the 10thhouseis a maraka
sthanafor the mother as it is the 7th from thc 4th). If Mars bc
connectedwith the lords of the 4th or 5th houscs,he may losc his
landed property. ,Or he may be cautghtin <lebts.As a result, his
creditorsmay take awayhis lands.If the lord of thc 8th houscbc
placedin the6th,8thor 12thamsas,
theevilresultswill bc moderate.
11. If the lord of the 8th housebe placedin the flth houseatong
with the lord of the 11thhousesignificarions
of thc 1lth housewill be
spoiled. Thus there may be troubles to elder brother. lossesin
financialdifficultiesanddebts.Theremaybc disagrcemeqts
with elder brother. combinationof beneficplanetswill aileviatethc
troubleswhile the same with maleficplanetswill makethe troubles
more intense.
12. Placementof the lord of the8th housein the l2th houscalong
with its lord is auspicious
and is capableof producingRajayoga.The
sanrecanhalpcn evenwhcnthe lord of the 8thhouseis placedin the
6th house. But, if beneficplanctsare combinedwith the lord of the
8th house,thcy will lose their benefic nature and bad resultswill

gtq$ g q6Q qdrErr lTffi

trfrr rni rq:Een:lr{dmrrqfr R tt

If the lord of the 8th houseis in the si:,;thhouserhere will be


troublescauscdby enemies.There will be worries,fear apd mental

troublescausedttrroughenemies.If the lord of the 8th houseis in the
12th house,the period will causeelpenditure.If the lord of the 8th
houseis natural 6enefiCmixedresriltswill be caused.The lord of 8th
houseyieldssimilarresultsin hisnavamsaposition.If thc depositorof
the lord of the 8th house,is in kendraor trikona positionand is also
associatedwith benefics,he will producegood rosultsbut may do evil
to the housewhere he is placed.The period of the Ashtamadhipati
with benefic planetswill certainlydo good' But even a
benefic though well-placedcombinedwith the lord of the 8th house
producesbad results.

The Dasaof the Inrd of the Ninth House
1. If the lord of the 9th houseis placedin the lst housewith the
lord of the lst house,and combinedwith beneficplanets,during the
period,the nativewill be very fortunate. He will be rich and lead a
He will be powerfuland
ituppyiif". He will havemanyconveyances'
or a king depending
wiit tiauehigh status.He
wealth from- his
on the streigth of bencfic
and his
father (becaisc 9th
wealthwill increasethrorrgh
manypeopleand be charitable.He will hold a powerfulpo-st.inthe
administrition.The resultswill be very fecbleif the lord of the 9th
housebe weak.If the lord of 9th housebe in 6th, 8th or 12thamsas
eventhesefeebleresultsmay not materialise.If Mars be the lord of
in the army
the 9th house,the native will be commander-in-chief
the lord of
gth housebe in conjunctionwith Rahu,the nativewill serveunder a
lord or king of low casre(Mlechchha).If thc 9th houselord be the
Moon, the nativemay be an officerin chargeof the treasury'In this
for otherplanets.
wayresultshaveto be guessed
2. If thc lord of the 9th housebe placedin the secondhouse
connectedwith the lord of the secondhouse,the nativewill be very
rich. His incomewill be enormousan{ may be more than a lakh' He
will be highly rcspecredand will be very influential. His family will
flourish bJcauseo1hinl. He will haveall typcsof comforts.He will eat
good food. I[ malcfics be in combinatlon with the lord of the 9th

house,the resultswill be very feeble.If therebe yogafor deathby
other considerations,the period may causethe deathof the native.
Similarly,if the lord of the 9th houseis in the 6th, 8th or L2thamsas,
the resultsmaynot be goodasmentionedabove.
3. If the lord of the 9th housebe placedin the 3rd house,in
combinationwith the lord of 3rd house,the significations
of the 3rd
house should thrive. Thus his brother will be very fortunate.The
nativemay havegainsand happiness
throughmusic.If the lord of the
9th houseis weak or is placedin 6th, 8th or 12th amsasthe good
resultswill be verylittle.
4. If the lord of the 9th housebe placedin the4th house,alongwith
its lord, the native will be exccedinglyfortunateand be happy. If
Mars be very strong, he lyill have extensivelanded property and
thereby have wealth and be fortunate.If Mercury be strong, the
personwill makemoneythroughhis learning.If the Jupiterbe so in
this combination,he will havehigh positionand statusi.e. that of a
ministeror a Venusbe powerful,the nativewill possess
and will lead a pleasantlife using garlands,scents,
etc. If Saturn or Rahu be strong, the personwill be
patronisedby lords of low castes (mlechchas
and neechas)and
therebythe personwill be fortunate.
5. If the lord of the 9th house,be placed in the 5rh house,
alongwiththe lord of the 5th house,the personwill be veryhappy.He
will be greatlyhelpedandbenefittedthroughhisfatheror a rich lord.
If the lord of the 9th housebe associated
with the lord of rhe lagna,
the nativewill himselfbecomea porverfullord. During the periodof
the lord of the 5th housealso,the personwill be very fortunateand
His sonwill be an intelligentpersonand known
for his wisdomwho will get royalparronageandoccupationof a high
rank underthe king with all grandeurandrespect.
6. If the lord of the 9th houseis situatcdin the6th housealongvith
the lord of the 6th house,and is conjoinedrvithbencficplanetsalso,
the periodwill be a goodone.His incomewill incrcasc.Hc maygct
promotions.His profession
may be in a judicialcourt.Hc rvill have
many servants,(because6th house indicatesscrvants).Hc rvill
muchwealthwhichwill grow further.By inhcritance,
he may
acquirethe rvealthof his dayadils.lf Mars be srrongby bting in its

own house,theremaybe gainsof wealththrough hislandedproperty.
If Mercurybe so, it will be throughlearningetc.If Jupiter-bestrong,
he will be extremelyrich, for it is the karakafor wealth.If Saturnbe
so, he will be a magistrateor an officer endowedwith powers to
punishor enjoymuchauthorityasa senoirofficerhavinggovernment
ieals,(mudraaSitari;.If the lord of the9th housebeweakor is placed
in the 6th, 8th or l.2th amsas,the effectswill be feeble'
?. If the lord of the 9th houseis placedin the 7th housealongwith
the lord of the 7th house,and there be combination of benefic
As the seventhhouse
planetsalso,his wealthwill evenbe increasing.
ienotes journeys to foreign places,he may earn wealth in some
foreigniands,(As the 7th houseis an angularhouse,thiscombination
prodices a naja yoga).The nativewill be born iri a rich family' He
*ill huu" all sortis of comfortsand luxuriesfrom his birth. He will
have the pleasuqesof women, garlands' perfumes and other
enjoyments.His father will be highlyplacedas a ministeror senior
officiatof high rank who will be a friend of the king in someforeign
countryandihrough royal patronagehis familywill get mu-chrvealth'
will amass much wealth.If Venus is
If Mars is also connecied,-he
involved,he will get happiness
8. If the lord of the ninth house is placed in eighth house'
alongwiththe lord of the eighth house,there will be severalevil
,".uit. suchas lossof fortune,dcathof father,povertyetc.If thesebe
placedin a movablesign,lhe nativemay be wanderingin a foreign
without anybenJfit.If the lord of the ninth housebe weak'the
will suffei from povertyand will be-verymiserable.The lord
of tn" ninth house in debilitation,inimical sign or heliacalsetting,
producesmuch sorrow and misery.Combinationswith beneficswill
definitelyalleviatethe troublesa gooddeal'
combinedwith beneficplanets,in its period,the personrvillbe happy'
His fortuneswill increase.His fatherwill alsobe veryfortunate.The
person may spend money for charitable purposes'If there be
combinationwith evil planets,his fathermay not keepgoodhealth
may passaway,dependinguponthe intensityof the evil results'I[ the
lord of the ninth housebe weak,good resultswill be veryfeebleand
the personmaynot be ableto amassmuchwealth

10. If the lord of the ninth house be placedin the tenth house
alongwiththe lord of the tenth houseand otherbeneficplanetsalso,
the native will get wealth through serviceunder the king or in the
government.His nameand fame will spreadfar and wide. He will do
meritoriousdeedssuchas diggingof wellsect.,and lead a religious
life. He will be associated
with the administrationof the country.If
the lord of the 9th housebe devoid of strengrh,rhe nativewill do
meanacts.He may movewith low peopleanddo bad deeds.He may
cvenlosehis job in the government.He will be everin fear of being
punishedby the governmentand his cattlemayperish.
11. If the lord of the ninth housebe placedin the eleventhhouse
alongwith its lord, the person will havegainsof wealth through his
father or through business.The gains will be mostly through the
planetthat is combinedwith the lord of the9th house.If the planetbe
the Sun,his fatherwill havemuchpower.If Rahube so,his fatherwill
be very famousand the personwill havegainsof wealththroughhis
12. If the lord of the ninth housebe placedin the twelfth house
alongwithits lord, it is bad for the ninth house.The nativemayspend
his wealthon charity.His fatherwill be havingtroublesof manykinds.
If the lord of the ninth housebe combinedwith a benefic planet,the
nativemay earnwealthin someforeigncountry.Or his fathermaygo
to somedistantplace.If the karakabe alsocombinedwith a banefic,
his father will earn name and fame and becomevery powerful.
Conjunctionwith malefics,on the other hand,will producetroubles
eitherto him or to hisfather.If the lord of the9th housebe in 6th.Sth
or L2thamsa,the resultswill be mixed.

TheDasaof thetnrd of theTenthHouse
1. If the lord of the 10rh house be pl6ced in rhe Lsr house
alongwith the lord of the ascendantand combined with a benefic, the
person will become very famous. He rvill wield much power and
influence and may hold a powerful post in the government. He may
become a minister or a highly-place
d officialwith much authorty and
power. He will do charitable decds and rvill be engagedin noble acts.
If the lord of the 10th housebe devoid of the strcnsth.resultsrvill be

feeble.If he is placedin the 6th,8th or 12thamsas'the goodresults
will be almosrnil. If therebe combinationwith evil planets,therewill
\be bad results.The person will sufferdisgraceor he may acceptgifts
If the evil planetbe Saturn,the
offered in inauspiciousceremonies.
gift may be a buffalo. If it be the Sun,the gift maybe a cat.If it be
Mars, the gift may be a sheep.But, if there t'e combinationwith a
beneficplanet,the gift will be a goodone'
2. If the lord of the tenth housebe placedin the secondhouse
the person
combinedwith the lord of the secondhouseandbenefics,
man' He
will acquire
in high
will beln
under the king or. from his profession.Mostly he will be holdinga
who will carry
governmentjob. He will havemanyobedientservants,
out his ordeis.He will supportmanypersonsand feedthem.He will
be veryhelpfulro others.If the lord of the 1,0thhousebe placedin the
6th, 8th or 12th amsasor be weak,the good effectswill be on an
ordinaryscale.combinationwith maleficplanetswill producethe evil
results.As the secondhousedenotesfamily,theremaybe troublesof
variouskindsto his familymembers.He will sufferfrorn povertyand
ill repute.He will not get timelymealsor will becomenotoriousasa
3. If the lord of the 10thhousebe placedin the 3rd housewith its
of the third housewill thrivewell. During this
lord the significations
period,his famewill spread.He will get promotionsin hispost.There
will be all round successfor his brothers. The person may do
courageousacts and thereby achievefame. Or he may become
mustbe paidto the
renorired for his musicalskill.Due consideration
strengthof the karakainvolved,otherwisethe resultsare likely to go
won!. If the lord of the 10thhouseis devoidof strenght,the results
will occuronlyon a smallscale.The resultswill be poor alsowhenthe
lord of the 10thhouseis placedin the6th,8th or L2thamsas'
4. When the ruler of the 10th house occupiesthe 4th house
alongwithits lord, the nativewill be happy and may achievefame
throigh his lands,'etc.He mayget a good incomefrom his lands'If
with benefics,he will acquirenameand fame
therele connbination
through his agriculture.His family will be one of muchrespectability

and renown. Combinationswith maleficsbringharm and troubles.If
the lord of the 10thhouseis weak,the resultswill be very ordinary.
5. If the ruler of the 10th houseis placedin the 5th housein
conjunctionwith the lord of the5th houseandif therebe combination
with benefics also, the person will rise to a high rank during the
period. Hc may becomea minister or some suchsenior officer. His
objects will be fulfilled and will become a famous person. If the
planetsbc placedin friendlysigns,the gainsare mostlydefiniteto
happen.But, if placedin inmicalsignsor in the6th,8thor 12thamsas
from eachother,the effectsarelikelyto be veryfeeble.
6. When the ruler of the 10th house occupiesthe 6th house
alongwithits lord, the personwill becomean officerin a court. His
maternal uncle is likely to be a powerful personwielding much
authority.The person may be employedin the army or may be
practisingas a doctor.The goodresultswill happenwhenthe planets
are strong.If they be weak,the nativewill hold a smalljob in the
governmentor in someembassy
and he maytakefood in the houseof
low caste
maybe lossesin his businessor
do sraddhaceremonies.
7. If the lord of the 1.0thhouse be placedin the 7th house,
combinedwith the lord of 7th house,his wife will comefrom a good
family.The personmay get employedin someforcigncountrywhere
he may becomefamous.His wife may be of helpin his earnings.He
may work in the transportdepartment(asthe 7th housesignifiesthe
same).He may go on pilgrimagesto holy places.If there be malefic
he wlll sufferfrom poverty.He mayhaveto take food
His wife maybe born in a low familyor shemay
offeredin obsequies.
be separated
8. If the lord of the 10thhousebe placedin the 8th house,he will
be holding a lowly job or may do bad deeds.He may lose his
employmentbut if there be combinationwith benefics,the evil be
avertedand he will not losehis employment.His agriculturewill be
spoilt or he may incur lossesthrough his lands.There will be
to his education.He may sufferlossesthroughhis vehicles
and conveyances.Combination with beneficswill ahvaysproduce
goodresultsbut with malefics,evilresultsareproducecl
g. If the lord of the 10th house be olacedin the 9th house


alongwithits lord, or if Jupiter is powerless,therewill be obstaclesin

his d-ailyduties.If the sun be strongin his horoscope,the personwill
servein the governmentor maybe practisingasa doctor'If Mars be
strong, his fither will possessmuch landed propertywhich
exemf,te.lfrom tax. If iupiter be strong,his father will rise to a high
position in his life. If VJnus be strong, he will get ornamentsand
vehicles.But, if Mercury be so,he will get good education'If Moon be
strong,he may be in-chargeof the treasuryor may be engaged-in
agriciitu." or cultivation in gardens.If the Sun be endowed with
siiength, he will practiseas a physician.If Saturnbe strong,he will
work asa servant.
10. If the lord of the tenthhousebe in the tenthhouseitselfor be
in the eleventhhousecombinedwith the beneficsand the lord of the
eleventhhouse,the personwill be highly fortunateand have Raja
yoga.He will have i ttigtt statusand positionin life' He will be
and held in highesteem.His famewill spread'He will have
a large retinue of army' He will do charitabledeedsand found
instititionsfor charity.But, if the lord of the tenthhousebe weak,the
resultswill be pnot. if the lord of the tenthhousebc Mars,he will get
wealththroughtaxesandlands.If it be Jupiter,the personwill riseto
If Venuste strong,he will possess
a high positionin his profession.
be strong,he will
*uriy -ournents
examinationmeritoriously'Conjunction,aspectetc',of maleficswill
definitelyspoilthe resultsasbefore.
alongwithits lord and be alsoconjoinedwith evil planets,the person
will iuffer disgrace.He maybe demotedin hisjob or maybe removed
from service.There will be lossesin his business.and
personmay be
be spoilt.If there
eogagedas a
nfruln.e of
the person
that of a sudra.
will wander

The Dasaof the Lord of the EleventhHtuse
1.. If the lord bf the eleventhhouseis placedin the ascendant
alongwiththe ascendantlord, the person will have much

through out his life. If it be strong,he will havepromotionsin his
professonand business.The extent of good will dependsupon the
strengthand natureof the planetsinvolved.
2. If the lord of the eleventhhousebe placedin the secondhouse
alongvith its lord and be also positedin its exaltationnavamsa,the
personconcerncdwill be a rich man possessing
croresof rupees.If
therebe a maleficyoga,the resultswill be bad and the personwill be
3. If the lord of the eleventhhousebe placedin the third house
alongwithits lord and otherbeneficplanets,the nativewill havelarge
profits during the period and sometimeshe may have large gains
throughhis brother.If thereis a maleficcombination,
only bad results
will be experienced.
4. If the lord of the elevenrhhousebc placedin the 4th house
alongwiththe lord of the fourth house,there will be gains through
education,and agriculture.The meansof
gains haveto be inlerred throughthe natureof thc planet involved.
For example,the planetsMoon, Mars, Mcrcury,Jupitcr, Venus and
Saturn may cause gains of wcalth through green vegetables,
tree bcaringfruits,Ragi, (Ararot)
etc.,maybe the sourceof incomc.Bcncficcombinations
with thc lord
of the eleventhhouse will causegains throughjrvellery etc. But
malefic combinationswill bring in obstaclcsmostly and ruin the
businessduringthe period.
5. If the lord of the sleventhhouse is placedin the 5th house
alongwiththe lord of the 5th house,thc pcrsonwill havegains of
wealththrough a rich fricnd who may be a greatlord or throughhis
son or through divine grace.Also, it may bc through trading in
preciousslones.Or he may come acrossa treasurc and thereby
become rich. Or by performingvoyagcsin the scas to diflerent
countries,he may earn muchwealth.Or he maytrgdein grainsand
seedsand thcrebybecomcrich.As belrlre thc cffcct{of bcncficyogas
will promotcthegoodresultswhilemalcficyogaswilf spoilthem.
6. if thc lord of thc clcvcnthhouscis in thc 6th housealongwirh
thc lord of the sixth housc,thc personwill bcncfit through his
law-suitsand his maternalunclc.Hc will do couragc()us
acts and overcomehis enemics.The g<todrcsultswill be greatly

reduced if the lord of the eleventhhouse is associatedwith malefic
7. If the lord of the eleventhhlouseis placed in the 7th house,
combined with the lord of the eleventh house,the person will get
wealth through his wife, or in a foreign country, or through some
cmbassyor by influencingpeopleand other womenandgainingtheir
help. If Venus be placedbetween Saturn and Mars, he may gain
money by making his wife pleasedthe strangers.The benefitswill be
meagre if there be evil combinationsor influence. The nature and
quality of the planetshave to be consideredcarefullybefore coming
to a conclusion.
8. If the lord of the gleventhhousebe placcdin the eighth house
alongwiththe lord of the eighth hou*, it is very bad for the eleventh
house.The personmay be involvedin debts.He may earn through
sinful acts.He may suffer from poverty.He may not have peaceof
mind which will be everwavering.He'may havesomesmallbenelits
through low people.Benefic combinationswill reducethe evil results.
But if the lord of the eleventhhousebe weak. lossesand debts will
9. If the lord of the eleventhhousebe placedin the ninth house
with its lord, the personwill havegainsthroughhis father or a rich
person.If the lord of the tenth house be exalted,his father will
becomerich through profession.Due considerationis to be paid to
beneficcombinationsetc., if therc be any, as they will modi$ the
10. If the lord of the eleventhhousebe positedin the tenth house
alongwith its lord, his businesswill improvc. If thcrc be benclicI
therewill be muchgaiJrof wealth.If Jupiteris placedin I
the eleventhhousealong with the lord of the llth house,thc gainsl'
will be through appointment,sacrificesand othcr rcligiousrites' lf
Venus is positcd in the eleventhhouse,the gainswill be through
of Venus.If Mercurybe
vehiclesand othersignifications
The gainshave to be
there, lhc gains may be through,clothes
that arc involved. ,
determinedaccordingto the
11. tf the lord of the elcvcnthhouseis placedin his own signor in
the exaltationsign,the personwill havemuchprofitsandwealth.His
ekler brothcr will beconrea prontincntperson.lf Mars be the said

lord he will havegainsthroughhis landedproperty.The Sun indicates
profits through father. Moon will make his business flourish.
Mercury will enable to earn wealth through education.Jupiter
indicatesgainsthrough employmentand teaching.Venuswill bestow
gains through the help of women. Saturn will give gains through
fire-wood, stones etc. In this way the effects are .to be guessed
12. tf the lord of the eleventhhouseis placedin the 12th house,
alongrvithits lord, objectswill not be achievedeasilyand there will be
many obstaclesin achievingthe desiredobjects.Trouble is indicated
for the elder brother.Beneficcombinationsandaspectswill alleviate
the evil results.Malefic combinationsalso will produceonly similar.

TheDasaof the Lord of theTWelfthHouse
1. If the lord of the 12thhousebe placedin its own signcombincd
with benefics,the personwill not havemuch expenditureand there
will be gainof wealth.But in the periodof the planetthat is combined
with the lord of the tweltth house,there will not be anyexpenditure.
If the lord of the ascendantbe strong,his incomewill be more than
his expenditure.The personwill be happy and will bc engagedin
pursuits)in thc companyof good
VedantaVichara(i.e. philosophical
be weak,the resultswill be bad as
men. If the lord of the ascendant
told for Kemadrumayoga.
2. If the lord of the twelfth houseis placedin thc sccondhouse
alongwithits lord and other evil planets,therewill be quarrelsin the
familyof the native.He maynot gct goodandtimclymcals.He may
take food that is offeredin shraddhaceremonicsor form low pcople.
He mayspeakharshlyandbe bad in hisconduct.He maysufferfrom
If there be beneficinfluence,the cvil rcsults will be
3. If thelord of the 12thhouseis placedin the3rd housealongwith
lt is vcrycr'ilfor
will incrcasc.
the lord of the third house,expcncfiture
will rcducethe
hisbrotherswho maybe ruined.Bencficcombinatirrns
evil res|lts.But, if the lord of thc trvclfthhouscbe comtrincdrviththc

lords of the sixth and eighth houses,the period will bring happiness,
and other comforts.
4. When the lord of the 12th houseis placedin the 4th house
alongrith its lord and alsocombinedwith beneficplanets,the person
will lead a happy life. He will possesslands etc. If there be
combinationwith maleficplanets,bad resultsmayoccur.His mother
will havedifficulties.There maybe troublesto his lands,agriculture
If there be both beneficand maleficinfluences,the
and conveyaces.
resultswill be mixed.
5. If the lord of the 12th house is placed ih the 5th house,
combinedwith the lord of the 5th house,duringthis period,a child
maybe born to him. But therewill occurbad resultsalso.As the 5th
housedenotesnoblepersons,it is possiblethat he maylosethe good
will and favourof a nobleman.As the 5th houseindicatesintellect,
his intellectual faculties may suffer. Combinationswith benefic
planetswill ward off much of the evil results.If there be a malefic
combination,children may not be born to him. Or there may be
serioustroublesto his children.Or his childrenmay go astrayand
taketo bad ways.Also, he maylosethe friendshipof somerich person
and incur his wrath. Also, his father may havesomedifficultiesand
troubles.(Because5th houseis 9th from the 9th house.)The person
may have troubles due to disturbancesin his country and his
professionmay suffler.
6. If the lord of the twelfth house is placedin the 6th house
alongrvithits lord, the period will prove to be auspicious.(Here
VipareetaRaja yogais caused).During this period,he will perform
auspiciousceremoniesand lead a happylife. Beneficcombinations
will promotethe goodresultsto a greatextent.
7. If the lord of the twelfthhouseis placedin the seventhhouse,it
is evil to his wifc. If there is a death-producing
addition,shewill die.Shemaylive for sometime in a foreigncountry.
Benefic combinationswill enable her to gain wealth. Malefic
on the other hand, will causemuch misery and
Or he mayfall sick'Or his
The nativemayrvanderaimlessly.
wife rnavhaveto suffcrdisgraceduc to slandcr'

8. If the lord of the twelfth houseis placedin the 8th house,the
native will experiencehappinessand unhappinessalmost of equal
amounts.Benefic combinationsc,auseauspiciousresultsto happen.If
there is combinationwith the lord of the 6th house, the period will
prove to be extremelyauspiciousand causegood resultsto happen.
Also, the effects will be modified by the nature of the planet
associatedwith the lord of the 12thhouse.
9. If the lord of the 12thhouseis placedin the 9th house,it is evil
to the professionof the person.If the lord of the 12th house is
combinedwith the lord of the 9th house,the resultswill be ordinary.
The personwill spendmoneyin performing good dcedsin which he
will take interest. There is dangerto his profession.Always benefic
combinationsgo a long wayin reducingthe evil results;A planetgives
its resultsduring its major periodor sub-periods.
10. If the lord of the 12th house is placedin the 12th house
combinedwith the lord of the tenth house,there will be expenditure
of wealthon charity.Wealth obtainedfrom his parentsmay be wasted
away. Benefic combinations will cause expenditure for virtuous
purposes,such as giving gifts and charities to good people and
building of choultriesetc.
11. If the lord of the 12th housebe placed in the 1lth house
alongwithits lord, therewill be obstacles
to gain.Beneficplanetswill
causeexpenditurein auspiciousways.Malefic combinationscause
expenditurein evil ways.The waysthrough which moneyis spentwill
dependupon the nature of the planets.Maleficscauseexpenditure
through evil ways, enemies and thieves. There may arise
with elder brother and therebythere may be
losses.Theremaybe both gainsandlosscsof wealth.
L2. Satyacharyagives here some general rules lor the
determinationof effects.Effectswill be good or badaccordingasthe
lord of the 12thhousehappensto be a beneficor maleficby lordship.
If he owns benefic and malefichouses,the effects will be mixed.
Planetsowning a kendra and a trikona housebecomeextremely
benefic,as they are yogakarkas.The nature of a planet has to be

ascretainedwith rp[r'rcnce to the natrrrc of rulership of houses and
also according to tho cight kinds of strength. Thus there arise three
kinds of yogas--benefic, malefic and of misra (mixed) nature. A
benefic yoga always reduces evil results and promotes auspicious
results. Malefic combinations on the other hand, tend to reduce
good effects and produce evil results, such as expenditure,debts and
bad deeds.

aai$g Efra Tr frfrtrmq

1. If the lord of the 12h houseis a benefic (by rulership), he will
2. If he is a maleficby rulership,he will causebad results.

Maharishi PARASARA'S
AncientClassicon Hindu Astrologr

Brihat Parasara
Hora Sastra
(2 VoltuneSet)

Text in Sanskritwith Translation,exhaustive
in English.

Must For Everyl.over of Astrologi.



The Nature ofRahu and Ketu ; The EffectsofRahu

and Ketu ; The Effectsof Transits (ti|-*wot>
The nodes Rahu and Ketu are the enemiesof the Sun and the
Moon. When they arejoined with the Sunandthe Moon theybecome
weak.Similarly,the Sunand the Moon becomeweakwhenthey coile
to the placesof Rahu and Ketu.
Rahu and Ketu give the resultsof the planetsconjoinedwith them
or aspectingthem. Their resultsdependupon the lord of the sign an'd
navamsawherethey are positedat birth.
When the nodes are joined with beneficplanets,they yield good
results.But whilejoined with maleficstheyproduceevil results.
is of the opinionthat Rahu andKetu haveno effectsof
their own but producethe resultsof the planetsjoined with them,
aspectingthem or thosein whoserasi or navamsathey are placedat
birth. Their nature is to be understoodfrom the natureof the lords of
wheretheyare placedat birth.
the rasisand navamsas

Effectsof Rahu in DifferentHouses

1. Rahu produies evil resultswhile placedin anglesand trines.
2. In the secofldhouse,Rahu causesmonetaryexpenditureand
troublesto membersof the family.
3. In the third houseRahu producesevil resultsto the brothers,
ear trouble and makesthe nativelittle courageous.
4. In the 4th house,it causesdiscreditto motherand alsosickness
5. In the 5th house,it harmsthe children.
6. In the 6th house,it pioducesdread of enamiesand troubles
from snakes,thieyes,wind andenemies.

7. In the 7th house,it brings troubles to wife. It may also cause
theft in someforeign place.
8. In the 8th house,i1 flings about seriousdiseases,death and
9. In the 9th house,it makesthe personungrateful,particularlyto
his preceptor,eldersetc.Also it maycausehardshipsandtroublesto
his father.
10. In the L0thhouse,if it is afflicted,it will makerhepersonfollow
low professions.Also it may enablshim to havedip in holy riverslike
the Ganges.
11. In the L1thhouse,hisgainswill be interrupted.
12. In the L2thhouse,it producesvariouskindsofexpenditures
sayshere that he hasmentionedonly few of the effects
and the rest hasto be guessed
throughone'sown intelligence.
effectsare also similar and they also dependupon the effectsof the
rasi in which it is placed at birth. The other results have to be
lntelligentlyinferredwith thehelpof the Panchasiddhanta

Effectsof Transits
The effect of transitshaveto be predictedwith referenceto the
andthe Moon'ssign(ChandraLagna).
Each signis dividedinto eightkakshasor classes
belongingto the
planets: Saturn,Jupiter,Mars,the Sun,Venus,Mercury,the Moon
and the Lagnain thisorder.
The ashtakavarga
chartsare to be preparedandif thereis a rekha
in any of the housein the ashtakavarga
of a planet,that planetwill
give the resultswhen it passesthroughthe kakshaduringits transit.
The resultsdependupon severalfactors,the most irnportantbeing
(1) the natureof the house,(2) thenatureof the lord of thehouse,(3)
the signin which the cuspfalls and (4) the strengthof the planet.If
the lords of the signsand the househavinga rekhaare strong,they
produceDhatu,Moola,JeevaandMisra resultsaccordingastheyare
planetsbelongingto thesecategories.Here, the principlesof the

Panchsiddhantacriterion and the narureof lordshipof the planets
(whether benellc Ar malefic) are to be taken into accountbefore
arriving to the final conclusion.

1..The Sungivesgoodresultswhenhe transitsthroughthe lst,2nd,
4th, 6th, 8th and 9th starsfrom the natalstar(JanmaNakshatra)and
givesbad resultswhen he transitsthe 3rd,5th and 7th starsfrom the
natal stars.The nature of the effectswill dependupon Adhipatya
(rulership) also i.e. rulership of evil houscslike 6, 8 and 12 will
producebeneficialresults.The resultsof other planetshave to be
2. The stars of the eleventhhouse ownedby a benefic ptanet
producegood resdltson the week-dayof the bencficplanet.The stars
of the signs angular to the sign owned by a benefic planet also
producegood results.The stars of the signstriangularto the sign
ownedby a malefic planetproduceevil results.The Sun represents
the soul or atman. The Moon representsthe body, and lagna the

Transit of the Sun

l. During its transit through3, 6, 11 signsfrom the Moon's signs,
the Sunproducesauspiclousresultslike promotions,success,
from kingsand gain of wqalth.In the 4th signsorrowandunhappiness
are caused.ln the 5th signworriesregardingchildrcn.In the 7th sign
with somenoble person.In the Sth signquerrels,
fear and sicknessare caused.In the tenth house,he causessuccess
one's undertakings.In the lst and thc 9th housq,he causesmixed
results.In eachcaseone is to takeinto accountthc\naturcof ptanets
combinedwith the Sun and the positionof the Sunin the navamsa
2. The effectsproduccdby thc planetsduringtheirtransitsthrough
the varioussignscountedfrom the Moon'ssignareasfollows:--


Effectsproducedby different planetswhenthey
transit varioussignscountedfrom
the Mo6n'sRadical Sign
1. Good andbad resultsmixed.
2. [,ossof wealth.
3. Promotionsandhonourfrom kingl, wealth'
4. Grief.
5. Worries relating to children.
6. Promotions,honourfrom kings,wealth'
?. Enmitywith somenoblePerson.
8. Fear,diseases
9. Good
in businesrandundertakings.
10. Success
11. Promotion,honourform kingsandwealth'
12. Fruitlesstravels,griefanddiseases.
1. FortunesandhaPPiness.
2. Wealth.
3. Success.
4. Fearandgrief.
'; '
5. Sorrow,worriesetc.
6. Fearfrom enemies.
7. Grief.
8. Danger.
9. Sickncss.
10. Attainmentof wishes,comfortsandsucccss'
12. Expenditure.

1. Good andbad resultsmixed.
2. Lossof wealth.
3. Promotions,honours,andwealth.
4. Grief.
5. Worriesregardingchildren.
6. Promotions,honours,andwealth.
7. Enemitywith somenobleperson.
8. Fear,diseases
9. Good andbad resultsmixed.
10. Troublesto occupation.
11. Promotions,honourandgainof wealth.
grief and illness.
12. Aimlesswanderings,

1. Monetarylosses.
2. Gainof wealth.
3. Harm andtroublesthroughenemies.
4. Increaseof wealth.
with wife andchildren.
5. Misunderstandings
6. Worriesand troublesfrom enemies.
7. Quarrels
8. Gainof wealthandihildren.
9. Obstaclesand interruptionsin the profession.
10. Comforts.
11. Gainsrincreaseof wealth.
12. Comforts,expenditure.Jupiter :
L. Grief.
of agriculture.
2. Increaseof wealthadvancement
3. Troublesto rank,positionandstatus.
4. Worriesand troublesto relatives.
5. Birth of children.
6. Fear from enemies.
7. Comforts,pleasures.
8. Diseases
9. Acquisitionof moneythroughchildren.
10. Lossof wealth.
11. Wealth and promotions.
12. Grief and fear.

1. Gainsof wealth,pleasurewith dancinggirlsetc.
2. Increaseofwealth.
3. Courageandwealth.
4. Acquisitionof friends.
5. Birth of children.
6. Fearfrom enemies.
7. Femalediseases.
8. Gainof wealthand companywith women.
9. Comfortsandhappiness.
10. Debtsandlodns.
11. Happinessandothergoodresults.
12. Expenditure,wasteof moneyandforeigntravels.
Saturn :
Manykindsof diseases.
Lossof wealth,quarrelsin the family.
Promotions,gainof rvealthandservants.
Quarrelsand enmity amongthe relatives,loss of happiness,
dangerto wife.
5. Dangerto children.
6. Victoryoverenemies.
Stayin foreigncountries.
8. Troublesand difficulties.
9. Baddeeds,stoppage
10. Troublesand difficulties.
11. Gainsandhappiness.
12. Stayin foreigncountriesandlossof foodgrains.





for the.beginnerrs
The work is a must not only
of astrolosv'r

n^ ann/-

';i'8i;i' sc-lg,I'aR,
P ' B ' R s ' 5 0 0 / - ' t t ' ' .i 1 . !



Slokasof Satyocharya,Qttorcd itr tlrc Cotttrnetttary
'Cltintann,i' bv B ln uotPalo

"Errilgqri drurprffrqft,gt*qP*6*' '

fira: ila +.aII ihiqqr frtrqrsqr il

gsEaFItgfMsu t5fr Tn aqiarci:
T6{rd 5lrqdg"fr gq qfr fiq: ll"
These are the forms of the signs from Aries onwards :
rspresentsa ram, Taurus--a bull, Gemini--a couple holding a lute and
a mace, Cancer--a crab lying in water, Leo--a lion roaming in the
forest, Virgo--a virgin travelling in a boat and holding a lamp and a
plant in her hand, Tula--a person holding scales in his hand'
Scorpio--a scorpion, Sagittarius--centauri.e. a person holding a borv
in his hand and having the form of horse belorv his rvaist,
Copricorn--a crocodile having the head of a deer, Aqttaritls--a person
carrying a pot full of watct',Pisces--apair of fish.

"qc*ial furtdr ffidRft

ttltl: ;Fqtr:I

ilFa e-f'd{: rqsm il
Thc signs are called chara (movable), sthira (fixcd) and ubhaya
(dual) in order. The personborn in thcsc havcthoir tlualiticssimilar
to those indicatedby thc signs. Thc charactcro[ thc pcoplc born in
movablesignsis ever changing.ll rcmainsstcadyand lirm if thcy are
born under fixed signs.It rvill bc sometimessteadyand sonlctinres
lixed for those born under the duel signs.


fufy qLqr 14ft5 aqFAI:I


qTdT:gR TCqT'il

The first nlrvamsaof the movablc signsand thc middlc navamsattl

the lixcd signs arld thc cnding nrl\ranlsarll thc dual signs tcrnrcd
l'allsin tt Vargtll.tanra
Vargottama navanlsa.ll'at birth, thc asccnditrtt
navarnsil,thc person conccrncdu'ill rise to a {rcat positionantl l'rr;an
inrportautpcrson (hcad) in thc lirmilv.


swrqrffdTfrq: rlvtrgq{qrsrfril"
From the natal Moon and the ascendant,the 3rd, 6th, 10th and
1Lth housesare termed Upachayahouses.The rest are called


$ furfisaa+drtrgrraft

If the lord of a long sign be placed in a long sign, the limb

by the signwill be long.

qa; drrq:nitqqtaft t
gr!frFfl1: 11"
Jupiter,Venus,the Sun,Mars,the Moon, MercuryandSaturnare
lordJof Brahmans,Kshatriyas,Vaisyas,Sudrasand peopleborn of

"ar{Rrdgqdt lndfudrqrrtq:ttnlgdmt
Mars and Saturn are tasmic in naturer Venus and Mercury are
rajasic. Jupiter, the Moon and the Sun arq satvic. The nature of the
people will be similar to that of the planetsgoverning them.


fuiA rfi ffi

gcA eailsutlflfqi I
a tt-dfr i $q[:ll"

The lords of the houses2, 12,5,9, 8, and 4 countedfrom the

moola-trikonahouseownedby a planetarefriendlytowardsit.

"qAEtEvrl*Era RIdt {FrflE?lqq1 |

Ttrd fr?rErutfgErsnt"
lrAfu\ trf-ttg*a R+nnSwanaddrsqI
il{F o'ffi
When all the planetsare situatedin mov:lblesignsthe resulting
ypgais catledRajju. His conductwill not be good. He will stayin a
foreignland,but will be rich.
When all the planetsare placedin fixed signs,the yogais called
Musala.Under ihis yoga,workmenendowedwith rvealthand self

- - Yh_"I all the planetsare placedin duel signsthe yoga is called
Nala.Under this yogapeoplewith defectivelimbsor extr-alimbs are
born..Also the peopleborn under this yoganay be highlytalented
andrich and endowedwith differentkindsof enjoyments.

grur anwrmrfr*{Rlqqqifurd:
kx< r
HT gErAre e{qqqegfrTdq il
trr5fi ifi frlil irarurqtnn qki w;qn
When planets,other than the Sun, occupythe 2nd, thc 12th or both
the 2nd and the 12th housesfrom the Moon, the resulting 3 yogasare
respectively. styled 961 (Sunapha), 3fifi'r (Anaphaf anA ({wr

"9461qq196.1qffi ftqgq; 1"

When there is neither Sunapha yoga, nor Anaplra yoga, nor
Durudhara, then Kemadruma yoga resulti.
Varahamihira has quoted Satyacharyain his work Brihatjataka at
severalplaceswith great reverence. Some of thesearc :

qt{ frEdrdfd$qtT{dr?iqqqBq:wfiiq r
ns{{fiEiwrnw{ Eg{rE4q5qft {rdEFriHtl
Jeeva Sharma lays down in accordancewith his ou,rrcloctrine that
the maximum period of life given by each planet is l/7th ot'rhe
muxrmum aggregateperiod (120 years and 5 days).The dcclorationof
{r (Sa4,a) that the Ayurdava of the planet corrcsporrds in vcigs io
the number of the sign tvtfi'rl whose navanlsa is'.ccurricd bv the in agreement with the vicrvs of the majoritv .f astr.kigical

sdna TdfrftrtrE-r$traf4qqI

q: $qr.sqrerfl: rr

Accordirtgto satyo's,tlc the signs,dcgrecs.minurcsctc.. travcrsetl

a given planet ought to be convcited int6 minurcs antr criviclecl
bv 100.
If the quotient be a number excccding12, subrr.ct l'r.rr it u* ir.,unv
multiplesof 12 as you can,the remainder givcsthc nunrhcr of vcari.


$ilfrSqq rc<qrfr? sqmre?q,.rlsE5drfkq


The Ayurdayaof a planetis to be trebledwhenit is in its exaltation
or in its retrogradeposition.The sameis to be doubledwhen the
planetis in a Vargottamansa(Eqtdclill in its own navamsa,in its own
house,or in its own decanate.This is the peculiarityin the methodof
All elseis similar
workingout the ayurdayaaccordingto Satyacharya.
to whathasalreadybeenstated.


T{tr fuT 'gffirq

{g{ttqrft: I

grurfffii E qgrrdqrw ( +<1R ats*orftn

Tlrc rule of Satyacho4,ois preferable (to that laid down by Maya or

Jeeva Sharma). But some make the process inconsistent and
unwarrantable by a series of multiplications. The dictim of the
Acharyas (Satyaand others) is the following:-.
1.. Where several multiplications crop up, only one, and that the
highest, is to be gone through. (For instance,when a planet is in its
own house, and in its exaltation and in retrograde motion, the
Ayurdaya is not to be doubled first and then the result trebled and the
second result further trebled. According to the rule, the Ayurdaya
should be trebled once for all).
2. Again, when there are severalreductions applicable,only one,
and that the greatest should be made. (For instance;a planet may be
and may be eclipsedby the Sun. It is enough if the
in an inimical sign'.e.
grqim Astangatareduction be made.)
reduction by half,


drnq t
ratutrd: {dnqTemiliqrlrE

ird: vcvqtf, qrqqT+l*alq{r{iq r

fq Rajju, flltt Musala and r Nala are the three glea Asraya
yogas declared by Satyacharya to arise when the planets are
exilusively in the movable, the immovable and the dual signs
respectively.go Srak and q( Sarpa are the two (att) Dala yogas
mentioned by v-tnw Parasara due to the kendras being exclusively
occupiedby benefic and malefic planetsrespectively(the Moon being
left out of account,benefic and malcfic planetsare 3 each).

fqdrrT:g{: I
etqr' gFeqrqrildrft
TiRglftIisd q* q Mqreraa: n
According to Satyacharya,the bhavas are generally advanced if
good planeti occupy them and reduced if bad ones should be in them.
But in the case of tne 6th, Sth and 12th bhavas the effects are

rovcrsed.That is rrralcficin thc 6th, ttth and 12thhousesbring one
goodfortunewith minimumlabourand maximumincome'

q g}rt{ $Tqrd qdr q qrrrtr{nr{,TlrqR t

as Ascendantis not auspicious"
Yavanascontradilt the iame sayingthat "Satyais not correct;it is
ownedby thCsignAquariusthat are bad in
only the Dwadasamasas
all Rasis"Vishnuguptaat onceasks"Which sigrrhas not got sucha
sub-divisionas Kumbha dwadasamsa?" The remarks are not

qafi q-?: Ss: qqedrqlF{qr{d:W I

ttql a qAffie
rqtE:q rtr{li?t<f: I
Characteristicsof peopleborn ln the twelveascendants

"lE m

Eddtginui leFfrdqmq: I

A personborn in Meshalagnawill havedeformednailsandwil[be

easilyrirritated.He will causerift and disruptionamongothersand
may falter in'his speech.He will be of biliousandwindy nature. He
in his life.
will be miserlyandwill havcmanykindsof sufferings

{fufr ErA Uftt<ga' oqq-s6:qfftrfrtt

q{fufi fr?rftilrq oqirtrwal il
During his boyhood,he will separatefrom his elders.His children
will be dull. He will do goodto his relativesandbrdthers.Hemay go
to foreignlandsand startdecdswhichmaynot bearanyfruit.

frqr'a frrgt a Ef6diaqisqttrd qrqfit

qffi{qrrqfr. ffii

Ers ir{{d{Tqtfr il

He may gct as his wifc a girl from a low casteor one of lowly

girl or onewirtlwasalready
nature,or a tale-beareror a handicapped
married to some body else. His friendswill be of greathelp to him
like his own brothers.

rq q| ftqqiTruiFtrtttfroRqt t
rdrslrctFFTra ?Ntdi'fltdFFHral
His death will be causedby some weapon' poison,complaints
relating to bile, relatives,rain, forestsor by a fall'
Taurus Ascendant
For a personborn in Vrishabhalagna[ips,neckand nosewill be
fat. His iorehead' will be large' He will have excessof the two
humoursphlegmandwind. He will bg liberalandwill makesacrifices
for others.He will be extravagant

o{Fr scd qmdlfdtrfsrAsf'{t +q il

He will havea largenumberof daughtersand few sons'He will do

to t is fit6et andmotherlHe will be everengagedin his
il;iy il;
dutiei. He maynot be veryreligiousbut rvill possess

kst$ffi lffiswr<Fneida t

His death may be causedthrough excessivebodily cxertionr water,

roots, travel or four-legged beasts.
Gemlnl Ascendant


fr$ ffil: qftstuoFila t

firqilFqfiIwqt frprgftffi-+4ro: n

nmb li will havea limb in exccss.He will speaksweetly'He will do
meritoriousdeeds.He will be of mixednatureandmaybe broughtup
by two mothers.

erwqfrqemrq:qai E qkfr $un a t

recrsgd'rseqie:qt|tr{fr T(Ftq il
He will be lacking in intellect.His body will be thin' He will be

worshippedby good peopleand will be liked by his elders.He will
havefew brothers.He will do gooddeeds.He will crushhis cnemies.
He will possess

6tr{ EgqFrtfr rr{ qlErqfrq EI?rEIFqI

He will be engagedin manyactivities.He rvill carn mcrit and then
destroythe benefitshe hasearnedthroughvariousfaultso[ his.

r_efr:qiffiqe t{itq altturwqft t

eraravrynsqF6, dI KI5T4frrl
He gets many wives. He overcomes manv dire diseascs.He dies
through serpsnt-bite, poison, bcastsor water.
Cancer Ascendant

Ffrtr T{ffi


*t: t

g.ard I

When the ascendant falls in Canccr, he will be a yrersorrhaving

many pursuitsor will not be able to concentrateon anything. Hc will
have some diseasc in his private parts. By naturc. he rvill be a
cowarcl.He will havesome mark on his chcst.The huntorousphlegm
and wind will bc predominant in his nature. He rvill have good
grasping power.

qqfitrirafqA qrqft Frt@


He may be attachedt<l pcople of sinful nature and rvho may be

inimically disposedlowards him. He may spcnd moncy cntrusted to
him by others. He may be despisedby his peoplc. He may not be able
to achieveanythingof permanentvalue.

fiesr6{ fraSFta Frdfta: wetfr |

sfis{lrqrtlRgftkataTfl: {r{ry il
He will do some crucl act in a foreign countrv. His rvilc will bc
totally- of a different naturc. He will be casily o\;crconlc hy his
enenries.Yet he will be rcspcctcdin the society



He may meet rvith his death through some throat-disease,rope,
phlegmatic disordcrs, fracturesof bones, cuts and woundson his body
or through rhe diseaseknown as dropsv.
Leo Ascendant

fireffi oBa: rqrfrq:EffiI fuerqrq:t

T{dr{tfggE: ifrpfFt{

{irR: EqRl:ll

A person born in Leo ascendantwill be a difficult person. He will

be fond of meat. He will be of bilious nature. rHis nose will be
prominent. He will have many undertakings.His family will be large.
He will be thrifty. He will be respccted and renowned.

frmt: sftfca: r
Frqfrqrdtfffs Endc"l
o,ffir frldtMwqFrsa: n
He will cause grief to his brothers and sisters. He will produce
harm to his kithiand kins, but he will be valourous and do many
heroic deeds.He will not be pessimistic,but rvill be alwaysin a happy
mood. He will do his duties with devotion adopting all possible ways
and means,but he will not be righteous.

Hqi Tfiftdt{affifrw: S'*{tdnq I

6e?rF3ilrt|r{en ildr$aEqrd|ft il
He gets many wives of many kinds from different families. He
contracts many diseasesparticularly in the waist portion of his body,
knees,and teeth.

fi!: tr: qrtFtra orffq?nqatqrfr

His death will be causedthrough weapons' sins, poisons,wooden

blocks, diseases,aquatic animalsand by hunger.
Viryo Ascendant



EI{q gQur11


A personborn in the Virgo ascendantwhich forms the 6th sign of
the Zodiac will ever speaksweetly.His body will be lustrous. His
handsand feet will be long.He will be of mixednature.His form will
induceveneration.His body will be markedby wounds.He will have
wealthbut will be a miser.

rrflaE: @tcgf$ qr{ftFag I

6{FI ftgq: sqr*{ft rr
He will be liked by his relatives.He will havemore daughtersand
will be inimicaltowardshis brothers.He will like to remainreligious.
in his profession.
He wjl haveverylittle gains.Hg wi-llbe an-expert

$fikqnra lql Erdft tnlrartl

He will meet with his death through <lifferent kinds of ttcasts,

weapons, diseasesarising from disorders of bile, grief, fall or by a
rope (hanging).
Libra Ascendant

qTqrmderri frqqil' {at frqq$a' '

iilrdrfuiF:$rrdt r*Efrq: ??rEqrq
If the ascendant falls in Libra, his limbs may not be lormed in
proper symmetry. His conduct will be bad. He will be of phlcgmatic
and windy nature. His neck will be short. He rvill be ungrateful.

qtq liT*

qll: ltFI:r

1utara trca: frarqr+srrqqqq: rr

He gets hug'e income. He meets with expenditurcs also. He
generlly becomes famous. He is very dutiful towards his preceptors
and elders and renders serviceto them. He is respectedby his father,
other people and brothers.

ffiafutrrd frqrrT{rarfttH: : : r
gorr{: o.ftTFd{Eer:
ftsq; sg
He is inclinedto travel.He docsmcritorious
decds.He cncounters
manv trrtubles.His wife will predeceaschinr. Hc has a liking for
quarrcllingwith others.Mostlyhc suffcrsfrom griefctc.




His death will be through some person of renown or his own

relativesor a domestic animal or through excessivegrief or separation
or hunger or travel.
Scorpio Ascendant

0{Ernr$qri frnr*qFw|rir{{: !Fq:I

When the ascendantfalls in Scorpio, the person has a large belly
and face. He is cruel. He is o[ bilipus temp{rament. His Jy". ur"
copper coloured. He walks softly but s*iitly. He overcomes his
enemies and exercisescontrol ovei others. He has a large familv and
cricle of relatives.He spends lavishly.He has manl childien.\

qntFrkftgdr lrinqtq aaft egurar

{Tgdqr6Tl?r{?r{AtrrirqiqrftE{H rr
He is disappoinredt\rough his rvife.Mostly he doesnor donare
much mbneyand is not ,dharitably
disposed.His enemiesarisefrom
fiis ownfamily.He sufferfrfrommanykindsof diseases.

rn*&?: rirdri ld r;qi: ratre r

rffi qrq?tdffira Ttq{Ifr rr

Cause of his death will be one of the following : His limbs.mav be
cut off. He may fall in the hands of his enernv. He mav be in
c-onfinement.He may be beaten by enemies. Or h-emay suffbr from
diseasescaused by his own sins. Or he may meet wilh some fire
accident.In one of these ways,he meetsrvith his death.
Sagittarius Ascendant
A person born in sagittarius ascendant has large lips, teeth and
nose. He is of phlegmatic and windy nature. His niils are deformed.
He is devoted to his duty. He is verv valourous.

o{ft?rlke: gr? ffi arfrgtra:r

u{ g qeqryffitrq frtrergwnft
He doesjobs in foreigncounrries.
He is likedby kingsanctthereby

andmorals,he followsa
getsmoneyfrom them. ln religious.n*attets
middtepath. Buthe picksup quarrelswith hiswife.

qqpffi 1
a$ agwazarcm;
. gq frilr+rat 1ur"" Tdlw-{rd,rfiil
of the face.He meetswith his deathfrom
He is affectedby diseases
quadrupedanimals,snakes,kings,confinementandother people.
Capricorn Ascendant

EtTqFrtitrtqlfuflga fid{tr6{T{ul: I




A person born in the ascendantof Capricorn, has a small nose and_

long hands and feet. He is of windy nature. His face resemblcsthat of
a deer. He is timid by nature. He is likely to be imprisoned at some
stage of his life.

g5@seuu<: ftfufl fiqrrrfr Ttrrtr{:I


a-ltFl: ll

He has a small family. He has limited wealth. He is miser. He has

more daughters.His relativespassaway early. His brother flourishes
well. He earns money through his own prowess,favour of kings and

gf'trdqta qffi: tt


He is in the'habit of keeping fasts and obscrving rcligious

austerities.He will get a wife of a low nature,but he rvill likc her. Hc
is very quarrclsome and quarrcls with ntany people. He cloestlot have
much hair. His kneesare rveak.He suflersfrotn manv discascs.


qT qrffule: I

His death is causedby a boy, wind, weapons,kings, ptlisons. falls.

elephants, irregularities of bile, incligestiou, or by losing his rva1"
during travels.
Aquarius Ascendant
A person bor,. i'r Aquarius ascendantis stubborn. crucf and

remains prominertt in his family. Bile anc wind dominate his nature.

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He wastesaway the wealth he gets' He has many servants.He

HE becomesweakultimately.He is
meetswith many expenditures.
friendlytowardshis elders,peopleof hisgotra,andevenenemies.But
his relativesproveinimicaltowardshim.
He gets a wife who is'very quarrelsome.He suffersfrom many
phlegrnatictroublesin the chest.He dies frorn somediseasein the
itomlch or by vomitting or by witchcraftperformedby females.

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A personborn in Piscesascendant
a mixtureof biliousand windy
natures.He is truly a greatperson,an evolvedsoul.He suffersfrom
himselfin variousactivities.
skintorubles.He engages

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He has righteous income and expenditure. He has servants'He is
-or 6y his relatives and womenfotk. He has control over
he is devoted towards his brothers. He is religious arld
does meritorious deeds.He has a good wife.

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His death may be causedby people headingsomegroups and
organisations,oi by diseasesin the private parts or through th.e
drugs,by fastingor by losinghis
prictice of witchcrait,by poisonous

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