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The educational sports psychology specialist is considered to be a

mental coach
Creating a positive practice environment is said to be a productive
approach for facilitating confidence in an athlete who lacks
Participation in exercise has the greatest effect on the physical
dimension of self-concept
The two principles of reinforcement are positive reinforcement and
negative reinforcement
Practice, acquisition, and education are the three phases of PST
(psychological skills training) programs
Knowing and understanding other team member's roles, views,
motives, and needs is the cornerstone of the ___________________
Through team play and interaction people getting into the flow of the
game demonstrates ______________________________ and having a
shared sense of purpose
Good goals are measurable goals
Setting specific goals is among the common problems in goal
Outcome goals, process goals, and performance goals are the three
major types of goals
An outcome goal is when an athlete compares him/her-self towards
others and strives to defeat an opponent

A level of performance, pattern of behavior, or belief that is formally

or informally established as appropriate by a group is called a norm
The trait approach theory tells us that ___________________________
have certain personality characteristics that make it likely they will be
The beauty of cooperative games lies in their
The state of mind produced by the relaxation response is similar to
that described during _______________________...
The ___________________________ model of cohesion involves a
sharing of experiences and is important in developing and
maintaining cohesion because they counter the threat of the
opposing team
The ability of an athlete to maintain focus on relevant environmental
cues is called concentration
What we say to ourselves usually helps shape and predict how we act
and perform and is a type of intrapersonal communication
Unusual eating patterns are often one of the best indicators of an
eating disorder. If an individual hides food and disappears after
eating, this can be a sign of ______________________
Confrontation involves a face to face discussion among people in
Motivation is the direction, sustainability, and intensity of effort
Progressive relaxation technique involves tensing and relaxing
specific muscle groups

An exhaustive psychophysiological response exhibited as a result of

ineffective efforts to meet excessive and competitive demands refers
to burnout
Social loafing occurs when there is a loss of motivation
Self-efficacy theory is built upon the belief in ones ability to perform
a specific task successfully
According to the psychologists, when you expect something to go
wrong, you are creating a
A negative emotional state in which feelings of nervousness, worry,
and apprehension are associated with activation or arousal of the
body best defines anxiety
People with documented heart disease are more likely to adhere to
exercise programs
Knowledge, accomplishment, and stimulation are types of intrinsic
For most adults, time is the major barrier to physical activity
High performance with optimal level of arousal and
describes inverted U hypothesis theory
A no-look pass in basketball is accomplished by using what?
a. a narrow internal attentional focus
b. advanced cues to predict the teammates future movements
c. several different types of attentional focus
d. a narrow external attentional strategy
Psychological and social stressors are the greatest sources of stress
for individuals rehabiliting
Observation and listening are informal procedures to detect drug use
and abuse

The phenomenon in which individual performance decreases as the

number of people in the group increases is known as the ringelmann
Success and failure, focus of competition, and coaches' behaviors,
are examples of ___________________ factors
Two common symptoms of overtraining are physical fatigue and
mental exhaustion
Group norms and group roles are the most important structural
characteristics of group
Cognitive anxiety is the component of anxiety
If you really want people to confide in you, you should make a
concerted effort ________________________ to them
To allow athletes more time to learn new skills is the main reason for
initiating a psychological skills training program in the
Failing to provide for goal evaluation and feedback is one of the most
common errors made when setting goals
Flexible goals are better than rigid goals
The four types of ________________________ include broad-external,
narrow-external, broad internal, and narrow internal
Life stress has been shown to be predictive of
Need achievement theory is an interactional view that considers
personal and situational factors as important predictors of behavior...
Tranquilizing effects of ________________ lasts approximately 24

Participation in sports can serve as an alternative to gang behavior by

providing _________________________ for the athletes
The situation approach states that behavior is determined largely by
the situation or environment and draws from
Sport-specific measurement scales help predict behavior more
reliably because they consider both the_______________________ of
the participant as well as the situation