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Complete conventional AC welding controls offer

Complete Medium Frequency (MF) welding controls offer
Adaptive controls / quality assurance welding systems
Compact and highly efficient range of MF welding transformers


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Spares, repairs and returns policies tailored to your needs
Full training and education services
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Complete range of DC & battery powered hand tools

One solution for both hand tools and stationary spindles
Smart technology allows any tool to be used in any controller through the use of profiles
stored in the tool thereby reducing spares
Complete electric press offer


Class leading comprehensive servo and spindle motion control offer

Complete servo and spindle offer including motors, amplifiers and controllers
Wide adoption of open technologies such as SERCOS
Comprehensive range of AC variable speed drives


Industry leading CNC offer

Unique PLC and CNC integrated solution
Multi-tasking multi-axis flexible architecture
Well accepted solution through all main OEM and machine builders globally

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High performance ball screws, profile rail, runner blocks, shafts, bushings and systems
Our profile rail and runner blocks can reduce your spares requirement and
potential downtime
Twin track pallet based assembly transfer system to enhance production
40 years plus of industry proven experience and applications


Complete Pneumatic offering from Air preparation to Serial Control

Full Optical Interbus Valve Terminal Offering
Welding orientated proportional pressure control valves
Extensive valve terminal range featuring diagnostics to component level


Offering the worlds largest range of standard products

Comprehensive system and power unit know-how
Complete range of automotive hydraulic cylinders
Application and system engineers based in the United Kingdom

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Complex guarding systems can be achieved with standard components

All our solutions are very easily adapted, modified and re-usable with the minimum of fuss
A drill, a mallet and a 13mm spanner are all the tools you need to install Ecosafe, our
market leading guarding solution

A complete and comprehensive range of PLCs, distributed I/O and HMIs

Unique integration of PLC and motion programming
Full IEC61131 compliance allowing simple migration
Extensive applications support and project conversion capabilities

What is Medium Frequency (MF) Welding?

Medium frequency (1000Hz) resistance welding works by rectifying
a three-phase 50Hz AC current and supplying it to an inverter, which
converts the current to a frequency of 1000Hz and passes this through
a transformer/rectifier, typically integrated into the welding gun, so
that the welding current is always DC.
Compared with AC welding at 50Hz, the use of direct current MF
welding offers a number of technical and operational advantages:Balanced Phases
Since the MF welder draws from all three phases, it is less demanding on
the electrical distribution network, resulting in reduced electricity bills.
More Tolerant
It is also more tolerant of mains disturbances, as energy is supplied via
the inverter rather than directly.
More Efficient
Rexroth estimates that for a given welding application, power savings
of around 25% are achievable against a single-phase AC system.
Thanks to the higher operating efficiency, even the MF transformers
are lighter and more compact than AC types, especially where larger
currents are required, making them particularly suited to robotic
applications. This means robots can be smaller so less energy is
expended in moving the welding gun.

Weld Faster
MF means that weld times are 15% shorter too, because there are no
current fluctuations. Furthermore, due to the 1000Hz output from the
inverter and its more compact waveform, weld times can be controlled
to the millisecond, giving twenty times more accuracy than is possible
with a 50Hz AC supply. Also, unlike AC systems where there is inherent
resistance in the welding arm, there is no resistance to overcome,
allowing different arm lengths and tip characteristics to be specified,
without affecting weld times. Tip life is also extended, resulting in
considerable savings on tip dressing and consumables.
Weld Cleaner
With MF systems, peak voltage is virtually the same as RMS voltage,
which helps to obtain high quality welds, with none of the splash or
sparks that are characteristics of AC welding.
More Material Options
The controllability of MF also makes it ideal for difficult-to-weld
materials like high strength steel, aluminium, exotic alloys, laminated
steel/polymer composites, coated steels, multi layer applications, etc.

Conventional AC Welding

single phase


50 Hz



1000 Hz


20 ms
20 ms

Medium Frequency (MF) Welding


3 phase


1 ms
1 ms

The PS 6000 Series

The PS 6000 Series is a comprehensive range of AC and Medium
Frequency welding controllers with some of the most advanced
features found in any weld controller on the market today. With
a complete power range covering anything from small welding
application, through general purpose, welding aluminium and all the
way to high power applications such as seam welding.
All welders offer excellent connectivity options which include Ethernet,
Profibus, Interbus, DeviceNet.
The range is completed with a line of compact class leading MF
welding transformers and optional adaptive control / quality assurance
option modules (covered opposite).

The PS 6000 Series consists of AC and MF welding controllers,

MF transformers and associated user interfaces.

Welding Controls for Land Rover

Bosch Rexroth, the European market leader in medium frequency

Land Rover is the worlds pre-eminent manufacturer of 4WD vehicles

(MF) DC welding technology, is the system supplier of around

and the Range Rover is the original, luxury sports utility vehicle. The

400 welding control panels used in the production of Land Rovers

company is part of PAG, alongside Aston Martin, Jaguar and Volvo,

all-new Discovery 3 and Range Rover Sport at its plant in Solihull,

with Ford as its parent and employs some 11,000 people in the UK, at

Birmingham. The contract is based on Rexroths latest PS 6000

Solihull and its state-of-the-art headquarters and engineering centre in

integrated MF welding controls, comprising inverter, weld timer and

Gaydon, Warwickshire.

I/O board, which are housed in custom-made cabinets. To date, some

200 automatic panels for robot applications and 175 manual panels

Rexroth has supplied PS 6000-based welding controls for use in

have been supplied.

automated and manual welding stations on the T5 project. Since first

receiving an order for 60 medium frequency DC welding stations from

The all new Discovery 3 is the first Land Rover to be built using

Volvo, Rexroth has supplied more than 1,000 such systems to PAG sites

the companys new and unique integrate Body-frame structure a

worldwide. Quality-conscious automotive manufacturers recognise

structure that has also been tailored for the recently launched Range

that MF welding technology is less demanding on plant power systems,

Rover Sport. Both models are produced along the same line at the

allows shorter, more precisely controlled weld times, yields savings on

Solihull manufacturing plant.

welding consumables and delivers consistently improved quality.

Rexroth has built its reputation in this field based on equipment

Used for controlling spot and projection welding in Land Rovers

reliability, providing permanent on-site engineers and its strong

new body-in-white manufacturing facility, the PS 6000 systems are

commitment to ongoing technical and training support. Rexroths UK

all based on 100KVA MF inverters, to allow standardisation of parts

headquarters is in St. Neots, however many contracts including this

and the flexibility to handle different weld applications, incorporate a

one are also handled out of its sales and service centre in Cirencester.

high level of protection at 1000Hz and employ a common InterbusS

fieldbus link for programming and I/O communication.

Adaptive Quality Control

Bad fitting of


Variation of


Bad tips

3 - sheet

Variation of
sheet thickness

Variation of

In welding there can be many process concerns that lead to defective

welds. The normal way to find these defects is to look at the weld
after the event (via destructive or non-destructive testing) and then
change the process parameters to stop future defects.

Rexroth have developed two key MF technologies to avoid this

expensive and wasteful approach. They both share the same basic
principal of using a closed loop adaptive control strategy. If a
condition arises that is not normal, the weld profile is modified
dynamically so as to ensure a good weld every time. Also, the data of
every weld is available to make the process more visible, reducing the
need for additional destructive/non-destructive testing.

Option 1: Ultransonic Control (USR)

Option 2: Voltage/Current/Resistance (UIR)

Ultrasonic Transmitter


Ultrasonic Receiver

This technology uses an ultrasonic sender and receiver mounted

on the welding gun. As the weld begins the system uses transverse
ultrasonic waves to sense the liquid weld nugget developing. This data
is then used to control the weld very precisely to ensure consistent
nugget size. This technology has been used with great success with
difficult to use materials such as aluminium and hard steels.

With UIR the voltage, current and resistance are closely monitored.
If the weld begins and the observed variables differ from normal,
adaptive closed loop control is used to ensure a good weld. This is
achieved by varying the current and duration of the weld.
The ultrasonic solution offers the greatest possible weld control, but
the UIR approach offers many of the benefits at a lower cost.
PS 6000 Series Weld Controller all carry an expansion port (located
on right hand side) that can accommodate either the USR or UIR
Adaptive Control option modules.

Let Us Help Your Welding

Medium Frequency welding and Adaptive quality control are not
just the preserve of large multi-national automotive manufacturers.
Even if your manufacturing only uses a single pedestal welder, these
solutions can help you improve your quality, traceability and the
types of materials you can weld. If we can help, regardless of your
application size, please contact us and one of our skilled welding
specialists will assist you.
Automotive Tel: 0870 8502103

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