Guidelines for 06-08 weeks Summer Training/ Project

The primary objective of Summer Training is to gain through practical experience a
sound appreciation and understanding of the theoretical principles learnt in two semesters
of MBA. Summer Training is oriented towards developing the skills, knowledge and
attitudes needed to make an effective start as a member of the Management profession.
Advantages to be gained by an MBA in 06 - 08 weeks of Summer Training are:

Systematic introduction to corporate culture and development of requisite skills.
Recognizing his / her responsibilities as a professional.
Understanding real life situations in organizations and their related environments
and accelerating the learning process of how his / her knowledge could be used in
a realistic way.
Understanding the formal and informal relationships in an organization.
Continuous learning.
Understanding problems and providing unique solutions.

MBA students are required to undergo 06-08 weeks summer training after 2nd semester.
This training is basically meant to understand the practical aspects of concepts learned
during 2 semesters in the real life scenario. The training would impart practical exposure
to all the students in the Industry. The students will be doing projects relating to the
different specialization areas as discussed further.
The training and placement for the students will be managed by Training and
Placement Cell, PIMT. The students can also render help to the department for their
summer training as well as placements. The following procedure will be adopted for the
Training process. This process should be followed in both the cases i.e. training through
the Placement department or training managed by student himself.

Before the training actually starts, profile of the company / organization
must be submitted for the evaluation purposes. The various parameters
will be used for evaluation of a company. This evaluation will be done by
Placement Head (Company Evaluation Performa – ANNEXURE I)
Dates of training will be as per university norms and calendar.
No student will change organization during the training period. However
for the betterment of students case will be put up by Faculty Advisor
recommended by HOD with valid reasons within 7 days of date of joining.
After the student joins the training, a joining report must be submitted
within stipulated time.

Students are advised to prepare only one copy of the report initially that is to be submitted to the company.  Student must be in regular touch with his faculty advisor/guide. No excuse will be entertained in any case.  Receive instruction and carry out suggestions for training sincerely and to the best of your ability. The copy to be submitted in the college should be made after synopsis presentation in consultation with the guide.  All the reports and forms must be submitted in the prescribed formats. . General Rules:  All the communication must be in writing. Not following the rules & regulations may result in cancellation of candidature & student will have to repeat the training in next semester. Students are required to keep the telephone numbers and contact particulars of their respective guide in case they need any type of guidance. Rules for Training All the students must follow the following rules & regulations. No project will be accepted unless it is done in consultation with the faculty advisor/guide and signed by him/her.Guidelines for 06-08 weeks Summer Training/ Project ________________________________________________________________________     Each student would be allocated one/more faculty member who would advise or guide him/her on the training project.  Proper respect should be given to the external supervisor and other staff members of the organization / company.  Student should follow the procedures as mentioned in guidelines.  Student must adhere to the timing schedule of the company / organization.  Student should not indulge in informal talks and must behave professionally in the organization / company.  Students will not speak negative about the institute and their faculty members.  Students will discharge every responsibility assigned to him in full spirit.  Student must follow the dress code of the company / organization. No verbal communication will be accepted.  Misbehavior of any kind may result in cancellation of candidature. Conduct Rules:  Student must follow code of conduct of the company/organization.  Student should adhere to the timings for submission of various reports as mentioned in the guidelines.  Student must mark his attendance daily.

3. whichever is higher. 5. attendance (10+10) Total: Marks 10 50 10 10 20 100 .  If a student is absent during surprise visit without any prior information. of employees Rating of the company in SEBI Listing of the company in NSE /BSE Location of the company EVALUATION OF PROJECT The project done during the training will be evaluated according to the following criteria: S.Guidelines for 06-08 weeks Summer Training/ Project ________________________________________________________________________ Leave Rules  Student must submit the holiday schedule of the company / organization to the faculty advisor along with synopsis. Leave must also be informed & sanctioned from college faculty advisor.  Student attendance in the company / organization must be at least 90% or as specified in the rules & regulations of the organization / company.  No leave should be taken without prior permission from the company / 1. 2.Various parameters that can be used for evaluation of a company are:      Turnover of the company No. Factors considerable for evaluation of company The evaluation of company will be done by Incharge-Training & Placement Cell. (Company Evaluation Performa – ANNEXURE I). his / her candidature will be cancelled and student has to repeat the training in the next semester. Criteria Project Report and Documentation Presentation and Demonstration Conceptual Clarity Remarks of External Project Supervisor/Guide Remarks of Faculty Advisor incl. 4.

(One for College Library and One for Faculty Advisor). . Students should use LCD for Presentation and demonstration. Rules for presentation    Students should use LCD for Presentation and Demonstration.Guidelines for 06-08 weeks Summer Training/ Project Project Report and Documentation (10 marks) The marks for project report and documentation will be decided on the basis of following documents:  Synopsis – 2 marks  Final project report – 8 marks All the above mentioned documents/reports must be submitted within allotted time & in the prescribed format. The synopsis will be approved by the faculty advisor and HOD and then student can continue with the project. Students will submit two (2) copies of the Final Project Report.  Final Project Report: The project report has to be submitted as per dates announced by department. The format of the Final Report is given in ANNEXURE – II. Presentations and Demonstration (50 marks) At the end of the training period.One soft copy of the project (on CD only) should also be submitted to Training & Placement Cell. The Synopsis must be presented and submitted within dates notified by the institute. The presentation/demonstration will start as per the dates announced separately. Each student will work on a different project. I/C T & P Cell and Faculty advisors. students are required to present the project done. The presentation should not be paper reading and duration of the project will be of 30 minutes. during the training period in front of the panel. The panel will comprise of HOD. No group presentation will be accepted. These reports are to be properly catalogued. The format of Synopsis is given in ANNEXURE– II.  Synopsis: A document to brief the project undertaken by a student and the requirements for the project.

For any clarification contact guides. Training Dates will be as per dates notified in university calendar. 2. It will not be acceptable.Guidelines for 06-08 week Summer Training/ Project _______________________________________________________________________ Presentation Evaluation Details: The presentation/demonstration given by student will be evaluated according to the following criteria: S. Note: Title/Project of two or more student should not be same. 5. Project type and Level of Project Understanding about Project * Thoroughness in skill set ** Communication Skill and Confidence Level Query Handling 5 5 5 25 10 *Understanding about project of the students can be assessed and evaluated by checking whether he/she is able to convince the layman and professional about the project which he/she has actually developed. - . Periodic discussions The students undergoing training will have to report personally/telephonically and through’ email to the faculty advisor/guide at least once in two weeks to intimate the status of the project. It includes the following parameters:  What is the project?  What it meant for?  How it is useful?  What kind of solutions it provides? **Thoroughness in Skill set of students means whether he/she has through knowledge of the skill sets used in developing his/her project. No Criteria Marks 1. 3. 4.

of employees Listing of the company in SEBI Credit Rating of the company National /International Any Technological Collaboration Overall Assessment of the Company _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Signature of the Student Recommended Yes No _________________ (Signature of Placement Head) Date: .Guidelines for 06-08 week Summer Training/ Project _______________________________________________________________________ ANNEXURE .I Company Evaluation Performa (To be used where self option is used) Name of the Company: ________________________________________ Address of the Company: ________________________________________ _______________________Tel______________ Type of Company: ________________________________________ Evaluation Parameters Turnover of the company Details Remarks No.

 The size of the report would depend on the project undertaken. as indicated below.  The project report must accompany a certificate authenticating the originality of the work done in the prescribed format. then he/she will be using the same throughout the report.Guidelines for 06-08 weeks Summer Training/ Project ________________________________________________________________________ Annexure-II PRESCRIBED COVER PAGE AND GUIDELINES The cover page must be hard bound in Black. if anybody uses “Times New Roman” of font size 12 in the text. One copy is to be submitted to the Internal Project Guide individually before Presentation on Training Report (PTR) schedule. For example. However it must be 60 to 100 typed pages (Single space) on A4 size paper.  Each student will make three copies of project report in the recommended format.  Each student is required to make a copy of project in CD and submit along with his/her project report. The students will keep one copy of the project for their further reference in future and one copy to the organization where they have done their summer training (if required). SYNOPSIS FORMAT:  Cover and Title page  Introduction  Objectives of the study  Research Methodology  Executive Summary ( About the project in brief)  References . Maroon or Navy Blue Colour with Gold Embossing.  All the students are required to use the uniform font and format (except in heading and Sub headings) throughout the text of the report.

Types of services/products given/produced b) Departments of the Company 1. mission.2 Industry Profile 1. . Organizational chart showing the different departments 2. Introduction 1. When was it established and by whom? 2. Research Design in short. Vision. One paragraph about each of the departments explaining their functions within the company.Guidelines for 06-08 weeks Summer Training/ Project ________________________________________________________________________ REPORT FORMAT:  Cover and Title page  Company’s Certificate of Completion of Project should bear signature and the stamp of the officer concerned in the organization where the student has under gone training. Its position/stage in the life cycle. Findings. goals.  (Introduction of the reason for project. conclusions in short) I.3 Introduction of the organization a) Aim & Establishment of the company 1.1 Introduction to Project 1. 4.  Declaration given by the student  Certificate of Completion of Project by internal guide of MBA programme  Acknowledgement  Table of contents (with consecutive numbering)  List of Tables and Illustrations  Executive Summary. Objective. aims and the policies developed 3.

Suggestion/ Recommendation X. Data Analysis & Interpretation (Statistical analysis must be supported by relevant tables. as required. Title. Serial Number. Research Methodology • Research Design. • Sampling Design.g. graphs etc. Date (year) of publication.) VI. Date of issue. Volume Number. • Sources of data (Primary or/and Secondary data). Findings VII. Number of pages referred from “------.Guidelines for 06-08 weeks Summer Training/ Project ________________________________________________________________________ II. When doing a research review. you systematically examine all sources and describe and justify what you have done. III. charts. V. Place of” • Magazine & Journals/ Newspaper Author(S). Objectives of the study IV. • Data Collection tools/instruments. Title. Literature review "Research literature reviews can be contrasted with more subjective examinations of recorded information. Limitations VIII. If Author name is Philip Kotlar. Page number . then it will be written as Kotlar Philip. Conclusions (Outcome/ Result) IX. References HOW TO WRITE REFERENCES: • Books: Author (S) e. This enables someone else to reproduce your methods and to determine objectively whether to accept the results of the review. Publisher. Implication of the study XII.

5 Spacing between paragraphs: 1. XIII.5 inch.5 Between words: 1 space After a colon: 1 spaces After a semi colon: 1 spaces After a comma: 1 space After a full stop: 1 spaces . Article Name. is to be mentioned under each. Name of the Author. then it is to be numbered and source of information from which it is collected. Right = 1 inch Spacing within a sentence: 1. ANNEXURE/ APPENDICES Original data Long Tables Questionnaires & Letters Schedules or forms used in collecting data Internet Printout Industry Printout Typing Instructions: Paper A4 Size Margins Left = 1. Appendix / Annexure If the student uses any table/graph/ Figure.Guidelines for 06-08 weeks Summer Training/ Project ________________________________________________________________________ • Internet: Name of the site. date of the site visited.

S.T. Regularity of Work 3.Guidelines for 06-08 week Summer Training/ Project ________________________________________________________________________ ANNEXURE. Mandi Gobindgarh . Initiative & Dedication 9 Discipline & Sincerity 10 Problem Solving Capability Marks Awarded (each out of 10) Grand total General Remarks / Observations with regard to deficiencies / problems / suggestions for improvements. Signature of External Project Supervisor/Guide (With Seal & Date) Send this to : Incharge T & P Cell Punjab Institute of Management & Technology. G. Near G.P.No From _________To _________ Criteria 1. Leadership/Team Work 7.III FINAL APPRAISAL PERFORMA (To be filled by External Project Supervisor and send to T & P Cell) Name of Student: __________________ Roll No:__________________ Project __________________________________________________ Name of Organization & Address: _____________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ External Project ___________________________________________ Supervisor (with Phone No) Period of evaluation: Sr. Punctuality 2. Self-motivation 8. Improvement in confidence 6. Improvement in Communication Skills Improvement in Learning 4 5.Road.

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