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RS) pec eeg be ge aa pe) Pex ea ° rae Ei R The Concept Aranganin Pathayil is a well researched, grand multimedia show that is a culmination of different vibrant & mesmerising elements, including the traditional Bharathnatyam, animated shadow dancing, stunning LED backgrounds and astounding musical elements. It depicts the 48-year journey that was undertaken by the presiding deity of the Srirangam temple between 1323 and 1371, to escape the invasion by the Sultans who ruled North India. The Background In the 14th Century, the Sultans from the North turned their interest to the South, eyeing particularly the Hindu temples to plunder their abundant wealth, while most Tamil kings were running puppet and weak regimes. In 1323, when Ghias-ud-din Tughlak and his strong army headed to Srirangam temple, Ranganatha‘s ardent devotees, in a bid to protect the Lord, took Him on this grand journey before the invaders reached Srirangam. The people of Srirangam, particularly the Sri Vaishnavas, kept the Ranganatha image safe for the next 48 years, hidden from the sight of the North Indian Islamic kings,and later the Bahmini Sultans, who had settled down in the Srirangam area. Pillai Lokacharyar, who died in Jyothishkudi in Tamil Nadu within a year, led the procession that travelled with the deity. The Ubaya Nachiyars were taken in another separate procession. The Moolavar and Utsavar images of Ranganayaki Thayar were buried under the Vilva tree within the Srirangam temple complex. Vadhula Desikan, instrumental in planning the operations during the siege of the temple, walled up the sanctum sanctorum with bricks after the processions of the presiding deities had left. Vedanta Desikan, who protected Acharya Sudarshana Suri’s extraordinary works, Srutaprakashika, along with his two sons by lying hidden among the corpses to escape the eyes of the invaders, also played a significant role in bringing the Ranganatha image back to Srirangam in 1371. It is well documented that 12,000 people of Srirangam laid down their lives in the fierce battle with the invaders, ensuring that the temple was protected. For the people of the South, the presiding deity of the Srirangam temple was more than a mere image of God - He was the symbol of their hope, freedom and the fulcrum of their lives. And for these people who had taken upon themselves the task of protecting Lord Ranganatha, it was a holy crusade. The presiding deity was taken from Srirangam in 1323 through the following route: Thirukoshtiyur, Jyothishkudi & Azhagar Koil in Tamil Nadu, Calicut in Kerala, Melkottai in Karnataka, Tirupathi in Andhra Pradesh, and finally, back to Srirangam in 1371. The first kings of the Vijayanagara Empire defeated the Bahmini Sultans and brought Lord Ranganatha back to Srirangam and reinstated the image with grand celebrations in 1371 on the 17th of the Tamil month, Vaikasi, which falls on May 31 this year (2015), the date on which this show is to be premiered. Even today, the lives of the people of Srirangam revolve around their beloved Arangan. No wonder they believe that Ranganatha lives more in Srirangam (known popularly as the “Bhoologa Vaikundam”) than in Vaikundam. Aranganin Pathaiyil, which narrates this grand story and traces the route in which the Lord was taken, is laced with several interesting incidents that took place along the way, which are depicted engagingly in myriad ways to provide the audience an experience of a lifetime. The use of props To provide the audience an extraordinary experience of Lord Ranganatha’s 48-year journey, and to appropriately depict the turmoil in Srirangam during the invasion, we plan to use a large (25X15 feet) LED backdrop as the main prop. Shadow dancing will be used to depict the invasion. To bring alive the experience of the journey, it is Proposed to use a replica of the Ranganatha Utsavar image and a Palankeen to house the image. A booklet on the historical background of the events depicted in the show will be given along with the donor passes. People Behind the Show Concept and Direction: Mr. Dushyanth Sridhar Dr. Asha Krishnakumar Consultant Historian: Dr. Chithra Madhavan Music: Dr. Rajkumar Bharathi Dance Choreography & Dance Lead: Roja Kannan, Priya Murle, N. Srikanth and Aswathy Please contact Dr. Asha Krishnakumar at 09841031023 / for inquiries and exclusive sponsorship options.

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