The Dark Knight Rises Complete Timeline and Cue List

0:00 – 1:00 Opening credits, “thump thump” logo track.
1-6:40 Harvey dent scene break to plane and hostages. Strings playing deshi deshi basura basura
8:35-9:40 Press conference with Mayor and Commissioner Gordon, light strings, thoughtful. D F
Db F passages.
10 Selina Kyle enters, scene cuts to Tate talking to Daggert.
10:45 Scene cuts to party, diegetic music playing in background, violin prevalent.
11:15 Back to Kyle robbing Wayne, light music playing, solo strings.
12 Scene shows Bruce, Bruce theme, “oops” says Kyle, audience first hears F Ab G piano theme.
13:45 Blake two note oscillation, D F D F then F Ab F Ab.
15 Alfred to Batcave, Batman theme fast FFDDFFDD passage.
16:40 Piano theme from Batman Begins, leads into strings.
18 Kyle meeting with Stryver, deep rumbling noises.
21.25 Battle in the bar Kyle and Stryver’s people, loud fast strings, horns blaring.
26:30 Gordon rescued from sewer, loud pounding percussion.
29 Blake says he needs Batman, audience hears two-note Batman theme.
31 Wayne at the doctor, Batman theme.
32:30 Classical music playing at charity ball, Wayne and Tate. Diagetic music.
33:33 Mind if I cut in? Kyle’s theme.
36:30 Shot showing the building, F Eb C Db theme.
39:10 Swoop flap sound, brace on Bruce’s leg, Batman going out into city, Alfred tells Bruce of
the prison and that Bane came from there, trained by Ra’s al Ghul.
43 Bane in stock market, solid D minor chord strings.
45 Motorcycles with hostages, percussion and strings chant theme.
46:50 F E F G E D theme, Like a Dog Chasing Cars from The Dark Knight, Batman theme. Dm
and Db chords.

Batman theme. Bruce tries again. 223 Chasing bomb truck. 140 Batman in the unescapable prison. 54:30 D C# D E F . 156 Wayne climbs with no rope. Bane leaves football stadium.C# D F Bb. 201 Wayne sees Kyle again. 54 Mix of Batman theme/End Credits and Bane chant as he shows up. 116 Catwoman theme inside the airplane. 150 Special forces meeting. Wayne tries to escape prison. fades into cheering and Batman’s theme. Harvey Dent-esque clearing up streets theme. 230 One more time. percussion Deshi deshi basura basura theme. and once again…A Dark Knight theme. Blake goes running through hospital. looking over city. at football game. I’m angry” Deshi deshi basura basura chant. 121 Deshi deshi basura basura percussion as Bane takes Fox and the nuclear scientist. A Dark Knight theme plays in the background. Like a Dog Chasing Cars theme. . Batman saves Blake. 236 Happy ending. 127 Star Spangled Banner diegetic music. 131 Drumbeat that was not really heard before.50 Cops chasing Batman. A Dark Knight theme plays. more of the same theme. 105 A Dark Knight theme continues with Wayne and Blake driving together. 102 Showing Tate the reactor. frantic percussion. 205 Batman theme. 147 Deshi deshi basura basura chant for first big time. 110 Batman two note theme as he stands on top of roof. silence. 118 First time we hear Deshi deshi basura basura Bane chant as Batman is dragged to the prison. cuts to boardroom meeting at Wayne Enterprises. 153 “Not afraid. 213 War. 208 End credits music. bats appear. Deshi deshi basura basura chant. Batman End Credits as he flies the bomb over the ocean. 134 Called in the president.