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Most compressors fail due to systom malfunctions which must be corrected to prevent repeat failures. After a compressor fails, feld examination of the failed compressor often will roveal symptoms of system problems. ‘lugging is a result of trying to ‘compross liquid in the cylinders.Liquid Liguia Stugging Broken reeds, rods or | S85 Identifying Compressor Failures S25) [Sse identifying Compressor Failures x = Corrections will help eliminate future Correction: 1. Maintain proper compressor and evaporator superheat. Worn pistons and cyl- | Inders on lower end, Worn crankshaft and crankcase Compressor starts up resulting In @ mass of foam which when pumped crankshaft may be either rettigerant or al ormore | | 2. Prevent uncontrolled liquid return (particularly ol) with Loose oF broken likely a combination of both. accumulators. discharge bolts Slugging is primarily the result of off 3, Locate compressors in warm ambient or instal! pump Blown gaskets, cycle refrigerant migration on down cycle. refrigerant cooled compressors and 4, Correct abnormal low oad conditions. fioodback on air cooled compressors. - Liquid Washout ‘This is a result of refrigerant washing Correction: Worn rods and beas- | oil off wearing surfaces.Off cycle 1. Locate compressor in warm ambient oF install pump ings. migration of saturated refrigerant into down cycle. Check crankcase heater operation. ‘Wom bearings. ‘Scored and/or broken tion for oil pump and end boaring may be adequate, but as it progresses ‘lt pump. washes beating surfaces clear of oil ‘Scored cover bearing | film necessary for proper lubrication. and crankshaft. Severe migration results in slugging. Liquid Dilution This is @ result of quid refrigerant Correction: Rotor dragishorted | returning to compressor during running | 1. Maintain proper eampressor and evaporaior superheat. stator Gyele, Ol becomes dived and iubrica- | 2, Prevent uncontrolled liquid return with accurnulator i necessary. 3. Correct abnormal low load conditions. rods down the crankshaft insufficient oto. | 4. Check of detrast cycle. Scored crankshaft. | lubricate the rods and main bearings) _$. Check for oversized TXV. Worn oil pump. will oocur.This may allow the rotor to drag on the stator and short aut the stator. : | High Discharge ‘This is a result of tamperatures in the | | Correction: | Temperature compressor head and cylincers | 1. High compression ratio:check for low suction anc! flgh | Dicoouted vane | becoming so hot ha the ol loses ts discharge pressures. Low load and evaporator plate (Cannot rub off. ) abiity to lubricate. | _ problems. Overheated or burned 2. Check low pressure control setting. valve reeds | 3. Check for dirty condensor,inoperative condenser fan Womringsand | and ambient temperature. pistons. 4, Check air flow across compressor. Wom cylinders. Scored rods, beating ‘and crankshatt 2 Identifying Compressor Failures Ss (284 Identifying Compressor Failures ack of Oil This is a result of lack of enough ail in cored bearings. crankcase to properly lubricate the roken rods. running gear. } cored orankshatt. ow oll in ctankcase Correction: 4. Check oil failure switch operation. 2. Check pipe sizing and also for oil traps. 8. Check for inadequate defrost. 4, Correct abnormal low load conditions, 5. Eliminate short cycling. Many motors falls a result of a mechanical or lubrication fallure, Many il due to malfunctioning exiernal electrical components lectrical seneral or Uniform | Entire winding is uniformly overheated jure or burned. ingle Phase Burn wo Phases of a pree phase motor are vverheated or burned, | ‘A result of not having current through the unburned phase and overloading the other | Correction: 1. Low voltage. 2. Rapid cycling of compressor. 3, Inadequate motor cooling. 4, Unbalanced voltage. Correction: 1. Replace contactor. | 2. Check terminal connections on compressor. 3, Check for balanced voltage. 4, Check for blown fuses. This shows as when ong half of the motor has a single phasing condition ona PART WIND MOTOR with a two contaietor system falf Winding Single >hase Bum Start Winding Burn | Only the start is burned ina single phase motor due to exces- sive current fowing through the start winding. Run Winding Bum Only the run winding is burned ina single phase motor. This will show as only one phase burned. Other two will be OK.Aresult of losing one phase in the primary of @ Primary Single Phase Burn Ato Y or ¥ to Atransformer. Correction: 4. Check both contactors as one may be defective. 2. Check timer for proper time delay. Correction: 1. Check C,S and R wiring. 2. Check starting capacitor and/or start delay. 3, Check for compressor overloading. Correction: 1. Check relay. 2, Check run capacitors. Correction: 1. Check transformer for proper voltage incoming and outgoing.