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Goob DEFEATS EVIL” ART AS A FORCE FOR WORLD PEACE A gifi from the Soviet Union to the United Nations to commemorate the forty-fifth anniversary of the U.N.’s founding, Zurab Tsereteli’s thirty-nine~ feet high Good Defeats Evil™ is a monument to the recent Intermediate- Range Nuclear Forces Treaty between the United States and the USSR. The sculpture, which expresses the hopeful new era of peaceful disarmament initiated by the INF Treaty, is also an extraordinary piece of art that is typical of the power and unusual scope of Tsereteli's work. Good Defeats Evil” is dominated by the figure of Saint George, poised les: a Soviet triumphanuly on horseback above the shards of two actual miss 5-20 and an American Pershing Il. Under the provisions of the INF Treaty, the entire weapons system for delivering these short- and medium-range missiles has been eliminated. Tsereteli’s sculpture ardently speaks of the optimism of this diplomatic accomplishment and of the continued possibility of demolishing the destructive forces of aggression through a renewed global commitment to peace.