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GURU v1.6.3 - 8th November 2008

Copyright 2007, 2008 FXpansion Audio UK Ltd.
READ ME -- Changes from v1.5.1 to v1.6.3
v1.6.5 (18th November 2008)
* MIDI CC support for new features, as follows:Channel 12 - Note On & Off
* Note 2: Pad Hold: note 2
* Note 4: Last Pad
* Note 54: Note Rpt
* Note 56: Note Erase
* Note 58: Pad Chromatic
* Note 59: Full Levels
(Trigger any of these with Pad Hold enabled to latch.)
Channel 1-9, 10 and 12 - MIDI CCs
82-89: Select engine 1-8
90: Full Levels level
91: Note repeat rate
* Fixed some bugs in Loop mode.
* Added back missing pad names display option
* Fixed crash on startup with MPK-49, MPD-32 and MPD-24 on OS X
* Reinstated some missing interface control headings
* Fixed a display bug with the pads rightclick menu on OS X
* Fixed an AU validation bug

v1.6.4 (11th November 2008)

* Bug fixes only, mostly AU version & installer
v1.6.3 (8th November 2008)
* New HOLD button. If a pad is triggered while HOLD is down, it will play uninte
rrupted until the pad is tapped a second time. This is especially useful in conj
unction with the...
* ... new LOOPED mode for pads. When switched on, the pad will play repeatedly i
n a loop.
* Tap the HOLD button twice to latch hold mode on; three times to release all no
* New PTN CHROMATIC and PTN VELOCITY switches, function, assigns the pattern key
s to play the currently selected pad up and down in pitch or velocity.
This is essentially the same as the options "Pattern keys assigned to selected p

ad (chromatic)" in the Options page, but now brought out to the front panel for
* New PAD CHROMATIC function, assigns the Pads to play the currently selected pa
d up and down the chromatic scale.
* New NOTE REPEAT (with rate), NOTE ERASE, and FULL LEVELS (with level) controls
* Added a "Q-control"-style Instant Graph Recorder slider. Move the fader with R
EC enabled to write automation data in to the currently active graph.
* Channel 13 note#44 & 45 now move FOLDER browser up/down
* When you change the slicing mode in the loop browser, if there's one currently
being previewed, the loop is re-ut with the new settings.
* MIDI Out is now supported in Live and Pro Tools
* When saving a kit, the existing kit name is now filled in to the save dialog
* The clipboard (for copy + paste) is now preserved across song save/load, so yo
u can copy + paste engines from one song to another.
* Gate mode (for patterns, pads) now works on channel 11?
* Init engine now inits mutes as well.
* importing a loop no longer resets the pattern's play mode
* Added an option to use GURU's standard MIDI map (instead of GM/BFD) for all MI
DI import.
* Added an option to disabled the shift-key 'Overlay' graphics
* Key modifiers for Random slider are now back the way they were in 1.5.x (i.e.
Alt+Shift to increase the scope of randomization)
* Audio is now always exported at 24-bit resolution, not 16-bit
* AU version working again
* Aux effects working again
* A crash on start-up with the Akai MPD-32 and MPK-49 was fixed
* A bug with Drag & Drop affecting various hosts on both platforms was fixed
* A cursor corruption bug was fixed
v1.6.1 (2nd April 2008)
* 16 stereo outputs instead of 8
* Patterns can now be up to 16 pages (= 32 bars) long instead of the previous li
mit of 4.
* When dragging pattern notes in the Matrix view, there is a new row of toggle b

uttons at the bottom of the sequencer screen where you can set which graphs (cut
off, shift, repeat etc.) you want to move WITH the notes, and which you want to
leave in place. This replaces the old "PlusFX" functionality in the pattern edit
or, and is much more flexible as you can choose which graphs to move and which t
o leave.
* GURU is now fully skinnable! Custom skins coming soon.
* New "Quick Save" as well as the existing "Save As" feature, on the right hand
side of the interface
* You can now re-name individual pad samples (in the sequencer lane, not on the
pads themselves) - click on the pad name in the display panel above the transpor
t controls to rename it.
* The Randomizer now defaults to "Apply to All" mode on each page. ALT and SHIFT
now reduce the scope of the Randomizer's action, instead of expanding it.
* Phase Flip for individual layers has been added
* Layers can be swapped with the layer immediately to the left or right - rightc
lick or ctrlclick on the layer select button (1..8) to access this from the cont
ext menu.
* Audio export now honours engine volume when in Engine mode.
* Audio export can be armed from MIDI, and the export mode can be set (MIDI chan
nel 12, note C7 to arm, C#7-F7 to set export mode)
* Some small bugs in the standalone version were fixed.
* Some of the drag and drop hot spots were wrong in Pro Tools OSX. Fixed.
* A CPU spiking bug affecting the Pad Editor in Logic 5.5 PC was fixed
* Preferences were not saving properly on Leopard. Fixed.
* Waves were being downsampled from 24 to 16 bit when saved internally. Fixed.
* There was a display bug when saving kits via the browser in Logic Pro 8. Fixed

v1.5.12 (27th November 2007):* Fixed a Pro Tools / Windows -specific bug which would cause PT to exit when GU
RU is used in conjunction with wrapped VSTs.
* The "Paste Pads" option in the Engine Context Menu did not work. Fixed.
* Fixed some minor bugs in the stand-alone application
v1.5.11:* Pro Tools-specific fix.
v1.5.10:* Fixed some bugs in the pattern editor's cut, copy and paste routines
* You can now re-tune the pitch of a loop to fit the current tempo. CTRL+SHIFT+c
lick on the TUNE knob to snap the tuning for a single layer, CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+clic

k on the TUNE knob to snap the tuning for all pads & layers in the engine.
NOTE:- this works both for sliced loops (loaded via the Loops browser), and whol
e loops (loaded via the Pads browser)
v1.5.9:* Bug fix only -- Leopard compatibility, preview volume, MIDI export velocities,
exported loop file length, plug-in toolbar (Bypass button, etc.) in PT
v1.5.8:* Bug fix only -- REX file issues
v1.5.7:* An option has been added to disable slice normalization and the associated vel
ocity-sensitive score detection
v1.5.6:* Improved slicing in SINGLE mode
* Improved slice classification / score detection
v1.5.5:* Can now change the selected effect for Aux 1, 2, 3, Mix FX and Master FX
using MIDI CCs 15 through 19 respectively.
v1.5.4:* The transport UNDO button now operates as a single stage undo for any PATTERN
or GRAPH edit operation
* Commit (G#2) and Undo (A#2) are now available on channels 1-8, 9, 11
* Pad Edit parameters for the current on-screen Pad can now be tweaked by CCs 33
to 63 on channel 12. More documentation on this to follow.
* In Pattern Edit-Graph Select mode (the view where you see a pattern editor wit
h the graph picker to the left), the Randomizer now shuffles existing hits rathe
r than creating new ones or destroying existing ones. In regular Pattern Edit an
d Graph Edit modes, it functions as before.
* Two new and initially empty folders will be created in your GuruData folder, "
MidiKits" and "MidiSongs". When the "Receive Program Changes" option in the MIDI
options page is on, sending Pgm Ch on channels 1..8 will load a kit on the resp
ective engine from the MidiKits folder. Pgm Ch on 10 or 12 will load a song from
the MidiSongs folder. They are ordered alphanumerically, therefore to keep thin
gs manageable, we suggest naming kits and songs in that folder "000 808 Dry.kit"
, "001 Acoustic Rock.kit" et cetera. It's up to you to manage these folders your
self using Finder or Explorer -- it's your decision as to what the selection of
kits/songs GURU can load from is.
v1.5.3:* Randomize control is automatable from MIDI, and responds on channels 1..8
* SHIFT+click-dragging on a graph moves all steps in the graph
(NB:- graph values will be clipped destructively if they go beyond the top or bo
ttom of the graph's range)
* The data path can now be set direct from the GUI in the options page
* Scenes now respond on channels 9 and 11 as well as 1..8
* The Browser is now remote-controllable on MIDI channel 13
* There are now MIDI note commands on channel 12 to switch screen mode (sequence
, pad edit, mix etc.)
* REC and PLAY are available as commands on MIDI channel 12
* The stand-alone version now allows you to choose which output you'd like to us
e for multi channel audio devices, and allows you to pick a sample rate
* An option was added allowing QWERTY keyboard shortcuts to be entirely disabled
* The GURU logo can now optionally be used as a panic button again (stops playba
ck of all voices), and a remote control command on channel 12 was added for this

* An option 'Allow record to all engines at once' was added, which allows you to
record to all engines simultaneously. When this option is OFF, only the current
ly selected engine is recorded to.
* A context menu has been added to the Scenes, allowing you to cut, copy, paste
and clear scenes
v1.5.2:* the "hide sample folders" option now affects both panes in the browser (files
and folders, not just files)
* you can now nudge all notes a in pattern together using alt/shift on the nudge
buttons; hold ctrl to nudge 4 steps at a time
* key modifiers for mute+solo in sequencer now work properly
* shift+dragging a pad now swaps lanes in all patterns in the engine
* CHOP sensitivity range is now wider, allowing you to chop longer loops in to 1
-bar segments
* new MIDI CCs to adjust sample start/end points --> 78 and 79 for 'current samp
le' on ch 1-8 and 12, also entries 30 and 31 in NRPN table. On channel 12, CCs 7
8 and 79 are affected by the Edit Scope modifiers -- see the MIDI Implementation
documentation for more details