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English Word Translation Czech Example Sentence
1A amusement zbava She looked at him with amusement.
1A bilingual dvojjazyn, osoba
mluvc dvma jazyky
She works as a bilingual secretary for an insurance
1A communicative hovorn, sdln He was in a bad mood at breakfast and wasn't very
1A electronic elektronick E-mail is an abbreviation of electronic mail.
1A enthusiasm naden The best thing about teaching young children is their
1A factor faktor, initel This is an important factor that will affect my decision.
1A forms tvary Verb forms are the different parts of a verb, like 'stand'
and 'standing'.
1A Hindi hindtina, jazyk
pouvan v Indii
Hindi is one of the official languages of India.
1A Hinglish jazyk vznikl kombinac
anglitiny a hindtiny
We made up 'Hinglish' to describe a mixture of Hindi and
1A immersion ponoen, pohrouen do
She gets lots of library books and learns by total
1A invent vynalzt The first safety razor was invented by King C. Gillette in
1A mix sms There was an odd mix of people at Patrick's party.
1A native rodn, matesk (jazyk)
rodil (mluv)
She returned to live and work in her native Japan.
1A non-native nerodil (mluv) Wow, you can't tell she's a non-native speaker from her
1A outnumber pevit (co do potu) In our office, the women outnumber the men 3 to 1.
1A periods doba, obdob Her work means that she spends long periods away from
1A phrases frze, spojen I know a few phrases in Russian.
1A pick up pochytit (o jazyce) My Spanish is terrible. "Don't worry, you'll soon pick it up".
1A policy koncepce, politika We need a common foreign and security policy.
1A prized (vysoce) ocenn That bookcase is my parents' most prized possession.

Upper intermediate wordlist: English

1A reach doshnout The temperature is expected to reach 30 degrees today.
1A reasonably docela She is reasonably pretty, but nothing amazing.
1A recommend doporuit I can recommend the chicken in mushroom sauce - it's
1A my English is a bit rusty m anglitina potebuje
My Italian is a bit rusty these days.
1A succeed uspt She tried to pass her driving test for six years and finally
1A types typy, druhy There were so many types of bread that I didn't know
which to buy.
1B campus univerzitn arel There's accommodation for about five hundred students

on campus.
1B contract sthnout In spoken English, 'do not' often contracts to 'don't'.
1B contractions staen, zkrcen formy Contractions like 'can't' and 'won't' are often used in
1B fees poplatky, koln University is expensive - there are fees and then general
living costs.
1B geography zempis She studied geography as one of her A-levels.
1B graduate promovat, absolvovat Lorna graduated from the University of London.
1B Master's magistersk titul She's got a Master's degree in Music.
1B PhD doktorsk titul Dr. Rowland got a PhD in Physics from Harvard
1B scholarship stipendium Our daughter was recently awarded a scholarship at a
1B seminar semin, cvien I attended practically every lecture and seminar when I
was a student.
1B student loan studentsk pjka Most students get a student loan so they can pay for their
1B tag question tag - tzac
You'll often find a question tag at the end of a sentence,
won't you?
1B tutorial semin, konzultace Have you had your first tutorial with Dr. Stephan yet?
1C beings bytosti A nuclear war would kill millions of living beings.
1C calculator kalkulaka Please could I borrow your calculator to work this out?
1C calculus vpoet promnnch In maths today we did calculus.
1C case ppad I'll bring an umbrella with me, just in case it rains.
1C cheat podvdt Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified from the
1C cuffs manety What have you been doing? The cuffs of your shirt are
1C dozens tucty, spousty Dozens of people must have been injured in the
1C effort sil, smaha If we could all make an effort to keep this office tidier it
would help.
1C encourage povzbudit, nabdat We were encouraged to learn foreign languages at
1C equations rovnice In the equation 3x - 3 = 15, x = 6.
1C exam hall zkoukov mstnost,
Once you are inside the exam hall you must not speak to
1C experiences zitky Tell me your experiences of working with kids.
1C GCSEs zkouka ukonujc
stedn kolu v Britnii
My son got 7 As and 3 Bs in his GCSEs.
1C grade make the grade - dokzat
Ian wanted to be an actor but he didn't make the grade.
1C graduate absolvent univerzity My boss is a Cambridge graduate - she went to Queen's
1C graph graf This graph shows how crime is related to unemployment.
1C insides vnitek I love this denim jacket because the insides of the sleeves
are pink.
1C light bulb rovka That light bulb is broken, I'll have to change it.
1C look back on ohldnout se, pohlet

She'll look back on this night as one of the best nights at

1C memories vzpomnky It's one of my favourite childhood memories.
1C make a mental note snait se nco si
I've made a mental note, I'll write it down later.
1C overheated petopen The building is overheated, no wonder we're all so sleepy.
1C patterns vzory, vzorce Look at the information and observe the patterns within it.
1C personally osobn Personally, I think the show is going to be a great
1C persuade pesvdit If she doesn't want to go, nothing you can say will
persuade her.
1C qualifications osvden, diplom You'll never get a good job if you don't have any
1C regret litovat Is there anything you've done in your life that you regret?
1C scuba diving potpn We all went scuba diving when we were on holiday.
1C stories pbhy My son makes me tell stories about when he was a baby.
1C thermodynamics termodynamika James seems to have problems understanding
1D ballroom dancing tanen One of our favourite pastimes is ballroom dancing.
1D beginners zatenci This class is for beginners only.
1D fluency plynulost One of the requirements of the job is fluency in two
African languages.
1D further education dal vzdlvn She teaches at a college of further education.
1D pottery keramika I just love these big, earthenware pottery dishes.
1D register zaregistrovat, pihlsit I registered the car in my name.
1D tags quetsion tags - tzac
Question tags often appear at the end of sentences, don't
1D thai cookery tahisk kuchask umn I bought my dad a thai cookery book and left it in the
1D timetable rozvrh hodin, jzdn d Do you have a train timetable that I could borrow?
2A brackets zvorky Biographical information is included in brackets.
2A chocolate chip cookies suenky s kousky
Let's bake some chocolate chip cookies.
2A dietary advice dietn rady Healthy eating magazine has lots of useful tips and dietary
2A eating habits jdeln nvyky I have some naughty eating habits, for example I snack
too much.
2A feel sick bt nevolno, ctit se
If you eat too much you might feel sick afterwards.
2A labels etikety, nlepky Remember to put some address labels on the suitcases.
2A mom mma I miss my mom and dad a lot.
2A nutrition viva Good nutrition is essential in order to make a quick
2A percentages procenta Express the percentages 50% and 75% in alternative
2A pleasures radosti, poten Ice-cream with chocolate sauce is one of the greatest
pleasures in life.
2A taste chutnat I think garlic tastes lovely.
2A unrealistic nereln The sales forecasts are unrealistic, considering current
2B aware uvdomovat si co, bt si

eho vdom
I wasn't even aware that he was ill.
2B complain stovat si Lots of people have complained about the noise.
2B customs zvyky When you go to a new country you have to get used to
their customs.
2B daylight denn svtlo The colours look much better in daylight.
2B educational vchovn, naun The experience was inspiring and certainly educational.
2B facilities monosti What are the shopping facilities like in Sheffield?
2B familiar znm There were one or two familiar faces .
2B historical historick Many important historical documents were destroyed.
2B ignore ignorovat, nevmat si She can be really irritating but I try to ignore her.
2B impress udlat dojem When I was a child I was very impressed with all her toys.
2B pace tempo He takes everything at a slow pace.
2B pedestrian chodec A pedestrian sheltered from the rain in a doorway.
2B rush hour dopravn pika During the rush hour the roads are incredibly busy.
2B temperatures teploty Temperatures here during the winter can be dangerously
2B tick zaktnout Tick each item on the list as you complete it.
2B tortilla tortila Can I eat the last tortilla?
2B traffic lights semafory The police pulled him over for failing to stop at the traffic
2C body clock vnitn hodiny According to my body clock, I work better in the evenings.
2C combine zkombinovat, spojit None of us has much money so let's combine what we've
2C conviction pesvden It's my personal conviction that rapists should be locked
up forever.
2C convince pesvdit He managed to convince the jury of his innocence.
2C critical kritick She's very critical - nothing is ever good enough.
2C criticise kritizovat Don't criticise others, you're not perfect yourself.
2C criticism kritika The designs for the new mosque attracted widespread
2C decisive rozhodn You need to be more decisive.
2C delivery dodn, doruen,
Waitrose have a delivery service so you don't have to go
out shopping.
2C demands poadavky, nroky The demands of nursing are too great for a lot of people.
2C differ liit se The twins look alike, but they differ in temperament.
2C dread dsit se eho, strach,
He's dreading his driving test - he's sure he's going to fail.
2C efficiently efektivn She runs the business very efficiently.
2C essential velmi dleit, nezbytn Government support is essential if the project is to
2C fond mt nco velmi rd She was very fond of horses.
2C greatly velmi, velice, znan I greatly regret not having told the truth.
2C links spojen, souvislost There are direct links between diet and heart disease.
2C lists seznamy I find that making lists is a good way to get organised.
2C mentally duevn, v duchu Can you work it out mentally or do you need some paper?
2C multi tasking zvnldn vce innost
Mums are good at multi tasking because there's so much
to do!
2C origin pvod It's a book about the origin of the universe.
2C others jin, dal She's the best person to do the job, but there are others
that could.

2C otherwise jinak I'd better write it down, otherwise I'll forget it.
2C perfection dokonalost In his quest for physical perfection, he spends hours in the
2C precious vzcn, cenn Time is precious - don't waste it!
2C preferably pednostn Water the plants twice a week, preferably in the morning.
2C priorities pednosti, priority What are your main priorities for next week?
2C prioritise upednostnit It's important to prioritise, or you'll just waste time.
2C procrastinate vhat, okolkovat, bt
I know I must do it at some point - I'm just procrastinating.
2C put in effort vynaloit sil Jack always puts so much effort in to everything he does.
2C realism realismus His decision not to expand shows his down-to-earth
2C realistic realistick, praktick Let's be realistic - I just can't afford to pay that much
2C recognisable poznateln Wow, he's changed so much he's barely recognisable!
2C recognition poznn, rozpoznn When he went home, the town had changed beyond all
2C reconsider znovu uvit, zmnit
He begged her to reconsider but she would not.
2C rely spolehnout se I'll do my best, but don't rely on me being there early.
2C responsibly zopdovdn When he saw the crash, Joe acted responsibly and called
the police.
2C spiders pavouci My dad doesn't mind spiders, but I'm scared of them.
2C swiss cheese vcarsk sry I love swiss cheese, especially the kinds with holes in.
2C task kol We usually ask interviewees to do a simple task on the
2C time limit asov limit We've set a time limit of ten minutes for each child's turn.
2C unattainable nedosaiteln,
I think that's an unattainable ideal - aim lower.
2C unexpected neekan, nenedl Well, fancy seeing you here! This really is an unexpected
2C urgent nalhav, nezbytn,
He's got to sign that paper - will you tell him it's urgent?
2D challenge vyzvat Children often challenge their parents' authority.
2D force nutit, donutit I really have to force myself to be pleasant to him.
2D topics tmata Our discussion covered topics such as acid rain and the
ozone layer.
3A alternative alternativa, jin monost an alternative to coffee
3A arson hstv A cinema was burnt out in London - police suspect arson.
3A blackmail vydrn, vydrastv Mistakes and lies could be used against you as blackmail.
3A bribery korupce, podplcen The organization was rife with bribery and corruption.
3A clamp botika, dostat botiku I dashed into the shop, but my car got clamped after two
3A criminals zloinci They are dangerous criminals and they deserve to be
locked up.
3A due be due - br splatn, bt
vrcen, mt pijet
What time is the next bus due?
3A exist existovat I don't think ghosts exist.
3A graffiti grafity The subway walls are covered in graffiti.
3A loot drancovat, loupit During the riot shops were looted and cars damaged or
set on fire.

3A medical insurance zdravotn pjitn My company provides complete medical insurance for my
3A mug pepadnout He was mugged in broad daylight.
3A parking space parkovac msto We couldn't find a parking space so I had to just drop
Tom off.
3A provided za pedpokladu Provided everything's alright here, I'll leave in half an hour.
3A providing za pedpokladu, e I'm going to Sheila's tonight, providing that's OK with you.
3A security guard len bezpenostn
sluby, ostraha
The security guard kept looking at me as if I was being
3A shoplifting krst v obchod, drobn
He was charged with shoplifting.
3A smuggle paovat She was caught smuggling 26 kilos of heroin into the
3A suppose pedpokldat, domnvat
Suppose we miss the train - what will we do then?
3A terrorism terorismus Governments must cooperate to fight international
3A vandalism vandalstv This part of the city is beset by prostitution and vandalism.
3A winning number vyhrvajc slo I almost died of shock when I saw we had the winning
3B acquit osvobodit, zprostit viny She was acquitted of all the charges against her.
3B arrest zatknout He was arrested when customs officers found drugs in his
3B charge obvinn z eho She was charged with murder and sent to prison.
3B commit spchat He was sent to prison for a crime that he didn't commit.
3B incidents udlost, nehoda It's very serious if two incidents like that occur on the
same day.
3B judge (n) soudce Her dad used to be a British high-court judge.
3B jury porota The jury deliberated for many hours over the case.
3B kill zabt She was sentenced to life in prison, because she killed
her husband.
3B perhaps mon, asi He hasn't written to me recently - perhaps he's lost my
3B punishment trest He thinks the death penalty is too severe a punishment for
any crime.
3B retell znovu vyprvt,
They made her retell the incident so they could write it
3B robbers lupii, zlodji The robbers shot a policeman before making their
3B versions verze, popis They both gave their versions of the incident to the
security guard.
3B witness svdek Police are appealing for a witness to the accident to come
3C accounts ty I've got two bank accounts.
3C apply uchzet se, dat By the time I saw the job advertised it was too late to
3C burgle vloupat se do eho,
I got back from work and found that my home had been

3C comprehensive rozshl, detailn We offer comprehensive training in all aspects of the

3C credit card statement vpis z kreditn karty My latest credit card statement just came through - how
3C credit rating odhad schopnosti
splcet dluhy
If you don't pay your bill, your credit rating will be bad.
3C databases databze We can check that in the databases in the head office.
3C detailed podrobn A witness gave a detailed description of the man.
3C identity theft zneuit identity (po
odcizen doklad)
My mum felt paranoid after she'd been the victim of
identity theft.
3C inquiries dotazy I've been making inquiries about the cost of a round-theworld
3C insist trvat na nm Greg still insists that he did nothing wrong.
3C involve zahrnovat, jt o The second accident involved two cars and a lorry.
3C lawyer-client meeting setkn klienta s
We'll set up a lawyer-client meeting for you as soon as
3C meanwhile prozatm, mezitm Carl starts college in June. Meanwhile, he's away in
3C occur objevit se Violence of some sort seems to occur in every society.
3C reactions reakce What were your colleagues' reactions when you told
3C safeguard zajistit, ochrnt The union safeguards the interests of all its members.
3C shout kiet There's no need to shout, I can hear perfectly well.
3C supportive podprn, podporujc Children with supportive parents do better at school than
those without.
3C threatening vhrn Police have to deal with a lot of threatening behaviour.
3D filing system systm archivovn She needs a better filing system to get all the files
3D OK v podku Do you want some help? "No, it's OK, thanks."
3D prompts pobdka, npovda He managed to do it all by himself, with no prompts from
his parents.
4A actual skuten We estimated about 300 visitors, but the actual number
was higher.
4A air base leteck zkladna We went to the air base to see the military planes taking
4A compete soutit She has competed in the London Marathon twice.
4A crew posdka The lifeboat crew are all very highly trained.
4A eventually nakonec She was ill for ages, but it was still a shock when she
eventually died.
4A fall padat, spadnout The snow had been falling steadily all day.
4A insecticide prostedek na huben
hmyzu, insekticid
We decided to stop using chemical-based insecticide on
our crops.
4A knock out omrit, vyadit My boyfriend punched a guy in the pub and knocked him
4A messages vzkazy If people phone when I'm not there, they leave messages.
4A narrative vyprvc Narrative verb forms are used for relating events and
4A propose podat o ruku He got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend.
4A run over pejet, zajet Cars are dangerous darling - you nearly got run over then.

4A sailor nmonk He's a great sailor and enters lots of competitions.

4A shocking okujc, dsn The news came as a shocking blow.
4A surprising pekvapiv He gave a rather surprising answer.
4A turn out ukzat se (jakm, m) I thought I was late but it turns out I was actually early.
4A urban legend novodob
povst,skazka, mstsk
I don't believe it - sounds like an urban legend to me.
4A websites internetov strnky Most companies have websites where you can find out
4A yacht jachta They went on a luxury yacht to celebrate their anniversary.
4B alchemist alchymista An alchemist could change lead into gold.
4B amnesia ztrta pamti In his later life he suffered periods of amnesia.
4B autobiography vlastn ivotopis He wrote his autobiography after he was released from
4B best-sellers spn knihy J.K. Rowling's 'Harry Potter' books are best-sellers.
4B biography ivotopis He wrote a biography of Winston Churchill.
4B bloody krvav He was punched in the face and now he has a bloody
4B browse brouzdat, prohlet I was browsing through fashion magazines to find a new
4B bury pohbt, bt pohben His father is buried in the cemetery on the hill.
4B chaos chaos Snow and ice have caused chaos on the roads.
4B classic klasick dlo Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice' is a classic of English
4B clauses vta Clauses are small groups of words.
4B consider povaovat He is currently considered to be the best British athlete.
4B coup pevrat There was a military coup and many people were killed.
4B defining definujc We need defining relative clauses to make writing easier
to follow.
4B everyday life kadonenn, ben ivot Oh never mind, it's all part of everyday life.
4B fiction beletrie The book is a work of fiction and not an historical account.
4B flick through projet si, prolistovat I like to flick through books in the shop before I buy them.
4B generations generace Amazingly, there were four generations present at our
4B genre nr What genre does the book fall into - comedy or tragedy?
4B hard backs vzan knihy I tend not to buy hard backs because they are more
4B hide schovat She used to hide her diary under her pillow.
4B isolated izolovan Was it strange to grow up in such an isolated village?
4B landowner statk She is a wealthy landowner.
4B lead olovo Are these pipes made of lead?
4B literary literrn Literary critics' opinions on this book are divided.
4B magazines asopisy, magazny She has written articles for several women's magazines.
4B magical magick Diamonds were once thought to have magical powers.
4B non-essential nepodstatn This non-essential information is purely to decorate the
plain facts.
4B non-fiction literatura faktu I don't like reading non-fiction - it's not as magical.
4B novelist autor My favourite novelist is Tracy Chevalier.
4B novels romny If I had the time, I'd sit on the sofa and read novels all day.
4B paperbacks broury, broovan knihy You can get paperbacks and hardbacks in that shop.
4B politics politika Joe is very active in left-wing politics.
4B Pyramids pyramidy Did you see the Pyramids while you were in Egypt?
4B qualities vlastnosti He has a lot of good qualities, but being organised isn't
one of them.
4B reduced redukovan, zkrcen Reduced clauses have some words missing but they still

make sense.
4B related pbuzn People always ask if they're related, because they look so
4B reviews recenze In Engligh class today we learnt how to write book
4B shepherd boy past, ovk The shepherd boy took the sheep up the mountain.
4B solitude samota He leads a life of solitude, but he says he isn't lonely.
4B spirits duchov The spirits of previous owners seemed to haunt the
4B supernatural nadpirozen Ghosts and evil spirits are supernatural.
4B tale pbh, vyprvn He told us a fascinating tale about his time in India.
4B throw out vyhodit This is all faded and cracked, let's throw it out.
4B translate peloit We were asked to translate a list of sentences.
4B treasure poklad Stories about pirates often include a search for buried
4C air holes prduchy Plastic bags have air holes to keep small children safe.
4C announce oznmit, ohlsit They announced the death of their mother in the local
4C apart from krom They look the same apart from their hair colour.
4C April Fool aprlov ertk, ob
aprlovho ertku
Be careful - on April 1st this year you might be an April
4C April Fool's day 1. duben - aprl Big companies play tricks on the public on April Fool's
4C beware dt si pozor Beware of offers that seem too good to be true.
4C broadcast vyslat Radio Caroline used to broadcast from a boat in the North
4C comedians komik, vtiplek A lot of stand-up comedians aren't actually very funny.
4C conclusion zvr I found the conclusion of the film rather irritating.
4C contrast kontrast, protiklad I like the contrast of the white trousers with the black
4C convert promnit, pestavt Could we convert the small bedroom into a second
4C dig up vykopat It's very noisy when the workmen come to dig up the
4C drill vrtat, vyvrtat Drill three holes in the wall for the screws.
4C drip kapat Water dripped down the wall.
4C funniest nejlegranj He's the funniest comedian I've seen on TV.
4C genetically engineered geneticky upraven Some products are genetically engineered to grow
4C harvest sklize, roda The potato harvest is one of the busiest times of the year.
4C hoax ert, podvod, falen
The bomb threat turned out to be a hoax.
4C left-handed lev, levotoiv,levk Are you left-handed?
4C mild mrn, vlah (o poas) You probably won't need a coat, it's very mild today.
4C motor-racing automobilov zvody My husband loves watching motor-racing, but it's too noisy
for me.
4C nevertheless nicmn, pesto I knew a lot about it already, but her talk was good
4C nylon stocking nylonov punocha Oh no, there's a huge hole in my nylon stocking.
4C phone up telefonovat Louise phoned up earlier to ask how you were.
4C practical jokes recese, vtpky I love practical jokes, like sticking cups and saucers
4C predict pedvdat, pedpovdat We still can't accurately predict the occurrence of

4C Rag week kadoron studenty
organizovan akce na
pomoc chudm
Last year one million pounds was raised for charity during
Rag week.
4C relatively pomrn This is relatively quick - sometimes it takes much longer.
4C rotate otoit Rotate the handle by 180 degrees to open the door.
4C stocking punocha I think she tends to wear tights rather than stockings.
4C viewers divci Millions of viewers will be glued to their sets for this
4C whereas kdeto, zatmco He must be about sixty, whereas his wife looks about
4C whistle hvzdat, pskat He whistled as he worked.
4D anti-virus anti-virus You must install anti-virus software to protect your
4D bet vsadit se I bet you were tired after all that work.
4D dying for a drink umrat zn Blimey that sounds like hard work, you must be dying for a
4D exaggerate pehnt, zveliovat The threat of attack has been greatly exaggerated.
4D fortune jmn, bohatstv She inherited a fortune from her grandmother.
4D grapevine eptanda, ukanda I heard a rumour on the grapevine that you're leaving
4D install namontovat, nainstalovat The plumber is coming tomorrow to install the new
washing machine.
4D be scared stiff stran se bt Laura was scared stiff when she heard footsteps behind
4D speechless onml The news left us speechless.
4D starve hladovt, trpt hlady Let's get some dinner, I'm absolutely starving!
4D ton tuna What have you got in this bag? It weighs a ton!
4D weigh vit A satellite which weighs 15 tonnes was successfully
placed in orbit.
5A addictive nvykov Tobacco is highly addictive.
5A admit pipustit, uznat He admitted his mistake.
5A assure ujistit He assured me everything would be alright in the end.
5A bears medvdi I'm scared of bears.
5A bee vela An angry bee flew into the garden and stung her.
5A claws drpy Our cat likes to sharpen her claws on the legs of the
dining table.
5A collectable hodn sbran Comics from the sixties are highly collectable.
5A comment komentovat, dlat
My mum always comments on what I'm wearing.
5A considerably znan, podstatn He's considerably fatter than he was when I knew him.
5A crocodile krokodl I saw a crocodile in that swamp.
5A depends zviset Whether or not we go to Spain for our holiday depends on
the cost.
5A destructive niiv The destructive power of nuclear weapons is a worrying
5A eagle orel We saw a golden eagle flying over the cliffs.
5A feathers pe My mum has a collection of peacock feathers.
5A fully-grown dospl You can tell our puppy's not fully-grown because his paws
look big.
5A fur koeina, srst She stroked the rabbit's soft fur.
5A hunt lovit Some animals hunt at night.
5A jewels perky, drahokamy She was wearing a large gold necklace set with jewels.

5A keepers oetovatel, majitel We have three zoo keepers, because there are a lot of
5A koi druh ryby Koi carp are a type of fish.
5A lay klst, snet vejce Turtles drag themselves onto the beach to lay eggs in the
5A leopard leopard I was really disappointed not to see a leopard running.
5A lions lvi We saw a pride of lions from the safari geep.
5A mosquito komr, moskyt My friend was bitten by a mosquito, I hope she doesn't
have malaria.
5A nest hnzdo My daughter was so excited when she found a bird's nest.
5A parrot papouek The pirate with a parrot on his shoulder makes me laugh.
5A poison otrvit Four members of the family had been poisoned, but not
5A replace nahradit, vymnit The factory replaced most of its workers with robots.
5A silk hedvbn She was wearing a beautiful silk dress.
5A snakes hadi He's terrified of snakes.
5A specially-built speciln postaven,
This is a specially-built cage - the tigers can't get out.
5A spots flek, skvrna Some types of large cats have spots.
5A stick with vydret I'll stick with this for now, I'm happy with the way things
5A sting bodat, dt ihadlo Do all types of bee sting?
5A stripes pruhy The zebra is a wild African horse with black and white
5A supply dodvka The gas supply was cut off so we couldn't use the oven.
5A survival rate mra peit The survival rate of newborns is much higher nowadays.
5A tail ohon The dog wagged its tail excitedly.
5A tigers tigi Tigers are members of the cat family.
5A whale velryba Emily said they went on a boat trip and saw a whale.
5A wings kdla The delicacy of a butterfly's wings is amazing.
5B admission vstup, vstupn Admission prices can be found on the website or in the
5B advancements pokroky There were many technological advancements in the last
5B arrangements ppravy They'd made all the arrangements for the party.
5B Biome zonln ekosystm, biom A Biome is a recreation of one of the world's climate
5B brand pln Do you like my bike? It's brand new.
5B breathtaking chvatn, asn The view from the top of the mountain is breathtaking.
5B bush ke Let's plant a rose bush by the bench.
5B calendar kekalend, di Write your events in the calendar so you don't miss
5B citrus fruit citrusov plody, citrusy Which citrus fruit do you prefer - lime, lemon or orange?
5B conservation ochrana prody Wildlife conservation projects are very important.
5B dependence zvislost She needs to reduce her dependence on just one person.
5B greenhouse sklenk Ruth grows a lot of tomatoes in her greenhouse.
5B hedge plot A privet hedge separates our lawn from the road.
5B herb bylina Basil is a great herb to add to a tomato salad.
5B lawn trvnk Will you mow the lawn at the weekend?
5B leaves listy It would be great if you could sweep the leaves up from
the drive.
5B lifestyles ivotn styl Some people have such unhealthy lifestyles.
5B mankind lisdstvo Mankind has always been obsessed by power.
5B miss zmekat I missed the start of the exam because my bus was late.
5B orchard sad She loves visiting her nan because there's a cherry

orchard nearby.
5B outdoor venkovn There's an outdoor swimming pool in the next village.
5B petals okvtn lstky They had rose petals as confetti at their wedding.
5B pollen pyl Janet is allergic to pollen.
5B rainforests detn pralesy Bill and Cathy had always to go to a tropical rainforest.
5B recreate obnovit They plan to recreate a typical English village in Japan.
5B roots koeny You have to get the roots of the weeds, or they grow back.
5B seeds semena Sow the seeds about 3 cm deep.
5B species druh Mountain gorillas are an endangered species.
5B temperate mrn klima These plants need to grow in a temperate climate.
5B tours exkurze, cesta They do guided tours round the cathedral.
5B tropics tropy As a botanist, she spent several years researching in the
5B trunk kmen An enormous tree trunk had been blown down across the
5B twigs vtviky We collected dry twigs to start the fire.
5B unique jedinn, uniktn Genetic codes are unique except in the case of identical
5B variety druh (botanicky), rznost I had to use a variety of cleaning products to remove the
5B vine vinn rva Grapes are grown on a vine.
5B workshops semin She really enjoys going to drama workshops.
5B zones oblasti, zny Many people live in earthquake zones.
5C aftershave voda po holen You smell nice - what aftershave do you use?
5C age range vkov rozpt, vkov
The target age range of this product is 18-25 year olds.
5C ancient starovk He knows a lot about the ancient Egyptians.
5C botanical botanick You must visit the botanical gardens, they are beautiful.
5C botanist botanik If you're interested in studying plants you should be a
5C breed chovat Terriers are bred for their fighting instincts.
5C bulbs cibulka (rostliny) What time of year should you plant tulip bulbs?
5C celebrities znm osobnosti Did you see any celebrities in the club?
5C confetti konfety Did anyone throw confetti at your wedding?
5C cultivate kultivovat, pstovat Most of the land there is too poor to cultivate.
5C define definovat, formulovat Sometimes it is difficult to think of a way to define words.
5C emperor vldce, csa The emperor proudly surveyed his empire.
5C equivalent rovnocenn She does the equivalent job in the new company but for
more money.
5C extract vythnout The doctors had to extract an enormous splinter from the
5C feast hostina, oslava What a feast! she said, surveying all the dishes on the
5C fossil velice star, zkamenlina I found the fossil of a little sea creature inside a rock.
5C fragrance vn My gran particularly likes the delicate fragrance of roses.
5C ingredients psady The list of ingredients included 250g of almonds.
5C instance ppad, pklad There has been one instance of violence at the school.
5C lead vst The brochure led me to believe that the price included
home delivery.
5C members lenov Lots of family members will be there at the party.
5C mention zmnit I'll mention your ideas to Jane.
5C packaging balen, obaly All our packaging is biodegradable.
5C perfumer parfumr Being a perfumer would be a great job.
5C refer odkazovat In the lectures, he often refers back to points he's made