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Sexual relationship discussed in Islamic Perspective

Like any other physical need, sexual desire is also considered as the basic requirement of
human beings. As far Islam is concerned, this religion has clearly discussed matters related with
sexual behavior. The sexual relationship is considered as a way to reproduction and survival of
human race.
According to the teachings of Islam, the sexual relationship is limited only to the legally wed
husband and wife. Sexual relation after marriage is the source of mutual satisfaction, love and
compassion between husband and wife. This relationship between married couple is further
explained through Quran and Hadith.
"And among His signs is this that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you
may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between you; in this are
signs for those who think."(30:21)
Mutual satisfaction during sexual intercourse is discussed through various Ahadith. Moreover,
sexual dissatisfaction can be taken as a valid ground for divorce. In Islam sex is not treated as a
way to satisfy the physical needs rather it may also be used as a tool to enhance love and
compassion between life partners.
Sexual relationship outside Marriage
There is no concept of sexual relationship outside marriage in Islam and such an act is strictly
prohibited. Moreover, Muslims are advised to avoid such circumstances that may result in
sexual relationship without any legitimate marriage.
Islam has forbidden those things, which are harmful to humans and their social life. Pre marital
or outside marriage sexual relation may result in unwanted pregnancy, disturbance in ones
married life and AIDS or other like diseases.
Contraceptive measures
Muslims are normally encouraged to have children however, contraception is not prohibited in
specific cases. The procedure, which was being used during the time of Prophet Hazrat
Muhammad (PBUH) was known as Azl (Coitus Interruptus). When asked by Holy prophet in
this regard it was said: Individuals can do as they will, but if God intends for a child to be born,
she/he will be born.
Azl can only be practiced with the will of wife, as it may create hindrance in her sexual
satisfaction or against her desire to have a child. It is however termination of pregnancy is

strictly prohibited in Islam. Imam Ghazali has discussed several legitimate reasons for practicing
contraception such as financial circumstances or general health of a wife.
Whether abortion is permitted in Islam or not
It is believed by majority of Muslim jurists that Abortion is allowed only in such circumstances
where life of a pregnant woman is in danger. Similarly, it is permitted in cases where the body
of unborn child is defective and abortion is prescribed on medical grounds. Some Muslim
scholars consider it as permissible for pregnancies, which are the result of incest or rape.
From the above discussion, it is evident that Islam has forbidden any kind of sexual relationship
outside marriage. In addition, a clear direction has been given for the married couple to lead a
safe and healthy sexual life.
Islam has discussed sexual aspects of human life and matters linked with it in a simple and
straightforward manner. Any kind of sexual relationship outside marriage is strictly prohibited
and termed as a major sin.