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Date: WEEK 19
Grade: V B
Time: 50`
Number of students:
Type of lesson: lesson of reinforcement
Textbook: Snapshot Starter
Unit: Daily Activities
Lesson: I never go straight home
Recent work: Vocabulary: - related to routines, daily activities
Structures: - present simple for routines
- to engage and activate students in using the English language
- to express the frequency of different activities
- to create confidence in students in using information to write about their daily program
- to develop communicative and receptive competences
Teaching aids:
Teacher – Whole class
Teacher – Student
Student - Teacher
Student – Student
Class management:
Pair work
Group work
Whole class

Time: 10 min.T ACTIVITY II . The student answers with an appropriate adverb of frequency. 5. 4.. Ss – T ACTIVITY III – Practice – Story reconstruction (Group work) Aim: to practice using the sequence of activities in the present Time: 30 min. The activity continues with the next person in the group. ____ doesn’t play football. Students write them into their notebooks.. Interaction: Ss-Ss. 2. 1.Reinforcing and checking the previous knowledge – (group work) Aim: to practice expressing how often they do different activities. Students take it in turns to pick up a card then ask someone how often they do this particular activity. gives each group a set of cards faced down. 3. Procedure: Groups of 6 students are made.____ watches TV every day.Anticipated problems:  there will be explanations in Romanian (if needed) Bibliography: Round Up 2 New Version (Longman) Procedure ACTIVITY I – Warmer – Find someone who… (whole class) Aim: to warm Ss up Time: 5 min. Procedure: The teacher writes 5 sentences on the Bb. ____ eats eggs in the morning. The T. On the blackboard FIND SOMEONE WHO…. ____ doesn’t like bananas. Answers are checked with the whole class. . then walk around the class asking their classmates using Do you…? questions. Answers are checked with the whole class. Ss. ____ likes milk. Interaction: Ss – Ss.

m.30a. and 9 p. The group who finishes first gets a point.m.m. 5.Evaluation and homework assignment Aim: to evaluate the Ss. Ss-T ACTIVITY IV . They have to arrange the sentences in order to make a logical story.. What do you do every day at 7 a. their homework Time: 5 min Procedure: The teacher grades some Ss.Procedure: The class is divided in 4 groups.30 p.. Interaction: T – Ss . The team who arranges the story correctly gets 2 points.m. 2 p.. After they make up the story the students have to do the exercises on Worksheet 2.. work to assign Ss. As homework the teacher gives the students the following task: Write about you.m. Interaction: Ss – Ss. 7. Each group is given an envelope containing cut outs of a story (Worksheet 1).

My name is Ana. In the evenings. I like to eat cereal with milk and a toast. I go to school by bus. At weekends I play on my computer and I usually go out with my friends. I finish school at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.30. After breakfast I brush my teeth.30 in the evening and we all have dinner together. I always have lunch at school. I watch TV or chat with my friends on my computer. We all leave the house by 7. I go to the ballet classes on Wednesdays and my brother plays football on Tuesdays. Dad usually gets home at 7. I am Romanian and I live with family in Baia Mare. Sometimes I go to the shops with my mother or I play with my friends in the park before I do my homework. I usually have breakfast at 7 o’clock . My favourite meal is fish with salad .30. I am ten years old.Worksheet 1 Hi. . I get up at 6.

II. _____ 4. Ana is 11 years old. At weekends she goes to the ballet classes. School finishes at 4 o’clock. _____ 7. _____ 5. _____ 6. What time does she get up? __________________________________________________ 3. Ana gets up at 6. Answer the questions: 1. What time does the family have dinner? __________________________________________________ 6. Decide if the sentences are TRUE or FALSE: _____ 1. _____ 3. What does she have for breakfast? __________________________________________________ 4. She likes fish and salad. She has lunch at home. Who is Ana? __________________________________________________ 2. What does she do at weekends? __________________________________________________ . She lives in a flat in Scotland.30 o´clock. _____ 2. When does she do ballet? _________________________________________________ 7. What does she do after school? __________________________________________________ 5.Worksheet 2 I.

I ________________ (have) lunch at 2. I ________________ (start) work at 8. . 2. I ________________ (stop) work at 2 o’clock. 5. I ________________ (read) books in the afternoon. I ________________ (go) to bed at 10 o’clock in the evening. 4. 7. I ________________ (work) in a school.Extra activity You are Simon . 6. 1.30. 3. I ________________ (live) in London.This is what you do every day.30.