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Exiles Open 6(66):

Dead Rising
13 & 14th September 2014
Welcome to the annual Exiles Open Blood Bowl Tournament, organised by the Exiles War
Games League of Bournemouth and Poole.
This file should hopefully tell you all you need to know about the event, but if you have any
questions please contact me, Al, via PM (user name lunchmoney) on Talk Fantasy Football and
The NAF or via email

The cost for a ticket is 25.00. This does include lunch on both days. If you have any dietary
requirements, other than vegetarian, then please contact me ahead of the event as I will have to
arrange this with the venue.
Payment can be made to me in person, or via PayPal to
If paying via Paypal please mark the payment as a personal gift or Paypal swipe a percentage.
Also note your name and NAF name (if you are a NAF member) and that the payment is for the
Exiles 6(66)

The tournament will be played using the BB CRP rules and 3 extra NAF approved races.
BB CRP can be found here - Blood Bowl Competition Rules PDF
The three extra teams can be found here New Teams LRB6 PDF
A complete copy of the rulebook, including the art and fluff, can be found here [put link to
icepelt here]
No other teams will be allowed (i.e. Brettonian, Chaos Halflings, and Khorne etc.)
The Illegal Procedure rule is not being used at all on the weekend. If your opponent forgets to
move their turn counter, either gently remind them or move it yourself.
All coaches are expected to play in a sporting, friendly, manner.

A MAXIMUM of 1,150,000 Gold Coins is available to field your team.
From this balance you must buy at least 11 players before star players, re-rolls, any fan
factor, assistant coaches, cheerleaders and apothecary (if your team is allowed one). Any
gold left over may be used to buy things from the inducement list.

All inducements from the rule book may be taken and priced as per the rulebook for your
chosen team.
This includes:
Bloodwiser Babes; Bribes;
Extra team training;
Halfling Master Chef; an Igor;
Mercs & Star Players;
Wandering Apothecaries; A Wizard;
And Special Play Cards, up to a limit of 3 from any deck. If you choose this option, then the
deck is set for the weekend, but cards are drawn at random at the start of each game.
Some of these inducements are not much use in a non-league format (e.g. why pay 100k for
extra RR when you can just buy another RR at base cost) but are included for sake of


If a player dies or is seriously injured during the match, they will be returned to full health for the
next round. Any team that manages to raise a zombie during a match does not get to keep that
player for the next match. The same goes for victims of Nurgles Rot.
You play with the same team for all your match ups.

At the start of the weekend, i.e. before you see your first opponent, you assign 6 skills to 6 of
your players. 5 of these skills must be selected from the relevant skills players could normally
take WITHOUT rolling doubles, 1 skill can be taken from the doubles choice.
3 normal skills must be labelled day one. These skills can be used in all the games on day
one. On day two the other 3 activate and the team is complete.
There is no other progression, so your FF will not change and you do not collect winnings at the
end of the match, for example.

Rule 1: Zombies everywhere!
All teams can Raise the Dead (as per page 17 of the
CRP) if they kill (dead result on the casualty table,
page 25 CRP) an opponent. If a Regenerating player
is killed and successfully regenerates then no
zombie can be raised.
The limit of raising only one zombie is increased to

Rule 2: They Just Keep Coming!

One random player on your team, who does not
already have the Regeneration skill, gains the
Regeneration skill. This player is chosen at random
each match.


The first round will be random draw. After that we will be using the Swiss Draw system. This
should lead to coaches who win playing other coaches who win and so on.
Tournament points are awarded as follows:
3 points awarded for a win.
1 point awarded for a draw.
0 points awarded for a loss.
6 points will be deducted from a coach that concedes the match whilst still being able to
field at least 3 players (see page 29 CRP). Conceding coaches waive their right to win any
awards, or prizes, for the whole weekend.
Points may be deducted for coaches who consistently fail to finish their match and for
any unsportsmanlike behaviour.
With 6 rounds in total, there is a maximum of 18 points available.
For the purposes of the draw, no tiebreaker will be used, so you will play other coaches
on the same, or near same, points. Once all six rounds have been played, Strength of
Schedule will be used to determine the winners.


Exiles Open Champion (top spot)
Runner up (second place)
The Glowworm Award (fourth place)
Stunty Cup (highest placed Stunty team*)
Most Violent (most CAS caused)
Most Squishy (most CAS taken)
Top Scorer (most TDs scored)
Best Defence (least TDs let in)
No Defence (most TDs let in)
Red Card Magnet (most players sent off for fouling)
The Wooden Spoon (last place)
We have zombie models for all attendees this year, sculpted by our own Tankface and
modelled on various members of the Exiles League.
*qualifying Stunty teams are Goblin, Halfling, & Ogre teams, and Lizardmen with no Saurus and Underworld with no Skaven. Star players are
not considered for this, so Halflings may take Zara for example.

Both days
Doors open at 9 for registration.
Round 1 10.00
Lunch from 12.30
Round 2 13.30
Round 3 16.00
This is flexible and a guideline only.

Rounds are approximately two hours apiece, whilst the turn timer is not in use, you should try to
play to four minutes or risk not finishing.
The time table is for guidance only, but please do try to finish your games in time. Any coach
who regularly fails to complete their matches may have points deducted from the final score


Each coach should bring his team (painted for preference, but not necessary), dice and
templates, and 2 copies of your roster with labelled skill choices on both (if you have submitted
your roster early, only 1 copy is needed as long nothing has changed). And you will need
something to kick around, IE a ball, snotling or something similar.
Pitches are in short supply and we may or may not actually have enough, so if each coach
could bring one (if they can), this would be greatly appreciated and will avoid much red faced
embarrassment from your organiser

ST Leonards Hotel,
185 Ringwood Road
BH24 2NP
01425 471220
Dont trust your sat nav; it may take you to a nearby camp site!
The venue has a bar on site and is a hotel for those that stay over. There is plenty of on-site
parking. There are also plenty of other hotels and B&Bs in the area.

Final Note
Please remember that Blood Bowl is a fun game and play within the spirit of the game. If you
dont win, who cares - just make the most of playing and enjoy yourself. Remember
sportsmanship is free.
Any problems on the day please contact me, Al/Lunchmoney, on 07966 333329.
See you there.
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