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I Made Pirman Dwiana


Leaving the gates of the capital behind, Suddhodana turned his head for one last
look at home.
Sebelum meninggalkan pintu gerbang kota, Suddhodana menoleh penuh
penyesalan untuk melihat kampung halamannya sekali lagi.


According to the oxford dictionary the word home is defined as th e

place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household. The
example in which this word is used could be seen in the sentence: floods forced many
people to flee their homes I was nineteen when I left home and went to college. Mean
while the terms kampung halaman has a different meaning with the word home. We
could see the sentence: Aku merindukan kampung halamanku. In this case we could see
that the type of the non-equivalence is culture specific concept in which the concept of
home is totally different with kampung halaman.
The word home in the source language is a noun that has a deeper
meaning than the word village that actually also has the realistic meaning. In
addition to the product of translation, the word kampung halaman could also
be accepted by the translator when it translated reversely to be the word
home. Not all cases can be similar to this case. In this sentence, the source
language is acceptable and has a good correlation with the target language.
This strategy tends to be used when the concept expressed by the
source item is lexicalized in the target language but in a different form.
Lexicalized means the basic meaning of the word according to the
dictionary. The basic meaning of the word attached to the base of a word.
From the above sentence, according to the dictionary the word "home"
means "rumah". However, when it combined with the phrase "Leaving the
gates of the capital behind, Suddhodana turned his head for one weld look
at", the meaning could be turned into a kampung halaman.
This is because the concept of the sentence explains that Suddhodana
will leave a place. The word home makes kampung halaman more
meaningful. The conclusion is, the meaning of word could be translated
differently depends on how it used, or where it used.
So, there is a conclusion that the word home and the word kampung
halaman means an origin place of human being, or a place where the subject
of the sentence was born. That could be one of the reasons why the translator
translating that words from the source language into the target language. As

a note that the translator also accepting if the word kampung halaman
translated reversely and used as the source language, but the otherwise. If
the word kampung halaman combined with the other words in the sentences,
it could make a better sense.