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Two Day National Seminar on
Ancient Indian Law Systems and Modern Jurisprudence
21ST &22ND November 2014 Seminar Hall Academic Block I
Inaugural Ceremony 21.11.2014 10.30AM-12 PM
Welcome: Dr.V.R.Muralidharan (Co-ordinator)
Chair: Dr. Dharmaraj Adat (Prof.&Head Dept.of Sanskrit Sahitya)
Opening Lecture and Inauguration: Prof.Ashok.N.Aklujkar
(Former Professor, British Columbia Uty.)
Key Paper: Dr. Sebastian Paul (Ex.M.P, Ernakulam)
Vote of Thanks:

Abinand P.M

Noon Session: 21-11-2014 1.30PM - 4.30PM

Welcome: Shamseer.P.C
Chair: Dr. P.V. Ramankutty
Key Papers: Dr. C. Rajendran
Dr. K.V. Vasudevan: Laws related to women in Sanskrit Sources.
1. Ancient Law Givers on Indian Medicine : Dr. K.V.Ajith Kumar

2. Medical Jurisprudence in Ancient India : Pramitha D

3. Codification and Restoration of Hindu law An Analysis: Arun Jagannathan
4. Significance of Feminist Jurisprudence in Indian Ritualistic Contexts- An Evaluation
Nirmala V
5. Dowry system reflected in Arthasastra : Ajitha.V
6. Concept of Stridhana in Smrti Literature : Sasikala K
Vote of Thanks: Nimisha P.S.
Cultural Programme
21.11.2014. 4.30PM-5.30PM
Chakyar Koothu: Ammannoor Rajaneesh Chakyar
Mizhavu: Krishna Prasad Madhavamathrugramam

Morning Session:


Welcome: Sandhya Mohan

Chair: Dr. P.C. Muraleemadhavan
Key Paper: Dr. K.P. Sreedevi
1. Jurisdiction in Ancient India

: Dr. P.V. Rajee

2. Judiciary in Ancient India-A Historical Analysis : Dr. L. Sudharmany

3. Rules and regulations concerning sales and purchase in

Arthasastra: Dr. T.V Ajesh

4. Duties of Witnesses Based on Manusmrti: Lisha C.R
5. Duties of Major Administrative Officers According to

Arthasastra of Kautilya: Nimisha. P.S

6. Concept of Dharma and Dharmasastra-its Importance: Saritha Anoop
7. Different Types of Punishments in Kautilya's Arthasastra :Shamseer.P.C
8. Educational Law in Smrti Literature

: Vinisha.T.V

9. Discrimination of Laws on Sudras- A Case Study on

Vyavaharadhyaya of Manusmrti

: Sooraj.R.S

Vote of Thanks: Remya T.M.

Noon Session 2PM- 4.30PM

Welcome: Gopika G
Chair: Dr. Sreekala .M. Nair
1. Ancient Indian Jurisprudence and its Modern Counterpart:

An Analogical study: Dr. Sreekala. M. Nair

2. The Relevance of Indian Jurisprudence and
Mode of Punishment: Dr. Viswanathan
3. Importance of Adoption: through the ages: Dr. K.R. Ambika
4. +vxE xj ]S |:*: Dr.Sreedas Athrasseri
5. Revenue and Judicial Administration in Valmikiramayana And its Modern
Relevance : Sandhya Mohan
6. The Evolution of Buddhist Jurisprudence: Sarikrishna.S
Vote of Thanks: Niveditha.O.P.
Valedictory Session
22.11.2014. 4.30PM-5.30PM (Seminar Hall Academic Block- I)
Welcome: Abinand.P.M
Chair: Dr. Dharmaraj Adat (Prof.&Head Dept.of Sanskrit Sahitya)
Valedictory Message: Dr.M.C.Dileep Kumar
(Hon.Vice Chancellor, S.S.U.S Kalady)
Certificate Distribution: Dr. T.P.Raveendran
(Hon. Registrar, S.S.U.S, Kalady)
Vote of Thanks: Sari Krishna.S.