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The newsletter of the Dhaka University National Model United Nations 2014
21s December, 2014 | Dhaka | 2 Pages
Volume 1 | Issue 1



Nabadip Deb
International Press Chief
Sayantani Chaudhuri
Editor -In-Chief
Journalists :
Md. Asfaq Uddin
Purnota H annan Timi
Umme Tabassum Sarah
Ridw anur Rahm an
Md. Anwo ar Jahid
Anjuman Tanh a
Sayeed a Wah ee
Photo graphers :
Rafsanul H aqu e H ridoy
Pag e 1: Edito rials
Pag e 2: Photo Gallery
Note From The IP Chief:
This is an introdu ctory
newsletter o f the DU NMUN
Post which will be a 10
Pag e d aily tomorrow onwards.
Today we hav e for you the
Editorials and a gallery
which portrays the day th at
passed by.
We, at th e I nternational
Press advis e you to be
careful. Our eyes are al ways

DUNMUN Kicks Off!

~From the desk of the International Press Chief & The Editor-In-Chief
The third edition of the Dhaka University National Model United Nations, organised by the DUMUNA (Dhaka University Model United Nations Association) held in partnership with the United Nations Information Centre for Bangladesh, ActionAid and EASC.
Day 1 of any MUN brings with it a lot of excitement. The same was visible in the faces of the Delegates while queuing up for the registration process. DUNMUN 2014 was no different with happy faces all around!
The Conference, now the largest in the country in its third year itself, started off at the Nabab Nawab Ali Chowdhury
Senate Bhaban with the formal Inauguration Ceremony graced by the chief guest AAMS Arefin Siddque, the ViceChancellor of University of Dhaka. The Special Guests gracing the occasion were Dr. Delwar Hossain, Professor ,
International Relations, University of Dhaka, H.E. Chen Shuang, the Councilor of Cultural Affairs from the Embassy
of China, and Mr. Md Moniruzzaman, Offier-in-Charge, United Nations Information Centre. In addition, the Guest of
Honor was the UN Resident Coordinator Ad Interim Ms. Argentina Matavel Piccin.
The opening ceremony was followed by the Plenary Session which was conducted by the President of the United
Nations General Assembly who introduced the Executive Board members to the house and lightened up the spirits of
the Delegates.
What succeeded this session was a night of celebration; a celebration of the rich culture of Bangladesh through the
songs, dance and drama of the beautiful nation. The Delegates, Executive Board members and the Secretariat members socialized with each other. While some would say the Lobbying has begun! Others though, would chose to
term the evening as the first steps of lifelong friendships.
With the central theme of Empowering Youth for Sustainable Development, DUNMUN 2014 is set to be the largest
youth conference in Bangladesh ever with the amalgamation of minds from not only all over the nation but also from
other SAARC countries. The third edition is stimulating 10 councils namely: UNSC, UNDP, UNEP,
UNHRC,SOCHUM, UNESCO, UNODC, World Bank, Ad hoc Committee of Intelligence Agencies and Special
Committee for Bangladesh Affairs.
With 10 councils and 20 agendas to be debated upon, DUNMUN 2014 is all set for 3 days of crisp debating. While
new ties of diplomacy are bound to flourish, a few old ones may crumble. Whether Resolutions and Communiqus
will be passed-only time will tell. Till then Lets DUNMUN!

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2 Pages | Dhaka | 21st Decemeber, 2014




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