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Our "Assets Tracking System" provides cradle-to grave (persisting from be-ginning to end) asset
tracking and is able to track every aspect of the asset's life from initial budget proposal through to nal
disposal.Though clients
gave us suggestions,complaints,and have collaborated with us, the result of
this e
ort is that we are able to o
er an asset tracking system that will meet
your need. The following are the features of our system:
1. Patent synchronization technology:We built our own means of
communicating between the web server and the handhelds(hata hata,ex-camera,user change holao
kono problem nai.).It allows us to have great
control over what goes back and forth from the handheld, improves
the power administrators have over their users, and gives users more

exibility. With our patented sync technology, we have not lost any
data as a result of an interruption to the sync process. The connection
between our system and web server will be run on smooth process.
2. Password and security: Only client will have accessibility power to en-ter inside our system. They
could be changed their password period-ically, requiring alphabetic, numeric or special characters. Only
could access our database and can add,delete or upgrade information
if they are needed. Normal user can only visit our home page and are
able to know about the features of our company in this system.Active
user can see their pro

le by using password.
3. Assign custodian and User:According to the needed of employee, the
assets are given,at a time a single asset can be given to a single custo-dian/User/employee.All the
Good/Bad things related to the asset will
be under Custodian in charge.
4. User pro

le:The pro

le settings that the administrator gives to a par-ticular user are enforced regardless of the user working
through the
web interface ,THe user pro

le can be Edited or updated by adminis-trator,There will be minimum accessebility for User.User will be
to modi

ed,delete,or updated minimum amount of information.

5. Confegurable Data

eld:We have all the basics set up for you to be

able to e
ectively track your assets. We also o
er you the ability
to control the naming and usage of our data

elds. It might be as
simple as renaming a

eld. We give the administrator the ability

to rename and reuse all our

elds to

t your needs. If you are the

administrator, you can pick and choose which

elds are displayed,

which ones are read-only or mandatory, which ones are free text, By
providing you
exibility like this, our hope is that you can implement
at your company without even needing to consider having us customize
our software for you.
6. Monitor maintenance,Contracts and leases:We have standard

elds that
allow you to track the

nancial aspects of the asset and whether it is

under maintenance contracts or lease.
7. Rules and exceptions:The Rules and Exceptions functionality allows
an administrator to set rules to allow him/her to review asset data as
it is imported, updated in the web interface or modi

ed on the hand-holds. This helps an administrator maintain the integrity of asset's

8. Interface and other system: Employee accessibility,administrative
watch,company information with home page link,inventory.
9. Sql databaseAll the tables in our database are open for your use. You
may use any type of reporting tool you are familiar with to create
custom reports.
10. Audit History: our system allow for a clean audit trail. We keep copies
of all records imported in or exported from ATS(assets tracking sys-tem). The updated records coming
from the handhelds(zara use korba)
include who did the changes , before and after values of assets as the
changes come up from the handhelds. we show all changes made from
all sources including the web interface.
11. User Review work before sending to the server/updated to the server.
Our client users can review all the changes, new assets, inventoried as-sets before synchronizing and
sending the updates to the server. If the
user made a mistake, he can delete his update record on the handheld
before sending it to the server, which saves you or your administrator
time resolving unnecessary items.
12. Documentation:Our internal goal is to make the documentation pleas-ing enough that you can get
installed without scratching your head
and calling us to help clear up the confusion. Our documentation is
not like a standard technical document which commonly has a lot of
information that will bore you to death and make your eyes immedi-ately gloss over.
13. Searching: In our system there will be search option where you will

company information, assets are availableby using alphabatical,date
updated,last modi

ed etc.
14. Catalog all o
Your assets:
(a) Records assets by functional groups
(b) Record Supplier,cost,warranty information.
(c) Record serial number and part number.
15. Check assets in and out:
(a) Record time of Entry and exit
(b) Record Due date
(c) Record and calculate life time,remaining usages
(d) Dispose time
(e) See the Gurdian of the assets.
16. Manage Inventory:
(a) Automatically deduct from stock on hand in check out.
(b) Give/Send Warning when the Stock reached limit on particular
(c) Improve e

ciency and Visibility.

17. Generate activity Report For the Administrator:
(a) Log time for Each Assets entry.
(b) Track who use the assets.
(c) See activity chart for the assets.
(d) Build the customized report.
i. Employee assignment report
ii. Assets detail report
iii. asset veri

iv. asset issue report
v. maintanence report.
18. Transfer assets:Keep track of the assets transfer from one Employee
to another.
(a) Changing Owners information
(b) Previous custodian information
(c) Usages of assets and time limit etc
19. Employee needed:
(a) Employee can apply for the new assets if needed from the account
(b) Veri

cation can be done by administrator.

20. Web based server:Each user account created by the administrator can
be access from any web browser by the administrator or by the account
HANDHELDS mona rakta problem hola ar PORIBORTA ACTIVE USER
BOLTA PARO. Ami amar kaja 90% happy so change hoba zodi matai notun
kisu asa,tomrao parla add korba.Oh,arekta kota ami kintu sob liki nai,net
thaka porsi.