Heart Canvas Bag easy

Everyone loves hearts. This little bag is simple to make from scratch, or you can buy a plain bag ready-made. Either way, the bright red hearts make it come alive.

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You will need:
old sheet or towel red fabric paint or fabric marker small dish or pie plate heart-shaped potato stamp (see ⌦page 174) several sheets of scrap paper pencil, if not using ready-made canvas bag piece of canvas 14 inches by 9 inches or ready-made canvas bag needle and thread or sewing machine ⌦(get an adult to help you), if not using readymade canvas bag 2 pieces of webbing, each about 12 inches long, if not using ready-made canvas bag

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Fold the piece of canvas in half to find the center and mark it with a pencil. Unfold the canvas and stitch on the webbing for the handles, about 1 inch in from each side edge and middle fold.


Fold the piece of canvas in half (with the stitched side of the handles showing) and stitch across the bottom and up the open side. Turn right-side out.


How to do it:
Cover your work area with a sheet or towel. Pour a little red fabric paint into the dish. Dip the stamp into the paint and practice stamping onto a piece of paper.


To make the bag, fold down the top edge of the canvas 1/2 inch to the inside of the bag and stitch it to make a clean edge.


Put a piece of scrap paper inside the bag (to keep the paint from going through), then stamp hearts onto the outside of the bag.



9" 14"
H ea r t Canvas Bag

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